This story is rated PG.
There may be some content not for younger kids. However, there is nothing here they wouldn't say on the Total Drama series.
Note: That the author will be using characters from the Total Drama series, even Sierra.

In this fanfiction, 12 girls compete and are split into 6 teams for a chance at $1,000,000 dollars as they live in a hotel together and face challenges from the outstand world, such as physical challenges and travel challenges. Each chapter, one person from one losing team will go home. One winning team will receive immunity. One person will win one million dollars.

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Here are the teams for the characters they will be put on and will have a stereotype for their teams:

Gwen and Izzy - The Clever and Sly are called the Red Team.

Courtney and Heather - The Antagonists are called the Blue Team.

Bridgette and Lindsay - The Blondes are called the Yellow Team.

LeShawna and Sierra - The Tough are called the Green Team.

Katie and Sadie - The BFFL's are called the Pink Team.

Beth and Eva - The Ugly are called the Purple Team.

Merged characters:



Chapter 1: All Sisters Are Off

"Hello, everyone and welcome to Total Drama Sisters," Chris McLean said as he introduces the show, "Where twelve girls chosen will be staying in the abandoned hotel, do physical challenges, eat gross meals and mental challenging tasks with one girl winning one million dollars. Who will win? Who will lose? We'll find out on Total Drama Sisters."

(theme song plays)

"Hey, everyone," Chris says as he is about to introduce the female constestants, "We have twelve girls that will be coming in from a van as they will be introduced. First, we introduce Beth." The van stops and Beth.

"Hey, what's up, Chris?" Beth said enthusiastically, even though Chris is less than excited to meet her. "So, what's rollin, Beth?" Chris said. "Nothing," Beth said. She stands to the side.

Next comes Lindsay as she steps out of the van. "Hi, Chip, I mean Chris," Lindsay said. "Hey, Lindsay," Chris said with a pleased smile. "Oh, Chris. I remember you. You look familiar," Lindsay said.

Then, Bridgette steps out with her surfboard. "Hey, Bridge. What's cookin?" Chris said. "Uh, I thought, we were going to be on the beach," Bridgette said. "We already, are, however, we are in London, Ontario," Chris said.

Next, comes, LeShawna. "Hey, what's up y'all," said LeShawna. "Nothing much, LeShawna. Welcome" said Chris.

Eva comes in next. "Where's the gym in this town," said Eva. "I dunno know," Chris said with some fright. "Hopefully, I don't get eliminated early," Eva said.

Gwen comes out in a grumpy mood. "What's up, Gwen?" Chris said. She didn't say anything, but she responded, "Where's the van?" Chris said, "It left." Gwen sighs in distress.

Katie and Sadie where the next to arrive together as usual. "OMG! We're staying at a hotel," Katie said enthusiastically as she and Sadie made it. "OMG! That's so awesome!" Sadie said. They both squeal "EEEEEE" as they come out of the van.

Heather arrives next as she wears sunglasses not making a reply and stand next to the others quietly. Chris said, "Gessssh."

Sierra comes next and says, "OMG! We're actually staying here? This is awesome." "Glad you like it," said Chris with a shocked expression on his face.

Courtney is introduced next and Chris takes her hand. She responds, "Thanks." Chris responds back, "No problem."

Izzy says as she steps out of the van and says, "Hey, Chris" and bumps her head on the door before she could finish. Gwen comes and picks her up and says, "Do you know how badly she could have been hurt? Poor Izzy."

Chris then introduces them all to their rooms. Chris says, "This is where you'll be staying for the next so many weeks, but before you make yourselves comfortable, you'll be put in teams first. Izzy and Gwen, you are the Red Team. Courtney and Heather, you are the Blue Team. Bridgette and Lindsay, you are the Yellow Team. LeShawna and Sierra, you are the Green Team. Katie and Sadie, you are the Pink Team. And Beth and Eva, you are the Purple Team."

The teams get their individual keys with their respective colors. They go to their rooms. Gwen says, using the bathroom confessional, "So far, this sucks, but hey, maybe me and Izzy may be good friends during the game."

