This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.


Total Drama Underdogs is a season of Total Drama, which low-ranking, and screen-time lacking competitors from previous seasons compete in. The grand prize is $1,000,000 and the competitors are split into two teams: the Daring Dalmatians, and the Crushing Chihuahuas.


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There are 14 competitors total, split into two teams.

Staci, Dakota, B, Dawn, Brick, Anne Maria, Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Katie, Tyler, Sadie, Trent, and Geoff

Daring Dalmatians:








Crushing Chihuahuas:



-Anne Maria





Opening sequence

This is what happens during the theme song.

(Song starts) Shows cameras coming out of many sections of the RV's. Camera zooms onto grand canyon and goes into lake at the bottom. In the lake, Ezekiel is swimming, and sees a boat above him, which B is rowing with some high-tech oars he made. Camera goes to a forest in which Brick and Tyler are racing each other. Eventually, during their race, a branch crashes down on both of them with Dawn on it, who was apparently meditating. The camera then shows Staci on a boat with Noah, who is covering his ears while Staci talks, when the boat goes over a waterfall. Going past Geoff and Trent, who are talking on a ledge by the waterfall. The boat lands at the bottom of the waterfall where Eva is seen doing push-ups. The camera then goes to Katie and Sadie talkinga and laughing. The camera then goes to Anne Maria spraying her hair with lots of hairspray. She then notices the camera and sprays it with her hairspray. The camera then looks up at the sun, which shortly swaps with the moon, and it looks down at a campfire in between the two RV's with Bridgette, Cody, DJ, and Blainely are walking up to.

Episode 1

Here Come the Losers

Chris: It's been a good few seasons of Total Drama. We've had winners, and we've had losers... well, mostly losers. But, this season, I've brought back big-time losers from the past, for an underdog season of Total Drama! And this time, they will be competing on a bus tour throughout the United States of America! Speaking of which, here they come now!

A bus pulls up

Chris announces the contestants as they exit the bus.

Chris: Silent B! Geoff.

Geoff: Awesome to be here dude!

Chris: Noah, Brick, Katie & Sadie!

Katie & Sadie: Eeeeee!

Katie: It's so good to finally be competing!

Sadie: Oh, I know right?

Chris: Eva, Tyler, Staci, Anne Maria, Dawn, and Trent! These are our 14 contestants on Total Drama Underdogs!

Trent: Umm, Chris? There's only 12 of us here...

Chris: Oh, right! Ezekiel and Dakota were freakishly terrifying monsters, last time we saw them, but now they are back to normal! They will be competing this season as well!

A car pulls up, and Ezekiel and Dakota, who are now in a normal state, step out of it

Chris: *glaring at them both* And no re-returning this time...

Dakota and Ezekiel sigh.

Chris: Now, moving on, it's time for the teams. *Clears throat* Dakota, Dawn, Ezekiel, Noah, Katie, Trent, and Brick, please stand to my left. The rest of you on my right. *Chris looks to his left* You guys will be know as, the Daring Dalmatians!

The Daring Dalmatians cheer.

Chris: And to my right, you will be known as, the Crushing Chihuahuas!

The Crushing Chihuahuas cheer, except for Sadie, and Eva.

Eva: Aww, that's lame, Chihuahuas are so small and annoying.

Sadie: But, wait! That means... Katie isn't on my team! Nooooo!!!

Katie: Don't worry Sadie, we've been seperated before, and we can do it again! I'll miss you!!!

Chris: (Sarcastically) Aww, how touching. Moving on, since we are touring the U.S. you guys will have RV's! One for one team, and the other one for the other team. Both have a boys', and girls' compartment. But, the RV's are at the other side of the abandoned film lot. Race to get there to win the first part of the challenge. ALL of your teammates must make it there for you to win. The winners get an advantage in the second challenge. Alright, on your marks, get set, go!

The two teams start running.

Static to confessional.

Dakota: Well, I've learned a thing or two since last season, and I'm super excited to be competing! Hopefully, my paperazzi won't show up again and distract me, like last season. But, I'm pretty sure that ever since I was a monster, they were scared off...

