This page is a fan-made season of Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race, it has 26 teams (some of who return from the previous season), some of which have more returning contestants from the six seasons of Total Drama.


  • Owen and Duncan = Reality Show Winners
  • Noah and Emma = Love Birds
  • Tom and Jen = Fashion Bloggers
  • Johnny and Troy = Guards In Training
  • Dwayne and Dwayne Junior = Father and Son
  • Geoff and Brody = Surfer Dudes
  • Jack and Gwen = Brother and Sister
  • Lighting and Cameron = Rivals
  • Topher and Sierra = Total Drama Fans
  • Dawn and DJ = Animal Lovers
  • Chris and Chef = Ex Host's
  • Brick and Shane = Cadets
  • Sky and Nicole = Olympians
  • Trent and Justin = Drama Brothers
  • Carrie and Devon = BF and GF
  • Alejandro and Heather = Villains
  • Jacques and Sandra = Performers
  • Josee and Sugar = Cheaters
  • Chet and Lorenzo = stepbrothers
  • Rock and Spud = Rockers
  • Jay and Mickey = Twins
  • Shawn and Jasmine = Survivors
  • Ray and Nick = Video Actors
  • Scott and Rodney = Farmers
  • Mike and Zoey = Finalists
  • Ed and TJ = Bros For Life


Time For What Part 1

Time For What Part 1
Season 2, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) 18/02/17
First Aired (USA) 17/02/17
Challenge None
Reward None
Winner(s) None
Eliminated None
Episode Guide
"A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars"
"Time For What Part 2"
The episode starts off with the recap of the first season of the ridonculuous race and shows clips such as Noah and Emma kissing, Brody and Geoff winning the million dollars, etc.

Don: (Voice Over) last season on the Ridonculous Race, 20 teams have traveled all over the world to win $1,000,000 and the lucky winners were the surfer dudes Geoff and Brody. (Camera shows Don in front of a famlier movie set in the background) on this season, once again they will have to go around the world to win $1,000,000. (The camera zooms up on Don, who has a smile on his face) so get ready for a brand new season of The Ridonculous Race.


Don: (The camera shows Don in front of the movie set from Total Drama Action) Welcome back, the first 6 teams are about to arrive.(The camera cuts to inside of a bus where Owen and Duncan are sitting in seats) Owen and Duncan, Reality Show Winners and the first to arrive.

[Confessional, The Reality Show Winners]

Owen: (smiling) Like Noah, me and Duncan first met on Total Drama

Duncan: (Shrugs) meh me and him (point's to Owen) have always made it to the merge in the seasons we were in, plus he won Total Drama Island while I won Total Drama Action.

Owen: (Excited) woo me and my one of my close buddy back again, come here you (gives Duncan a bone crushing hug)

[Confessional End]

Don: (The camera shows two men sitting behind Duncan and Owen) Johnny and Troy, currently are guards in training.

Johnny was sitting in the right seat, he has blue eyes, black hair with a dark green hat, brown jacket, white shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. Troy sat in the left seat, he has brown hair, brown eyes, a camo green jacket with a grey undershirt, camo green pants and black boots.

[Confessional, Guards In Training]

Troy: (annoyed) so this is the ridonculous race huh (crosses arms) this sucks (Johnny slaps the back of his head) ow

Johnny: (annoyed) can please shut up Troy

[Confessional End]

Don:(A cab stops and lets GWEN and her little brother out as they walk to Don) Gwen and Jack, brother and sister.

[Confessional, Brother and Sister]

Gwen: (disappointed, sighs) Jack, even though i love you, i don't think this show was a good idea

Jack: (annoyed) Gwen, i didn't have a choice, it was either this or aunt Erin

Gwen: (shivers) okay good point

Jack: (smirks) your welcome

[Confessional End]

Don: and here comes last seasons winners (the camera shows Geoff and Brody) the surfer dudes

[Confessional, Surfer Dudes]

Geoff: (excited) aw yeah back for another season, (cheers)

Brody: (excited) yeah brah totally epic

Brody and Geoff (fist-bump) boom

[Confessional End]

Meanwhile at a train station, Tom and Jen exit the train, Jen had a angry look on her face while Tom was looking at her in concern

