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Molly (A.K.A. Viviana Airison)- arrested

American Travelers




Louie- Northern Lights

Charlotte- Southern Belles

Josie- Northern Lights

Johnnie- Western Cowboys

Chuckie- Northen Lights

Mari- Southern Belles

Miranda- American Travelers

Kassi- American Travelers

Ryan- American Travelers

Lola- American Travelers

Earl- American Travelers

Teddie- American Travelers

"Zoo-Zoo"- American Travelers

Nik- American Travelers

Dan- American Travelers

Daisi- American Travelers


Chapter 1: "So, I hope you like horses!"

“Right now eighteen teens are about to board a plane headed for their first destination.” Josh started. “These teens will be going to a different state each week to compete in challenges that will drive the contestants crazy, well at least the ones that aren’t already crazy!”Josh said jokingly. “Then after the challenges, the losing team will vote a member out. If you are voted out, you will have to go to the Airport of Shame, and take the Plane of Losers back home! There will be only one winner and seventeen losers! On Total …. Drama…. States!” Josh finished.

“Alright you losers…” Josh started.

“Hey! We are not losers” said a girl wearing all different shades of purple and pink. “Well at least some of us aren’t!” she said towards a girl wearing all blue with black hair with purple streaks. “Oh and by the way, I’m Sophie.” She finished while all but two of the boys were staring at her.

“You’re a meanie!!” said the girl that was being picked on “Oh I’m Miranda everybody” she said eagerly.

“Don’t interrupt me!” Josh yelled. “I was going to say for you introduce yourselves which you should be doing now!”

“I’m Daisi” said a girl wearing blue and black.

“And I’m Charlotte” said a girl wearing purple and black.

“I’m Dan.” said a boy wearing a gray shirt with red shorts.

“I’m Tonie.” said a boy wearing a yellow jumpsuit.

“I’m Mari.” said a girl wearing a purple shirt and jeans.

“I’m Ryan” said a boy wearing a leather jacket and jean shorts.

“I’m Kassi” said a girl wearing a purple top and jeans.

“I’m Josie.” said a girl wearing three different shades of blue and cowboy boots.

“I’m Chuckie” said a boy with blue hair, wearing a green shirt with brown pants.

“I am Earl” said a boy wearing a red and gray polo, with khaki pants.

“What kind of a name is Earl?” Sophie asked.

“It’s a name that has been in my family for generations!” Earl yelled at Sophie.

“Enough already get back to introducing yourselves. We have a plane to catch!” Josh yelled.

“I’m Teddie.” said a tall boy wearing a red T-shirt, with jean shorts.

“I’m Lola.” said a girl with pink hair wearing orange, green, and purple.

“I’m Louie.” said a boy wearing a purple T-shirt with jeans.

“I’m Nik.” said a boy wearing gold and an orange T-shirt, with jeans, with buck teeth.

“I’m Zoey, but my friends call me "Zoo-Zoo".” said a girl wearing a red T-shirt, with a sash with at least five badges on it.

“I’m Johnnie!” said a boy wearing all orange. “It’s nice to meet you all! I am so excited to be here! Woo!” He screamed.

“Now your seating arrangements” Josh laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Sophie demanded to know.

“Nothing” Josh laughed again. “Okay, Mari and Tonie you’re sitting together. Daisi and Charlotte.” Josh started

“YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!” Daisi and Charlotte squealed, and boarded the plane with Mari and Tonie

“Kassi and Johnnie” Josh said.

“Awesome!” Johnnie yelled again.

“Dan and Zoo-Zoo, Lola and Earl, Teddie and Ryan, Josie and Miranda, and Louie and Chuckie.” Josh finished.

They all boarded the plane, leaving three people left: Josh, Nik, and Sophie.

Sophie’s eyes got all big when she said “You don’t mean I have to sit next to… next to… that?!”

“Yes you do, now hurry up the plane takes off in five minutes.” Josh was getting mad

Sophie turns around to see Nik right by her face.

“Hi” Nik screamed in her face.

The two teens and Josh boarded the plane and the plane took off. Halfway into the flight Teddie switched with Earl because he found out that he hated Ryan:

“So, what do you like to do?”Teddie asked.

“I like partying” Ryan stated. “What do you like to do?” Ryan asked awkwardly.

“I like to play video games.” Teddie said.

“Oh.” Ryan sighed.

“What?” Teddie asked

“Oh. It’s nothing, but I think playing video games is kinda boring and immature.” Ryan said quietly.

“Immature?!” Teddie was enraged. “Immature? You think playing video games is immature?” Teddie asked.

“Yeah pretty much. Oh, and don’t forget boring!” Ryan said.

“Excuse me!” You think it’s more immature than partying?” Teddie was confused.

“Teddie, Teddie, Teddie. You keep forgetting boring!” Ryan laughed.

“Oh that’s it! Who wants to switch seats? Teddie asked.

“I do!” Earl said “This girl is crazy. No, she’s insane!” Earl was twitching because of Lola.

“Was it something I said?” Lola wanted to know.

“No!” Earl said before he was interrupted.

“Then why do you want to switch?” Lola asked

“Because it was everything you did!” Earl screamed.

Dan and Zoo-Zoo found out they get along pretty well:

“So, Zoey is it?” Dan asked.

“Call me Zoo-Zoo.” Zoo-Zoo said.

“Why do you have all those badges?” Dan asked wanting to know.

“They’re from rescuing and taking care of stray animals” Zoo-Zoo stated.

“That’s cool. So you like animals? Dan was eager.

“Yeah I have: five dogs, seven cats, seventeen fish, three lizards, four birds, two guinea pigs, four hamsters, and six turtles. Oh, and I’m saving up to buy a monkey!” Zoo-Zoo was out of breath.

“Wow! That’s a lot of animals.” Dan was shocked.

“Yeah I know. So, Dan do you want to be friends?” Zoo-Zoo asked.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” Dan said

And then some people didn’t get along so great. The camera quickly cuts to Nik and Sophie:

“I like Star Trek.” Nik stated.

“Is that a store?” Sophie asked dreadfully.

“No silly. It’s a television show. Duh!” Nik said.

“Is it a T.V. show about clothes?” Sophie asked.

“No, it’s a science fiction television show. Duh!” Nik laughed.

Sophie moaned.

“I have to go potty.” Nik ran to the bathroom.

“Finally he’s gone!” Sophie smiled.

Some people were annoyingly loud. The camera then goes to Daisi and Charlotte.

“Oh my gosh! You are so cool!” Charlotte squealed.

“So are you!” Daisi stated.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” They both squealed.

A very annoyed and angered Chuckie was sitting in front of them.

Chuckie said to Louie “They are so annoying.”

“I know really.” Louie agreed.

“I hope the plane won’t crash.” Louie said.

“It won’t.” Chuckie said.

“Good!” Louie was relieved.

The camera then cuts to Teddie and Lola:

“So you like video games huh?” Lola asked.

“Yeah they’re pretty fun. But enough about me, what do you like to do?” Teddie asked.

“I like to sing.” Lola said. “Will you be my friend? Lola asked.

“Yeah. You’re cool, and nice, you would make a great friend.” Teddie responded.

“Cool.” Lola said calmly, but on the inside she was so excited that she actually made a friend.

And some people already have crushes. The camera cuts to Tonie staring at Mari:

“You have beautiful eyes.” Tonie stated.

“You have beautiful eyes too.” Mari said to Tonie.

Then the camera cuts to Kassi and Johnnie:

“You are really nice.” Johnnie said.

“Yeah well you’re really cool and cute, too” Kassi said to Johnnie.

“Okay you love birds, it’s time to vote.” Josh said.

“You mean we have to vote somebody off already?” Josie was confused.

“I was joking, but you are voting. You are voting two people to have immunity. Just write down the person you want to have immunity on this piece of paper. But, girls have to vote for guys, and guys have to vote for girls.” Okay?” Josh finished.

“Okay.” Everybody responded.

Everybody voted and Josh read the votes for the girls.

“Sophie, Sophie, Mari, Kassi, Sophie, Zoo-Zoo, Lola, Sophie, Sophie. Sophie wins!” Josh said.

“Yay! I won!” Sophie was excited.

“Now it’s time for the votes for the guys.” Josh started. “Tonie, Ryan, Dan, Teddie, Johnnie ,Ryan, Ryan, Tonie, and the winner is………….Ryan!” Josh finished.

“Cool, I won” Ryan said.

The plane landed at their first destination: Kentucky.

“Welcome to Kentucky!” Josh said while all the teens got out of the plane.

“Look at the horses, Daisi!” Charlotte squealed.

“OMG! They are so cute!” Daisi squealed.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” They both squealed.

“Shut up!” Louie yelled.

“Good job.” Chuckie said. “I have taught you well.” Chuckie smirked

“Okay. Now it’s time for the teams. If I call your name you are on the Southern Belles. Teddie, Kassi, Nik, and Charlotte.” Josh said before being interrupted by Charlotte.

“What!? I’m not on the same team as Daisi? I have to be on the same team as Daisi.” Charlotte started freaking out.

Charlotte then started walking in circles. She fell on Louie.

“Get off of me!” Louie said.

“Sorry. I’m a bit clumsy.” Charlotte laughed.

Josh threw a pink flag to Kassi.

“The Northern Lights are Tonie, Josie, Louie, and Daisi.” Josh said

Josh threw a yellow flag to a Daisi, only to hit her on the head.

“Zoo-Zoo, Chuckie, Miranda, and Johnnie. You are the Western Cowboys.” Josh said.

Josh threw them a brown flag.

“That means that Lola, Mari, Dan, and Earl are The Eastern Folk!” Josh finished.

Josh then threw Earl a Blue flag.

“Okay since Ryan and Sophie have immunity, they don’t have a team. So tonight will be a double elimination!” Josh smiled evilly.

Everyone’s eyes, except for Ryan and Sophie, got real big.

“Okay your first challenge is now! The state is Kentucky, and a very famous event happens in Kentucky: The Kentucky Derby. So, I hope you like horses!” Josh started.

“I watch it every year!” Dan stated.

“So your challenge is horse racing. How it works is each team will choose one member for each race. There are two races. You can keep that same member if you want. Whoever wins the race wins immunity for their team. So pick your racers.”

“I think I should race, I’m good with animals.” Zoo-Zoo told her team

“Okay” Chuckie, Miranda, and Johnnie all agreed.

“I’ll race if she loses” Chuckie said.

“Fine” Miranda agreed.

“I want to race” Charlotte said.

Charlotte walked up to the horse and it ran away.

“Never mind” Charlotte said.

“Okay it’s time to race! Racers put on this gear. The people that aren’t racing are the cheerleaders.” Josh laughed.

“Okay racing the first race is Zoo-Zoo, Josie, Earl, and Teddie. The race is a half mile long. Ready.. Set.. and Go!” Josh screamed.

“It looks like Zoo-Zoo is in the lead, with Josie not too far behind her, then its Earl, then Teddie.” Josh said.

The race was then over, but the winner was clear.

“Zoo-Zoo wins it for the Western Cowboys.” Josh said.

“Yay!” the Western Cowboys screamed and hugged Zoo-Zoo.

“Horses don’t bite do they?” a very nervous Louie asked.

“No.” Josie said.

“The next racers are Lola, Louie, and Kassi. It’s the same distance as the previous race. Go!!” Josh screamed.

“In the lead right now is Kassi, then Louie, then Lola. But what is this? Lola is catching up with Kassi!” Josh yelled.

“Go team!!” Charlotte yelled, trying to be a good cheerleader. She accidently threw her pom-pom and it hit Kassi knocking her off her horse. “Oops!” Charlotte said quietly.

“Lola wins!” Josh screamed. “Northern Lights and Southern Belles you have to go to The Voting Ceremony.” Josh said.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“If you get voted off, you will have to take this plane ticket and go to the Airport of Shame, and take the Plane of Losers. Northern Lights since you came in last, you get to vote first. Louie you’re first.” Josh finished.

“I vote for Josie. You’re a farm girl; you should know how to ride a horse better than that. I hope I don’t get a paper cut with this paper.” Louie finished.

Tonie voted, Daisi, voted, and then Josie was up.

“Sorry Louie, but you lost us the challenge, and you’re kinda annoying sometimes. Oh, and you were mean to Charlotte and Daisi. Sorry” Josie finished.

“I will now read the votes: Louie, Josie, Louie, the first person voted off of Total Drama States is Louie.” Josh finished.

Louie walked to the Airport of Shame with his ticket quietly, and boarded the Plane of Losers

“Southern Belles it’s time to vote, Kassi, you’re up.” Josh said.

After the whole team voted, Josh read the votes “Teddie, Charlotte, Charlotte, the second person voted off is Charlotte.” Josh finished.

Charlotte grabbed her ticket and also walked quietly to the Airport of Shame, and boarded the Plane of Losers. The plane took off.

“Northern Lights and Southern Belles head back to the plane.” Josh told them.

“Well that’s our very dramatic first episode” Josh started. “Join us next time on Total Drama States!”

Chapter 2: "Which Lake Is It?"

“Last time on Total Drama States” Josh started.”The contestants introduced themselves, the seating arrangements were given, and the contestants boarded the plane. Some friends and enemies were made. Then, in a surprise twist, the teens had to vote two people safe. Then it was later revealed that it was going to be a double elimination. The contestants were split up on teams, and had their first challenge, horse racing. But, in the end, it was Charlotte and Louie voted off! Who will be voted off next? Find out right now on Total Drama States!” Josh finished.

The camera then cuts to the Northern Lights and Southern Belles boarding the plane.

“I never want to vote somebody off ever again!” Kassi said

“But, if you want to stay in the game, you have to!” Teddie implied.

“I guess you’re right.” Kassi responded.

The camera then goes to the other contestants waiting eagerly to find out who was voted off.

“They’re coming!” Miranda said excited.

“Please be Charlotte and Daisi, please be Charlotte and Daisi!” Chuckie begged.

The Northern Lights and Southern Belles appeared.

“Well at least one of them is out!” Chuckie said.

Josh came out and said “Louie and Charlotte were the first two voted off. Now, Ryan and Sophie need teams so Sophie, you are on the Southern Belles, and Ryan you are on the Northern Lights.” Josh said

The two teens joined their newly named teams. And with that the plane took off to their next destination.

“Sophie you’re on the same team as me!” Nik was happy.

“Um, Josh can I switch teams?” Sophie asked.

“No.” Josh responded

“Please.” Sophie begged while batting her eyes.

“That’s not going to work on me!” Josh laughed.

The camera then cut to Dan and Earl sitting together.

“So if we lose, who do we vote off next?” Dan asked to Earl who was sitting next to him.

“Definitely Lola, she is a freak.” Earl responded. “I can’t even believe I got on the same team with that, that weirdo!” Earl exclaimed.

Josh then came out and said: “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one important thing. In the bathroom there is a confessional.”

“I was wondering why there was a camera when I went to the bathroom.” Nik said

Earl then got up to go to the confessional. In the confessional Earl was saying “I can get Dan to do anything! Anything I want! If we lose Lola is going home soon!” Earl smiled evilly.

While Earl was in the confessional, Lola who was sitting with Mari in front of Dan turned around and said “What are you and Earl talking about?” Lola asked.

“Oh, nothing important.” Dan responded quickly.

“It’s okay. You can tell me.” Lola wanted to know.

“Um. We were just talking about who we would vote off if we lose.” Dan responded.

“Well, if you ask me that’s pretty important in this game!” Lola joked “He said to vote me, didn’t he?” Lola knew it was obvious.

“Yes.” Dan said quietly.

“It figures. Earl doesn’t like me. Well it was a fun game.” Lola said sadly.

“But, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t even know you that much.” Dan said.

“Well Earl is coming back. So I will talk to you later.” Lola said.

“Yeah. Okay.” Dan responded.

Earl then came back and sat down next to Dan. The camera then goes to Lola and Mari in front of them.

“So what were they talking about?” Mari asked.

“They were talking about voting me off, but Dan doesn’t know what he wants to vote me off because he doesn’t know me.” Lola responded.

“Well who would we vote off?” Mari asked

“I don’t know.” Lola said.

The camera the cut to Sophie sitting next to Teddie.

“I was just wondering if you would be in an alliance with me.” Sophie said.

“Yeah. I guess so.” Teddie responded.

“Perfect!” Sophie smiled evilly.

Eventually everybody falls asleep; the last one to fall asleep was Earl. Josh came out when the plane landed; it was morning.

“Good morning!” Josh yelled waking everybody up. “Welcome to your second destination: Michigan!” Josh told them. “Here, you’ll need these.” Josh said after everybody came out of the plane. He handed each team a canoe with three paddles. “You’re challenge is to find me at one of the five great lakes.” Josh explained the challenge. A helicopter came up and picked up Josh, and dropped him off at one of the great lakes.

The pilot then came out and said”I just got a phone call from Josh; he said that the first team to find me will get an awesome dinner, while the three other teams have to continue eating peanuts! Oh yeah, he also said go!”

All the teams took off except for the Eastern Folk.

“Come on. The other teams are ahead of us.” Earl was mad.

“We have to figure out which lake to go to first. Mari said. “I say we go to Lake Michigan,” Mari said.

“Agreed.” Lola and Dan said.

The team took off. The Northern Lights headed towards Lake Huron. The Southern Belles headed towards Lake Superior. The Western Cowboys headed towards Lake Michigan.

The camera cuts to the Eastern Folk and Western Cowboys working together.

“Okay. Where do you think he is?” Miranda asked.

“I don’t know.” Johnnie replied.

 “Well I say we go to the lakes in order.” Mari said.

“Okay.” Dan agreed.

“No! We are not going to lakes in order.” Earl yelled.

“Why not.” Miranda was confused.

“I say we don’t work together.” Chuckie suggested.

Everybody agreed and the two teams split up.

Meanwhile the Northern Lights were having no luck at all:

“He’s not here ya’ll,” Josie said in a country accent.

“What do you mean he’s not here?” Ryan asked.

“He’s not here,” Josie said.

“But, we haven’t searched the entire lake!” Ryan said.

“It doesn’t matter, we searched the land part, do you really think Josh is going to be in the middle of the water?” said Josie.

“She’s got a point.” Tonie agreed.

“Yeah,” Daisi said.

“Okay, we’ll go to Lake Michigan,” said Ryan.

“Okay,” The rest of the Northern Lights agreed.

The Southern Belles had some luck though:

“Is that him?” Kassi pointed to a figure surrounded by many trees.

“I think so,” Teddie said.

“Nik, my arm is very tired; I need a strong man to paddle for the rest of the way.” Sophie said.

“I’d be delighted to!” Nik took Sophie’s paddle and started paddling

“That nerd will do anything I say,” Sophie said in the confessional, “He’s so gullible!”

The Southern Belles landed on a small island in the middle of Lake Superior.

“Congratulations! Southern Belles, you have won a gourmet dinner, immunity, and a clue to the first out of two hidden immunity idols! You can try to find it by yourself, or in a group. However, if you do not find it, then it will stay here, forever!” Josh said, “I love my job! Your clue is: To find me, don’t look up high, look down low. There you’ll find me, and off you go!

“Nik, if you find it and give it to me, I will give you a big kiss!” Sophie said.

“I’ve got to find that idol!” Nik said in the confessional.

“So gullible!” Sophie said in the confessional.

Nik took off running into the forest.

“Teddie, will you work with me?” Kassi asked.

“Yeah, sure,” Teddie said.

“I want to find that idol, so Sophie doesn’t, am I sounding too mean?”

“No, not all, you’re just playing the game.” Teddie told Kassi.

“I don’t want to be mean, I don’t like to be mean, I just don’t want Sophie to find that idol. She is being so mean to Nik! I wonder if he knows that she’s just using him.” Kassi said in the confessional.

Kassi headed into the forest, “You coming?” she asked Teddie.

“I’ll be there in a minute.” He told her while Sophie approached him.

“You better make sure she doesn’t find that idol! Sabotage her.” Sophie said.

“But she is so kind-hearted, I couldn’t sabotage her!” Teddie said.

“We have an alliance!” Sophie reminded him.


“But, nothing! She will not find that idol! If she does, you are out of my alliance, and the first to go!” Sophie warned him.

“Okay” Teddie said.

“Are you ready yet?” Kassi asked.

“Yeah, I’m coming,” Teddie ran into the forest.

“Well, we should look down low, because that’s what the clue says.” Kassi said.

At the edge of the forest, Josh could be heard saying, “Congratulations, Eastern Folk, you have won immunity!”

“What about the gourmet dinner?” Mari asked.

“You’re not the first team to arrive, so enjoy peanuts!” Josh laughed.

“This is your fault!” Earl pointed to Mari.

“No it’s not, it’s nobody’s fault.” Lola said.

“How can it be nobody’s fault we have to blame somebody?” Earl said.

“Then we’ll blame you!” Dan said.

“Excuse me? Blame me?” Earl said.

“Yeah, that’s what I said!” said Dan.

“You are so out of my alliance!” Earl said.

“Fine!” Dan said.

“I think I found it!” Nik said. “Now to get this to Sophie, and get my kiss!”

Nik ran to Sophie, and gave her the idol.

“Perfect!” Sophie said.

Sophie started to walk away.

“What about my kiss?” Nik asked.

Sophie groaned, and turned around and kissed Nik on his cheek.

“Wait, Sophie, can I use this whenever I want?” Nik asked.

“Sure.” Sophie said and then stuffed the idol into her pocket.

In the confessional Sophie was laughing, and saying, “No, he can’t use this whenever he wants! So gullible!”

“Sophie, wait!” Nik said, she turned around, and he kissed her on the lips, “That’s a real kiss, I think.”

Sophie screamed and ran away. “I can’t believe he kissed me!” Sophie said in the confessional, she then puked.

The Western Cowboys, we’re seen in their canoe, in the lake, and not too far behind them were the Northern Lights.

“Paddle faster!” Ryan said.

The two teams paddled as fast as they could.  They landed, and started running towards Josh.

“Ow! My foot!” Josie said. She had tripped over a log. Tonie picked her up and ran to Josh. Both teams arrived near the same time, but there was one team who got there a couple of seconds faster.

“Congratulations, Western Cowboys, you win immunity, but no gourmet dinner for you!” Josh said, “Northern Lights, meet me at The Voting Ceremony tonight. Somebody go get Teddie and Kassi.”

Dan and “Zoo-Zoo” ran off to find them; they came back five minutes later with Teddie and Kassi.

Josie approached Daisi, “We need to vote off Ryan, he’s bossy, and he was mean in the challenge.”

“Okay.” Daisi agreed.

Ryan approached Daisi five minutes later, “Tonie and I are voting for Josie, will you vote with us?”

“Okay.” Daisi agreed again.

“I don’t know what to do! Josie is kind of right, but I think I like Ryan!” Daisi said in the confessional.

Tonie said in the confessional, “I don’t know what to do; I mean Ryan wants to vote Josie off because she lost us the challenge, she didn’t.  She only fell!”

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“Cast your votes, blah, blah, blah, if you get the most votes, then you get this ticket and you leave; you know what to do!” Josh said, “Josie, you’re up!”

Josie voted for Ryan, “You were mean, and bossy, so good-bye!”

Ryan voted for Josie, “You lost us the challenge because you fell!”

Tonie and Daisi voted, “I’ll read the votes: Josie, one vote Josie, Ryan, one vote Josie, one vote Ryan, Tonie, one vote Josie, Ryan, and Tonie. One vote left, the next person voted off of Total Drama States is:”

 “Josie, here’s the ticket.” Josh handed her the ticket.

  She said, “Bye ya’ll,” and boarded the Plane of Losers.

 “This wraps up this week’s episode, join us next time on Total Drama States!” Josh ended  the episode.

Chapter 3: "We have to do what now?"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” a female with dark hair up in a ponytail said, “Chuckie was mad that both Daisi and Charlotte weren’t eliminated, but he was happy that Charlotte was eliminated. Sophie was put on the Southern Belles, and Ryan was put on the Northern Lights. Dan and Earl made an alliance, but soon called it off after the challenge. The contestants landed at their next destination: Michigan! For their challenge they had to find Josh at one of the great lakes! The Western Cowboys and the Eastern Folk decided to work together, but split up after arguments. The Southern Belles came in first and won a gourmet dinner, immunity, and a clue to the hidden immunity idol! Nik found the idol, but gave it to Sophie in exchange of a kiss. The Eastern Folk came in second, and the Western Cowboys came in third. That left the Northern Lights to decide who to vote off. Josie wanted to vote off Ryan, and Ryan wanted to vote off Josie. But, in the end, it was Josie who was eliminated! Poor girl! She did not deserve to go! Well, anyway, who will be voted off tonight?” She caught her breath and said, “Whoa! How does Josh say all this without even losing his breath?”

The Northern Lights boarded the plane. The others gasped.

“N-n-no! N-not Josie! She was my f-f-friend!” Miranda said.

“I think they made the right choice of who to vote off! She was annoying with all of her “Hey ya’ll!” and stuff!” Chuckie said.

“Dang it!” Chuckie said in the confessional, “Daisi is still here! I lied about them making the right choice, obviously. I’m really, sort of, disappointed about Josie’s elimination! I think I may have liked her!”

The woman who opened the episode boarded the plane next and said, “Josie was eliminated tonight!”

“Like we didn’t notice!” Sophie said, “She’s the only Northern Light who’s not here!”

“Who are you? Where’s Jake?” Daisi asked.

“I’m Molly, and I think you mean Josh.” the woman said.

“Oh,” Daisi said, “Well, what are you doing here?”

“I’m the co-host!” said Molly.

“Yay!” Sophie said sarcastically in the confessional, “Two losers telling us what to do! Their names are Josh and Molly!”

Josh froze the confessional. He was in what looked like a studio. He said, “I’m not a loser, Molly, well, Molly is a loser, but not me!” He hit a button and he unfroze the confessional.  Sophie was walking out of the confessional.

Josh walked in and said, “Today’s destination is Montana! There is also no elimination tonight!”

Everybody cheered except for Dan. He walked into the confessional and said, “I don’t believe him! I mean can you really trust a sadistic reality T.V. host?”  Dan paused and then said, “Didn’t think so!”

“You’re going to like this challenge! We had to pay fifty more doctors and nurses, just in case of minor injuries!  Oh, and here. You need to fill these out just in case you get hurt… or die, or something like that.” The host said.

“Excuse me, Josh. Did you say die?” Johnnie asked.

