Poker Chips
Poker Chips symbol
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Chad 20th place
Team Selected By


The Poker Chips is one of the two teams in Total Drama Vegas City along with the Dancing Dice.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Chad Male 1st 3rd Two Green Thumbs Down Chickened out during the challenge and was too scared to help out.
Murdoch Male 2nd 6th I Survived a Total Drama Game Show Refused to answer a question given to him making his team lose the challenge.
Mudkip Male 3rd 7th The Ice Challenge Cometh Kept getting both teams in peril and he was voted off due to that. He also got banned from the city for a short time due to this.
Isley Female 4th (quit) 8th (quit) The Ice Challenge Cometh Quit the game hoping it would keep Mudkip in but he wasn't allowed back so Oweguy eliminated her even though she was about to change her mind.
Sae Female 5th 9th Nerdi-Con Was tricked by Chuck in order to not make it to the goal making her team lose and was voted off due to that.
Radley Male 6th / 7th 14th / 15th Dakota Ice Chuck thought of him as a threat so he voted him off due to that.
Kenzey Female 6th / 7th 14th / 15th Dakota Ice The others knew she wasn't enjoying competing while being pregnant so the others voted her off so she could relax.
Kaylie Female 8th 16th The Seas with Oweguy and Friends Chuck noticed she was suspicious of his actions so he voted her off before she can tell the others about him.
Isley (2nd time) Female 9th 17th Take me Out of the Ball Game Did the poorest in the challenge and was voted off due to that.
Molly Female 10th 18th Oweguy's Electrical Parade Chuck was upset at her for making him lose the last challenge so he voted her off for that after he won the challenge.



  • There are more girls on this team with a total of six while there are only five boys.

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