Don: Tom and Jen, the fashion bloggers and outfit designers

[Confessional, Fashion Bloggers]

Tom: (whispering, while pointing his right thumb at Jen) the reason she is like this is because a girl named Sugar ruined her dress and ripped it up right in front of her. (Jen looks at Tom)

Jen: (Confused) what are talking about

Tom: (lying) oh what i am going to spend my $500,000 on (gives a nervous chuckle)

Jen: (raises her eyebrow but then shrugs) meh okay then (Tom sighs in relief)

[Confessional End]

Don: (a black car pulls up and the driver is reviled to be Dwayne and his son Dwayne Junior) Dwayne and Junior, father and son.

[Confessional, Father and Son]

Dwayne:(sighs) last season i caused us to get eliminated by getting us jinxed constantly (frowns) i just wish i haven't said those things.

Junior: (hugs Dwayne) it's okay dad, i know you didn't mean to (smiles)

Dwayne: (smiles) thanks junior (puts his hand on his chin) hmm i wonder if the surfer dudes are back in this season.

[Confessional End]

Don: (a van with pulls up next to Don, the people who exit are Rock, Spud, Chet and Lorenzo) welcome back rockers and step-brothers

Rock: (typing on his phone but looks up) huh (sees Don) oh hey Don (looks over at Spud, who has his headphones on)

Don: (happy) good to see you to Rock (sees Chet and Lorenzo, playing a video game on their phones but don't speak what so ever)

[Confessional, Rockers]

Rock: (as he talks, Spud nods his head to his music) last season, Spud and I got into the top 10, i hope this season we get farther (stops and pauses for a minute) i hope Chet and Lorenzo join us, man they are cool to hang out with (does and air guitar)

Spud: (looks at Rock) where are we again (Rock groans)

[Confessional End]

The camera cuts to a train station where Dawn and DJ walk off

Don: Dawn and DJ animal lovers and violence haters (another team walks out from behind them, the two people are Trent and Justin) Trent and Justin drama brothers.

[Confessional, Drama Brothers]

Trent: so the reason why we're here is because me and him (points to Justin) want to get the ell away from Chris's clutches.

Justin: i picked Trent because he was more reasonable,(rubs his neck) as for Cody, he needed to be away from Sierra and didn't need us to know where he is while as for Harold,had the fame get to his head.

Trent: so let's try and win this thing

[Confessional End]

Don: (a red pick-up truck arrives and the people who get out are Scott and Rodney) Scott and Rodney Farmers, (a taxi pulls up and the passengers are Carrie and Devin, Jay and Mickey and Sky and Nicole) Carrie and Devin, boyfriend and girlfriend, Jay and Mickey, twins and Sky and Nicole, Olympians.

(Soon a bus pulls up and the first ones out were Noah and Emma, followed by Ray and Nick, Mike and Zoey and finally Alejandro and Heather)

Don:Noah and Emma, Love Birds, Ray and Nick, Video Actors, Mike and Zoey, Finalists of Total Drama All Stars and finally Heather and Alejandro, villains.

(The contestants who arrived meet up with Don, at a train station.)

Don: welcome to the second season of Ridonculous Race, i see there are most of you have arrived (see's a taxi pull up and two people exit the cab) Sandra and (Don and the contestants from the first season of the Ridonculous Race gasp) Jacques

(The male was indeed Jacques, however instead of his Ice Dancing outfit, he was wearing a plain white shirt, dark blue jeans with a black belt and brown boots, he also had an uncomfortable look on his face)

[Confessional, Performers]

Jacques: after the Ridonculous Race, Josee had blamed me for our lost, long story short, we had a big fight and i quited from Ice Dancing

Sandra: (puts her hand on Jacques shoulder) when i found him, he looked terrible, (smiles) i asked him to join me with performing and he agreed (Jacques nods his head)

Jacques: yeah (looks worried) i think the others may hate me for the things i did to them (sits up and smiles) but i won't stop until i make it up to them

Sandra: (cheers) that's it (stands up) high five (Jacques high fives her and they hug)

[Confessional End]

(Johnny raises an confused eyebrow at Tom and Jen)

Johnny: (confused) who is he

Tom: (annoyed, glaring at Jacques) it's a long story

Johnny: (confused) o k (looks at Troy, who just shrugs)

(The camera goes back to Don, who is right in front of train station, eight more people exit the train, they are shown to be Topher and Sierra, Jasmine and Shawn, Ed and TJ and Brick and Shane)

Don: Topher and Sierra, Total Drama Fans, Jasmine and Shawn, Survivors, Ed and TJ, Bros For Life and finally Brick and Shane, Military Cadets.

