This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.
The first legitmate completed competition story written by Whitney12. 22 teens, 2 teams, only 1 billion dollar prize. Hosted by the one and only, Chris McLean. 
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Chris McLean


Alison, The Incredibly Mean Girl

Anton, The Stoner

Aubrey, The Tomboy

Brenda, The Cheerleader

Darren, The Rebel

Eve, The Quiet Girl

Jan, The British Guy

Jourdan, The Athlete

July, The Rastafarian

Kat, The Raver

Lluvy, The Scene Kid

Marty, The Jersey Bully

Mischa, The Overdramatic

Norah, The Crazy One

Oliver, The Musician

Phoebe, The Flirt

Slater, The Intelligent Guy

Streeter, The Rich Guy

Teagan, The Party Guy

Webster, The Dumb Guy

Wiley, The Beach Guy

Willa, The Country Girl


Killer Losers:












Screaming Outcasts:













Chapter #1: "Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!"

The camera pans to Camp Wawanakwa where Chris McLean is standing on the dock. "Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa! I've been missing this place so I've decided it'd be cool if we had a competition here again, with new players! Now let's meet the contestants!"

The first boat comes up with a blond, blue-eyed, normal looking guy comes off of. "Webster. How do you like the island?" Chris asks. "This is an island? What is that?" Webster asks. Chris facepalms.

The second boat comes up and a girl jumps off it. She has colorful clothes and hair, with some piercings on her face. "Lluvy." Chris addresses. "Well, it looks good enough to Instagram about." Lluvy states. "Well, okay." Chris says.

The third boat arrives and leaves a blond, relaxed, shaggy-haired guy smoking a joint on the dock. "Anton, the Stoner, how are ya?" Chris says. "I gotta say I'm doing really great, man." Anton says as he begins to smoke a little more.

The fourth boat comes and drops off a brunnette girl wearing pink and green clothes. "Mischa, the Overdramatic. Hey." Chris greets Mischa. "I am NOT overdramatic! I can't believe you would say that." Mischa argues raising her arms in anger accidentally knocking Anton's joint in the water. "Ah, man." Anton says in disappoint.

The fifth boat arrives and lets off a boy with bicolored hair and dark clothes. "Darren, the Rebel." Chris greets. Darren spits to the side. "Yeah, that's me, so what?" He says, while Lluvy looks at him interestingly.

The sixth boat arrives and a curly haired girl with pigtails does flips off the boat to get on the dock. "Whoa, um, Norah." Chris says. "Hi everybody! Hi Chris!" Norah yells, jumping. She runs to other side of the dock where the five other competitors are.

The seventh boat shows up and drops off a neat looking brunette guy. He looks around at everyone and the camp. "Slater, how are you man?" Chris asks. "I am quite alright, just wondering why-" Slater says as Chris cuts him off.

"Next contestant!" Chris says as the eighth boat drops off a country-looking girl. "Willa." Chris greets. "Hey y'all!" Willa exclaims.

The ninth boat arrives and lets off an orange-tanned guy with a chinstrap beard. "Marty." Chris says. "Aye." Marty says, then gives everyone weird looks.

The tenth boats comes and drops off a girl with rasta colored dreads. "July." Chris greets. "Hello all." July says calmly.

The eleventh boat rides by and lets a cool-looking guy with a guitar. "Oliver, the Music Dude." Chris greets. "Hey guys and Chris." Oliver kindly says.

The twelfth boat comes and a girl with brown medium length hair and denim shorts gets off. "Alison, how're you?" Chris asks. "Don't. This place looks terrible and it doesn't look like I have any competition here either." Alison angrily says.

The thirteenth boat lets off a nicely dressed boy. "Streeter, the Rich Kid." Chris says. "This isn't exactly what I expected." Streeter says with a puzzled look on his face.

The fourteenth boat drops off a cheerleader. "Brenda." Chris greets. "Hi Chris!" Brenda says excitedly as she waves, walking toward the other contestants.

When the fifteenth boat arrives it lets off a sporty guy with auburn hair. "Jourdan, the Athlete." Chris greets. "Hey, well, I'm not that much of an athlete." Jourdan nervously says.

The sixteenth boat arrives and lets off a short haired girl onto the dock. "Aubrey, the Tomboy." Chris says. "Hey dude." Aubrey greets.

The seventeenth boat lets off a guy with wavy hair and a goatee. "Teagan, the Party Guy." Chris greets. "Hey, what's up?" Teagan says.

The eighteenth boat arrives and a pale girl with black hair with bangs gets off of it. "Eve, how're you doing?" Chris asks. Eve says nothing and walks to the side of the dock where all the contestants are. "Um, well okay." Chris says.

The nineteenth boat drops of a light brown haired guy with blue eyes. "Jan, hey." Chris greets. "Hello, mate." Jan greets back.

The twentieth boat and an attractive red-headed girl arrives. "Phoebe. Hey." Chris greets her. "Hey guys." Phoebe says waving and winking towards people. Webster, Anton, Darren, Marty, Streeter, Jourdan, and Teagan's mouths drop looking at Phoebe.

The next boat arrives with a guy with a tie and ponytail. "Wiley." Chris greets. "Hey dude, I'm stoked!" Wiley says walking to the contestants.

The final boat arrives and drops off the last contestant, a girl with blue & pink clothing and purple hair. "Last, but not least, the Raver, Kat." Chris says. "Hey! I'm so glad I'm here, I'm sure this is going to be a lot of fun!" Kat says with joy. "You say that but..." Chris says.

Chris explains to the twenty-two contestants about the trillion dollar prize and the rules. He also explains the Dock of Shame. "Alright since we have everything else already covered, I'm ready to give you guys your first challenge, but first I have to put you in your teams." Chris explains. "Alison, Brenda, Jan, Jourdan, July, Lluvy, Oliver, Phoebe, Teagan, Webster, and Willa. You are now known as the Screaming Outcasts." Chris states. "Alright, sounds cool!" Oliver says. The Screaming Outcasts all look at each other strangely. "Anton, Aubrey, Darren, Eve, Kat, Marty, Mischa, Norah, Slater, Streeter, and Wiley. You are now the Killer Losers." Chris tells them.

"Ehehe, we're killers. How fitting." Norah says. The rest of the Killer Losers look at Norah with concern.

"Anyways... you guys are not getting to sleep in the cabins tonight yet. Your first challenge is to spend the night in the wilderness where you'll need to make and find your own food and shelter. The first team to get back with all their members in the morning, earliest 8:00 AM, wins. And the losing team will have to go to an elimination ceremony and someone will have to leave on the Dock of Shame." Chris explains.

Some of the contestants groan and others gasp of anxiousness. "Alright, get ready, set, go!" Chris yells. Both teams race off into the woods.

The camera pans to the Screaming Outcasts team. The team is walking through the woods.

"Umm, where are we going again?" Webster asks confusingly. 

"Were you not paying attention? We're going to find shelter or whatever in the woods, dumbass." Alison states. "Ohhhhhh." Websters says.

It shows Alison in the confessional. "Not trying to sound like Heather or anything, but maybe I could make an alliance. Webster seems definitely gullible enough to join one, I'd just need to find at least one more member. Hmm." Alison says casually.

"Hi, I'm Brenda!" Brenda greets Alison.

"I know." Alison says.

"You seem really cool, we should be friends!" Brenda says.

It shows Alison again in the confessional. "Hmm, well. Seems like making this alliance will be easier than I thought."

"Sure." Alison answers.

"Nature is so beautiful isn't?" July says happily.

"I know right? That's why I have so many pictures of it on my phone." Lluvy agrees. 

"I think it's pretty nice, I never get out of the farm, so I like this." Willa says.

"A farm? I don't think I could take being on a farm for too long." Lluvy states.

Phoebe is found being stared at and followed by Jourdan, Teagan, and Oliver with Jan following behind. "Hey, do you like sporty guys?" Jourdan asks Phoebe.

"I play guitar!" Oliver says to her.

"I like to party!" Teagan says.

"Well, I like all kinds of guys, I do like the gym, and I do like music, and I loveee to party." Phoebe flirts.

Jourdan, Oliver, and Teagan smile. Jan rolls his eyes at the four of them.

It shows Jan in the confessional. "Those guys are such pigs fawning over Phoebe, it almost sickens me." He says.

It pans to the Killer Losers team who are also walking in the woods, but in a different place. "This would be a lot easier if Chris had given us a map, but seeing how he has sadistic characteristics, I doubt he would have given us one otherwise." Slater states. Eve just nods in understanding to his statement.

"I see, you don't say much do you?" Slater asks, Eve nods again.

"Since we're out in the wild, we need to use what's called, survivor skills, man." Anton says.

"Oh, I know all about survivor skills, they teach you all about them in juvy." Darren says. "Whoa, do they really?" Anton asks. "Of course they do, trust me." Darren assures.

"It's so dirty out here. I don't know how people do this." Streeter says.

"This is literally the worst place I have ever been to." Mischa complains.

"I was raised in the wilderness, so I basically know everything about it, especially how animals think." Norah says quickly.

It shows Norah in the confessional. "It's true, I even think my parents were wolves. Hehehe." Norah says. Mishca, Streeter, and Marty give Norah weird looks.

"That's crazy, stay away from me, weird chick." Marty says.

"No it's okay, it's not like I'm crazy or anything, hahahah." Norah nervously says.

"We really need to find a safe place to stay before we get attacked by a bear or something possibly worse." Kat suggests. 

"Yeah, we should probably be finding some food." Wiley says.

"Okay team, let's split up into groups, Wiley, Kat, and I will find the food. Streeter, Norah, Mischa, and Marty you can get some firewood. Slater, Eve, Darren, and Anton you can find shelter." Aubrey suggests.

"I don't think we should split up before we find a place, it's not a good idea." Slater says. "We'll be able to cover more ground that way though. We'll just use birdcalls or something like that to find each other." Aubrey argues.

"Okay, I guess..." Slater accepts.

The team splits into the three groups and they take their separate ways. The camera pans back to the Screaming Outcasts team. It shows them near an area that is quiet and near some trees.

"This place gives off good vibes." July says.

"Maybe we should keep walking." Alison suggests.

"But it’s nice and quiet here." Lluvy argues.

"Yeah, it's really nice." Willa agrees.

"Fine then. Come on Brenda and Webster, find food with me." Alison demands. Brenda and Webster accept and decide to go with Alison and the three walk off.

"You should probably just hang back for the time being." Teagan suggests.

"As long as we stay here and stay together, we'll be okay." Jan assures.

"I love a guy who has good ideas." Phoebe says attempting to flirt with Jan who just shrugs. Teagan and Jourdan give Jan angry looks.

The camera shows Alison, Brenda, and Webster by a river. "Okay, you two seem the most valuable of our team so would you like to join in an alliance with me?" Alison asks.

"Of course, I will." Brenda says.

"Oh okay, I've never been in an alliance before." Webster agrees. 

"Good, now catch some fish in the river." Alison demands, so the two proceed to do so.

The camera goes back to the Killer Losers, but only shows Streeter, Mischa, Norah, and Marty who are picking up sticks for firewood.

"If I was back home I could just pay someone to do this for me. It would make things so much easier." Streeter says.

"This is seriously the worst experience I've ever had in my life." Mischa complains. Norah is picking up sticks really quickly.

"Guys, let's go find the others because I've got enough firewood to last us." Norah says quickly.

"Yeah guys, let's hurry up now." Marty says. The four start running off with the firewood.

The camera then shows Darren, Eve, Slater, and Anton who are trying to find a place in the woods to stay. "I really wish we didn't split up, it was a bad idea. Hopefully the rest of the team can find us." Slater says.

"Trust me they'll come back, they always come back." Darren says.

Eve points to a peaceful area with bushes, trees, and no one there.

"Eve's got a good idea for a place dudes, I say we stay there." Anton says.

"It does look like a good place. Good eye, Eve." Slater says. Eve smiles.

It shows Eve in the confessional and she is blushing and smiles, then covers her mouth although you can still see her smile.

The camera shows Wiley, Aubrey, and Kat who are at the river that Brenda, Webster, and Alison previously were. Wiley and Aubrey are trying to catch fish in the river while Kat is picking berries from nearby bushes. Kat suddenly stops and her face shows that she is shocked. "Why did you stop?" Aubrey asks.

"Are you okay Kat?" Wiley asks.

"Um, guys..." Kat begins to say. Wiley and Aubrey hear a growling noise behind them. They slowly turn around and it is revealed a bear is right in front of them.

"Run!" Kat yells. Kat, Wiley, and Aubrey begin to run from the bear making bird noises to alert the others, while the bear is chasing after them.

The camera shows the Screaming Outcasts. Alison, Brenda, and Webster arrive back to their team as the sky is getting darker.

"Finally, I'm starved." Oliver says.

"Tell me about it." Lluvy agrees.

"Don't we need to cook it first?" Jan asks.

"Well duh. We'll just cook it right now." Alison says.

"With what firewood?" Jourdan asks.

"While we were gone, you guys didn't figure out to get some firewood?" Alison angrily asks.

"Well I can go right now to get some." Jourdan says, Phoebe looks impressed when he says so.

"So will I." July says.

The sound of a bear roaring and growling nearby is heard. "On second thought..." Jourdan says, Phoebe then looks disappointed.

"Yeah, I'll have to take a rain check on that." July says. The team huddles quickly together by a tree for safety.

The camera then shows Eve, Slater, Anton, and Darren at the place they had chosen. Mischa, Norah, Marty, and Streeter run into view. "I'm surprised you guys found us." Slater says.

"What took you guys so long?" Darren asks.

"Well we wanted to get as much firewood as possible." Streeter answers.

"We didn't even take that long." Mischa says.

"Wait, where's the firewood?" Anton asks.

"Well we heard bear noises, so we decided to run, so I guess we just dropped it." Marty says. Eve facepalms. Aubrey, Kat, and Wiley come running and screaming towards the rest of their teem who look shocked and confused.

"The bear is chasing us, help!" The three of them yell. 

"Everyone get in the bushes, they never check the bushes ever, trust me." Norah says.

Some teammates look confused but all of them quickly hide in the bushes and keep quiet. The bear walks around their area and lays down and sleeps.

"Now we're going to starve all night." Streeters whispers.

"I take back what I said earlier, this is the worst experience ever in my life." Mischa whines.

"Shh, if we're quiet we'll be able to get through this alive." Slater says.

The camera shows the moon, then the sun, showing that it is now morning. Then the camera pans to the Screaming Outcasts team who are sleeping. Teagan and Jourdan are sleeping near Phoebe. Brenda, Alison, and Webster are sleeping near each other, July, Willa, and Jan are sleeping near each other, and Oliver is sleeping next to Lluvy. Lluvy is the first to wake up, so she tries to wake everyone else up.

When Oliver wakes up he suggests, "Let's leave now guys!" The team begins to run back to camp.

"Come on guys, hurry, we need to win!" Jourdan says as he and the rest of the team are running.

It's not long before they reach the finish line at camp.

"Screaming Outcasts, you're the first team to arrive, but you look like you're missing a camper." Chris says. 

"Who are we missing?" Webster asks.

"Damnit, it's that one hick girl, Willa." Alison answers.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers who are sleeping in the bushes and the bear is gone. Anton is the first to wake up and he gets out a joint to smoke. Eve is second to get up and she taps Slater several times to wake him up, it works, so the three try waking everyone else up.

"We better start running now if we want to make it!" Aubrey says. The Killer Losers begin to run to camp to finish the challenge.

The camera pans to where Willa is sleeping. Willa wakes up and gasps realizing she's alone and it's morning. 

Willa wakes up to realize her team left her alone.

"Where did y'all go?" Willa nervously asks. She then gets up and starts to run to try to find her way back to camp.

The camera shows the Killer Losers passing the finish line looking disappointed due to the Screaming Outcasts already being there.

"Welcome Killer Losers! You are the winning team of this challenge because you were the first team to cross the finish line with all of your members." Chris explains.

The Killer Losers cheer. Willa is now just showing up and she goes over to her team. They all look upset over losing.

"I guess I'll be meeting the Screaming Outcasts at the Marshmallow Elimination Ceremony tonight! One of you will be sent home tonight, haha." Chris says.

The camera then shows Chris and the Screaming Outcasts at the campfire for the elimination ceremony. 

“Now welcome to your first elimination ceremony. Marshmallows represent life in this game. There are ten marshmallows on this plate, and eleven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Phoebe." Chris says as he tosses it to her.

"Lluvy, Webster, Brenda, Teagan, Alison, Oliver, July." Chris says as he passes the marshmallows to them.

"Jan." Chris says as he tosses it to him. Jourdan and Willa are the only ones without a marshmallow left. 

"One marshmallow left, the last marshmallow goes to...

Jourdan." Chris says.

"Oh yeah!" Jourdan says as he gets his marshmallow.

"Oh sheesh y'all." Willa says sadly.

"Alright, go on the Dock of Shame, Willa, I'm not getting any younger here." Chris says. Willa sadly walks off on the Dock of Shame into the boat. The boat rides off into the distance.

Alison is crossing her arms and says, "That's what you get for making our team lose, goodbye redneck loser."

Chapter #2: "Insomnia Would Be Good About Now..."

The camera shows Chris on the Dock of Shame and it is early in the morning. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, we met all of the campers, and they had their first challenge. The two teams spent the night in the wilderness with a bear, haha. The Screaming Outcasts got to the finish line first, but without Willa, so the Killer Losers won the challenge. The Screaming Outcasts voted out Willa for her making their team lose. Now, what happens next on Total Drama Teens?" Chris says.

Chris walks over to the cabins where the campers are sleeping. He pulls out a megaphone and yells into it, "Wake up campers! Haha, time for your next challenge!" 

It shows inside the Killer Losers girl's cabin. "He can NOT be serious right now. Wait, can he?" Mischa asks. Eve looks at her confusingly and just shrugs and then Mischa sighs loudly.

"Well it shouldn't be THAT bad." Aubrey says.

"Or will it? Muhahaha." Norah says. Kat looks at Norah strangely.

It then shows inside the Killer Losers boy's cabin. "But I don't want to get up, not right now." Wiley says sadly.

"At least he's not making us get up any earlier." Slater says.

Anton is seen starting to light a joint. "Ugh, do you really even have time for that? I really don't want our cabin to have such a stench." Streeter complains.

"Damn, dude chill. Let the guy do what he wants." Darren says.

"I'll be quick don't worry, man." Anton says to Streeter who just rolls his eyes.

"Can you little bitches stop talking for two seconds? I'm trying to put my tan on before we go out." Marty says.

It shows Anton in the confessional, "You can actually put a tan on without being out in the sun forever? Man, where the hell have I been?" Anton says.

It shows the Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin. "Aw, we have another challenge already?" Brenda says.

"I still have to do my hair though." Phoebe says.

"Deal with it." Alison responds.

"It might be fun, don't worry." July ensures.

"Hopefully, that's the case." Lluvy adds.

It then shows the Screaming Outcasts guy's cabin. "I'm so tired." Webster says.

"Aren't we all?" Jan agrees.

"Guys get up, we have to try to actually win this challenge." Jourdan says.

"Yeah, come guys we can do this!" Teagan enthuses.

"Yeah!" Oliver says.

The camera then shows Chris and all the campers outside. "Finally, you guys were taking awhile. Anyways, time for your next challenge. If you guys are going to want to eat breakfast, you're going to have to run for it, haha. I've had this as a challenge before, but it's always good to recycle. So, you're going to have to run a 20 kilometer run around the lake to the mess hall so you can eat breakfast." Chris explains. The contestants sigh and groan but decide to go to the starting line.

The campers start off running together with their teams. It shows the Killer Losers who are in the lead.

"This running is SO hard." Mischa complains.

"Ugh, I think we all know that." Streeter says.

"Stop complaining, it's just running." Aubrey says and the two glare at her after saying so.

"Yeah, it's not that hard." Darren agrees.

"Man, usually I would think this is hard. But I basically just feel like I'm floating along here." Anton says and Eve looks at him confusingly.

"Hm. Well just keep feeling like that, since it can be used to our team's advantage." Slater says, Eve nods.

"Haha, alright cool." Anton says.

"Goddamnit, my hair's getting messed up." Marty says running his fingers through his hair.

"Really? My hair is basically flowing in the air, dude." Wiley says.

"Whatever." Marty says.

"We need to go faster and faster guys. We have to get there first so we can smash the other team, haha." Norah suggests.

"Um, are you okay?" Kat asks with a puzzled look and Norah just smiles at her.

It then shows Screaming Outcasts team, who is lagging a bit behind.

"Let's go everyone's getting ahead of us!" Jourdan yells, who is in the lead of his team.

"We just have to believe." July says.

"Come on losers, the other team is ahead of us." Alison says.

"Um, last time I checked we're the outcasts, not the losers." Lluvy says, Alison glares at her when Lluvy smiles back, Oliver laughs.

"Well, that is true, I think." Brenda says.

"Don't, Brenda." Alison tells Brenda and Lluvy looks at Alison strangely.

"I hope we're almost there, I'm getting tired. How about you Jan? Since I care to know." Phoebe asks attempting to flirt with Jan again.

"Oh well I'm-" Jan begins to say until Teagan cuts him off.

"Phoebe don't worry about running, I got you." Teagan says.

"Oh, sure that's sweet." Phoebe says. Teagan then picks Phoebe up and continues running.

"I'll help too!" Jourdan says as he helps Teagan carry Phoebe.

Alison rolls her eyes at them. It then shows Alison in the confessional. "Why is that Phoebe gets all the the attention? Hmm." Alison asks wonderingly.

It then shows Chris and Chef Hatchet at the mess hall. The Killer Losers run in panting and then cheering.

"Oh my god! We won again!" Aubrey cheers.

"Man, that was easier than I thought." Wiley says.

"Ugh, good. Let's just eat." Mischa says.

The Screaming Outcasts arrive at the mess hall next and they groan when they see the Killer Losers were already there.

"Oh no, we didn't win." Phoebe says still being held by Teagan and Jourdan.

"Um, well that wasn't exactly the challenge campers." Chris says. Chris then reveals amazing amounts of delicious and luscious food.

"Oh my god." Teagan says as he and Jourdan drop Phoebe in awe at the food. She crosses her arms and looks at them angrily.

"Is that what I think it is?" Kat asks hopefully.

"Sweet, wonderous food. Just what I needed, this is righteous." Anton says.

"Someone has the munchies." Darren says.

"Everyone does, dumbass." Marty says, then Darren clenches his fists and angrily looks at Marty.

"It's all yours." Chris says. The campers all smile and some jump in joy. They all quickly go to the table and eat as much as they can, so they can take in every bit of this luxury.

It then shows Anton in the confessional. "You do not understand, how good that feeling was, when I ate that food. Like, I can't even begin to explain." Anton says.

It cuts back to the mess hall where the all of the food has been eaten. The campers look stuffed and tired. "So who won?" Jan asks.

"Like I said this was the actual challenge, this was just the second part, haha." Chris says.

"Are you serious?" Streeter asks.

"Well, duh. Anyways, you guys are exhausted and tired right now, but the last part is the Awake-A-Thon." Chris explains.

"Now you can't be serious." Streeter says.

"Whichever camper stays up for the most hours, their team wins, it's simple. Now, I'll see you guys at the campfire, good luck, you're gonna need it, haha." Chris explains. The campers all gasp and groan. The camera then shows the campers and Chris at the campfire and displays a timer. The timer shows it has been 6 hours and all of the campers are still awake. The Screaming Outcasts are on the left of the campfire and the Killer Losers are on the right.

The Killer Losers are shown first and they look fatigued. Kat, Wiley, and Marty are sitting together, Streeter and Mischa are sitting next to each other, Slater, Eve, Darren, and Anton are sitting next to each other, and Aubrey and Norah are sitting next to each other.

"I'm tired, but I really don't want to lose this challenge." Kat says.

"Me too, but I'm sure we can make it." Wiley says.

"Do you two ever shut up?" Marty asks glaring at them.

"Is there ever a time you don't have two tons of hairspray or fake tan on you? The smell kills me, man." Wiley says. Marty then just says nothing but growls at both Kat and Wiley.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling like a got a good amount of hours before I crash." Darren ensures.

"Man, I feel the same. I really don't feel like sleeping, I actually wish I could have more food." Anton says.

"It most likely would make you more tired if you had more food, sadly." Slater says. "How're you holding up Eve?" He asks. Eve gives him two thumbs up, although she looks tired.

"I can't ever sleep, so I'm excited for this challenge." Norah says.

"Speak for yourself." Aubrey says.

"I feel extremely tired." Streeter says.

"Oh my god, me too, this is the most tired I've been in all of my life. Chris is such a sadist. I can't believe he would do this to us." Mischa complains, and snoring is heard near the end of her statement. The snoring is revealed to be a now sleeping Streeter. "How rude. I'm not THAT boring of a person to make someone fall asleep." Mischa says.

The Screaming Outcasts are shown next looking as exhausted as the Killer Losers, Alison, Webster, and Brenda are sitting together, Oliver, Lluvy, and July are sitting together, and Phoebe is sitting next to Jan, where Jourdan and Teagan are sitting behind them.

"Wow, Screaming Outcasts looking good with your first casualty, not." Alison says, smiling, some of the Screaming Outcasts give her glares.

"Haha, right?" Brenda says.

"Maybe they really are losers." Webster says.

"Well duh, they are, idiot." Alison says.

"I'm feeling exhausted." Jan admits.

"Aw, don't fall asleep, you don't want our team to lose." Phoebe says.

"I'll help you not sleep Phoebe! Just move your arms a lot." Jourdan says who is running in place.

"Just try not to think about sleeping so much." Teagan says.

"Oh thank you guys!" Phoebe thanks.

"That food is not doing me any justice here trying to not fall asleep." Oliver says.

"Same here dude, I actually feel kind of sick." Lluvy says.

"I'm feeling good energy from the food, I think." July says as she is sitting cross-legged. She then slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep. Then Oliver sighs.

"At least there's only one of us to sleep." Lluvy enlightens.

Snores are heard over by Alison, Brenda, and Webster. Webster has fallen asleep. "Dammit, Webster." Alison says.

"Nevermind." Lluvy sighs.

There is a score table shown which displays "2-1", the numbers of campers on each team asleep. The timer is shown at 10 hours. The camera pans back to the Killer Losers.

"Screw this challenge. I need sleep." Marty says closing his eyes and falls asleep.

"Way to be a team player." Kat says and Wiley nods in agreement.

"I'm pretty stoked for this, it's like a battle to the death, but a battle to the asleep." Anton says.

"I'm sure that makes sense in some country, Anton." Darren says.

"We should just stay sitting since it doesn't take much energy to do so, and I'm sure laying down would make us tired." Slater says, Eve nods and smiles, Slater smiles back.

"I'm really glad that I'm still actually awake, I'm barely making it." Aubrey says.

"I'm barely not making it! I feel so alive!" Norah excitedly says.

Mischa falls off her seat into a sleep.

The Screaming Outcasts are then shown.

"Now Brenda we need to discuss if we lose, who to vote off." Alison says.

"Oh okay sure, anyone but us though!" Brenda agrees. The two are then whispering to each other but not loud enough that you can here.

Phoebe and Jourdan are shown sleeping. "Well, finally. I wasn't sure if they would ever stop talking, I thought I was going to fall asleep." Jan says.

"I enjoy Phoebe and all, but I'm there with you on that one." Teagan says.

Brenda is then shown asleep. "Ugh, dumb and dumber are both asleep now." Alison says.

"It seems like our team is dropping off like flies." Oliver says.

"We'll just stay strong so our team doesn't lose again." Lluvy says.

"Right." Oliver agrees.

The score table is shown as "5-3". The timer then shows it has been 20 hours. The camera shows the Killer Losers.

"It's been 20-" Aubrey says but she falls asleep before she can finish her sentence.

"Man, I don't want to be a downer or anything, but I feel like I need to sleep." Anton says.

"I wouldn't hold it against you." Darren says. Eve nods.

"It's okay, there's still some of us left, we'll probably still have a chance to win." Slater says. Anton then sets his head down and falls right asleep. Norah is then heard snoring very loudly.

"There's not much of us left, isn't that crazy?" Kat asks Wiley. She gets no answer back and it's because Wiley is sleeping.

"Oh, not you too." Kat says.

The timer is at 28 hours. The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts. Jan and Alison are shown sleeping. The score table now reads "7-7".

"At least we won't have to listen to Alison talk anymore." Lluvy says.

"Finally, she seems like such a better person sleeping." Oliver agrees.

"Woo! Still going strong!" Teagan yells.

"Okay campers, there's only seven of you guys awake, so I think this deserves so music." Chris says as he pulls out a stereo. He presses a button and calming music begins playing.

"Man, you are pure evil." Oliver says.

"Haha, thanks." Chris says.

The seven begin to yawn. "Oh no, I am not going to bed now. It's just been a little over a day." Darren says.

"Insomnia would be good about now." Slater states.

Eve yawns again, and slowly falls asleep. "It's okay, Eve." Slater assures.

"I really don't think I can take much more." Lluvy says, then she falls on the ground and begins to sleep.

"Do you guys want some blankets?" Chris asks.

"No thank you, Chris." Slater says.

"Suit yourself." Chris says grabbing a cup of coffee and drinking it.

"Now, this is torment, man." Darren says.

"It's what I do best." Chris says.

The timer shows it has been 32 hours and Darren, Oliver, and Slater have fallen asleep. The score table shows 9-10. Teagan and Kat are the only two campers still awake.

"Wow, everyone else hasn't made it this far. You guys are weak, dude!" Chris says.

"I can stay awake for a few more days, I mean I have before I party all the time!" Teagan says.

"Me too, except I rave all the time! We both have the experience, but will you deliver?" Kat asks.

"You're on, Kat!" Teagan says.

"Alright, haha." Kat laughs.

The timer shows it's been forty hours. Kat and Teagan are still awake, and seem to be having a staring contest.
Staring contest

Kat and Teagan have a staring contest, trying to stay awake.

Kat then blinks. "Haha got you dude!" Teagan says, Kat then falls on the ground and begins to sleep.

"Wait? She's asleep? I won? I won!" Teagan yells.

"Looks like the Screaming Outcasts aren't losers again tonight, the Killer Losers meet me here in a few minutes so one of you can be voted off, haha. Screaming Outcasts, you can go to your cabins to sleep now." Chris announces. The camera then shows Chris and the Killer Losers at the marshmallow elimination ceremony.

"Now welcome to your first elimination ceremony, Killer Losers. There are ten marshmallows on this plate, and eleven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Kat." Chris says, tossing it to her.

"Next ones are for Slater, Eve, Wiley, Anton, Aubrey, and Darren." Chris says tossing the marshmallows to them.

"Norah and Streeter." Chris says, then he throws their marshmallows at the two. The two left without a marshmallow are Marty and Mischa.

"Only one marshmallow left, who will it be? Last marshmallow goes to...

Mischa." Chris says and he throws her marshmallow to her. 

"Oh my god, yes!" Mischa cheers.

"Whatever, shut up." Marty says. 

"Too bad dude." Chris says. Marty just glares at him and walks off to the Dock of Shame, he then leaves on the boat that rides off into the distance.

Chapter #3: "If The Water Olympics Had A Really Low Budget, This Would Be It."

The camera shows Chris on the Dock of Shame. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, the campers had to run 20 kilometers, then eat a bunch of amazing food, and try to stay up as long as they possibly can. At first, there was a lot of casualties, until it came to the final two campers who were awake were Kat on the Killer Losers and Teagan on the Screaming Outcasts. Teagan won for his team after Kat had fallen to sleep. The Killer Losers had their first elimination ceremony, and they voted out Marty for being a little more of a douchebag, haha. Now what happens this time on Total Drama Teens?" Chris explains.

Chris is then shown at the cabins with a megaphone. "Campers, wake up! It's time for breakfast! You'll probably going to want to be able to eat before your next challenge!" Chris yells into the megaphone, waking the campers up.

It shows Kat in the confessional. "If this challenge is anything like the last, I definitely don't want to eat before it." Kat says.

It then shows the campers at the mess hall for breakfast. They all have plates of Chef Hatchet's famous gruel food.

The camera shows the Screaming Outcasts table. Most of them look hesitant to eat the gruel.

"What is this again?" Webster asks.

"It's what Chef Hatchet believes food is." Lluvy answers.

"Well, it's disgusting." Alison says.

"Is it lowfat?" Brenda asks.

"Just pretend it is." Oliver says jokingly.

"Okay!" Brenda approves and she begins to eat the gruel.

"I wish I could be allowed to cook breakfast here, I could make some great things." Jan says and Chef Hatchet gives him a mean look, which makes Jan scared.

"Oh, can you? I love a guy who can cook." Phoebe flirts.

"Well I guess so." Jan says.

"I don't know if this is good for my diet." Jourdan says.

"It'll be fine dude, I'm digging in, so I at least have some energy for the challenge." Teagan says who begins to eat the gruel.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers table.

"I'm not eating this, it's super gross." Mischa says.

"I agree, I can not eat this." Streeter says.

"I've eaten worse food in juvy." Darren disagrees.

"I could eat this all day if I had to, I like all kinds of foods." Anton says happily.

"I wonder why." Darren jokes, Anton laughs.

Norah begins eating the gruel really quickly. "This is so delicious." She says, shoveling it into her mouth.

"Well it can't hurt." Aubrey says as she begins to eat her food.

"It can't be that bad." Kat says.

"Hopefully, haha." Wiley comments.

Eve is looking at her food strangely. "It may not have any nutritional value, but it might be good to get something in your system." Slater notes. Eve nods and she begins to eat the gruel.

Chris comes into the mess hall as the campers are eating. "Well, hello campers. After you guys eat, get your bathing suits on because we're going to be at the beach today!" Chris announces.

It shows Wiley in the confessional. "Yes! A challenge I'll definitely like if it's at the beach, it'll be like I'm back home." Wiley says. The camera goes back to the mess hall where Chris, Chef Hatchet, and the campers are.

"I'll explain the challenge more when you guys meet me at the beach, but hurry up. I don't want to be waiting too long like next time." Chris says.

The camera then pans to a few minutes later to the shore of Camp Wawanawka, where Chris and all of the campers stand in their swimsuits. "The challenge today consists of three different parts: swimming, surfing, then diving. You'll have to pick some people from your team for each event. Everyone in your team has to participate in one event, you can not reuse a teammate in another event. It's kind of like the olympics, haha." Chris explains.

"If the water olympics had a really low budget, this would be it." Aubrey says.