“Um, no.” Josh lied.

“Okay, because I don’t want to die!” Johnnie said.

“He did say die, you idiot!” Sophie said.

“Oh no! I don’t want to die!” Johnnie exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, we won’t die,” Kassi calmed him down.

“Okay, because I don’t think I’m going to like dying!”  Said the worried Johnnie.

“None of us will, sweetie,” Kassi said.

The camera then cut to Earl and Dan sitting together.

“I will give you one more chance to be in an alliance with me. DO you want to be in another alliance with me?”

Dan was shown in the confessional, “Earl was really mean, and I don’t want to be in an alliance with a mean person! He will probably end up telling me what to do, who to vote off, and he probably wouldn’t even let me have a say in anything! But, hey I need an alliance, and I’m going to make Earl nicer!”

“Okay, but I have three conditions:  you let me have a say in who to vote off, and don’t tell me what to do, and you have to be nicer!” Dan said.

“Okay, friend!” Earl said smiling, Earl was then shown in the confessional, “Dan says I can’t tell him who to vote off, so if we lose a challenge, and he asks me who to vote off, I’m not telling him! I’ll say, “But you told me not to tell you who to vote off!”

Lola is seen in the confessional, “Okay, so it’s kind of hard to keep acting normal. I mean I want to show off my talents. Like how I can fit my whole foot into my mouth,” She took off her shoe and put her foot into her mouth, “Or how I can lick my elbow, or lick my eyeballs.” She then licked her elbow and then her eyeballs,  “Ow! Ow! I forgot that licking your eyeballs burns! Note to self: Never lick your eyeballs!”

Sophie is seen in the confessional, “Okay, my strategy is to find three people and form an alliance with them. There has to be someone desperate enough to get into an alliance, Teddie. Someone who will do anything I say, Nik. Someone stupid enough, I don’t know who to pick for this one, maybe that blonde who was sad when the klutz was voted off. Now, I need to get one of the idiots to ally with other members on each team. So then, I can control this game! I’m so going to win!”

Josh walked out and said, “Okay, we will be landing in about three minutes.”

“I h-h-have to ally with s-somebody,” Miranda said in the confessional, “Or else, I w-w-won’t be able to stay in the g-game!”

“I’m suffering from jetlag! I hate this game!” Dan said in the confessional.

Miranda and “Zoo-Zoo” are shown sitting next to each other.

“So, you love animals, uh?” Miranda asked her.

“Yeah, I once ran into a burning building to save my cat.” Said “Zoo-Zoo”.

“So, to stay in the game you have to f-form an alliance.” Miranda began.

“What are you trying to say?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

“Would y-y-you be in an alliance with me?” Miranda finally asked.

“Um, I,” “Zoo-Zoo” said before being interrupted.

“Time for the challenge!” Josh said as the plane landed.

The teens, Molly, and Josh all walked out to see a field of cannons, a lot of stairs with rails, and a small canyon. Josh smiled evilly. While Molly and the contestants just stood there with their mouths hanging open.

“Okay, for your challenge, you have to perform wild and crazy stunts!” Josh said.

“Why do we have to do this?” Mari asked.

“Because Evel Knievel was born in Montana, so we just figured it was the best way to torture you all!” Josh said and laughed evilly.

“Josh, you can’t possibly expect these teenagers to go through this torture!” Molly said in disbelief of the challenge.

“So, we have to do what now?” Earl asked.

Josh is seen in the confessional, “Are these people deaf?”

“Extreme stunts and other stuff like that!” Josh said.

“Yes! Awesome!” Lola said.

“I’m not doing this! You can’t make me!” Sophie said.

“If you don’t, and your team loses, and you’re the only one who doesn’t do a stunt, I’d say you have a pretty good chance of getting voted off during the next Voting Ceremony!” Josh told her.

“I hate him so much!” Sophie said in the confessional.

“Well, anyway the Eastern Folk, Southern Belles, and the Western Cowboys have to choose one person to sit out.” Molly said.

“I’ll sit out!” Sophie said.

“Yes, you don’t want to harm your beautiful face while doing stunts now do you?” Nik said.

“No, I don’t” Sophie said.

“I think fatso should sit out for us,” Chuckie said while pointing to Johnnie.

“Okay, I’ll sit out.” Johnnie said.

“Chuckie is mean! But, at least I’m not getting shot out of a cannon!” Johnnie said in the confessional.

“Who should sit out for us?” Dan asked.

“Not me!” Lola said, “I can’t wait for this challenge!”

“I’m sitting out.” Earl declared.”Maybe I want to sit out!” Mari said.

“Well, too bad!” Earl said.

“Who’s sitting out?” Molly asked.

“Sophie for the Southern Belles.” Kassi said.

“Johnnie for the Western Cowboys.” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“And for the Eastern Folk?” Molly asked.

“Um, Mari.” Lola said quickly.

“What?” Earl was in shock, “No, she’s not sitting out! I am!”

“Oooh, too late! Your team already decided, unless they say you should sit out. Eastern Folk, what do you think? Who should sit out? Mari or Earl?” Josh said.

“Mari,” Lola said.

“Dan?” Earl gave Dan a nasty and threatening look.

“I say that Mari should… sit out, not Earl.” Dan said while Earl stood there in shock, “Sorry,” Dan whispered to Earl.

“Okay, so the first challenge is the shoot yourself out of a cannon challenge! So pick your victims, I mean, well, yeah, victims!” Josh said.

“What happens if we choose to not accept the challenge?” Earl asked.

“Then your team doesn’t get a point and the team who gets the least amount of points gets the worse dinner in tonight’s dinner at my restaurant in Montana! The team with the most points gets the best dinner, the second most gets

 the second best dinner, and the third most gets the third best dinner.” Josh explained.

“Miranda, you’re going to do this challenge.” Chuckie said.

“Okay, so the team who makes it the closest to their color mat wins the point!” The person who is sitting out is over by your mat. Daisi, you’re first.” Molly said.

“Okay, I’m doing this for my team and Charlotte!” Daisi said, “Now aim me towards that yellow mat!” Daisi got into the cannon. Tonie and Ryan aimed the cannon at the yellow mat. “Fire!” Daisi yelled as she put on her helmet.

“Fire?! Where?!” Lola asked.

Daisi was shot of the cannon; she flew past the mat completely.  

“Daisi is fifty feet away from their mat!” Josh declared.

“Miranda, you’re up!” Josh said.

Miranda put her helmet on and got into the cannon, and Chuckie and “Zoo-Zoo” aimed the cannon towards the Western Cowboys’ mat.

“Try and aim for Johnnie; he’s so huge, you can’t miss him!” Chuckie told Miranda.

“Fire!” Miranda said. She was shot out of the cannon.

“Fire!” Lola said, “I like fire! But, don’t get me wrong, I’m no pyromaniac!”

Miranda was twenty-five feet away from their mat.

“Southern Belles, you’re up!” Molly said.

“I’ll do it!” Kassi said.

“Are you sure” Teddie asked.

“Yes!” Kassi said as she put on her helmet and got into the cannon.

Teddie and Nik aimed the cannon.

“Fire!” Kassi yelled.

Kassi was shot out of the cannon.

“She is eighteen feet away from their mat!” Molly said.

“Earl, you’re up, dude!” Josh said.

“I don’t want to do this!” Earl said.

“Well, then do you want to cost us a point, and If you don’t do it, I will,” Dan said.

“Then, you will do an even sicker stunt!” Lola said.

“Fine! I’ll do it!” Earl said while he put on his helmet and got into the cannon.

Dan and Lola aimed the cannon.

“Fire!” Earl said.

Earl was shot out of the cannon; he landed perfectly on the mat.

“We win!” Dan and Lola screamed together.

“No, you don’t!” Josh said, “Earl landed perfectly on the Northern Lights’ map!”

“Which is thirty feet away from your mat, sorry! The Southern Belles win!” Molly said.

“The next two challenges involve motorcycles, and now welcoming back the people who were sitting out, now they’re sitting out over here!” Josh said.

“Awesome!” Tonie said.

"Well, since you’re so excited, you get to go first!” Josh said.

“Cool! What do I have to do?” Tonie asked.

“You have to ride a motorcycle along this rail on the stairs the longest! The rail is fifty feet long.” Molly said.

“Okay!” Tonie said.

“Well, I didn’t want to give you helmets for the cannon shoot, but this goody-two-shoe over here,” He points to Molly, “Because she was concerned about your safety. Well, I decided no helmets for this one!” Josh said.

“But, for the next one, there will be helmets because it’s so dangerous!” Molly said.

“Oooh! I want to do the dangerous challenge!” Lola said.

“Go ahead, maybe it will knock some sense into you.” Sophie said.

  “Tonie, start your motorcycle!” Josh said.

Tonie started the motorcycle. He popped a wheelie and rode on that for twenty feet.

“That was awesome, dude!” Ryan said as he gave Tonie a high five.

“Dan, you’re up!” Molly said.

Dan got onto the motorcycle, started it, and rode for four feet and fell off.

“Ow!” Dan exclaimed.

“Ouch! That looked like it hurt!” Tonie said, “Good try, bro!”

“Thanks!” Dan said.

“You sucked!” Earl said.

“I tried!” Dan defended himself, “And I thought you were going to be nicer.”

“Oops, I forgot. Good try!” Earl said.

“Okay, I really don’t like Earl, but I need an alliance. Maybe I can ally with Lola; she seems like a cool girl.” Dan said in the confessional.

“Nik, you can do this challenge,” Teddie said.”No, I want to impress Sophie by doing the dangerous challenge,” Nik said.

“Are you sure?” Teddie asked.

“Yes,” Nik responded.

“Okay, Josh. I’m doing the challenge.” Teddie said.

“Are you sure the small, nerdy kid doesn’t want to do this one?” Josh asked.

“He says he doesn’t want to do this one.” Teddie told him.

“Okay,” Josh said.

Teddie got on the motorcycle, started it, and rode for ten feet until he fell of the rail.

“Good try,” Dan said.

“But I lost,” Teddie sad while rubbing his head.

“Hey, at least you made it farther on the rail than me!” Dan said.

““Zoo-Zoo”, you can do this one,” Chuckie said.

“Okay,” she said.

“Zoo-Zoo” boarded the motorcycle, and started it. She tried to pop a wheelie, but failed.

““Zoo-Zoo”, you made it five feet.” Josh said.

“The Northern Lights win the second point!” Molly said.

“This is my favorite challenge!” Josh said.

“How can you be so sadistic and evil towards these teenagers?” Molly asked.

“I don’t know, it just pleases me!” Josh said.

“You’re no better than your brother!” Molly said.

“Don’t mention him!” Josh said.

“Who’s his brother?” Johnnie asked.

“Chris…” Molly said.

“Don’t say his name!” Josh demanded.

“Chris McLean?” Johnnie asked.

“Yep, that’s him!” Molly said.

“Well, anyway. Back to the challenge.” Josh said, “The challenge is to ride the motorcycle and jump this fifty foot canyon!”

 “Nik, you’re up!” Molly said.

“You know you don’t have to do it,” Chuckie said.

“Shut up!” Sophie said.

“Make me!” Chuckie said.

“I’m doing it!” Nik said.

“Okay,” Molly said.

Nik put on his helmet and pads, and got on his motorcycle.

“Oh, come on! Pads?! Really, pads?! Is that really necessary?” Josh asked.

“Yes, for their safety, they could really get hurt!” Molly said.

“This one’s for you, Sophie!” Nik said as he started his motorcycle.

Sophie gagged. Nik started to ride; he was over the canyon when he fell off of his motorcycle in midair.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Nik yelled.

He almost safely landed on a trampoline; he bounced up in the air.

“Awesome!” Lola said, “I so can’t wait for this challenge, can I go next?”

“Sure, crazy,” Josh said.

“Here are your helmets and pads.” Molly said while handing her pads and a helmet.

“Oh, I don’t need those.” Lola said.

“Are you sure?” Molly asked.

“Yeah,” Lola responded.

“She really is crazy,” Sophie said.

Lola got onto her motorcycle, started it, and started riding it. She was on the ramp, and then she went in midair and said, “Yee-haw! This is awesome! Woo-hoo!”

Lola made it all the way across the canyon.

“That was totally awesome! It was wicked how you didn’t go without helmets or pads. It  would’ve been better if she had crashed, though.” Josh said, “Ryan, you’re up,”

“Okay, I can do this!” Ryan said, “I used to ride motorcycles back home with my buds!”

“But did you jump a fifty foot canyon on a motorcycle?” Josh asked.

“No, but how hard can it be?” Ryan asked.

“Pretty hard,” Nik said as he walked up with his arm in a sling, and an ankle brace on.

“I’m ready!” Ryan said as he put on a helmet and extra pads. He got onto his motorcycle, and started it. He built up speed to get ready for the ramp, and he…

“You jumped the whole canyon, dude! That was awesome!” Tonie said.

“Yeah, not as exciting as Lola’s, but you jumped the whole canyon! Chuckie, you’re up.” Josh said.

Chuckie put on his helmet and pads. He got onto his motorcycle, started it, and rode it. He also, like Ryan, built up speed. However, he fell of the motorcycle, and landed on the trampoline.

“It looks like both the Eastern Folk and the Northern Lights win this challenge, and a point!” said Molly, “Northern Lights, you get the best dinner, and since the Eastern Folk and the Southern Belles tied, they both get the second place dinner. Western Cowboys, you get the fourth place dinner, sorry.”

“We won!” exclaimed the Northern Lights.

“Chuckie, medical would like to see you.” Molly said.

“Okay,” Chuckie said as he walked over to the medical tent.

The teens, Josh, and Molly got into a limo, and were soon followed by Chuckie with his arm in a sling.

“Let’s go eat!” Johnnie said.

“Not quite, yet.” Josh said, “You see, the Western Cowboys have to vote somebody off.”

“But, you said that it was a reward challenge!” Chuckie said.

“Yes, I did, but, um. I’m the host and you’ll do what I say!” Josh said, “Western Cowboys, follow me.

“Miranda,” “Zoo-Zoo” said as they followed Josh, “About that alliance, I’m in.”

“Good! I think we should vote off…” Miranda said.

The camera cut to Johnnie and Chuckie walking next to each other.

“We need to form an alliance and vote for…” Chuckie said.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“You will cast your votes,” Josh explained, I will read them, and whoever has the most votes must take this ticket and leave! “Zoo-Zoo”, you’re up.”

Everybody voted.

“I will now read the votes. The first vote is for Miranda. The next vote is for Johnnie. One vote Miranda, one vote Johnnie. The next vote is also for Johnnie. The last vote is for……….:”

“Miranda.” Josh said, “We have a tie breaker! Here’s how it works. You have to make fire, with only sticks and hay to keep it going. The first person to burn the one foot high rope wins, and will stay in the game. Go!”

The two teens started rubbing the sticks together. A fire started, and that person put hay on the fire. The rope burned.

“And the winner is………

"Miranda!” Josh said.

“Yay! I won!” Miranda squealed.

“Johnnie, here’s your ticket.” Josh said, handing him the ticket.

“Bye Johnnie.” The Western Cowboys said.

Johnnie waved good-bye, and boarded the plane.

“Join us next time on Total Drama States!” Josh said.

Chapter 4: "You'll never take me alive!"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh began, “The new co-host, Molly, came, and Daisi got confused, shocker. The next destination was Montana. The challenge was based off of Evel Knievel, who was born in Montana. The contestants had to shoot themselves out of a cannon, ride a motorcycle on a rail, and jump a motorcycle over a fifty foot canyon. The reward was a dinner. The best dinner went to first place; the second best dinner went to second place, and so on. The Southern Belles won the cannon shoot. The Northern Lights won the rail riding part, and both the Eastern Folk and the Northern Lights won the third part. The Western Cowboys lost all of the challenges. The challenge was awesome! Before the challenge, I told the teens that it was a non-elimination challenge. Yeah, well, about that, I lied! Miranda and Johnnie tied in votes, so they had a fire making challenge for a tie breaker. In the end it was Johnnie who was sent home after Miranda’s flame burnt the rope first! Who will win tonight? Who will be joining Loserville, population four? Find out right now on Total Drama States! Oh, and Molly, if you want to know how to say the beginning of the episode without even gasping for air, it takes three things: practice, you have to read slowly, then speed up at the end, and you have to be awesome! Which is a trait you lack!” Josh laughed.

“Congratulations Miranda!” "Zoo-Zoo" said.

“Thanks! I guess it’s good to be a ch-chef!” Miranda said, “This one time, when the electricity was out,”

“Don’t care!” Chuckie said.

“Don’t interrupt her!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Thanks, again. Well, anyway. The electricity was o-o-out, and we had to eat, so I made a fire f-f-from two sticks…” Miranda said.

“Why didn’t you go live with a relative until the power came back on?” Chuckie interrupted her.

“Zoo-Zoo” slapped Chuckie.

“What was that for?” asked Chuckie.

“For interrupting her!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Their power was out too,” said Miranda, “Well, I made fire from two sticks. Then, my mom and I all cooked for our family.”

They then entered the limo.

“Where’s Johnnie?” Kassi asked, tears where forming in her eyes.

“He t-tied in votes with me, and we had to do a fire making tie breaker challenge, and I won. So h-h-he was eliminated.” Miranda explained.

“No! I really liked him!” Kassi said, her face full in tears.

“It’s okay Kassi.” Dan said trying to comfort her.

“I know, but I’ll miss him.” Kassi said.

“Kassi, its okay,” Molly said, “Here’s a box of tissues and a letter from Johnnie.”

Kassi blew her nose and wiped the tears out her eyes.

“I’m okay. I promise. Now, I’m going to read the letter that Johnnie left behind. “Dear Kassi, I miss you! There’s one thing that we need to talk about, though: our relationship. We need to break up,” A tear rolled down her cheek in the confessional, “My ex-girlfriend, April, and I broke up before the show. Just in case I met someone like you. She called me, and she said she wanted to get back together. You’re a nice girl, and I’m really, really sorry about this. Now, do me a favor. Wipe the tears out your eyes, and remember me. Please. I will always remember you. I’m rooting for you! Sincerely, Johnnie.” She wiped the tears out of her eyes, and held the letter to her heart, “I’ll never forget you Johnnie,”

“I love seeing nice girl cry!” Sophie said in the confessional.

“I really feel bad for Kassi. I can feel her pain. This one time my dog ran away. I thought it would never come back. Two weeks later, we found it in an alley, alive. I was so happy! And I hope the same thing happens for Kassi, except the dog is a boy, and Kassi is me,” “Zoo-Zoo” said in the confessional.

“We’re at the restaurant!” Josh announced.

The limo pulled up to a very fancy restaurant. Everybody got out of the limo and walked into the restaurant. There was a man in a suit at the door.

He said, “You all are not allowed in this restaurant. You are underdressed.”

“Um, dude. I own the restaurant! Josh McLean here!” Josh said.

“Oh, sorry sir. Please come in.” the man said.

“That’s what I thought!” Josh said.

“Don’t be so rude!” Molly said.

Josh whispered something into the man’s ear. The teens walked in, following Josh.

“Excuse me, Miss. Josh said that you are not allowed in,” the man said talking to Molly.

“Ugh! That jerk! I mean oh, that’s okay!” Molly said.

“There were four tables marked of for us. Above the tables, were chandeliers. On the tables, beautiful flowers. There were: roses, lilies, tulips, and violets. Oh it was beautiful! It was the perfect date for Tonie and me!” Mari said in the confessional.

“Take a seat!” Josh said.

“The first table had five chairs. Teddie, Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, Dan, and Kassi sat at that table. The second table had four chairs. Sophie, Earl, Daisi, and Ryan sat there. The third table had only two chairs. Tonie ran as fast as he could to get that table for us! It was so romantic! So it was only Tonie and me! The fourth table had three chairs. Miranda, Nik, and Chuckie sat there,” Mari said in the confessional.

A waiter came out with the worst dinner. He gave it to all of the Western Cowboys.

“Ugh!” Chuckie complained, “A hamburger and French Fries!”

“Well, it’s better than nothing!” Miranda reminded him.

“Shut up!” Chuckie said.

“Hey!” Nik said, defending Miranda, “Leave her alone!”

“Why should I?” Chuckie asked.

“Because I said so!” Nik said.

“Nik, you d-don’t have too…” Miranda said.

“Yes I do. He shouldn’t be such a jerk!” Nik said.

“Well, that’s j-just how he acts. He just can’t help it!” Miranda said.

“No, he just thinks he’s better than everyone else! He’s just insecure,” Nik said.

“Well, I’m not insecure. But, I am better than everyone else.” Chuckie said.

“I’ve been through so much! I’ve been given wedgies and swirlies. I’ve gotten black eyes. I just can’t let anything happen to anybody else! Better me than them!” Nik said in the confessional.

“Nik was so sweet to defend me!” Miranda blushed in the confessional.

“I told Teddie to sit with some people on other teams to ally with them,” Sophie said in the confessional, “That way; I’m in control of this game!”

“Sophie told me to sit with people on other teams and ally with them. I chose Dan, Lola, and “Zoo-Zoo” because I think I can be friends with them. I’m already friends with Lola. So I hope I can be friends with Dan and “Zoo-Zoo”.” Teddie said in the confessional.

“It’s okay Kassi!” Dan said.

“This whole dinner reminds me of Johnnie!” Kassi said, “It’s all romantic!”

A waiter appeared with the Eastern Folk and Southern Belles’ dinner.

“Yummy! Steak!” Sophie bragged.

“Miranda, you haven’t even touched your burger!” Nik said.

“Oh, I guess I-I just have a lot on my mind, and lost my appetite. Is that steak I smell?” Miranda asked.

“Yeah, it’s my dinner. Would you trade me?” Nik asked.

“No, you earned that dinner!” Miranda said.

“I insist!” Nik said giving Miranda his steak, and taking her uneaten burger.

“T-t-thanks!” Miranda said.

“So Earl,” Sophie said, “Do you want to be in an alliance?”

“I guess. I’m already in an alliance with Dan.” Earl said.

“Great!” Sophie said sarcastically, “Daisi, Ryan. Do you?”

“Sure!” They said together.

“Yay! We can go to the final five!” Sophie said.

“Sophie seems really nice! I’m going to the final five!” Daisi said in the confessional.

“Something’s up with Sophie. She seems nice, but I think it’s just an act!” Ryan said in the confessional.

“Dan, what do you like to do?” Teddie asked.

“I am on my high school’s academic team. I love studying.” Dan said.

“That’s cool! I like video games!” Teddie said.

“Me too! I like the ones that make you think. The ones with strategy, and knowledge!” Dan said.

“Me too! Wow! We have a lot in common!” Teddie said, ““Zoo-Zoo”, what do you like?”

“I love animals!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Interesting!” Teddie said.

The waiter came out with the Northern Lights dinner: lobster.

“Yum!” Tonie said.

The teens and Josh ate their dinners, socialized, and had a great time!

“Okay, dinner’s over!” Josh announced, “Now it’s time for a little twist! Follow me!”

The teens followed Josh outside.

“Get into the limo!” Josh said so.

The teens and Molly did as he said. They drove to the airport.

“Whoa!” Tonie said.

“Yes! There are now two planes!” Molly said.

“And, each team will get a plane!” Josh said.

“Josh, there are four teams.” Lola said.

“Not for long!” Josh said, “Today, there will be two teams!”

“The Northern Lights the Southern Belles!” Molly said, “The Eastern Folk and the Western Cowboys are no more!”

“Each team will have seven members,” Josh said, “Each team needs a captain, so,” Josh pulled out a hat, “We’ll let fate decide the captains!” He pulled out a name, “The captain for the Southern Belles is…Mari!”

“Yes!” Mari exclaimed.

“Please step over to this pink mat,” Josh said while pointing to a pink mat in front of one of the yellow planes, “The captain for the Northern Lights is…,” He pulled out a name, “Tonie! Step over to the yellow mat.” He pointed to the mat in front of the other plane.

“No!” Tonie said, “I want to be on the same team as Mari!”

“Too bad!” Josh said, “Now pick you’re teams! Ladies first, Tonie you’re up! Just Joking! Mari choose a guy!”

“I pick Dan, since I was his teammate before!” Mari said as Dan walked over to the pink mat.

“Tonie pick a girl,” Josh said.

“I pick Daisi, also because she was my former teammate.” Tonie said.

“Mari pick a girl, but the people you have already picked can have no say on who you pick!” Josh said, “We will continue to choose boy, girl, boy, girl until there are no people left!”

“I choose Kassi, because she seems nice.” Mari said.

“I choose Earl, because I want to get to know him.” Tonie said.

“Teddie,” Mari said.

““Zoo-Zoo”,” Tonie said.

“Miranda,” Mari said.

“Nik,” Tonie said.

“Ryan,” Mari said.

“Lola,” Tonie said.

“Sophie,” Mari said.

“I guess that leaves Chuckie!” Tonie said.

The teens were on different colored mats in front of different airplanes.

“These are your new teams!” Molly said, “Now, please, board your team’s plane!”

They did so. Josh boarded the Southern Belles’ plane, and Molly boarded the Northern Lights’ plane. The plane took off to the next destination. After the plane ride, Josh said, “Welcome to your next destination, Washington! Your challenge is to camp out and spend the night on Mount St. Helen! You can chicken out, if you want, but it will cost your team a point. The team with the most members still camping out on the volcano wins!”

“You will sleep in these tents!” Molly said.

“Heck no!” Sophie said, “I don’t sleep in tents! I hated sleeping on the plane with no blanket and the hard rock pillow!”

“There are blankets and comfortable pillows inside the tents!” Molly informed her.

“Oh, nevermind!” Sophie said.

“Get over there!” Josh said.

Everyone walked over towards the volcano.

“Ugh! It’s too hot!” Sophie complained.

“That’s because it’s magma!” Dan said.

“Shut up, nerd boy!” Sophie said.

“Sophie, can you come over here, please?” Kassi asked.

“Okay,” Sophie walked over to Mari, Kassi, and Miranda, “I thought you were crying!”

“I am, but the heat from the volcano is evaporating the tears before they can roll down my cheek.” Kassi told her.

“Oh,” Sophie said in disappointment, “Well then. What do you want?”

“We need to make a g-girls’ alliance,” Miranda said.

“We outnumber the boys, so, yeah!” Mari said.

“I like it! Using our numbers to pick the boys off on by one! I’m in!” Sophie said.

