1. Gwen Team: Team Girly. Place 15th. Reason: The Girls Thought She Was A Threat.
  2. Jacob Team: Team Victorious. Place 1st. Reason: HE WON IT ALL AND WAS NEVER VOTED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Sierra Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 8th. Reason: She Was Waaaaaay Too Craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!
  4. Zia Team: Team Girly. Place 2nd. Reason: She Left Her Friend Jacob Get In Her Way Which Ultimatly Caused Her Demise.
  5. Owen Team: Team Victorious. Place 12th. Reason: He Farted Waaaaay Too Much!
  6. Cody Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 5th. Reason: The Other Four Found Out He Insulted Everyone On The Plane Except The Ladies.
  7. Duncan Team: Team Girly. Place 17th. Reason: He Blew Up The Canoe.
  8. Blainley Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 3rd. Reason: She Lost The Tiebraker.
  9. Izzy Team: Team Girly. Place 6th. Reason: She Was Too Crazy And Nice.
  10. Heather Team: Team Victorious. Place 14th. Reason: She Was No Longer Useful In Challenges.
  11. Elmer Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 4th. Reason: Blainley's Alliance Hated Him.
  12. Ezekiel Team: Team Girly. Place 7th. Reason: He Insulted Zia.
  13. Nayld Team: Team Victorious. Place 10th/9th. Reason: He Made A Bird Scream.
  14. Courtney Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 9th/10th. Reason: She Wanted To Come With Nayld.
  15. Alejandro Team: Team Victorious. Place 11th. Reason: Almost All His Teammates Wanted Him Gone.
  16. Bridgette Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 16th. Reason: He Cheated On His Smoophy-Boo Geoff.
  17. Tyler Team: No Team. Place 18th. Reason: He Quit.
  18. Roman Team: Team Cody Is Super Duper Hot. Place 13th. Reason: He Wanted To Be With Heather.


''''''''Ep.'''''1 The Flying Machine!

E'''''p.2 Bridgette Overthrows Herself!

Ep.3 In The Amazon!

Ep.4 BBFL! (Brodway Buddies For Life!)

Ep.5 Eine Alien!

Ep.6 What's The Press!

Ep.7 Aftermath: Gidgette In Splitsville?!?!

Ep.8 Up The Pyramid!

Ep.9 Steer By Me!

Ep.10 Strange Realationships!

Ep.11 Good Ol' London!

Ep.12 Greece Lighting!

Ep.13 Hola Revenge,Adios Sierra!

Ep.14 Aftermath: Gidgette Survived A Bad One!

Ep.15 X-Files 2!

Ep.16 Luck Of Ireland!

Ep.17 Aftermath: French Style!

Ep.18 French Paunch!

Ep.19 Total Drama Reunion!

Elimination Chart Coming In November 15th 2010

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