Yet another series from the Toenail Eaters Entertainment Group: Total Drama Sporting Arena! Chris MacLean has a couple all-stars and a couple newbies to take place in sporting arena challenges for a grand prize of $930,000,000,000! Chris McLean found a dilapidated golden building with an arena in it off the shores of Newfoundland. He planned to demolish it and build a waterfront arena, but a time-traveler from the days of the Earth Kingdom appeared and he and the residents of Newfoundland successfully sought historic designation, and an agreement with him so that the entire building was restored to its appearance from the days of the Earth Kingdom.

Chapter 1: The Grand Reopening Show!

(As the episode opens up, we see Chris McLean outside a large golden building)

Chris: Welcome to the newest show on the Pickled New Green Tomato Syrup Channel! The newest season of Total Drama! I'm your host, Chris McLean, and we're on a roll here!

(The camera start showing the insides of the building, revealing it to be an sporting arena)

Chris: Because of the anger of the townsfolk and a time traveler, I, Chris McLean, have restored this old arena into it's former glory! Introducing, the Chris McLean Golden Arena! Patent pending.

(Cut to Chris in the now gated-off stands)

Chris: Want to start your summer break off with a bash? Here it comes, right here on Total. Drama. Sporting Arena!

(After the intro, we cut to Chris in front of a golden bus)

Chris: And now, here our contestants come! We have a couple all-stars and a couple newbies. Here they come!

(Another golden bus pulls up)

Chris: From Revenge of the Island, our old cast members!

(Mike, Dakota in monster form, Sam, Staci, and Zoey get thrown out)

Chris: Now, first of all, Dakotazoid has some listening habits, as heard on her room's radio in-between and before challenges. And yes, I'm breaking the fourth wall. The list is:

  • Disco music
  • Speeches of
  • Foreign language learning tapes
  • Bonnie Tyler
  • Romantic audio novels
  • Salesman techniques
  • ABBA
  • Self-help tapes
  • Advertising jingles
  • Numbers stations

  • The Lincolnshire Poacher numbers station

  • Morse code

  • Easy-listening tracks

Chris: From Total Drama Island, our older cast members!


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