“Great!” Mari said.

“I still don’t know about this,” Kassi said, “Dan and Teddie were so nice to me at the dinner and on the limo!”

“Okay, so I agreed to be in their stupid alliance! I lied! I mean the alliance contains nice, crybaby girl, weird girl who can’t talk n-normal, and annoying perfect girl!” Sophie said in the confessional.

Dan and Ryan approached the girls.

“Hey,” Ryan said.

“Kassi, you okay?” Dan asked.

“Yeah, I stopped crying,” Kassi told Dan.

“So, what are you ladies talking about?” Ryan asked.

“Oh, y-you know. The u-u-usual stuff girls talk about!” Miranda said.

“Like?” Ryan asked.

“You need to go away!” Sophie said.

Dan and Ryan left. While they were walking away, Ryan said, “They’re up to something!”

“Oh yeah!” Dan said, “The girls are up to something!” Dan told Teddie.

“Maybe a girls’ alliance!” Teddie suggested.

“Do you know what that means?” Dan asked, “We have to make a guys’ alliance!”

“No! I hate him!” Teddie and Ryan said about each other.

“Okay, then we can just vote individually. Then the girls can vote us off if we lose!” Dan said.

“He has a point,” Ryan said, “Do you think we can get over our differences just until the merge?”

“I guess,” said Teddie.

“Where’s Sophie?” Mari asked.

‘She’s talking to Daisi,” Kassi said.

Daisi walked over to Lola and “Zoo-Zoo”.

“Hey girls,” she said.

“Hi!” “Zoo-Zoo” and Lola said.

“We should get to know each other!” Daisi said.

“Okay!” Lola said.

“I told Daisi to make an alliance with everyone on her team, so that way, I’m in control of this game!” Sophie said in the confessional.

“That’s interesting!” Daisi said.

“‘Nough’ ‘bout’ us! More ‘bout’ you!” Lola said.

Daisi and “Zoo-Zoo” laughed.

“Well, I’m a cheerleader! Our coach is really mean! I hope she isn’t watching right now!” Daisi said.

The camera goes to a living room with a woman in it. She is wearing a purple jumpsuit. She speaks, “Daisi, you are so not a cheerleader anymore!”

The camera goes back to the three girls.

“I was in my school Glee club, but I had to quit because the cheerleading nationals was the same day and same time as the nationals for Glee club.” Daisi said.

“I’m my school Glee club, too!” Lola said.

“Cool!” Daisi said.

“I really made friends with Lola and “Zoo-Zoo”! I’m not just faking it!” Daisi said in the confessional.

“It’s been three hours! I can’t believe these teens! Not one of them has cracked yet!” Josh said, “Time to shake things up a bit! Okay, if you leave the volcano, you get to sleep in a king sized bed!”

“I’ll take it!” said a voice.

“Okay, Earl!” Josh said.

Molly took Earl to a bed by the plane.

Daisi was staring in the volcano.

“Don’t fall!” Chuckie said as he lightly pushed her.

“AHHH!” She screamed.

“Chuckie!” Josh said, “You are out of this challenge!”

“He almost made me fall into the volcano! He did that to all of the guys, but they didn’t scream!” Daisi said in the confessional.

Chuckie was escorted down the side of the volcano.

“Tonie! You’re so funny!” Mari said.

“Not as funny as you!” Tonie said.

“Oh! You’re sweet!” Mari kissed Tonie.

“Sophie, we need to talk to you,” Teddie said with Dan and Ryan at his side.

“What about?” she asked.

“A alliance that contains three dudes and one dudette,” Ryan said.

“Keep speaking,” she said.

“We need you to be in an alliance with us so we can be safe!” Dan said.

“No dip Sherlock!” Sophie said.

“Well then!” Dan said.

“I’m in!” Sophie said.

“You are?” Dan asked.

“Don’t make me change my mind!” Sophie said.

“Sorry,” Dan said quietly.

“Time to go to bed!” Molly said.

A helicopter suddenly appeared. A policeman was inside the helicopter. He said, “Viviana Airison! We know you’re down there!”

“There’s no one down here named Viviana,” Sophie said, “Idiot!” she muttered under her breath.

“Okay, so a helicopter appeared, and they arrested someone! It was shocking!” Kassi said in the confessional.

“You’ll never catch me alive!” Molly screamed.

She pulled off her wig revealing five jewels.

“It was Molly! She seemed so sweet and nice!” Kassi said in the confessional.

“She was an International Jewel Thief? I have to give the girl props!” Nik said in the confessional, “I would have never thought it would be her. I thought it would be Earl because he’s rich!”

A second policeman jumped out of the helicopter and landed on top of Viviana.

“You’re under arrest for being an International Jewel Thief!” He said as he put handcuffs on her. A ladder appeared and the cop climbed it with Viviana handcuffed.

The ladder suddenly swung because of Viviana trying to escape. It hit Miranda, knocking her off the edge of the volcano.

“AHHHHHH!!!” She screamed.

“No!” Nik yelled.

Everyone stood there in shock.

Josh was seen in a studio. “That didn’t really happen! Miranda is okay! Don’t you just love C.G.?” he asked, “Here’s what really happened!”

The ladder suddenly swung because of Viviana trying to escape. It hit Miranda, knocking her out. Everyone circled around Miranda. Nik grabbed her hand, “Back away! Give her hair! But don’t back up into the volcano!” he said.

Daisi backed up, and almost fell into the volcano. Ryan caught her. She blushed.

“W-what happened?” Miranda asked.

“The ladder hit you, and it knocked you out,” Nik explained.

“Medical, get over here!” Josh yelled.

The medical team helped Miranda up and carried her over to the medical tent. Everybody stood there, waiting. Fifteen minutes later, the medical team came out and said, “Miranda will…”

“Stay in the competition!” Miranda announced.

Everyone cheered and hugged her.

“I think that we should end this challenge now!” Josh announced, ‘The Southern Belles win!”

The Southern Belles cheered.

“Daisi made an alliance with Tonie, Nik, and me,” Earl said in the confessional.

“I made an alliance with everyone! Just like Sophie said! I told Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Chuckie to vote for Earl. I told Nik, Earl, and Tonie to vote for Chuckie. Since they lost us the challenge, one of them needs to be voted off!” Daisi said in the confessional.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“Here’s how it works,” Josh said, “You will vote. I will then read the votes; the person with the most votes will take this ticket and leave! Earl, you’re up!”

“I vote for Chuckie. Daisi said he tried to push her into the volcano! She also said that he was removed from the challenge.” Earl said

“I vote for Earl. You lost us the challenge because you had to sleep in a bed!” Chuckie said.

Everyone else voted.

“I will now read the votes!” Josh announced, “The first vote is for Chuckie. The next vote is also for Chuckie.”

Chuckie didn’t look worried.

“Earl. That’s two votes for Chuckie and one vote Earl. Chuckie. Three votes Chuckie one vote Earl. The next person voted off of Total Drama States is…………………………………………………………………………………………………



“Chuckie!” Josh said.

“I hope you realize you voted off your best player!” Chuckie said, “Idiots!” He grabbed his ticket and boarded his plane.

“Join us next time on Total Drama States!” Josh said.

Chapter 5: "There are too many weird words in here! I mean loathing?! What is that!?!?”

“Last time on Total Drama States…” Josh said, “Kassi took Johnnie’s elimination pretty hard. She turned into a cry baby! The teams had their dinner at my restaurant. Then we randomly chose two team captains: Mari and Tonie, the couple! They were captains on different teams! Ha! I enjoy this job! They picked their teams. The two newly formed teams, the Northern Lights and Southern Belles, had to compete in a challenge in which they had to stay on top of a volcano! There were newly formed friendships and alliances. Oh, and it turns out Molly, the “sweet” girl, is a masked international jewel thief! The Northern Lights lost having five of their seven members on top of the volcano. Chuckie was voted off because he joked around and pretended to push people into the volcano! What will happen this time on Total… Drama… States?!”

The two planes took off; the Southern Belles plane left first since the Northern Lights were at The Voting Ceremony.

“I wondered who they voted off,” Mari asked Kassi.

“I don’t know it could’ve been any one of them,” Kassi said.

“I hope it wasn’t Tonie!” Mari said.

“Oh please!” Sophie said, “Daisi, "Zoo-Zoo" Tonie, Lola, and Nik didn’t have a reason to be voted off! It was obviously Earl or Chuckie because they lost them the challenge!”

“Oh, okay then!” Mari said.

“Where do you guys think our next destination will be?” Teddie asked.

“Let’s hope it’s a place with a beach!” Sophie said.

“I’ve always wanted to go to California!” Kassi said.

“Well, based on that we’re flying east, it’s definitely going to be a state in the east,” Dan said.

“Well, how do you know that we’re not flying west? Maybe they’re trying to trick us!” Miranda said.

“Trust me, we’re flying east!” Dan said.

The camera went to the Northern Lights plane. They were having the same discussion. “I hope we go to Florida!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“I hope we go to Paris!” Daisi said.

“It has to be a state!” Tonie said.

“Oh, well um,” Daisi said.

“Oh please! Just stop guessing or saying ‘I hope to go to this place!’ It’s annoying!” Josh said, “We’re going to New York!”

“No way! Do you know what’s in New York?” Lola asked.

“Taxi cabs, a lot of roads, big buildings, the Empire State Building,” Earl said.

“Well, all that, but I’m talking about the single most important thing in New York!” Lola said.

“Central Park?” Nik asked.

“NO!” Lola exclaimed, “42nd Street!”

“What’s that?” Daisi asked.

“What is 42nd Street?” Daisi asked.

“What is 42nd Street?” Lola was amazed, “One word: Broadway!”

“Here, that’s what our challenge is!” Josh said, “The other team will find out about the challenge when we arrive in New York,” Josh said.

“Okay, so we have to win this challenge, or else I’m gone!” Earl said in the confessional. “I’m going to do anything and everything that we win, but if we lose I’ll do anything to place the blame on someone so they’re gone. I’m going to have to be nice, too!”

Everyone fell asleep, and late afternoon of the next day, the Northern Lights plane landed, the Southern Belles plane was already there.

“Okay, welcome to New York!” Josh said.

“I told you we were in the east!” Dan said.

“Okay, the challenge is Broadway!” Josh said, “Here’s how it works: There will be three rounds. Two of them will have soloists from each team. The third and final round will be a duet or a group song! The songs must be from a Broadway musical,”

“Can it be any Broadway musical?” Lola asked.

“To be more specific, it must be from one of these musicals: Wicked, West Side Story, RENT, Les Miserables, or the Lion King!” Josh said, “Oh, and you have to have choreography. Follow me!”

They walked into this building with many rooms, and one huge stage.

“Here, you will perform your songs. In the rooms, you can practice! You need to decide which songs you will perform!” Josh said. He then walked into a room and shut the door.

“Okay, I have this covered!” Lola said, “I know, love, and have memorized most Broadway! I’ll be in charge of this challenge, if that’s okay with you guys,”

“Okay, so Lola is in charge!” Earl said.

Lola was in shock.

“What? Can’t I be nice?” Earl asked.

“Yeah, uh, yes,” Lola was still in shock because Earl hates her.

“Okay, so who knows how to sing?” Ryan asked.

“I can!” Kassi said.

“Okay, you can have the first solo, anybody else?” Ryan asked.

“I’m not the best, but I can sing,” Dan said.

“Okay, you can have the other solo, so I guess you two will be doing the duet?” Teddie asked.

“No! I want to do the duet!” Sophie said, “I’ll sing it with nice girl,”

Josh walked out of the room he went into earlier and said, “Oh, I forgot to mention, you have tonight, then tomorrow until seven o’ clock to have these numbers memorized, choreographed, and to practice!”

“What numbers?” Daisi asked.

“The songs,” “Zoo-Zoo” explained.

“Oh, that makes since. Wait, no it doesn’t!” Daisi said.

“Okay, can anybody sing?” Lola asked, “I know Daisi and I can,”

Earl, “Zoo-Zoo”, Nik, and Tonie shook their heads ‘no’.

“Okay, so I’ll sing one solo, Daisi will sing the other, and then we will both sing the duet!” Lola said. She turned to Daisi, “Are you up to it?”

“I really don’t know, I haven’t sung in forever!” Daisi said.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be great!” Lola said.

“I don’t know,” Daisi said.

“Okay, I’ll be singing I’m Not That Girl from Wicked,” Kassi told her team.

“I guess I’ll be singing One Song Glory from RENT,” Dan told his team.

“Kassi and I will be singing What is This Feeling? from Wicked, and I guess you guys will be singing as the school kids,” Sophie said.

“I’ll be singing On My Own from Les Miserbles,” Lola told her team.

“I’ll be singing Popular from Wicked,” Daisi said.

“And the duet is For Good from Wicked,” Lola said.

“Okay, I’ll do the choreography since I’m a cheerleader!” Daisi said.

“Are you sure, you have to memorize your songs!” Tonie said.

“We’ll take care of the dances, you memorize you’re songs!” Nik said.

“I’ll do the choreography,” Mari told the Southern Belles.

“The night went by pretty slowly,” Teddie said in the confessional, “I guess it was because I was only in one number. Mari is a really good dancer; our choreography is really well done! I hope we’re good singers! I haven’t heard anybody on our team sing yet!”

“W-we need t-to practice!” Miranda said, “We h-haven’t d-done any singing yet and we have to m-memorize the songs and d-dances by tomorrow n-night.”

“You’re right, we already have our dances planned out and blocked, we just need to put them to the song!” Mari said.

“Okay, we’ll start with I’m Not That Girl, Kassi’s song,” Ryan said.

“Okay, I have my songs memorized!” Lola said.

“Wow! That was fast!” Daisi said.

“The others are coming up with the dance right now, and they said to have memorized your songs and practice them by tomorrow morning,” Lola informed Daisi.

“Okay, I think I have For Good memorized, but I’m still working on Popular,” Daisi said.

“Which part of For Good do you have memorized?” Lola asked.

“All of it,” Daisi said.

“Okay, you’ll be Galinda, I’ll be Elphaba.” Lola said.

“Okay, is that the part where it’s like ‘I’ve heard it’s said that people come into our lives’ that part?” Daisi asked.

“Yes,” Lola said.

“Okay, will you help me with Popular?” Daisi asked.

“Yeah, I have lines in there too, so it will help both of us!” Lola said excitedly.

“Do you have it memorized?” Kassi asked Sophie.

“No, not yet! There are too many weird words in here! I mean loathing?! What is that!?!?” Sophie asked.

“It means hate,” Kassi said.

“Wow! I just randomly picked a song off of a list that Josh gave us! Who’d think that I would pick a song that would be true! I hate Sophie, and I’ll be singing about how I hate her! This is going to be fun!” Sophie said in the confessional.

“Okay, so which parts are mine again?” Sophie asked.

“The ones highlighted,” Kassi pointed to the lines highlighted in pink.

“Okay, so I’ll have those memorized in about thirty minutes!” Sophie said.

Mari walked up to Kassi, “We have the dance for What is This Feeling? finished, and for your dance for I’m Not That Girl, we’ve decided to have you just do some movements with your arms and just walk around stage,”

“Okay,” Kassi said, “We’ll have to wait to do the dance for Wat is This Feeling? because Sophie hasn’t memorized it yet.”

“Okay, Dan has memorized his song so we’re working on that dance right now, why don’t you practice your song? I’d love to hear it!” Mari suggested.

“Okay, let’s go into this room!” Kassi said.

They walked into a room, but Lola and Daisi were in there practicing Popular.

“Oh, sorry!” Mari said.

“We thought this room was empty!” Kassi explained.

“Oh, it’s okay!” Lola said.

“Okay, here it goes!” Kassi said and she started singing.

“Okay, I’ll go find Mari,” Teddie said.

He went into the hallway and saw Sophie, “Have you seen Mari?” he asked.

“She went into one of the rooms with Kassi. If you see her can you tell her that I’ve memorized my parts in this stupid song?” Sophie asked.

“Okay,” Teddie said. He opened a door to see Mari clapping for Kassi.

“That was awesome!” Mari said.

“Mari, we’ve come up with Dan’s dance, and Sophie has memorized her song!” Teddie informed her.

“Great!” Mari said.

Mari saw the dance Dan had.

“That’s perfect!” Mari said.

The Southern Belles and the Northern Lights were hard at work, and eventually they finished everything. The next day, was full of last minute changes, and practice. Lots and lots of practice.

“Okay, it’s finally here!” Josh said, “The performances! I won’t be judging, though. Here are the judges: Louie, Charolette, Josie, Johnnie, and Chuckie!”

The eliminated contestants walked in and took a seat at the judge’s table.

“They’ve promised that whether they like you or not, they will be honest and that their decision will be based on the performance only! Here how it will work, the first round is Lola verses Kassi, the second round is Dan verses Daisi. Then, the third round will be the song by Daisi and Lola verses the whole Southern Belles team! It will be purely a vote, the judges will vote for the best performance. The performance with the most votes wins!” Josh explained.

Johnnie waved at Kassi, she blushed.

“Lola, you’re up!” Josh announced on the stage.

Lola walked out onto the stage, and said, “Before I sing, I think it would be appropriate for me to wish good luck to my opponents. I will be singing On My Own from Les Miserables!” She started singing.

“And now I'm all alone again, no where to go no one to turn to, without a hope without a friend without a face to say hello too.” She looked around the stage.

“And now the night is near, And I can make believe he's here.

Sometimes I walk alone at night,” Lola started walking around the stage.

“When everybody else is sleeping I think of him and then I'm happy,” she smiled.

“With the company I'm keeping The city goes to bed And I can live inside my head.

On my own Pretending he's beside me All alone, I walk with him till morning,” she continued walking around the stage.

“Without him I feel his arms around me,” She put her arms around herself. ”And when I lose my way I close my eyes And he has found me,” she closed her eyes.

”In the rain the pavement shines like silver All the lights are misty in the river In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight And all I see is him and me for ever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind That I'm talking to myself and not to him And although I know that he is blind Still I say, there's a way for us

I love him But when the night is over He is gone, the river's just a river Without him the world around me changes The trees are bare and everywhere The streets are full of strangers

I love him But every day I'm learning All my life I've only been pretending Without me his world will go on turning A world that's full of happiness That I have never known!

I love him I love him I love him But only on my own.” She finished the song.

The audience, the other contestants, the judges, and Josh, clapped.

“That was very good!” Louie said.

“That was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, even though I’ve never seen any before!” Charolette said.

“That was very good, Lola!” Josie said in her country accent.

“That was awesome!” Johnnie said.

“It was okay,” Chuckie said.

“Kassi, you’re up!” Josh announced.

“Okay, I’ll be singing I’m Not That Girl from Wicked!” Kassi said.

She started to sing.

“Hands touch, eyes meet Sudden silence, sudden heat,” she walked around the stage.

“Hearts leap in a giddy whirl,” she put her hand on her heart. ”He could be that boy But I'm not that girl:” she looked at Johnnie.

”Don't dream too far Don't lose sight of who you are Don't remember that rush of joy He could be that boy I'm not that girl

Ev'ry so often we long to steal To the land of what-might-have-been But that doesn't soften the ache we feel When reality sets back in

Blithe smile, lithe limb She who's winsome, she wins him Gold hair with a gentle curl That's the girl he chose And Heaven knows I'm not that girl:

Don't wish, don't start Wishing only wounds the heart,” she put her hand back on her heart. ”I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl There's a girl I know He loves her so I'm not that girl,” she stopped walking around stage and looked up towards the ceiling.

“Okay, that was a very good performance! However, it seems that you just walked around the stage and sang,” Louie said.

“I completely disagree!” Charolette said, “I thought that it was a good performance, like he said, but the choreography was more than I could do!”

“It was a great performance, Kassi!” Josie said.

“I thought you sang beautifully!” Johnnie said.

“It was eh or another word to describe it could be ish,” Chuckie said.

“Time to vote!” Chuckie said.

“Lola,” Louie said.

“Kassi,” Charolette said.

“Sorry, Kassi, but I vote for Lola,” Josie said.

“Kassi!” Johnnie said.

“Lola,” Chuckie said.

“Lola wins!” Josh said, “Daisi, you’re up!”

Daisi and Lola were sitting on a bed.

”Elphie, now that we're friends, I've decided to make you my new project!” said Daisi. ”You really don't have to do that...” Lola said.

”I know, that's what makes me so nice!” Daisi said

Daisi started to sing, ”Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I,

And let's face it, who isn't less fortunate than I?” Daisi and Lola smiled.

”My tender heart tends to start to bleed.” She put her hand on her heart.

“And when someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over! I know, I know exactly what they need!” Daisi stood up.

”And even in your case, Though it's the toughest case I've yet to face,” Daisi put her hand to her side.

”Don't worry, I'm determined to succeed! Follow my lead,” she stood with her hands on her hips and her back straight.

“And yes indeed, you will be...

POPULAR!” she grabbed Lola’s hand and pulled her off the bed.

“You're gonna be popular! I'll teach you the proper poise, When you talk to boys, Little ways to flirt and flounce, ooh!” Daisi jumped

“I'll show you what shoes to wear! How to fix your hair!” she played with Lola’s hair.

”Everything that really counts to be...

POPULAR! I'll help you be popular! You'll hang with the right cohorts, You'll be good at sports, Know the slang you've got to know. So let's start, 'Cause you've got an awfully long way to go!” she started to brush Lola’s hair.

”Don't be offended by my frank analysis, Think of it as personality dialysis, Now that I've chosen to become a Pal, a sister and advisor, There's nobody wiser! Not when it comes to...

POPULAR! I know about popular. and with an assist from me, to be who you'll be, instead of dreary who you were... Well, are. There's nothing that can stop you, from becoming popu-ler... lar...

Laaaa, laaaaaa, laaaaaaa, laaaaaaa!” she jumped and danced like a ballerina.

“We're gonna make you pop-u-lar!

When I see depressing creatures, With unprepossessing features, I remind them on their own they have To - think - of Celebrated heads of state, Or specially great communicators! Did they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh!

They were POPULAR!” she laughed while she sang the last two lines.

“Please! It's all about popular. It's not about aptitude, It's the way you're viewed, So it's very shrewd to be, Very very popular like ME!” she gave Lola a mirror.

”Why, Miss Elphaba, look at you! You're beautiful!” Daisi said.

”I, I have to go...” Lola said then walked off the stage.

”You're welcome...” Daisi said.

”And though you protest,” Daisi sta Your disinterest, I know clandestinely, You're gonna grin and bear it! Your new found popularity! Aah!”

Laaaaaaaa, laaaaa, laaaa, laaaaaaaa!” she jumped and danced around like a ballerina.

“You'll be popular! Just not quite as popular as ME!” she held the note as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“That was very, very good!” Louie said.

“That was even better then Broadway, I think I don’t know what Broadway sounds like!” Charolette said.

“That was very good!” Josie said.

“That was very good!” Johnnie said.

“It was pretty good, I guess,” Chuckie said.

“Dan, you’re up dude!” Josh said.

Dan started singing, he was “playing” a guitar, sitting on a balcony, “I'm Writing One Great Song Before I ... One Song Glory One Song Before I Go Glory One Song To Leave Behind

Find One Song One Last Refrain Glory From The Pretty Boy Front Man Who Wasted Opportunity

One Song He Had The World At His Feet Glory In The Eyes Of A Young Girl A Young Girl Find Glory Beyond The Cheap Colored Lights

One Song Before The Sun Sets Glory - On Another Empty Life Time Flies - Time Dies Glory - One Blaze Of Glory One Blaze Of Glory - Glory

Find Glory in a song that rings true truth like a blazing fire an eternal flame

Find One Song A Song About Love Glory From The Soul Of A Young Man A Young Man

Find The One Song Before The Virus Takes Hold Glory Like A Sunset One Song To Redeem This Empty Life

Time Flies And Then - No Need To Endure Anymore Time Dies,”

Mari knocked on the wall, pretending like it was a knock on a door.

”The Door,” Dan said.

“No more talking, judges! You’re boring, just vote!” Josh said.

“Dan,” Louie said.

“Daisi,” Charolette said.

“Daisi,” Josie said.

“Dan,” Johnnie said.

“The person’s name starts with a ‘D’!” Chuckie said. “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but Daisi!”

“Daisi and the Northern Lights win!” Josh said.

“Josh, can we do the third round?” Tonie asked.

“Okay,” Josh said, “Southern Belles, you’re up!”

“Dearest, darlingest Momsie and Popsicle,” Sophie said. ”My dear Father,” Kassi said.

”There's been some confusion Over rooming here at Shiz:” they both sang.

”But of course, I'll care for Nessa,” Kassi sang.

”But of course, I'll rise above it!” Sophie sang

”For I know that's how you'd want me to respond. Yes.

There's been some confusion For you see, my roommate is:” they both sang.

”Unusually and exceedingly peculiar And altogether quite impossible to describe,” Sophie said.

”Blonde.” Kassi said.

”What is this feeling, So sudden and new?” Sophie sang.

”I felt the moment I laid eyes on you;” Kassi sang.

”My pulse is rushing;” Sophie sang.

”My head is reeling;” Kassi sang.

”My face is flushing;” Sophie sang.

”What is this feeling? Fervid as a flame, Does it have a name? Yes! Loathing Unadulterated loathing,” they both sang.

”For your face;” Sophie sang.

”Your voice;” Kassi sang.

”Your clothing;” Sophie sang.

”Let's just say - I loathe it all Ev'ry little trait, however small Makes my very flesh begin to crawl With simple utter loathing There's a strange exhilaration In such total detestation It's so pure, so strong! Though I do admit it came on fast Still I do believe that it can last And I will be loathing Loathing you My whole life long!” Kassi and Sophie sang.

”Dear Galinda, you are just too good How do you stand it? I don't think I could! She's a terror! She's a Tartar! We don't mean to show a bias, But Galinda, you're a martyr!” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”Well; these things are sent to try us!” Sophie sang.

”Poor Galinda, forced to reside With someone so disgusticified We just want to tell you: We're all on your side! We share your;” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”What is this feeling So sudden and new? I felt the moment I laid eyes on you My pulse is rushing My head is reeling Oh, what is this feeling? Does it have a name? Yes Ahhh!” Kassi and Sophie sang.

“Loathing Unadulterated loathing

For her face, her voice, her clothing let's just say - we loathe it all ev'ry little trait however small makes our very flesh being to crawl AHHH!” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”Loathing!” they all sang.