Static to a scene of the Dalmatians running.

Trent: Guys, since I was the only one here on Total Drama Action, I sort of know this film lot, I'll lead us through!

Dawn: Ok!

Noah: As long as you know where you're going...

Scene change to the Chihuahuas running on a different path.

Tyler: Does anyone know where we're going?

Geoff: Well, I was on Total Drama Action, but I was the first one voted out. I assume we just go to the side that Chris wasn't on.

Scene switch to Dalmatians and they arrive at the other side.

Brick: I don't see any trailers!

Dawn: That's weird...

Ezekiel: Maybe they're on one of the other sides, eh?

Trent: Maybe. Let's go right, and just run the perimeter.

Scene switch to Chihuahuas.

B: (Starts rapidly pointing to the left)

Sadie: Yeah, B?

B: (Keeps pointing to left)

Sadie: (Looks left) Guys! B found the trailers! They're over there!

The Chihuahuas run over to the trailers.

Chris: And the Chihuahuas win!

Chihuahuas cheer.

The Dalmatians arrive shortly afterwards.

Chris: Sorry Dalmatians, but the Chihuahuas win!

The Dalmatians sigh.

Chris: Alright, the yellow RV is for the Chihuahuas, and the blue one is for the Dalmatians. Get into the RV's and Chef and I will announce where we are going, and the next challenge.

Static to confessional.

Sadie: Does B not talk? Is that why Chris called him silent B? Hmmm...

Static to Chris Driving the Dalmatian RV.

Chris: (over loudspeaker) Today's second challenge will take place in Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota! You will be carving wood into MY face! Since the Chihuahuas were the winners, they get carving knives! As for you guys, well, you get... whatever you can find! *laughs* Good luck!

Scene switch to the main section of the Chihuahuas RV where most campers are.

Sadie: Hi B!

B: (waves)

Sadie: Do you talk?

B: (Shakes head)

Sadie: Oh, well you should! I'm sure everyone would like to hear your voice! Besides, not talking could get the team mad at you, and you could get eliminated earlier! That wouldn't be good, would it?

B: (Thinks)

Scene switch to Mt. Rushmore.

Chris: Alright, since the Chihuahuas won, as mentioned before, they get carving knives. *He hands each of them a carving knife* See these logs? That is what you will be carving on. And you will be carving a statue of MY beautiful face! Dalmatians, you get to search around for whatever you can find, that will help you carve your statue. After an hour, the team with the best carving wins! And there WILL be an elimination tonight for the losers. Ready, set, go!

The Dalmatians run off, and the Chihuahuas go to their log.

Scene switch to Dalmatians.

Dawn: So, does anyone have any ideas of what to use?

Silence for about 10 seconds.

Brick: What'll we do? No one has an idea of what to use!

Ezekiel: Oh I have an idea!

Noah: (sarcastically) It'll probably be brilliant!

Ezekiel: What if we use those sharp rocks over there, eh?

Trent: That's actually not a bad idea.

Dawn: Everybody agree with that idea?

Everyone nods and says some form of "yes".

Dawn: Alright!

Static to confessional.

Ezekiel: One of my ideas actually work? This is awesome, eh?

Scene switch to Chihuahuas.

Anne Maria: Alright, I'm no math-type-person or whatever they're called, but we probably need to star by carving a sphere.

Staci: Yeah, carving was invented by- *puts hand over mouth with worried look*

Static to confessional.

Staci: Oh no! I got voted out last time because of my bragging about my relatives. That would really suck to be voted out first again!

Scene switch back to Chihuahuas.

Geoff: Alright, let's start.

Everyone starts carving.

Dalmatians come running back, each carrying a sharp rock.

Dakota: Alright guys, let's start this thing!

Dalmatians start carving.

Scene switch to about 30 mins later.

Geoff: Wow, dudes, this is actually looking pretty decent!