"Shut your mouths. The first event is swimming. You're to pick three members of your team to compete with another person from the other team by swimming to the buoy I have put out way out there and back to shore. Whoever gets back first wins a point for their team. Alright teams, decide on your three people to send out." Chris explains. The camera shows the Killer Losers.

"Well, I'm on the swim team back home in my private academy." Streeter says.

"You should be one of the swimmers then." Aubrey comments.

Eve raises her hand. "Can you swim well?" Darren asks. She nods.

"I can too. I volunteer for swimmer." Slater says.

"Okay, we have all our swimmers then." Kat says.

The camera then goes to the Screaming Outcasts team. "I'll swim. No questions asked." Alison says.

"I'm a good enough swimmer." Oliver says.

"I guess I will too." Jan says as Phoebe smiles at him.

"Okay well I guess you teams have picked all of your swimmers. First up we'll have Jan vs. Slater." Chris announces.

Jan and Slater starts to walk in the water and wait for Chris to tell them when to go. "Ready, set, go!" Chris yells. Slater and Jan begin to run in the water deep enough, so that they can swim. Jan begins to swim very quickly and Slater has a slow start, Jan gets to buoy first, but Slater is not far behind. Slater then speeds up after he has touched the buoy, as Jan is running out of breath and slowing down. Slater gets to the shore before Jan, so the Killer Losers get a point.

"Alright, next is Oliver vs. Eve." Chris says. The two get up to the point where they can swim. "Ready set, go!" Chris yells. The two begin to swim off to the buoy. Eve is a little ahead of Oliver, who is striving to get up to her. Eve touches the buoy before Oliver does and begins to swim back to shore. Oliver hurries and touches the buoy and follows behind Eve. Eve reaches the shore before Oliver, scoring another point for the Killer Losers.

"Finally it's Alison vs. Streeter." Chris announces. Those two get up into the ocean and wait for Chris. "Ready, set, go!" Chris yells. The two start off with a relatively similar speed and are neck and neck. Streeter reaches the buoy next and Alison right after. Alison begins to catch up to Streeter, and when she does she kicks water in his face on purpose. He is blinded for a bit while Alison increases her speed and reaches the shore before Streeter. "Hey!" Streeter yells in anger. Alison has gotten the first point for the Screaming Outcasts team.

"Alright next, event. Surfing. Just pick three people from your team to try to master the waves out there or at least stay on their surfboard during the time they are given. If they fall off, your team doesn't win the point." Chris explains.

The camera shows a scoreboard that is shown 2(KL)-1(SO). Then it shows the Killer Losers team.

"I surf! I'll definitely do it." Wiley enthuses.

"I can probably do it, I've done it before." Darren says.

"I guess I'll go." Aubrey says.

"Well, we have our surfing team." Slater says.

The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts team.

"I'm one with the waves, I can do it." July says.

"Hell, I'll try." Lluvy says.

"I can do it for sure!" Jourdan enthuses.

"Since both teams have their picks for surfing, it's time to get it started." Chris explains. "First up is Aubrey." Aubrey gets on the surfboard out in the water and attempts to ride the waves. She fails by falling off, and swims back to shore.

"Sorry, team." Aubrey says.

"Second is Lluvy." Chris announces. Lluvy gets on the surfboard and she rides the waves decently, and gets back to shore without falling off. Lluvy wins a point for the Screaming Outcasts.

"Third is Darren." Chris announces. Darren starts off on the surfboard a little rigid, but manages to stay on the surfboard for the whole time. This means the Killer Losers win a point.

"Fourth is July." Chris announces.

"Fourth of July?" Anton asks.

"No, Anton." Chris says.

July gets on the surfboard and begins riding it slowly, she tries to get on a bigger wave, but she fails. She goes back to shore and gives the surfboard to Chris.

"Next is Wiley." Chris announces. Wiley gets on the surfboard naturally, and rides the waves really well and does many tricks. He gets back to shore and everyone claps for him. He wins the Killer Losers another point.

"Wow, the guy's good." Chris says. "Last is Jourdan." He announces.

Jourdan gets up on the surfboard with confidence. He begins to ride the waves, until a huge wave he doesn't see come up behind him and swallows him. He ends up washed up on shore.

"Haha, what a wicked wipeout." Chris says.

The scoreboard now shows that the score is 4(KL)-2(SO).

"Now for the final event, diving. Since the rest of you guys haven't participated yet, it's your turn. Meet me up on the cliff, so we can finish this challenge." Chris instructs.

The camera now shows Chris and the campers who haven't participated yet (Anton, Brenda, Kat, Teagan, Mischa, Norah, Phoebe, and Webster) on top of the cliff.

"Um, what are we doing here?" Webster asks.

"Good question. You guys are to jump off this cliff into the the marked target zone into the shark-infested water. No joke. For each person of each team gets into the target zone, you get a point for your team." Chris answers.

"No way, I'm not doing that. Nope. Nope. Nope. No way." Mischa forfeits.

"I'll do it! Watch!" Norah yells, running and jumping off of the cliff into the water. Surprisingly, she makes it the target zone scoring a point for the Killer Losers.

"Maybe they're friendly sharks." Brenda says as she decides to jump. She makes it into the target zone, scoring a point for the Screaming Outcasts.

"Look, Phoebe don't be scared, I'll take you with me." Teagan says.

"Aw, that's so sweet." Phoebe says. Teagan picks her up and runs with her, then jumps off with her still in his arms. They both make it into the target zone, scoring two points for the Screaming Outcast. The score is tied 5-5.

"I got this." Kat says, then she runs off the cliff but doesn't make it in the target zone.

Webster and Anton are the ones left who haven't forfeited or jumped off yet.

"I'll go." Webster says. He begins running at full speed and falls of the cliff, he makes it in the water, but not the target zone.

"Looks like you're the last hope for your team, unless we need a tiebreaker." Chris tells Anton.

"Man, I swear I have this. I believe." Anton says. He slowly begins to walk to the edge of the cliff. Anton leaps off, and amazingly enough, makes it into the target zone. 

Anton makes it into the target zone.

"I told you, I had it!" Anton yells.

The score now reads 6(KL)-5(SO). Which shows that the Killer Losers have won.

The Killer Losers cheer for winning and praise Anton while the Screaming Outcasts sigh and look upset about their losing.

"Looks like I'm seeing you the Screaming Outcasts, at the elimination ceremony tonight, haha." Chris says.

The camera shows Chris and the Screaming Outcasts at the campfire for the elimination ceremony.

"Now welcome to your second elimination ceremony, Screaming Outcasts. There are nine marshmallows on this plate, and ten of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Lluvy." Chris says, as he tosses it her.

"Next marshmallows are for Phoebe, Teagan, Brenda, Oliver, Jan, and Alison." Chris says, tossing their marshmallows to them.

"Webster." Chris says, then throws his marshmallow at him. The two without a marshmallow are Jourdan and July.

"One marshmallow is left. Who will it go to? Last marshmallow is for...

Jourdan." Chris announces. Chris then tosses Jourdan the last marshmallow, Lluvy and Oliver look shocked, Alison is seen smiling. 

"Dock of Shame time for you, July." Chris says.

"Oh well, I shall be off." July says calmly. She waves goodbye to Oliver and Lluvy as she walks on the Dock of Shame. She then gets on the Boat of Losers, and it rides off into the distance.

Alison is laughing softly with Webster and Brenda, and Lluvy over hears their laughter.

"I think there's something going on with those three, and I'm going to want to find out." Lluvy whispers to Oliver.

"That would be a good idea." Oliver whispers back.

Chapter #4: "Hunting People Is A Lot Easier Than You Think, I Would Know."

The camera shows Chris standing on the Dock of Shame and it is morning time. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, we had a water competition with three events: swimming, surfing, and diving. On the final event, diving, the scores were tied 5-5 when each team only had one camper left. The two left to save their teams were Anton and Webster who both jumped, but Webster didn't make it in the target zone like Anton did, which gave the Killer Losers one more point and the win. The Screaming Outcasts had their second marshmallow elimination ceremony who voted out July for unknown suspicious reason. Well what happens this time, on Total Drama Teens?" Chris explains.

It then shows the Killer Losers guy's cabin.

"I hope we get to get in the water again!" Wiley says. 

"Anton man, good job on winning the challenge for us last time." Darren comments.

"Yes, it was impressive." Slater says.

"Thanks guys, I was super surprised I made it." Anton says as he begins to smoke a bowl.

"I was surprised too." Streeter mutters.

It shows Streeter in the confessional. "I'm so sick of Anton. All the guys just think he's so cool and all he does is smoke which makes our cabin smell awful. Ugh, how absurd." Streeter complains.

It then shows the Killer Loser girl's cabin.

"I can already tell this is going to be my kind of challenge." Norah says creepily. "What do you mean?" Aubrey asks.

"You'll see, hehe." Norah answers.

"Woah, that's crazy." Kat says.

"All of your talking woke me up, ugh. I wish I could just sleep forever." Mischa says. Eve rolls her eyes.

It shows the Screaming Outcasts guy's cabin.

"I wonder what Phoebe's doing right now." Jourdan says.

"I wonder what she's thinking about." Teagan says.

"Not you." Jourdan laughs.

"I swear that's all they talk about sometimes." Jan whispers to Oliver and Webster. Oliver laughs.

"Who talks about who?" Webster asks and Jan facepalms.

It then shows the Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin.

Phoebe is doing her makeup and hair in the mirror.

"Wow nice tracks, Phoebe." Alison says sarcastically and looks at Brenda signaling her to laugh, who does so. Lluvy looks at them strangely.

It shows Lluvy in the confessional. "Those two are up to something, I'm sure of it." Lluvy says.

"Please, this is all real hair and so is my personality." Phoebe says and Alison glares.

It then goes back to Chris who is walking amongst outside of the cabins. "Campers meet me at the campfire pit in ten minutes! I'm not going to wait on you guys forever you know, haha." Chris yells in the megaphone.

The camera pans to the campfire pit where Chris is standing and the Screaming Outcasts & the Killer Losers are sitting.

"Your challenge today is a man hunt on the opposite team. Half of each team will be the prey, and the other half will be the hunters. If you're a hunter you're going to try to hunt prey off of the other team, if you're prey just try to avoid the other team's hunters. Since it's not really legal to use real guns, hunters are going to use water guns, what a shame. But one hunter of each team will get the lucky tranquilizer gun! And the prey have to wear these neon dog collars." Chris explains.

"Hunters for the Screaming Outcasts are Alison, Jan, Lluvy, Oliver, and Webster. So the Screaming Outcasts prey are Brenda, Jourdan, Phoebe, and Teagan." Chris announces.

"Anton, Eve, Kat, Wiley, and Streeter are the Killer Losers prey, so that makes Aubrey, Darren, Norah, Slater, and Mischa are the hunters." Chris announces.

Chris hands the prey their collars.

"Tacky collars to match tacky players." Alison comments about the prey. Brenda looks confused, and Kat, Streeter, Wiley, and Phoebe angrily look at her.

It shows Phoebe in the confessional. "If only I was a hunter and Alison was the huntee..." Phoebe says.

The camera goes back to the hunters receiving their water guns from Chris. Darren, Slater, Mischa, and Aubrey receive water guns for the Killer Losers, Norah is handed one of the two tranquilizer guns.

"This is just what I need. Hunting people is a lot easier than you think, I would know." Norah says holding her gun.

"Haha, sweet." Darren says.

Chris then hands Alison, Lluvy, Oliver, and Webster are handed water guns, Jan is handed the second tranquilizer gun. 

"Well I guess this might just make it easier for me." Jan says.

"Alright campers, time for the prey to get a 5 minute start in the woods!" Chris yells.

The prey then run out into the woods and then a few minutes later the hunters go after.

The camera shows all of the Screaming Outcasts prey who are walking together in the woods.

"I don't think there are any hunters around here yet." Teagan says.

"If there is any we can always run off as fast as possible, but of course Phoebe doesn't have to sense I'll carry her." Jourdan says.

"Aw thanks!" Phoebe as she is smiling thanks Jourdan, who smiles back at her.

"Wait, what about me?" Brenda asks confusingly.

"Um well, maybe I can help you out somehow." Teagan suggests.

It shows Teagan in the confessional. "Jourdan is seriously stealing Phoebe from me dudes, maybe if I could make Phoebe somehow jealous with Brenda, huh." He says.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers prey.

"Ugh, being hunted as animals, how classy is this." Streeter sarcastically states.

"Maybe it would be best if we split up." Wiley suggests.

"Good idea! Just so we're not all in one place for a hunter to get all of us. Here I'll go with you Wiley." Kat agrees, and the two walk off.

"Man, come on Eve I know we can find good places to hide." Anton says, Eve looks hesitant but she nods in agreement and walks with her.

Eve and Anton then walk off and leave Streeter by himself.

"You can not be serious right, just leave the rich kid all by himself. Hmph." Streeter complains.

The camera shows all of the Killer Losers hunters.

"I'm so ready for this." Aubrey says.

"Ugh, speak for yourself." Mischa disagrees.

"I got this, I'm gonna go off on my own, hehe." Norah says and then she runs off.

"Wait up!" Aubrey yells going after her.

"I might as well go off too, we'd probably cover more ground that way." Slater suggests.

"Here I'll come, just for the hell of it." Darren states, Slater and Darren then walk off in another direction leaving Mischa alone unknowingly.

It then shows some of the Screaming Outcasts hunters, Jan, Alison, and Webster. "Okay, you have the tranquilizer gun, you can do this." Jan says to himself.

"Wow, talking to yourself? Are you crazy?" Alison asks.

"Uh, no. Of course not, just nervous." Jan says.

"Mhm, okay." Alison nods.

"Guys, sh, I think I hear someone." Webster says.

The three silence and wait for a noise. An oblivious Kat and Wiley come out of the bushes and are walking the other direction.

Webster is about to spray both of them, but Alison silently tells him to not yet spray them. The three begin quietly walking behind Kat and Wiley hoping to not be noticed.

"Do you hear something?" Kat asks.

"I don't think so." Wiley says and Kat shrugs.

Webster then sprays at them, but misses. Wiley and Kat sees the three of them behind them and begin to run. Alison then rolls her eyes and sprays her water gun at Wiley and succeeds. 

Jan catches up to Kat who is running out of breath, she then stops and so does Jan.

"You know, you don't have to do this, you can just wait for a person with a water gun to get me instead." Kat suggests, catching her breath.

Jan looks pitiful and hesitant. He then just closes his eyes and aims the tranquilizer at her. Kat looks disappointed in Jan.

Jan still closing his eyes, is surprised by Kat kicking him right where it hurts, his 'kiwis', and she runs off. Jan then squeals in pain and drops his gun and falls down.


Jan gets kicked 'where it hurts'.

It then shows Jan in the confessional. "I wasn't really going to do it, but now I just wish I would've. I mean it hurt so bad!" Jan admits.The camera pans to the Screaming Outcasts hunters, Oliver and Lluvy.

"It's so quiet out here, I don't think we're near any of them yet." Oliver says.

"Yeah, haha. We're bound to run into one eventually, I'm sure." Lluvy says.

"For now I guess we're just all alone, aha." Oliver nervously says blushing, Lluvy then smiles.

They both lean in closer to each other until Kat is runs into them accidentally and falls. "Ah, hell." Kat says.

Lluvy and Oliver both look a little mad over the interruption and both aim their water guns at her and spray her. Kat is then soaked, and sighs. Norah and Aubrey are shown stalking Brenda, Jourdan, Teagan, and Phoebe. Norah then jumps out in front of the four, and aims at Phoebe. Norah begins to shoot at her, but Jourdan jumps in front of her, getting in the way, and gets tranquilized. His eyes dilate, but then quickly passes out. Phoebe looks shocked, and Teagan picks her up and starts running off.

"What about me?" Brenda asks, who then gets sprayed by Aubrey.

Streeter is then shown sitting alone on a tree stump, Mischa then walks by him.

"Let me guess, they left you alone too." Streeter says.

"Yeah, it's ridiculous." Mischa complains, Streeter then nods and apologize to her.

"It's whatever, I guess." Mischa sighs and then looks at Streeter, who looks back at her. They then begin to kiss each other.

The both then become extremely soaked and Alison is heard laughing.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your 'makeout-fest' or anything, I'm just playing the game." Alison slyly says.

"She's a hunter, idiot." Streeter states.

"So?" Alison asks, then gets sprayed by Mischa. Alison is now soaked and she clenches her fists.

"You just messed with the wrong girl!" Alison swears.

Eve and Anton are shown in a cave. "See, no hunter would want to come in a bear's cave, it's just too dangerous!" Anton enthuses, Eve's eyes widens in fear.

"Wait a minute..." Anton says confusingly.

Teagan is shown running and carrying Phoebe, but he is losing his breath. He then lets her down so he can get some air.

"I think we'll be safe now." Teagan says.

"Aw thank you so much for carrying me again, that was so sweet." Phoebe flirts, Teagan then blushes.

"Ah man are you serious?" Darren asks who is standing there with Slater.

Slater then sprays Teagan who is now drenched.

"Please just leave Phoebe!" Teagan yells.

"Oh, well too bad." Darren says and he sprays Phoebe who angrily looks at him.

Over the megaphone, Chris's voice is heard and he announces, "Okay well, looks like the Screaming Outcast's prey totally failed, haha. Alright everyone time to come back to the campfire pit!" 

The camera then shows Chris at the campfire pit where every camper has arrived except for Eve and Anton. Jourdan is shown passed out on the ground from the tranquilizer. "Aren't we missing two losers?" Chris asks. Anton is heard yelling, then Eve and Anton appear running into where everyone is sitting. 

"Baby bears, were running after us man, I swear. We're here now, so it'll be okay. Everything is okay." Anton says tiredly, Eve nods.

"Okay well, the Killer Losers have won this round, again. So you guys can go chill out in your cabins or whatever. But Screaming Outcasts, you, me, marshmallow elimination ceremony, now." Chris demands. The Killer Losers go off to their cabins and the Screaming Outcasts go to vote.

"Screaming Outcasts, welcome to your third elimination ceremony. There are eight marshmallows on this plate, nine of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow goes to Oliver." Chris says as he tosses it to Oliver.

"Lluvy, Webster, Phoebe, Brenda, and Teagan." Chris announces and then throws their marshmallows at them.

"Alison." Chris says and then tosses it to her. Jan and Jourdan are the only two without a marshmallow at this point, and they both look scared.

"Only one marshmallow left and two of you. What will it be? Last marshmallow goes to...

Jan." Chris says and he tosses the final marshmallow to a surprised, but thankful Jan. Jourdan looks disappointed in being eliminated, he then stands up.

"Well I'll never forget you, Phoebe." Jourdan says leaning in for a kiss from her. She looks somewhat disgusted so she just hugs him and sits back down and Jourdan looks confused. He then walks off to the Dock of Shame and rides off on the Boat of Losers into a distance.  

Chapter #5: "Well, This Is Definitely Not A Five-Star Restaurant."

The camera shows Chris on the Dock of Shame. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, the campers had a manhunt challenge. Both teams had hunters and huntees. The hunters were all given water guns except for Jan and Norah who got tranquilizer guns! The first kiss of the season was shared with Streeter and Mischa which was interrupted by Alison. The Screaming Outcasts lost, and voted off Jourdan for sacrificing himself for Phoebe. Now what happens this time? Find out right now on, Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

It then shows the teens in the mess hall eating breakfast. The camera pans to the Killer Losers team table first. 

"I'm so sick of this food." Mischa complains.

"Me too, it's such a change from what I eat back home." Streeter agrees.

"Man, this food isn't that bad. It's like spreadable, but edible." Anton says, eating the food.

"I'm used to it, it's just like what they serve in juvy." Darren says.

"I think you could can possibly get used to anything after awhile." Slater states and Eve nods in agreement.

Norah is seen woofing down the gruel as Aubrey is looking shocked of Norah's ability to bear that kind of food.

"Wow, that's actually pretty incredible." Aubrey says as Norah is still ferociously eating.

Kat and Wiley are seen eating their food casually.

The Screaming Outcasts table is then shown and Jan looks like he's in pain.

"Aw what's wrong?" Phoebe asks.

"Ow, I'm still hurting from the last challenge when that girl kicked me." Jan says looking to Kat, who notices and looks guilty.

It shows Kat in the confessional. "I didn't mean to hurt him that bad I swear! I just really didn't want to be tranquilized, even though that sounds kind of fun." Kat says in an apologetic manner. The camera goes back to the Screaming Outcasts table.

"Ah man, that's tough." Teagan says.

"God, we really need to win a challenge soon. I'm starting to doubt our team." Alison says.

"We just have to try really hard this time!" Webster enthuses.

"Yeah!" Brenda agrees.

"You looked pretty good with a gun in your hands." Oliver compliments Lluvy.

"Oh thank you, haha, ha." Lluvy thanks nervously.

It shows Oliver in the confessional. "I can't believe I said that, I wish I could've thought of something better. I mean now she probably thinks I'm some kind of creep or something." Oliver sighs.

The camera goes back to the mess hall where Chris is now standing with Chef where all the teams are eating.

"So you're all going to spend all of your time in here today, because this is a cooking challenge! You will be working for your team to make Chef and I a full course meal and we'll rate how it tastes. The team with the best food wins. You'll have to make an appetizer first, the main course, and then finally, the dessert. Alright you have all day, so good luck. You should probably go ahead and pick who's gonna do what." Chris explains.

The camera shows the Screaming Outcasts deciding.

"Brenda and I will do the starter." Alison states.

"I guess I can help. I'm better at making appetizers anyway." Lluvy says.

"Sure." Alison agrees.

"Im actually a decent chef, I can do a main course." Jan says.

"I'll help then!" Phoebe volunteers.

"Me too!" Teagan agrees.

"I guess that just leaves you and me." Oliver says to Webster.

"With what?" Webster asks.

"Uh, dessert." Oliver answers confusingly.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers deciding.

"I can definitely do an appetizer, dudes. I make them all the time!" Anton decides.

"Count me in." Darren agrees.

"Me also." Aubrey says.

"I can do a main course, I've cooked a few before." Slater suggests, and Eve raises her hand to volunteer to also.

"I can give it a try." Wiley says.

"That leaves us for dessert!" Norah points out.

"No problemo." Kat says.

"Ugh, whatever." Mischa accepts.

"It can't be that hard, right?" Streeter asks.

"It looks like you've made your decisions, now, start course people start going to work on your appetizers in the kitchen with the ingredients provided. For the rest of you, you can hang out around camp." Chris explains.

Alison, Brenda, Lluvy, Anton, Aubrey, and Darren head to the kitchen while the others leave.

It shows Darren, Anton, and Aubrey.

"Man, let's make nachos. Everyone loves nachos." Anton suggests.

"Easy and simple, good enough." Aubrey agrees.

"It's doable. Alright." Darren says.

It then shows Brenda, Lluvy, and Alison.

"We have make something fancy so we can impress them." Alison says.

"Well there was this one appetizer that seemed easy enough, but it's really good. It's firecracker shrimp." Lluvy suggests.

"We can do that!" Brenda assures.

The campers go ahead and begin their dishes.

"Okay Aubrey you can handle the cheese sauce? Darren and I will make the salsa since it would take more than one to do." Anton explains.

"Alright." Aubrey agrees. 

Aubrey then gets a bunch of cheese together to melt in a pot. Darren and Anton are seen cutting up vegetables for the salsa.

"Here guys, the sauce is easy to make, I'll go ahead and bread the shrimp." Lluvy says and Alison and Brenda agree.

Lluvy begins to spread breading on the shrimp as Alison and Brenda are mixing the sauce.

It shows Alison in the confessional. "I may not like Lluvy, at all, but this dish was a good idea. She seems to have some value in being a good teammate, but not at a lot!" Alison exclaims. 

The camera then goes back to the kitchen.

Aubrey's cheese sauce is finished and she is shown sitting on the countertop calmly. Darren and Anton are finally mixing the herbs and vegetables for the salsa.

"Dude, this is almost perfect." Anton gladly says.

"What can I say? We're some good ass salsa makers." Darren says and he high-fives Anton.

Lluvy has finished the breading and Alison and Brenda are done with the sauce, they are now all grilled the shrimp on sticks. 

"Oh my god, we're almost done!" Brenda says.

"It's going to be great, it has to." Alison says.

Darren and Anton are shown with their finished salsa. A few minutes later Lluvy, Alison, and Brenda have finished their dish as well.

"Alright campers, looks like you've both have finished, time for Chef and I to tastes those starters of yours." Chris announces.

It's time for the Killer Losers starter to go first. Anton, Darren, and Aubrey bring out the nachos, cheese sauce, and salsa out for Chris and Chef.

They both eat the nachos and give rates. 

"Maybe like a 3 and a half star meal." Chef says.

"I'd have to go with what he said too, it's just such a simple dish." Chris says.

The Screaming Outcasts starter is brought out by Alison, Brenda, and Lluvy.

The two eat the firecracker shrimp and look pleased.

"I give it four stars." Chef rates.

"I give it about four and a third stars." Chris rates. The six starter chefs leave the room.

"Alright, let's have the main course people make their dishes now." Chris announces.

Eve, Slater, Wiley, Jan, Phoebe, and Teagan come into the kitchen to start making their dishes.

It shows the Screaming Outcasts main course team.

"I say we do filet mignon with steamed vegetables, it's a delicacy." Jan states.

"Ooh, I love that." Phoebe agrees.

"Alright, I'm down." Teagan says.

It then shows the Killer Losers main course team.

"I can make some really mean crabcakes, as long as you guys help." Wiley suggests.

"Of course, we can do this." Slater enthuses and Eve nods.

Phoebe is shown helping Jan cook the steak. "I love a guy who can cook." Phoebe flirts.

"Um, I think Teagan needs some help steaming the vegetables." Jan declines. Phoebe then disappointedly walks over to Teagan and helps him.

It shows Jan in the confessional. "I do think Phoebe is really pretty and all, but I honestly just don't want her to manipulate me or anything. And also the fact Teagan is absolutely crazy for her, I can't help helping a guy out you know?" Jan explains.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers main course team.

Slater, Eve, and Wiley mixing the ingredients for the crabcakes together, after they finish, they begin shaping them into patties.

Teagan and Phoebe having finished steaming their vegetables and Jan is waiting for the flavors of the steak set in.

Slater, Wiley, and Eve finally finish their crabcakes off buy cooking them into the oven. When the two teams finish, Chris announces, "Time to bring your main courses to us now."

Jan, Teagan, and Phoebe bring their main course, the filet mignon and steamed vegetables, up first. Chris and Chef finished eating the dish.

"Four stars." Chef rates.

"Four and a half stars." Chris rates.

Eve, Slater, and Wiley bring out their main course, the crabcakes. After Chef and Chris finish eating, they give them their rates.

"I'd give it about 3 stars and three quarters." Chris says.

"I say 3 stars." Chef announces.

Eve, Jan, Phoebe, Teagan, Slater, and Wiley leave the mess hall as Chris calls for the dessert teams for both of the teams to go into the kitchen to make the final dish.

Oliver, Webster, Kat, Mischa, Streeter, and Norah enter the kitchen.

It shows the Screaming Outcasts dessert team, Oliver and Webster.

"I say we make churros, I'm sure us two can make them." Oliver says.

"Whatever you say!" Webster agrees.

It shows the Killer Losers dessert team, Kat, Mischa, Norah, and Streeter.

"Well, this is definitely not a five-star restaurant." Mischa says.

"We should make chocolate cake, I have it all the time at my house." Streeter suggests.

"Ooh chocolatè." Norah says, rubbing her hands together.

"Actual good idea." Mischa comments.

"I'm in too." Kat agrees.

Oliver and Webster are then shown make dough for the churros.

"Good job, dude." Oliver says.

"Thanks! This was your idea anyway!" Webster compliments.

Kat and Norah are making the vanilla icing for the cake as Streeter and Mischa are mixing the dough for the cake.

"This is gonna be so good." Norah says.

"Of course!" Kat agrees.

"This dough looks good enough to cook now." Streeter says and Mischa agrees, they then put it in the oven. Webster and Oliver are shown frying the churros now while the other team's dessert is cooking. Kat and Norah have finished the vanilla icing, and Mischa and Streeter are shown kissing.

"Woah, nasty." Norah says about them, Kat then acts like she's about to throw up.

It shows Kat in the confessional. "I can't stand couples sucking face in front of people. How sick, bro." Kat says.

It then shows back to the kitchen where Oliver and Webster have finished their churros, whereas the other team's dish is still cooking. 

"I guess Chef and I can eat your dish first until the Killer Losers's finishes." Chris announces.

Oliver and Webster bring their churros out to Chef and Chris. The two finish all of them and decide to rate.

"Four and half stars to be honest." Chris says.

"I'd give it a five." Chef rates, Oliver and Webster both high-five.

"What's that smell?" Chris asks.

Mischa, Streeter, Norah, and Kat rush out their chocolate cake to Chef and Chris. They both look confused by their dish. The cake is completely burnt, with vanilla icing on it. 

Norah, Streeter, Mischa, and Kat's burnt cake.

"Well the icing looks good, but the cake does not. I'm gonna take a pass." Chris says.

"I ought to too." Chef agrees.

"Okay, well looks obvious to me who the winner team it is here. The Screaming Outcasts take the win, but the Killer Losers are the losers here, I guess I'll be seeing you at the marshmallow elimination ceremony, haha." Chris announces.

It shows Alison in the confessional. "My team actually won this time, the Killer Losers are really living up to their name." Alison says.

The camera then goes to the marshmallow elimination ceremony where Chris and the Killer Losers are.

"Now, the Killer Losers, welcome to your second elimination ceremony. There are nine marshmallows on this plate, ten of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow goes to Wiley." Chris says and he tosses his marshmallow to him.

"Slater, Eve, Anton, Aubrey, and Darren." Chris says as he throws their marshmallows to them.

"Kat and Norah." Chris calls, tossing the marshmallows to them. The only ones without a marshmallow left are Mischa and Streeter, the couple.

"Only one marshmallow is left. The final marshmallow goes to...

Mischa." Chris announces, then he tosses the final marshmallow to an upset Mischa. 

"I cannot believe this." Mischa says angrily.

"Would you like to go with him?" Chris asks.

"Uh, no. Sorry, Streeter." Mischa apologizes and Streeter kisses her.

"I don't need the money prize anyway, I'm already rich." Streeter says. He then walks off on the Dock of Shame onto the Boat Losers which rides off into the distance.

Mischa is shown sighing and then she looks angrily at all of her teammates who look frightened of her.

Chapter #6: "That's Not A Real Talent!"

The chapter begins with the usual intro. Chris McLean is shown standing on the Dock of Shame. Chris smiles at the camera and begins to talk. 

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, we had a cooking challenge! Each team had to make a three course meal for Chef and I. The Killer Losers actually lost this time due to their burning disaster cake thanks to Mischa and Streeter, who were the bottom two at the marshmallow elimination ceremony, and Streeter was voted out. Now what happens next in Total Drama Teens?" Chris announces. 

The camera then fades to the Killer Losers girl's cabin and Mischa is shown stomping on the floor and Aubrey & Kat are covering their ears with a pillow.

"This is unbelievable!" Mischa yells. Eve has a great fear in her eyes and she curls up still looking at Mischa.

"I cannot believe the only guy who was actually the good guy was voted off. My goddamn boyfriend!" Mischa screams.

"Mamasita gone crazy. Ahahaha. Muy bueno." Norah says rubbing her hands together. Mischa then just looks at her strangely and confused.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers boy's cabin.

"Ah yes, rich boy is gone!" Darren says.

Anton then begins to light up a daily joint and smoke it.

"We're free!" Wiley laughs.

"Freedom is super well of a thing." Anton says.

"That it is Anton, that it is." Slater agrees.

The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin. Phoebe is shown doing her hair and makeup as usual in the mirror.

"Um, can you stop hogging the mirror for once? You've been looking at yourself for hours." Alison demands.

"Fine. You need it more than me anyway." Phoebe says letting Alison use the mirror. Alison then glares and Lluvy and Brenda laughs.

"Oh shut up bubblegum head." Alison insults Lluvy.

It then shows Lluvy in the confessional. "Bubblegum head? Seriously?" Lluvy says, annoyed.

The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts boy's cabin. 

"Dude we did great on the churros last challenge!" Oliver tells Webster.

"What's a churro again?" Webster asks.

"Uh, well.." Oliver says a little disappointedly.

"I'm thinking our team has got a lot better." Jan says.

"Yeah dude! The Screaming Outcasts, woo!" Teagan motivates.

"Woo?" Jan asks.

"Woo!" Teagan yells.

The camera then shows Chris with a megaphone outside the cabins. "Come on campers go eat breakfast and then meet me at the campfire pit!" Chris yells into the megaphone.

After the campers haven eaten breakfast, the camera shows Chris and the campers at the campfire pit. 

"Well campers, for your sixth challenge we're going to have a good old talent show! Pretty much you'll pick three members of your team to perform a talent on the camp stage, and whoever's team has the most talent, wins! Alright, you get a few hours to decide who's going to go and to let them practice. I'll tell you when time is up. Okay go ahead campers!" Chris explains.

The Screaming Outcasts are then shown discussing in the mess hall.

"Okay, let's come up with some talents people." Jan says.

"Can't I just stand on stage and look hot? Don't you think so, Jan?" Phoebe asks.

"Haha, yeah." Teagan agrees.

"Don't be stupid. That's not even a talent." Alison says.

"I can cheerlead! I'm the cheerleading captain!" Brenda suggests.

"Good idea, Brenda. And I'll tap dance. No questions asked." Alison demands.

"I could dye my hair or someone else's." Lluvy says.

"That would be cool!" Webster says.

"No." Alison disagrees.

"Well, I could play my electric guitar, I guess." Oliver suggests.

"Looks like we have our three talent people." Jan says.

The Killer Losers are then shown deciding at the beach near the Dock of Shame.

"Anyone have any talents you could do on stage?" Slater asks his team. Eve shakes her head.

"I could do a raving dance!" Kat says.

"I could float you know, or you know tell grand stories." Anton suggests.

"No, don't even." Mischa disagrees.

"I can pick any lock so I can do that." Darren says.

"That's doable." Slater agrees.

"Beach things?" Wiley asks.

"Or insane skills I do so have." Norah laughs.

"Ew, neither of those." Mischa says.

"I have amazing athletic skills I can demonstrate!" Aubrey motivates.

"Alright, we've got our people." Slater says.