”Loathing!” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”There's a strange exhilaration!” Kassi and Sophie sang.

”Loathing!” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”In such total detestation,” Kassi and Sophie sang.

”Loathing!” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”It's so pure, so strong!” Kassi and Sophie sang.

”So strong!” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”Though I do admit it came on fast Still I do believe that it can last And I will be...” Kassi and Sophie sang.

”Loathing...” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”Loathing For forever...” Kassi and Sophie sang.

”Loathing...” The Southern Belles in the backround sang.

”Loathing, Truly deeply loathing you loathing you My whole Life long!” Kassi and Sophie sang together.

”Loathing Unadulterated loathing,” the other Southern Belles sang.

&nbsp ”Boo!” Kassi scared Sophie

”AH!” Sophie screamed. Kassi started laughing.

“Daisi and Lola, you’re up!” Josh said.

“I'm limited: Just look at me - I'm limited And just look at you - You can do all I couldn't do, Glinda So now it's up to you” Lola sang. “For both of us” Lola said. ” Now it's up to you:” Lola sang.

”I've heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most to grow If we let them And we help them in return Well, I don't know if I believe that's true But I know I'm who I am today Because I knew you:

Like a comet pulled from orbit As it passes a sun Like a stream that meets a boulder Halfway through the wood Who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you I have been changed for good” Daisi sang.

”It well may be That we will never meet again In this lifetime So let me say before we part So much of me Is made of what I learned from you You'll be with me Like a handprint on my heart And now whatever way our stories end I know you have re-written mine By being my friend: Like a ship blown from its mooring By a wind off the sea Like a seed dropped by a skybird In a distant wood Who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you:” Lola sang.

”Because I knew you:” Daisi sang.

”I have been changed for good!” they both sang.

”And just to clear the air I ask forgiveness For the things I've done you blame me for,” Lola sang.

”But then, I guess we know There's blame to share,” Daisi sang.

”And none of it seems to matter anymore” they both sang, but Lola held the note longer.

Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes the sun. Like a stream that meets a boulder, half-way through the wood!” Daisi sang

“Like a ship blown

Off it's mooring By a wind off the Sea, like a seed Dropped by a Bird in the wood!” Lola sang while Daisi was singing.

”Who can say if I've been changed for the better? I do believe I have been changed for the better!” they sang.

”And because I knew you,” Daisi sang “Because I knew you,” Lola sang.

”Because I knew you: I have been changed for good.” They sang together and ended the song with a hug.

“Who are we voting for?” Dan asked Ryan.

“Who are we voting f-for?” Miranda asked Mari.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“You vote, I read votes, whoever has the most votes leaves and goes bye-bye on a plane with this ticket!” Josh explained.

“Nice grammar,” Mari said.

The Southern Belles voted.

“Teddie. Mari. One vote Teddie, one vote Mari. Mari. Mari. It’s three to one. Teddie. Teddie. Oh look! It is tied! The next person voted off of Total Drama States is……………..”

“Mari!” Josh said.

Mari looked crushed. She grabbed her ticket and said, “Can you tell Tonie that I’ll miss him?”

“Sure,” Ryan said.

“Goodbye,” Kassi said.

“Goodbye Kass,” Mari said. Mari and Kassi hugged.

Mari waved goodbye and boarded the Plane of Losers and left.

“What will happen next time on Total Drama States?” Josh asked ending the episode.

Chapter 6: "You are now the American Travelers!"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh started the episode, “Our last destination was New York! We had a Broadway challenge! The teams had to sing and dance, but only one team sang and danced their way to victory; the Northern Lights! Lola and Kassi faced off and Lola won. Daisi and Dan faced off and Daisi won! The Southern Belles voted off Mari for whatever reason. What will happen tonight on Total Drama States?”

“Okay, so why did we vote off Mari?” Ryan asked.

“We voted off Mari because she was annoying and because it will kill Tonie, the other team’s strongest player!” Sophie said.

“What if Tonie is more determined than ever because he wants to win it for Mari?” Dan asked.

“Shut it!” Sophie said.

“Crap! I didn’t even think about that!” Sophie said in the confessional, “I’m going to play it safe for a couple of days because I know that Kassi and some other people will be trying to vote me off!”

The Southern Belles boarded the plane.

“Hey Dan, sit by me!” Kassi said.

“Teddie, sit by me!” Miranda said.

“Okay, we need you to vote off Sophie,” Kassi said.

“Please! Can you help us?” Miranda asked Teddie.

“She’s a strong player and she needs to go!” Kassi said.

“And, the merge is probably coming up!” Miranda tried to convince Teddie.

Dan and Teddie turned around and looked at each other.

“I need to form another alliance. Dan is on the other team, and maybe we can combine our forces at the merge and we can dominate this game!” Earl said in the confessional.

“So are we in an alliance with Daisi?” "Zoo-Zoo" asked Lola.

“I guess,” Lola said.

The teams went to sleep to rest up for the next challenge. They slept until the afternoon of the next day. The planes landed.

“Welcome to your next destination, Alaska!” Josh said. He was wearing a big coat. The teens were freezing and shivering.

“W-where’s Mari?” Tonie asked.

“She was voted off!” Josh said.

“W-why?” Tonie asked.

“Beats me,” Josh said.

“Well, here’s the thing!” Josh said.

“No challenge today?” Sophie asked.

“No,” Josh said, “It’s the merge! You are now the American Travelers!”

The teens cheered.

“Here’s a twist for you! You don’t have to compete in today’s challenge!”

The teens cheered again.

“You can compete, if you would like, but if you don’t you get to search for another hidden immunity idol!” Josh said.

The teens cheered again. Josh took them to Mount McKinley.

“You’re challenge, if you choose to do it, is to climb Mt. McKinley only to the first camp that’s up there, though! You will be given a partner, but first, who isn’t going to do the challenge?” Josh asked.

Dan, “Zoo-Zoo”, Earl and Lola raised their hands.

“Okay, the teams are: Nik and Miranda, Sophie and Tonie, Ryan and Daisi, and Teddie and Kassi. You all get climbing! The other four, come with me!” Josh said. Josh took the other four to a very snowy place, “Okay, the hidden immunity idol is somewhere buried in the snow!” He left and went back to the challenge.

“Okay, Dan will you look with me?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

“No, he’s looking with me!” Earl said.

“Calm down!” Dan said, “I can only look with one of you, so Earl you can look without me!”

Earl was furious. Dan, Lola, and “Zoo-Zoo” headed to a spot in the snow. Earl walked in the other direction.

“I’m going to win this challenge for Mari!” Tonie said.

“Yeah, you do that! Just make sure we win!” Sophie said.

“Nik,” Miranda said, “I don’t feel too well. The dizziness that I had on the volcano is coming back.”

“Okay, why don’t we take a break?” Nik suggested.

“Okay,” Miranda sat down.

“You know, you are a really good singer,” Ryan told Daisi.

“Really?” Daisi asked, and Ryan nodded his head, “Thanks!”

“You have really pretty eyes,” Ryan said. Daisi blushed.

“Do you think we’re close?” Kassi asked Teddie.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to tell since we don’t know we’re exactly the camp is.” Teddie said.

“The teens have no idea where they’re going.” Josh said, “It looks like that Tonie and Sophie are the closest.”

Tonie and Sophie were climbing up. Teddie and Kassi were walking on the side of the mountain. Nik and Miranda were still resting. Daisi and Ryan were laughing and flirting.

“This is boring! Let’s go check on the others!” Josh went back to the others. H When he got to the others he asked, “Who wants a clue?”

“That probably would have been helpful the last time you were here!” Earl said.

Dan, Lola, and “Zoo-Zoo” joined Earl by Josh.

“Your clue is: The hidden immunity idol is hidden in the snow!” Josh said.

“We already knew that!” Lola said.

“I know that’s not your clue! Here’s your real clue! Hidden in a tree, it is not. It’s buried in snow. Dig some and find a black dot. Dig some more and the idol will show.”

“Okay, so where do we look?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

Earl ran off, and Josh left.

“Wait!” Lola said, “Before we run off and look, can you two both promise something?”

“Sure, what is it?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked. “If we find the idol, we’ll use it when someone needs it. We’ll have it just in case one of us is going to be voted off.” Lola said.

“I promise!” Dan and “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Okay! Let’s look!” Lola said.

They ran off.

“Let’s split up, we’ll cover more ground if we split up, but if one of us finds it, we tell each other!” Dan said.

“Okay,” “Zoo-Zoo” agreed.

They split up to look. Dan was digging through a huge pile of snow. “Zoo-Zoo” was digging through another pile of snow. Lola was diving into a snow bank. Earl was digging through the snow. The camera went back to the mountain.

“Teddie and Kassi aren’t going in the wrong direction anymore. It looks like in last is Ryan and Daisi. Sophie and Tonie are taking a little break, and Nik and Miranda are climbing again.” Josh said.

“I wonder where it is.” Daisi said, “I wonder what it looks like,”

“I don’t know, but I do know it can’t be more beautiful than you,” Ryan said.

Daisi blushed again.

“Come on!” Tonie said, “The other teams will get there first!”

“I’m resting! I need to rest!” Sophie said.

“Okay, but if we lose immunity, I know a lot of people that might want you gone!” Tonie told Sophie. Sophie got up right away and started climbing.

“Come on!” Sophie said. Tonie started climbing.

“The first camp is near,” Josh said, “They don’t know that though! The closest team now is Tonie and Sophie; all they have to do is to climb over to the left and then they’re there!”

“Come on let’s go over some!” Teddie said.

“Okay,” Kassi followed Teddie as he went over to the left.

“Nik,” Miranda said.

“Yes,” Nik said.

“I don’t know how to put this, but I really like you!” Miranda said.

“I really like you too!” Nik said. ”So does that mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?” Miranda asked.

“I guess so!” Nik said.

“There’s Sophie and Tonie!” Kassi said.

“Let’s pass them up!” Teddie said.

“Teddie and Kassi are right behind us!” Tonie said.

“Follow me!” Sophie said. She started to climb to the left.

“There’s the camp!” Kassi said.

The two teams were neck and neck when they got to the camp.

“Tonie, Sophie, Teddie, and Kassi all win immunity!” Josh said. He turned to the pilot of the plane, “Go up there and get the teams!” Josh headed to the people searching for the hidden immunity idol.

“A black dot!” Lola said. She dug where the black dot was, “Dan! “Zoo-Zoo”!” She ran to them, “I found it!”

“Okay, time to go to The Voting Ceremony!” Josh told them. He took them back to the others, “Sophie, Tonie, Teddie, and Kassi all have immunity.”

“Nik, can you do me a favor?” Miranda asked.

“Sure, what is it?” Nik asked.

“Who are we going to vote for?” Dan asked.

“I don’t know,” Lola said.

Nik came up to Kassi, who was with Dan, Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Teddie. He whispered something into her ear.

“I know who,” Kassi said.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“You all know how it works, so I’m not going to say it!” Josh said. One by one, Josh called them up to vote.

“’I’m voting for weird girl, Miranda!” Sophie cast her vote.

“I guess I’ll vote for Ryan,” Miranda cast her vote.

“I’ll read the votes! Miranda. Miranda. Miranda. That’s three votes for Miranda. Ryan. Three votes for Miranda, and one vote for Ryan. Miranda. Miranda. The next person voted off of Total Drama States is…..”

“Miranda!” Josh said.

“Thank you!” Miranda said. She hugged Nik, then kissed him, “Thank you for all of you that voted for me!”

“You wanted to be voted off?” Josh asked.

“Yes, I wasn’t feeling too well, so I asked people to vote for me!” Miranda grabbed her ticket, waved goodbye, and boarded the plane.

“Oh! Tonie! Mari said that she will miss you!” Kassi remembered.

“Well, that was surprising!” Josh said, “Join us next time for even more surprises!”

Chapter 7: "Kassi, she was voted off, she's not dead!"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “The teams merged into one team, the American Travelers. The teens had the choice to do the challenge, which was to climb Mt. McKinley or to search for the hidden immunity idol. Dan, Lola, "Zoo-Zoo", and Earl chose to look for the hidden immunity idol, while the others did the challenge. Lola, Dan, and “Zoo-Zoo” promised that if on of them found the idol, that they would tell each other and use it if one of them was in trouble of being eliminated. Miranda and Nik revealed that they like each other. Sophie, Tonie, Kassi, and Teddie won the challenge and Dan found the idol. Miranda told Nik to tell everybody to vote for her because she was sick. Miranda got what she wanted and was voted off. Who will be voted off tonight?”

The teens and Josh got on the plane.

“I miss Miranda!” Nik said.

“It’s okay,” Kassi said, “Just think of it in a different way.”

“How?” Nik asked.

“She’s happy now. She was sick, and now she’s not here anymore.” Kassi said.

“Kassi, she was voted off, she’s not dead!” Sophie said.

“You know what I mean: she was sick, and now he isn’t in the competition anymore, she’s at home where she can get better!” Kassi said.

“Thanks,” Nik said softly.

“Your welcome,” Kassi smiled.

“There’s a huge problem!” Sophie said in the confessional, “Nik won’t fall for my flirting anymore; he’s too busy crying over Miranda,”

“Dan found the idol,” Lola whispered to Teddie, who was sitting next to her.

“He did?!” Teddie said. “Yes, and we promised that we will use it only if you, Dan, “Zoo-Zoo” or me were going to be voted off,” Lola said.

“Okay,” Teddie said.

“You know what?” Ryan asked. He was sitting next to Daisi.

“What?” Daisi asked.

“You’re beautiful.” Ryan said. Daisi blushed.

Daisi was seen in the confessional, “EEEEEEE!”

The teens fell asleep.

“Wake up!” Josh said the next morning, “We’re at the next destination!”

“Really?” Daisi asked.

“Nope! I just wanted to wake you up! It’ll be just a few more hours!” Josh laughed.

“I hate that man so much!” Earl said in the confessional.

“Well, enjoy the rest of flight!” Josh said, “Oh, and here’s a ham and cheese sandwich for all of you,” He handed each of them a sandwich, “I would eat it now because thee’s about an hour left in the flight, and with your next challenge you are going to want to wait an hour after you eat,”

“That means that our challenge will have to do with water,” Dan said in the confessional.

Dan whispered to “Zoo-Zoo” who was sitting next to him, “The challenge is going to have to do with water,”

“Okay, I’ll tell Lola,” “Zoo-Zoo” said. She turned around and whispered to Lola.

“Cool! I love the water!” Lola said. She whispered to Teddie.

“Lola said that the challenge is going to have to do with water,” Teddie said in confessional, “I don’t know if I’ll do too well in this challenge,”

The camera went to Tonie and Earl sitting next to each other.

“What do you think the challenge is?” Tonie asked.

“Honestly, I don’t care about the challenge as long as I don’t get voted off,” Earl said.

“But winning the challenges is a way of making sure you will be safe,” Tonie said.

“But I don’t like physical activities,” Earl said.

“Then why did you sign up?” Tonie asked.

“To get more money,” Earl said.

“More?” Tonie asked.

“Yes, more,” Earl said.

“What do you mean more?” Tonie asked.

“Can you promise not to tell anyone?” Earl asked. Tonie nodded, “I’m rich,”

“Rich?” Tonie said loudly. Everybody looked at Tonie, “You know Rich? He’s my best friend back at home,” Everybody stopped staring at him.

“Nice cover up,” Earl said sarcastically.

“I know right!” Tonie said, “So you’re rich?” he whispered.

“Well my parents are,” Earl said.

“Oh, okay,” Tonie said.

One hour later…

“The plane is landing!” Josh yelled.

“Where are we?” Kassi asked.

“We’re in Hawaii!” Josh said.

“I’ve been waiting for this!” Sophie said.

They changed into their bathing suits got off the plane. They were on a beach. Sophie took a person’s beach towel and sat in the sun.

“Do you want to participate in the challenge?” Josh asked. Sophie ignored him. “I’m going to take that as a ‘no’. Your challenge is a surfing contest! The person in each group wins immunity. The surfboards are over there.” Josh pointed to the row of surfboards.

“I call the blue one!” Daisi ran over to the surfboards. The other contestants, except for Sophie, walked over and got a surfboard.

“Okay, so if I call your name, then you are in the first group: “Zoo-Zoo”, Dan, Tonie, Kassi, and Earl.” Josh said, “The second group is Daisi, Teddie, Lola, Ryan, and Nik. The first group, get into the water.

“But there are other people out there,” Earl said.

“Oh, let me take care of that,” Josh said, “Shark!” he yelled. All of the surfers and people who were playing in the ocean got out of the water “Go! Get out there!” The first group swam out there. They stood up on their boards.

“Now what?” Earl asked.

“You surf!” Tonie said. A wave was coming.

“Standing! This should be easy!” Earl said. The wave came and knocked him off his board.

“Earl is out!” Josh yelled.

“I’m not very coordinated,” Dan said, “I mean I can play soccer, but surfing, not my thing,” Dan jumped off his board.

“Dan is out of the challenge.” Josh said.

Kassi fell off her board. She fell on her face.

“Oooh! That looked like it hurt!” Josh said.

“What happened?” Sophie asked.

“Kassi fell of her board and fell on her face,” Ryan said. Sophie laughed.

Tonie and “Zoo-Zoo” were the only two left.

“I can’t do this anymore,” “Zoo-Zoo” said, “Can you promise me that I’ll be safe?”

“You will be safe, I think,” Tonie said.

“Okay,” “Zoo-Zoo” stepped off her surfboard.

““Zoo-Zoo” is out! Tonie wins immunity!” Josh said. Tonie got out of the water, “Second group, get out there,” The second group swam out into the water.

“This is going to be fun!” Lola said.

“I know right!” Daisi said, “One time, our cheerleading team did a number in the water,”

“Awesome!” Lola said. Everybody stood up on their boards.

“I know! It was hard, but it was fun!” Daisi said.

Lola and Daisi swam out more because there was a big wave coming. Teddie was shaking on his board.

“What’s wrong?” Nik said.

“I don’t like water,” Teddie said.

“Oh,” Nik said.

Ryan swam out to the wave. Lola was doing flips. Daisi was surfing.

“You two are naturals!” Ryan said. Ryan fell of his board.

“Ryan’s out,” Josh said.

The wave came down and pushed Ryan near the shore. Teddie was about to fall off his board. Nik tried to push him back on his board, but he fell.

“I’m so sorry!” Teddie said.

“It’s okay,” Nik said, “I was about to fall anyway.”

Teddie fell off his board.

“Nik and Teddie are out,” Josh said, “It’s down to Lola and Daisi.”

Lola was still doing flips and Daisi was still surfing.

“Looks like one of us is going to win,” Lola said. She fell while doing a flip.

“Lola! Are you okay?” Daisi asked.

Lola came up from the water, “That was awesome!”

“Daisi and Tonie win immunity!” Josh announced.

Daisi and Lola swam back to shore.

“I’m going to be nice today,” Josh said.

“You’re going to send us home?” Earl said.

“No, you get to spend the rest of the day at the beach!” Josh said. Everybody cheered, “At sunset, you will have The Voting Ceremony,”

“Daisi!” Sophie yelled. Daisi walked over to her. There was an extra beach towel next to her, “Here, lay down!”

“Thanks, is there another towel for Lola?” Daisi asked.

“That freak?” Sophie asked.

“She’s not a freak!” Daisi said.

“You believe that!” Sophie said.

Daisi just walked away. She walked over to Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, Dan, and Teddie.

“Hey!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Hi,” Daisi said.

“What’s wrong?” Lola asked.

“Sophie, she’s been so mean this whole competition! I think that she has been using me the whole time,” Daisi said.

“That’s horrible,” Dan said. Teddie looked at Sophie.

“I know!” Daisi said.

The camera went to Nik ,Ryan, Earl, and Tonie. They were at the snack bar.

“Thanks for buying us the snacks!” Tonie said.

“You’re welcome,” Earl said.

“Where did you get the money?” Ryan asked.

“He’s r…” Tonie started to say. Earl glared at him. “He found it on the ground,”

“And I gave it back to the owner and he gave me ten dollars of it,” Earl said.

“Cool,” Ryan said.

“I think we should vote together,” Tonie said.

“Me too,” Nik said.

“Well, who are we going to vote for?” Earl asked.

“I say Sophie,” Tonie said.

“Why Sophie?” Ryan asked.

Mari said she was mean like really mean,” Tonie said.

“What about Kassi?” Earl asked.

“She’s nice though,” Nik said

“Well, if you were in the final two, who would you want to be with: a mean girl or a nice girl?” Ryan asked.

“A mean girl,” Earl said.

“Well, why don’t we vote for Sophie tonight and then vote Kassi next time?” Tonie suggested.

“You know what? I say that we don’t worry about this yet, let’s just focus on chilling and not on the game for now,” Ryan said.

Teddie walked over to Sophie.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Have you been using me the whole time?” Teddie asked.

“No, of course not,” Sophie said, “Why?”

“Daisi said that you’ve been using us,” Teddie said.

“She’s going home tomorrow!” Sophie said.

“Okay,” Teddie walked back over to the others.

“What did she say?” Dan asked.

“She said that she wasn’t using you and that um,” Teddie said, “That she wants, well would like to be friends with you again!”

“Well I don’t know if I want to be friends with her!” Daisi said.

“I had to lie to her,” Teddie said in the confessional, “I couldn’t tell her what Sophie said.”

Daisi walked over to Ryan. Kassi came over to talk with Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, Dan, and Teddie.

“Hello,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Hi!” Kassi waved.

“We need to talk about who we need to vote off,” Dan said.

“I say Sophie,” Kassi said.

“Or Ryan.” Teddie said.

“No, not Ryan.” Lola said.

“Earl?” “Zoo-Zoo” suggested.

“Yeah, he’s mean,” Lola said.

“I don’t know,” Dan said, “Earl can be mean sometimes, but he can be nice too.”

“Well, why don’t we worry about this in a few hours,” Kassi suggested.

A few hours later…

“It’s almost sun down,” Dan said, “Today has been fun, we swam in the ocean and swam with dolphins, and all, but now we need to talk about the game,”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Teddie said.

“Are we going to vote for Sophie?” Kassi asked.

“What about Ryan?” Teddie asked.

“No, what about Earl?” Lola suggested.

“Yeah, he’s mean,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“No there isn’t a reason to vote him off, yet,” Dan said.

“I don’t know,” Lola said.

The camera went to Nik, Ryan, Earl, Tonie, and Daisi.

“Who are we going to vote for?” Nik asked.

“Sophie,” Tonie said.

“Kassi,” Ryan and Earl said.

“Which one is it?” Nik asked.

“Why don’t we ask Daisi,” Ryan said.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Daisi said, “Nik, what about you?”

“I don’t know either,” Nik said.

Sophie was seen in the confessional, “I’m just going to vote for whoever I think should go home,”

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“You know how it works,” Josh said, “You vote and then I read the votes, and the person with the most votes takes this ticket and board that plane and go home or wherever the plane takes you. Tonie and Daisi have immunity so you can’t vote for them. Earl, you’re up.”

Earl walked up to the podium, “Kassi, I’m voting for you because nice people are dangerous in this game,”

“I’m voting for Sophie because she is mean and needs to go home,” Kassi cast her vote.

“I’m voting for Kassi because I don’t like you,” Sophie said.

“Sophie, you need to go home!” Daisi voted.

“Before I read the votes, does anybody want to play a hidden immunity idol?” Nobody responded, “Okay, I’m going to read the votes. First vote Sophie. Kassi. That’s one vote Sophie, one vote Kassi. Kassi. Kassi. Sophie. Sophie. That’s four votes Kassi and three votes Sophie. Kassi. Sophie. That’s five votes for Kassi and four votes for Sophie. There are two votes left. Sophie. We’re all tied up and there’s one vote left.” Josh said, “The person voted off and the first member of our jury is………………..”

“Kassi!” Josh said. People gasped.

“What happened?” Kassi asked.

“I-I don’t know,” Dan said.

“Bye Kassi,” Lola said.

Everybody, even Sophie, got up and gave Kassi a group hug.

“I made some good friends here, and I’m really glad that I signed up for this!” Kassi grabbed her ticket and as she was boarding the plane, she turned around and waved goodbye.

“Well, I did not see that coming!” Josh was shocked.

“Neither did us,” Teddie said.

“Well, join us next time!” Josh said.

Chapter 8: "That was good news, but there is also bad news."

“Last time on Total Drama States!” Josh said, “Nik was upset about Miranda getting voted off. Kassi comforted him. The teens were excited about their next destination: Hawaii! Sophie didn’t want to participate in the challenge. The challenge was to see who could stand on a surfboard longer. Tonie and Daisi won immunity. The teens got to stay on the beach for the rest of the day. Some where focused on having fun, but for some, the game interfered with their fun. When it came down to voting, it was either Sophie or Kassi. Kassi was voted off. What will happen tonight?”

The teens boarded the plane. ”Where’s our next destination?” Sophie asked.

“We’re going to stay in Hawaii!” Josh said. The teens cheered, “That was good news, but there is also bad news.”

“Did he say bad news?” Nik asked.

“For your next challenge,” Josh said.

“Challenge?” Sophie asked.

“We just got done voting someone off!” Earl said.

“Listen!” Josh yelled, “The challenge doesn’t involve a single state, it involves many of them. The challenge is United States trivia!”

“Finally!” Dan said in the confessional, “A challenge I can win,”

“You will have a partner,” Josh said.

“Do we get to choose our partners?” Daisi asked. She looked at Ryan.

“No,” Josh said, “The teams are: "Zoo-Zoo" and Tonie, Lola and Earl, Dan and Sophie, Daisi and Nik, and Teddie and Ryan.”

“I have to work with a freak!” Earl said in the confessional.

“Why do I have to be paired with Teddie?!” Ryan said in the confessional.

“Yes! I’m paired with the geeky smart person!” Sophie said in the confessional.

“You will have the night to study. The trivia game will begin in the morning. You will each have a textbook to study with, and possible questions on this question sheet.” Josh handed each team a text book and a question sheet, “You will need to know what the states, what their capitals are, and the order that the states were established.”

“This should be easy,” Dan told Sophie.

“Yeah, for you!” Sophie said, “Josh, can’t we study on the beach?”

“Okay,” Josh said. The teens were happy. They got off the plane.

“Why don’t we study together?” Daisi suggested.

