This is what life is like when the competitors don't compete against each other please not that this series contains inappropriate scenes and topics and bad language and I do not recommend that people who are under the age of 12 to watch this without a parent's permission or if you are really mature! you have been warned but for everyone else I really hope you enjoy this new series by me :)

Episode 1 Throw up at Kentucky Fried Chicken

(Dj, Owen, Tyler, and Cody hanging out together)

Owen: hmmmm Tyler: what you thinking about bro Owen: well I'm trying to think what we should have for lunch any suggestions guys Dj: how about we go to Kentucky Fried Chicken Owen: mmm That sounds good Cody: yeah and maybe we can meet some babes :) Dj; really man :/ Owen: I already have Izzy so I can't join you guys sorry Tyler: and I have Lindsey so um yeah DJ: let's just go

(Duncan hanging out with Hawk the dinosaur, Scott, Charmander, and Bulbasaur)

Duncan: ugh I'm so board Scott: hey can we go beat up Hawk Hawk: why beat me up I think I'm pretty cool Charmander: No Hawk we just keep you around all the time so we can look cooler and beat you up Bulbasaur: yeah you really don't matter to us XD Hawk: aww man does anyone want to come over my house Scott: god damn it Hawk We are not going to your shitty house Duncan: thanks Scott anyways I say we go hang out at Kentucky Fried Chicken Charmander: hell yeah I love there spicy chicken right bulbasaur Bulbasaur: um right (scared) ...

(Duncan's group and Owen's group meet up at Kentucky Fried Chicken)

(Bridgette, Geoff, Tory, Zoey, and Mike in background) Duncan: aw shit not these losers Dj: hey we are not losers especially because we don't have Hawk in our group Hawk: What's wrong with me? Duncan: shut up at least we don't have a pervert like Cody Owen: I think Cody is pretty funny (while chewing on chicken) Cody (talking to Bridgette): hey hot lady Geoff: Hey no one hits on my babe! (Geoff chases Cody out of Kentucky Fried Chicken) Tyler: well um at least we um don't um um Owen: have Pokemon in our group? Tyler: yeah! Charmander: oh you want to go "jock" Bulbasaur: yeah I'll cut you with leaves Scott: leaves really dude I mean at least Charmander has fire but leaves dude ha! Bulbasaur: hey I'll prove I'm strong (uses razor leaf on Owen and Tyler) Owen: owie Tyler: Owie, Owie! DJ: oh my god fine whatever you guys win now can we please just eat our chicken in peace Owen: ok deal :D Scott: whatever I mean the chicken can't possible (takes bite of chicken) Beautiful! Duncan: it's ok i guess Tyler: I'm bleeding here with these cuts! Hawk: ha you got more hurt then (charmander flamethrowers) OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Owen: well this was fun like guys maybe we can all be friends Everyone: NO!! Owen: ok :( Duncan: come on guys let's go DJ: jeez there dicks right guys Owen: I'm (breathes heavily) agree Tyler: Owen I think you ate to much chicken Owen: oh no I'm going to barf Cody: hi guys I just got beat up by Geoff and now (Owen throws up all over Cody) Owen: sorry Cody: (faints) Tyler: well guess Cody barfed up his desires to get girls for a while hehe Owen: (throw up on Tyler) Dj: haha guess that's what you get for trying to get the final joke Owen: hahaha (gulps) oh crap (throws up on screen)

(screen says The end)

Episode 2 The Gaming Douchebag

(Duncan behind store and smoking)

Mike: why are you smoking you know that's bad for you Duncan: don't care Mike: right? come on Zoey let's go Zoey: ok what do you want to do Mike: go to the park? Zoey: sure Duncan: urg gross love Vinny: hey whatcha doing back here Duncan: trying to smoke in peace genius Vinny: right so I've been think and I think you got what it takes to help me with something Duncan: what and for how much Vinny: to beat Sam in call of duty and as a reward I shall give you um what do you want Duncan: money! Vinny: fine I've been saving up for an Animal Crossing amiibo but here 30$ Duncan: you got youself a god dam deal kid Vinny: hey I'm 16 Duncan: whatever

(Zoey and Mike at the park)