The camera then goes back to the Screaming Outcasts. Brenda is practicing doing cheers and Alison is practicing tap dancing while Webster watches. Teagan, Jan, and Phoebe are sitting together. Oliver is practicing his guitar as Lluvy watches.

"Give me an S!" Brenda cheers.

"Brenda, sh, I'm trying to concentrate." Alison says.

"Give me an S." Brenda whispers, Webster then tries to make an 'S' shape with his hand, but obliviously fails to.

"You could've cooked for the talent show, Jan!" Phoebe implies. 

"But we did that last challenge." Jan disagrees politely.

"I would so throw a party for the talent show if I could." Teagan says.

"Oh, really?" Phoebe asks, leaning to Teagan more.

"You're really good on the guitar, actually." Lluvy compliments.

"You act like I wouldn't be." Oliver laughs.

"Well, I didn't expect you to be that good." Lluvy laughs.

The camera pans to the Killer Losers. Aubrey is doing stretches while Norah intensely watches. Kat is practicing rave dances where Wiley and Mischa are watching. Anton, Slater, Eve, and Darren are sitting together.

"I'm learning from you to become more fit. Just from me watching you." Norah says. Aubrey looks strangely at her, but just shrugs and continues stretching.

"Those rave skills are amazing dude!" Wiley compliments.

"Thank you!" Kat thanks.

"Well it is actually decent." Mischa admits.

"You're picking locks? That's serious problem solving." Anton says.

"Yep. Learned tricks from experience, I've already practiced so much lately I'm glad I finally get to show it." Darren says.

"Just try not to forget any of it." Slater says and Eve nods.

"Don't worry dude!" Darren assures.

The camera then shows Chris at the campfire pit. "Okay campers time to meet me at the stage for your team to show Chef and I your talents!" Chris announces.

The camera then shows all of the campers, Chef Hatchet, and Chris at the stage, they are all in the audience. "First up let's have Brenda for the Screaming Outcasts team." Chris says.

Brenda goes up on stage and she is in a cheerleading uniform. She does a few cheers with cheer music playing. After she finishes she gets some claps.

"Chef gives it 3 pom-poms out of five." Chris says. 

"Thanks!" Brenda thanks.

"Next up is Kat for the Killer Losers." Chris says.

Kat goes up on stage and the sky is getting darker. She is equipped with many glowsticks and she starts playing rave music. She does hyperactive dances for a few minutes and retires after. 

"Chef gives you 6 glowsticks out of ten." Chris says.

"Okay, good enough." Kat says, panting.

"Next is Alison for the Screaming Outcasts." Chris says. 

Alison walks up to the stage with tapping shoes on. She starts her dance and gets into it. The audience appears to be yawning.

"Clap." Alison demands.

"Uh, Chef gives you 7 fears out of ten." Chris says confusingly.

Alison just looks up with her nose up and walks into the audience.

"Alright, Darren for the Killer Losers it's time for you." Chris says.

Darren goes up to the stage and a box with a lock, bike lock, and safe is up there for him. He picks the box lock with a piercing needle with ease and finds nothing in the box. He just shrugs, and goes to the safe and turns the knob in different directions and opens it. The audience gives him many claps. He finds nothing in the safe, but he just shrugs it off. He then takes the bike lock and puts it unlocked on his neck and locks it.


Darren is having trouble taking off the bike lock from his neck.

He then starts pick at the bike lock to get it off his neck. He looks at it like something is wrong, he realizes he can not get it off and starts pulling it. He eventually goes off into the audience and sits down.

"Chef gives you an A for effort." Chris says.

"Whatever." Darren says.

"Oliver for the Screaming Outcasts, time for you to come up." Chris says.

Oliver goes up to the stage and hooks up his guitar and sits down. He starts to play the guitar very professionally and the audience, especially Lluvy seems impressed.  

"Chef says he gives you nine cords out of eleven." Chris says.

"Alright!" Oliver says. Oliver walks back to the audience and sits next to Lluvy. She spontaneously hugs him and everyone claps with exception of few, like Alison who just glares.  

"Now, lastly Aubrey for the Killer Losers." Chris announces.

Aubrey goes up to the stage and starts doing stretches. She does a few jumping jacks as well. The crowd is yawning. She just starts running in place and looks nervous.

"That's not a real talent!" Alison yells.

"How about we just call it a night. Uh, Screaming Outcasts win again! The Killer Losers, you, me, the marshmallow elimination ceremony, now." Chris explains. The Screaming Outcasts cheer because of their win.

The camera then shows Chris and the Killer Losers at the marshmallow elimination ceremony.

"Now, the Killer Losers, welcome to your third elimination ceremony. There are eight marshmallows on this plate, nine of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains. 

"First marshmallow is for Kat." Chris says and he tosses her marshmallow to her.

"Slater, Anton, Eve, Wiley, and Norah." Chris says and he throws their marshmallows to them.

"Mischa." Chris says then he throws her marshmallow to her, leaving Darren and Aubrey left.

"I only have on marshmallow on this plate. This marshmallow goes to...

Darren." Chris announces and tosses his marshmallow to him. 

"Oh well, apparently being physically fit isn't a talent." Aubrey says as she gets up.

"Bye Aubrey! Have good luck on the Boat of Losers, friend!" Norah yells.

"Huh? Oh yeah." Aubrey says and she walks off on the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers which sails off into the distance.

"Only until next time on Total Drama Teens..." Chris begins to say towards the camera.

"Uh, Chris aren't you going to help get this bike lock off of me?!?!?" Darren yells angrily.

Chris looks frightened, but continues, "Until next time on Total Drama Teens, more drama shall occur!" 

"Inaccurate." Slater says.

Chapter #7: "This Running Is Going To Be The Death Of Me."

Chris is shown on the Dock of Shame as he usually is shown at the beginning of each chapter. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, last time the campers had a talent show challenge! Kat did a great rave for the Killer Losers, the Screaming Outcasts had Alison do her uh, tapdance, Brenda cheering, and Oliver's impressive guitar skills, so the Killer Losers utterly failed because of Aubrey's so called talent and Darren accidentally locking a bike lock around his neck. Aubrey was sent home, but I kind of forgot to help Darren with his, you know, situation, haha. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens?" Chris announces.

The camera shows the campers at the mess hall. The camera zooms in on the Screaming Outcasts table.

"Man our team is doing really awesome!" Teagan enthuses.

"It is, isn't it? Don't you think so too, Jan?" Phoebe asks.

"Uh, I guess so." Jan shrugs.

"That was really a great song you did for that challenge." Lluvy compliments Oliver.

Oliver laughs and puts his hand on the back of his head. "Haha, well thanks, it means a lot coming from you." Oliver thanks Lluvy, who smiles at him.

Alison then puts her finger in her mouth pretending to need to vomit, Brenda and Webster laugh.

"Wait, I don't get it." Webster says. 

Alison rolls her eyes. "Of course anyways, stare at the Killer Losers to make them feel bad." She demands.

Brenda and Webster, along with Alison herself do so.

"The Killer Losers are losers, haha." Brenda laughs, and Alison facepalms.

The camera pans to the Killer Loser's table. 

"Ooh, staring contest, let's go." Norah says, and then she intensely stares at the three making them uncomfortable.

"What are you doing?" Mischa asks Norah.

"Is it just me or are those people like staring at us? Did I just not say anything for a long time?" Anton asks.

"Nah, dude." Darren says as Slater and Eve are trying to take the bike lock off of his neck.

"We need some lubricant to loosen the lock." Slater says.

"Lubricant? Like this?" Anton asks pulling a small bottle of oil out, Eve nods.

"What kind of oil is that?" Slater asks confusingly.

"Hemp oil, all natural, dude." Anton answers. 

Slater pours the hemp oil inside the bike lock and Eve pulls it and the lock is released off of Darren's neck.

"Thanks, I can actually breathe now." Darren laughs, then chokes a bit.

"Dude! You're going to have to teach me how to rave sometime like you did last challenge!" Wiley enthuses.

"Sure, that would be fun!" Kat accepts.

Chris McLean comes into the mess hall. "Hello campers, guess what time it is?" Chris asks the contestants.

"Another challenge? Woohoo." Mischa says sarcastically. 

"Another challenge is correct! Breakfast time is over, kiddies. Meet me at the beach, now." Chris announces.

The camera then shows Chris, the Killer Losers, and the Screaming Outcasts on the beach where eight sailboats are placed, four green boats for the Screaming Outcasts and four red boats for the Killer Losers.

"Alright, so for this challenge, you're going to sail with these boats with your teams to Boney Island. Each sailboat can only hold two people. I will give both teams maps for the island. You'll have to sail against the major obstacles to Boney Island. On the island, ditch the boats and hike or run to the other end of the island. Once you get there, make a good S.O.S. signal, and then find your own way back to Camp Wawanakwa. Okay? Okay." Chris explains.

"Beat you to the boat?" Wiley asks.

"We'll see about that!" Kat says, racing him to a sailboat.

"After you." Oliver says as he lets Lluvy onto the boat.

"Well, thank you." Lluvy thanks.

"Come on, Anton. We'll figure this sailing stuff out." Darren says.

"Yeah, of course man!" Anton enthuses.

"Hey, Jan-" Phoebe begins to say until Jan cuts her off.

"You sailing with Teagan would be a great idea!" Jan says, pulling Teagan towards Phoebe so they can share a boat.

"Brenda, let's go." Alison demands.

"Oh okay!" Brenda accepts, leaving Jan to sail with Webster. 

"Would you like to Eve?" Slater asks, Eve nods and joins in one of the sailboat with him.

"You're the only one left, great." Mischa complains about Norah.

"Let's go, Mischa, we've got an interesting ride ahead." Norah laughs. Mischa's eyes widen and Norah brings her into the boat. The eight sailboats take off into the water.

The Killer Losers begin to get in the lead.

"Aren't we glad I learned how to sail when I was 3?" Wiley asks Kat.

"Yep, haha!" Kat laughs.

The two's boat is sailing smoothly.

Norah and Mischa's sail keeps roughly changing due to Norah viciously pulling the strings.

"What are you doing?!?!?" Mischa screams holding on to dear life.

"I'm getting us there faster!" Norah answers still pulling the strings back and forth.

"Ugh, we're far behind, Brenda make us catch up to them!" Alison demands.

"But I don't know how!" Brenda says sadly.

"And you just have to hold it like this." Lluvy instructs Oliver.

"Oh, alright! We got this." Oliver says.

"Yeah, this is actually pretty nice too." Lluvy says.

"We're about to capsize! Stop Webster!" Jan yells.

"Okay British man, take it from here please!" Webster says hopefully, their sail boat about to tip over, Jan grabs the strings and pulls the sail boat up so it is steady again.

"Ah man, we're actually on water. We are the water astronauts." Anton comments.

"Yes, water astronauts, dude. We should have our own theme song." Darren laughs.

"I got one, um, we're on the water, water, we taught her, but not her, astronauts, water astronauts, dots and knots and lots, water astronauts, what happened to the wind?" Anton sings.

A fog thickens and darkens the air.

"What the hell?" Darren asks.

"The fog near Boney Island definitely gives it more of a creepy feel to it." Slater states, Eve nods.

"This is just making me scared." Phoebe says and accidentally leans into Teagan, who smiles.

"It will be alright." Teagan assures and pulls her closer.

Phoebe is then shown in the confessional. "Maybe Teagan isn't as bad as I thought." Phoebe admits.

The eight boats arrive at Boney Island shortly, with the only boats crashing on shore being Webster and Jan's and Mischa and Norah's.

The campers quickly get together with their teams.

The Killer Losers are shown looking at the map.

"Okay, there are two paths on here, I think we should take the left one it seems to have less obstacles." Slater states.

"Good enough, right?" Kat asks. The whole team seems to agree and run off to the left path.

The Screaming Outcasts are shown together trying to decide which way to go.

"I say we follow them, just to see if they can go through all of the obstacles first." Lluvy says.

"Uh no, that's not going to work." Alison disagrees.

"Why not?" Oliver asks.

"Because, Chris might have given us an inaccurate map, therefore we take the way that seems more dangerous." Alison says.

"Great idea!" Webster says enthusiastically.

"I don't care, let's just pick a path." Jan says.

"I say we take the way the other team didn't go!" Brenda suggests.

"Let's just go already!" Phoebe yells.

"Yeah, come on guys!" Teagan agrees, the team then runs on to the right path.

The Killer Losers are shown in the path, seeming to have no problems and no obstacles.

"I'm so glad we picked this path, good call Slater." Wiley says.

"Thank you, I just thought it would be the safer path." Slater thanks.

"Dudes, we should get some wood if we need to start a fire or other things." Anton suggests, Eve nods in agreement.

"Not a bad idea." Mischa says.

"Alright, so we'll just pick some sticks up on the way." Darren agrees.

"That'll be easy!" Kat enthuses

"Oh yes, I got this guys, I won't let you down." Norah says, rubbing her hands together.

The camera cuts back to the Screaming Outcasts on their path, who seem to be having some trouble hiking up rocky hills.

"We really shouldn't have taken this way." Oliver says.

"Yeah, who's great idea was that?" Lluvy asks sarcastically, looking at Alison.

"Well, it'll be over soon hopefully, so don't look at me." Alison says.

"Jan, you know what would be really romantic? If you carried me." Phoebe suggests to Jan.

"Um, my arms are sore." Jan lies nervously.

"Awww." Phoebe says sympathetically, but rolls her eyes when he's not looking.

"Here Phoebe, I can help you." Teagan says, holding her hand helping her up the rocks.

"Help!" Webster yells, whose foot is stuck between to tiny rocks.

"Here!" Brenda says and she quickly takes the rocks off his foot, the rest of their team looks at them strangely, but continues to hike up on the rocks.

The camera fades back to the Killer Losers who seem to have some sticks gathered. The team then walks into some prickly vines that have all eight of them trapped.

"Ah man!" Wiley sighs.

"Damn, we're stuck." Kat realizes.

"Tell us something we don't know." Mischa rolls her eyes.

Eve seems to be thinking of a plan.

"It's okay, I'll chew us out." Norah says.

"Uh, you don't have to do that." Darren declines.

"Why not?" Norah asks.

"Those birds over there will take care of it!" Anton says with joy. Angry looking geese are shown staring at the the team stuck in the vines.

"Oh no, those are Stymphalian Canadian Geese, they're pretty dangerous." Slater says with fear. 

The geese fly at the team, but unwillingly end up ripping up the vines so the team can escape and begin to run away, with the geese flying on after them. 

"This running's going to be the death of me." Mischa complains.

The camera then pans to the Screaming Outcasts who are now on flatter, less rocky land, walking with ease.

"See I told you it would get better!" Alison says.

"Okay yeah, you were right." Lluvy admits.

"Hmph." Alison says.

"It probably won't be okay for long." Phoebe says.

"Don't worry about it!" Teagan laughs.

"You might have a second thought about that." Jan says, scared.

"Oh those are beavers. Wait.." Webster says.

"Scary beavers!" Brenda screams.

"Guys, let's just run!" Oliver yells.

The Screaming Outcasts then are chased by the gigantic beavers, running for their life.

The Killer Losers show up at the other shore of Boney Island first.

"Come on guys, lets burn this wood!" Wiley yells with enthusiasm. 

"Okay, but let's leave half of it, so we can make a boat to go home." Slater says, Eve nods and separates the wood for burning and the wood for a boat from each other.

"Got a lighter man?" Darren asks Anton.

"I was about to ask the same thing." Anton says, holding an unlit joint in his hand.

"I think he was talking about the fire." Kat says.

"We need no lighter, when we have me. I'll get this fire done in a second." Norah laughs with an evil look on her face.

"Yeah crazy, do it fast, the other team just got here." Mischa says. Norah agrees and begins rubbing sticks together.

The Screaming Outcasts are then shown on the same shore, realizing the Killer Losers are here.

"Quick someone get some wood for a fire!" Jan suggests.

"Good idea, Jan!" Phoebe compliments.

"Alright I'll go." Lluvy agrees.

"Me too!" Oliver says, the two run off shore to get the wood.

"I hope they hurry." Teagan says.

"They better hurry." Alison says.

"Here if they don't Webster and I can write the S.O.S. symbol in the sand!" Brenda suggests.

"Yeah!" Webster agrees. Webster and Brenda then begin writing S.O.S. in the sand with their fingers.

Alison looks over at the Killer Loser's stack of unused wood and then smiles. The Killer Losers are too busy with their fire, and she swiftly and quietly walks over to their stack of wood and steals it, with no one seeing. She then walks back to her team with the wood.

The camera shows Oliver and Lluvy collecting wood.

"You look really cute when you're picking up sticks." Oliver nervously compliments.

"Um, thank you, haha." Lluvy thanks.

"Sorry, I'm not really good with words sometimes." Oliver admits.

"It's okay." Lluvy assures, smiling at him, then he smiles back. The two finally kiss and then decide to go back to shore where both teams are. 

Lluvy and Oliver kiss.

"Oh well, Alison just got us some wood." Webster says.

"At least we'll have extra wood." Lluvy says and Oliver agrees.

Phoebe, Alison, Brenda, and Webster are building a raft for the whole team while Teagan, Jan, Lluvy, and Oliver are starting a fire.

Alison slips sticks of wood in Phoebe's back pockets without anyone noticing.

The Killer Losers are shown to have a huge fire going.

"Wow, Norah you are insane, but you know how to make a fire." Mischa admits.

"I've had lots of practice." Norah says, her teammates look at her with worried looks.

"Now for our boat." Slater says.

"Hey, didn't we have like, wood right over there before?" Anton asks.

"Oh sh*t." Darren curses.

"How did this happen?" Wiley asks.

Eve seems to be looking around for their wood, she then gasps to see the Screaming Outcasts have used their wood to make a raft and a fire, which are both finished.

"They stole our wood!" Kat yells.

The Screaming Outcasts then get on their raft and paddle quickly into the water. 

"We can't hear you over our winning!" Alison yells back at the Killer Losers, who are still on shore.

"That was not cool at all." Anton says with disappointment.

"Screw them." Darren says.

"Come on guys, we have to get some wood quick!" Kat yells.

The team agrees and finally gathers wood quickly, and builds a somewhat unstable raft.

"It's not too good, but it's good enough." Slater says.

The team then gets on the raft into the water, and begin to paddle to catch up to the Screaming Outcasts.

The Screaming Outcasts beat the Killer Losers to Camp Wawanawka, and they cheer for their win, the Killer Losers arrive a few minutes after, glaring at the Screaming Outcasts.

"Since the Screaming Outcasts sabotages the Killer Losers, the Killer Losers actually win this round!" Chris announces.

The Killer Losers cheer and the Screaming Outcasts look confused.

"But we didn't sabotage them." Oliver says confusingly.

"Well someone on your team did." Chris says.

"Who would've done that?" Alison asks, pretending to be innocent.

"What the hell is this?" Phoebe asks, finding sticks and pulling them out of her back pockets, her team gasps.

"She couldn't have! Phoebe is too pretty." Teagan says.

"I know, it's because I did it." Jan lies.

"What?" Phoebe asks angrily.

The team gasps again. Alison whispers to Brenda.

"He's lying it was Phoebe!" Brenda says.

"Yeah!" Webster agrees.

"No it was me!" Jan yells.

"Can you guys just shut up and meet me at the campfire for another marshmalllow elimination ceremony?" Chris angrily asks.

"Now Screaming Outcasts, welcome to your forth elimination ceremony. There are seven marshmallows on this plate, and eight of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains. 

"First marshmallow goes to Oliver." Chris says, then he tosses his marshmallow to him.

"Lluvy, Teagan, Webster, and Brenda." Chris says their names and then after throws their marshmallows to them.

"Alison." Chris says, then tosses her marshmallow to her, she smiles. Leaving Jan and Phoebe the only ones without a marshmallow.

"Only two marshmallows left on this plate, who will stay and who will ride the Boat of Losers? Last marshmallow is for...

Phoebe." Chris says, and she receives her marshmallow from him.

"Aw Jan, I'll miss you." Phoebe admits to Jan about to kiss him on the cheek.

"I got to go, bye!" Jan says, and Phoebe crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.

Jan then walks on the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Loser and he sighs when he gets on it. The Boat of Losers then rides off into the distance, ending the chapter.

Chapter #8: "How Hard Can Building Things Possibly Be?"

It is morning time and Chris McLean is shown to be walking onto the Dock of Shame. He smiles at the camera and waves, then he begins to speak. "Welcome back to Camp Wawanawka, last time the campers had to sail to Boney Island, run across to the whole other shore of it, make their own S.O.S. signal, and find their way back. The teams had some trouble sailing, and were both chased by indigenous animals on the island. The Killer Losers go to the other side first, but someone of the Screaming Outcasts sabotaged them by stealing their wood and leaving them behind. Because of the sabotage, I let the Killer Losers win, haha, the Outcasts were pretty pissed, and they sent Jan home. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens?" Chris narrates.

The contestants are shown throughout the camp having free time. 

Alison, Brenda, and Webster are shown in an area near the woods.

"Okay, look voting out Phoebe did not work. You know she's a major threat right? Right?" Alison asks.

"Well yeah, but Jan made us lose." Webster says.

"No way, it was Phoebe!" Brenda argues. 

"Yeah. Anyways we have to get her voted off for being a backstabber." Alison plans.

Teagan and Phoebe are shown by the campfire pit.

"I can't believe Jan was voted off last night." Phoebe says.

"Me too, kind of." Teagan agrees.

"At least I still have you." Phoebe says with a smile.

"Haha, yeah." Teagan blushes. 

Mischa and Norah are shown in the cabin.

"I can't believe our loser of a team won last time." Mischa says.

"All do to sabotage, sneaky, sneaky." Norah laughs.

Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater are shown in the mess hall.

"I think we should make an alliance." Darren suggests.

"Not a bad idea." Slater agrees.

"Us four friends, best alliance, man." Anton says.

Eve nods and agrees, and the four make an alliance.

Wiley, Kat, Oliver, and Lluvy are shown at the Dock of Shame, sitting in pairs.

"The water's actually pretty nice out here." Kat says.

"It's just like back at home for me!" Wiley says happily.

Oliver and Lluvy are sitting close together by the water.

"Last challenge was pretty interesting wasn't it?" Oliver asks Lluvy.

"Yeah, it sure was. I enjoyed it." Lluvy says smiling. 

They lean in closer about to kiss, but are interrupted by Chris's voice on the loudspeaker. 

"All campers come to the arts and crafts center where I'll explain the next challenge." Chris announces.

Oliver and Lluvy sigh at Chris's voice.

The contestants and Chris are then shown at the arts and crafts center. "This is a building challenge. You will have to work with your teams on building three things. The first round will be a birdhouse challenge, the second round will be a sandcastle, and the last will be a treehouse if we need a tiebreaker. Alright you can use any tools from this arts and craft center. Now you may get started." Chris announces.

The two teams rush to the arts and crafts center to collect the supplies for the birdhouse. The teams are done collecting the supplies and tools they need. The Killer Losers are shown by the camera first.

"How hard can building things possibly be?" Anton asks.

"Alright, how are we going to do this?" Wiley asks.

"How about some of us work on the base and some get the birdhouse on the tree." Slater says.

"What about decorations?" Norah asks.

"Yeah, I can do that!" Kat answers.

"Ehem, me too." Mischa suggests, Eve agrees to as well.

"Well, let's get this started." Darren says.

Wiley, Anton, Norah, and Slater are working on building their birdhouse while Eve, Mischa, and Kat decide and plan on the decorations, leaving Darren to put the birdhouse in the tree later. The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts.

"I make these at home all the time." Webster says.

"Oh, one thing he actually is good at." Alison says under her breath.

"So how you do this?" Brenda asks.

"Well it is real simple, it's just a birdhouse." Lluvy says. 

"Yeah, it's really easy." Phoebe agrees.

"I used to take shop, so we don't have to worry!" Teagan ensures.

"Well come on guys, let's start working!" Oliver enthuses.

The whole team decide to work on the birdhouse together, but seem to have a little more of a struggle with it than the Killer Losers are. The Killer Losers finish their birdhouse first after Darren put the birdhouse in the tree.

"And we're done." Darren announces.

"Woo! We're done!" Wiley cheers while the Screaming Outcasts argue as they are finishing theirs.

After both teams are finished Chris looks at both of the birdhouses. The Killer Losers' birdhouse is nicely decorated, built, and set in the tree. The Screaming Outcasts' birdhouse is decent, but has way too many drilled holes in it.

"Ha, I usually put more holes than usual in the birdhouse." Webster awkwardly laughs, his team glares at him.

"Well the Killer Losers' birdhouse obviously wins this round, now lets head to the beach to make your sandcastles!" Chris announces.

The camera then shows the two teams and Chris at the shore of the island, the teams equipped with shovels and pails.

"Now you may get started on the castles!" Chris announces. The two teams get right to planning on their sandcastles. The Screaming Outcasts are shown making their sandcastle first.

"We need to do better this time." Oliver says.

"Any ideas, anyone?" Lluvy asks.

"No idea." Webster sighs.

"I say we make a sandcastle of Chris's face." Phoebe suggests.

"Not too bad of an idea, actually." Alison says.

"This is going to be difficult." Brenda says.

"Let's sculpt this baby!" Teagan yells.

The Screaming Outcasts begin to create their Chris sandcastle, the camera then shows the Killer Losers planning on their castle.

"We should make it huge." Norah says.

"This is going to be a real grand castle." Anton enthuses.

"We should decorate it again." Kat suggests.

"Yeah!" Wiley agrees.

"Alright, let's give it a moat too." Slater says, Eve nods.

"Ugh, fine so much work." Mischa complains.

"We have this." Darren says.

The Killer Losers start to build their sandcastle along with the Screaming Outcasts. The Killer Losers finish first again, but the Screaming Outcasts finish soon after. The Killer Losers have created a very grand sandcastle with many decorations and the Screaming Outcasts have made a well sculpted Chris McLean sandcastle.

The Screaming Outcast's Chris sandcastle.

"Time's up." Chris announces and as he gets up to judge the sandcastles, the Killer Losers' sandcastle gets washed over by a wave.

"Well, that was certainly unfortunate." Slater admits.

"Since the Killer Losers' castle is very destroyed, and the Screaming Outcasts' castle is so beautiful, the Screaming Outcasts win this round! Now it's time for the final tiebreaker, the treehouse. Let's go back to the arts and crafts center now." Chris explains.

The Screaming Outcasts, the Killer Losers, and Chris are shown back to the arts and crafts center.

"Okay campers, time for you to make the final product. Your tree houses, you may start on them now." Chris announces.

The Killer Losers are shown by the camera first, planning on their treehouse.

Eve points to a tree that seems sturdy.

"That'll do." Wiley says.

"For sure!" Kat agrees. 

"So, how're we going to build this?" Anton asks.

"I've built a treehouse before, I got this." Mischa ensures.

"Me too, the two of us can work on us, as long as you get the supplies!" Norah suggests.

"We can do that." Darren agrees.

"Okay guys, looks like we have a plan." Slater says.

Mischa and Norah get started on the treehouse while the rest of their teammates contain the supplies for them.

The Screaming Outcasts are then shown by the camera next, planning out their building of a treehouse.

"Well this tree will have to do." Oliver says about a decent-looking tree.

"Fine." Alison agrees.

"Good enough." Lluvy agrees.

"I can certainly help build this!" Teagan suggests.

"Me too!" Brenda agrees.

"Me three!" Webster agrees as well, getting weird locks.

"Make sure to make some stairs too." Phoebe suggests.

The Screaming Outcasts begin to build their treehouse, along with the Killer Losers. After half an hour has gone by Chris call the time.

"Time's up now! You have to pick four people to situate themselves in their team's treehouse to test how good it is. I will then decide who wins and who loses after that test. Now go ahead." Chris explains.

Kat, Anton, Darren, and Norah decide to test their team's treehouse and Teagan, Lluvy, Webster, and Brenda are chosen to test their team's treehouse. The Screaming Outcasts treehouse gets tested first. Teagan, Webster, Brenda, and Lluvy climb the stairs up to their treehouse and sit inside. It has enough space and seems to be sturdy for a good time. 

"Okay time for the Killer Losers' treehouse." Chris announces.

Anton, Darren, Kat, and Norah go up to their treehouse by climbing up some somewhat inconvenient branches. They situate themselves in their treehouse. It seems fine at first, and just when Chris is about to call time, their treehouse collapses, leaving Anton, Kat, Norah, and Darren to fall hard on the ground.

"What just happened?" Anton asks.

"Seems like a certain two people messed the treehouse up." Darren answers.

The Killer Losers' all angrily stare at two of their fellow teammates, Mischa and Norah.

"Don't look at me like that!" Mischa yells.

"Uh oh." Norah says.

"Well, the Screaming Outcasts for sure take this challenge. Killer Losers, haha, time to meet me at the marshmallow elimination ceremony, have fun voting out one of your own." Chris laughs.

The Killer Losers and Chris are now shown at the campfire pit for their marshmallow elimination ceremony.

"Now Killer Losers, welcome to your forth elimination ceremony. There are seven marshmallows on this plate, and eight of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Slater." Chris announces, tossing the marshmallow to him.

"Darren, Wiley, Eve, Anton." Chris says their names as he throws the marshmallows to them.

"Kat." Chris says, then throws her a marshmallow, leaving Norah and Mischa the only ones without a marshmallow. The two look somewhat nervous.

"The last marshmallow goes to...

Norah." Chris says, he then throws her marshmallow at her, and she devours it. Mischa looks at her teammates with disgust.

"I can't believe this." Mischa complains.

"Hurry on now, we don't have enough time for this complaining." Chris says pointing to a new watch on his wrist.

"Ugh, whatever." Mischa sighs.

Mischa then walks onto the Dock of Shame, boards the Boat of Losers, which rides off into the distance.

Chapter #9: "It's Too Cold To Be Alive."

The camera shows Chris on the Dock of Shame. It is shown to be early in the morning. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, the campers made a birdhouses, sandcastles, and treehouses. The Killer Losers lost the last round due to Norah and Mischa's failure to make a sturdy enough. They decided to send Mischa home instead of Norah. Well what happens next on Total Drama Teens?" Chris explains.

Chris walks towards the four cabins that contain the campers. He pulls out his megaphone and yells into it. "Wake up campers! Time for your next challenge, this time we're going to have fun in the snow." Chris yells into the megaphone.

The campers are all shown abruptly waking up. The camera cuts to the Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin first. 

"We're having a challenge right now?" Brenda asks.

"It's like two in the morning." Alison says.

"I didn't even get all of my beauty sleep." Phoebe whines.

"I need a damn coffee." Lluvy tiredly says.

The camera cuts to the Screaming Outcasts boy's cabin next.

"I'm stoked!" Teagan says, all of the sudden wide awake.

"Dude Webster, wake up." Oliver says attempting to wake up Webster.

"Give me ten more minutes momma, I don't wanna go to school today." Webster says in his sleep.

"I got an idea." Teagan says quietly to Oliver.

Teagan then requests Oliver's headphones and music player. He then slips the headphones on Webster's ears and Oliver gets on his music player and turns the volume up all the way.

"Ahh!" Webster yells being awoken from the loud music.

"Oh. Challenge time?" Webster asks nervously.

Oliver and Teagan just laugh and nod.

The camera then cuts to the Killer Losers boy's cabin.

Anton is then seen smoking a joint, as he usually does in the morning.

"Good morning to you too, Chris!" Anton says as if Chris could hear him, then he laughs.

"Snowy? I don't like the cold." Wiley says.

"It's not even cold enough to snow here anyways." Darren says.

"Maybe we're leaving to go somewhere. Well, at least I hope." Slater admits.

The camera then finally cuts to the Killer Losers girl's cabin.

"Snow? I once had to live on it and off of it for a whole two years. I was being raised as a purebred polar bear. Or was it a walrus? I always forget." Norah says.

"I have no idea about anything you just said, but it's cool!" Kat says happily. 

Eve then looks very confused about Norah's statement and just shrugs it off.

The campers are then shown in the forest at the bottom of the snow mountain of Camp Wawanawka to meet Chris.

"I guess I was wrong." Slater states.

"You and me both." Darren agrees.

"It's too cold to be alive." Lluvy says.

"Wait a minute, is that a ski resort?" Phoebe asks.

The camera then pans towards a ski resort, ski lift, skiers, tourists, and snowboarders.

"Uh, no, not at all..." Chris says in denial.

It then shows Alison in the confessional. "So we've been staying in crappy cabins, when there's been a secret ski resort we knew nothing about has been on this island the whole time? Chris is almost as terrible as I." Alison says.

The camera fades back to where Chris and the campers were located.

"Anyways, this challenge has three things to it. First, your team will have to find two wooden crates marked 'DO NOT OPEN' in the ski resort, um, I mean tourist attraction. Once you get your two crates you will have to climb up the snowy mountain to the top with the crates. At the top, there is a sled for each team and you will slide down the other side of the mountain while avoiding skiers, snowboarders, and bears, haha, to meet me at the bottom to give me the crates. Alright, go ahead." Chris explains.

The two teams start heading towards the ski resort to retrieve the crates. Both of the teams are accidentally running into tourists just to get into the resort. When the two teams finally get to the entrance, they both cram into the lobby.

"Quick to the elevators!" Kat yells.

The Killer Losers pile into an open elevator.

"This door needs to hurry up and close." Darren says.

"Ooh buttons." Norah says with awe looking at the elevator buttons.

"Norah, no!" Wiley yells.

Norah continues to press every single one of the floor level buttons. The elevator closes and the team goes up with the elevator.

"Bummer." Oliver says.

"Let's take the stairs!" Lluvy suggests.

"Ugh, okay." Alison accepts.

The Screaming Outcasts then find the entrance to the stairs and begins to run up the stairs. The camera then cuts back to the Killer Losers who are still in the elevator stopping at every floor level. When they stop at about the eighth level of the resort, the crates are right in front of the elevator.

Eve quickly points to them.

"Is that them?" Anton asks.

"Yep, there they are!" Slater yells. 

The Killer Losers get out of the elevator to grab the crates. After they pick up the crates, they turn around to get back into the elevator, but it has already left them.

"Ah, man." Wiley says sadly.

"The elevator betrayed us!" Norah yells.

"Let's just take the stairs." Darren suggests.

"Good plan!" Kat agrees.

They then begin to run towards the stairs. The camera then fades back to the Screaming Outcasts who have now found their crates.

"Yay we got them!" Webster cheers.

"Alright let's go!" Phoebe says.

The Killer Losers are now heard a few sets of stairs above them.