“No,” Sophie grabbed Dan’s arm and walked away.

Dan mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’. The others studied together.

“Why aren’t we studying with the others?” Dan asked.

“Because I don’t want to,” Sophie said.

“You know everything doesn’t have to go your way,” Dan said.

“Excuse me?” Sophie was shocked.

“You heard me; everything doesn’t have to go your way.”

“Excuse me?!” Sophie was still shocked.

“You always have to get what you want,” Dan said.

“Excuse me!?” That was all Sophie could say.

“I think that’s why people want you gone,” Dan said.

“People don’t want me gone!” Sophie said.

“Well, how many times has your name shown up in The Voting Ceremony?” Dan asked.

“A lot,” Sophie said.

“And why does it show up?” Dan asked.

“Because people are jealous of me and want me gone!” Sophie said.

“No, because people think that you’re mean!” Dan said, “If you were nicer, then maybe, just maybe people won’t want you gone so badly,”

“Well, let’s get started on studying,” Sophie said.

“Okay,” Dan said.

Sophie was in the confessional, “I think Dan just told me how to keep myself in this game!”

The camera went to the other teens.

“Poor Dan,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Well let’s get to studying,” Tonie said.

“Okay, name the capital of California,” Teddie said.

“San Francisco,” Ryan said.

“No,” Teddie said.

“Los Angeles?” Daisi said.

“No,” Teddie said.

“Sacramento,” Lola said.

“Correct,” Teddie said.

“Name all states that begin with ‘K’.” Lola said.

“Kentucky,” “Zoo-Zoo” said, “That challenge was so fun!”

“Kansas,” said Tonie.

“Correct!” Lola said.

The camera went to Sophie and Dan.

“Okay, here’s a hard one. Name all of the states that start with ‘M’ in alphabetical order,” Dan said.

“How many are there?” Sophie asked.

“Eight,” Dan responded.

“Okay,” Sophie said, “Um,” Sophie thought about it, “Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, um, Mississip-no, Minnesota, then Mississippi, Missouri, and Montana.”

“Very good!” Dan said.

The camera went back to the study group.

“What was the first state established?” Daisi asked.

“New York?” Tonie asked.

“No, it was Delaware.” Nik said.

“Whatever Nik said that’s right,” Daisi said.

“Okay, name all of the states that have ‘New’ in front of them.” Nik said.

“New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New Mexico,” Lola said.

“Lets take a break from studying, I’m starting to get tired because studying is boring,” Ryan said.

“We can’t take a break,” Teddie said.

“Why not?” Ryan asked.

“If we study, then we have a good chance of winning,” Teddie said.

“Well, you’ll be answering most of the questions for our team anyway,” Ryan said.

“Which we need to fix by studying,” Teddie shot back.

“Why don’t we party?” Ryan asked.

“That’s a lot better than studying!” Daisi said. She closed her text book, “Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, are you two going to party with us?”

“I’m sorry but I’m going to study,” Lola said.

“I’m going to study too,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Are you sure?” Ryan asked. Lola and “Zoo-Zoo” nodded.

“I’m going to party!” Tonie said.

“Can I join the party?” Nik asked.

“Sure dude!” Ryan said.

“Earl, do you want to party with us also?” Nik asked.

“Okay,” Earl got up and walked over to the party.

Nik was doing some odd dance moves. Earl was just standing there. Ryan and Daisi were dancing. The camera went to Sophie and Dan.

“What are they doing over there?” Dan asked.

“It looks like a party,” Sophie said.

“Oh,” said Dan.

“Why don’t we join them?” Sophie suggested.

“We need to study,” Dan said.

“You don’t, only I do, and we’ve been doing a lot of studying,” Sophie said.

“Well,” Dan said.

“Come on,” Sophie got up and grabbed Dan’s arm and ran over to the party, “You helped me, now I’m going to help you,”

“Is that Dan?” Teddie asked.

“Yes it is,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“I think we should join the party!” Lola said. She got up and walked over to the party. “Zoo-Zoo” followed her. Teddie eventually got up and joined the party. After the party was over, the teens went to sleep.

Later in the morning…

When the teens woke up, they saw five podiums.

“Good morning!” Josh said, “I have to say partying instead of studying, that’s totally what I would’ve done, but let’s see if the studying time you put forward paid off. Each team has a podium. The team with the most correct answers wins!” The teams approached a podium, “Okay, if you know the answer, hit the buzzer. The first question is: What is the capital of New York?”

Dan hit the buzzer, “Albany,”

“Correct! That’s one point for Dan and Sophie.” Josh said, “What was the first state established?”

Nik and Dan hit the buzzer but Nik was quicker, “Delaware,”

“Correct,” Josh said, “What is the capital of Kentucky?”

Dan hit the buzzer, “Frankfort,”

“That is correct,” Josh said, “Okay the score is Dan and Sophie two and Daisi and Nik one. The next question is: Name all of the states that have New in them,”

Lola hit the buzzer first, “New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New Mexico!”

“Correct! It’s two to one to one! The next question is: How many states are there?” Josh said.

Everybody hit their buzzer. Tonie was first though, “Fifty,”

“Correct!” Josh yelled. “It’s two to one to one to one! The next question is: Which state was the last to be established?” Nobody hit their buzzer, “Here’s a hint: People surf here, there’s a lot of sand, it’s an island, and we’re in this state right now!”

Daisi hit her buzzer, “Hawaii!”

“Yes! It’s two to two to one to one,” Josh said.

A few questions later…

“The score is Sophie and Dan: four, Nik and Daisi: three, Lola and Earl: three, “Zoo-Zoo” and Tonie: two, and Ryan and Teddie: one.” Josh said, “There are two questions left! The next question is: Name all of the states with North and South in them,”

The teens had to think for a minute but Nik finally hit the buzzer, “North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, and South Dakota,”

“That is correct!” Josh said, “It is four to four to three to two to one. This is the last question. Name all of the states that start with ‘M’… in alphabetical order!”

Dan looked at Sophie. She hit the buzzer, “Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and Montana!”

“That is correct! It’s five to four to three to two to one. Now it’s time for a surprise question!” Josh said.

“What?!” Everybody was shocked.

“For this one, you’ll need this board!” Josh handed them each a board and a marker, “This one is worth fifty points! Name all fifty states in alphabetical order!”

“That definitely wasn’t on the question sheet!” Teddie said.

“I know,” Josh laughed.

The teens got to thinking. It took them a half an hour for them all to finish.

“The correct answer is: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming!” Josh said, he was gasping for air, “The last place team that had twenty-nine points was Teddie and Ryan. The team in fourth with thirty-five points is “Zoo-Zoo” and Tonie. The third place team with thirty-eight points is Nik and Daisi! Lola and Earl, Dan and Sophie, only one team can wan invincibility. The winning team with forty-three points is…. Dan and Sophie! Lola and Earl had forty points!” Josh said, “In about an hour we will have The Voting Ceremony!”

“It’s daytime though!” Earl said.

“So, I’m the host, and you have to do what I say!” Josh said.

The teens broke off into their groups. It was Earl, Tonie, Ryan, Nik, and Daisi in one group. In the other group it was Dan, Teddie, Lola, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Sophie.

“What is she doing here?” Lola asked.

“She’s not mean,” Dan said.

“Daisi told me that she called me a freak!” Lola said.

“I know, and I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” Sophie said.

“I don’t know, for all we know this is just an act!” Lola said.

“It’s not! I promise!” Sophie said.

“That wasn’t a total lie!” Sophie said in the confessional, “I’m going to make friends now, but I’m not that sorry for calling Lola a freak,”

“She’s going to vote with us,” Dan said.

“More like vote for us,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Okay, if you don’t want her with us, then you can let her go over to the others and then one of us will be voted off,” Dan said.

“Just for tonight, I guess,” Teddie said.

“Okay, well who are we going to vote for?” Sophie asked.

“I know who!” Teddie said

The camera went to the other group.

“Who are we going to vote for?” Daisi asked.

“I have just the person!” Ryan said.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“Here are the members, well member, of the jury,” Josh said. Kassi walked in and sat on the bench next to the other contestants. She waved at them. “You know how it works. Dan, you’re up,”

“I’m voting for Ryan because you’re a strong competitor and you will beat all of us in a jury vote,” Dan cast his vote.

“I’m voting for Teddie because you are smart and weasel your way into the finals,” Earl said.

Everybody else voted.

“I’ll read the votes,” said Josh, “But, is anybody going to play a hidden immunity idol?” Nobody responded, “Okay, time to read the votes! Teddie. Ryan. It’s one to one. Teddie. Ryan. It’s two to two. Teddie. Ryan. Ryan. It’s four to three. Teddie. It’s four to four. Ryan. It’s five to four. Teddie. It’s a tie!”

“What now?” Teddie asked.

“I guess a re-vote.” Josh said.

Sophie looked to Earl and whispered something. Everybody, except for Ryan and Teddie, re-voted.

“Ryan. Teddie. Ryan. Ryan. That’s three votes for Ryan and one for Teddie. Teddie. Teddie. It’s three to three.” Josh pulled out the next two votes. “The next two votes are for the same person. The next person voted off of Total Drama States and the second member of our jury is…”


“No!” Daisi said.

“It’s okay,” Ryan said, “Win this for me!” He kissed Daisi. He grabbed his ticket and boarded the plane.

“Well it’s down to nine! Who will be voted off next time?” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 9: "There is a rattlesnake five feet in front of you,"

“Last time on Total Drama States…” said Josh, “The teens were happy that we would be staying in Hawaii for another day, but were disappointed when they found out that the challenge started almost right after The Voting Ceremony! The challenge was United States trivia! They were put in pairs, some people were unhappy when they found out who their partner was, for example Ryan and Teddie or Lola and Earl. The teens asked if they could study on the beach. Daisi suggested that everybody studies together, but Sophie didn’t want to and dragged Dan somewhere else. Ryan decided to party after he was tired of studying. Eventually everybody joined him. When it came to the trivia game, some teams excelled and some didn’t. Sophie and Dan won immunity. The teens were split five and five when it came to voting, five votes for Teddie and five votes for Ryan. There was a re-vote and Ryan was voted off, leaving Daisi unhappy. What will happen tonight?”

Daisi was crying when she boarded the plane.

“Why did he have to go?!” Daisi cried in the confessional.

“Daisi is really, really sad that Ryan was voted off today,” Tonie said in the confessional, “Someone has to cheer her up,”

“Why did we vote off Ryan again?” Dan asked Teddie.

“One, if he got into the finals, he would crush all of us, and two, I didn’t like him,” Teddie explained.

“Oh, okay. Well who are we going to vote off next?” Dan asked.

“I don’t know, it all depends on who wins immunity,” Teddie said.

“Well say you or me win immunity, then who?” Dan asked.

“Probably Earl or maybe Tonie,” Teddie said.

The camera went to Earl and Nik.

“So, what do we do now?” Nik asked.

“What do you mean?” Earl asked.

“Well, they’ve outnumbered us,” Nik said.

“You were in an alliance with Sophie right?” Earl asked. Nik nodded, “Well, then we have to get her to come to our side and then we pick them off one by one,”

“But some off them are my friends,” Nik said.

“Well then we’ll save them then kick them off,” Earl said.

The camera went to Daisi and Tonie.

“It’s okay,” Tonie said, trying to cheer her up, “Ryan would want you to stay strong,”

“I know,” Daisi wiped her eyes.

“He would also want you to stop crying,” Tonie said.

“Yeah,” Daisi said.

“Okay, for today’s challenge,” Josh came out and said, “You will be split into three teams of three,”

“Is it already time for the challenge?” Sophie asked.

“No, just telling you ahead of time,” Josh said, “The teams are: Tonie, Nik, and Dan,"Zoo-Zoo" , Sophie, and Daisi, and Teddie, Lola, and Earl.”

“Why am I always paired with Lola?!” Earl said in the confessional.

“Well, that’s all,” Josh said.

“Josh, can we have some lunch?” Tonie asked. Josh handed them all a hot dog.

“We’re going to have to stop,” Josh said.

“Why?! Is the plane crashing?!” Lola said, “That would be scary, but awesome, too!”

“No, we need to re-fuel,” Josh said.

The plane landed and the teens got out off the plane.

“Hollywood!” Lola said, “Is this where we’re going to have our challenge?”

“No, we’re going to another state,” Josh said.

After a while, the plane was re-fueled. The teens and Josh got back on the plane.

“It should be about two hours,” Josh said.

Two hours later…

“Welcome to Arizona!” Josh said, “Exit the plane and I’ll tell you about you’re challenge,” The teens got off the plane, they were in the desert. “Okay, I’m going to knock you out with this gas thing, and then these people,” There were five men there “are going to put you somewhere in the desert. The first team to find me and the plane in the desert wins immunity and will be safe at tonight’s Voting Ceremony. Also, you will all have four canteens, and watch out for desert animals,” Josh put on a gas mask. He sprayed this gas in the air, and in less than thirty seconds, the teens were knocked out. The five men picked up the teens and they disappeared into the desert.

The camera went to Teddie, Lola, and Earl.

Teddie had just woken up. He looked around to see that Earl was still knocked out and Lola was missing.

“Lola!” He yelled, but there was no response. Suddenly Lola jumped out of nowhere. She had a piece of cactus.

“Teddie!” Lola yelled, she laughed. “That was fun! Earl!”

“What?” Earl said, he had just woken up.

“Where were you?” Teddie asked.

“Oh, I was walking around the desert, and I found this cactus, so I cut it down with my bare hands!” Lola said.

“Oh, does your hand hurt?” Teddie asked.

“You get used to it,” Lola said.

“You have needles from the cactus in your hands,” Teddie said, “I’ll take them out,”

“Okay,” Lola said. Teddie took out the needles one by one.

“Let’s get going, we have to find the plane,” Earl said.

The camera went to Dan, Tonie, and Nik. They were on their way to the plane.

“Who was awake when you woke up?” Tonie asked.

“Dan was up when I woke up,” Nik said.

“I was the first awake,” Dan said, his eyes got big, “Tonie, don’t move,”

“What? Why?” Tonie was confused.

“There is a rattlesnake five feet in front of you,” Dan said, “Move backwards slowly,”

Tonie started to back up slowly. Nik fainted and the snake moved forward.

“Kill it!” Tonie yelled.

“I don’t know how!” Dan said.

Tonie looked around; there was a rock behind him. He stepped back more. He picked up the rock and threw it at the snake’s head. The snake was dead.

“Good job!” Dan said.

“Thanks for telling me that there was a snake, man.” Tonie said. He and Dan fist bumped.

“What should we do with Nik?” Dan asked.

“I’ll carry him,” Tonie picked up Nik.

“I’ll take the canteens,” Dan took the canteens.

The camera went to “Zoo-Zoo”, Sophie, and Daisi.

“Daisi,” Sophie said, “Will you please join my alliance again? I’m sorry for anything I said or might have done that was hurtful,”

“I don’t know.” Daisi looked at “Zoo-Zoo”, “Do we think that we’re close to the plane?”

“I don’t think so, we just woke up,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Okay,” Daisi said.

The camera went to Teddie, Lola, and Earl.

“How much longer?” Earl asked.

“I don’t know,” Teddie said.

“I shouldn’t have worn this sweater!” Earl said.

“I have a question. Why did you change your vote yesterday?” Teddie asked.

“I didn’t change my vote,” Earl said.

“Yes you did,” Teddie said.

“Yeah, and Sophie whispered something too you,” Lola said.

“She said that if you vote for Teddie, you’re the next to go. So I changed my vote to Ryan,” Earl said.

“She needs to go!” Teddie said, “Sure, I was in an alliance with her, but I never expected her to be so mean. I mean I’m glad that she wanted to save me, but she needs to go tonight!”

“You were in an alliance with her?” Lola asked.

“That was at the beginning of the game,” Teddie said.

“Oh okay,” Lola said.

“I want to believe Teddie, but for all I know he could be lying to me, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Dan. No, he said that was at the beginning of the game, not now. Okay, I believe him, but, oh, I don’t know!” Lola said in the confessional.

The camera went to Tonie, Dan, and Nik.

Nik was okay and was walking again. “That was scary,” he said.

“I know,” Dan said.

“Who do you think should go home tonight?” Tonie asked.

“Sophie,” Nik said, “She seems nice at first, but really she’s mean. Daisi said so.”

“So we should all vote for her tonight?” Dan asked.

“Yes,” Nik said, “She was in an alliance with me, but then the merge came and not anymore,”

“I think she was in an alliance with Daisi too,” Tonie said.

“I think Sophie was lying to us yesterday,” Dan said in the confessional.

The camera went to Josh and the pilot at the plane.

“How long do you think it will take for the challenge to be over?” the pilot asked.

“I don’t know, three or four hours maybe.” Josh said.

The camera went to Sophie, “Zoo-Zoo” and Daisi.

“Where is that stupid plane?” Sophie complained.

“I don’t know,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Probably somewhere far away,” Daisi said.

“Are we even going in the right direction?” Sophie asked.

“Why are you always so negative?” Daisi asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I’m in the middle of desert on this stupid reality show wearing a hoodie! That’s why!” Sophie yelled.

“Well why don’t you look at it like this: You’re in the middle of the desert where you can win a challenge and you’re on a reality show where you have a chance to win a million dollars!” Daisi said.

“Well we all can’t be as happy and positive as you are now can we?” Sophie shot back, “But, I have to admit, the million dollars does sound good!”

“I know!” Daisi said.

“If you won, what would you do with the money?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

“I would shop and get a butler and a maid,” Sophie said.

“I would shop!” Daisi said, “What would you do if you won?”

“I would give it all to my local animal shelter.” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“That’s cool!” Daisi said.

The camera went to Teddie, Lola, and Earl.

“We’re out of water!” Earl said.

“How? I haven’t had any and neither has Lola!” Teddie said.

“I was thirsty!” Earl said

“So you drank all four canteens?” Teddie asked.

“Don’t worry!” Lola said, “That’s why I cut down the cactus. They store water!”

“Okay,” Teddie said.

The camera went to Tonie, Dan, and Nik.

“So thirsty! Must have water!” Nik gasped.

“We have canteens,” Tonie said.

“We do?” Nik asked.

“Yeah, Dan’s carrying them,” Tonie said.

Nik grabbed a canteen and drank all of it.

“Dan, I have a question.” Tonie said.

“Okay,” Dan said.

“Why was Ryan voted off?” Tonie asked.

“He was strong competitor and if he had made it to the finals, he would have gotten almost every vote,” Dan explained.

“Is that all?” Tonie asked.

“No. That’s what Teddie said. The real reason is that Teddie said that he needed to go. Teddie and Ryan never did like each other,” Dan confessed.

“Okay,” Tonie said.

“Why did Kassi go home instead of Sophie that one time?” Dan asked.

“We felt like Kassi would be harder to beat at the end of the game,” Tonie said.

“I have an idea! Why don’t you and Nik join my alliance and then, we can vote off Sophie,” Dan suggested.

“What about Daisi and Earl?” Tonie asked.

“Daisi is friends with “Zoo-Zoo” and Lola, and Earl is, well um,” Dan said.

“I understand,” Earl said.

“Exactly,” Dan said.

“What do you think Nik?” Tonie asked.

“I think it’s a great idea!” Nik said.

“Great!” Dan said.

The camera went to Sophie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Daisi.

“I’m tired!” Sophie complained.

“Who is that?” “Zoo-Zoo” pointed to three people walking.

“I think that’s Lola, Teddie, and Earl,” Daisi said.

“Hello!” “Zoo-Zoo” yelled.

“Hey!” Daisi yelled.

“Who are you?!” Sophie yelled.

“Hello?!” they yelled back.

“Who are you?!” Sophie yelled.

“This is Teddie, Lola, and Earl!” One of them yelled.

The two teams ran toward each other.

“Hey!” Daisi said.

“Hi!” Lola waved.

“Where are the others?” Sophie asked.

“Others?” Earl asked.

“Dan, Tonie, and Nik,” Sophie said.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Earl said.

“Where’s the plane?” Teddie asked.

“I don’t know. Do you really think that we would be here talking to you if we knew where the plane was?” Sophie said.

“No,” Earl said.

The two groups walked for another hour.

“There’s the plane!” Daisi yelled.

The two groups ran to the plane.

“Congratulations!” Josh said, “You have come in second and third place!”

“What?!” They all said.

“Oh yeah. Tonie, Dan, and Nik got here about twenty minutes ago. They’re in the plane.” Josh said.

The teens got on the plane to see the winning team laughing and enjoying a surprise reward of cheeseburgers.

“Hey!” Nik said.

“Hi,” Sophie said madly.

“You should decide who’s going to be going home,” Josh said.

“Daisi, Nik, and Teddie, please get over here!” Sophie said.

“What?” Teddie asked.

“Tonight, that animal loving girl, “Zoo-Zoo” is going home,” Sophie said, “Okay, that’s all. Bye!”

Teddie, Nik, and Daisi approached Dan, Lola, Tonie, and “Zoo-Zoo”.

“Sophie wants you gone,” Nik pointed to “Zoo-Zoo”.

“Why me?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

“I don’t know. She just said that tonight “Zoo-Zoo” is going home,” Daisi said.

“Well, tonight, we’re voting for Sophie!” Teddie said.

“Oh please! I heard every thing that they said!” Sophie said in the confessional, “But, I have a trick up my sleeve! Literally!” She pulled the idol that Nik gave her at the beginning of the game out of her sleeve, ““Zoo-Zoo” is going down!”

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“Here are the members of the jury. Kassi and Ryan who was voted off last time,” Josh said. “You know how it works: If you receive the most votes, then you are going home! You can’t vote for Tonie, Nik, or Dan. Sophie, you’re up!”

Sophie walked to the podium, “I’m going to take out your alliance one by one! So I’m going to start with you, “Zoo-Zoo”.”

“Sophie, you deserve to go home!” “Zoo-Zoo” voted.

“Okay, you all have cast your votes. Does anyone want to play a hidden immunity idol?” Sophie stood up and gave Josh her idol. Dan gave “Zoo-Zoo” the idol and she played it. Sophie looked confused, “Okay. First vote, Sophie, does not count. Sophie. Sophie. Sophie. Sophie. Sophie. Sophie. All of those do not count. “Zoo-Zoo”, does not count.” Josh pulled out the next vote, “This vote is not for Sophie or “Zoo-Zoo” so the next person voted off of Total Drama States and will be the third member of our jury is…”


“What?!” Teddie said.

“Lola!” Daisi said.

“Not Lola!” Dan said.

“Lola, I’m sorry! I should have been voted off!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Guys! Guys! It’s okay! I guess a small part of me was ready to go home anyway!” Lola said. She got up grabbed her ticket, and flipped her way up the stairs to plane.

“I’m going to miss that girl!” Teddie said.

“I know, we all will,” Daisi said. Dan and “Zoo-Zoo” nodded.

“Yes! I finally got rid of Lola!” Earl said in the confessional.

“Eight people left, but only one can win! Find out who will get their hopes and dreams of being rich crushed when they’re voted off next time on Total Drama States!” Josh said.

“Well that’s a positive way to put it!” Sophie said sarcastically.

“I know,” Josh said.

Chapter 10: "How exactly do you expect me to make the lizard costume?"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “The nine remaining teens were put up to the hottest challenge yet! They had to find me and the plane in the middle of the desert in Arizona! There were three teams: "Zoo-Zoo", Sophie, and Daisi, Tonie, Nik, and Dan, and Teddie, Lola, and Earl. They were knocked out with this gas and put somewhere in the desert. Dan saved Tonie’s life by telling him to watch out for the rattlesnake. Tonie ended killing it. “Zoo-Zoo”, Sophie, and Daisi found Teddie, Lola, and Earl. They teamed up and found the plane, but they found out that Tonie, Nik, and Dan had already won the challenge. Seven of the teens teamed up to vote off Sophie, but three of them were also in an alliance with her. Sophie planned to vote off “Zoo-Zoo”. AT The Voting Ceremony, both Sophie and “Zoo-Zoo” played an idol. It all came down to one vote. Lola was voted off. Who will be voted off tonight?”

The teens boarded the plane.

“I can’t believe Lola was voted off!” Dan said.

“I know our plan was so perfect!” Tonie said.

“Now, Sophie doesn’t have an idol to protect her,” Dan said.

Tonie and Dan were sitting next to each other in the back of the plane. Next to them were Nik and Teddie and in front of them was Daisi and “Zoo-Zoo”. Earl and Sophie were in the front of the plane. Earl walked back to the confessional.

“I did it! Lola is gone!” Earl said.

Sophie walked to the confessional after Earl came back, “Well, “Zoo-Zoo” didn’t go home, but at least I got rid off one of them!”

“Who voted for Lola?” Daisi asked.

“Earl,” Teddie said, “He has disliked her since day one,”

“Why?” Nik asked.

“I don’t really know. He just didn’t like her. If it wasn’t for him disliking her, then I probably wouldn’t have been good friends with her.” Teddie said.

“Okay, Lola will be missed, but now it’s time to focus on the game ahead of us,” Dan said.

“Dan’s right,” Nik agreed.

“I think we should talk about this in the morning,” Tonie said after he yawned.

The teens went to sleep. When they woke up, the plane was landed.

“I hope you slept well because you are going to have a busy day ahead of you!” Josh said.

“Where are we?” Nik asked.

“California,” Josh said.

“Why didn’t we just have the challenge that we’re going to have today yesterday when we were here?” Earl asked.

“Because I’m the host and you have to go where I say and do what I say that’s why!” Josh said, ‘Well, anyway, who here likes movies?” Everybody but Earl raised their hands, Okay, well you are going to make a movie. Each person will get to choose what they will be. You can be an actor, director and set design, writer and camera, or hair, make-up, and costume. There is one of each except for the actors!”

“What about the producer?” Earl asked.

“We have a special guest: Mickey Belle!” Josh said, “The world famous producer!”

Earl hid behind Teddie.

“Hello people!” Mickey said, “I am Mickey Belle, but you should know who I am! Now, now, introduce yourselves!”

“I’m Sophie!” Sophie said.

“Hi! I’m Daisi!” Daisi said.

“Quite cheerful are we?” Mickey said.

“I’m Dan,” Dan said.

“I’m Tonie,” Tonie said.

“I’m Nik!” Nik said.

“I’m “Zoo-Zoo”,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

““Zoo-Zoo”? That’s an unusual name,” Mickey said.

