Dancing Dice
Dancing Dice symbol
Number of Members 11
Highest Ranking Member Chuck 3rd place
Lowest Ranking Member Jensen 22nd place
Team Selected By


The Dancing Dice is one of the two teams in Total Drama Vegas City along with the Poker Chips.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Jensen Male 1st 1st Costume Brawls Kept messing up during the challenge, left at one point, and got the lowest score during the challenge.
Gieselle Female 2nd 2nd Truth or Pinball Lost all of the points for her team during the pinball challenge and was voted off because of that.
Dusk Male 3rd 4th Drama Day Care Scared his team's kids away after yelling at them and was voted off because of that.
Jerry Male 4th 5th Take Your Supermodel to Work Day His sexist comments to Brianna is what caused her to give their team a bad review and he was voted off due to that.
Yuki Female 5th 10th Fool Party Chuck sabotaged her during the challenge and later hacked the voting devices so she would be voted off.
Oran Male 6th 11th A Big Gothic Family Chuck found out he betrayed his alliance so he voted him off because of that.
Margaret Female 7th 12th The Six Million Dollar Losers Was accidently voted off the losers after Oweguy tricked them to say someone's name without saying why and most people say Margaret.
Catherine Female 8th 13th Hide and Zeke Chuck tricked her to work for him and later betrayed her and during the elimination ceremony, he voted her off because he thought she was a threat.
Roxanne Female 9th / 10th 19th / 20th I Believe I Can't Fly Quit the competition after Sherloch won a vacation and a million dollars from a lottery ticket and she wanted to stay with him.
Sherloch Male 9th / 10th 19th / 20th I Believe I Can't Fly Quit the competition after he won a vacation and a million dollars from a lottery ticket and thought he didn't have to keep going witht he game due to that.
Chuck Male 11th 21st Chris Strikes Back...Again Was voted off by Nianah due to being a huge threat, voting off most of the other contestants, and for his other actions during the season.



  • Compared to the Poker Chips, there are more boys on this team with a total of six while there are five girls.
  • Out of all the members, only four made it to the merge. The people who made it to the merge were Catherine, Chuck, Roxanne, and Sherloch.

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