Tyler: Ow! *Hold hand* I cut myself! *Starts sucking on thumb*

B: (Starts hand gesturing)

Sadie: I think he's trying to say something! (Talking quietly to B) Remember what I said earlier?

B: (Sweats worriedly)

Static to confessional.

B: (2 seconds of silence) Alright, I can talk. But, it's gonna be so weird to talk to the others...

Switch back to Chihuahuas.

B: (Takes in breath of air, then lets it out) Alright, so I think we should make little marks above Chris' hairline to resemble the darkness of it.

Anne Maria and Staci gasp.

Anne Maria: Woah, this dude can actually talk!

Scene switch to Dalmatians later in the game with a half-decent carving.

Brick: Ok, we are close to done!

Dawn: Just now we need to carve the nose!

Scene switch to Chihuahuas.

Chris: Alright, one minute left!

Tyler: I want to put on the finishing touch!

Geoff: Wait!

Tyler: (Accidentally cuts the nose off) Oh, crap!

Chris: And, done! Let's see what you've got. (walks over to Dalmatians) Well, I guess it looks ok... 5/10 points. Dalmatians sigh.

Chris: And, now for the Chihuahuas... What the heck? Uh, last time I checked, I had a nose. It looks really... weird! 4/10 points, which means the Dalmatians win!

Dalmatians cheer.

Chris: As for you, Chihuahuas, it's time to vote, meet me at the main area of the RV where the eliminations will be happening after you've voted in the confessionals.

Static to confessional.

Staci: Ok, I don't think I'll go home today! Yes! (Stamps card)

Static to confessional.

B: This team is super annoying, I'd vote everyone off if I could... Staci's annoying, Eva seems like a rageaholic freak, Anne Maria is annoying, Geoff is annoying, and Sadie is probably the only standable person here. Tyler lost us the challenge so... (stamps card)

Static to confessional.

Anne Maria: (Stamps card)

Static to confessional.

Eva: (Angrily stamps card)

Static to confessional.

Sadie: (Stamps card)

Static to confessional.

Geoff: Sorry, bro. (Stamps card)

Static to confessional.

Tyler: (Worriedly stamps card)

Scene change to main area of RV.

Chris: You have all voted, and made your decision. This season, instead of marshmallows, we have trail mix! Mostly made of raisins. (everyone sighs) The loser will not recieve trail mix, and will take the Slingshot of Shame. Like the sound of that? Alright when I call your name come get your trail mix. Staci, B, Anne Maria, Geoff, Sadie. Tyler, you're on the chopping block for letting your team down. Eva, well, your team is well aware of your temper. And the final trail mix goes to........... Eva.

Tyler: Aww man.

Scene switches to Chef at the slinghot.

Tyler: Uh, is this safe?

Chef shrugs and pulls it back, then releases.

Tyler: (screams)

Chris: Well that was the first episode of Total Drama Underdogs! Who will go next time? Will new friendships develop? Can these losers bring more drama to Total Drama? Find out next time, on Total Drama Underdogs!

Episode 2

Rocky Mountain Climbing

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Underdogs. 14 big losers were brought back to Total Drama. They raced to their RV's and we went to Mt. Rushmore to make carvings of moi. We figured out that B wasn't actually mute, and Ezekiel actually was useful for once. His team won, because Tyler cut off my nose. That sent Tyler to the Slingshot of Shame and he was slung outta here! Who will go next? Find out right now on Total Drama Underdogs!

(Opening Theme Plays)

The camera pans to Dawn and Ezekiel sitting in the main part of their RV.

Dawn: Your aura is really violet!

Ezekiel: What does that mean, eh?

Dawn: It means that you're going through spiritual growth.

Ezekiel: Oh. Well that doesn't matter, everybody is probably going to vote me off this team first.

Dawn: Why do you say that?

Ezekiel: Because it happened on Total Drama Island, and Total Drama World Tour, when I became that freakish monster thing. It was because I said boys are stronger than girls, but thats just what my dad taught me. I never went to school and that was the first time I was around others.

