Total Drama Soulbound Island.

16 old contestants.

8 devastating episodes.

2 million dollar winners.

And one cool twist.

Episode 1: How Hard Can It Be?

The episode opens on Don, this season's host, standing at the docks of a new island. "Welcome to Soulbound Island, an all new synthetic island and the location of a new season of Total Drama. Let's take a look at this season's contestants!"

A cruise ship drove by, holding this season's 16 contestants. They reach the dock and walked out one by one.

Don smiled as Geoff, Bridgette, Blainley, Alejandro, Dawn, Scott, Brick, Jo, Scarlett, Max, Topher, Jacques, Josee, Ennui, and MacArthur leave the boat. "And, competing for the first time..." Don smiled as Chris McLean walked onto the dock, visibly confused. "Why did all the contestants get here before the host?" Don leans into Chris' face. "You aren't the host this time. You're competing." Chris took a few moments to soak that in. "O-Okay, I can do this. I mean, how hard can it be?" Every contestant who competed on TD glared.

Don clapped twice to get everyone's attention. "But the host isn't all that's different this time around. You will each be paired up with another contestant. And if that contestant goes home, so do you. In the end, two people will win the final challenge and claim the prize of 1 Million Dollars each."

MacArthur popped into the confessional. "I'll be fine as long as I'm not paired with either of those ice dunces."

Don pulled out a cue card. "The pairs are as follows... Geoff and Alejandro, Bridgette and Blainley, Scott and Dawn, Brick and Jo, Scarlett and Max, Topher and Chris, Jacques and Ennui, and Josee and MacArthur."

Jacques used the confessional. "I kidnapped Ennui's rabbit during the Ridonculous Race, and he's been mad at me ever since. He kind of freaks me out."

Jacques moved next to Ennui, trembling in fear. "H-hey, old friend!" Ennui turned to face him. "I forgive you for last time we met. You aren't a bad person, just misguided." Jacques gave him a quizzical look. "Thanks?"

Don led the 8 pairs through the forest to a long, winding path. "For our first challenge, you will race from here to the finish line. When both members of your pair make it to the end, you place. The pair in first gets immunity, and the pair in last doesn't get to vote tonight on who will go home." Chris chimed in. "Really? A race? I could come up with a better challenge in my sleep." Don ignored him and signaled the pairs to GO!

Instantly, MacArthur and Josee pull ahead. They were probably more athletic than every other pair. Chris and Topher lag behind, and Chris gets tired quickly, stopping for a break. Dawn and Scott are slow at first, but Dawn finds and communicates with a horse. The horse allows them to pass the opposition, but gets tired. Dawn doesn't want to hurt it, and lets it leave, sparking an argument between her and Scott. "Who cares about the stupid horse?" Dawn retaliates, and they are passed by nearly every duo as they argue.

MacArthur and Josee are nearly to the finish line when MacArthur taunts her partner. "Oh look, you might get gold for once!" Josee slaps her, and MacArthur tackles the dancer. They have a major struggle on the side of the path, allowing Geoff and Alejandro to reach the finish line. They realize their mistake, dashing for the finish line and finishing second. Jaques and Ennui reach the finish line and claim third, which bummed out Jacques. "I feel like I never win anything!" Ennui looks at him. "I don't have time for this. All that matters is us getting the prize. Not some imaginary podium, not some stupid standards, just winning the final prize. So pull yourself together before we crash and burn.

Ennui stepped into a confessional. "I may have been to hard on him, but I have to win this." He pulls out a picture of a visibly pregnant Crimson. "For little Loki's future."

Bridgette and Blainley make fourth, followed by Dawn and Scott in fifth. Brick and Jo land in sixth, and Max and Scarlett claim seventh, leaving Chris and Topher a distant last.

That night in the campfire ceremony, votes were cast quickly, and the vote was clear. The campers going home tonight were Chris and Topher. They departed without event, and the episode closed.

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