Sand Snakes
Number of Members 7
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Juan
Team Selected By

Introduction order

Challenges Won 3

The Sand Snakes is one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Utopia, the team consist of Billy, Brian, Hadish, Juan, Kevin, Taylor and Winston.

Total Drama Utopia

In "A Whole New Cast" Billy, Brian, Hadish, Juan, Kevin, Taylor and Winston put on team Sand Snake for being the first seven new contestants to be introduced. For their first challenge, they are told to search the cabins on the new island before the other team does. They decide to head to the west side of the island. Quickly they came across the outhouse, Juan forces his assistant into the outhouse to check if it's the confessional. Winston quickly assisted to move on. Right when they were about to move on Chris asked the campers to join him at the entrance of the "Forest of the lost souls".


  • Billy
  • Brian
  • Hadish
  • Juan
  • Kevin
  • Taylor
  • Winston (joins team Sea Turtle in Episode 8)


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Juan Male 13th 6th Forest of the Lost Souls part 2 He got eliminated because of his laziness and the way he treated his assistant and his fellow team members.
Taylor Female 10th 5th A Social Nightmare She lost her teams challenge due to her posting a picture on social media that showed the location they hid their chest. 
Kevin Male 8th 4th Revenge of the Assistant After Hadish told him she overheard him and Gunnar talk and after Michelle was about to eliminate Brian he decided to quit to save his brother from being eliminated and prevent his secret from coming out.
Billy Male 5th 3rd
Brian Male 2nd 2nd
Hadish Female 1st 1st

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