Dawn: Oh.

Ezekiel: But I know better now, it's just everybody still probably thinks of me as I was on Total Drama Island.

Dawn: Don't worry, I'm willing to help you.

Ezekiel: Really, eh?

Dawn: Yeah!

Ezekiel: Thanks!

Scene switches to the Chihuahuas RV.

B is sitting down and Staci sits next to him.

Staci: So you really can talk?

B: Yup.

Staci: Wow, I never would've thought, I mean, my great-grandma used to not talk, but then she started talking and she became an inventor.

B: You do realize that talking about your relatives is what got you voted off last season, right?

Staci: *covers mouth* Crap! Yeah, I keep forgetting that. I just really like to talk about my family. Yeah, they invented gossip too. *realizes what she's doing and covers mouth*

Static to confessional.

B: She's probably gonna get eliminated real quick. She is REALLY annoying. *Does an impression of Staci's voice*  Ya, and my great great great great grandpa invented air, without him we all would've been dead! YA!

Scene switch to Chris driving the Dalmatian RV.

Chris: *over loudspeaker* Ok guys, today we will be driving up to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Scene switch to Chef driving the Chihuahua RV

Chef: It is very cold, and unfortunately, Chris and I forgot the jackets back at the film lot. *chuckles*

Scene switch to contestants at the bottom of the mountains.

Chris: Ok, both teams are going to have to find their way to a secret area using these maps. *He hands each team a map* first team there gets an advantage in the next challenge. On your marks, get set, go! *Both teams set off into the forest*

Katie: *Holding map* Ok, so if we are supposed to go here, then it looks like theres just a trail we have to follow...

Brick: Let me see, *Katie hands Brick the map* but it has many split paths. Here, just remember right, right, left, left.

Dakota: Right, right, left, left. Got it!

Scene switch to Chihuahuas.

B: *Holding map.* It looks like there's a trail, but, if we take a shortcut after this first turn, it looks like we'll be there in no time!

Anne Maria: You're positive?

B: Yes, I'm positive.

Scene switches to Dalmatians.

Ezekiel: Ok, so we turn right here, eh?

Noah: Yes, genius.

Dawn: What was that for?

Noah: It's just he can be really stupid and annoying sometimes.

Dawn: Yeah, but he wasn't just now...

Noah: Whatev

Static to Dawn in the confessional.

Dawn: Helping Ezekiel is going to be harder than I thought...

Scene switch to Chihuahuas.

Geoff: So instead of turning, we just go straight, right dude?

B: Yep.

The Chihuahuas run straight instead of choosing a path.

Scene switch to Dalmatians reaching a dead end.

Trent: Oh no! It's a dead end!

Noah: Didn't you say right, right, left, left?

Brick: Let me see the map again. *looks at map* Oh... it was right, right, left, right. Looks like we're going back then...

Chihuahuas sigh.

Noah: Nice going, brainiac...

Dawn pulls Ezekiel to the side.

Dawn: I have an idea! How about we form an alliance?

Ezekiel: Sounds like a good idea!

Dawn: We don't have to vote together, it's just we don't vote for each other.

Ezekiel: Ok!

Scene switches to Chihuahuas.

Sadie: Oh no! There's a huge steep hill and... I think I see Chris up there!

Eva: Well what are we waiting for? Let's climb!

The Chihuahuas start climbing.

Scene switches to Dalmatians running up to the area where Chris is.

Dawn: We made it!

Chris: Yes, you did, sadly the Chihuahuas were here first.

Camera pans to the right showing the Chihuahuas.

Katie: Aww....

Chris: Which means that the Chihuahuas get a 1 minute head start on the next challenge. See how the mountain has a steep path down to the ground? Yeah, you have to find any way possible to get your team down there first. Ready, set, go!

The Chihuahuas run to the edge of the path.

Anne Maria: Now how are we gonna get down there?

Staci: Oh I have an idea! See that fallen tree over there? If we all use our strength to push it over here, we could ride it down!

Geoff: Awesome!

