Welcome to a world of happiness and sunshine where seldom is there a milligram of strife to be found in the atmosphere. WELCOME TO TOTAL DRAMA SUNSHINE!


The Magical Typing Eyeballs

  • Freeman Ruddock (born May 4, 1993), labeled as The Easygoing Guy is a contestant from Mississippi who will be competing in Total Drama Sunshine. Freeman was raised to African-American parents, along with his elder sister and younger twin brothers. His father and mother raised him to be both social and polite, which consequently led to his tremendous number of friends throughout elementary and middle school. He is also quite intelligent, as he took AP and honors courses in high school. Freeman maintains an easygoing, positive outlook. He joined Total Drama Sunshine so he could earn money to get a degree in philosophy.
  • Gisele MacGovern
  • Dalibor Hviezdoslav
  • Mariam Beurekjian

The Pista Chios

  • Marcella Maniraj
  • Virgil Martinez
  • Lidewei Van Leeuwen
  • Lawrence "Lonnie" Baines

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