“My real name is Zoey, but all my friends call me “Zoo-Zoo” because I love animals!” “Zoo-Zoo” explained.

“I’m Teddie,” Teddie said.

“I’m Carl,” Earl said.

“Earl?” Mickey said, “Earl, is that you?”

“Sorry, I don’t know an Earl,” Earl said.

“Don’t be silly Earl! You’re Earl so you know an Earl!” Daisi said.

“I knew it was you!” Mickey said.

“Wait! Do you two know each other?” Josh asked.

“I’ve been introduced to him a few times, but mainly I know his parents: Rachel and Cory Matterson; the biggest actor and singing couple in the world!” Mickey said.

“Rachel and Cory Matterson are your parents?” Sophie was shocked.

“Yes,” Earl said.

“So that means you’re like rich?” Sophie asked.

“Kind of,” Earl said.

“Kind of?” Mickey was confused, “You’re parents are multi-millionaires!”

“You’re so not helping!” Earl said.

They all walked to a movie studio.

“Well, anyway with the challenge,” Josh said, “Pick what you want to be. You will be judged by Mickey and the person who he said did the best at their job will win immunity!”

“I call hair, make-up, and costumes!” Sophie said.

“I’ll be the director and set design,” Dan said.

“I call being the writer and camera!” Nik said.

“I’m an ac-tor!” Daisi said.

“The only thing left is an actor,” Josh said, “So the rest of you are actors! The movie should be about fifteen minutes long, and you have the rest of the day to finish it. Nik, get writing!”

Nik starting brainstorming ideas. About an hour later, Nik was writing the script. Two hours later, Nik gave the script to Dan. Nik went to Sophie and told her what the characters should look like.

Sophie had a weird expression on her face, “How exactly do you expect me to make the lizard costume?”

“You’ll figure it out,” Nik said and then he walked over to the actors.

“Teddie, you’re Jason Brown. Your character is the lead male!” Nik said, ““Zoo-Zoo”, you’re Sally Cruisers. You’re the female lead. Daisi, your Jasmine Blanket. You’re Sally’s best friend. Tonie, you’re Mark Wallet, the other guy. Earl, Kevin Truck. You’re Jason’s best friend.”

“Just a question, what is this story about?” Earl asked.

“Oh, Jason and Kevin are walking and meet Sally and Jasmine. They become friends but then Mark gets jealous and pretends to be a lizard monster and sneaks into Sally’s house to scare Jason and Kevin away. Then Sally and Jasmine figure out that… Well, you’ll know what happens when you read the script!”

After Dan read the script he walked over to the copy machine and made copies for everybody. He gave them all copies.

The camera went to Sophie who was still confused on how to make the lizard costume. She put together some green fabric and cut out little scales out of another fabric.

The camera went to Dan, Nik, and the actors. They were reading the script.

“Kevin, let’s walk through this park!” Teddie read.

“Okay Jason! Do you think that we will meet people?” Earl read.

“I don’t know,” Teddie read.

“Let’s run!” Earl read.

“Runs and bumps into Sally,” Teddie read.

“Teddie?” Nik said.

“Yeah Nik?” Teddie said.

“You don’t read the words in brackets, you act them out!” Nik explained.

“Okay,” Teddie said, “Oh! I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry!” Nik said, “It was only a mistake!”

“That’s the line,” Teddie said.

“Oh,” Nik said.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” Teddie read. “Here, let me help you up,”

“Thank you! I am Sally Cruisers, and this is my best friend Jasmine Blanket.” “Zoo-Zoo” read.

“Hello Sally Cruisers and Jasmine Blanket! I am Jason Brown and this is my best friends Kevin Truck,” Teddie read.

“Jason, look! People! We met people! It is weird because I asked earlier if we would meet people and now we have met people!” Earl read.

The camera went to Sophie.

“This lizard costume is not going to be the best I could probably make,” she said, “I read the script that Dan gave to me, and honestly I don’t think that Nik will win this challenge!”

Mickey was in the new movie set confessional, “Wow! Just wow!”

The camera went to Josh at the plane. He was talking to the pilot.

“I like the challenges were I don’t have to do anything. This one is probably my favorite! I finally get to use my secret hot tub on the plane!” Josh said.

The camera went back to the script read.

“Dan,” Nik whispered, “Are you thinking of a set and how this is going to work out with the actions and everything?”

“I’m thinking about it,” Dan said. He got up and went to the wood for the set design. He started cutting shapes out of it. He noticed pieces of another set there, “Mickey, what movie is that set from?”

“A Day in the Park,” Mickey said.

There were a couple of benches and bushes. There were also a couple of trees and one fake concrete path. Dan started to put together the set for the park.

“Are there other movie sets around in the other studios?” Dan asked. Mickey nodded.

Dan left the set and went around other studios.

“Excuse me,” he said, “Are there any movie sets lying around in this studio?” A man nodded, “What movie are they from?”

“Dragons vs. Lizards IV,” the man said.

“Are there costumes in their?” Dan asked.

Dan came back to the movie studio and walked over to the private room Sophie was in. He knocked on the door.

“Who is it and what do you want?” she asked.

“It’s Dan and I have something for you,” he said.

Sophie opened the door and saw the lizard costume and smiled.

“Thank you so much!” She kissed Dan on the cheek, “I have been making this crappy costume for an hour!”

“Tonie,” Dan walked out of the private room and over to Nik and the actors, “Sophie needs you for costume fitting,”

Tonie walked to the private room where Sophie was.

“Here, go to the bathroom and try this on,” She handed him the lizard suit.

“Whoa! This is amazing!” Tonie said. Tonie went to the bathroom and tried on the lizard suit. He came back and said, “The suit fits,”

“Okay,” Sophie said, “Can you get Dan?”

Tonie walked back and told Dan that Sophie wanted him.

“Where did you get the lizard suit?” she asked.

“From the studio of Dragons vs. Lizards IV,” Dan said.

“You went to the other studios?” Sophie asked. Dan nodded, “That’s genius! Come on! I’m going with you!”

Dan and Sophie walked out of the studio and went to the studio next to Dragons vs. Lizards IV. Sophie knocked on the studio door.

“Yes?” A girl’s voice from within the studio asked.

“Hello! We’re on the reality TV show Total Drama States,” Sophie said.

“What’s that?” the voice asked.

“You haven’t heard of it?” Sophie asked.

“Nope,” the voice said.

The camera went to Josh in the camera studio of Total Drama States, “That girl is crazy! How has she not heard of Total Drama States?!”

The camera went back to Dan and Sophie outside the studio.

“Do you know Total Drama Island?” Dan asked.

“Yes! I love that show!” the voice said.

“Well Total Drama States is hosted by Josh McLean, he’s Chris’s brother,” Dan said.

“Okay, so you know a person who knows Chris McLean?” the voice asked.

“Yes,” Dan said.

“No way! Come in!” the girl opened the door.

“You look familiar,” Sophie said.

“I was on Total Drama Island!” the girl said.

“Izzy?” Dan asked.

“Yes that’s me! I’m in a movie!” Izzy said, “It’s called Attack of the Crazy Girls!” Izzy did a weird dance.

The camera went to Josh in the camera studio, “Oh! That explains it! The girl was Izzy!”

The camera went back to Izzy, Dan, and Sophie.

“Do you have any old sets or costumes around here?” Dan asked.

“Yes, they’re from Police Dad. It’s so fun to try on old costumes! You can be all like ‘Oooooooh look at me! I’m a police officer! Grrrrrrr!’” she laughed, “It’s so fun!”

“Okay,” Sophie had a weird look on her face, “Do they have any girl costumes?”

“Yeah, I tried one of them on and I was like ‘Grrrrrr! My dad’s a po-po! You should fear me!” Izzy said, “We also have some boy clothes.

“Okay then, can we borrow some of the girl costumes?” Sophie asked.

“Sure! But, if anyone asks, it wasn’t Izzy who gave you these costumes,” Izzy said with shifty eyes. She put her hand over the camera signaling the camera man not to follow. When they came out Dan and Sophie had two girls’ costumes and three boys’ costume.

“Have fun with your movie!” Izzy said. She waved goodbye and shut the studio door.

“Okay, so we have all of the costumes, now what? Sophie asked.

“I need a house set,” Dan said.

“Okay, well since you helped me find all of the costumes, I’ll help you find the set.” Sophie said.

“Thanks,” Dan said.

Dan and Sophie came back with the costumes and lamps and tables. When they came back they were laughing.

“They memorized their lines!” Nik said.

“That’s great why don’t you run the lines one more time, I need to find a background set and Sophie has costumes they need to try on,” Dan said.

Sophie had the actors try on their costumes. Dan found the house background and the park background. Dan directed the actors on were to move.

Josh came in the studio and said, “Start filming, and here’s a twist you only get one chance to film it, so if you mess up, then it’s going to show up on the screen,” The contestants started filming.

Later that night…

“Okay, before we announce the winner, let’s watch the movie!” Josh said. They were on the plane watching the movie. The movie started. Credits appeared on the screen: Jason- Teddie, Sally- “Zoo-Zoo”, Jasmine- Daisi, Mark- Tonie, and Kevin- Earl.

“Kevin, let’s walk through this park!” Jason said on the screen.

“Okay Jason! Do you think that we will meet people?” Kevin said.

“I don’t know,” Jason said.

“Let’s run!” Kevin said.

Kevin and Jason started to run, but they ran into two girls.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” Jason said, “Here, let me help you up,”

“Thank you! I am Sally Cruisers, and this is my best friend Jasmine Blanket.” Sally said.

“Hello Sally Cruisers and Jasmine Blanket! I am Jason Brown and this is my best friends Kevin Truck,” Jason said.

“Jason, look! People! We met people! It is weird because I asked earlier if we would meet people and now we have met people!” Kevin said.

Jasmine laughed. “Why don’t we invite them over Sally? I’m sure Mark won’t mind,”

“I guess,” Sally said.

They walked to Sally’s house.

“Hey guys!” Mark said.

“Hey Mark!” Jasmine said.

“Who are they?” Mark asked.

“This is Kevin Truck and Jason Brown,” Sally said.

“Why are they here?” Mark asked.

“We met them at the park,” Sally said.

“Hi!” Kevin said.

“Hey,” Jason said.

“Well, let’s go in,” Sally said.

“Jason and I have to go,” Kevin said.

“Yes, he is right. I am sorry,” Jason said.

Kevin and Jason walked away and Sally, Jasmine, and Mark waved goodbye and walked into the house.

“Why did you say we had to go?” Jason asked.

“Because there could have been a lizard monster in that house for all we know!” Kevin said.

“That’s crazy,” Jason said.

“I don’t know,” Kevin said.

Kevin and Jason continued to walk. They came back over to Sally’s house that night. Jason knocked on the door. The door swung open.

“Hello?” Jason said.

The lights were turned off.

“Hello?! Is anybody home?!” Jason said louder.

Suddenly, a giant lizard monster jumped out and Jason and Kevin ran out the door screaming. The lizard laughed. The lizard took the costume off and threw it into the bushes outside Sally’s house. The lizard was Mark!

“What did you just throw outside?” Sally said, she was on the stairs.

“Oh, there was a spider and I put it safely outside!” Mark said.

“Who was at the door?” Jasmine came down the stairs.

“I don’t know, I opened it up and there was no one there,” Mark said.

“Okay, well I heard screaming,” Jasmine said.

“Oh, there was a spider,” Sally said.

“Well, it’s time for my practice,” Mark said, he walked out the door.

Sally walked outside and Jasmine followed.

“Okay, he’s gone.” Sally looked over in the bushes and saw something unusual. She walked down the steps of her porch and fell into the bushes.

“Ow!” Sally said, “What’s this?” She pulled out the lizard costume and showed it to Jasmine.

The camera went to the park; it was morning.

“Hey,” Kevin said. Sally, Jasmine, and Mark were in the park.

“Um,” Jason said, “We went to your house last night and the door was open and a giant lizard jumped out on us,” Mark started to slowly back away.

“Mark!” Sally said. She turned around said, “Why can’t we all be friends?”

“It was just the three of us, now it’s five of us. It’s like trying to put five peas in a pod,” Mark said.

“There can be five peas in a pod,” Sally said.

“Like in a real pea pod?” Mark asked. Sally nodded, “Okay then, welcome to our pod Jason and Kevin!”

They all had a group hug and the words THE END appeared on the screen. There was some clapping, mainly from Nik.

“Okay,” Mickey stood up, “I need a copy of the script so I can judge the actors and Nik. I already judged Dan and Sophie and I will be back with your results.” Mickey walked into the confessional and did the judging there. He came out in about ten minutes.

“Oh! Here’s another twist!” Josh said, “Tonight, there will be no Voting Ceremony, whoever Mickey said did the worst, will be automatically eliminated!” Josh pulled out the ticket.

The contestants were shocked, “What?!”

“Okay, I will announce the top three and the bottom three. The top three are: Sophie, Dan, and Tonie,” Mickey said, “Sophie the costumes were extraordinary! Good job! Dan, the sets were amazing! Excellent job, and Dan, the directing was well done! Tonie, you were the best actor in the movie! Good job! The winners are…all three of you! Congratulations! You are safe, also. Now, for the bottom three: Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Earl. Daisi and Nik, you are safe. Daisi you were an okay actor. Nik the writing was okay, but if it was touched up by professionals, I could see you making it into the business! You two are safe!”

Sophie was seen in the confessional, “He actually liked it?! What is wrong with that man?”

“Okay, now back to the bottom three. Teddie, you forgot one of your lines, and during the script reading, you read the stage directions. “Zoo-Zoo”, your lines were memorized, but that fall wasn’t supposed to happen. In the real business, you would have been okay, but now here. Earl, I am very disappointed in you! Your parents are excellent actors! You, not so much, you read the lines wrong and were just awkward on the big screen. I have made my decision and the person who is eliminated from Total Drama States and will be the fourth member of the jury is…”


“Earl, get out of the plane!” Josh said.

“Bye Earl,” Dan said.

“Bye,” Tonie said.

“Bye guys,” Earl grabbed his ticket and got off the plane.

“You too,” Josh said, “Goodbye Mickey!”

“Goodbye people!” Mickey got off the plane.

Earl boarded the plane that only the losers get on.

“Seven people left! And it’s very depressing that Earl was already rich and I didn’t get to see his hopes and dreams get crushed by him getting eliminated! Well, anyway, join us next time on Total Drama States!” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 11: "After tonight, there will be five!"

“Last time on Total Drama States…” Josh said, “The teens got a surprise when they got to meet Mickey Belle! However, it was part of their challenge: to make a movie! Everybody found out Earl was rich during the challenge. Each person got to choose what they wanted to be. Dan chose director and set design. Sophie chose hair, make-up, and costume design. Nik chose to be a writer and camera. Teddie, "Zoo-Zoo", Earl, Daisi, and Tonie were actors. Nik wrote this weird movie. Dan and Sophie went to other studios and found Izzy from Total Drama Island and they found all they needed. The movie was well, how do I out this in a good way? Horrible? Disastrous? Well, anyway the person who Mickey said did the worst went home. Before that, though, Mickey chose Dan, Sophie, and Tonie as the winners. The bottom three was Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Earl. Earl went home. Who will be voted off tonight?”

“Well, Earl went home today,” “Zoo-Zoo” said in the confessional, “I’m still here! I’m going to win this for the animal shelter back home!”

Ryan, I’m doing okay, it’s the final seven and I’m still here!” Daisi said.

“Earl went home, but at least it wasn’t me!” Teddie said in the confessional.

“It’s the final seven! I’m glad I’m here, Earl was always mean to me, but I guess a small part inside me saw the goodness within him,” Dan said in the confessional.

Mari! I’m going to win this for you!” Tonie said in the confessional.

“The competition is almost over! I’ve come so far! I’ve also grown as a person. I mean before the competition, I had almost no friends, now I have plenty of friends and a girlfriend!” Nik said in the confessional.

“I only have one friend here,” Sophie said in the confessional, “Which is bad since it’s going to be a jury vote,”

“Okay, who’s tired?” Josh asked. Everybody raised their hands, “Oh, that’s too bad because your next challenge is going to be an athletic one!” Josh laughed.

Sophie was seen in the confessional, “I’m so tired! But, anyway, Dan is my only friend, but he’s friends with everybody else. So maybe, he could talk people out of voting for me, but really, I don’t care anymore! It’s the final seven! I’ve made it this far with no friends and now I make friend and I might go home because everybody else hates me!”

“I’m going to sleep,” Dan said, “I’m going to rest up,” Everybody else did the same. When they woke up, they were at the next destination.

“Welcome!” Josh said, he was wearing a parka, “Here, I’m giving you each a parka,” He gave them each a parka; “We’re in Colorado! A place known for skiing! You’re challenge is to make it down the big hill, but there are trees, and rocks, and snowmen, which we added. The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth person to make it down are safe, but the last person to make it down is automatically eliminated! Don’t you just love this game?”

“So, you’re saying that if we come in last, we lose?” Daisi asked.

“Pretty much, but here’s another thing! There will also be a Voting Ceremony tonight! So two people are going home! After tonight, there will be five!” Josh said.

“Two people are going home?!” Teddie said.

“That’s what I said isn’t it?” Josh asked, “Now, come with me out of the plane. Here are your skis,” Each contestant grabbed their skis, “Okay, the top three from the last challenge will get the first chair on the ski lift, so Sophie, Dan, and Tonie, you get the first chair. Daisi and Nik get the second chair, and Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” get the third chair,”

The first group got on the first chair. The second group got on the second chair, and the third group got on the third chair. Sophie, Dan, and Tonie jumped off the ski lift when they were at the top of the hill. Tonie landed smoothly, but Dan and Sophie crashed. Nik and Daisi jumped off and both landed smoothly. Dan and Sophie started down the hill. Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” jumped off and they both crashed. They started down the hill.

“It looks like Tonie is in the lead, then Daisi, then Nik, the Sophie and Dan are tied, and Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” are in last.” Josh said.

“We’ve got to catch up!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Yeah, if we pass Sophie, then maybe she’ll go home!” Teddie said.

“But Dan is with Sophie, so there is also a chance that he’ll lose too,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“He’s ahead of her,” Teddie said.

They sped down the hill.

“There’s Sophie and Dan!” Teddie said.

“They’re catching up on us!” Sophie said.

“It’s okay, they’re my friends!” Dan said.

“Well, they’re not mine!” Sophie sped up and passed Dan. Dan sped up too.

“I’m not going to let them go home!” Dan said.

“Well, as long as it isn’t me, I don’t care! They don’t like me and I don’t like them!” Sophie sped up.

“If you want to be friends with them, then maybe you should let them ski with us,” Dan said.

Daisi wasn’t too far ahead of Dan and Sophie, she hit a snowman and wrecked, but she was on her way back down.

“How long is this hill?” Daisi asked.

“I’d say pretty long,” Dan said, he was gaining on her, “I saw the sign, it said its ‘The Extra Extreme Adult Course’, so I think that’s pretty long,” Dan lost balance and fell knocking Daisi down, too. Sophie passed them. Dan and Daisi got back up, but by that time, Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” passed them, “Come on! We’re in last!” Dan and Daisi sped up. Dan and Daisi we’re side by side to Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo”. They all caught up to Sophie.

The camera went to Josh.

“It looks like Tonie and Nik are coming up to the finish line!” Josh said. Tonie and Nik passed the finish line, “Congratulations! You are the first to finish!”

“Yes! I’m safe!” Nik said.

“For now,” Josh said under his breath.

“It looks like Sophie is in third, but Dan, Daisi, Teddie, and “Zoo-Zoo” are right behind her,” Josh said.

The camera went back to the skiers.

“I’m going to win this thing!” Sophie sped up. Everybody else sped up too. Sophie crashed into a tree because somebody sped up and bumped her. Daisi got a boost on a rock and crossed the finish line, “Hey!” Sophie yelled. “Zoo-Zoo” sped up and passed Dan.

“I’m sorry!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“It’s okay!” Dan said.

“Zoo-Zoo” passed the finish line and about a minute later, so did Dan.

“Dan and “Zoo-Zoo”, you’re both safe,” Josh said, “Ouch! That looks like it hurt!” Somebody had crashed into a tree, “The person who is safe and will continue to be in this game is…”

“Sophie!” Sophie crossed the finished line, “Teddie, you’re eliminated!”

“Teddie?!” Dan was surprised.

Teddie crossed the finish line.

“I’m glad I’m eliminated,” Teddie said.

“What?!” Dan was confused.

“I was the person who bumped Sophie into the tree, and I just couldn’t win like that. I’m sorry Sophie,” Teddie said.

“It’s okay,” Sophie said.

““Zoo-Zoo”, explain the rest please,” Teddie said.

“Teddie told me that he was in an alliance with Sophie, he told me what Sophie really said about Daisi, he told me about how Sophie wanted him back in his alliance, and he said that he didn’t want to choose between the alliances from the beginning of the game and us,” “Zoo-Zoo” explained.

“I hope we can still be friends,” Teddie told Sophie.

“Friends?” Sophie asked, “After the way I treated you?”

“Yes,” Teddie said.

Sophie looked to Dan and smiled, “Okay,”

“Look, Teddie, you have to go!” Josh gave him the ticket.

“Goodbye!” Teddie said. He got on the plane, but it didn’t leave because he was going to be at the Voting Ceremony.

“Okay, well the Voting Ceremony will be in a couple of hours,” Josh said.

“Are we going to decide who to vote off?” Tonie asked.

“No,” Sophie said, let’s ski!” The teens skied for about two hours and then got ready for the Voting Ceremony.

Dan got down at the end of the hill with Tonie, “Where’s “Zoo-Zoo”?”

I don’t know,” Tonie said.

“Tonight’s vote is going to be hard,” Dan said in the confessional, “I’m friends with everyone here!”

“I don’t know who to vote for,” Sophie said in the confessional.

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“Here are the members of the jury,” Josh said. The jury walked in, “Kassi, Ryan, Lola, Earl, and Teddie who was just recently eliminated. You know how it works, you vote and if you have the most votes, then you are eliminated. Nik, you’re up,”

Nik walked up to the podium, “I’m voting for you because it’s your time to go,”

Daisi walked up to the podium, “You’ve been my friend, but you have no enemies on the jury,”

“I’ll read the votes,” Josh said, “The first vote is for Sophie. That’s one vote for Sophie. “Zoo-Zoo”, one vote Sophie, and one vote “Zoo-Zoo”. Sophie. That’s two votes for Sophie and one vote for “Zoo-Zoo”. Daisi. That’s two votes for Sophie. One vote for “Zoo-Zoo” and one vote for Daisi. Sophie. It’s three to one to one. The next person voted off of Total Drama States is…”

“Me,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Well, it was going to be Sophie, but are you sure you want to go home?” Josh asked.

“Yes,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Why?” Dan asked.

“Earlier, when you all were skiing, I got a call, it was from my mom. She said that our dog wasn’t doing so well, and all of the other animals were acting differently because I wasn’t around. I don’t need to be here, but I need to be there, at home, with my animals. That’s where I belong. I have loved it here, and all. I’ve met some of the best friends I’ll ever have. Before I came here, I didn’t have any friends, only my animals. I spent all my time at the animal shelter. Then I came on here, and met my friends, but my animals feel like I’ve abandoned them. I’ve got to go home and take care of them!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“I understand,” Dan said. Dan and “Zoo-Zoo” hugged.

“”Zoo-Zoo”,” Sophie said, “You don’t have to do this,”

“Yes I do,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Thank you,” Sophie said. They hugged, “I know I’ve been mean, but I would like to be your friend. If that’s okay with you,”

“I would like that,” “Zoo-Zoo” smiled, “Goodbye everybody!” She grabbed her ticket and boarded the plane. She turned around and smiled. Dan waved goodbye and “Zoo-Zoo” waved back.

“It’s down to the final five! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out next time on Total Drama States!” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 12: "Yes you are Mr. Grumpy Pants!"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “The teens were told that they were going to ski in Colorado. They were also told that the last person to finish would be eliminated. Tonie and Nik were first. Then Sophie was bumped into a tree and was in last. Daisi came in third. "Zoo-Zoo" came in fourth and Dan in fifth. Sophie came in sixth and Teddie was eliminated. He was glad of it too. He was the one who bumped Sophie into the tree. He didn’t want to win that way. Later, at the Voting Ceremony, Sophie was going to be eliminated, but “Zoo-Zoo” wanted to leave the competition because her animals missed her and one of her dogs was sick. So Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” were eliminated. This week, we’re giving the contestants a break in Florida, which will be their next destination, and we are visiting the losers! We are going to catch up with the thirteen people who were voted off. They’ve been staying at the Loser Hotel,”

The camera went to Teddie and Lola. They were sitting by the pool.

“It’s so nice to be out of the competition,” Teddie said.

“I know,” Lola said.

“Last night’s Voting Ceremony was really dramatic,” Teddie said.

“I know. I wonder when “Zoo-Zoo” is going to get here,” Lola said.

“I don’t know,” Teddie said.

“I’m going to get in the pool,” Lola said. She did a flip and landed in the pool.

The camera went to Chuckie, Louie, and Earl. They were in the hotel in the lobby.

“I can’t believe I was voted off!” Chuckie said.

“I was voted off first!” Louie said.

“Yeah, that’s too bad,” Chuckie said.

“I was lucky I made it as far as I did,” Earl said, “I mean usually rich people on a reality show don’t make it very far,”

“You’re rich?” Louie asked.

“You didn’t know?” Earl asked. Louie shook his head.

The camera went to Josie, Miranda, Mari, Ryan, Johnnie, Kassi, and Charlotte.

“I hope Daisi wins,” Ryan said.

“Me too!” Charlotte said.

“I want Dan to win,” Kassi said.

“Josie, I need to talk to you,” Ryan said, “I’m sorry I voted you off; you didn’t deserve to go. You only fell, and I made a big deal about it. So, I hope you can forgive me,”

“Thanks, and I do forgive you. Friends?” Josie asked.

“Friends,” Ryan said.

“What did you think was the b-best thing about the c-competition? The best part for me was meeting Nik,” Miranda said.

“Awww! You two are so cute!” Kassi said, “I liked meeting Johnnie, and making a lot of friends,”

“I liked meeting Kassi,” Johnnie said, “I mean even though we’re not a couple anymore, we can still be friends. That can be really hard to do sometimes,”

“I liked meeting Daisi,” Ryan said.