Eva: Finally I can use my strength! I gained muscle by working out these past few years.

The Chihuahuas run to the tree and start pushing it.

Scene changes to Dalmatians and Chris.

Chris: And.... go!

Dalmatians run to the path.

Dakota: How should we get down there?

Noah: It's obvious. I see a log over there that we could carve into a little boat for us. Then we slide down the hill with it. Did anyone keep their carving knive from the last challenge?

Katie: Oh! I think I still have it in my pocket. *Reaches into pocket and pulls out knife* Yes!

Noah: Let's get carving!

Scene switches to Chihuahuas pushing their log to the path.

Staci: Ok, everyone jump on... now!

Everyone starts jumping onto the tree, and it slides down.

Scene switches to Dalmatians with a little "boat"

Noah: This is the closest we'll get to a boat if we're gonna win! Let's go!

The Dalmatians run to the path with the boat, get in and start sliding down.

Dawn: Watch out for the tree!

Trent: Everyone lean right!

Everyone leans and the boat almost falls over, but they manage to turn it.

Trent: This is really hard to turn!

Dawn: Rock!!!

The "boat" crashes into the rock.

Ezekiel: Aww...

Scene switches to Chihuahuas passing the finish line.

Chris: *pulls out megaphone* Chihuahuas win!

Scene switches to Chris in the Dalmatian's RV.

Chris: As, I've explained to the other team, tonight, you must go to the RV's confessional, and you will have a card. Stamp the icon of the person's face, who you want eliminated. Get your card from me and go vote.

Static to Dawn's confessional.

Dawn: *Stamps card*

Static to Ezekiel's confessional.

Ezekiel: Noah was real jerk today, eh? *Stamps card*

Static to Noah's confessional.

Noah: Bye bye brick-brain. *Stamps card*

Static to Dakota's confessional.

Dakota: *Stamps card*

Static to Katie's confessional.

Katie: This is a tough one... *stamps card*

Static to Brick's confessional.

Brick: Negative attitudes are not welcome on this team. *Stamps card*

Static to Trent's confessional.

Trent: *Stamps card*

Scene changes to the RV's main area.

Chris: You have all voted for the player you want to go home tonight. When I call your name, come recieve your bag of trail mix, which, by the way, is mostly raisins. *Everyone sighs*

Dawn: But, raisins are full of negative energy!

Chris: Anyways, *clears throat* Ezekiel, Dawn, Katie, Trent, and Dakota. Brick, you're on the chopping block for your bad navigation skills. Noah, your on the chopping block for being negative and your idea of a boat miserably failed. The final trail mix goes to.......... Noah.

Brick: What? Aw, come on! Sorry I let you down guys, I wish you all good luck.

Everyone except Noah salutes Brick.

Noah: Whatever

Scene switches to Brick in the Slingshot of Shame.

Chris: Any last words, Brick?

Brick: Do I have a chance of coming *Chef launches slingshot* baaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!??

Chris: Who's going to take the sling next? Will Dawn and Ezekiel's friendship last? Find out next time on Total Drama Underdogs!

Episode 3

Bland Canyon

Chris: Last time, on Total Drama Underdogs, the teams went on a hike up in the Rocky Mountains. B proved to be a strong leader, by finding a shortcut, and Brick's navigation led the Dalmatians to a dead end. For once, Staci had a good idea instead of her relatives, causing the Chihuahuas to win, and Brick's bad navigation got him a one-way ticket to the Slingshot of Shame. Find out who's next, right now on Total Drama Underdogs!

(Opening theme plays)

Scene Switches to Eva sitting in the Chihuahua RV's main section listening to her MP3 player.

Geoff accidentally steps on Eva's foot.

Geoff: *Retaliates in horror* I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!

Eva: *Takes a deep breath* It's ok Geoff.

Geoff has a confused look on his face.

Static to confessional with Eva.