[Confessional, Military Cadets]

Brick: hello i am Privet Brick MacArthur (looks to Shane) and this is

Shane: Sargent Shane Williams and reporting for duty (salutes)

Brick: so when i heard about this, i though why not try it with my good friend

Shane: (looks at Brick) so when do we start the challenges (Brick shrugs)

[Confessional End]

(soon Lighting and Cameron come off a train, Lighting is shown to have an annoyed look on his face while Cameron looks in fear)

Don: Lighting and Cameron, Rivals

(Just as he finishes his sentence, a golden taxi pulls up and Don is shown to be annoyed)

Don: (sarcastically) great if it isn't Josee and Sugar, the cheaters (Don and everyone one else who was in a season with either of them glared however them)

Josee: (cocky) well if you don't mind, why don't you all quit right now so we can win the gold (everyone still glares)

(A bus pulls up and voice is heard)

?????; sheesh even i won't have you in any other season (everyone who competed on Total Drama gasp before glaring, (minus Owen and Geoff)

Duncan: (annoyed) oh great, its Chris McLean (the camera shows the owner of the voice is in fact Chris, a big African man appeared from behind him) Chef too

Owen: (happy, waves to Chris and Chef) hi Chris, hi Chef (Chris and Chef return the wave back)

Chris: (looks down at the ground) if your asking why me and Chef are here is because, (sighs) we were robbed (the contestants who competed on Total Drama look surprised) so long story short, i asked Don if we could join to help found a new season (the contestant's tense up) whoa hey, you guys are not competing, its new rookies.

Don: (pops up from behind Chris and Chef) well since we don't have enough time to do a challenge, this will be part one of this episode.

(The Camera shows Don, with the teams in the background)

Don: now that we have all our teams, what will the challenge be, who will win and who will lose, (winks) find out next time on The Ridonculous Race (smiles and the screen turns black)

Elimination Table

Contestants Teams Position Rank 1 2
Owen and Duncan Reality Show Winners TBA TBA IN TBA
Noah and Emma Love Birds TBA TBA IN TBA
Tom and Jen Fashion Bloggers TBA TBA IN TBA
Johnny and Troy Guards In Training TBA TBA IN TBA
Dwayne and Junior Father and Son TBA TBA IN TBA
Geoff and Brody Surfer Dudes TBA TBA IN TBA
Jack and Gwen Brother and Sister TBA TBA IN TBA
Lighting and Cameron Rivals TBA TBA IN TBA
Topher and Sierra Total Drama Fans TBA TBA IN TBA
Dawn and DJ Animal Lovers TBA TBA IN TBA
Chris and Chef Ex Host's TBA TBA IN TBA
Brick and Shane Military Cadets TBA TBA IN TBA
Sky and Nicole Olympians TBA TBA IN TBA
Trent and Justin Drama Brothers TBA TBA IN TBA
Carrie and Devin BF and GF TBA TBA IN TBA
Alejandro and Heather Villains TBA TBA IN TBA
Jacques and Sandra Performers TBA TBA IN TBA
Josee and Sugar Cheaters TBA TBA IN TBA
Chet and Lorenzo Stepbrothers TBA TBA IN TBA
Rock and Spud Rockers TBA TBA IN TBA
Jay and Mickey Twins TBA TBA IN TBA
Shawn and Jasmine Survivors TBA TBA IN TBA
Ray and Nick Video Actors TBA TBA IN TBA
Scott and Rodney Farmers TBA TBA IN TBA
Mike and Zoey Finalists TBA TBA IN TBA
Ed and TJ Bros For Life TBA TBA IN TBA

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