"Oh no, is that the Killer Losers?" Brenda asks.

"Woah, is that the Screaming Outcasts?" Anton is heard asking.

"Looks and sounds like it, we better get heading to the mountain now!" Lluvy yells.

The Screaming Outcasts quickly run down the stairs with their crates, with the Killer Losers not far behind them. The Killer Losers are running down the stairs with their crates, careful enough not to trip or slip. The Screaming Outcasts then speed up and end up tripping over each other.

"Ouch, man." Teagan says.

The Killer Losers jump over and run around the Screaming Outcasts and get out of the ski resort, so they can get to the bottom of the mountain first. 

"We got to go!" Oliver says once all of his teammates have gotten up.

They begin to run out of the stair exit and head towards the bottom of the mountain where the Killer Losers already are. The Killer Losers have already begun to climb up the mountain. They've made some distance up the mountain. The camera pans to the Killer Losers team.

"We should really find a way to make this go easier for us." Slater suggests.

Eve finds some ski poles in the snow, but doesn't seem to find too much use of them. The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts.

"They're already ahead, we need to figure something out!" Oliver says.

"Um, I don't know what to do!" Webster panics.

"Well, Chris didn't say anything about the ski lifts." Alison suggests.

"That might actually work." Lluvy admits.

The Screaming Outcasts team then runs to the ski lift where they have to wait in line.

"Aww." Brenda sighs.

"Well hello hottie." A somewhat attractive, teenaged snowboarder says to Phoebe.

"Hey." Phoebe greets.

"Hey, leave her alone!" Teagan says.

"Calm down, beardie. I was just greeting a lovely lady." The snowboarder says. 

"Ugh, you're a tool." Phoebe complains about the snowboard, who looks disappointed after she says so.

The Screaming Outcasts then get to the end of the line and are allowed to get on two ski lifts. One with Webster, Alison, Brenda, and one of their crates. The other with Teagan, Phoebe, Oliver, Lluvy, and the second crate being held by Teagan. The Killer Losers are now shown, who discover the Screaming Outcasts on the ski lift.

"Look it's the Screaming Outcasts!" Kat yells.

"Oh no." Wiley says.

Eve quickly shows her team her discovery of a skimobile. 

"Alright Eve, good job, man." Anton compliments.

"I'll drive!" Norah yells.

"No, that's okay." Slater politely declines.

"Here, I can drive." Darren says.

The Killer Losers pack their two crates on the skimobile and pile on to it, with Darren in the driver seat. He revs up the engine and speeds up the mountain.

The Screaming Outcasts are now shown still on the ski lift, because they are now stuck.

"Man, that guy is really hauling ass down there." Teagan says.

"Yeah, he really is." Oliver laughs.

"Wait a minute." Phoebe says, squinting her eyes, so is Lluvy.

"That's the Killer Losers!" Lluvy says.

"This thing better hurry up right now!" Alison screams after seeing the Killer Losers. The ski lift then begins working again.

"Huh." Webster says.

"Well that worked." Brenda says.

The Killer Losers are now shown at the top of the mountain. 

"Wow, that was pretty fast or have I just been really slow?" Anton asks.

"It was pretty fast." Kat says.

"Thanks man." Darren thanks.

"Let's get to the sled now, guys." Slater suggests.

The Killer Losers then put their crates onto their sled. The Screaming Outcasts get off of the ski lift finally, and run to their sled, packing their crates on their sled.

"Bye, bye!" Darren yells at the Screaming Outcasts as his team has already begun to slide down the mountain on their sled. Wiley is steering their sled.

"Oh, no. We're not going to let them win." Lluvy says.

"Yeah!" Teagan enthuses.

"I'll steer." Alison states, getting on the sled.

Once the whole team gets on their sled, they push their weight quickly to go faster down the mountain.

"Be ready to steer." Teagan says.

"Oh, I'm more than ready." Alison says, determined.

The Killer Losers are shown to be in the lead. 

"Man, watch out." Anton says.

"Oh, no!" Kat says.

Skiers and trees are in the way of their sledding path. Wiley is struggling to avoid them. 

"Pay attention Wiley!" Darren says.

"Huh?" Wiley asks.

"What a pretty tree." Norah says.

"Oh my, it's a tree! Steer out of the way quick!" Slater says.

Wiley panics and makes the sled swerve and hit the tree. The Killer Losers moan in pain and seem disappointed, their sled is now somewhat destroyed. The Screaming Outcasts are going down the mountain dangerously quick. 

"You know, you might want to slow down." Phoebe says.

"How about no, I'm not letting those losers win." Alison disagrees.

"Looks like the Killer Losers crashed!" Webster says.

"Alright!" Teagan says. 

The Screaming Outcasts still manage to avoid hitting anything and keep a high speed. They eventually get to the bottom of the mountain where Chris is.

"Welcome back Screaming Outcasts." Chris greets.

The Killer Losers are shown sliding down the mountain on their broken sled with their crates unscaved. They finally get down to the bottom where Chris and the Screaming Outcasts are.

"Never again." Darren says.

"Well, let me look in all of the crates first before I say anything." Chris says. 

He opens up the two crates the Screaming Outcasts have brought. Many packs of hot chocolate mix falls out.

"We did this, just for hot chocolate?" Alison angrily asks. 

Alison is angry that they did the challenge just for hot chocolate.

"Haha, maybe. Now for the Killer Losers' crates." Chris says.

He opens up their two crates and just a bunch of pillow feathers come out.

"Well, that was a little disappointing. Anyways, the Screaming Outcasts obviously won again, and the Killer Losers lost. Screaming Outcasts you get to visit the resort spa for your reward! Killer Losers, meet me at the campfire pit for another marshmallow elimination ceremony." Chris announces.

Chris and the Killer Losers are shown at the campfire pit for their marshmallow elimination ceremony.

"Now Killer Losers, welcome to your fifth elimination ceremony. There are six marshmallows on this plate, and seven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Darren." Chris says, then he tosses the marshmallow to him.

"Next marshmallows are for Slater, Anton, Kat, and Eve." Chris says as he throws their marshmallows to them, leaving Norah and Wiley the only ones without a marshmallow.

"Now, the last marshmallow goes to...

Norah." Chris says, then he tosses the final marshmallow to her.

"Aw, well I'll miss you guys." Wiley says.

"Bye Wiley, don't be too upset!" Kat says.

"I won't dude, good luck to you all!" Wiley says.

Wiley then begins to walk onto the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, he waves before getting on the boat. He gets on the Boat of Losers and it rides off into the distance, then the camera fades to black.

Chapter #10: "These Ropes And Heights Are Not A Good Mix."

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame as usual in the start of every chapter. It is shown to be a bright morning. Chris smiles and looks at the camera as he is about to do a recap on the last chapter.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, I took the campers to the one snowy mountain on Camp Wawanakwa. Their challenge was to retrieve two wooden crates, get up the mountain, and slide down the other side of the mountain with the crates on a sled. The Killer Losers had a strong lead, until Alison on the Screaming Outcasts sped her team's sled up, and the Killer Losers crashed into a tree, making them last to meet me. At the marshmallow elimination ceremony it came down to Norah and Wiley, but Wiley was sent home due to his bad steering of their sled. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens? Let's find out right now." Chris explains.

The two teams and Chef Hatchet are then shown in the mess hall, where Chef is serving breakfast.

The Screaming Outcasts table is shown first.

"You did really good last challenge, Alison!" Webster compliments.

"I know that, but whatever." Alison says.

"Just take the compliment, Alison." Brenda sighs.

"What did you just say?" Alison asks.

"Oh, nothing." Brenda answers.

"I'm so glad I finally got to go to spa." Phoebe says.

"I've never been to one before until last night." Teagan says.

"You must go, it's part of the reason I look attractive all the time." Phoebe says.

"Good point." Teagan admits.

"I feel so rejuvenated." Lluvy says.

"I feel like a new man." Oliver laughs.

"You, a man?" Lluvy asks.

"Hey!" Oliver says.

"I was just kidding, haha." Lluvy says.

The Killer Losers table is then shown.

"Look at them, over there. Speaking of their reward, they're evil." Norah says.

"Yeah, I wanted to go to that." Kat says.

"We need to beat them this time, or I'm going to scream." Norah admits.

"Well, there's no need for screaming. We'll figure something out." Kat assures.

"Man, I wanted to go to a spa." Anton says.

"I have to say it would've been pretty nice, but it's okay." Slater states.

"They're kind of lame dude, you're not missing much." Darren says, Eve nods.

"Alright guys, that makes me feel better." Anton says.

"You're welcome, dude." Darren says.

Chris then walks into the mess hall when it seems all of the campers are done eating.

"Good morning campers, it's time for your next challenge. First part of the challenge is zip lining, where you will have to try to get your whole team on two zip lines and be able to stay on for a length of two thirds of a mile. The second part is skydiving, you'll have to pick two people from your team to skydive out of a plane and the rest of the team will have to move the mattress across the beach to cushion their fall. The last part is tightrope walking, where your whole team will have to tight rope walk over an alligator mud pit, haha. Alright, meet me in the forest in a few minutes so we can this challenge started." Chris explains.

The camera then cuts to the forest where Chris, the two teams, and a zip line are located.

"Like I said, you have to get your team to ride this zip line on two zip line hangers for two thirds of a mile." Chris explains.

"Are these literal clothes hangers?" Lluvy asks.

"Zip line hangers, haha." Chris answers.

"This cannot be safe." Slater says.

"I know right! Now get started on your challenge, dudes." Chris instructs.

The two teams try to figure out how to fit everyone on their team on two clothes hangers. The Killer Losers are shown planning first.

"Okay I say we try to put an equal amount of weight on each hanger, so one doesn't have way too much weight on it, endangering more people." Slater explains.

"Alright, so we need to sort out our weights." Kat says.

"I weigh a lot, hahaha." Norah laughs.

"I don't know my weight, man." Anton says.

"We'll figure something out." Darren says.

Eve then looks like she has an idea. She separates her team by putting Norah, Anton, and Darren together and then puts Slater, Kat, and herself together, then she gives a thumbs up.

"I think this might actually work." Slater says.

The team gets onto the two hangers in the groups Eve had sorted out, they then begin to zip line. The Screaming Outcasts are shown next.

"We need to figure something out quick." Oliver says.

"I can go with Webster!" Brenda suggests.

"And me too right?" Alison asks.

"Of course!" Webster agrees, Brenda looks hesitant.

"Okay, I guess." Brenda says enthusiastically.

"Oliver and I could take one, how about you Phoebe and Teagan?" Lluvy asks.

"I have really strong hands I can go on the zip line with my bare hands and Phoebe can hold on to me if she wants." Teagan says.

"Alright, I guess I could." Phoebe accepts.

The Screaming Outcasts then go through with their plan and go down the zip line. The Killer Losers are shown making it with ease down the zip line, and the Screaming Outcasts are having a little more trouble, but only with Brenda, Webster, and Alison.

"I think it's about to break!" Brenda yells.

"Shut up, I'll fix it." Alison says.

"No you won't." Brenda argues.

"Stop fighting!" Webster yells.

His yell then shakes the hanger more.

"You're not fixing it all, just stop trying!" Brenda screams.

Her scream then makes the hanger shake enough to break and drop the three, and they fall on the ground hard.

Alison, Brenda, and Webster fall of the zip line.

"I'm sorry guys." Brenda apologizes.

"Don't talk to me. Come on, Webster. Let's go." Alison demands.

"Sorry." Webster quickly whispers to Brenda, then he walks off with Alison, leaving Brenda behind.

The Killer Losers are then shown on the zip line.

"We're almost there!" Kat says.

"Just about." Norah says.

"So close." Darren says.

"Let's not jinx ourselves now." Slater says.

Both of their hangers are weakening, but they manage to get to the end of the zip line safely and before the Screaming Outcasts get there.

"Dude, we made it here safe and sound. Man, cool." Anton says relieved. Eve gives him a thumbs up.

The Screaming Outcasts arrive soon after, but only Oliver, Lluvy, Phoebe, and Teagan. Teagan falls off the zip line by letting go and Phoebe falls to the ground.

"Ow!" Phoebe yells.

"My hands!" Teagan yells, staring at his red, burnt hands.

Alison, Brenda, and Webster then arrive last to where the rest of their team, Chris, and the Killer Losers are.

"Well, obviously the Killer Losers won this round, and the Screaming Outcasts lost. So it's time for the next round, the tightrope challenge." Chris announces, revealed a ladder leading to a tightrope going over an alligator mud pit.

"You're going to have to try to get as many members of your team across the tightrope as you can. Whichever team gets the most wins. You can start now." Chris explains.

The Screaming Outcasts are shown who they're deciding to go first.

"I say Brenda goes first, right Webster?" Alison asks.

"Yeah! I think." Webster says.

"Um, well..." Brenda says.

"I'll go second!" Teagan suggests.

"Oh, so brave." Phoebe flirts, Teagan blushes.

"I can go third." Lluvy says.

"I'll go fourth!" Oliver determines.

"Webster will go fifth." Alison decides.

"Oh, okay." Webster agrees.

"I'll go last." Phoebe decides.

"Fine." Alison agrees.

The Killer Losers are then shown deciding on their tightrope order.

"I can go first." Darren says.

"Me second!" Norah yells.

"I'll go third." Kat says.

Eve raises her hand to go forth.

"And I'll go fifth." Slater suggests.

"Alright I can go last, dudes, taking one for the team." Anton says.

Since the teams have decided their tightrope orders, they send up each teammate in order one by one. Darren and Brenda go up first, Darren is in front of Brenda on the tightrope. Darren looks carefree, but Brenda looks fairly nervous. Darren seems more balanced that Brenda and walks quicker than her, making much more distance. Brenda then looks down at the alligators.

"Oh my god!" Brenda squeals at the sight of the alligators. 

"Calm down, princess." Darren says.

Brenda then takes a deep breath and tries to continue walking on the tightrope, as Darren gets across to the other end and finishes. Brenda then tries to hurry up, but it just results into her falling into the mudpit and she screams, Alison then laughs quietly. Brenda is covered in mud and walks back to her team.

Teagan and Norah go up next. Norah is leaping across the tightrope as if she were not human.

"How does she do that?" Teagan asks.

Norah quickly finishes getting to the other end without falling any, Teagan then balances himself out and eventually gets to the end of the tight rope.

Kat and Lluvy then get on the tightrope third. Lluvy walks on the tightrope with determination, and has no problem getting across the tightrope. Kat tries to speed up walking on the tightrope, but loses balance and falls in the mud pit.

"Woah, hey alligator, haha." Kat nervously laughs, face to face with an alligator,

Fourthly, Eve and Oliver go up to the tightrope. They both seem to have a good balance. They walk carefully and slowly to get across to the end, which they both accomplish, winning points for their team.

Fifth, Slater and Webster go on the tightrope. Slater goes carefully and slowly, and Webster is almost running on the tightrope.

"These heights and ropes are not a good mix." Slater says.

While Webster is running, he slips and falls into the mudpit.

"Nice gator, haha." Webster says nervously when an alligator slowly walks toward him.

"Poor guy." Slater says looking down at Webster, as he is crossing the end of tightrope, winning a point for his team.

Anton and Alison are next and go up to the tightrope. Anton is walking very slowly and peacefully with Alison behind them. 

"Can you go any slower?" Alison complains.

"Probably man, but I'm not sure." Anton answers.

"Get out of my way stoner." Alison says, pushing more weight near him, she eventually pushes him, with no witnesses. Anton falls into the mud pit, being splashed with mud and being greeted by an alligator.

"Hey boy." Anton says, petting an alligator.

Alison rolls her eyes and continues walking on the tightrope and gets to the end.

Phoebe is then the last to get on the tightrope. She begins to walk on the tight rope with a good balance.

"You're doing good!" Teagan enthuses.

Phoebe smiles, but loses her balances and falls into the mud pit.

"Ew, this is gross." Phoebe complains, who is now covered in mud.

"Well, I guess it's time for the last part of the challenge. Let's head to the beach with the mattresses, so you guys can pick who are the two teammates who get to skydive. Whoever doesn't make it on their team mattress loses." Chris explains. 

The camera then shows the two teams, Chef, and Chris at the beach with a mattress for each team, and a plane.

The Screaming Outcasts are shown deciding who they want to skydive.

"I'm up for it." Lluvy says.

Alison looks at Webster.

"And I guess I could too!" Webster suggests.

"Well, that works." Teagan agrees.

The Killer Losers are then shown deciding on their two skydivers.

"Man, I let us down last time. I'll do it." Anton says.

"Alright, man." Slater accepts.

"I'll go too, even though I'm afraid of heights." Eve suggests, everyone looks at her with awe for this was the first time anyone had heard her talk all competition.

"Woah, man. Revolutionary." Anton says.

"What is it?" Eve asks confusingly.

"You just, um never have talked." Kat says, surprised.

It then shows Slater in the confessional. "She has such a beautiful voice, just like her personality and face. Um, did I say that out loud?" Slater says, blushing in the confessional.

The camera then cuts back to the beach. Eve, Anton, Lluvy, and Webster crowd onto the plane where Chef is the pilot. The four teens look nervous about Chef flying the plane. Darren, Norah, Kat, and Slater take hold of the Killer Loser mattress, while Phoebe, Teagan, Alison, Brenda, and Oliver take hold of their Screaming Outcast mattress.

"I'll go first." Lluvy says.

"Here I come!" Lluvy yells.

Lluvy then jumps out of the plane and her team quickly moves the mattress to where Lluvy should land. They succeed in cushioning her fall.

"Alright!" Oliver says and Lluvy kisses him.

"You know it." Lluvy says.

The camera then cuts back to the plane.

"I'll go next. And remember don't worry too much Eve, you got this." Anton assures and Eve smiles.

"Thanks." Eve says.

"I'm coming down dudes!" Anton announces to his team.

Anton then jumps out of the plane peacefully and the Killer Losers move their mattress to cushion Anton's fall right on time.

Darren and Anton then high five.

"Nice, man, haha." Norah says.

"Thanks!" Anton thanks.

The plane is then shown again and it's Webster's turn to jump. He looks a little nervous to jump out of the plane.

"Here goes nothing." Webster yells as he jumps out of the plane.

The Screaming Outcasts do not see Webster fall until he hits the sand.

"Owww." Webster whines.

"Oops." Alison says.

"Come on Eve, you got this!" Slater assures.

The plane is shown again with Eve about to jump, she smiles after hearing Slater. 

"I'm on my way!" Eve notifies her team, who begins to position their team mattress as she jumps out. She lands on the mattress, winning for her team. 

"Alright, Eve!" Darren says.

"Yeah, that was pretty awesome." Anton admits.

Slater helps her up off the mattress and hugs her.

"Good job, Eve." Slater compliments.

"Oh, thank you." Eve says, somewhat blushing.

"Well since both skydivers made it on the Killer Losers team, they win! And Screaming Outcasts, you can meet me at the campfire pit to vote someone off in the marshmallow elimination ceremony." Chris announces.

The camera then pans to the marshmallow elimination ceremony with Chris and the Screaming Outcasts.

"Now Screaming Outcasts, welcome to your fifth elimination ceremony. There are six marshmallows on this plate, and seven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"First marshmallow is for Lluvy." Chris says, then he tosses her her marshmallow. Lluvy smiles and eats it.

"Next marshmallows are for Teagan, Oliver, Alison, and Phoebe." Chris says while he throws their marshmallows to them. This leaves Webster and Brenda the only ones without a marshmallow.

"Brenda and Webster. Well last marshmallow is for...

Webster." Chris announces, and he throws Webster his marshmallow.

"Sorry, Brenda." Webster apologizes, holding the marshmallow.

"It's fine, Webster." Brenda says.

Brenda then walks off to the Dock of Shame.

"Good bye and good riddance." Alison says and Brenda glares at her, Alison smiles back, but no one seems to notice.

Brenda then gets on the Boat of Losers and rides off to the distance, ending the chapter.

Chapter #11: "Sports Are Not Your Forte."

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame as usual in the start of every chapter. It seems like it's very early in the morning. The camera zooms in on a smiling Chris.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, the contestants had to ride on zipline with all of their team members, then walk across a tight rope above an alligator pit, and then teams had to choose two members to jump out of a plane and safely land on a mattress. Eve and Slater lead their team well during the zip line, Brenda, Alison, and Webster barely make it to their own team due to them falling off the zip line because of Brenda screaming at Alison. Once they got to the tightrope, Alison was pissed, she knocked Anton off the tightrop even! Webster, Lluvy, Anton, and Eve were chosen to jump. Oh yeah, Eve talked for the first time. Both Anton and Eve make it on the matress, but only Lluvy did for her team. The Screaming Outcasts had their marshmallow ceremony where either Webster or Brenda, but it was Brenda who was voted out. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens? You're about to find out!" Chris recaps.

Chris pulls out a megaphone and yells into it, "Wake up campers! Get your breakfast in the mess hall, gotta a big day ahead of you! Haha!" 

The camera shows the inside of Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin. Lluvy and Phoebe groan as they wake up. "Are you freaking kidding me??" Alison yells.

Both Phoebe and Lluvy cover their ears.

"Ow, are you kidding me?" Phoebe complains.

"Ugh, I can express myself can't I?" Alison proclaims.

"Well, like no one wants you to." Phoebe rolls her eyes.

"Can you both just shut up?" Lluvy yawns, and begins to walk to the mess hall.

Phoebe and Alison glare at each other and cross their arms, then finally follow after Lluvy to the mess hall. The camera then shows the Screaming Outcasts guy's cabin.

Webster, Oliver, and Teagan wake up abruptly.

"Ah man, it's like 4:30 in the morning." Oliver says, looking very tired. 

"Anytime is party time, brother!" Teagan yells, strangely energized.

Webster and Oliver look exhausted and confusingly at him.

Oliver raises one eyebrow, "Seriously?" He asks.

The camera then shows the Killer Losers girl's cabin. Norah is seen jumping on and off of both of Kat and Eve's beds. 

"We get it we're awake!" Kat yells pushing her pillow against her ears. Eve nods in agreement.

"Okay, okay, but race you to the mess hall!" Norah yells, jumping out of the cabin window.

Eve and Kat exchange confused looks.

The camera then cuts to the Killer Loser guy's cabin. Anton is in a deep sleep, but Darren and Slater are awake.

"Chris, you asshole." Darren shakes his head.

"I can't believe Anton is still asleep." Slater says.

"Anton! Dude! Anton! Man!" Darren yells, trying to wake Anton up. It doesn't seem to effect him.

Darren rolls his eyes, gets some water and throws it on him. Again, he's not affected and loudly snoring.

"I think I might know what will wake him up." Slater says. 

Slater grabs a ready-to-go joint from Anton's pillow and asks Darren for a lighter. Slater lights it and makes sure the smell is right near Anton's face. Anton's eye open slowly. "Wakey and bakey." Anton smiles. Both Darren and Slater laugh.

"I should've known." Darren laughs.

The camera then shows the mess hall with all of the tired teens, Chef Hatchet, and Chris. All of the teens have empty cups at their tables, no plates. Chef Hatchet is seen holding a blender with a light purple drink in it. 

"Here's your breakfast, campers!" Chris laughs pointing at the blender. Chef pours each of the campers a cup, the drink is very thick and slowly comes out of the blender.

"Ugh seriously?" Phoebe groans.

"What is this?" Slater asks worringly.

"Protein shakes! Well it's mainly just whey and protein powder with a bit of dish water." Chris says. 

"Ew!" Most the teens say in unison.

"Is this part of the challenge or something?" Kat asks.

"Nope! The protein will get you through the day though!" Chris says. All the teens look disgusted.

Anton starts drinking the protein shake right up. "It's not too bad." He says.

"You're stoned, dude."  Darren says.

"Oh yeah." Anton laughs.

After 'breakfast' is finished. The camera shows the campers, Chef, and Chris in the forest of the camp. "The challenge for today is extreme sports. Each team will pick two members for each sport, we will start off with Extreme Pogo, then Cliff Climbing, and then Hardcore parkour. This will be a point system, Chef and I will judge each athletic pair of your team with each sport. Whichever team gets the most points will win." Chris explains.

Two random interns throw four beaten-up pogosticks at Chris and he catches them and smiles. "The pair you pick for your team for extreme pogo needs to do as many tricks or at least not fall to get points. Teams pick your extreme xpogers!" Chris says.

"You have better balance than me, right?" Lluvy asks Oliver.

"If you say so hun, I guess I'll do it." Oliver says.

"When I was a kid, in my neighborhood, I was the pogo king." Teagan says.

"Wow, so impressive." Phoebe flirts.

"Ugh, didn't ask for your life story, just do it." Alison complains, Webster giggles.

"Guys! I'll pogo for the team! I'm super good at jumping." Kat says, excited.

"There's no way I'm gonna pogo, look bad on my rep." Darren says.

"I don't really have the best balance." Slater says, Eve nods in agreement.

"I wanna do the parkour." Norah laughs, rubbing her hands together.

"I'll take one for the team, but I've never pogoed before, man." Anton says.

"Alright, so Oliver and Teagan will pogo for the Screaming Outcasts and Anton and Kat will pogo for the Killer Losers. Come on up and impress us!" Chris says handing each a pogo stick.

All four get on their pogo sticks. Anton seems the most shaky on the pogo stick, trying to get his balance. Oliver does a few jumps, but can't seem to do any tricks. Kat bounces higher than any of the four and tries to do a trick by turning the stick to the side as she jumps. Teagan becomes overly confident and tries to do a trick, but falls on his face.

"Damn, sorry." Teagan says, still with his face in the ground.

"Focus." Anton says to himself. 

Anton gains his balance and bounces higher and somehow manages to do a flip on the pogo. Everyone is stunned.

"I thought you never pogoed before?" Slater says, confused.

"I guess I was a pogoer in my past life, man." Anton says, still bouncing, Slater smiles.

"Outstanding! I can't believe you weren't the one to fall on your face." Chris laughs. "Now for the scores of this round."

Chris holds up a 2 and Chef holds up a 3 for the Screaming Outcasts. Then for the Killer Losers Chris holds up an 8 and Chef holds up a 9.

"So the Screaming Outcasts are losing by 12 points, haha. Now for the cliff climbing round, let's head for the bottom of the cliff!" Chris announces.

The camera shows the the campers, Chef, and Chris at the bottom of the cliff. Chris is holding some ropes for the climbers.

"Alright teams pick two of your leftover members to climb all the way up this cliff. Whichever team gets up to the top without falling wins." Chris explains.

"We can't afford to lose this round, I'll go." Alison says.

"I'm sorry Alison, I'm really scared of heights." Webster sighs.

"Ugh, useless. I can't abandon him yet though." Alison says in the confessional. 

"No way, not with you." Phoebe says, nose in the air.

Lluvy's eyes widen. 

Lluvy is shown in the confessional. "No! I have to climb with her! Agh, this is awful." Lluvy says.

"Okay, I can climb, who's with me?" Darren volunteers.

"It can be that hard right?" Eve says. Darren and Eve high-five. 

"Good luck guys." Slater smiles.

"Alright, Darren and Eve are climbing for the Killer Losers and Alison and Lluvy are climbing for the Screaming Outcasts. Come on up guys, we'll score you this round too." Chris explains.

Chris hands the ropes to the four campers and they get their safety vests on. The teens then start to climb.

"We got this!" Darren says and Eve nods.

"Ugh, I can't believe I have to work with you the goth kid." Alison climbs while climbing with Lluvy.

"I'm scene. It's a huge difference." Lluvy corrects.

"You better not mess up, don't pull a Brenda." Alison says.

"I'm not so happy about working with you either. We might as well get it over with." Lluvy says.

"Whatever, emo." Alison rolls her eyes.

Darren and Eve are way ahead of Lluvy and Alison because of their arguing. 

"We're almost there!" Darren says.

"No. They are not going to win over us." Alison says. Alison spots a loose big chunk of rock and picks it up. She hurls the rock up to hit Darren and Eve. The rock hits Darren in the back of the head and starts to fall.

"Darren!" Eve yells.

Eve tries to grab hold of him, but Alison throws another rock. Darren falls all the way back to the bottom of the cliff.

"This is going to hurt in the morning." Darren mumbles.

Eve gasps as she sees Alison throwing more rocks. Eve climbs faster and somehow dodges the rocks.

"Come on, help me!" Alison yells at Lluvy while climbing. 

"I'm not playing dirty, I'm not going to throw anything at her!" Lluvy yells.

"Utterly useless." Alison says.

Eve quickly makes it to the top of the cliff and is out of breath. Chris and Chef are shown at the top of the cliff as well.

"I made it anyway!" Eve cheers, then passes out.

"Wow, haha. I guess sports are not your forte." Chris says.

Lluvy and Alison finally make it up the cliff. Lluvy is basically panting and Alison rolls her eyes.

"Score please." Alison commands.

"Even though Eve made it up here first both Chef and I have to give the Killer Losers a 5 because Darren didn't make it. Since both Alison and Lluvy made it up here, both Chef and I give your team a 9. So the Killer Losers have 27 points and the Screaming Outcasts have 23 points. Now let's go to the parkour area I set up." Chris says.

The campers, Chris, and Chef are shown at a poorly set up dangerous parkour course. 

"The remaining players of each team will have to go parkour this course start to finish, whichever team finishes first will get double their points. So Slater and Norah will parkour for the Killer Losers and Phoebe and Webster will parkour for the Screaming Outcasts. Come on up guys." Chris explains.

Before Webster goes up, Alison whispers something in his ear. Webster nods, and goes up. The teens are stationed right at the start of the course.

"Ready. Set. Go!" Chris shouts.

"Get on my back!" Norah yells.

"What?" Slater asks.

"Just do it!" Norah commands.

Slater gets on her back and she carries him while doing intense parkour.

"Oh my god." Phoebe says. "Come on Webster." 

"Okay." Webster giggles.

Webster is shown in the confessional. "Phoebe's really pretty. I don't know why Alison told me to push her off." Webster scratches his head.

Slater is screaming in fear of his life as Norah parkours insanely fast with him on his back. Phoebe and Webster start to go faster to catch up.

"Webster, I just want you to know. You can't trust Alison. You can trust me though." Phoebe says.

"Okay if you say so." Webster agrees.

It shows Phoebe in the confessional. "Wow, that was a lot easier than I thought." 

Webster falls off quite a bit, but gets back up with help from Phoebe.

Norah and Slater finish first and Norah lets Slater of her back. 

"Never again." Slater says.

Slater is shown in the confessional. "I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes." Slater shakes. 

Slater is now traumatized after riding on Norah's back.

Phoebe and Webster come in shortly after.

"Looks like Killer Losers win again! See you tonight Screaming Outcasts at another marshmallow ceremony." Chris announces.

"Aw." Webster frowns.

"It'll be okay." Phoebe smiles and puts her hand on his chest.

Alison sees this and glares. "I know she's trying to vote me out now." Alison says in the confessional.

"I know Alison is trying to vote me out, so I need Webster because he's her only friend." Phoebe says in the confessional.

Alison pulls Webster to the side. "What was she talking to you about?" Alison asks.

Webster starts crying. "She told me not to trust you. Now she's gonna hate me for telling you."

"Ugh, just stop crying. It's okay. But know this, Phoebe is a snake." Alison says.

"Okay, Alison. Thanks." Webster stops crying.

Phoebe is shown listening in on them.

"Dammit." Phoebe says.

The camera then pans to the marshmallow elimination ceremony with Chris and the Screaming Outcasts.

Now Screaming Outcasts, welcome to your sixth elimination ceremony. There are 5 marshmallows on this plate, and six of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

First marshmallow is for Lluvy." Chris says, then he tosses her her marshmallow.

"Yes, first again." Lluvy says.

"Next marshmallows are for Oliver and Phoebe." Chris says while he throws their marshmallows to them.

"Alison." Chris says and throws her a marshmallow. Alison gives Phoebe a dirty look.

Webster and Teagan are the two campers left without a marshmallow. Chris is holding the last marshmallow "So who gets the last marshmallow?" They both look equally worried. 

"The last marshmallow goes to...

"Webster." Chris says handing her the marshmallow. 

"Ha!" Alison says and glares at Phoebe. Phoebe raises an eyebrow. 

"Wait." Phoebe says looking at Teagan and then she curses.

"Ah man." Teagan sighs.

"To the Dock of Shame you go Teagan." Chris says.

Teagan is shown on the Dock of Shame with Chris and Phoebe comes with him. 

"Can I have a kiss before I go?" Teagan asks and he leans in for a kiss.

"Uh." Phoebe says and leans in too, hesitant.

"No time! You gotta go loser!" Chris laughs.

Phoebe sighs a sigh of relief behind Teagan's back so that he cannot see. Teagan is then taken onto the Boat of Losers and sails off.

Chapter #12: "Well I Used To Be The Hide and Seek Champion."

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is a bright morning. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to say. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, the campers were put the physical test in extreme sports. They had to do xpogo, cliff climbing, and hardcore parkour to finish it off. Anton impressed us with his newfound pogo skills and Teagan fell off and faceplanted. Alison sabotaged Eve and Darren in cliff climbing by throwing rocks, making him fall down. Norah then took the challenge for the Killer Losers during hardcore parkour, but probably gave Slater some mental and emotional trauma, haha. In the end, Teagan was the one sent home. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens? That's what your about to find out!" Chris explains.

The camera then shows the outside of the cabins. There is a crane with a wrecking ball right next to them and Chris comes into view with his megaphone.

"Wake up, campers! Get on out here!" Chris yells into the megaphone. A unanimous groan is heard from all of the campers. The next scene pictures all eleven campers in their pajamas, tired. 

"Woah, what's the deal with the wrecking ball?" Lluvy asks.

"It's time for the great merge campers! The new guy's cabin will be the Killer Loser's guy's cabin and the new girl's cabin will be the Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin. That means I get to use a wrecking ball to destroy the other two of these cabins!" Chris announces.

"Don't you have to be, I don't know, authorized to operate a crane with a wrecking ball?" Slater asks.

"Let alone just a crane?" Oliver asks.

"Who cares! Let me have my fun. Now people who need to move their stuff, move it now!" Chris says, jumping into the crane.

Eve, Kat, Norah, Oliver, and Webster rush to pack and move their stuff out of their cabins before Chris destroys them. The next scene shows those campers with all of their stuff out of the cabins.

"I'm guessing that's everyone! So you better get out of the way and feel free to move in to your new cabins, because I'm about to wreck these babies!" Chris yells.

The camera then shows the outside of the cabins. There is a crane with a wrecking ball right next to them and Chris comes into view with his megaphone.