Eva: I've been taking anger management lessons, and so far they've payed off. *Stands up and tries to push open the door only to find that it won't open*

Eva: What the- *pushes harder* LET ME OUT!!! WHY WON'T IT OPEN??? *pushes harder and harder, which doesn't do anything* AGGHHHH *pulls on door, which opens it* Oh... heh heh....

Static back to main section of Chihuhua's RV, which shows B and Sadie sitting by each other.

Sadie: So, who do you think is going to go next from the other team?

B: Well, Ezekiel seems pretty clueless so...

Sadie: OMG I think he's going next too! I just hope Katie doesn't go home next, because we're BFF's.

Static to confessional with B.

B: I think Ezekiel should go next. How can I make it so that he gets the boot? Hmmm...

Static to Dalmatian RV's main compartment showing Katie and Dawn.

Katie: So, Dawn, what was it like on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and all of those mutant creatures?

Dawn: It was horrifying! Those poor souls were so innocent!

Katie: Yeah, well at least the island is no longer a toxic waste dump!

Dawn: Yeah...

RV halts to a harsh stop, making everyone in the main section of the RV fall over.

Chris: *Over loudspeaker* We have just arrived at one of the USA's greatest landmarks, the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

Trent: *Getting up and rubbing his head* Uh, I hope he knows that the Grand Canyon is in Utah...

Scene changes to contestants outside of the RV in the middle of the desert.

Trent: Chris!

Chris: What is it?

Trent: The Grand Canyon is in Utah!

Chris: It is? *Glares at Chef* Chef! You told me it was in Arizona!

Chef: *shrugs* I ain't no geography expert.

Chris: *Annnoyed* Well, thanks to Chef, get back into the RV's and we're headed to Utah.

Scene changes to the contestants, now in Utah, standing by a small canyon.

Trent: Uhh... I don't think this is the Grand Canyon either.

Chris: I know, it's one of the less appealing neighbouring canyons.

Contestants sigh.

Dakota: Aww... but you said we'd be going to the Grand Canyon!

Chris: Boo hoo, so sad, let's move on! For today's first challenge you will be using only a rope to get down the bottom of the canyon. I have chosen 2 pairs, one from each team, to perform today's first challenge. The pairs are: Dawn and Ezekiel, and Geoff and Staci!

Scene switches to Chris and the contestants at the edge of the canyon.

Chris: Whoever reaches the bottom of the canyon first wins an advantage for their team in the second challenge.

Geoff: Alright seems easy enough!

Chris: And REMEMBER, both of you must make it to the bottom to win! On your marks, get set, go!

Geoff: We GOT this! *Starts jumping down really fast*

Staci: Wait!

Scene switches to Dawn and Ezekiel

Dawn: If we go slow and carefully we have less chance of falling and getting injured.

Ezekiel: *trips* WOOAHH! *Grabs on to rope* That was a close one, eh?

Scene switches to Geoff and Staci

Geoff: C'mon it's really fun! Go faster! *trips* WOOAHHH! *Falls down the small canyon*

Staci: Oh no! *Starts quickly descending*

Scene switches to bottom of canyon showing Geoff laying there scratched up and bruised, when Staci arrives and Dawn + Ezekiel arrive shortly afterward.

Chris: And, the winners are Geoff and Staci!

Staci: Are you ok?!

Geoff: OW!...

Chris: Good to see that everyone's alright. The next part of your challenge will be to race across this lake in your canoes. *Pulls out airhorn* GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE CONTESTANTS!

Scene switches to contestants by their teams' canoes.

Chris: Since Geoff and Staci won the last challenge, their team gets top notch, steel rowing oars! *Chihuahuas cheer* And, the Dalmatians get, well, wooden ones. The last team across the lake has to vote someone out tonight. Get into your canoes.

Scene switches to campers in their canoes.

Chris: Alright. On your marks, get set, go!

Contestants start rowing.

Scene switches to Dalmatians rowing their boat.

Trent: Wow, Ezekiel you really know how to paddle a boat.

Ezekiel: Huh? Oh yeah, my dad and I used to go fishing a lot and we didn't have a motorboat, so we paddled a boat out into the lake. I liked fish a lot better than farm food, eh.

