Ep # Title Published
1 "A Whole New Cast" October 6th, 2014
2 "Forest of the Lost Souls part. 1" October 10th, 2014
3 "Forest of the Lost Souls part. 2" October 13th, 2014
4 "Taste of Victory" October 19th, 2014
5 "Multi Talented" October 25th, 2014
6 "A Social Nightmare" November 12th, 2014
7 "Differently the Same part. 1" November 30th, 2014
8 "Differently the Same part. 2" December 10th, 2014
9 "Revenge of the Assistant" December 22th, 2014
10 "The Whole Picture" Januari 27th, 2015
11 "Cave of the Crystal Mirrors" TBA
12 "Justified Injustice!" TBA
13 "A Maze Me" TBA
14 "Chairy on!" TBA
15 " Sole Survivor" TBA
  • *this title may change.

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