"Wake up, campers! Get on out here!" Chris yells into the megaphone. A unanimous groan is heard from all of the campers. The next scene pictures all eleven campers in their pajamas, tired. 

"Woah, what's the deal with the wrecking ball?" Lluvy asks.

"It's time for the great merge campers! The new guy's cabin will be the Killer Loser's guy's cabin and the new girl's cabin will be the Screaming Outcasts girl's cabin. That means I get to use a wrecking ball to destroy the other two of these cabins!" Chris announces.

"Don't you have to be, I don't know, authorized to operate a crane with a wrecking ball?" Slater asks.

"Let alone just a crane?" Oliver asks.

"Who cares! Let me have my fun. Now people who need to move their stuff, move it now!" Chris says, jumping into the crane.

The next scene shows the campers moving into their new cabins with their new roommates. The girl's cabin is pictured first where Eve, Norah, and Kat are moving in with Lluvy, Phoebe, and Alison. Lluvy, Alison, and Phoebe are already in three separate beds. 

"Hey welcome to our cabin!" Lluvy greets.

Alison sighs, reading a magazine on her bed.

"Hey wanna bunk?" Phoebe asks Eve, applying lipgloss in the mirror.

"Um, are you talking to me?" Eve asks.

"Of course I am!" Phoebe smiles at Eve.

"Oh okay." Eve replies.

"Woah, we're like hair twins kind of, Lluvy!" Kat says.

"How cool! Wanna be my bunkmate? I hope you don't mind top bunk though!" Lluvy says.

"Top bunk is my favorite!" Kat says happily.

"Ugh." Alison sighs even louder. "So that leaves me with?" Alison looks up from her magazine to find Norah. "Oh, no."

"Don't worry I can deal with top bunk, I can fight off chupacabras from here easier." Norah says, Alison's eyes widen. Norah jumps up onto the top bunk. 

It shows Alison in the confessional. "I'm bunking with crazy, ugh. She might be a good asset for an alliance though."  

The camera then cuts to the new guy's cabin. Oliver and Webster are moving in. Anton is smoking a joint, Darren is giving himself a tattoo with a needle and indian ink, and Slater is talking to both of them. 

"Hey new dudes! Welcome to our casa which is now our casa." Anton greets them, still smoking. 

"Thanks?" Oliver says. 

"Make your selves at home." Darren says. 

"So can I have this part of the bunk?" Webster asks. 

"I don't see why not, dude." Slater says. 

"Are you giving yourself a tattoo?" Oliver asks. 

"Yeah, want one?" Darren asks. 

"Nah. Looks pretty cool though." Oliver compliments. 

"Thanks dude. You still want one Anton?" Darren says, concentrating on his tattoo. 

"Hell yeah, man." Anton smiles big, still smoking. 

Chris's voice is heard over the intercom. "Time for your challenge campers! Hope you've settled in or not, haha. Get on back out here!" Chris yells. 

The next scene shows all of the campers outside, dressed in their normal clothes, right by Chris. The two other cabins are completely destroyed and the wrecking ball crane is gone. 

"It is every camper for themselves. So for your challenge, we are going to play intense hide and seek. You can hide anywhere on the island, Chef Hatchet will hunt you guys with a paint gun. Whoever is the last to be found will get immunity. If you get shot by Chef with a paint ball, you have to go to the out box which is just the Dock of Shame. Some of you may hint where other campers are, if you are out, but you can't use your words, haha. You guys will get a head start for ten minutes, which starts, um now." Chris laughs.

Most the teams run off in different directions to find a hiding place. The camera shows Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater nearing the woods. 

"If we all split up, we'll have better chance of at least one of us getting immunity right?" Slater asks.

"You're probably right." Darren shrugs.

"Good idea, Slater." Eve says, making Slater smile.

"Alright, man. We got this." Anton says.

Darren, Eve, and Slater all run in different directions and Anton stays where he is, putting his hand to his face.

"Hm, where to hide? Nature wanna help me out man?" Anton asks a tree.

The camera shows Kat heading for the mess hall. She tiptoes inside and hides in the pantry. She makes herself small and hides behind a couple of cereal boxes.

"Wait, there's actual food back here?" Kat says, looking at the cereal.

Kat is then shown in the confessional.

"I'm sure Chef wants us to think to avoid the mess hall because that's where he works, but it's too obvious. See I'm smart enough to figure this out." Kat says.

Webster then walks into the mess hall and starts to look for a place to hide with Alison. "What about the very back?" Alison asks. 

"Okay!" Webster yells, Alison then shushes him.

Alison and Webster begins to walk to the back and Alison spots the freezer door open. Inside the freezer Phoebe is sneaking to find a place to hide. Alison grimaces and catches Phoebe's eye. Phoebe gasps and runs up to the doorway and Alison turns her head the other way and slams the door on Phoebe, so that she is locked in there. Alison begins to whistle a happy tune and laughs. 

"Webster?" Alison calls. She gets no answer, "Well whatever." Alison shrugs and walks off, headed for the woods.

The camera cuts to a wild Norah deep in the forest. She is wearing sticks on her head, like antlers. She rolls around on the ground like a dog and gets all the muddy.

Norah is shown in the confessional. "Gotta fool them somehow!" Norah says.

Norah then gathers berries and puts them in a random pouch. She then runs off deeper into the woods.

The camera then cuts to Oliver and Lluvy running together. Lluvy points to the boathouse and Oliver nods. Lluvy opens the door to the boathouse quietly letting herself inside and Oliver comes shortly after her, closing the door without making noise.

Lluvy gags for a second and so does Oliver. 

"It smells so disgusting in here." Lluvy says.

"Maybe we could pick somewhere else real quick?" Oliver asks.

Chris's voice is heard over the intercom. "Time's up, campers!" Chris yells.

Lluvy and Oliver look at each other. Both of them to start to speak, "F-" they are both cut off and the next scene shows Chef Hatchet going out on his hunt, equipped with a paint gun . 

Chef checks the cabins and finds no one, though Eve is in the corner of one, somewhat poorly hidden, yet he does not see her. "Hm." Chef says. 

Chef then is shown at the door of the boathouse and he puts his ear to the door. He hears kissing and he rolls his eyes. He kicks in the door and shoots them both. 

"Dammit." Oliver says. 

"Aw." Lluvy sighs. 

Lluvy and Oliver are now heading for the out box at the Walk of Shame. They both begin to shake their heads at each other, as in a silent argument.  

Darren is seen hiding in a thick berry bush. 

Darren is shown in the confessional. "Hey running from the cops, taught me the best scenery to hide in." Darren says. 

Darren then is hit by an arrow with some kind of paint on it. 

"What the hell?" Darren exclaims. 

A howl is then heard and sounds of something running off.  

Chef then spots Darren trying to get the arrow out of his shoulder. 

"Aw come on man!" Darren says and he tries to get up and run. Chef shoots him before he gets a chance to run. Darren then limps to the outbox on the Walk of Shame. 

The camera cuts to the freezer where Phoebe is shaking and Webster is also there, both are shivering.  

"See I didn't vote for you last time, Alison did! That's why you were almost eliminated Webster. I'm sorry." Phoebe tells Webster. 

"Oh no." Webster pouts. 

"She shut us in here too! You can trust me though, Webster! I promise." Phoebe says. 

"Pinky promise?" Webster shutters, due to the cold. 

"I'll do you one better." Phoebe says and leans in to kiss him. This is interrupted by the door be slowly opened. Webster and Phoebe hold on to each other and close their eyes. A howl is heard and they both gasp, arrows are shot at them, no arrow hits them, but the door is left open. Whatever shot at them had run out of their sight. 

Phoebe and Webster get shot at in the freezer.

Phoebe and Webster peer out to the side to look for it, but they only spot an arrow stuck on the pantry door. Kat peers out of the pantry.  

"That was you?" Phoebe asks Kat. 

"Nope, but I don't know either." Chef says and shoots all three. 

The camera then shows the outbox which contains Oliver, Lluvy, Darren, Phoebe, Webster, and Kat. 

Oliver and Lluvy are arguing about why they shouldn't have hid in the boathouse. 

"I can't believe we did your plan!" Oliver yells. 

"I suggested that we'd leave though, remember?" Lluvy angrily asks. 

"Can you guys just, I don't, shut up?" Darren says, still trying to take the arrow out of his shoulder. Both Lluvy and Oliver roll their eyes at them, but stay quiet. 

"You heard her shut us in there? Why didn't you do anything?" Phoebe angrily asks Kat. 

"No, I just, I didn't want to get caught, and I wasn't sure." Kat replies. 

"Okay then." Phoebe says and gives Webster a look. Webster shrugs. 

The camera cuts to a hole where Slater was hiding, he haddug into the ground and had placed grass on top. 

Slater is shown in the confessional. "Well I used to be a hide and seek champion, I mean can't you see why?" Slater says. 

An arrow is shot at the grass and a howl is heard. 

"What is that?" Slater says, then the arrow hits him. 

"Ow!" Slater exclaims. 

Another howl and is heard, then whatever shot him runs off. Chef then finds his location and shoots him with a paintball. 

"Nice trap though." Chef shrugs. 

"Thanks." Slater says, now slouching. Slater then walks to the outbox. 

The camera cuts to a cave where Alison is hiding. A heavy breathing is then heard.  

"What the-?" Alison gasps and is shot with an arrow. Alison screams, making her location known to Chef. Chef laughs and shoots her with the paintball gun.  

"Ugh!" Alison yells and clenches her fists, walking to the outbox. 

"Three more to go, Anton, Eve, and-" Chef begins to say and is cut off by a creature standing a few feet ahead of him. 

"Me, hahaha!" Norah cackles. 

Chef begins to shoot her, but she runs off. Norah runs towards the outbox where Alison, Darren, Kat, Lluvy, Oliver, Phoebe, and Webster are.  

"I did it haha! I won the challenge! I gave you all away!" Norah laughs and starts to roll around, still laughing. 

"There's two more left, remember?" Chef says, catches her off guard, and shoots her out. 

"No! Not me!" Norah says and plays dead. 

"Alright outbox people, help me find Anton or Eve." Chef says. 

The whole outbox of contestants run out to search the whole island for Anton and Eve. 

Eventually, Darren spots Anton smoking, high up in a tree. Darren acts like he doesn't see or smell him and walks off somewhere else. Shortly after, Kat comes into view. Kat then smells Anton out and gives away his location. 

"He's up here!" Kat yells.

"Narc." Darren says under his breath.

"Huh?" Anton says looking down under the tree.

Chef rushes to the tree and shoots Anton.

"Did I win?" Anton asks as he climbs out of the tree.

"No, we still haven't found Eve yet." Slater says.

"Good for her, man." Anton smiles.

"Eve?" Darren calls out.

"Where is that girl?" Chef asks.

"I'm right here." Eve says, looking somewhat mad.

"Where'd you come from?" Alison asks.

"Where'd you hide?" Oliver asks.

"Teach me your ways!" Norah whispers.

"I didn't even hide, I walked around out in the open most of the time. I just am an unnoticeable person, but I didn't think I was that invisible." Eve rolls her eyes.

"But, hey I got immunity!" Eve cheers.

"Good job, man." Anton says, and gives her a high-five.

"Well, guess it's time for an elimination ceremony. You guys better go cast your votes now! Good luck for people who aren't Eve, because you're probably going to need it, haha." Chris announces. 

The camera then pans to the marshmallow elimination ceremony with Chris and the eleven campers.

Now your first merged elimination ceremony! There are ten marshmallows on this plate, and eleven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"Since you have the advantage of immunity, first marshmallow is for you, Eve." Chris says, then he tosses her her marshmallow.

"Next marshmallows are for Anton, Slater, Webster, and Darren." Chris says while he throws their marshmallows to them.

"Phoebe and Alison." Chris says and throws her a marshmallow. Alison and Phoebe glare at each other.

"Oliver and Lluvy." Chris says as he throws the marshmallows at the couple.

Kat and Norah are the two campers left without a marshmallow. Chris is holding the last marshmallow "So who gets the last marshmallow?"  

"The last marshmallow goes to...

Kat." Chris says. He tosses the final marshmallow to Kat.

"You'll never take me alive, pigs!" Norah yells and runs off and swims in the direction, the Boat of Losers usually goes.

"Well that was something, haha." Chris says.

Chapter #13: "I Cannot Eat This." 

"The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it looks more like an afternoon. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to say.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, the teams were merged. The campers had to play hide and seek with Chef, who would shoot them with a paintball gun if he found them. Oliver and Lluvy fought for once because of their terrible hiding spot. Alison locked Phoebe and Webster in a freezer together. Norah got covered in mud and shot Slater, Darren, Alison, Kat, Phoebe, and Webster with arrows for some reason. Kat gave away Anton's final location, and Eve won the challenge, even though she didn't even hide. Man, that girl is real quiet, haha. In the elimination ceremony it came down to Kat and Norah in the bottom, and Norah was sent home for her insanity and arrow shooting. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens? That's what your about to find out!" Chris explains.

The camera then shows Anton and Darren in the cabin. Anton is smoking as usual, and Darren is drawing designs for tattoos. 

"Dude, we're getting so much closer to the final four." Darren says.

"I know, man. It's totally tubular." Anton says.

"Wait, where did Slater go?" Darren asks.

"I don't know man. I think he went to the store." Anton replies.

"The store?" Darren laughs.

"Oh wait, there isn't any stores here. He's probably with Eve, man." Anton says.

"Oh yeah, you're probably right dude." Darren says.

The camera then shows Eve and Slater at the Dock of Shame.

"It was really cool how you won last challenge, haha." Slater says.

"Thank you, I'm just kind of good at being invisible I guess." Eve says.

"You're not invisible to me, if that's any consolation." Slater says. Eve smiles, and her hand slips and touches Slater's.

"Sorry." Eve blushes.

"Don't be sorry." Slater says and he holds her hand back into his. Slater then leans in, and kisses Eve.


Slater and Eve kiss.

"Wow." Eve says, smiling and blushing.

Slater is shown in the confessional. "Oh my god, I can't believe it finally happened." Slater smiles big.

Lluvy and Oliver are then shown at the campfire. They are shown glaring at each other, arguing.

"So what else don't you like? Screamo music even?" Lluvy angrily asks.

"Well-" Oliver says.

"I guess not. How can't you?" Lluvy asks.

"It's just screaming! Why don't you listen to real metal?" Oliver yells.

Lluvy gasps. "How dare you!" She balls up her fists and walks away.

"Wait, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!" Oliver says.

Lluvy is shown in the confessional. "I can't believe he doesn't even like screamo. Oliver and I really need to fix this, but for now I need to process how he doesn't like screamo." Lluvy says.

The camera then shows Phoebe and Webster at the beach. 

"How about we form an alliance Webster?" Phoebe asks.

"But, I'm in one with Alison already." Webster says and then gasps, realizing he told her a secret.

"It's not an alliance if the other person votes for you, you know." Phoebe says.

"Oh yeah." Webster says, rubbing his face.

"So what do you say, we're a team or?" Phoebe asks, as she plays with his hair.

"Definitely." Webster says, drooling.

"We got to vote out Alison first though." Phoebe says.

"Okay." Webster says, still drooling.

Alison is shown eavesdropping on this conversation, and she looks extremely angry. Alison runs off to her cabin and slams the door. She screams and hyperventilates. She then stops and sees that Kat just witness her scream. Kat looks somehwat traumatized. 

"It's rude not to state your presence when someone like me is around." Alison puts her nose in the air.

"Uh okay." Kat says, raising an eyebrow.

"Wait a minute, you almost got voted out again last time right?" Alison asks.

"Yeah, so?" Kat says.

"Maybe I could help you, maybe an allian-" Alison is cut off by Kat.

"An alliance? With you? No thanks." Kat says.

"You'll change your mind." Alison says and barges off.

Chris's voice is heard over the intercom. "Alright campers, meet me in the mess hall for your next challenge. It's gonna be a good one." 

The camera shows all ten campers, Chris, and Chef in the mess hall. There are two huge covered-up plates on both tables.

"So, we're gonna do a Total Drama Island challenge. The grand brunch of disgustingness! It will be a battle of the sexes, just like it was in the original because there is an equal amount of girls and guys. This will be a three course meal, haha. Whichever team eats most and vomits the least, wins immunity at the elimination ceremony." Chris explains.

Oliver is shown in the confessional. "Of course it's boys vs. girls! How the hell am I going to fix things with Lluvy?" Oliver sighs.

The camera cuts back to the mess hall. The girls; Alison, Eve, Kat, Lluvy, and Phoebe are sitting at one table. The guys; Anton, Darren, Oliver, Slater, and Webster are sitting at the other. Chef comes out with the first dishes, and puts a dish on each table. 

"Our first dish is fugu fish with fried tarantulas. Eat up, campers!" Chris announces.

Chef reveals the cut up fugu fish and huge fried tarantulas. 

"Don't these have like toxins in them?" Kat asks.

"Who cares! Eat!" Chris says.

Phoebe gulps.

The whole girls table looks nauseous. Eve gulps, and starts taking tiny bites of the fugu fish.

"How?" Lluvy asks. 

"Come on girls, we can't lose." Alison demands and takes a bite of a tarantula and gags.

The camera then shows the boy's table. Anton is scarfing the fugu fish and fried tarantula down and the guys and girls stare at him.

"It's not too bad, man." Anton says.

"Might as well follow his example." Slater says, taking bites out of the fried tarantula.

Darren nods and starts eating as well.

"It's probably not the worst thing I've ever eaten." Oliver shrugs and eats.

Webster gulps and starts eating as well, but gags and throws up.

Kat sees this and starts to vomit as well.

"No don't you start-" Lluvy says, then vomits.

Alison and Phoebe both gag, but don't throw up and still try to eat.

Eve closes her eyes and keeps eating.

The guys are shown to have eaten most of their food.

"Well I guess the guys win a point for this round, because only one person threw up and they ate the most. Now for your next meal, haha." Chris laughs.

Chef brings out the next dish and places one on each table and he reveals the dish.

"Sushi made up of lake algae, alive fish, and fish eyes for the rice. With a side of rotten vegetable soup plus a couple of drowned flies. Good luck with this one, haha." Chris announces.

"Uck, vegetables!" Webster gasps.

All of the other guys give him a strange look. Anton takes the sushi and dips in the soup and gulps it all down.

"How does that guy do it?" Oliver asks, confused.

"You must not know Anton that well, huh." Slater says, Darren laughs.

Darren eats the 'sushi' and gags, but swallows it.

Webster swallows the whole soup and holds it down for a bit. Then it comes back up and he throws up everywhere.

Slater tries eating the sushi, but chokes on a fish eye and vomits.

Oliver can't even take a bit after this and vomits due to Webster and Slater vomiting.

"Oh no, Oliver!" Lluvy yells, Alison glares at her.

"Come on guys, we can tough this out!" Darren encourages.

"Yeah, man!" Anton agrees.

Alison glares at Darren and Anton. She looks at the food and grabs some of it. "Eat the hell up!" Alison says, shoving the sushi in Kat, Lluvy, Eve, and Phoebe's faces.  

The four swallow their food and Lluvy gags. 

"Don't. You. Dare." Alison points at her.

Lluvy swallows and glares at her.

"You have to eat too." Lluvy says and she looks at Kat.

Kat then shoves food into Alison's face.

"Ugh!" Alison says and gags a bit.

"Well I guess the girls win this round. Since three people vomited on the guy's team, none on the girls. Now for your final course." Chris announces.

Chef is smiling as he's bringing out the next dish. He sets a dish on each table and reveals them.

"For your last course we have century old eggs, some durian, and live octopus tentacles. This one takes the cake, so you better scarf this one up!" Chris announces.

The octopus tentacles are moving about on their own, making everyone nauseous. 

"Is this even edible?" Slater asks.

"It's a delicacy is some country!" Chris says.

"The smell is unbearable." Alison says holding her nose.

"I cannot eat this." Lluvy says.

Eve shakes her head at the food and Slater mouths, "You can do it." and Eve smiles.

"Hey, if you let it not touch your tongue and eat it faster, less chance you'll throw up, man." Anton says.

"Great idea." Slater says.

Eve is trying to eat as much as possible and she looks disgusted the whole time through.

Phoebe tries to catch up, by shoveling the food in her mouth, this makes her gag though.

Kat tries eating little by little, but she seems to have trouble keeping it down. She seems to throw up in her mouth, but swallows it, making others sick. Except Anton is not affected because he has already eaten everything. 

"Eat you lazy bitch!" Alison screams at Lluvy.

"Stop screaming at me!" Lluvy says and shoves food into Alison's mouth.

"You little-" Alison says and shoves food in Lluvy's mouth.

Alison and Lluvy both vomit after gaging on some octopus tentacles.

"This is your fault!" They both yell at each other.

Slater, Darren, and Webster eventually finish their food as well as Phoebe, Eve, and Kat.

Alison, Oliver, and Lluvy rush to finish their food. Oliver looks like he's about to throw up as he almost finishes his food. The rest of the guys stare at him, hoping he'll keep it down. Somehow Oliver manages to not to vomit.

"Looks at the guys win immunity for this challenge! Meet you guys in the marshmallow elimination ceremony. Some girl is leaving tonight!" Chris announces.

The camera then pans to the marshmallow elimination ceremony with Chris and the ten campers.

"Now your second merged elimination ceremony! There are nine marshmallows on this plate, and ten of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"Since the guys won this round, first marshmallows go to Anton, Darren, Oliver, Slater, and Webster." Chris says, then he tosses her her marshmallow.

"Next marshmallows are for Anton, Slater, Webster, and Darren." Chris says while he throws their marshmallows to them.

"Eve." Chris says and throws her a marshmallow.

"Yes!" Eve says, and eats her marshmallow.

"Phoebe." Chris says as he throws the marshmallows to her.

"Kat." Chris says and tosses her a marshmallow.

"Yay, real food." Kat smiles.

Alison and Lluvy are the two campers left without a marshmallow. Chris is holding the last marshmallow "So who gets the last marshmallow?"

"The last marshmallow goes to...

Alison." Chris says. He tosses the final marshmallow to Alison.

Most everyone looks confused, with the exception of Alison.

"I can't believe this." Lluvy says.

"I can." Alison grimaces.

Lluvy walks onto the Dock of Shame. Oliver follows after her.

"Lluvy, I'm so sorry I said bad things about screamo and for arguing so much." Oliver apologizes.

"No, I'm sorry I shouldn't have started a fight in the first place." Lluvy says.

They kiss and make up. "Win it for me!" Lluvy says as she gets onto the Boat of Losers. She blows a kiss for Oliver. 

Oliver pretends to catches and begins to tear up.

"Lluvy!" Oliver cries.

"How dramatic. We'll see you next time on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

Chapter #14: "I've Never Been So Scared In My Life." 

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is shown to be morning. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to say.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, Phoebe and Webster formed an alliance and Eve and Slater kisses. The campers then had to endured the challenge of brunch of disgustingness! Just like in Total Drama Island for that challenge it was a battle of the sexes. The first round of disgusting food was fugu fish and fried tarantulas. The boys won that round because one less member of their team vomited. The second round, the girls won. Alison got up in the other girl's faces, literally, but with food. The last round, the guys won after Alison and Lluvy vomited after fighting and shoving food into each other's faces. In the elimination ceremony it came down to Alison and Lluvy, but Lluvy was voted out, shockingly. Oh yeah, and Oliver cried about it. What happens this time on Total Drama Teens? That's what your about to find out!" Chris explains.

"Wake up campers!" Chris yells into a megaphone.

The camera shows the guy's cabin. Anton is shown already awake, smoking away. Oliver, Darren, and Slater are starting to wake up. Webster is still snoring heavily. Darren scratches his head when he wakes up. Oliver rubs his eyes and smells the air. Slater is stretching his arms.

"I can't believe you're up this early, Anton." Slater says.

"Me neither, man. I couldn't really sleep, there's creepy vibes about." Anton says, smoking and then looking around.

"What's that smell?" Oliver asks. He then rubs his eyes and sees Anton smoking.

"Oh yeah." Oliver says.

"How is this kid still asleep? I undertsand Anton, but this guy?" Darren asks about Webster.

"He's just a hard sleeper, I guess." Oliver shrugs.

"I got an idea." Darren says. Darren looks for a bag of candy and finds a string of licorice.

"Oh no, man." Anton starts to laugh.

Darren sticks the licorice up Webster's nose and all of the guys are starting to laugh. Darren grabs another piece and is about to put another one in. Webster wakes up quickly. Darren, Oliver, Anton, and Slater start laughing at Webster with a piece of licorice stuck in his nose.

"What happened?" Webster said, the licorice then falls out.

"Oh licorice?" He asks and then eats it.

"You know that was in your nose right?" Slater asks.

Webster gasp, shrugs, and eats it anyway.

"Gnarly, man." Anton says.

The inside of the girl's cabin is then shown.  Alison groans loudly and then signs in her annoyance towards Chris.

"Well that's attractive." Phoebe says sarcastically.

"More attractive than you, nasty." Alison rolls her eyes.

Eve and Kat roll their eyes.

"Can you guys, I don't know, shut up for once?" Kat asks, annoyed.

Alison and Phoebe both give Kat a death glare. Kat then looks nervous. Eve is shown quietly slipping out of the cabin without being noticed.

"Um, did I say that out loud?" Kat nervously laughs, scratching the back of her head.

Phoebe just rolls her eyes and goes to the mirror to apply lipstick. Alison continues to glare.

"I'll be watching you." Alison threatens, Kat gulps.

Eve is shown in the confessional. "Yeah I feel kind of bad for leaving Kat in there, but I really don't too well with drama." Eve admits and then shrugs.

The camera then shows the outside of the cabins with the nine campers standing and yawning. The winds blow hard and the camp seems a lot more ominous than usual.

"I have a bad feeling about today, man." Anton says, spacing out.

"Hopefully that's just you being high, right?" Oliver asks.

"I don't know about this time, man." Anton says.

"Does anyone see Chris?" Kat asks.

"Nope." Darren says without a care.

"Where the hell is he? He was the one who called us out here." Alison angrily asks.

"Let's just all go to the mess hall, I'm sure Chris or at least Chef is there." Slater suggests.

The nine campers all walk to the mess hall with Anton lagging behind while he keeps looking around. He finally catches up and walks around into the mess hall. The camera then shows inside of the mess hall. The campers are the only ones in the mess hall, there is no Chris or Chef.

"Okay yeah, this is kinda weird." Phoebe shivers.

"This is getting spooky." Webster says.

All of the campers getting very quiet and have an eerie moment of silence. This silence is broken by the voice of Chris, but he is not seen. The campers gasp with shock.

"Hello campers!" Chris says.

"Where is that even coming from?" Kat asks.

"The intercom, stupid. Kids these days don't even notice the little things. Anyway, your challenge today is to spend the night in the abandoned cabin in the woods! Sounds fun right? The last two to survive in the cabin the longest will win immunity. There's also a golden immunity tiki hidden in the cabin somewhere, so good luck finding that too. Oh and you must participate in this challenge or you will be eliminated right away, so you better grow some cajones! I had interns draw arrows on the ground and trees to help you guys find your way there. Better grab some food rations before you go though, you'll need the energy." Chris explains, his voice then cuts out.

"I don't like the sound of this at all." Webster shivers.

"Get over yourself." Alison rolls her eyes.

"You heard the man! We gotta get those food rations, they're going to be vital, I know it." Anton suggests.

The campers then rush to raid the pantry of the rations. The pantry is then shown to only have four cans of food rations. Phoebe, Alison, Darren, Kat, and Oliver fight for them. Webster doesn't even realize they're fighting and just waits outside. Anton is seen already have slid one can into his pocket and he motions Darrens to stop fighting. Slater and Eve nod at Anton and Anton gives them a thumbs up. Eventually Phoebe, Alison, Kat, and Oliver resolve their food situation. Then all of the campers are shown outside.

"Okay let's just stick together on the way there everyone." Slater says, Eve nods.

All of the campers then head into the woods following the arrows heading towards the abandoned cabin. The winds starts to pick up more and more. The skies start to darken as they get closer to the cabin.

"Wasn't it just a lot lighter outside?" Kat asks.

"Now this cannot be good." Oliver whines.

The campers eventually get to the abandoned cabin. It is now completely dark outside. The abandoned cabin is two stories tall and the cabin looks lke it's about to fall apart. Some of the windows are broken and the porch is all dusty. The winds blow even harder and shuts open the front door. Most campers gasp and the others screech.

"I guess this is it." Slater shivers, Eve then takes hold of his hand.

"It can't be too bad." Eve tries to calm him. 

The wind blows hard on the door again and shuts it open and closed repeatedly. Slater shivers again and Eve looks nervous.

"You guys are a bunch of babies. I'm going in." Alison says as she walks up to the porch.

"Might as well." Darren says and follows her.

"This is too sketchy, but we have to do this, dudes." Anton shrugs and goes up to the porch.

"I got this, I've seen enough horror movies to survive." Kat says happily.

"Well I don't have anything to lose." Oliver says slumped over. He then joins the three on the porch.

Eve drags a nervous and resistant Slater to the porch with the other. Webster holds on to Phoebe and walks with her up to the porch, both are shaking.

"I guess this is it guys, let's get this over with." Darren says.

All of the nine campers then enter the abandoned cabin. The first room they enter is revealed to be covered dust and has main staircase that happens to be missing some stairs. All of the campers shiver.

"Okay let's just stick together, guys." Slater says.

"How about no? Well I'm gonna go get that immunity tiki, so bye losers." Alison says and starts to walk off deeper into the house.

"If she can go alone, I can definitely find that tiki on my own." Kat says and walks down the stairs.

"Come on Webster, let's go find a safe place." Phoebe shivers.

"Oh, okay." Webster chatters his teeth. Phoebe and Webster start to walk off deeper in the house.

"I guess I might as well too." Oliver says and goes off as well.

"Are you guys serious? Slater has the right idea, man." Anton says.

"Yeah, have you guys ever seen a horror movie?" Darren asks.

"Plenty. Trust me, I know what I'm doing." Kat calls out from another room.

Eve facepalms in disappointment in Kat, Oliver, Phoebe, Webster, and Alison. 

"We should just stick on the main floor for now, man. Just trust me dudes." Anton suggests, Eve nods in agreement.

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea."  Slater says.

"Alright let's get this challenge over with." Darren says.

The camera then shows Alison in a hallway with many different doors. 

"Now where's that golden immunity tiki? I need some kind of hint." Alison says to herself. A door creaks open after she says that.

"Now that's more like it." Alison laughs and she goes into the room.  

The room is a dusty and completely trashed bedroom. Old books and papers are scattered everywhere. The bed is snapped in half. The wind blows harder outside.

"Doesn't hurt to check the closet." Alison says. She goes over to the closet and opens it slowly. She scans the closet and doesn't notice the shadowy figure hiding in the closet. 

"Of course there's nothing, ugh." Alison complains. She closes the closet and turns around. She gets grabbed by some force and she screams in shock. Her scream is heard throughout the house, making all of the campers shiver in fear. 

The camera then shows Webster and Phoebe going down a different hallway. There is only one door at the end of the hallway. The lights in the hallway begin to flicker on and off. 

"This whole challenge just gives me the goosebumps." Webster shivers.

"It's okay Webster, we just have to take a risk if we're gonna win." Phoebe says, her teeth chattering. 

Webster and Phoebe creep towards the door. They finally get to the door and Phoebe opens it. In the door there are stairs leading to the basement. Both Phoebe and Webster shiver then shrug, and begin to walk down the stairs. There's flickering lights in there as well.

"What's with these lights?" Webster asks.

Once they get down the stairs, they start to look around for a light source. Phoebe comes across a ceiling light and pulls it. This is the first light that doesn't even flicker. The whole room si pretty much empty except for a dirty rug and an old couch. A shadowy figure is seen in the corner, both Phoebe and Webster scream, the shadowy figure starts to scream as well. The figure is revealed to be Kat this time.

"God, you guys scared me. You shoulda warn me next time." Kat says.

"Are you kidding me?" Phoebe asks.

"Uh, no? Alright I'll just leave you guys to it then." Kat says then leaves by walking back up a different set of stairs.

"This might be our safe place, Phoebe!" Webster says and sits with her on the old couch.

"You know when we make it to the final two, I'd split the million with you if I won." Phoebe says and twirls a piece of Webster's hair.

"I would too, I really would, I'd give it all to you." Webster says, drooling a bit. They both then lead in for a kiss, but are interrupted by a revving of a chainsaw.

"That's not Kat is it?" Phoebe shivers. The chainsaw grows louder. Phoebe and Webster scream, which is heard throughout the house. Their screams are then silenced.

The cameras then show Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater in the living room. They all look extremely anxious dude to the screams. 

"That cannot be good." Slater says.

"I've never been so scared in my life." Eve says.

"This is why we gotta stick together, man." Anton says.

"Maybe we need to get weapons, you know just in case." Darren suggests. 

Darren goes over to the fireplace and pulls a a fireplace poker, but can't seem to pick it up as it is stuck in the holder. He pulls again and activates a trap wall, that takes him and Slater (who was standing next to him) away to some other unknown room.

"Woah, what just happened?" Anton asks.

"Slater? Darren?" Eve calls out, but no answer.

"Okay it's not safe here anymore, man. We gotta try to find our friends too." Anton says.

"Sounds good, Anton. Let's get moving." Eve says. 

Eve and Anton run off to try to find Darren and Slater. The camera then shows Oliver alone in the attic. He is holding a candle for light while he looks for the golden immunity tiki.

"If only Lluvy was here to help me. Aww." Oliver says to himself, on the verge of tears.

"Oliver." A faint voice whispers.

"Lluvy?" Oliver asks confused.

The voice calls out to him again and his candle is blown out. A figure starts to run at him and he screams. "You're not Lluvy! You're not Lluvy!" He screams, then just screams even more. The camera then pans to the Darren and Slater in a completely empty room with no windows and no doors.

"Well this isn't too bad, right?" Darren says.

"Other than the fact we happened to be kind of trapped." Slater shivers.

"Um, Slater?" Darren says.

"Yeah Darren?" Slater replies.

"Was that person thing there before?" Darren asks and points to a sketchy figure in a trenchcoat. The sound of a chainsaw starting up is heard. Darren and Slater scream, the camera pans away and their screams are silence. The camera then shows Kat back in the basement.  She is shaking with fear, as the light start to fade out. 

"Just stay quiet, Kat." She whispers to herself.

