Sea Turtles
Number of Members 7
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Jessica
Team Selected By

Introduction order

Challenges Won 3

The Sea Turtles is one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Utopia, the team consist of Jayson, Jessica, Ling Chi, Pauline Michelle and Raylan.

Total Drama Utopia

In "A Whole New Cast" Jayson, Jessica, Ling Chi, Pauline, Michelle and Raylan put on team Sea Turtle for being the last six new contestants to be introduced. For their first challenge, they are told to search the cabins on the new island before the other team does. The Sea Turtles decide to search the east part of the island and quickly came across a cave full of crystals where the stopped in amazement, after a short stop Michelle suggest to quickly move. After some time the team came across the dinner tent and the entrance of the "Forest of the lost souls." Just when the team is about head west Chris ask them to meet them up at the entrance.


  • Jayson
  • Jessica
  • Ling Chi
  • Pauline
  • Michelle
  • Raylan

Additional Members

  • Winston

Winston switched team because he won a reward for winning the challenge for his team, the reward to that he switched teams.


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Jessica Female 12th 7th Taste Of Victory She cost her team the win because she stole here teams money and made vegan food for the challenge, in one of the meals she confused poison ivy for basil.
Jayson Male 11th 6th Multi talented He cost his team the win because he beat up one of the judges who had to judge a performance during the talentshow. 
Raylan Male 9th 5th Differently the Same part. 2 He eliminated his fellow team member during for the challenge and later lost the challenge for his team.
Pauline Female 7th 4th The Whole Picture She had the least amount of puzzle pieces during the challenge and was eliminated because of that.
Ling Chi Female 6th 3rd The Whole Picture She was eliminated by the winner of the challenge.
Winston Male 4th 2nd
Michelle Female 3rd 1st


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