This story is rated G.
All are allowed to read, nothing bad.

A new fanfic by Nalyd Renrut! This is about campers settling their conflicts on the Dr. Chris show.

Eva vs. Ezekiel

"Welcome back to Dr. Chris. Today we'll be talking to Eva," Dr. Chris said. "Eva who did you hate the most?"

"I'd have to say either Bridgette or Ezekiel," Eva growled.

"What would you do if we said Bridgette was back-stage right now?" Dr. Chris asked slyly.

"I'd stuff this chair right up your-" Eva shouted, but was cut off by Dr. Chris.

"Whoa! Calm down! Bridgette isn't here! Ezekiel is!" Dr. Chris said. Ezekiel walked onto the stage thinking, I'm so glad I'm not on Oprah!

"How are you, Eva, eh?" Ezekiel asked when he sat down.

"Ezekiel is here," Dr. Chris said, "So that you two can solve your conflict."

"I'll kill you!" Eva screamed. It wasn't clear if she was yelling at Ezekiel or at Dr. Chris.

"Who did you bring here, Eva?" Dr. Chris asked.

"My boyfriend, Noah, and my best friend, Izzy."

"Who did you bring, Ezekiel?" Dr. Chris asked.

"Everyone who hate Eva, eh?"

"That's it!" Eva screamed, "I'll kill you!" Eva began strangling Ezekiel until the security came to put her in a straight jacket. "I know where you live, home-school! You can't stay in your house forever!"

"We'll be right back," Dr. Chris said.

Harold vs. Duncan

"Welcome back," Dr. Chris said, "Today we have Harold, one of the most hated campers of all. Harold, who was your greatest enemy?"

"Courtney, definitely!" Harold said defiantly.

"Well she's not here so pick somebody else."


"No! His name starts with a D!"


"No!" Dr. Chris screamed.


"What would you do if we said Duncan was back stage?" Dr. Chris asked.

"I'd probably wet myself," Harold said shuddering.

"Surprise!" Duncan said, and jumped onto the couch from behind. Harold screamed like a girl, and wet himself, but only a little.

"We brought Duncan here to resolve your conflict."

"Gosh! I'm outta here!" Harold said. The security guards held him down.

"You aren't going anywhere!" Dr. Chris shouted. "Now the audience will vote for who was right." Twenty seconds later the results were in. "The audience thinks Duncan was right!"

"Idiot!" Harold said, and stormed off.

"We'll be right back," Duncan said smiling.

"That's my line!" Dr. Chris growled.