The basement door on top of the stairs creak open, Kat squeezes her eyes shut. She opens them slightly to see that it is just Anton and Eve. Kat leaves out a sigh of relief. The lights flicker on again for a few seconds and Kat spots a clown wielding a chainsaw next to her. The clown laughs.

"No get those two up there not me!" Kat yells.

"Not cool, man." Anton says.

The chainsaw revs and Kat screams, Eve grabs Anton and they run away. Kat's screams are not heard anymore, but now the clown is chasing Anton and Eve. 

Anton and Eve run from the chainsaw clown.

"Wait aren't we the last two? So we won already?" Eve asks when she's running and starts to slow down.

"Oh wait, I think you're right man." Anton says, slowing down.

"Think again!" A familiar voice calls out.

"Huh?" Anton says in confusion, Anton and Eve stop running. The clown grabs Eve, and Alison pops up revealing she was the voice.

"So I did manage to scare the fake monster thing whatever off, no big deal." Alison says.

Anton tries to pry Eve from the clown, but Alison tries to pull Anton away.

"What are you doing don't you want immunity?" Alison says.

"Because I care about my friends, man. I can't let another homie get behind." Anton says, struggling to get Eve from the clown's grasp. 

Alison slams her foot down on the floor beneath the clown which activates a trap floor door. This cuts off Anton's grasp on Eve, so Eve and the clown go under.

"You're cold-blooded, man." Anton says.

"I helped you win and this is the thanks I get?" Alison argues.

"Whatever, man." Anton says.

Chris's voice is heard. "Congrats, Alison and Anton you won the challenge! Now is time for you to come down!" Chris announces. A trap door then activates under Alison and Anton.

Alison and Anton then appear in a computer room where all of the other campers, Chris, and fake monsters are. The computers in the room show all of the cameras for different rooms in the house.

"Good job, Anton." Darren says and high fives him.

"I'm so glad you all are okay, man." Anton says with relief.

"Okay, now it's time for you guys to vote for your elimination ceremony. Alison and Anton are the only ones immune, so don't vote for them. I guess no one found that golden tiki thing, but probably because there wasn't one, haha." Chris says, laughing. Most the campers groan due to Chris lying about the tiki.

The camera then shows the campfire where the next marshmallow elimination ceremony is being held. Chris and the nine remaining campers are shown.

"Now your third merged elimination ceremony! There are eight marshmallows on this plate, and nine of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"Since Alison and Anton lasted the longest in that abandoned cabin they get the first two marshmallows." Chris says, then he tosses both of them their marshmallows.

"Eve." Chris says, then tosses her her marshmallow.

"Slater and Darren." Chris says and tosses both of them their marshmallows.

"Webster." Chris says and throws his marshmallow at him.

"Oliver." Chris tosses him his marshmallow.

This leaves Kat and Phoebe in the bottom two without a marshmallow. Kat and Phoebe both look very anxious. Chris is holding the last marshmallow in his hand.

"So who is going to stay? The last marshmallow goes to...

Phoebe." Chris says and tosses her the last marshmallow.

"Oh thank you." Phoebe praises and Webster smiles at her. Kat looks disappointed.

"Well this sucks." Kat sighs and folds her arms.

"Alright Kat, chop chop. Dock of Shame and Boat of Losers." Chris hurries Kat along.

She is now seen walking on the Dock of Shame with her head down. 

"I guess this is it." Kat says as she aboards the Boat of Losers.

The chapter ends with the Boat of Losers with Kat sailing off.

Chapter #15: "Can This Thing Go Any Slower?"

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is shown to be a sunny morning. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to speak.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, the nine campers embarked on a scarier challenge in the abandoned cabin in the woods! Alison, Oliver, and Kat went off alone in the house, Phoebe and Webster went together. And Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater stuck together. Phoebe and Webster got scared by Kat on accident, but shortly after got captured in the middle of the both of them almost kissing! Oliver then was second/third to be captured. The quartet was then split up by a trap door; Darren and Slater became the next victims. When Eve and Anton went to try to find those two, they found Kat and a chainsaw clown instead. After Kat was captured, the clown chased after Anton and Eve. Anton tried to save Eve, but Alison managed to make that not happen, so that she would get immunity along with Anton. In the elimination ceremony it came to Kat and Phoebe, but Kat was sent home. What will happen this time? Find out now on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

The camera then shows Webster and Phoebe down by the beach together. Phoebe is wearing a swimsuit and sunglasses, and is sunbathing. Webster is making a sandcastle right near her.

"I'm making this castle for you, Phoebe." Webster says, joyfully.

"Good for you." Phoebe says, not really paying attention.

"I'm gonna name it after you, I'll call it Phoebe." Webster says, patting down more sand.

Alison is seen in the distance, watching them with binoculars. She has a scowl on her face. She is then shown in the confessional. "Ugh! I can't believe she took him right out in front of me! She stole my idea, using the idiot. Ugh, she should at least give me creds. I must find out a way to split them up or take him back. Hm." Alison rubs her face, thinking.

The camera pans back to Phoebe and Webster.

"That's very good, Webster!" Phoebe compliments. She then goes over and kisses him on the cheek, Webster blushes.

Webster is shown in the confessional. "Phoebe's the prettiest girl I've seen with my own two eyes. I'm so glad she's my girl, um, friend. Wait or is she actually my girl-girlfriend?" Webster ponders, with a dumb look on his face.

The camera pans to outside the boy's cabin. Oliver is playing guitar while sitting on the stairs. Eve is seen walking over to the guy's cabin. Anton, Slater, and Darren walk out of the cabin to where Oliver is and are greeted by Eve.

"Eve!" Slater greets and hugs her.

"Hey, Slater." Eve smiles, hugging him.

"Hey guys!" Eve greets Anton and Darren.

"What's up dude?" Darren greets Eve.

"You ready for this wonderful nature walk, this beautiful morning everyone?" Anton asks, breathing in fresh air. 

"Let's do it, dude." Slater says.

"Hey, Oliver want to come with, man?" Anton asks.

"Oh me? Yeah sure, that actually sounds pretty nice." Oliver says and puts his guitar down. 

Oliver joins them and the group of five venture off for a nature walk in the woods. Slater and Eve are holding hands while they're walking with the other three. 

"God, I love it out here. The air is amazing." Slater comments.

"Dude, nature is the coolest thing. I could live out here, man." Anton smiles, looking around the forest. Eve nods in agreement.

"Usually I wouldn't do this kind of thing back at home, but it's so nice outside." Darren says.

"Look at all the baby deer, aw!" Eve says happily.

"I'm so glad I came along guys, this actually has cheered me up a lot just being out here." Oliver says.

"I'm pretty sure it is just so therapeutic to be out here." Slater suggests.

"Kinda feels as great as it did when we got outside time at juvy." Darren says.

They come to a point in the woods where the sun shines just right and the small animals in the forest run free, the birds sing their own songs as the group of five take a moment of silence to take it all in. This peaceful silence is rudely interrupted by Chris's voice from the intercom that is so loud it can still be heard out in the forest.

"Time for your next challenge campers! Come on and meet me at the Arts & Crafts center right now!" Chris demands over the intercom.

"Aw damn, Chris always ruining all good moments." Slater sighs.

"At least it was good while it lasted, thanks for inviting me along." Oliver says.

"No problem, man. I mean if you want to take another nature walk again just ask, mi forest es your forest." Anton says.

The camera then shows the eight campers along with Chris at the Arts & Crafts Center. 

"So your challenge for today is going to be a race all over the island! There is a track set up all over the island and the finish line is located at the campfire. Whoever finishes first gets a reward of getting to relax in a sauna and getting a gourmet meal. But whoever finishes last will be eliminated. You guys will be racing in these dune buggies I have stashed away in here. Before the race I'll give you some time to fix them up, which you might need to do, haha." Chris explains, he then reveals the eight dune buggies. All eight are dusty, beaten up, and look like they're about to fall apart.

"There might be some tools or whatever in the shed. I'll give you a half an hour to try to fix them up, good luck, you're gonna need it." Chris laughs. 

The eight campers rush to get tools from the Arts & Crafts Center, then run back to their dunebuggies. A timer for thirty minute appears in the corner. The campers begin to choose their dunebuggies based on color. Eve picks the red dunebuggie, Alison chooses orange, Webster picks the yellow, Anton chooses green, Slater chooses the blue dunebuggie, Oliver chooses purple, Phoebe picks the pink dunebuggie, then Darren picks the black dunebuggie.

Alison begins to add tons of upgrades on her dunebuggie and keeps a smug look on her face.

Slater fixes up his dunebuggie the quickest.

"I didn't know that you were that handy." Eve says.

"Well not really, I just pay attention too much in school, haha." Slater laughs nervously.

Eve continues to works on her dunebuggie and Slater gives her a few tips.

As Oliver is working on fixing up his dunebuggie, he notices Anton. Anton isn't even fixing his buggie, he just sits and chills inside of it with some shades on.

"You're not going to fix yours?" Oliver asks him.

"Nah man, I have a feeling it will all be good." Anton says.

"Right on, dude." Oliver says.

Darren is working hard on fixing his dunebuggie and he's covered in oil. 

Darren is shown in the confessional. "Man, juvy teaches you a thing or two about cars." He says.

The camera goes back to the Arts & Crafts Center. Phoebe finishes her dunebuggie while Webster is struggling with his. Phoebe notices him struggling.

"You need a hand, cutie?" Phoebe asks.

"Oh yeah, please." Webster says, with a dumb smile.

Phoebe helps to finish up Webster's dunebuggie. The timer goes off, showing that the thirty minutes are up. Phoebe, Slater, Eve, Darren, and Alison are the ones who actually finished up their dunebuggies. Leaving Anton, Oliver, and Webster the ones with unfinished dunebuggies.


Some of the dune buggies after being fixed up for the racing challenge.

"Alright campers, line up with your buggies so we can start the race!" Chris commands.

The eight campers then line up at the starting line with their colored dunebuggies, then they all proceed to strap into their buggies to get ready to start the race.

"Okay campers. Whoever finishes first will win the reward of the sauna and a gourmet meal. Whoever finishes last however will be eliminated. Now you have to stay on the track at all times until the finish line or you will get a penalty." Chris explains.

Chris then pulls out a blank gun to shoot in the air. "Ready, set, go!" Chris yells and shoots the gun in the air. The eight campers then speed off onto the track.

Alison, Slater, Eve, and Darren have the quickest start in the race. Oliver and Anton don't follow too long behind. While Phoebe and Webster are stuck behind in last place.

Alison, Darren, Eve, and Slater drive quickly through the camp with Alison in the lead. Alison looks behind at the other three and flips them off, while she is not paying attention, she swerves her dunebuggie onto the beach, off the track. The other three laugh as they pass her.

"Ugh!" Alison screams as she is now struggling to get her dunebuggies off the beach. 

As she struggles; Oliver, Anton, Phoebe, and Webster pass by. As Phoebe passes by she shouts out, "Karma sucks doesn't it?" then laughs.

Eve, Darren, and Slater are evenly matched for first and Oliver, Anton, Phoebe, and Webster follow shortly after.

"Come on Anton dude!" Darren yells out to him.

"I'm on my way man!" Anton calls back.

"Webster, we gotta step up our game." Phoebe yells to Webster.

"But how?" Webster asks.

"Floor it on three. 1, 2, 3!" Phoebe yells and she floors it, Webster accidentally brakes, mistaking the brake for the accelerator. He swerves, and gets stuck behind. 

"Dammit, Webster." Phoebe rolls her eyes and passes Oliver and Anton.

Darren and Slater slide and drive through the mudpit with ease, while Eve struggles. Darren and Slater slow down for her to get out of it and also for Anton who is now catching up. Phoebe tries to speed into the mudpit, but gets caught in the mud. Oliver and Anton pass her, but soon after Oliver gets stuck too. Anton slides across the mudpit with surprising ease and catches up to his friends. Eve gets out of the mudpit, then Anton, Darren, Slater, and Eve have the new lead.

Webster catches up and passes both Phoebe and Oliver in the mud pit. 

"Sorry Phoebe, I'll come back for you!" Webster yells out to her, she sighs with anger.

Webster then catches up to the for friends who happen to be deeper into the forest now.

Alison shows up out of nowhere and speeds past Oliver and Phoebe in the mudpit covering them in mud. "What did you say about karma again?" Alison laughs and speeds up. 

"Oh that's it." Phoebe says and revs her engine.

Oliver gets out of the mudpit first, then Phoebe does the same. They both race to catch up to the others. 

Alison unloads a bunch of rocks she must've gotten from the beach to slow those two down.

The leaders in the race; Anton, Darren, Eve, Slater, and Webster drive towards the cliff that they have to the top of then drive around the top and come back down. 

"Alright guys, I think we got this!" Eve says.

Alison floors her dunebuggie and catches up to the five leaders. 

"Not this crazy chick." Slater sighs.

"Oh no." Webster worries.

As the five proceed to the top of the cliff, Alison rams into Webster. Webster swerves down the cliff in the wrong direction. She then passesAnton, Darren, Eve, and Slater. She rams into each one and manages to pass them. She purposely leaves a trail of oil for the other campers.

Alison speeds even more and decides to take short cut. Alison runs off the track and finds herself back onto the camp. She then spots the finish line at the Dock of Shame and speeds towards it, she then reaches the finish line. 

"Yes first place! So, where's the sauna at and where's my meal?" Alison asks.

"Uh no, you actually get a penalty." Chris declines.

"What?!" Alison yells.

"I'm not stupid okay, I saw you myself go off the track. For mistaking me for being a stupid person like you, I'll lengthen your penalty, let's give you thirty minutes." Chris laughs. A penalty timer with thirty minutes shows up on the screen.

"Chris you're the literal worst." Alison grunts.

"Thanks, I know." Chris smiles.

Shortly afterwards, Darren drives up to the finish line and wins first place.

"Congratulations Darren, you've won the reward!" Chris announces.

"Oh hell yeah! I guess someone's about to learn sabotage ain't everything." Darren says.

"Get loss, ass." Alison glares at him.

"Sorry you're just bad candy, babe." Darren laughs. Alison looks at him angrily.

Slater then comes into view and drives up to the Dock of Shame and crosses the finish line.

"Nice, second place Slater." Chris comments.

"That's a relief." Slater says.

They see a red dunebuggie come into the horizon, then they see that it is Eve. She then speeds to the finish line and gets third place.

"Not too bad Eve, third place." Chris announces.

Slater hugs and kisses Eve.

"I hope Anton makes it here soon." Eve says.

"I do too, I'm sure he'll make it." Slater assures.

The camera goes back to the cliff, where Anton and Webster have been swerving in the oil. Webster seems to be panicking and Anton just seems very lax.

"Oh god I gotta get out of this." Webster worries.

Webster then floors it and gets out of the oil trap. Anton slides out of theoil trap as well, but without even trying. Webster speeds toward the finish line and Anton gets a major boost from the oil which pushes him forward to the finish line. Webster crosses the finish line before him claiming fourth place. The oil trail brings Anton all the way up to the finish line and gets fifth place.

"Webster, you're in fourth." Chris announces.

"Oh no, Phoebe's not here." Webster says sadly.

"Anton, fifth place, dude." Chris announces.

"Alright alright alright." Anton says, and puts some shades back on.

Alison's penalty box has ten minutes left on it. The camera goes back to the cliff where Oliver and Phoebe just got to and are now racing neck-to-neck. The two drive up the cliff and Phoebe starts to ram into Oliver. They both get to the top and Phoebe floors it. She passes him and the oil speeds her up even more. Oliver swerves because of the oil and struggles. 

The camera flashes back to the finish line. The pink dunebuggie comes into view and Phoebe speeds on up to the finish line. She crosses the finish line making sixth place. Alison's penalty timer has five minutes left.

"Sixth place, Phoebe." Chris says.

"Take that Alison." Phoebe says, out of breath. 

"Soon will be the moment of truth, who will be going home? Alison or Oliver?" Chris announces. 

Alison looks extremely worried for once. The time is ticking down on her clock seemingly slower and slower. The camera pans back to Oliver who is now free from the oil trap. He is now driving in the camp and speeding, but his dunebuggie isn't going too fast. 

"Can this thing go any slower?" Oliver says and keeps trying to floor it. 

Oliver sees the finish line and tries to beat Alison's penalty timer with only a few seconds left to determine the big fate. 

"This is gonna be a close one!" Chris says.

Oliver is just about to cross the finish line, but right before he gets to the beginning of the line, Alison's timer goes off.

"No one was hoping for it, but Alison is safe. Sorry Oliver, but you've been eliminated." Chris announces.

"Oh man." Oliver sighs.

"In your face! Screw you all! I'm still in the game!" Alison cheers. 

Everyone glares at her, including Chris. The Boat of Losers is waiting at the Dock of Shame there with them. Oliver then decides to say his goodbyes.

"Hey man, don't be too sad, at least you'll get to see Lluvy now, man." Anton enlightens.

"That's true, dude. Thanks." Oliver says. 

"Alright Oliver, the Boat of Losers awaits you. Sorry dude." Chris says.

"It was a good run, I guess. Bye guys." Oliver says.

He says his final farewell. He then aboards the Boat of Losers and sails off into the distance and the boat goes out of view.

Chapter #16: "I Hate Boney Island."

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is shown to be a bright, sunny morning. Chris smiles into the camera.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to say. "Last time on Total Drama Teens, the eight campers had a race around the island in beaten up dunebuggies! Alison, Darren, Eve, and Slater were the main leaders of the race; then Alison swerved off onto the beach as Anton, Phoebe, and Webster pass her. The remaining frontunners sucessfully passed the mudpit and waited on Anton who caught up to them. Shortly after was Webster who became a lead in the race as well. Oliver and Phoebe got stuck in the mudpit and get passed by Alison. She then sabotages the other teams with beach rocks and an oil spill. She cheated by taking a shortcut and got a nice penalty timer. Darren won the reward by getting first place. Slater got second, then Eve, then Webster, and Anton got fifth. Phoebe and Oliver raced neck-to-neck, but Phoebe beat him and got sixth place. Oliver tried to make it before Alison's timer, but didn't make in time, so Oliver was sent home and Alison stayed. What will happen this time? Find out now on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

"Time for breaky, campers!" Chris yells into his megaphone to wake the campers.

The camera flashes to the guy's cabin. Anton lights up in the face, then lights up a joint.

"Did someone say breakfast?" Anton smiles.

"Hell yeah man." Darren says, stretching his arms. 

"Man, I'm so starved." Slater yawns.

"Yay breakfast!" Webster cheers and jumps out of bed to go to the mess hall.

Webster leaves the cabin first and walks to the mess hall. Slater then gets out of bed and waits for Anton and Darren. Once they both manage to get out of bed, the three of them head to the mess hall as well.

The camera then pans to the inside of the girl's cabin. Alison groans once she had heard Chris's voice. 

"It's too early for everything." Alison complains.

"Everytime you complain, gains you another wrinkle, you know."  Phoebe snarks.

"Shut up, your beauty sleep isn't doing you any favors, you know." Alison imitates.

"Well it got me Webster, so." Phoebe puts her nose in the air.

"Ugh, I hate you!" Alison yells.

Eve slides out of the cabin without a sound to avoid any more Phoebe and Alison drama. Eve is then shown in the confessional. "Man, I hate all this drama in my cabin and it's just two other people. From the words of Anton, they need to chill."  Eve says.

The camera then pans to the mess hall. The seven campers, Chef, and Chris are all there. Phoebe and Webster are sitting together, the group of four (Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater) are sitting together, and Alison sits alone. They all are eating their gruel breakfast already.

"I kinda regret that gourmet meal now, because in comparison this stuff kinda sucks." Darren says.

"You'll get used to it again soon enough, I mean it is all we eat." Slater says.

"You have a point, dude." Darren says, then continues to eat.

"Man, I could eat everything all day." Anton says, already done with his gruel.

"Iron stomach?" Eve suggests and laughs a bit.

"Dudeee, I think you're right." Anton says and laughs too.

"I'm so happy we're both still in the game, Phoebe." Webster says.

"We're gonna win this, I know it." Phoebe plays with his hair, then smirks at Alison.

"Succubus." Alison mutters and gives both of them the death glare.

"Alright campers, so we're gonna go to Boney Island for this challenge or well you guys are going, I'm just gonna watch, haha. After you finish your breakfast, we'll go down to the beach and I'll explain the challenge further. So hurry up because I don't have all day." Chris announces.

The camera then pans to the beach where all seven campers and Chris are. There are seven canoes on the beach, one for each camper.

"Each of one of you will take your canoe and canoe your way to Boney Island. I had interns set up 25 tiki idols around the island. Whoever finds and brings back the most tiki idols to this beach will win the reward of another gourmet meal! Whoever brings back the least however, will be eliminated. Each one of you will get a bag for your idols. There will be a timer for three hours for you guys to do your search. If you don’t finish the challenge by coming back to the beach before the timer is up, you getting eliminated. Oh yeah and that timer begins right now." Chris announces, the timer begins at 3 hours.

The seven campers rush and jump into their canoes and start to oar their way up to Boney Island as fast as they possibly can. The campers get to the Boney Island shore at about the same time. Once each camper gets to the shore, they jump out of their canoe and leave it on shore, and run off with their bags. Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater run off towards the forest together. Phoebe and Webster both run off into the woods in a different direction. Alison runs to the woods in another direction, alone. 

The camera then pictures Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater huddled around each other in the woods together.

"Okay, we gotta make a plan, man." Anton says.

"Anyone got anything?" Darren asks, Eve shrugs.

"I think I have an idea. There are twenty five idols on the island right? Well, there's four of us. If we each get four idols, there will be nine idols left. Since there's three other people, we'd be safe. I mean I've done the math, it's a sure thing guys!" Slater explains.

"Sounds like a good plan, man." Anton says.

"Good thinking, Slater." Eve smiles.

"That's solid, let's do it." Darren agrees.

The camera zooms out as the quartet starts to look around and search for idols. As the camera zooms out, Alison is seen listening in and she smirks.

Alison is then shown in the confessional. "Maybe I shouldn't just target Phoebe and Webster, but those four other idiots. They've been together this whole time! Ugh, I feel so stupid. I guess I'm just gonna have to take them all including stupid Phoebe and Webster down with them." Alison says and laughs maliciously.

The camera then pans to Phoebe and Webster whom are looking for idols deep in the woods. There are faint growls of unknown animals heard in the distance. Phoebe and Webster shiver and their teeth chatter. 

"I hate Boney Island." Phoebe shivers. "It's too scary here." Webster agrees. "There's gotta be some more idols somewhere." Phoebe says.

Two idols drop from above, possibly from a tree.

"Huh." Webster scratches his head.

"Don't just stand there, grab one!" Phoebe demands, and grabs one of the idols. Webster scratches his head and does the same. 

"Okay let's keep looking, they can't all be in the same spot." Phoebe suggests.

She begins to walk off and Webster follows.  The camera pans up to the tree where those two idols have fallen. Alison is revealed to be there. 

"Oh I'm gonna get those idols back, don't worry." Alison says and begin to laugh. She laughs so hard she falls straight out of the tree.

"Ouch." Alison groans.

The camera goes back to the group of four: Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater. They are all in a more mountainous part of the island and they are searching all over the area.

"I can't believe we all have one more left to go." Slater says, excited.

"You're a genius, dude. This plan is solid." Darren says.

"Yeah man, we're the best team ever, man." Anton smiles.

"Found another!" Eve announces, pulling an idol out of a thorned bush. When she pulls her other hand from the bush, her hand looks a bit red and swollen.

"Oh no, Eve." Slater sounds worried.

"That can't be good." Darren comments.

"Are you okay man?" Anton asks.

"It'll be okay, let's just get the other three idols!" Eve says, determined.

The camera then goes back to a sneaky Alison whom is putting her plan into action. Then, Phoebe and Webster are shown in the distance, totally oblivious to Alison’s presence. Alison is hiding inside a bush right near where Phoebe and Webster are walking. Alison throws out an unknown spotted egg towards Phoebe and Webster, and Webster catches it.

“What’s with all of the things being thrown at us?” Phoebe complains.

“What is this? Could it be an idol?” Webster asks, puzzled.

“All the idols look the same, Webster. It’s an egg.” Phoebe explains, annoyed.

An angry emu comes out of nowhere and stares at Webster and Phoebe.

“Okay, I’m just gonna put this down now.” Webster says nervously.

“There’s emus on this island?!” Phoebe exclaims.

Webster puts down the egg carefully, but it cracks a bit. The emu is angered even more and lets out a call. A whole herd of emus come into view and look at Phoebe and Webster very angrily. Phoebe and Webster slowly back away, then start to run. The emus chase after them.

“I’m never going to Boney Island again!” Phoebe yells.

“I’m never going to touch an egg again!” Webster yells back.

Alison is seen rubbing her hands together and smiling because her plan had succeeded. Alison then walks off, out of view. The camera then pans back to Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater. They are in a more woodsy part of the island again, right next to a cave.

“Do you see that guys?” Slater spots something in the distance.

“What is it man?” Anton asks, squinting to see.

“Is that?” Eve starts to say.

The camera shows a closer view of the cave. A patch of lighter area in the cave has three idols all next to each other.

“It’s three idols all in that cave!” Darren says.

“We gotta grab them, dudes!” Anton says.

The four venture off inside the cave. Water drops slowly down from the top of the cave. When each drop falls, it echoes, hinting that the cave is vast. The four friends creep very quietly towards the three last idols that are all sitting near each other. They finally get to the light patch and grab the three idols. Since Eve already had her four; Anton, Darren, and Slater pick up their idols. The four just smile at their victory, but stay quiet until they get out of the cave. They seem to get out of the cave with such ease.

“Hell yeah guys!” Darren celebrates.

“Let’s head for the beach now, dudes.” Anton suggests.

“Sounds like a plan, dude.” Slater agrees.

“Uh guys, I think we have a little problem.” Eve says nervously and points.

The three guys look where she is pointing, a herd of furious wooly beavers start to come out of the cave and glare at the four.

“We should probably run.” Eve suggests, the other three nod with their eyes wide open with fear of the beavers.

The four run off towards the beach as the beavers chase them. Alison is seen again and she laughs, then starts running to the beach as well, taking a different way. The timer is then shown to have twenty minutes left.

The camera then pictures the beach. Phoebe and Webster are the first ones on the beach still running from the emus. While they were running they dropped two idols, but didn’t notice.

“To the canoe, Webster, hurry!” Phoebe yells.

“I’m hurrying!” Webster yells back.

The two jump into their own canoes and bring their bag along with them, they start to paddle quickly away from the island. The emus growl, but then go off back into the forest. Alison then gets to the beach next and her bag is seen to be totally empty. She then smiles when she sees Webster and Phoebe drops two idols, and grabs them as their own. Alison then walks to her canoe and plops her bag down. She starts to canoe into the water slowly, but doesn’t start to paddle her way all the way back to camp. The four friends finally get to the beach, they somehow lost the beavers in the woods, but now are panting excessively from running. They all four have their bags still with them. The timer goes down to fifteen minutes.

“Let’s all check our bags to make sure none of them are missing.” Slater suggests.

Eve, Anton, and Darren nod in agreement. The four look in their bags to check to make sure they have their idols.

“I’m good.” Eve says.

“Same man.” Anton smiles.

“I got mine too. What about you, Darren?” Slater asks.

“We’re all good here, dude. Let’s paddle.” Darren says.

The four jump into their canoes along with their bags and they all start to paddle towards camp. Alison is seen watching them from a distance and then she starts to paddle her canoe as well. The timer is now set at ten minutes.

The camera then pictures Chris at the shore of Camp Wawanawkwa as Phoebe and Webster arrive on the shore. They leave their canoes on the shore and grab their idol bags. They both stumble towards Chris, tired from paddling quickly.

“You guys are looking a bit rough, haha. You guys made it though, so give me your bags.” Chris greets.

“Here take it, I don’t want anything to remember that awful island by.” Phoebe complains, then hands Chris her bag.

“I got some idols too in my bag!” Webster announces and hands Chris his bag.

“Good for you.” Chris says, raising his one of his eyebrows, annoyed.

The camera then pictures Alison, Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater paddling their canoes quickly towards the shore of the camp. The five are all about even with each other in distance. Alison hits and slides against Darren’s canoes.

“What’s the deal huh?” Darren asks, angered.

“Sorry, I just can't seem to steer this thing.” Alison lies.

Darren rolls his eyes and speeds up his canoe. Alison then runs her canoe into Slater’s canoe.

“Are you serious?” Slater asks.

“Oops, sorry.” Alison says and shrugs, then smiles.

The camera goes back to the camp’s shore where Chris, Phoebe, and Webster are waiting for the other campers. Darren reaches the shore first then shortly after comes Eve, then Slater, then Anton. Alison reaches the shore last, but the timer is at five minutes. The five all get out of their canoes and grab their idol bags. The five of them walk towards Chris.

“Aw man, all of you beat the timer. Anyway, give me your bags, so I can count the idols in your bags, then we’ll have the marshmallow elimination ceremony. So just all of you go wait up by the campfire for now.” Chris explains. 

The remaining five campers give all of their idol bags so he may count everyone's idols to determine who will be eliminated.

The camera then goes to the marshmallow elimination ceremony being held at the campfire. All seven campers and Chris are there.

"Now your fifth merged elimination ceremony! There are six marshmallows on this plate, and seven of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"The person with the most amount of idols wins the reward of the gourmet meal and gets the first marshmallow!" Chris explains.

"So the person who got the most idols was... Alison!" Chris announces, then he tosses her a marshmallow. Anton, Darren, Eve, Phoebe, Slater, and Webster look shocked.

Alison smirks and eats it right away. 

Alison's face when she realizes her plan has worked.

"Eve." Chris says, then tosses her her marshmallow. 

"Anton." Chris tosses him his marshmallow.

"Phoebe." Chris says and throws her a marshmallow. 

Phoebe winks at Alison and eats her marshmallow, Alison glares at her.

"Darren." Chris says and throws his marshmallow at him.

This leaves Slater and Webster in the bottom two without a marshmallow. They both look very confused and scared. Chris is holding the last marshmallow in his hand.

"So who is going to stay? The last marshmallow goes to...

Webster." Chris announces and tosses him the final marshmallow. Webster looks confused, while Slater looks disappointed.

"What?" Eve says, upset.

"So I'm still in?" Webster asks.

"You have a marshmallow, don't you?" Chris says.

"Oh, oh yeah." Webster realizes.

"How is this possible?" Slater asks puzzled.

"Yeah, what the hell?" Darren asks.

"You didn't have any idols, Slater. I counted dude, there was nothing to count." Chris explains.

"But that's impossible." Slater says.

"Apparently it was, so chop chop. Dock of Shame and Boat of Losers await." Chris rushes Slater.

The six remaining campers, Slater and Chris are on the Dock of Shame. The Boat of Losers is there as well.

"I guess this is it, dude. I don't know how this happened, but we're gonna miss you." Darren says to Slater and fistbumps him.

"Thanks dude." Slater says.

"Ah, man. I'm gonna miss you too. The world is so unfair, dude." Anton sounds sad for the first time, he then hugs Slater.

"Thank you man." Slater says and hugs him back.

"Aw Slater. I can't believe it." Eve says sadly.

"Me neither, Eve. But hey you're still in, and honestly any three of you can win. I believe in you. Bye Eve." Slater says.

Slater kisses Eve then aboards the Boat of Losers. Slater waves to everyone bye, then the everyone waves back except for Alison. The Boats of Losers then sails off with Slater off into the distance. 

"Goodbye, Slater." Eve says, while a tear escapes from her eye.

Alison then is seen going off to the distance and laughs at her victory of her major sabotage.

Chapter #17: "I Have To Work With Who Now?"

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is shown to be a bright, sunny morning. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to speak.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, the seven campers went on a search for tiki idols on Boney Island. Their goal was to get as many tikis as possible and the one camper with the most idols would win the challenge and a gourmet meal. The camper with the least amount of idols would be eliminated. Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater had a pretty good plan about finding themselves each four idols. Slater and Phoebe worked together to find their idols, but kept getting sabotaged by Alison. Oh yeah Webster cracked an emu's egg, so a herd of emus chased after Phoebe and Webster. Darren, Eve, Slater, and Anton grabbed their last idols from a cave, which happened to be a wooly beaver cave. So, yeah they got chased by some beavers, haha. Every camper made it before the time was up, so the count of idols determined the fate. In the end, Alison won, which seemed pretty sketchy. It came down to Webster and Slater, but Slater was sent home. So what happens this time? Find out right now, on Total Drama Teens?" Chris announces.

The camera then pans to the girl's cabin. Eve is not seen in the cabin. Phoebe walks over to the mirror to do her usual routine of makeup. She grabs her lipstick and is about to open it up.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Alison says.

"Whatever." Phoebe says and she opens it up. When she removes its lid, the lipstick is melted and pours out. Phoebe groans angrily,

"I told you so." Alison laughs. 

"Whatever." Phoebe says again.

"Huh?" Alison says, confused.

Phoebe is shown in the confessional. "New strategy about Alison. Just act like she doesn't even bother you or even like she doesn't exist." Phoebe says.

The camera pans to a tree right next to the mess hall. Inside the tree, Eve is sitting. Eve breathes in the fresh air and smiles.

Eve is then shown in the confessional. "I'm pretty sad that Slater is gone, but I'm just trying to calm myself down and enjoy that I'm still here. I mean who knows, I might be able to win this thing." Eve says.

The camera pans to the guy's cabin. Anton is smoking his usual morning joint. Darren is stretching and yawns loudly. Webster is still sleeping, snoring.

"Man that kid can sleep." Darren says.

"He kind of reminds me of myself, dude." Anton says.

Webster wakes up abruptly.

"I forgot the cheese chips!" Webster yells, then looks confused.

Darren raises an eyebrow, confused too.

"I want some cheese chips." Anton says.

Anton and Darren then walk out of the cabin.

The camera then pans to the inside of the mess hall. As usual, Anton, Darren, and Eve are sitting together; now a trio. Phoebe and Webster are both sitting together. And Alison sits alone.

"It's so weird that it's just the three of us now, man." Anton says.

"I miss him, it was really sketchy how he got eliminated. I mean he had all of his idols when we left the island." Eve states.

"It was really sketchy, I have a good idea on who got him eliminated though." Darren says and glares at Alison.

Alison catches him glaring at her and she looks confused.

"What the hell do you want, metalface?" Alison asks, Darren rolls his eyes and glares again.

"Okay then." Alison says, still confused.

