Chris: Greetings and salutations! I'm your host, Chris McClean! And this is TOTAL. DRAMA. TRAILER!!! We will be going across the world in this huge trailer, and the eliminated contestant, will have to jump out of the trailer, while its going 145 MPH! Here are the first 5 contestants! Keith, Cody, Ezekiel, Noah, and, Izzy! ~All get greeted~ Chris: Here comes Katie, Sadie, Gwen, LeShawna, Heather, Sierra, Alejandro, and Trent! They are first 13 contestants! Here comes Sidney, Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney, Eva, Bridgette, and Geoff! Now only 8 more contesntants left! And here comes Justin, Owen, Harold, and Beth! Now 4 left, And here they are! Rida, Connor, Innis, and Graham! Now this challenge has no teams, Its a corn maze in Kentucky! So start!

Trent: Hey guys! Follow me! ~13 people follow Trent~

Lindsay: Follow MEEEEEEE!! ~13 people follow Lindsay~

Cody: Great Lindsay! You got us lost!

Lindsay: Whos Lindsay?

Keith and Connor: ~Facepalm~

Chris: Times up! Okay Connor, Innis, Graham, Rida, Keith, Lindsay, Trent, Courtney, Harold, Eva, Sadie, Katie, LeShawna, Gwen, Duncan, and Heather are up for elimination

~Everyone votes~

Chris: The votes are in, If you recieve a marshmallow, your safe! Connor, Innis, Graham, Rida, Keith, Katie, and LeShawna are safe! So Sadie, Trent, Lindsay, Courtney, Harold, Eva, Gwen, Duncan, and Heather had atleast 1 vote! Duncan, Gwen, Harold, Sadie, Heather are all safe! Courtney, Eva, Trent, and Lindsay, are the bottom 4, anyway, Courtney and Eva are safe! Lindsay or Trent. Trent?

Trent: Yes?

Chris: Im sorry but... Your safe!

Trent: Yes!

Chris: Bye Lindsay. ~Lindsay jumps out of Trailer but does what she did when she was out in TDWT, she hit her head~

Chris: See ya guys next episode!

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