Katie: OMG! I love fishing! Except I never catch any fish... One time I went fishing with my BFFFL, Sadie, and the fish yanked our fishing rods out of our hands. L-O-L! *Cracks up*

Scene switches to Chihuahuas.

B: Alright guys right side rows first, then left!

Team starts rowing.

B: Geoff, why aren't you rowing?

Geoff: So... tired and beat up dude...

B: *sighs*

Scene switches to Staci and Eva.

Staci: *notices Eva listening to mp3* Ya, my Aunt Sue suggested the idea of an iPod to Microsoft.

Eva: *eye twitches* This is an MP3 player. And iPhones were made by Apple.

Staci: Oh... heh heh...

Scene switches to Dalmatians

Dawn: I see the Chihuahuas. What the- that's odd...

Ezekiel: What is it, eh?

Dawn: I can see B... and his aura is way darker than last time...

Dakota: But B is nice! Remember he got booted off last time becasue Scott was being a jerk?

Dawn: That's strange... Oh but your aura is much more beautiful than last time.

Dakota: Thanks! Probably because I'm not going to be turning into a mutant anytime soon.

Dawn and Dakota laugh.

Dakota: Wait, that doesn't mean he's going to turn into a mutant, does it? Because I know how it feels, and NO ONE should have to go through it. Having a tail and blades coming out from your shoulders is just... awkward!

Dawn: No, it just looks... evil... that is so... strange! I hope my aura reading skills aren't fading!

Scene switches to B and Anne Maria

Anne Maria: Oh my god... this... is so tiring... *closes eyes and rests for a little bit*

B: *Looks around*

Static to B's confessional

B: Nothing personal, it's just, I can't get voted out early again, like last time. So...

Static back to B and Anne Maria

B: *Bops Anne Maria's paddle out of her hand*

Anne Maria: Oh no! I must've dropped my rower thing while I had my eyes closed!

Eva: *turns around* YOU'RE GON- *clears throat* Now we don't have a good chance of winning with 2 rowers down!

Dalmatians pass Chihuahuas

Staci: Guys! The finish line is just up ahead! Row hard!

Boat starts catching up with Dalmatians, but Dalmatians cross finish line first.

Chris: And, the Dalmatians win! Chihuahuas, how did you lose? You had awesome oars!

B: Well thanks to Geoff and Anne Maria who weren't paddling...

Anne Maria: Hey! It wasn't my fault I was so tired big guy!

B: ...

Chris: Anyways, it's time to vote. Get back to the RVs and vote!

Static to B's confessional

B: Geoff *stamps card*

Static to Geoff's confessional

Geoff: Uhhh..... *tiredly stamps card*

Static to Sadie's confessional

Sadie: *Stamps card*

Static to Eva's confessional

Eva: *pounds card super hard with stamp*

Static to Staci's confessional

Staci: *stamps card*

Static to Anne Maria's confessional

Anne Maria: *worriedly stamps card*

Static to Chris and Chihuahuas in the RV

Chris: Well, I think it's pretty obvious that 2 people are possible candidates of going home tonight. Anyways, when I call your name, come up and claim your bag of trail mix. Sadie, B, Staci, Eva. Anne Maria, your on the chopping block for losing your oar near the end. Geoff, your injuries made you useless for the entire second challenge. And the final trail mix goes to............ Anne Maria!

Geoff: Awww... well I guess what heppened, happened dudes. Later!

Scene switches to Geoff at the Slingshot of Shame

Chef pulls slingshot back.

Chris: Ready?

Geoff: I gue- AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Chris: It was a rhetorical question. Will Anne Maria and her stupidity last? Are Dawn's aura-reading skills really fading? Will Eva keep her temper under control? And, will Staci manage to SHUT UP about her relatives? Find out next time on Total Drama Underdogs!

Episode 4

Merry Pop-ins

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1 2 3
13 Brick WIN OUT
14 Tyler OUT