Mike: so.. Zoey: so.. Zoey: look at all those kids they remind me when I was a little girl Mike: yeah but why is Lightning there? Lightning: (pushing kids aside) sha-move it's mine turn on the slide Mike: one of live's mysteries lol Zoey: lol yeah Mike: (in his head) jeez I hope Zoey doesn't think I'm boring now with my personalities gone

(Duncan walks up to Sam)

Duncan: hey nerd want to play COD one on one Sam: well um sure but I bet I can beat you Duncan: I highly doubt that (25 minutes later of playing the game) Sam: ha beat you Duncan: shut the hell up that's only because you do nothing but play videogames all you life wait a second I think I know how to beat you

(Duncan at his club's headquarters)

Scott: hey Duncan what's up Duncan: not in the mood Scott Scott: fine jeez what his problem? well off to eat more dirt :) Duncan: Ryan The Dog as the leader of our club I order you to Ryan: (pulls gun to face) what what man to stop playing COD because i won't man I will never stop Duncan: no I want you to make me better at COD! Ryan: oh well get ready because I'm gonna hit a COD storm at you... (commercial break)

(Mike and Zoey walking around tall) Noah, Geoff, Bridgette, and Tory are in background)

Mike: hey so this is romantic right :) Zoey: yeah I guess Mike: oh well if you want I can um buy you some ice cream at Dairy Queen Noah: yeah cause that will so make a difference Zoey: Shut up Noah Tory: hey guys let's just chill out and relax Noah: whatever I'm out of here Zoey: so yeah Ice cream is fine :) Mike: ok so let's go :) Tory: can I join you guys Zoey: um sure why not Mike: yeah :(

(Duncan going to challenge Sam )

Duncan: hey asswhip get over here so I can kick your chubby ass in COD Sam: woah um Duncan I didn't mean for you to get mad Duncan: I said I want a rematch! Vinny: hehehe going exactly as planned Duncan: let's play here you have a tv that doesn't have a cord Sam: duh is Kranos awesome now let's do this (20 mintutes later) Zoey: huh what's all that commotion Owen: ow Duncan and Sam are duking it out on COD and its pretty epic Tyler: yeah but sports are still better Owen: (pushes Tyler to Eva) Eva: >:( (beats up Tyler) Tyler: ahhhh Mike: woah this is intense Zoey: yeah I know ok look Mike you may not be the most interesting guy out there but I still love you even without your personalities Mike: really aw thxs Zoey (kisses) (Duncan loses again) Duncan: aw Shit ____ ass hell Sam: why did you even want to face me the first time Duncan: cause Vinny is going to give me 30$ Vinny: nope I said if you win Duncan: you little ____ sucking bastard! Sam: don't you see Vinny played us he knew if lost I wold be embarrassed and if you lose your be embarrassed Vinny: ha you know me so well Sam but there's still nothing you guys can do so ha Duncan: is there >:) Vinny: um what are you thinking no no no! (Duncan hangs Vinny on flagpole by underpants) Vinny: this is so uncool Duncan: by the way I stole 50$ from your wallet and you precious Lucario Amiibo Vinny: WHAT!!! NO NOT LUCARIO DUNCAN I"LL GET YOU FOR THIS YOU ASS Scott: haha loser (throws mud at ) Vinny: ah!

The end

Episode 3 Tyler and Owen and DJ's adventure

(Owen and Tyler starts to run to DJ)

Dj: aww what do you guys want

Owen: well we want to go on an adventure

DJ: don't you guys have girlfriends!

Owen: Izzy is doing community services because she ran around the streets nude

Tyler: and I don't know where Lindsay is in fact I haven't seen her in forever

DJ: but you two are a couple?

Tyler: yeah I know :) now lets get adventuring

(Owen, Tyler, and DJ climbing up am mountain)

Tyler: shhh guys be very very quiet you don't want to disturb Amy or Samey while they are fighting

Amy: you are just a jealous Bitch with no life

Samey: your just a sorry bitch who does nothing but makes fun of people because you have nothing better to do!

Dj: um let's just keep moving

(1 hour later)

Owen: Owen hungry

DJ: really didn't you pack any food?

Owen: well yes but then I ate it, then yours, then Tyler's I mean how do you think I climbed so many mountains without complaining

DJ: ok yeah you got a point there but now what

Tyler: our adventure will continue

Owen: at a Dunkin Donuts

DJ: you got to be kidding me!

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