“Me too!” Charlotte said.

“My favorite part was meeting Tonie and making a lot of friends,” Mari said.

The camera went to a taxi outside the hotel. It was dropping “Zoo-Zoo” off. She walked through the front door of the hotel, “Hey guys,” She said.

“Your hotel room is the one with your name on it,” Earl said.

“Thanks,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Just take the elevator,” Earl said.

“Zoo-Zoo” got on the elevator and went to her room. “Zoo-Zoo” put her bags in her room and came back down. She walked by the pool, “Hey guys!”

““Zoo-Zoo”!” Lola got out of the pool.

“Hey!” Teddie said.

“Hey!” Kassi said.

“It looks really nice here!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“It is!” Kassi said.

“I see all of the people eliminated are here,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“This is where we come,” Lola said.

“Hey, how are your pets?” Teddie asked.

“They’re doing all right, they just missed me,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

Louie, Chuckie, and Earl came out and joined the others by the pool.

“Hey, Louie! Why don’t you get in?” Lola asked.

“I don’t like water. It’s one of my many fears,” Louie said.

“Oh! Come on!” Lola said, “It’s really fun!” She got back in the water.

“Just do it!” Chuckie pushed Louie in. Louie grabbed Chuckie and brought him in the water with him.

“It’s not that bad,” Louie said.

“Maybe you should try some more things! Enjoy life!” Lola said.

“You’re right,” Louie said.

“We should all get out of the water and jump in at the same time!” Lola said.

“That sounds awesome!” Mari said.

They got out of the pool. They held hands.

“Okay, on three! One, two,” Lola said. Charlotte fell in the pool and they all fell in one at a time.

“That was so fun!” Louie said, “What did you think Chuckie?”

“It was okay,” Chuckie said.

“Come on! Don’t be such a downer!” Ryan said.

“I’m not a downer,” Chuckie said.

“Yes you are Mr. Grumpy Pants!” Lola said. Everybody laughed.

“It was fun,” Chuckie said.

“That’s what I thought!” Louie said.

“We should do that again!” Johnnie said. Everybody agreed.

“Don’t think so,” Josh said, “I have other plans for you. Everybody get out of the pool, take a towel, and sit in a chair,” Everybody did so, “Okay. I want you to pick who you want to win the game. Just to remind you, the people left are: Daisi, Dan, Nik, Sophie, and Tonie,”

“I don’t really know any of them too well, but Tonie was on my team, so I want Tonie to win,” Louie said.

“I want Daisi to win,” Charlotte said.

“I want Tonie to win, also,” Josie said.

“I think all of them deserve to win, but I want Nik to win,” Johnnie said.

“I want Tonie to win,” Chuckie said, “Even though I deserve to be in the final five!”

“I think it’s obvious who I pick,” Mari said, “I pick the nicest, cutest, funniest, and sweetest guy; Tonie,”

“It’s obvious for me, t-too. Nik,” Miranda said.

“I think all of them deserve to be there. Even Sophie, I mean she made it there and she did it almost all by herself,” Kassi said, “But I want Dan to win,”

“I want Daisi to win,” Ryan said.

“I think Dan and Daisi are the most deserving and I want one of them to win,” Lola said.

“I think Dan, Tonie, or Nik deserve to win. Dan, I was so mean to him, and he had to put up with me. No wonder why he stood up to me. Tonie and Nik were in an alliance with me, but I think Dan deserves it the most,” Earl said.

“Sophie or Dan,” Teddie said, “Dan has been my friend for most of the competition. Sophie was in an alliance with me for most of the competition. She went from mean to nice, that’s a big change,”

“I think Dan, Daisi, or Sophie deserves it. Daisi has been my friend since the volcano challenge. Sophie, she would have been eliminated instead of me, and she went from mean to nice, just like Teddie said. All three of them deserve it, but Dan has been my friend since day one, and he saved me from elimination,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Okay, now who do you think is the least deserving?” Josh asked.

“I guess, Sophie since people say she’s mean,” Louie said.

“Sophie,” Charlotte said.

“I guess Sophie,” Josie said.

“Sophie seemed mean,” Johnnie said, “So, I guess Sophie,”

“Daisi does not deserve it,” Chuckie said.

“Sophie. She complained a lot during the New York challenge, and she was in a double alliance when there were two teams,” Mari said.

“Sophie was m-mean to me on d-d-day one,” Miranda said.

“Sophie and I butted heads. So, I guess her,” Kassi said.

“The person who doesn’t deserve it,” Ryan thought, “I don’t know. Not Daisi, she’s my girlfriend. Not Tonie, he was my best friend. Not Dan, he and I were in an alliance. That leaves Nik and Sophie. Based on what Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” said, Sophie went from being mean to being nice, so I pick Nik,”

“I’m going to pick Tonie, just to be random,” Lola said.

“I actually think that Sophie does deserve it, and so does Dan, Tonie, and Nik, so I guess that leaves Daisi,” Earl said.

“Well, I don’t really know,” Teddie said.

“Look, just answer the question,” Josh said.

“Okay, okay! I guess not Dan, Sophie, Nik, Daisi, or Tonie. Well, I don’t know,” Teddie said.

“Just pick one!” Josh said.

“Okay, I guess Tonie,” Teddie said.

“I’m going to have to pick Tonie, too, I guess,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Okay, well, go back to whatever you were doing,” Josh left.

“What was that about?” Charlotte asked.

“I don’t know,” Johnnie said.

“Well, anyway, let’s party!” Ryan said. They turned on music and swam in the pool.

“This is way better than making strategic decisions and worrying about the game!” Teddie said.

“It’s so fun!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“I hope you enjoyed our loser episode!” Josh said, “What contestants don’t know is that who they wanted to win and who they thought was the least deserving could change the outcome of the game! Well, it’s down to the final five! Join us next time as our contestants have their next challenge in Florida! Who will win the next challenge? Who will be voted off? Join us next time on Total Drama States!” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 13: "Oh boy,"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “We gave our contestants a break from the competition and visited our losers. They’ve been staying at the Loser Hotel. They’ve been happy about not being in the competition. We asked them who they waned to win and who they thought was the least deserving. Their answers to those two questions could help or hurt the contestants in the next challenge. Who will be voted off tonight on Total Drama States?”

Sophie, Dan, Nik, Tonie, and Daisi were on a beach in Florida. They were having a good time. Josh came out and said, “Okay. Your little break from the competition is over! It’s also time for your challenge. While you were on your break, we visited the losers. We asked them who they wanted to win. I’m going to give each of you five seashells,” Josh gave them a seashell; “I will give you one seashell for every vote that you had. Nik had two votes, so he gets two extra seashells. Sophie also had two votes, so she gets two extra seashells,” Josh gave them their seashells.

Nik was seen in the confessional, “Having the same amount of votes as Sophie made me think if I was too quiet around people, so I didn’t make a lot of friends,”

“Tonie had four votes, so he gets four extra seashells. Daisi also had four votes, and she gets four extra seashells. Dan had five votes, so he gets five extra seashells,” Josh gave them their seashells.

“I had the most votes which really surprised me,” Dan said in the confessional.

“Okay, so now you have your seashells. You will need those seashells to trade in for a clue at the Surf Shack behind you. Your challenge is once you get your clue you must find your color seashell. Tonie you have yellow. Dan you have red. Sophie you have pink. Daisi you have blue. Nik you have orange. You need to find all five of your seashells. On the back of your seashells are clues. You will need to follow those clues in order to find your seashells. There’s a twist, too. We also asked the losers who they thought was the least deserving. For every vote you had in that voting, you will lose a seashell. Dan had zero votes. Nik had one vote. Tonie had three votes. Daisi had two votes. Sophie had eight votes,” Josh took away some seashells; “So Dan will start out with ten. Daisi will start out with seven. Tonie will have six. Nik will also have six. Sophie will start out with zero. The clue costs ten seashells, so Dan can get his clue now. If you don’t have enough seashells, you must find them buried in the sand,”

Dan walked to the Surf Shack and the others went to search for shells. He traded in his seashells for his clue. He didn’t read it yet. He walked over to Tonie, “Hey, do you need help?” he asked.

“No, besides you have your clue, you should be looking for your seashells,” Tonie said.

“There’s one next to your foot,” Dan whispered.

Tonie picked it up, “Thanks,” he said.

Dan read the clue, “If you’re looking for a seashell, walk over by the band and dig in the sand,” He looked around, there were three bands playing. He walked over to the first one and started to dig.

Daisi had found her three seashells. She bought her clue. She read it and walked over by the second band. Tonie found his seashells, too. He bought his clue and walked over by the first band where Dan was.

“Hey,” Dan said. He was still digging.

“Hey,” Tonie said. He started to dig.

“I don’t know if there’s any here,” Dan said.

“How deep are the shells?” Tonie asked.

“I don’t know, but probably not very,” Dan said.

“I found a shell!” Tonie pulled out a yellow shell.

“I’m going to go over by the third band,” Dan walked over there.

Tonie kicked some sand over the hole where he is digging. He read the clue, “Look in a hollowed tree, and there it will be,” He walked by a couple of trees and knocked on them.

Nik had found his shells by now. He bought his clue.

“I need on more!” Sophie said. She found another shell and ran over by the Surf Shack and got her clue.

Daisi had found her first shell and she walked over by Tonie. Dan was still digging. He found his shell, read the clue, and looked around; he saw Tonie and Daisi over by the little group of trees. He saw a tree by the Surf Shack. He walked over there. He knocked on the tree. It was hollowed. He opened it and found his shell. He read the clue, “In the water is where you’ll find me,” He walked in the water.

“It looks like Dan is on his third shell. Tonie, Daisi, and Nik are on their second. Sophie is still on her first,” Josh said.

Nik walked over by the tree by the Surf Shack and found his shell and walked over to the water.

“Where did hey find that?” Daisi asked.

“By that tree,” Tonie said. They walked over by the hollowed tree, got their shell, read the clue, and walked in the water.

Sophie saw them walk over by the hollowed tree. She found her first shell, walked over to the hollowed tree, read the clue, and walked in the water.

“Everybody is on their third shell,” Josh said.

“Is it buried in the water or just laying there?” Sophie asked.

“We don’t know,” Nik said.

“It’s just laying there!” Sophie picked up her shell. She read the clue, “You’re almost done! Just look at the people on the beach having fun,” Sophie looked around. Everyone on the beach was having fun.

Dan, Tonie, Daisi, and Nik all found their shell. They read the clue and looked around.

“Oh boy,” Tonie said.

They walked around asking people but they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Daisi walked up to a guy throwing a Frisbee, “Do you have a blue shell, like this one?” She showed him a shell. He nodded and took the shell necklace off his neck, “Thank you!” She looked at the back of the shell; it was blank, “Everybody! The shells are on the Frisbee throwers necks,” They all walked over to them and got their shells.

“It’s blank!” Dan said.

Josh was seen in the confessional, “I came up with that one!”

“What do we do?” Sophie asked.

“You have to look anywhere, there are no clues,” Josh said.

Daisi walked over to Josh, “What do you mean?”

“There are no clues,” Josh said.

The contestants separated and went to look for the last shell. Dan looked in the Surf Shack. Tonie dug in the sand. Sophie searched in the water. Daisi looked in the left over sand castles. Nik looked in the trees.

“I had no idea where the last shell was,” Tonie said in the confessional.

Daisi walked over to Josh, “Seriously! Where is it?!”

“Look harder,” Josh said.

Daisi walked over by the Surf Shack. She turned around and said, “I’m going to find it!”

“Sure you are,” Josh said.

“What’s that?” Daisi asked.

“What’s what?” Josh asked.

“The thing in the back of your chair,” Daisi said, “Can you get up?” Josh got up, “There it is! I found it! Here are my five blue shells!” Daisi gave Josh her shells.

“Daisi wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four!” Josh said.

“Where was it?” Dan asked.

“It was in his chair!” Daisi said. Daisi was seen in the confessional, “I can’t believe I won! I’m in the final four! EEEEEEE!!”

“You can discuss who to vote off now,” Josh said. Tonie, Nik, and Daisi walked over by the Surf Shack.

“Dan? Are you coming?” Tonie asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a second,” Dan said.

“I’ll probably be going home,” Sophie said.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Dan walked over by the others.

“Tonight, Sophie is going home,” Daisi said.

“It’s official,” Nik said.

Nik and Daisi walked over by the water.

“Tonie, Sophie doesn’t deserve to go home,” Dan said.

“She’s mean though,” Tonie said.

“No she’s not,” Dan said, “Well, I mean she was, but not anymore,”

“Well, then that leaves Nik,” Tonie said.

“Exactly, I think he misses Miranda, a lot,” Dan said.

“So you think he’ll be happier when he’s not in the competition?” Tonie asked. Dan nodded, “Well, I’ll think about it,”

Later at The Voting Ceremony…

“Here are the members of the jury,” Josh said, the jury walked in, “Kassi, Ryan, Lola, Earl, Teddie, and "Zoo-Zoo". It’s time to vote, and remember, you cannot vote for Daisi. Dan, you’re up,”

Dan walked up to the podium, “My vote is for Nik. I’m really sorry, but you seem to miss Miranda,”

“Sophie, you’re finally going to be voted off,” Daisi voted.

“Okay, now I will read the votes. The first vote is for Sophie. Nik. That’s one vote for Sophie, one vote for Nik. Nik. That’s two votes Nik and one vote for Sophie. Sophie. It’s all tied up, two votes for Sophie and two votes for Nik. The next person voted off of Total Drama States is,”

“Nik. Here’s you ticket.” Josh gave him his ticket.

“I’m going to see Miranda again!” Nik said.

“Dan was right,” Tonie said.

“Right about what?” Nik asked.

“He said you wanted to be voted off,” Tonie said, “Because you wanted to see Miranda again,”

“Thanks Dan,” Nik got on the plane and it took off.

“It’s down to the final four! We’re nearing the end! Join us next time to find out who will make it to the final three!” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 14: "Is this safe?"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “The contestants were in Florida. They were hanging on the beach, but I came and ruined their fun. The losers’ votes for who they wanted to win were helpful to the contestants; each vote would add a seashell on to the five they already had. The votes that were saying they were the least deserving hurt them; those votes would take away from the shells. Dan had ten shells, Sophie had zero, Daisi had seven, Nik had six, and Tonie also had six. They had to trade in ten shells for a clue to one of the five shells. Dan helped Tonie a lot. Eventually, they all found the fourth shell. It was blank, there was no final clue. Daisi won immunity when she found out the final shell in the back of my chair. Daisi, Nik, and Tonie were determined that Sophie would be going home, but Dan had other plans. Dan convinced Tonie to vote off Nik, who missed Miranda. Who will make it to the final three, and who will lose when they’re so close to winning?”

“It’s the final four and I’m still here,” Daisi said in the confessional, “I’m going to win this for Ryan!”

“I can’t believe I’m still here! I mean I was mean to a lot of people,” Sophie said in the confessional, “I’m determined to win this for all of the people I was mean to,”

“If I win, I guess I would be happy, I mean not everything is about winning right? Having fun is important too, right? I guess if I would win it, I would want to win it for Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Lola,” Dan said in the confessional.

“I’m happy for making it this far. If I was voted off tonight, I would still be happy, but I want to win this for Mari,” Tonie said in the confessional.

“So there are two boys and two girls left,” Tonie said.

“I know, it’s even,” Dan said.

“So, what if the girls make an alliance to vote us off?” Tonie asked.

“I don’t think that will happen,” Dan said, “The girls left don’t like each other. I mean look at them, they aren’t even sitting next to each other,”

“You’re right, but that gives us the upper hand,” Tonie said.

“I know,” Dan said.

“You and I are going to be the final two!” Tonie said.

“Yeah,” Dan said.

“I wonder where we’re going next,” Tonie said.

“I don’t know,” Dan said.

The camera went to Sophie.

“Daisi,” Sophie said. Daisi was sitting behind her, “Daisi, look. I’m really sorry that I was mean to you for the whole competition, but I’m nicer than before,”

“Apology accepted, but I still don’t know if I believe you,” Daisi said

“Okay,” Sophie said.

“I mean, it’s possible,” Daisi said.

“It is. I mean earlier, would I apologize for what I did?” Sophie asked.

“I guess not,” Daisi said.

“Okay, so are we friends?” Sophie asked.

“Were you just using me?” Daisi asked.

“Honestly, at first I was, but not anymore,” Sophie said.

“Oh, well then I guess so,” Daisi said, “We’re friends,”

“Okay then,” Sophie smiled.

“Okay, break up the friendship thing, it’s creepy,” Josh said, “We’re going to land soon,”

“Where are we going?” Daisi asked.

“Illinois,” Josh said, “This challenge is going to be fun to watch!”

“What torture do you have in store for us this time?” Dan asked.

“Torture? Why, I’m offended,” Josh said.

“Well, what’s our challenge?” Tonie asked.

“Let’s just say it has 108 stories,” Josh said.

“What could that be?” Sophie asked.

“Well, books have stories,” Daisi said.

“I don’t think that was what he was talking about,” Tonie said.

“It’s probably in Chicago,” Dan said in the confessional, “It’s a skyscraper, probably the Willis Tower, which was formerly named the Sears Tower, but what could Josh make us do?”

“We will be landing in ten minutes,” Josh said, “I can’t wait for the next challenge!” Ten minutes later, the plane landed. The five of them got off the plane, “Okay, your challenge is to get to the Willis Tower, formerly named the Sears Tower. You can get there any way. Once you get there, I will explain the rest of the challenge,” Josh got into his limousine and it drove off.

“Do you want to team up?” Tonie asked Dan.

“Why don’t we all find our way together, and then we can let the second part of the challenge decide the winner?” Daisi asked.

“Then what happens if we all win the final challenge?” Tonie asked.

“We should all just go separate ways,” Sophie said.

“Okay,” Daisi said. She ran into the airport. Sophie ran into the airport too.

“So, do you want to team up?” Tonie asked. Dan nodded. They ran into the airport. Tonie walked up to a man, “Excuse me, but do you know where the Willis Tower is?” The man told him the street and the street number, “Thank you,” They walked out of the airport. When they got out there, Daisi and Sophie were getting into a taxi, “Taxi! Taxi!” Tonie called. One pulled up and they got in.

“We’re going to the Willis Tower,” Dan said.

“Okay,” the Taxi driver said.

“We didn’t need the address,” Dan said.

“It’s okay, they’re not that far ahead of us,” Tonie said.

“I know,” Dan said.

The camera went to Sophie and Daisi in the taxi.

“I’m really happy we’re friends,” Sophie said.

“I am too, but we’re in the middle of the challenge,” Daisi said, “Come on driver dude!”

“My name is Joe,” the driver said.

“Okay, well go Joe, dude, person!” Daisi said.

“We’re in the middle of a challenge and we would like it if you would speed up,” Sophie said.

“Okay,” Joe sped up. They got caught at a red light. Dan and Tonie’s cab came up in the lane next to Sophie and Daisi’s. The light turned green. The two cabs sped off, “Here you are,” Joe said. They were in front of the Willis Tower, “Hey! What about my money?” Sophie saw a ten dollar bill on the ground; she threw it at him, “Thanks,”

Dan and Tonie got out of their taxi. Dan gave the taxi driver money. Tonie looked up, “Wow!” he said. They ran in the building. So did Sophie and Daisi. They looked around for Josh; he was nowhere in sight.

“Where is he?” Daisi asked.

“I don’t know,” Dan said. He looked around, “He’s on the roof,” Dan said, “There, look,” He pointed to a sign that said ‘Total Drama States- Go to Roof’. They ran to the elevator. Tonie pressed the button. The elevator came. Inside was a man, they waited for him to come out, but he didn’t.

He said, “Josh says that only two can go up now and that the other two have to wait for the next elevator to come,”

“What?!” Sophie said.

“Here, Dan, you go,” Tonie said.

“No, you go,” Dan said.

“Daisi, I think you deserve to go,” Sophie said.

“Are you sure?” Daisi asked. Sophie nodded.

Daisi walked in the elevator.

“One more person,” the man said.

Tonie pushed Dan in the elevator, “You can thank me later!”

“Okay,” Dan said. The elevator closed. The elevator went up, “My ears are popping,”

“Mine too,” Daisi said. They reached the roof. The elevator door opened. They got out and it went back down.

“Welcome!” Josh said, “This is the second and final part of the challenge! You must bungee jump down the Willis Tower and grab five flags. Daisi, you have pink; Dan, you have blue. Its boys verses girls! Tonie and Sophie are going to be up here soon!” Josh said. The two walked over and they got strapped in.

“Is this safe?” Daisi asked.

“Maybe,” Josh pushed her down the building.

Daisi screamed. She came back up and she did not have a flag. Dan jumped. He concentrated on getting a flag. He came back up and had a flag in his hand. Daisi had jumped when he came up. She came back up with a flag.

“It’s one to one,” Josh turned, “Welcome to the second and final part of the challenge! You must bungee jump off the Willis Tower! You have to get three flags. Tonie, you have blue. Sophie, you have pink. Its boys verses girls! Tonie you will help Dan and Sophie you will help Daisi!” They nodded and went to get strapped in, “It’s two to one. The boys have two and the girls have one,”

Sophie jumped; she screamed. She came up with a flag. Tonie jumped, but did not get a flag.

“It’s two to one to one to zero,” Josh said.

Dan and Daisi jumped. Daisi came up with a flag, but Dan did not. Sophie jumped and got a flag. Tonie jumped, but still had no luck. He jumped again, and this time, he got a flag. Dan jumped, he grabbed a flag, but he dropped it. Sophie jumped and got a flag.

“It’s four to three!” Josh said.

Daisi jumped and she came back up with a flag.

“Daisi and Sophie win immunity!” Josh said.

“I’m in the final three?!” Daisi said, “I’m in the final three!” She squealed.

“Me too!” Sophie said. They started jumping in circles.

“Well, either Tonie or I are going home,” Dan said in the confessional.

“It’s a shame that it’s either Dan or me,” Tonie said in the confessional.

“Tonight is the Voting Ceremony, where one of you will be voted off!” Josh said. They five of them got in the elevator. It went down, when it reached the first floor, they got off, “We are going to go back to the plane,” Josh said. The five got into Josh’s limousine. They drove back to the airport. They went to the airplane.

“So, who are we going to vote for?” Tonie asked.

“Well, I don’t think that you or I are going to vote for each other,” Dan said.

“So that leaves Sophie,” Tonie said. Dan nodded.

“Well, Dan or Tonie” Sophie asked.

“You’re going to let me pick?” Daisi asked. Sophie nodded, “Okay, I think that we should vote for, well, I don’t know,”

Later at the Voting Ceremony…

“Okay, it’s the final four! It’s time to bring in the members of our jury,” Josh said. The jury walked in, “Kassi, Ryan, Lola, Earl, Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Nik. Okay Daisi and Sophie have immunity so you can’t vote for them. Tonie, you’re up,” Everybody voted, “Okay, I will now read the votes. The first vote is for Dan. The next vote is for Dan,” Tonie looked at Dan, “That’s two votes for Dan,” Josh said, “The next person voted off of Total Drama States and the person who will not make the final three is…”

“Dan,” Josh said, “Dan, here’s your ticket,”

“What?!” Lola said, Dan doesn’t deserve to go!”

“Lola, you’re over there on the jury, that means you be quiet while I talk. So shush!” Josh said.

“Dan, what happened?” Tonie asked.

“You said I could thank you later. So this is my thank you; I told Sophie and Daisi to vote for me so I could guarantee your spot in the final three,” Dan said.

“Wow! Thank you! You know, if you didn’t do that, I would have been voted off,” Tonie said.

‘I know,” Dan said, “That’s why I did it,”

“Wow! Thanks man,” Tonie said.

“No problem,” Dan said. He grabbed his ticket. He turned around, “See ya,” He waved to Sophie, Tonie, and Daisi. He boarded the plane with the members of the jury. The plane took off.

The camera showed the inside of the plane.

“Wow! That was really nice!” Teddie said.

“I know, he deserves it more than me though,” Dan said.

“You probably would have won if you made it to the final two,” Teddie said.

“You think so?” Dan asked. Teddie nodded, “Well, I had fun. Like I said before, not everything is about winning,”

The camera went back to the airport, Josh, and the contestants. “Well, it’s down to the final three: Tonie, Daisi, and Sophie. The jock,” the camera showed Tonie, “The cheerleader,” the camera showed Daisi, “And the former mean girl,” the camera showed Sophie, “Who will make it to the final two? Find out next time on Total Drama States!” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 15: "The quiz will test your memory,"

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “It was down to the final four: Dan, the smart guy Tonie, the jock, Daisi, the cheerleader, and Sophie the former mean girl. Sophie and Daisi became friends after a long feud. The next destination was Illinois, specifically Chicago. The contestants had to find their way to the Willis Tower. Once they got there, they had to go on the roof. They had to take the elevator, but only two could go up. Sophie chose Daisi to go and Tonie pushed Dan into the elevator. The next part was boys verses girls; Tonie and Dan verses Sophie and Daisi. Daisi and Sophie won immunity. Dan told Sophie and Daisi to vote for him. They did so, and Dan was eliminated with four votes against him! It’s down to the final three: Tonie, Daisi, and Sophie! Who will make it to the final two? Who will win the hardest challenge yet? Find out now on Total Drama States!”

“I’m in the final three! EEEEEEE!!!” Daisi squealed in the confessional, “I can’t believe I’m here, I didn’t think I would make it to the merge, but here I am, and it’s the final three!”

“Well, well, well,” Sophie said in the confessional, “I was always so mean and I figured that was my way to the final three, but I’ve changed my path!”

“Okay, so I’m the last guy left, and Daisi and Sophie are friends now, so they might team up on me and then they’ll be the final two, but that’s okay,” Tonie said in the confessional.

“Okay, welcome to the final three! Are you ready for your hardest challenge yet?!” Josh said.

“I guess so,” Daisi said.

“I’m ready, but not right now, maybe in the morning,” Sophie said.

“Bring it!” Tonie said.

“Interesting reactions,” Josh said, “Well, your final challenge is going to be tonight! We’re making it at night to make it extra hard!”

“Gee, thanks,” Sophie said.

“You’re very welcome,” Josh said, “I’d rest up if I were you,”

The final three rested for the final challenge. They rested for about two hours.

Josh came out, “Okay, get buckled in because we’re about to land!” They buckled in. The plane landed and they got off.

