Return to the island with Chris and 14 contestants that lost in the only season the were in. Which of these epic failures has what it take to claim the $1,000,000 prize.


  • Contestants
    • Katie
    • Brick
    • Sadie
    • B
    • Eva
    • Leonard
    • Samey
    • Rodney
    • Amy
    • Dave
    • Dawn
    • Max
    • Anne Maria
    • Topher

Episode 1 "Welcome Back the Losers" (In Development)

Chris stood on a boat in the middle of sea. The boat wasn't a dark worn down wooden boat with. It was a luxurious white one with golden rims and a shine that could be seen from a space station. Chris wore his usual blue button up shirt, with to front pockets on each side of his chest. Underneath was a white shirt that traveled down his arms like paint setting on a brick wall.

Episode 2 "Loser Don't Love Dynamite" (In Development)

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