"How's your breakfast, Phoebe?" Webster asks.

"Terrible, you know that, Webster." Phoebe says.

"Are you okay? You've been acting weird lately." Webster ask, concerned.

"I'm fine, Webby." Phoebe says then puts her hands in his hair.

Phoebe is then shown in the confessional. "Sure he's helped me out a lot, but he is so annoying sometimes. It's just so hard to keep up this flirty tactic when using someone who is annoying as hell." Phoebe confesses.

The camera goes back to the mess hall, all six campers are still there and now Chris is there.

"Okay campers, it's time for me to tell you about your next challenge. This challenge is a classic one, going back to Total Drama Island. The Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon!" Chris announces and pulls up a pair of handcuffs.

"You're going to be in teams of two. So, I'm going to split you up into pairs, handcuff you together, then you must perform three challenges. Whichever pair wins the most challenges will win invincibility." Chris explains.

All of the campers groan.

"Okay now for me to announce the pairs. Alison and Anton." Chris announces.

"I have to work with who now?" Alison angrily asks.

"No changsies." Chris laughs and Alison angrily groans.

"Okay, Eve and Webster are a team. So, that leaves Phoebe and Darren." Chris announces. 

Chris then continues to handcuff Alison and Anton together, then Eve and Webster, then finally Phoebe and Darren.

"Okay, so the first challenge of this triathlon if you remember is an eating challenge, since we're already in the mess hall. So one of you will eat, and the other one will feed you. The eater must have both hands behind their back, giving the feeder one arm to feed. Whichever teams finishes their food first, wins this challenge." Chris explains.

"Chef, come out here and bring out their 'gourmet' food, haha." Chris says.

Chef comes out with three platters for each team. On the platters holds a lot of normal food except with rotted meat. 

"Once you choose who's eating and who's feeding, you should probably start eating right away." Chris advises.

"I'm not sure if I can eat this, Eva." Webster refuses.

"It's Eve." Eve sighs, accepting that she'll be the one eating.

Eve puts her hands behind her back, and Webster begins to feed her.

"You're eating, that's final." Alison says.

"Sounds like a plan, man." Anton agrees.

"Don't call me that." Alison says.

"Okay, dude." Anton says. Alison rolls her eyes.

Anton puts his arms behind his back, leaving Alison one arm to feed. She starts to shovel the food in his mouth, and he is not resistant.

"Sorry, but I'm not eating that." Phoebe refuses.

"That's cool, I can do it." Darren says, then shrugs.

Darren puts his arms behind his back, then Phoebe starts to feed Darren with the spoon quickly. 

Webster is the slowest at feeding his partner.

"You can go faster, you know." Eve says, chewing.

"My hand's just tired, sorry." Webster says, then tries to speed up.

Anton is almost done with eating all of his food, Alison does not slow down feeding him.

"Hm, I guess you are good for something." Alison says, still shoveling the food.

Phoebe sees that Alison is ahead of her, so she speeds up feeding Darren. 

"Come on swallow your food faster!" Phoebe demands. 

"I'm trying!" Darren says, while his mouth is full.

Anton finishes all of his food first, then he burps loudly.

"Excuse me, man." Anton says.

"We're done! In your face, Phoebe!" Alison yells.

Phoebe swallows her hatred and acts like she doesn't even hear Alison.

Phoebe is shown in the confessional. "This whole acting like I don't hate Alison is going to be a lot harder than I thought." Phoebe says.

The camera goes back to the inside of the mess hall.

"Looks like team double A wins this challenge and the first point!" Chris announces.

"Alright campers, let's go down to the beach and we'll start the second part of this challenge." Chris says.

The camera pans to the beach where all six campers, Chris and three canoes are.

"Okay, so the second part of the challenge is to race in these canoes to two marked buoys that have three colored rings on it, one for each pair. You will grab your two rings then come back to this beach. Whichever team comes back first, with both of their rings will win this point." Chris explains.

"Alright, you guys can start right now." Chris announces.

The three pairs run to their canoes. Alison pulls Anton into their canoe. Eve has to rush Webster to their canoe, as he was dozing off when Chris was speaking. Darren and Phoebe go ahead and jump into their canoe together. 

"Okay, Anton. We're going to need to win this, so you better oar like your life depends on it. Because if you lose, your life definitely does depend on it." Alison says.

"Okay yes, dude." Anton says, then gulps.

The Double A Team picks up speed, oaring their way to the first buoy.

"I'm not letting her win over me again." Phoebe says, then starts to oar frantically.

"I hear you, sister. I hate her too." Darren says as he oars quickly.

"Who doesn't? Let's just oar the fastest we can, and maybe we'll  be able to see her go home tonight!" Phoebe says and then laughs. Darren then laughs as well.

Phoebe and Darren bond over hating Alison.

"Aye aye, chick." Darren says and continues to oar quicker.

Darren and Phoebe begin to catch up to the Double A Team. Webster and Eve are lagging behind.

"It's not fair, Chris could've put me with Phoebe." Webster sighs.

"Come on, Webster. I'm not that bad, but you should really pick up your speed." Eve says.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. She just looks so happy over there with that punk guy." Webster says.

"Well maybe, you can impress her. Like by winning this part of the challenge." Eve suggests, oaring away.

"Oh yeah, great idea Eva!" Webster says.

"It's Eve, but thanks." Eve smiles. 

Eve and Webster then oar up and get about even in distance with the other two pairs. The two then start to pick up their speed even more and somehow reach the first buoy before the other two pairs. Eve picks up the ring for her team from the first buoy. 

"See Webster, we're doing good now!" Eve says.

"Yay! I hope Phoebe is seeing this." Webster says.

The both of them continue to paddle, on their way to the second buoy. Darren and Phoebe get to the first buoy next.

"Hell yes!" Darren says and grabs the ring.

"It's even better than Alison is behind us now. But how the hell did Webster get up and ahead of us?" Phoebe asks.

"No idea, but come on we can pass them too." Darren says and Phoebe smiles.

The two begin to oar a lot quicker to catch up to Eve and Webster. The Double A Team then finally get to the first buoy. Alison quickly grabs the ring and starts to paddle furiously.

"We let everyone get in front of us, how could this happen? Hurry up the hell up Anton!" Alison demands.

"Hey, just calm down, man. It's all gonna be okay." Anton says.

"Just hurry!" Alison yells.

Alison and Anton then start to paddle faster to catch up to the other two teams. They then speed up fast enough to get almost even with Darren and Phoebe.

"Hey man!" Anton says.

"Hey dude!" Darren greets.

"Ugh! Not you!" Phoebe and Alison both simultaneously groan.

The two girls start to paddle their canoes faster and faster. Due to her not looking ahead of her, Alison hits a rock with her canoe. Darren and Phoebe speed ahead.

"Dammit!" Alison yells.

"Ha!" Phoebe laughs.

Darren and Phoebe then catch up to Eve and Webster. 

"Hey Phoebe!" Webster says, drooling.

"Hi." Phoebe says then speeds up along with Darren to pass them.

"Wow, he's a little happy to see you, huh." Darren says.

"You have no idea." Phoebe rolls her eyes.

"Can't blame him though." Darren says, raising an eyebrow. Phoebe laugh and blushes, but hides her face.

Darren and Phoebe then reach the second buoy and Phoebe grabs the ring. They then begin to canoe their way back to the beach.

Eve and Webster come shortly after them and Webster grabs their ring.

"We can still win this, Webster!" Eve says.

"Yay! We can do this!" Webster says.

"That's the spirit!" Eve starts to oar quicker, signaling Webster to do the same.

They both start to oar towards the beach. Alison and Anton are seen finally catching up and getting two the second buoy.

"I got it!" Anton says and he grabs the ring.

"Get to paddling!" Alison demands.

"Okay, man." Anton says.

"Don't call me that!" Alison yells then hits him with a paddle.

"Ow-kay." Anton says.

Alison and Anton then begin to paddle their way to shore. The three pairs are oaring as fast as they can back to shore. The camera then pictures the camp shore where Chris is waiting. 

Darren and Phoebe reach the beach first with both of their rings.

"Congrats, Darren and Phoebe. The punk and the hottie win this point." Chris announces.

"Woo!" Phoebe cheers and high fives Darren.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Darren cheers.

Eve and Webster reach the camp beach second, then the Double A Team reaches it last.

"Alright since you all are here now, we can get to our third and final part of the challenge. Meet me at the campfire and I'll explain it there." Chris announces.

The camera pictures Chris and the six campers at the campfire. There are three tables set up for each team that hold a clay head of every eliminated camper so far.

"As you can see, we'll be doing the same challenge from the Total Drama Island episode. You will work with your partner to arrange these clay heads of the sixteen eliminated campers from first eliminated to lastly eliminated; starting with the first eliminated on the bottom. The first team to get it in order first will win a point. So either Darren and Phoebe can win invincibility or Anton and Alison can; or Eve and Webster can win this one, making everyone fair game. Anyway, get to your table and start sorting heads!" Chris explains.

The three teams get to their tables to start sorting. 

Phoebe looks at the carved head of Jan and sighs, Darren gives a confused look, then shrugs.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure the first one to go was Marty, right?" Darren asks.

"Oh yeah, that's what I remember." Phoebe says and then she puts Marty at the bottom.

Eve and Webster start their sorting now as well.

"Okay, Webster you're going to have to help me out with this. If we win, we can make it possible to out Alison." Eve suggests.

"You promise?" Webster asks.

"As long as we win this one." Eve answers.

"Alright!" Webster agrees.

"Let's work backwards with this, so on top we'll have Slater, Oliver, then Kat." Eve says and starts to arrange the clay heads.

Anton and Alison begin their sorting.

"Man, since we were on different teams we can just remember the individual order from our team whom got eliminated, then put them together and sort out which team lost that challenge. Then the merged ones are kind of easy since there's only five, man." Anton explains.

"That might seriously be the smartest thing you've actually come up with." Alison says.

"Thanks-" Anton begins to say.

"Don't take that as a compliment, forget it." Alison says, Anton becomes quiet and starts sorting.

Phoebe and Darren have about half their heads sorted, but are confused between two campers.

"Wasn't Brenda thirteenth though, not Wiley?" Darren suggests.

"I'm pretty sure Wiley was thirteeth, but I just wish I could remember." Phoebe sighs.

"I think he was fourteenth, I remember when I was there we he got eliminated." Darren says.

"Okay, go with that, it sounds good enough." Phoebe agrees.

"I miss Brenda." Webster says.

"Come on, Webster I need you to remember who was eliminated before her." Eve begs.

"Alison right?" Webster guesses.

"No, she's still here." Eve says, seemingly annoyed. Eve just continues to sort it herself.

"Okay so on to the merged losers, now." Alison states.

"Hey some of those 'losers' are my friends, man." Anton says.

"Whatever. I know that crazy chick was the first merged to go, then the emo one." Alison says.

"Then Kat, Oliver, and Slater; I remember for sure." Anton says.

All three teams finish their clay head orders and wait for Chris to look at them. Chris goes to check Darren and Phoebe's first.

"You messed up on first eliminated, guys." Chris points out.

"Damn." Darren says.

Chris then checks Eve and Webster's. 

"You just had one mistake around the twentieth place, July was eliminated the, not Jourdan." Chris says.

"So close." Eve sighs.

Chris then checks on Alison and Anton's. The heads are ordered like so: Willa, Marty, July, Jourdan, Streeter, Aubrey, Jan, Mischa, Wiley, Brenda, Teagan, Norah, Lluvy, Kat, Oliver, then Slater.

"Wow, you guys actually got it in the correct order. Looks like you two get invinicibility for tonight!" Chris announces.

Alison laughs because of her victory, and Phoebe swallows her anger again.

"Okay campers, meet me at the campfire for your next marshmallow elimination ceremony." Chris announces.

The camera then pictures all six campers and Chris at the campfire for their elimination ceremony.

"Now your sixth merged elimination ceremony! There are five marshmallows on this plate, and six of you. Which means, one person will not receive a marshmallow, and will have to take a walk on the Dock of Shame and take a ride on the Boat of Losers and never return here ever.” Chris explains.

"Alison and Anton got invincibility, so they get the first marshmallows!" Chris announces, then he tosses the both of them their marshmallows. 

"Darren." Chris tosses him his marshmallow.

"Phoebe." Chris says, then tosses her her marshmallow.

"This leaves Eve and Webster in the bottom two without a marshmallow. Eve looks worried while Webster looks confused. Chris is holding the last marshmallow in his hand.

"By the way, one of you just got one vote and the other got all five other votes, haha." Chris comments.

"So who is going to stay? The last marshmallow goes to...

Eve." Chris announces, then hands her the last marshmallow.

Eve lets out a sigh of relief.

"So you all voted for me?" Webster asks and looks at Phoebe.

"Well it's okay, I understand. Just not with one person." Webster says, then Phoebe looks really guilty.

"Okay, we gotta hurry this up. Boat of Losers, dude." Chris says.

Webster then goes to the Dock of Shame and aboards the Boat of Losers, with a confused look on his face. The Boat of Losers then sails off out of view.

Chapter #18: "I Should Have Gotten Eliminated Awhile Ago."

The camera pictures Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame. As usual, it's a bright morning. Chris then smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to speak.

The camera pictures Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame. As usual, it's a bright morning. Chris then smiles into the camera.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to speak.

"On Total Drama Teens we have gotten down to the final five. This includes Alison, Anton, Darren, Eve, and Phoebe. We're gonna give these five campers a break today and we're gonna visit the losers. We're gonna visit Playa Des Losers, an amazing resort where the campers go after the Dock of Shame! We're going to see what the losers have been up to, what they think of the final five, and then the final five's fate will be in the losers hands; because in the end, someone from the final five will join them. Let's check up on the losers now, on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

The camera then pictures the front dock of a fancy resort; Playa Des Losers. The first location at the resort shown is the spa. Both July and Willa are the only ones at the spa, and they are getting cucumber and seaweed face wraps.

Willa begins to speak in the camera. 

Willa and July enjoy cucumber and seaweed face wraps.

"Being voted off first, kinda sucked at first. Then I realized it ain't too bad, ain't too bad at all. Who needs a trillion dollars when you get trillion dollars of treatment a day?" Willa says and takes a sip of a smoothie.

"Now July makes some good stuff, y'all. These smoothies are the cow's moo." Willa says.

"Thanks, Willa. I didn't mind getting voted off as much as some people. I didn't need the money anyway, materialistic things are too much for me, all I need is nature. Also, this spa is really helping me find myself. It's so much more relaxing then the game, it's more my style." July smiles and takes a breath of fresh air. She looks content.

The camera then goes to the gym of the resort. Aubrey, Jourdan, and Marty are pictured there. Aubrey and Jourdan are racing on the treadmill and Marty is lifting weights. The camera zooms in on Aubrey and Jourdan first.

"Yeah I should've probably gotten farther in the game. But, since I have been here at this resort, I've had so much time to actually just do what I love, is to train. And I've made Jourdan my training rival, it's some real motivation." Aubrey says, running faster on the treadmill.

"I could've gotten farther too. I wish I did, I could've gotten Phoebe. But then again, after getting all ripped, and she gets eliminated or wins and sees me, could you imagine?" Jourdan says, panting.

"In your dreams, haven't you watched the show? She hasn't given anyone a chance." Aubrey dismays his dream.

"Hey!" Jourdan says, upset.

"I've been working on my bod more and more since I've been here, even though it was hot before. I don't know why the hell I was eliminated in the first place. Everyone is a bunch of idiots if you ask me." Marty says furiously, lifting weights.

The camera then shows Streeter and Mischa in a hot tub together, kissing. They stop kissing to speak in the camera.

"I cannot believe I was eliminated, so unfair. I swear this whole game is rigged. The only thing good I got out of it was Streeter." Mischa says.

"He has his own yacht!" She whispers into the camera.

"I think I might have my father sue the show. Right after I get off this four-star resort. Can you believe it? Four-star? Ugh. Anyway, at least I have my lady." Streeter sighs, then continues to kiss her.

The camera then shows the buffet table and grill. Jan is cooking up some steaks, sausages, and kebabs; Slater is helping him. Wiley grabs a kebab, then waxes his surfboard.

"Getting voted off wasn't too bad. I mean I took the wrap for Phoebe, but I felt pretty bad about it. Since I've been here I've gotten a lot better at cooking, and made some new friends like these two guys right here." Jan says.

"Jan's a pretty cool dude, he's taught me a lot about cooking which is pretty great. I didn't understand how I got eliminated at first, but then I figured that it must've been Alison. I mean the friend alliance was a strong one, and my calculations were solid, so the only reason could be her." Slater says.

"I wish I would've made it to the merge, but it's alright. These two guys cook up some radical stuff. I've pretty much waxed all the surfboards here, practice surfing even more, and chilled with these bros." Wiley says.

The camera then pictures the tiki bar and pool where Kat, Lluvy, Norah, Oliver are. Oliver and Lluvy are sitting together holding hands, Norah is creating crazy concoctions as Kat watches.

"I was kind of happy I got eliminated because I got to see Lluvy again, the main thing I've done since I got here was hang with her and play her some songs." Oliver says. 

"Aww Oliver! It was kind of nice that Kat and Oliver got eliminated right after me, no offense guys. But I mean it's so much better to spend time on this amazing resort then that crappy island." Lluvy says, then kisses Oliver on the cheek.

"None taken, Lluvy. This place is so much better though, it's so fun here! I don't have to worry about challenges or anything! I just can chill with my friends and lay back." Kat smiles.

"All I do here is run around, speak with the birds about the coconuts, and make these amazing drinks made out of sugar, spice, and everything dice!" Norah says.

"Do you mean nice?" Kat asks.

"No, dice. The magical squares from those games and stuff."

Norah says. Kat, Lluvy, and Oliver raise their eyebrows in confusion. The camera then pictures the other side of the swimming pool where Brenda, Teagan, and Webster are. Teagan has his arm around Brenda while Webster is scuba-diving around them.

"I should have gotten eliminated awhile ago. This place is awesome! It's like a place, but a party! Also, it's been nice to get to know a girl who doesn't give me weird signals like Brenda. She's a super cool chick!" Teagan smiles and kisses her.

"Yeah, Teagan is super nice. And this place is so great. Especially the spa treatments, oh my. I've gotten more manicures and pedicures that on my fingers I can count! Wait." Brenda says, then starts to count on her fingers.

Webster comes up from the water to speak.

"I was a little upset that everyone voted me off last time, but at least I have my friends here! If only I knew this magic-land was here before, I'm so happy I'm here now. What would I do with a trillion dollars anyway, you can only buy a toaster with that, right?" Webster says, then goes off scuba-diving again.

"You have seen what the campers have done since they've been here. Now time for us to ask the campers what they think about the remaining five campers!" Chris says.

The camera goes back to the spa to interview Willa and July. 

"The only camper of the final five I got to know the most was Alison. She blamed it all on me when our team lost. She's a real heffer." Willa spits.

"Yeah, Alison. I don't usually say negative things about anyone, but she's just a negative person and she needs to relax her mind and chill a lot more." July states.

The camera then goes back to the gym so that they can interview Aubrey, Jourdan, and Marty on what they think of the final five.

"I didn't really know the final five that well. Darren and Anton seemed like some pretty cool dudes though." Aubrey says.

"Um, Alison was really scary. But, Phoebe is so hot, she's a straight ten!" Jourdan says.

"I really don't like Darren, he thinks he's such a badass, but he's nothing compared to me." Marty snarks.

The camera then goes to the hot tub to interview Mischa and Streeter. "Alison was so mean and annoying, like oh my god. She has strategy though." Mischa says.

"Anton is such trash with his upbeat attitude and marijuana smoking. Ugh, disgusting." Streeter says.

The camera then shows Jan, Slater, and Wiley at the grill.

"Phoebe was pretty nice to me, but she seemed way too into me, and honestly she's not my type." Jan says.

"I'm so happy my alliance is still in it together; my two friends: Anton and Darren. And my girlfriend, Eve. One of them is definitely going to win, I can feel it." Slater says.

"Yeah, both Anton and Darren seemed like really chill guys!" Wiley says.

The camera then pictures the tiki bar where Norah, Lluvy, Kat, and Oliver are.

"I may be quote on quote 'crazy', but I know Alison is a bad egg! I mean she's already cracked, you know?" Norah explains

"Ugh, yeah. I hate Alison so much, she's pure evil." Lluvy agrees.

"I'm so glad that I'm here, so I don't have to deal like her. She's so intimidating." Oliver also agrees.

"She doesn't even deserve to be on that island right now! She should've been kicked off a long time ago!" Kat exclaims.

The camera then goes to the swimming pool with Webster, Brenda, and Teagan.

"I liked Phoebe for awhile, but she was really just stringing me along, because that's what she does. Not cool, babe." Teagan says about Phoebe.

"I absolutely hate Alison. She is the meanest girl in the world! Literally the worst friend I've ever had!" Brenda says.

"I miss Phoebe a lot, she may have voted me off, which made me really sad. But, that doesn't mean I don't like her now." Webster confesses.

The camera then goes to Chris on the front dock of Playa Des Losers.

"Now it's time for the moment of truth, time to find out who the campers want to win out of the final five!" Chris announces.

The camera then goes to the outdoor swimming pool where all seventeen eliminated campers and Chris are. It is darker outside now. All the campers are surrounding the poolside. 

"Now it's time for you guys to vote on who you want to win, now the twist is that the camper with the least votes to win, will be voted off. Alright you will be voting in the order you were eliminated, so Willa goes first." Chris explains.

Five icons of each of the final five appear each with a zero next to them.

"Hm, I think Phoebe should win I guess. She's got some style and I respect her for that." Willa says. A point appears and rings for Phoebe.

"I guess Alison, she seems like my kinda chick." Marty says, a lot of people look at him shocked. A point rings for Alison.

"Anton seems the most peaceful, he deserves to win." July votes, a point rings for Anton.

"Definitely, Phoebe. She's going to know I voted for her right?" Jourdan asks and another point rings for Phoebe.

"I don't necessarily like anyone, so I guess Darren." Streeter votes, a point rings for Darren.

"I'll vote Darren too, he's a badass." Aubrey says, then another point rings for Darren.

"Me three. From what I've heard Darren is pretty cool." Jan agrees and yet another point rings for Darren.

"I think Phoebe should win. She's strategic like Alison, but not as bitchy." Mischa votes, and another point rings for Phoebe.

"I say Anton should win. The guy is super chill!" Wiley votes enthusiastically, and another points rings for Anton.

"Alison, she has to be voted off!" Brenda says, a point rings for Alison.

"Brenda! You know you just voted for Alison right? Meaning she's getting more votes to not be voted off." Kat says, another point rings for Alison, Kat facepalms.

"Dammit." Kat says.

"Definitely, Anton. I'd party with him anyday!" Teagan votes, another point rings for Anton.

"Ooh I say Anton too! His hair makes me thinks of wolves!" Norah votes and Anton gets another point.

"I'll say Darren. He reminds me of the friends I have back home." Lluvy votes, another point rings for Darren.

"Can I take back that 'vote'?" Kat begs.

"Nope!" Chris declines.

"I'll say Anton, he accepting me as one of his friends when I didn't have any." Oliver votes, another point rings for Anton.

"Did you all just forget about my girlfriend? Eve?" Slater angrily asks, one point rings for Eve.

"Who?" Some campers ask in unison, Slater facepalms, then sighs.

"Alright, Webster, who do you want to win?" Chris asks.

"She voted for me, but I want to show her I'm not mad. I vote Phoebe." Webster votes, and the final point goes to Phoebe.

"So, I guess that is it. The fate has been decided, the one camper with the least votes was....       Eve!" Chris announces.

The camera then goes to the front dock of Playa Des Losers where Eve is standing holding her luggage, along with Chris; as she is now been eliminated. Eve facepalms.

"Really?" Eve asks.

"Yep! See you next time on Total Drama Teens!" Chris yells, then the camera zooms out.

Chapter #19: "We're Going To Die!"

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is shown to be earlier in the morning, as it is a bit darker. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to speak.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, we visited the eliminated campers so far at the Playa Des Losers. We saw how the campers were spending their time. Most were mainly relaxing at the resort; getting spa treatments, swimming, working out, making out, and wondering why in the first place they were eliminated. Then we asked the eliminated campers thought about the final five; the majority pointed out how terrible Alison is, how super cool Darren and Anton are, how hot Phoebe is, and oh yeah, Slater mentioned he missed Eve. Then, the eliminated campers determined the fate of the final five campers as they voted for who they wanted to win, and the camper with the least votes was to be eliminated. In the end, Eve was eliminated because everyone, but Slater had seemingly forgotten about her. She was pretty disappointed to say the least, haha. So what happens this time? Find out right now on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

The camera then zooms into the boy’s cabin. Darren and Anton are already awake, and they are celebrating.

“Woo! Hell yes!” Darren cheers.

“Final four, man! This so rad.” Anton celebrates.

Darren and Anton high five on their victory on getting so far in the game.

Anton lights up his usual joint.

“I can’t believe Eve got eliminated though.” Darren says.

“Yeah, man. It would be so awesome if she could be in the final four with us, and Slater too, man.” Anton says.

“How in the hell did Eve get eliminated and not Alison?” Darren asks.

“The world may never know, dude.” Anton says.

The camera then goes into the girl’s cabin. Phoebe is putting on mascara and Alison is just getting up.

“Good morning, Phoebe.” Alison says.

Phoebe stops applying her mascara and starts to look at her.

“What?” Phoebe says, confused.

“I said good morning, Phoebe.” Alison repeats herself.

“Okay then.” Phoebe says.

Phoebe then walks out of the cabin, confused. Alison then smiles when she leaves.

Phoebe is then shown in the confessional. "I don't know what's up with Alison, she must be up to something." Phoebe rubs her chin and raises an eyebrow.

Chris is then shown outside the cabins with his megaphone. Phoebe is seen just coming out of her cabin.

"Come on out here you other campers!" Chris yells in his megaphone. Phoebe winces and holds her ears because of the megaphone.

"Right in my ear." Phoebe says.

"Haha, I noticed." Chris laughs. Alison, Anton, and Darren come out of their cabins.

"Good now that you all have graced my presence, it's time for-" Chris begins to explain, but gets interrupted by a helicopter. The helicopter lands abruptly next to the five of them, and Chef jumps out.

"Alright delinquents, time to get in." Chef says.

"Chef! You were supposed to come in after I finished explaining the challenge!" Chris says.

"You know it don't even matter, Chris." Chef says.

"Yeah, but still!" Chris says.

"Anyway, the challenge is going to start now. We're going to blindfold the four of you, two of you will get your own map, the other two will get a compass. We're going to fly you four to all different places on an island, and you'll have to find your own way back to camp! Whoever makes it back to camp last will be eliminated. Okay here's your compasses and maps!" Chris explains.

Chef hands a compass to Alison and Darren. Chris hands a map to Anton and Phoebe.

"Alright time for the blindfolds!" Chris says.

Alison, Anton, Darren, and Phoebe are all blindfolded. Chef nudges the four into the helicopter, then hops in the driver seat.

"You got it, Chef!" Chris says.

Chris gives Chef a thumps up. Then, Chef gives a thumps up back and starts up the helicopter quickly. He then flies the helicopter dangerously away from camp.

Chef tosses the campers out one by one, on different places on a strange island along with their compass or map. Alison is tossed into a cave, Anton is tossed deep in the jungle, Phoebe is tossed onto the beach and Darren is tossed on top of the mountain.

The camera shows Darren on the highest point of the mountain first. He takes off his blindfold off and realizes where he is.

“Oh, great. Thanks Chef! Really appreciate you putting me the farthest away!” Darren yells sarcastically. He lets out a sigh.

He picks up his compass and shakes it to give it a start. It points towards north.

“Camp is east, so I guess it’s this way.” Darren says, then walks eastward going down the mountain.

The camera then shows Phoebe on the beach. She unfolds her blindfold and shrugs.

“Not too bad.” Phoebe says.

She pulls out her map and looks over it, she looks confused.

“Let’s see how this way treats me.” Phoebe says and walks off into the woods, off the beach.

Anton is then shown in the jungle. He inhales the air around him before taking his blindfold off.

“Jungle, nice.” Anton says.

Anton then takes his map out and glances over it.

“Now, how am I going to get back to camp?” Anton asks himself. Anton rubs his chin and thinks to himself.

He then tears a tiny blank piece off of his map and quickly rolls it into a joint. He then continues to smoke and lays back onto the ground.

“I’ll figure it out.” Anton says, smiling.

The camera then focuses on Alison whom is still in the cave. She unfolds her blindfold and groans loudly.

“Chef, are you serious?!” Alison yells. Alison lets out a grunt, then pulls out her compass.

She shakes her compass to get it started, but it seems to be broken.

“Dammit.” Alison says, then angrily throws her compass off into the distance.

“Whatever, I can do this my damn self.” Alison says, then walks out of the cave to find her way back to camp.

The camera then shows Darren walking around in the woods of the strange island, looking at his compass and trying to determine his way to camp. He then sniffs the air, confused.

“Is that?” Darren says to himself.

Darren then continues to smell the air and follows the smell. He then goes further into the woods as he is pushing over plants to make his way to the smell. He then makes his way on to a clear path and gasps.

“Dude!” Darren calls out.

It is revealed that he has found Anton, just relaxing in the jungle.

“Hey, man!” Anton calls back out.

“What’re you doing out here?” Darren asks him.

“Just chilling, man.” Anton answers, Darren laughs.

“Do you have any idea on how to get off this island to get back to camp?” Darren asks.

“Probably, dude. Well look you have a compass and I have a map, so together we are technically a GPS.” Anton says.

“Oh yeah, you got a point. Let’s get going then, dude.” Darren agrees.

They hear growls in the not-so-far distance. Anton and Darren’s eyes widen.

“We should probably makes some spears too, for some protection.” Anton advises.

“Yeah, sounds like a good plan.” Darren nervously agrees.

Both of them quickly grab long sticks and Darren pulls out his knife and lends it to Anton to make his spear. Then, Darren carves his own spear as well. Once they finish making their spears, they run off out of the jungle.

The camera then shows Phoebe walking in the woods, trying to navigate her way through the island.

“This map is so messed up. Ugh.” Phoebe complains.

A few deep growls are heard around her. Phoebe’s eyes widen and she shivers. The growls come closer, and Phoebe starts to walk faster. She looks behind her, and sees a herd of angry hogs.

“Nope!” Phoebe says and starts running as fast as she can as the hogs chase her.

She runs deeper into the woods and somehow loses the hogs, but continues to run as if they’re still chasing her. She then looks behind her to notice she is not being chased anymore, but runs straight into a running Alison who was not looking either.

“Ow! Watch it!” Phoebe yells.

“I’m sorry.” Alison apologizes.

“What the hell!?” Phoebe exclaims.

“What is it?” Alison asks.

“Why the hell are you acting all nice? What do you want from me?” Phoebe angrily asks.

“I feel bad that I’ve been so terrible to you before. I’ve finally realized I’ve been a horrible person this whole time and I just want to apologize.” Alison admits.

“Oh yeah? Well I’m sorry too.” Phoebe says.

“You really are?” Alison asks, hopeful.

“Sorry that I’m not buying any of this crap.” Phoebe says and crosses her arms.

“Well, I understand. But listen, we might die out here, so at least let me help you get off this island.” Alison says.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not going to die out here, I don’t need any of your help.” Phoebe objects.

“You’ve seen those hogs right? That doesn’t mean there is not worse things out there. We can team up to survive.” Alison suggests.

“Ugh, fine. We can team up for this challenge, but this doesn’t make us friends.” Phoebe agrees.

“Okay, fine with me. Let’s go.” Alison says.

Phoebe and Alison then continue to run through the woods together.

The camera then shows Darren and Anton finally running out of the jungle, now with some type of tribal face paint on. Their hair is wild and they are running frantically. 

Darren and Anton after the jungle has 'changed' them.

“The beach!” Anton points out.

“It doesn’t look like the girls are here so let’s run!” Darren suggests.

Both of them run to the beach, still wielding their spears. They finally reach the shore of the beach and sit down. “Okay, we got to make a raft man.” Anton suggests.

“Big enough for the both of us.” Darren adds.

“Alright, I’ll try to make some twine out of these coconuts here, and you can get some thick sticks, man.” Anton plans.

“Okay captain, but how’re you going to make twine out of these coconuts?” Darren asks.

“Just trust me, dude.” Anton says.

Darren shrugs then runs off to grab some wood for the raft. Anton begins to peel the coconuts with his spear. The camera then shows Alison and Phoebe walking in the woods together trying to find their way.

“Look, if we beat the guys, we can both be in the final two.” Alison says.

“You know, I’d still win though.” Phoebe says.

“I beg to differ.” Alison mutters.

“What did you say?” Phoebe asks.

“I said, ‘I wish I was fitter.’” Alison lies.

“Okay then.” Phoebe raises an eyebrow.

Phoebe then hears a long growl.

“Come on, Alison really?” Phoebe asks.

“That wasn’t me.” Alison’s eyes widen, then so do Phoebe’s.

They both look behind them to see a huge brown bear towering over the both of them. Both Alison and Phoebe scream and start running.

“We’re going to die!” Phoebe screams.

“Not today!” Alison yells, then kicks the bear in the groin. The bear falls over and whimpers.

“Aw!” Phoebe says.

“Come on!” Alison says and grabs Phoebe to run with her.

The two girls then run off out of the shot. The camera then goes back to the beach as the boys are working on their raft. Anton is wrapping the twine around the sticks as Darren is holding them.

“Wow, I can’t believe you made that twine out of coconuts, MacGyver.” Darren says.

“Hey, I’m a stoner. I know how to compromise with what I have.” Anton laughs, then so does Darren.

“Wait, are those the girls over there?” Darren asks and points in the distance.

“I think you’re right, man.” Anton squints.

“We gotta hurry now, dude.” Darren says.

The camera then zooms onto Phoebe and Alison just coming out of the forest onto the same beach Darren and Anton are.

“You saved me from that bear! Oh my god, you do have a heart!” Phoebe says.

“I tried to tell you. But it’s okay, I forgive you for not believing me.” Alison says.

“Okay let’s do this, I’ll take you to the final two with me.” Phoebe says.

“Yay! I knew you’d come around!” Alison cheers.

Phoebe and Alison then hug for their new found ‘friendship’.

“Oh wait, are those the boys?” Phoebe asks.

“Let’s run! We have to beat them!” Alison says.

Phoebe and Alison then run on the beach towards Anton and Darren. The boys are just about finished with their raft.