‘Where are we?” Tonie asked.

“Your final challenge is in Nevada!” Josh said, “You’re challenge is going to be about right now. Your final challenge is a quiz!”

“Then why did we come to Nevada?” Sophie asked.

“Your quiz is going to be in vaults in the casino that I will open soon,” Josh said, “The quiz is twenty questions about the competition. There will be at least on question about each destination, that’s one through thirteen. Fourteen and Fifteen are about the eliminations. Sixteen through twenty are about some of the contestants. This quiz will test your memory. I’m going to take you to the casino and you can begin your challenge,” Josh and the final three got in his limousine. They drove to the Josh McLean Casino and Hotel, “Okay, this is it! The challenge will take place in the casino part, but don’t worry there are no people in it yet. Okay, I’ve designed this maze full of vaults. There are three paths, one for each of you. You will enter the first vault and you will answer the question. The vault is voice activated. When you get the question correct, the other door will open and you will go into the next vault. If you break it, it is very expensive so you better win the million. Now get into the first vault,” Josh said. The first person to make it out of the maze wins immunity. Also, the second person will win too! The last person out of the vault maze is eliminated and will become the last member of our jury! The first two people out are the final two!” Josh closed the three vault’s doors, “Go!” Josh yelled.

The camera went inside Sophie’s vault. She looked around. There was a piece of paper, on it, it had the first question, “Question One: Where was the first destination? It was the state with the horses, um, Kentucky!”

The vault door opened.

The camera went to Tonie’s vault. He was walking into the second vault, “Question Two: Which team came in first in the second challenge? The second challenge was in Michigan. It was to find Josh at one of the lakes. I know all that except for who came in first. Was it the Eastern Folk?” the door did not open, “I know it wasn’t my team, was it the Western Cowboys?” the door still did not open

The camera went to Daisi in her vault. She was on her second vault.

“It was the Southern Belles,” Daisi said. The door opened and she moved on, “Question Three: Who sat out in the challenges? I don’t know!”

The camera went to Tonie.

“It was the Southern Belles!” the door opened and he moved on. He read the question, “How am I supposed to remember this?”

The camera went to Sophie; she was also in the third vault.

“Okay, I know I sat out, um Mari, I think and the person who was voted off. What was his name? Oh! Johnnie!” the door did not open, “The people who sat out were Mari, Johnnie, and me! Mari, Johnnie, and Sophie?” the door opened. She walked into the fourth vault.

The camera went to Tonie.

“Mari, Sophie, I think, and um Kassi’s ex boyfriend Johnnie. So Mari, Sophie, and Johnnie?” the door opened and Tonie walked to the next vault.

The camera showed Daisi in her vault.

“I think it was Sophie, Mari, and Johnnie,” Daisi said. The door opened and she moved on, “Yay!” she squealed, “Question Four: Who were the team captains? It was Tonie for the Northern Lights and Mari for the Southern Belles!” the door opened and she went into the fifth vault.

The camera went to Sophie; she was entering the fifth vault.

“Question Five: What were two of the five Broadway musicals you could choose from? I don’t know! Well, I sang a song from Wicked, so there’s Wicked,” Sophie said.

The camera went to Tonie.

“Mari said something about Wicked and RENT,” Tonie said; the door opened, “Awesome! Thank you Mari! Question Six: how many people went to search for the hidden immunity idol?” Tonie thought.

The camera went to Daisi; she was still in the fifth vault.

“I know there was Wicked and there was something about lions. The Lion King?” the door opened. She went into the sixth vault. She read the question, “I’m going to guess here, was it five?” the door didn’t open, “Four?” the door opened, “Yay! Question Seven: Who was in group one in the surfing challenge? I know that Tonie was in that group, but that’s all I can remember,”

The camera went to Sophie.

“I’m going to name all of the musicals I know,” Sophie said, “Wicked and, wait that’s the only musical I know. Okay, think, Sophie! Think! Wicked and RENT! Dan sang a song from RENT!!” the door opened, “Yes!” She walked into the next vault and read the question, “This question is easy! Four people: Dan, Lola, Earl, and “Zoo-Zoo”!” the door opened and she walked into the next vault.

The camera went to Tonie.

“Was it one?” the door didn’t open, “Two?” the door didn’t open, “Three? Four?” the door opened and he walked into the vault. He read the question, “In group one was Earl, Dan, Kassi, “Zoo-Zoo” and me,” the door didn’t open, “I know that’s right! I remember the challenges, especially the ones where you have to use athletic ability!”

The camera went to Sophie. She was in the seventh vault.

“Why did I choose to not participate in that challenge?!” She said, “Okay, I heard a little bit of what Josh said, he said in group one was Tonie, Kassi, Dan, “Zoo-Zoo”, and someone else, but who? Teddie? Daisi? Nik? Earl?” the door opened, “Okay, Question Eight: Who came in last in the challenge? Okay after Hawaii, the destination was Arizona, no! Wait, we stayed in Hawaii for the U.S. trivia!” Sophie thought.

The camera went to Daisi.

“Who else was in that group? Okay, Lola wasn’t, but “Zoo-Zoo” was I think. Dan was. So that’s Tonie, “Zoo-Zoo”, Dan, Earl was in Dan’s group, and Kassi?” Daisi said. The door opened, “Who came in last in the challenge? I don’ know, but I was on Nik’s team and we didn’t come in last. Dan and Sophie won. I remember that Teddie and Ryan were fighting,” the door opened, “What? I guess it was Teddie and Ryan. Okay,” She walked into the next vault, “Question Nine: What were the teams? Was this the Arizona challenge or another challenge?”

The camera went to Tonie.

“Okay, it was Dan, Earl, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Kassi, and me! It was me! Tonie!” the door opened, “So it doesn’t respond to me, you have to say the name,” he read the next question, “Ryan and Teddie came in last,” the door opened.

The camera went to Sophie.

“Okay, there was Dan and I, Daisi and Nik, “Zoo-Zoo” and Tonie, Lola and Earl, and Ryan and Teddie,” the door opened, “Okay,” Sophie read the next question, “It was Daisi, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Sophie. Dan, Tonie, and Nik, and Lola, Teddie, and Earl,” the door opened, “Yay! Okay, Question Ten: Who was not an actor and what were their jobs? Dan was director and set design, I was hair, make-up and costumes, and Nik was the writer, which he was awful at, and he was the camera,” the door opened and she moved on.

The camera went to Daisi.

“Okay, I guess it’s the Arizona challenge and the teams were Lola, Teddie, and Earl, Dan, Tonie, and Nik, and Sophie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and myself,” Daisi said, “Sophie, “Zoo-Zoo”, and Daisi,” the door opened. She walked into the vault and read the question, “Sophie, Nik, and Dan were not actors. Dan was the director and set design. Sophie was hair, make-up and costume. And Nik was the writer and camera,” Daisi said; the door opened and she moved on.

The camera went to Tonie.

“The teams were Dan, Nik, and Tonie, Sophie, Daisi, and “Zoo-Zoo”, Lola, Earl, and Teddie,” he said. The door opened and he went to the next vault. He read the question, “Nik was the writer and camera. Sophie was hair, make-up, and costume, and Dan was director and set design,” the door opened, he read the next question, “Who was on the first ski lift? Who was on the second? Who was on the third? Tonie, Dan, and Sophie were on the first. Nik and Daisi were on the second, and Teddie and “Zoo-Zoo” were on the third,” the door opened and he moved on.

The camera went to Sophie; she was entering the twelfth vault.

“Okay, Question Twelve: Who received the most shells? Dan. Who received the least amount of shells? Sophie!” Sophie said. The door opened and she went into the next vault, “Question Thirteen: Who suggested to work together as a group of four? Tonie said a group of two, but Daisi was the one who said to work together for the group of four!” The door opened and she went into the next vault.

The camera went to Daisi. She was in the twelfth vault, “Dan had the most and Sophie had the least,” the door opened and Daisi moved on.

The camera went to Tonie; he was vault fourteen.

“Question Fourteen: Who is on the jury? It’s Kassi, Ryan, Lola, Earl, Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, Nik, and Dan,” the door opened. He moved on, “Okay, Question Fifteen: What is the elimination order? It was Louie, Charlotte, Josie, Johnnie, Chuckie, Mari, Miranda, Kassi, Ryan, Lola, Earl, Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, Nik, and then Dan,” the door opened.

The camera went Sophie. She was in the fifteenth vault.

“Then it was Teddie, then “Zoo-Zoo”, Nik, and then Dan,” Sophie said, The door opened. She moved on.

The camera went to Daisi. She was in vault fifteen.

“Lola, Earl, Teddie, “Zoo-Zoo”, Nik, and Dan,” Daisi said. The door opened and she moved on, “Question Sixteen: What was Johnnie’s ex-girlfriends name? Hint: It’s the name of a month. January? February? March? April?” the door opened.

The camera went to Tonie.

“Okay, Question Seventeen: Who said the best thing about New York was Broadway? It was Lola!” The door opened and he moved on to the next vault, “Question Eighteen: What was Molly’s real name? I don’t know,” Tonie said.

The camera went to Daisi.

“Molly’s real name was Viviana Airison, she was arrested for being an international jewel thief!” the door opened and Daisi moved on.

The camera went to Sophie. She had just answered question eighteen.

“Question Nineteen: Who knocked Kassi off her horse in the first episode? It was the clumsy girl! Her name was Charlene I think,” the door didn’t open.

The camera went to Tonie.

“Viviana Airison was her name because the police came by and revealed that she was an international jewel thief!” Tonie said. The door opened. He walked in. He read the question, “It was Charlotte,” the door opened and he walked in, “Question Twenty: The final question! What was “Zoo-Zoo’s” real name? I have no clue. I guess I’ll just have to think!”

The camera went to Sophie.

“Her name was Charlotte!” the door opened. She read the next question, ““Zoo-Zoo’s” real name was Zoey!” the door opened, “I’m in the final two!” Sophie yelled. She looked around; it was another vault. There was a video playing. It showed Josh.

“Pop quiz!” Josh said, “You have to figure out the combination of the last vault to make it to the final two! There are four numbers in it. There are clues on the piece of paper in front of the vault,”

Sophie grabbed the piece of paper, “One: How many destinations did we go to? Two: How many contestants were there? Three: How many letters were in the name of the seventh person eliminated? Four: How many people are currently on the jury? This is easy!” The camera went to Daisi. She had just gotten finished watching the video, “She picked up the piece of paper. She had an angry expression on her face.

The camera went to Tonie, “I think I remember her saying something like Zoey,” the door opened. He looked disappointed when he saw another vault. He watched the video and picked up the piece of paper. He read it. He counted in his head.

The camera showed Daisi, Sophie, and Tonie trying to open the vault.

“It’s thirteen, eighteen, seven, and eight,” Sophie said.

“It’s fourteen, eighteen, seven and eight!” Daisi said.

“I think I have it,” Tonie said. He opened the vault door. He saw Josh.

“Congratulations Tonie! You are in the final two!” Josh said.

“I am! Awesome!” Tonie said.

“Now, we wait for another person to open their vault door,” Josh said.

The camera showed Daisi and Sophie trying to open their vault doors. One of them opened.

“Congratulations…” Josh said.

“To Sophie!” Sophie came out of her vault door. Daisi’s vault door opened, “Daisi, you came in third place that’s not bad, but you didn’t win,” Josh said.

“Congratulations you guys!” Daisi said, “You deserve it!”

“Thanks,” Sophie and Tonie said.

“The combination by the way was thirteen, eighteen, seven, and eight,” Josh said.

“I thought it was fourteen, eighteen, seven, and then eight,” Daisi said.

“You counted Hawaii twice, didn’t you?” Tonie asked.

Daisi nodded, “Well, I had fun!”

“Group hug!” Sophie said. The final three hugged. “Okay, so Daisi, here’s your ticket!” Josh said. Josh handed her a ticket. They drove back to the airport. Daisi got into her plane and it flew away, “Well, it’s down to the final two! Who will win? Who will lose? Will it be Tonie, the jock? Or Sophie, the former mean girl? Find out next time on the exciting finale of Total Drama States!” Josh ended the episode.

Chapter 16: "The winner of Total Drama States is..."

“Last time on Total Drama States,” Josh said, “The final three traveled to Nevada for their final challenge. They were taken to my future casino. They had to make it through a maze full of vaults. The only way to get through a vault was to correctly answer a question about the competition, the elimination, and the contestants. The first two people out would be the final two, leaving the person to come out last to be eliminated! When they thought they were finished with the maze, they had to figure out the combination from the clues. Tonie made it out first, making him the first person in the final two. Sophie made it out second making her the second person in the final two. That left Daisi, who was eliminated. Who will win Total Drama States? Will it be Tonie, the popular jock with many friends and a girlfriend? Or will it be Sophie, the mean girl who turned nice? They’ve both been through a lot and all that will end right now on the finale of Total Drama States!”

Josh, Sophie, and Tonie boarded the plane.

“Welcome to the final two!” Josh said.

“Why are we going into the plane?” Sophie asked.

“We’re going to Hawaii for the Final Voting Ceremony where one of you will win a million dollars!” Josh said.

“This is the third time we’ve been in Hawaii,” Tonie said.

“I like Hawaii,” Josh said.

“Well, let the best person win,” Tonie said. He stuck his hand out.

Sophie shook his hand, “Let the best person win,”

“Okay, well you better prepare because you are both going to have to give opening statements when you are going to be confronted by the jury. Remember, the people you voted off are going to decide who will be walking away with a million dollar,” Josh said.

“There are many things that I’ve done that are helpful,” Tonie said in the confessional, “I also have many friends on the jury, but then again, so does Sophie,”

“I could be in trouble, but it seems to be about equal,” Sophie said in the confessional.

After a while, the plane landed in Hawaii. Josh, Sophie, and Tonie drove to the beach. It was still night and the beach was lit up with torches. There were twelve logs to sit on, one for Josh, two for the final two, and nine for the jury.

“Okay, here’s how it’s going to work, this is the Final Voting Ceremony. Sophie and Tonie are going to make an opening statement. Then you, the jury, will confront the final two. You can ask Sophie and Tonie questions about anything. You can ask about their game play, or whatever. They will answer your questions to the best of their ability. Okay Sophie, your opening statement,” Josh said.

“Okay, well, I came into this game thinking that the only way to make here, where I’m sitting, was by being mean, but I was wrong, dead wrong. I learned that you can be nice, too, and that it’s even better than being mean! I guess all I want to say is that I’ve been through a lot,” Sophie said.

“Okay, Tonie, you’re up,” Josh said.

“I came into this game just wanting to try out some of the challenges. I didn’t even care whether I won or was voted off first. That’s why I’m surprised I’m sitting here tonight. I made a lot of friends along the way. Some really good friends! I don’t think I made any enemies and I’m glad of that,” Tonie said.

“Okay, now, the jury, you are going to ask them questions one by one. Teddie, you’re up first,” Josh said.

‘Why don’t we just go in order of the jury’s elimination?” Earl asked.

“I’m the host that’s why!” Josh said, “Now, Teddie, you’re up,”

Teddie walked up in front of the final two, “First of all, congratulations on making it to the final two! Okay, my question is about how you played your game. For example, what was your strategy? Tonie, I’ll start with you,”

“Honestly, my strategy was, well I didn’t have one, at first. I just wanted to try out the challenges and make friends. I guess that once I had made some friends, I would take them to the end, and I did that, too, it’s just that they went to the final five and not the very end,” Tonie said.

“Okay, Sophie, what about you?” Teddie asked.

“I wanted to make an alliance from the beginning,, and I did that,” Sophie said, “I wanted to take them far, but it seems like they didn’t want me to be in an alliance with me, and I can understand why. I took all of the members that were in my alliance to the merge. I was really proud of that, too,”

“Okay, thank you,” Teddie said. He sat back down with the other members of the jury.

“Okay, Nik you’re up,” Josh said.

“Hello!” Nik waved awkwardly, “Congrats on making it to the final two! Okay, my question has to do with the challenges. Did you give it your all? Did you always participate in each one? Tonie, I’ll start with you,”

“Okay, yes I did give it my all, even the ones I didn’t win, and yes I always participated in every challenge,” Tonie said.

“Okay, now Sophie,” Nik said.

“I did give my all in the challenges, but I did not participate in each challenge. I didn’t participate in the first challenge because I won the vote at the beginning. I did not participate in the challenge for Montana because I was chosen and I volunteered to sit out, and I did not participate in the first Hawaii challenge because, well, I would’ve rather be on the beach than participate in a challenge,” Sophie said.

Nik nodded, “Okay, Kassi, you’re up,” Josh said.

Kassi walked up to the final three,” Congratulations for making it this far! Okay, I only have a question for Sophie. Sophie, you were out to get me since the beginning of the game, why?” Kassi asked.

“Honestly because I was so determined to get here, and I knew that you would ruin it for me because usually people wouldn’t like someone like me, but they would like you, but I don’t feel that way anymore,” Sophie said.

“Okay,” Kassi said, “I still don’t get why you only targeted me, though,” she walked back to her seat.

“O-kay,” Josh said, “Next up is Earl,”

Earl walked up to ask his question, “Okay, we know that the winner will get money, what I want to know, is that if you won, what would you do with the money? Tonie, you can go first,”

“I would probably pay my parents back for paying the tuition for me and donate some to my local little league place,” Tonie said.

“Sophie?” Earl asked.

“I would give it to my parents because they’ve bought almost everything for me,” Sophie said.

“Okay,” Earl said.

““Zoo-Zoo”, you’re up,” Josh said.

“Okay, I honestly don’t really know either of you. Tonie, you and I never really connected. Sophie, you were a mean girl and now you’re a nice girl. How do I know that that whole nice girl thing wasn’t an act to get you to the finals? And Tonie, how come you basically avoided my group?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

“Wow,” Josh said.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by not talking to you,” Tonie said, “I guess I just thought that you wouldn’t like me,”

“It’s not an act, I swear!” Sophie said.

“How do I know that?” “Zoo-Zoo” asked.

“What do you want me to do?” Sophie asked.

“I want you to prove it,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Fine, I want you to vote for Tonie, that’s my way of proving it. He deserves it a lot more than me,” Sophie said.

“Wow, I think you just proved to me that it wasn’t an act,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Okay then. Daisi, you’re up,” Josh said.

“Okay, first of all, congrats! I just want to hear why you deserve to win,” Daisi said.

“I think I deserve to win because I tried my hardest throughout the whole competition,” Tonie said, “I never gave up and I had a fun time. I was always positive, too,”

“I think I deserve to win because I worked my way here. I didn’t really have friends until the end, so I had to work my way here,” Sophie said.

“Okay, thank you,” Daisi said.

“Ryan, you’re up,” Josh said.

“Okay, what’s up?! I think I already know who to vote for. Sophie, you were mean throughout the whole competition and you expect me to believe that you just turned nice? Tonie, you were my friend, you are my friend. You saved me from elimination at the beginning, and you were there for me. I think you deserve it. Well that’s pretty much all I have to say,” Ryan said.

“That wasn’t a question,” Josh said.

“You said you can ask a question, so therefore you don’t have to,” Ryan said.

‘Whatever, crazy girl, you’re up,” Josh said.

Lola got up, “Okay, I was always loyal to my friends,” Lola said, “Were you loyal to yours from the beginning?”

“I wasn’t loyal until about halfway through the competition,” Sophie said.

“I was loyal until the very end. The only time I voted for one of my friends is if I had to or if they wanted to go home,” Tonie said.

“Okay, thank you,” Lola said. She did a flip and she landed in Teddie’s lap. Lola and Teddie laughed. She went back to her seat.

“Okay, last, and probably least is Dan,” Josh said.

Dan glared at Josh. He got up, “Okay, congratulations! I’m really happy for you guys! Well, my question is about your game play, also. Are you proud of the way you played your game?”

“I am, yes, very much,” Tonie said.

“I am, too,” Sophie said.

“Make the jury and myself believe that you are proud about your game play,” Dan said.

“I think that you should believe me because I played an honest game. I never lied. Not once. I was loyal, and I tried my hardest,” Tonie said.

“You should believe me because it may be hard to believe, but I usually never lie. I will lie if I have to, but sometimes that’s necessary, but I will tell you the truth, and right now, I am telling the truth,” Sophie said.

“Okay, and Sophie, you’ve been accused of using people, and to me, that’s an unnecessary lie,” Dan said.

“Okay, Sophie and Tonie, you’re closing statements,” Josh said.

“Okay, I think that you will make the best decision, but if I hurt you or offended you in any way, I’m sorry,” Sophie said.

“I agree that you will make the best decision possible, and I think that we both deserve it. I think that this has been a really fun experience!” Tonie said.

“Wow! I hope neither of you want to become a lawyer,” Josh said, “Okay, it’s time to vote! This is the Final Voting Ceremony! Remember, jury, you are voting for a winner,”

“We’re not stupid,” Earl said.

“Well, I don’t know that,” Josh said, “Ryan, you’re up,”

Ryan walked up to the podium, “Tonie, you deserve it, man!” Ryan put his vote in the bucket and walked back.

“Okay, “Zoo-Zoo”, you’re up to vote,” Josh said.

“Zoo-Zoo” walked up to the podium, “Never in a million years did I think that I would vote for you, but you’ve become nicer, and you proved that to me. So Sophie, that’s why you get my vote!” “Zoo-Zoo” put her vote in the bucket and walked back.

“Kassi, you’re up,” Josh said.

Kassi walked up to the podium, “Tonie, I would vote for you, but Sophie proved to me that she is nice now by telling “Zoo-Zoo” to vote for Tonie. My vote is for Sophie. Even though you were mean to me,” She put her vote in the bucket and walked back to the log she was sitting on before.

Everybody else voted too.

“Okay, I will now read the votes,” Josh said. He got the bucket, “Now, you want to see your name on these votes. The first vote is for Tonie. The next vote is for Sophie. The third vote is also for Sophie. Its two votes for Sophie and one vote for Tonie. The next vote is for Sophie. That’s three votes for Sophie and one vote for Tonie. The next vote is for…” he pulled out the vote, “Tonie. So, now it is three votes for Sophie and two votes for Tonie. The next vote is for Tonie. It is now three votes Tonie and three votes Sophie. The next vote is for Sophie. That’s four votes for Sophie and three votes for Tonie. The next vote is for,” Josh pulled out the vote, “Tonie! That’s four votes for Sophie and four votes for Tonie! There is only one vote left. This will decide the winner! The winner of Total Drama States is….” Josh pulled out the vote.

“Tonie! Congratulations!”

“I won?! I won!” Tonie said. He jumped up.

“Congratulations!” Sophie said. She stood up.

“I have an idea! Why don’t you take some of the money?!” Tonie said.

“What?” Sophie asked.

“Take some of the money!” Tonie said, “You deserve it too!”

“Are you sure?” Sophie asked.

“Definitely!” Tonie said.

“Thanks!” Sophie said.

“Congratulations!” Dan said.

“Thanks!” Tonie said.

“You deserved it!” Nik said.

“Thanks!” Tonie said.

“Do you know what we should do?” Ryan asked.

“Go home?” Earl asked. Everybody laughed.

“No, not yet! We should party!” Ryan said.

“Lola! Lola!” Teddie said, “There’s something that I’ve been thinking about telling you, but I didn’t know how to say it. Well, here goes! Lola, I…,”

Lola kissed him, “I feel the same way too,”

“You do?” Teddie asked.

“Yes!” Lola said. The newly formed couple kissed again.

Dan walked up to Teddie and Lola. Lola and Teddie hugged and Lola walked over to “Zoo-Zoo”.

“So, you and Lola, uh?” Dan asked.

“Yeah,” Teddie said, “Hey, what about you and “Zoo-Zoo”?”

“Oh, she’s just a friend,” Dan said.

“Are you sure?” Teddie pointed to “Zoo-Zoo” and Lola. “Zoo-Zoo” waved at Dan; he waved back.

“Do you think she likes me?” Dan asked.

“I think she’s liked you since day one,” Teddie said.

Lola walked back over to Teddie. Dan walked over to “Zoo-Zoo”, Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“Well, Teddie and Lola are a couple now,” Dan said.

“I know, Lola came over here to tell me that,” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

“They’re good together,” Dan said.

“I know,” “Zoo-Zoo” said, “Kind of like two other people I know,”

“Like who?” Dan asked.

“Like…” “Zoo-Zoo” started to talk, but she was interrupted.

“Like maybe you and me?” Dan asked. “Zoo-Zoo” nodded. Dan kissed her.

“Well, it took you long enough!” “Zoo-Zoo” said.

Lola, Teddie, Daisi, and Ryan approached Dan and “Zoo-Zoo”.

“I see two new couples!” Daisi said.

“Yeah,” Dan said. He smiled at “Zoo-Zoo”.

“Well, it took you long enough!” Lola said to Dan.

“That’s what she said to me,” Dan said.

“Teddie, you know what?” Ryan asked, “I think we should be friends. I’m sorry I said all that I said on the first day, but I think we need to learn that we can still be friends even if we have some differences!”

“I think you’re right,” Teddie said.

“We’re all friends!” Lola said. Daisi and Ryan kissed. Lola and Teddie kissed. Dan and “Zoo-Zoo” kissed.

“Well, this season is over! There have been plenty of friendships, conflicts, alliances, and relationships. It was definitely an exciting season! Tonie walked away victorious! He had five jury votes while Sophie had four! Tune in for the premiere of Total Drama Remote! Also, coming soon is the Total Drama States Reunion! Goodbye for now!” Josh said.

Elimination Table

Name Pre-Game Immunity Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 | 13 14 15


(Jury Vote)

Chuckie Sophie WIN WIN SAFE OUT
Johnnie Kassi WIN WIN OUT+
Josie Ryan LOW OUT
Charlotte Ryan OUT
Louie Sophie OUT

Yellow- Northern Lights

Pink-Southern Belles

Brown- Western Cowboys

Blue- Eastern Folk

Lime- American Travelers

Red- This person was eliminated.

Purple-That person won immunity.

Green- That person is safe.

Orange- That person was almost eliminated.

Light Pink- That person left the game.

~~ - This person played a hidden immunity idol.

+= Johnnie and Miranda tied in votes, so they had a fire making tie breaker. Miranda won the challenge, so Johnnie was eliminated.

~ = This person is the captain for their team.

| = In Chapter Twelve, the contestants were given a break from teh competition, and Josh caught up with the losers.

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