“Why the hell do you guys look like that?” Alison asks.

“The jungle has changed us, man.” Anton answers, Alison rolls her eyes.

Alison then nudges Phoebe.

“So can we like borrow your raft?” Phoebe brushes Darren’s hair with her hand.

“Um-“ Darren is star-struck, then Phoebe bats her lashes, Alison pats her on the back.

“We kind of only have room for three though.” Darren says.

“Why can’t one of you guys just take one for the team?” Alison asks.

“Because like elimination, man.” Anton says.

“And?” Alison says.

“Only room for three huh? Is it okay if I join you guys on your raft?” Phoebe asks.

“Um what, Phoebe?” Alison angrily objects.

“Let me ask the captain first, babe.” Darren says.

“Can Phoebe ride with us, captain?” Darren asks Anton.

“Yeah man, that’s cool.” Anton agrees.

Anton and Darren then get on their raft and let Phoebe on. The three of them then push off, leaving Alison.

“Are you serious? What the hell Phoebe? I faked nice to you for nothing?” Alison screams.

Alison then stomps on the ground and screams some more.

The camera then shows the raft of Anton, Darren, and Phoebe arriving at Camp Wawanakwa. Chris is standing at the Dock of Shame waiting for them. Once Anton, Darren, and Phoebe reach the shore they all cheer and high five each other.

"Congratulations Anton, Darren, and Phoebe for becoming the final three! So that means Alison is eliminated!" Chris announces.

"Woo!" Phoebe cheers.

"We did it, man!" Anton celebrates.

"F*** yeah!" Darren cheers.

"Speaking of Alison, let's check on her." Chris says then pulls out a TV that is picturing Alison on the island still. The Boat of Losers comes to the shore to pick her up. Chris pulls out a walkie talkie and begins to speak into it.

"Alison, you've been eliminated! The Boat of Losers is there to pick you up!" Chris says into the walkie talkie and his voice is transmitted to the island where Alison is.

"Chris you're going to pay for this!" Alison screams then throws several coconuts at the Boat of Losers.

"I'm not going!" Alison screams then literally rips a palm tree out of the ground and throws it towards the Boat of Losers, but misses it. 

Alison is going crazy throwing rocks all over the island, refusing to get on the Boat of Losers. Two interns run out to grab Alison, but she kicks one in the groin. The other intern tases her, then brings her onto the Boat of Losers. The two interns then drive the Boat of Losers with Alison on it, off into the distance.

"Wow, that was something." Chris says.

Chapter #20: "The Things I Do For This Game."

The camera shows Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame, it is shown to be a light and bright morning. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to say his usual lines.

"Last time on Total Drama Teens, we dropped the final four off on a strange island. Two campers got a compass, the other two had a map. The main goal was for them to get off the island and get back to camp! The last camper to the island would be eliminated. Anton and Darren became jungle men and teamed up, making spears and face paint, and stuff. Alison was strangely nice to Phoebe and they actually teamed up! A bear almost chased them, but Alison kicked it in the kiwis! Oh man! Anton and Darren made a raft, then Phoebe and Alison tried to 'borrow' it. Phoebe then turned around and betrayed Alison, giving her her own medicine. Darren and Anton let Phoebe on the raft with them, then became the final three! When Alison was eliminated, she kind of freaked out. Oh yeah, and she kind of had to get tazed, haha. So what happens this time? Find out right now on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

The camera then pictures the PA speakers. Chris's voice is then heard being projected from them.

"Alright final three! Wake up and grab your breakfast!" Chris demands via PA speaker.

The next shot the camera gets is inside the mess hall, where Chef is standing at the mess hall window inside of the kitchen. There are plates of actual breakfast foods: waffles, pancakes, eggs, biscuits, bacon, bagels, toast, sausage and croissants. 

"I can't believe I'm actually serving this to these punk kids. They don't appreciate what I already give them! Chris is out of his mind." Chef grunts.

Anton, Darren, and Phoebe then walk into the mess hall together, and spot the food right away.

"I must be dreaming." Phoebe says in awe.

"Is that?" Darren says

"Dude, dude, dude! Food!" Anton cries and smiles so big at the sight of the food.

The three rush to grab plates and then run up to Chef's window to be served. Chef rolls his eyes and shrugs. Phoebe goes up and gets her food first.

"I'll have some of the croissants and pancakes, please!" Phoebe happily asks. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Chef says, then plops some croissants and pancakes on her plate. Phoebe then goes to sit down.

Darren gets his food next.

"Holy hell, I'll just take the bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast." Darren orders.

"Mhm." Chef grunts, then puts the food Darren asked for on his plate. Darren goes to sit down and begins to eat.

Anton finally goes up to get his food.

"Man, all this food. I'm so overwhelmed, this is all so beautiful." Anton drools.

"I don't got all day kid, what do you want?" Chef asks.

"Man, just hook me up with everything, please." Anton smiles.

Chef rolls his eyes, but loads Anton's plate with all of the food he asked for.

"Thank you Chef!" Anton says and runs to the table to eat.

The final three are all now sitting at one table in the mess hall together. None of them are talking, because they are busy shoveling the amazing breakfast in their face. All three of them seem extremely happy with all of their food. Chris then walks into the mess hall, and the campers seem to pay him no mind as they are still gulping down their food.

"I can see you guys are busy. Well you better eat up what you can, because you're gonna need the energy, haha. Oh yeah, congrats on being the final three I guess." Chris announces.

Anton is then shown in the confessional, smoking his usual joint. He exhales and begins to speak with a smile on his face.

"Man, I never knew I'd actually get this far in the game. This has been the raddest time of my life. I've made some really awesome friends. And the fact I might get that money, man? It's crazy dude, I mean I'd be hella happy either way though and the other final two are awesome! Peace and love, man." Anton holds up a peace sign, then exits the confessional.

Darren is then shown in the confessional as he is chewing on some bacon still.

"Woo! This is totally bitching to be in the final three. I'm just so stoked about getting this game over with and maybe winning that prize money. Could you imagine? Hell, can I imagine getting that money? Hell yeah I can. And I'm so glad I get to be in the final three with two people that I actually enjoy, that's pretty bitching too." Darren says and then continues to devour his bacon.

Phoebe is then shown in the confessional as she brushes her hair.

"Not to be vain, but of course I made it into the finals! Sure I like the other two, but I can play these boys if I have to so I can win, it's really my main talent. Hey don't judge me, if you were in my position you'd do what you can for that, I mean it's a billion dollars! When I win that money, I'm gonna look good winning it too." Phoebe says then bats her lashes.

The camera then pictures the mess hall once again where Chris and the final three are stationed. The final three are finished with their food, but clearly stuffed. Chris then begins to speak.

"Okay campers since you're finally done, let's go to the stage, so we can start our new challenge!" Chris announces.

The camera then pictures the stage where Chris and the final three are. The final three are sitting in wooden chairs and Chris is standing up.

"Alright Chef bring out the Extreme Wheel of Misfortune!" Chris says.

Chef is wearing a dress as he rolls out a wheel onto the stage. The wheel has twelve different pictures and a spinner on it. 

"Thank you Chef. Now for your challenge, you will spend this wheel and land on a picture which marks a challenge. Each of you must perform 4 challenges. You win points if you complete a challenge, you lose if you can't complete it or throw up, haha. If you refuse a challenge however, you will be immediately eliminated. Got it?" Chris explains. The three campers nod.

"Okay let's go alphabetically, so first up is Anton." Chris announces. 

Anton then takes his step up to the wheel. He then takes hold of the wheel spinner, then spins. The wheel spins then lands on a picture of a cliff.

"Ooh! Bungee jumping upside down off the cliff! Think you can handle it Anton?" Chris asks.

"Hell yeah man!" Anton says.

The camera then pictures Chris and Anton at the cliff. Chef, Darren, and Phoebe are watching them on a TV screen on the stage. Anton has a blue safety vest on and an intern is strapping him into the bungee. 

"Are you ready?" Chris asks.

"Yeah, man." Anton says. Anton then makes himself upside down and flips off the cliff with bungee holding him.

"Woohoo!" Anton screams as he bungees upside down. 

When Anton stops falling, he gives a thumbs up.

"I guess Anton gets a point!" Chris says. An Anton icon shows up and a '1' pops up next to it.

The camera then goes back to the stage where Chris, Chef, Anton, Darren, and Phoebe are. 

"Alright, Darren your turn." Chris says.

Darren goes up to the wheel. He takes the spinner of the wheel and spins. The wheel lands on a picture of a brown spice.

"The cinnamon challenge! Except with nutmeg instead, haha." Chris says.

"Nutmeg?" Darren raises an eyebrow.

Darren is then shown sitting at a table on stage with a container of nutmeg sitting on top of the table. Chef gives a huge spoon for him to use.

"Take a spoonful of nutmeg and swallow it." Chris says.

"This shouldn't be too hard." Darren says.

Darren fills the spoon full of nutmeg then immediately puts it all in his mouth. He seemes to struggle on getting it down, but manages to swallow all of it. A Darren icon appears and a '1' appears next to it. 

"Wa- water." Darren chokes.

"Ugh fine." Chris says and slides him a glass of water.

"Alright Phoebe, finally your turn." Chris says.

Phoebe goes up the wheel and spins the wheel spinner. The spinner lands on a picture of a jug of milk.

"You got the milk challenge! Come on up to the table, haha." Chris says.

Phoebe sits at the table that Darren was just ate and Chef brings her a gallon of milk. 

"You have to drink it all in at most ten minutes. Starting now." Chris instructs.

Phoebe gulps, then unscrews the cap of the milk gallon. She then starts to chug it right away. She takes breaks to breathe and gag a bit, but then continues to chug the milk. Eventually she gets the whole gallon down, then she gags and looks like she's about to throw up. She almost does, but swallows it. A Phoebe icon appears and a '1' appears next to it. 

"Ew, moving on. Anton, your turn again." Chris says.

Anton goes up andspns the wheel. The wheel lands on a picture of a leech.

"Bathe in leach-infested lake water!" Chris announces.

Anton is then shown in his bathing suit at a lake close by, that has mucky water. He then goes into the lake and sits in it for awhile. He then emerges out of the lake and is covered with leaces and a bit soaked from the dirty water. He shivers, then a '2' appears next to his icon.

The camera then goes back to the stage Chris, Chef, and the campers are there. Anton is still soaked, and is picking leeches off of him as Phoebe watches in disgust.

"That was wild, dude." Darren says.

"You have no idea, man." Anton agrees.

"Enough chit-chat, come on up Darren." Chris says.

Darren then goes up and spins the wheel. The wheel lands on a picture of a bear.

"Wrestle a bear and win!" Chris announces the challenge.

"I can do that." Darren says.

Darren then appears in a wrestling ring along side a bear. The bear is very riled up. Chris is shown wearing a referee uniform and blows on a whistle for them to start. Darren and the bear begin to wrestle. The bear is taking the lead at first, but Darren gets the bear in a surprise head lock and the bear is out. Chris whistles again. A '2' appears next to Darren's icon.

The camera then goes back to the stage.

"Your turn again, Phoebe." Chris announces.

Phoebe then goes up and spins the wheel. The wheel lands on a picture of a cat.

"Eat a jar of catfood that's been pureed!" Chris announces.

"Do I have to?" Phoebe gulps.

"Are you refusing?" Chris asks.

"No." Phoebe sighs.

Phoebe is then shown at the table once again. A can of pureed cat food is then poured into a bowl for her. She has a look of disgust on her face, but she drinks all the liquid catfood. She gags again, but manages to get it all down. A '2' appears next to Phoebe's icon.

Anton then goes up to the wheel and spins it. The wheel lands on a picture of a snake.

"Stay locked in a cage with a Boa Constrictor for five minutes!" Chris announces.

Anton is then shown next to a cage where a huge Boa Constrictor is being held. He then gets locked into the cage with it by Chef. A timer ticks down for five minutes.

Anton looks extremely scared and the constrictor hisses at him. The snake then wraps all around Anton, but he stays put. Anton just stays very calm as the snake squeezes his whole body. The five minutes is finally up and Anton is let out of the cage right when the snake was about to bite him. A '3' appears next to Anton's icon.

"Darren, you're up." Chris says.

Darren goes up to the wheel again. He spins it, then the wheel lands on a picture of a foot.

"Lick Chef's foot!" Chris says.

"Oh damn really?" Darren asks.

"Yes really." Chris laughs, Darren gulps.

Chef then puts up his foot on the table and takes off his shoe, and sets his foot back onto the table. Darren gags at the sight and smell of it, but he goes towards it anyway. He manages to lick Chef's foot, but coughs and gags due to it. Chef rolls his eyes. A '3' appears next to Darren's icon.

"Totally sick! Alright, Phoebe's turn." Chris says.

Phoebe goes up into the the wheel and spends. The wheel lands on a picture of a fish.

"Eat a raw fish! You keep getting all the gross eating ones huh?" Chris says.

"Shut up." Phoebe rolls her eyes.

Phoebe then sits at the table again and Chef brings out a raw fish for Phoebe to eat. Phoebe begins to gnaw on the fish and starts to gag at the smell. She barely takes a bite and throws up. A '2' appears next to Phoebe's icon, showing that she lost a point.

"Sick." Chris says.

"Leave me alone." Phoebe says and she goes back to sit down.

"Alright, final three turns people. Anton, come take your last spin." Chris says.

Anton goes up and spins the wheel. The wheel spinner lands on a picture of a scorpion.

"Oh man, eat a live scorpion!" Chris says.

Anton shrugs and smiles. "Okay." Anton says, Chris raises an eyebrow.

An intern hands Anton a scorpion and he holds it in his hand.

"Sorry about this little guy."  Anton apologizes, then proceeds to the scorpion whole. A stinging noise is heard briefly. 

Anton opens his mouth to show he's eaten the whole scorpion, but his tongue is swelling up due to the scorpion's sting.

"See?" Anton says with a lisp. A '4' appears next to Anton's icon.

"Alright Anton congrats. Darren come on up for your last turn." Chris demands.

Darren comes up for his final turn and spins the wheel. The wheel then lands on a picture of a crocodile.

"Outrun a crocodile!" Chris says.

"Oh god, why." Darren says.

Darren then is greeted by an crocodile and he gives it a tough look. The crocodile then yawns, showing its teeth. Darren eyes widen and he begins to tear up.

"I can't do it! Get that thing away from me!" Darren refuses.

"Mr. Tough Guy can take a bear, but not an alligator." Chris says.

"Shut up, they're the only thing I fear, dude. Not cool." Darren confesses.

"Well since this is your last turn and Phoebe still needs to go and has less points than you, it's between you and her getting eliminated. If Phoebe fails her next challenge, she will be eliminated, but if she suceeds, you are eliminated." Chris explains.

Everyone gasps.

"Yes, high stakes, I know. Okay Phoebe you don't even have to spin the wheel because the only challenge left is that one." Chris says and points at the final picture on the wheel that is a picture of scissors.

"What is that?" Phoebe asks, scared.

"Blind haircut, by the one and only Chef! Chef will be blindfolded while he cuts your hair with scissors." Chris explains.

"Oh my god." Phoebe says, and gets teary-eyed and holds onto her long hair.

"Do you refuse?" Chris asks.

Phoebe is hesistant and miserable, but wipes her tears. A chair is rolled out for her to sit on and Chris blindfolds Chef. She then walks to the chair and sits in.

"Just get it over with. The things I do for this game." Phoebe cries.

The scissors snip once in the air and Phoebe yells.

"Just had to get that out of my system. Do it, quickly." Phoebe says. 

Chef begins to snip away at Phoebe's hair. The camera gets a shot of locks and locks of Phoebe's red hair falling to the ground. Chef finishes up and stops cutting. Anton, Darren, and Chris gasp at the sight of Phoebe's new hair. Chef hands Phoebe a mirror and she screams. 

Phoebes new haircut

Phoebe's hair after Chef finishes cutting it.

She is shown and her hair is chopped a lot more shorter and very uneven. Some strands of her hair are sticking straight up and won't go down. Phoebe then cries.

"Well, sorry to say this Darren, but you're eliminated. Phoebe went through with it, meaning she gets to go to the final two with Anton." Chris announces.

The camera then shows Chris, Anton, Darren and Phoebe on the Dock of Shame. The Boat of Losers arrives for Darren.

"Sorry, Darren." Phoebe apologizes.

"Eh, you got your hair cut pretty bad, I'd say we're even." Darren laughs and Phoebe gasps, but then laughs.

"I'm gonna miss you man, you're one of the best friends I've ever had. Peace, man." Anton hugs Darren.

"Dude, you're one of my best friends too. You can win this, I'll be rooting for you. Bye, dude." Darren says.

Darren then aboards the Boat of Losers. The Boat of Losers then picks up Darren and sails off.

Chris then begins to speak.

"See us next time on the finale of Total Drama Teens with these two, Anton and Phoebe! These two will fight it out for the billion dollars!" Chris announces.

Chapter #21: "Who Wants To Win A Billion Dollars?"

The camera pictures Chris McLean on the Dock of Shame. It is shown to be a very bright, sunny morning. Chris smiles into the camera. "Welcome back to Total Drama Teens, I'm your host, Chris McLean." Chris begins to say his usual lines one last time.

“Welcome to the last installment of this season of Total Drama Teens! Last time on Total Drama Teens, the final three had actual edible breakfast that I had to serve because of lawyers or whatever. The challenge for the final three was to spin the extreme wheel of misfortune! Each camper was to do four challenges on the wheel and if they refused a challenge, they would be eliminated. Anton conquered the challenge by doing all his challenges and actually succeeding! He didn’t even throw up after eating a live scorpion… yeah. It came down to rebel Darren who refused a dare because he was scared of a little crocodile and hot girl Phoebe because she threw up. Phoebe got a horrible hair cut by Chef, which got her a place in the final two and Darren was eliminated. Now who will win the one billion dollars? Anton or Phoebe? Find out right now on Total Drama Teens!" Chris announces.

The camera then shows Chris once again, but right outside of the cabins. He is walking around the camp while he speaks.

“It’s been a tough ten weeks, but we have finally came down to our final two! One of these campers will be the last one sent home while the other camper will win the grand prize of a billion dollars! This will be the most risky challenge and most dramatic episode yet! Who will win the billion dollars? The attractive seductress Phoebe? Or the laid-back stoner Anton? We’re about to find out. Let’s see what these two feel about being the two finalists.” Chris announces.

Chris holds up a megaphone and turns it to the highest volume.

“Come on out, final two!” Chris yells into the megaphone, shaking the campground.

Anton peacefully drifts out of his cabin, stretches, then yawns. Anton then smiles wide and his eyes are red. Phoebe comes out of her cabin while groaning, she is seen with her hair somewhat fixed despite her hair being cut by Chef the last episode before.

“Woo! We made it into the final two, man!” Anton cheers and high fives Phoebe.

“Hell yeah we did!” Phoebe celebrates.

“Alright campers, before we start your final challenge, we need you to tell us how this whole thing has been for you. Off to the confessional, and try to make short and sweet! And please don’t make it boring, I need to keep the ratings up for legal reasons.” Chris says.

Anton is pictured in the confessional first. He is still stretching, then takes a deep breath of air and smiles.

“Man, this is so awesome! I’m in the final two! This whole game has been so fun and revolutionary, man! I really hope my parents are proud of me, because they’re some chill people. Just getting to the final two is such an honor, man. I actually feel like I’ve accomplished something even if I don’t win the money, you know? Man, this is all so crazy I feel like I’m in a whole big amazing dream. Wait I’m not right?” Anton says.

Phoebe is then shown in the confessional, she is still fixing up her hair to make it look more presentable.

“I knew I could make it here! I’m definitely going to win, I can feel it! I’m not letting my hair get in the way, I’m still going to look amazing when I win. That’s why I’m cutting and styling itself, because Chef really did a number on my hair, ugh. I’m so glad these awful weeks have come to an end, this has to be the most horrid treatment I’ve ever received. And I haven't even found a quality guy here! Figures. I can win this easy though, I mean Anton is a guy, and they are pretty easy to trick. He's a doll and everything, but I gotta do what I gotta do.” Phoebe smiles, then gazes off into the distance.

The camera goes back to Chris, Anton, and Phoebe outside of the cabins.

“Come on campers, we’re going to go to the woods so that we can start your final, life-changing challenge.” Chris says.

The camera then shows Chris, Anton, and Phoebe arrive in a place in the woods. There are two sets of bleachers where a picture of Anton is posted above one, and a picture of Phoebe is posted above the other. Chef then comes into view and introduces all of the eliminated campers into the shot as well.

“Ten losers go to sit at one bleacher to root for the punk that’s picture is shown. And no changing minds! It makes things way too complicated.” Chef grunts.

Darren, Eve, Slater, Aubrey, July, Wiley, Oliver. Lluvy, Jan, and Teagan goes to sit on Anton’s bleachers.

Webster, Marty, Jourdan, Streeter, Mischa, Brenda, Willa, Kat, Norah, and surprisingly Alison sit on Phoebe’s bleachers.

"Who wants to win a billion dollars? Before we start the challenge, let me ask you two what you'd do with the money if you win. Phoebe first." Chris says.

"When I win, I’m going to live the most luxurious lifestyle I possibly can. And you know how much cosmetics I can buy now? I might even open my own cosmetics and perfume line and you all get free samples!" Phoebe says.

"If I do win it, I’m gonna give a fair share away to a few of my friends that need it and my parents and some world peace charities of course! But, first I’m gonna throw a huge party for all of these awesome people I’ve met here even if I don’t win. " Anton says.

“Alright, sounds good enough to the public’s standards, I guess. Anyway, let’s get started with your challenge! Your final challenge is to find the briefcase on the island that holds the prize of the billion dollar check!” Chris announces.

“That’s it?” Phoebe asks.

“Of course not! There are two briefcases on the island, one has the one billion dollars in it and the other does not. To find your briefcases you must follow this path in the woods here that will lead you to your briefcase. In the path you will find sighs that are clues to get to the briefcase. Some of these clues might be some dangerous obstacles, but if you want to get that billion bucks, you should probably figure them out. Once you find the briefcase, run back to the finish line. Each of you must bring a briefcase to the finish line here and since I hold the keys, I will open them up. Whoever picked the briefcase with the check wins.” Chris explains.

“Alright, man!” Anton says enthusiastically.

Chris motions for Anton and Phoebe to stand at the starting line of the path as the eliminated campers and Chef watch. Chris then pulls out his bebe gun. “Okay, we’re about to start the challenge now, on the count of three and a bebe shot in the air. 1…2…3!” Chris shouts as he shoots a bebe into the air.

Both Anton and Phoebe take off running into the path. The path is lined by painted arrows on the ground. Jourdan, Webster, Alison, and Marty run to help Phoebe. Then; Darren, Eve, Slater, and Wiley run to help Anton.

“I’m only helping you to spite you.” Alison says.

“Yeah, sure.” Phoebe says.

“You have to win this ‘cause you’re a babe!” Marty says.

“You look really pretty today.” Webster says to cheer her on.

“I don’t look pretty everyday?” Phoebe asks.

“No you’re gorgeous everyday!” Jourdan answers.

“Dammit!” Phoebe yells. Phoebe is revealed to be caught in a mud pit.

“Damn, that mud pit’s right there!” Darren points out.

“Yeah, Anton watch out!” Eve warns Anton.

“Oh thanks man!” Anton says.

“Here’s let’s just go around!” Slater advises.

“Come on Anton, you got this!” Wiley cheers.

Anton then runs around the mud pit back onto the path along with Slater, Eve, Darren, and Wiley, This leaves Phoebe trapped in the mud pit while Alison, Marty, Jourdan, and Webster strive to get her out. The campers on Anton’s bleachers cheer as they are watching the competitors on a TV screen.

Anton and his group are running on the path following the arrows, but come to a stop. It is revealed that they have to cross a huge bridge hanging over about a mile over ground to get to the other side. The bridge happens to be swaying and there are panels from the bridge missing.

“Okay we can do this, dudes.” Anton says.

“We’ll just form a human gate by holding each other’s arms while crossing the bridge, so none of us fall.” Anton plans.

“Wow, Anton. That’s actually a pretty good idea.” Slater agrees.

Anton, Wiley, Slater, Darren, and Eve lock arms and continue to cross the bridge. The camera then goes back to Phoebe where she is just being pulled out by her group. All five of them are covered in mud.

“Thank you guys! But we got to hurry up now!” Phoebe says.

“Here we can carry you!” Jourdan says.

Jourdan, Webster, and Marty pick Phoebe up and run out of the mud pit while Alison falls along.

“Ugh, really?” Alison complains as she runs to catch up with them.

The camera then shows Anton and his group struggling to get across the bridge, but they are slowly and carefully moving along. Phoebe and her group come into view and all of them set foot on the bridge, determined to catch up to Anton.

“Oh, sh*t.” Darren says.

Wiley shakes a little bit out of nervousness because of the other team.

“Let’s all just stay calm, man.” Anton says. Wiley then calms down, and Anton and his group finally make it onto the end of bridge and step onto the other side.

“Come on guys!” Phoebe yells.

“Here’s let just try to run across!” Webster advises.

“That’s pretty dumb.” Alison disagrees.

“Got any better ideas?” Marty argues.

Phoebe shrugs then runs with her group across the bridge. Somehow; Phoebe, Marty, Jourdan, and Webster make it across, but Alison gets stuck in between panels.

“Help!” Alison calls out.

“Should we go back?” Jourdan asks.

“We can't afford it!” Marty yells.

“Let’s go!” Phoebe demands.

“Are you serious?” Alison screams angrily as she is left stuck in the bridge.

Phoebe, Marty, Jourdan, and Webster run on without her.

The camera then shows Anton and his group stopped at a river, trying to figure out how to get across.

“We got to think of something quick now, dudes!” Anton says.

“We could swim across?” Darren suggests. “Too risky, look at the current.” Slater points out.

“We could try to use this surfboard of mine!” Wiley suggests.

“It’s worth a try, right?” Eve says.

Before they can try it, Phoebe and her group arrive at the river as well.

“Well let’s try it, man!” Anton says.

“They’re already getting ahead!” Phoebe gasps.

“Let’s just run across!” Webster suggests.

“It’s water, dumbass!” Marty argues.

“How about we just make a human bridge across and Phoebe can walk on us.” Jourdan suggests.

“Wow, that’s actually a good idea.” Phoebe says, then kisses Jourdan’s cheek. Jourdan then drools.

“Come on now, make that bridge!” Phoebe commands, then crosses her arms.

Webster lies above the water, then Marty locks arms with him above the water, then Jourdan completes it by locking arms with Marty and holds on to the other side with his feet. A piranha jumps out of the water and bites Marty on the cheek.

“Ow, was that a piranha?” Marty angrily asks.

“Just hold your ground for her, it shouldn't take long.” Jourdan says, Marty then grunts.

Wiley is attempting to hold onto the surfboard in the water and lets Anton, Eve, Slater, and Darren all get on at once. He is struggling with it and as the group is trying to man the surfboard, Phoebe is walking across her ‘guy’ bridge and makes it to the other side with ease.

“Thanks guys! Oh and see you, Anton.” Phoebe laughs then starts to run back onto the path.

Jourdan then quickly pulls Webster and Marty to the other side, then they continue to follow Phoebe. Phoebe and her group run out of the shot.

“There’s piranhas in this water?” Eve asks, wide-eyed.

“It appears so.” Slater says, wide-eyed as well.

“Here the surfboard can only hold four people, max. So I might have to go back now.” Wiley says.

“Are you sure man?” Anton asks.

“Yeah, but I wish you luck, man!” Wiley says, then runs back out of the shot.

“Thanks man!” Anton says.

Anton, Darren, Eve, and Slater are then paddling the surfboard against the current and try to avoid the piranhas. The piranha then begin to bite away at the surfboard as they get across the river. By the time they get across the river, the whole surfboard has been dissolved by the piranhas.

“Wow.” Darren says, surprised.

Anton then begins to run with his group out of the shot. The camera then shows Anton and his group catching up to Phoebe and her group at the base of the cliff of the island. The arrows on the ground point up the cliff.

Phoebe then spots Anton and begins to run up the cliff faster, but gets tired quickly. Anton then motions his group to go faster up the hill and they keep up a steady speed to catch up. Phoebe starts to pant and Jourdan picks her up and starts to run her up the hill.

“Wow, thanks.” Phoebe says to Jourdan as he runs with her.

“No problem.” Jourdan pants.

“Alright, Anton you can do this.” Anton says to himself.

Anton then picks up speed and sprints all the way to the top of the hill, rushing past Phoebe and Jourdan. He comes to the stop once he makes it to the edge of the cliff. Jourdan and Phoebe then reach the top as well and stop. Then Marty, Webster, Darren, Eve, and Slater reach the top of the hill as well.

“It’s down there isn’t?” Phoebe asks.

“We’re going to have to jump.” Anton says.

“Oh, no. We might die this time.” Phoebe says.

Phoebe then looks to her side to look at Anton, but realizes that he has jumped already. “See you guys on the other side!” Anton yells as he is falling.

“I’m going down.” Phoebe says, and jumps off the cliff.

Marty, Webster, Darren, Eve, Jourdan and Slater watch as they both fall further and further off the cliff. The camera then shows Anton landing in the water, he then comes up for air.

“That was hella rad. Now where are the arrows?” Anton asks himself then squints.

While Anton looks for the arrows, Phoebe lands right next to him and splashes him in the water.

“Oh there they are!” Anton says and starts to swim towards the shore.

“Damn.” Phoebe says, remarking Anton’s speed.

Phoebe then continues to swim after him towards shore.

Anton is soaked as he gets to shore first and the arrow points towards inside a cave. Phoebe then sees Anton going towards the cave, so she picks up her pace. Phoebe quickly gets to shore then follows right after him. Anton is shown in the cave following the arrows, but the cave is very dark.

“Anton, are you here? I can’t see anything.” Phoebe calls out and shivers.

“Yeah, I got you.” Anton calls back up.

Anton then pulls out his lighter and lights it. The light lights up the cave enough that Phoebe can see where she and Anton are. A bump is then heard under Anton.

“What the-?” Anton says then looks down at his feet.

“Oh my god!” Anton exclaims then laughs.

“What is it?” Phoebe asks and runs towards him.

It is revealed to be the two briefcases. Anton smiles so wide and picks one up.

“It’s so beautiful!” Anton exclaims.

“The briefcase!” Phoebe yells and runs to grab the other.

“Why do you call it beautiful even though you don’t know the money is in it?” Phoebe asks.

“Well, I’ve worked so hard just to get one of these briefcases and after all this time even if it doesn't have anything in it, its’ beautiful.” Anton says.

“Wow, that was actually kind of deep. Race you to the finish line one last time?” Phoebe asks.

“You’re on, man!” Anton says.

Anton and Phoebe share one last laugh and race to the finish line. The camera shows all of the eliminated campers, Chris, and Chef watching Anton and Phoebe race back on the TV. The eliminated campers are all cheering on the camper that they are routing for. Phoebe and Anton are neck and neck as they are approaching the finish line. The camera then zooms up to the finish line awaiting the first camper to make it.

Phoebe crosses the finish line first, but Anton comes right after her. Both of them cheer and pant. Chef then rolls up a table next to Chris.

“Congratulations the both of you! Now, for the moment of truth. I have the keys for each one in my hands. I will unlock Phoebe’s first, since she crossed the finish line first. So, go ahead Phoebe hand me your briefcase.” Chris explains.

Phoebe comes over to the table and gives Chris her briefcase. Chris places her briefcase on the table and puts the key in the lock. The camera zooms into the key unlocking it and everyone was in suspense. A clicking of the lock is then heard, showing that the briefcase is now unlocked.

“Wanna do the honors?” Chris asks.

Phoebe then nods excessively and slowly opens her briefcase, smiling. Everyone waits tensely for her to open it all the way. Phoebe then opens her briefcase all the way and the her face goes from smiling to a confused look.

“What the hell is this?” Phoebe angrily says.

Phoebe then holds up a piece of paper. The paper is then revealed to be a sighed photograph of Chris McLean. Phoebe then screams.

“I hate you Chris!” Phoebe screams angrily, Chris laughs.

“Wait, does that mean?” Anton asks.

“Let’s make sure, my man.” Chris says.

Chris grabs Anton’s briefcase and proceeds to unlock it with the other key. After Chris unlocks it, Anton opens it right away. Anton then gets the biggest smile on his face since all season.

“Holy f*ck yeah man!!!” Anton cheers.

Anton holds up the billion dollar check, then pulls it down and kisses it.

“Hell yeah man! Oh my god!” Anton laughs.

The campers that were routing for Anton all cheer for him and Slater and Eve kiss, as well as Oliver and Lluvy. Then Darren, Eve, and Slater runs to Anton and pick him up. “Congratulations Anton! You are the winner of a billion dollars and Total Drama Teens!” Chris announces.

Phoebe screams then Jourdan and Webster rush to comfort her. The other campers that were routing for Phoebe sigh.

“Hey dudes, don’t be bummed, you're all invited to my party!” Anton cheers them up.

The campers routing for Phoebe then roar with cheering and Phoebe starts to tear up.

“Hey, Phoebe don't be sad, man. You played a great game and you were a real strong competitor. You should be really happy you got so far, dude.” Anton says.

“Well thanks, you deserved winning actually. I wouldn't wanted to lose to anyone else.” Phoebe says.

Anton hugs Phoebe one last time and everyone cheers. 

Anton gives Phoebe one last hug after he wins.

“This is the best day of my life!” Anton cheers.

Everyone then cheers as well.

“Come on everyone, let’s get to my party, dudes!” Anton exclaims.

Anton directs all of the campers and Chef to a yacht at the Dock of Shame that will be holding his party. Anton laughs and smiles, then rushes to his party.

“So, the carefree stoner Anton won the billion bucks! Next time we’ll see you is going to be on the second season Total Drama Teens with all new cast members! I’m cutting out now, because I got to make it to this rager party, haha!” Chris explains.

The camera cuts out one final time and the sound of party music and cheering is heard.

Elimination Chart

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
#19 Jourdan LOW WIN LOW OUT
#21 Marty WIN OUT
#22 Willa OUT

Color Code:

     On the Screaming Outcasts team

     On the Killer Losers team

     WIN: Was on the winning team or won individually on a challenge.

     SAFE: Got a marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     LOW: Got the final marshmallow in the marshmallow ceremony.

     OUT: Voted off in this episode.

     WINNER: Won the game.

     RUNNERUP: Came second place/runner-up in the game.

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