They all sit in the hallway and Chris explains. "So, as we start off, you will be eating what Chef Hatchet makes and you will be eating it."

Chef says, "That's right. And you be eating what I give you." All the girls get their first meal as they sit down.

Lindsay asked in a confused expression to Bridgette, "Hey, Bridge. What's this food we're eating called?" She responds, "It's a sloppy joe that's rather literally sloppy."

Chris comes and announces the first challenge and says, "Your first challenge is to jump off the diving board from a local pool that's over 50 ft. high and those who don't jump will wear a chicken hat."

Courtney said, "Nah. That's simple. Besides, how hard could it be." When she sees down with Heather at her side, she replies, "Oh, s***! That?"

Chris says, "Well, we'll see who gets off this board. Who will be brave? Who will chicken? Find out next time on, Total, Drama, Sisters."

(end credits)

Chapter 2: The Diving Board and The Pool

"Last time on Total Drama Sisters," Chris said, "we met the 12 girls who came on. Some are awesome, some not that much. They got their keys to their hotel room with a colored key of their respective team color and go to their rooms and got them ready for the high diving board of their lifes. Who will make it? Who's not gonna make it? Well, I'm gonna make it. We'll find out on Total Drama Sisters."

(theme song plays)

"Why the high diving board?" Courtney asked.

"Because if we don't we'll lose the challenge," said Heather.

All the girls were on the bottom trying to determine which team goes first as to not chicken out.

"Okay? Who's going first?" Chris asked. "We want to go first," Lindsay said as she is ready to take Bridgette on the diving board.

"Yes, I am ready to take it," said Bridgette as she is
Bridgette Bikini

Bridgette in a bikini, instead of the usual shorty suit she usually wears for swimming.

ready. She jumps first as she dives gracefully with Lindsay jumping after her screaming all the way down.

"I'm ready to go," Sierra said and she makes her jump.

"I ain't going. It's mess up my hair," Heather said.

"But it's for the Blue Team," Courtney replies.

"Okay, fine," Heather said, "I'll do it, but only if you go, Courtney." Courtney dives off the board, then Heather goes.

"Okay. We're ready to go," Katie said, excited to take the dive for the Pink Team. Katie and Sadie both, then jump off together.

LeShawna goes next, but did not count because she didn't jump off after Sierra.

"Let's go next, Gwen," said Izzy.

"Sure," Gwen replies back. Izzy dives, then Gwen jumps screaming.

Eva, then jumps and says, "This is the deep end. I could handle it." Beth, however, didn't want to take the dive.

"Are you sure, Beth?" Chris asked.

"I'm too afraid too dive off the board," Beth responds.

"I understand, but then you have to wear this chicken hat, anyways," Chris replies back. She wears the chicken and climbs off the board, instead of jumping.

"The Blue Team wins the first part of the challenge," Chris announces, "You have jumped off the diving board without screaming and as a reward, you will get wagon for your equipment. As for the rest of the teams, you have to push the equipment with your hands and whoever pushes the equipment back first will win the reward and be spared elimination."

The Blue Team pulled all the equipment with their hands, while the others pushed it.

"So, what's going on with yourself?" Gwen asked.

"Did you hear of this spooky thing? It lives in the woods, somewhere in the Yukon forests and everything else in it," Izzy replied.

"Wow. What a story," Gwen said.

"So, what's up with you, Sierra," LeShawna asked while she and Sierra were pushing the box along the way.

"Nothing, but thanks for asked," Sierra answered.

The Blue Team, Courtney and Heather made it to the end first, while the Pink Team where dead last. The Yellow Team makes it, second, with the Purple Team third. They started building a shower in their rooms. The Red Team and the Green Team makes it.

"Wow. We have a close game," Chris said, "Except for the Pink Team and Katie and Sadie, obviously, as they need to catch up."

The other teams kept building until the Blue Team managed to finish with theirs.

"The winners are the Blue Team," Chris announced, "They will be having a shower to use at any time for the rest of the competition. As for the Pink Team, one of the two will be going home as they are dead last and the other teams that didn't win will be sending either Katie or Sadie home."

The teams arrived at the first elimination ceremony ever.

Chris says, "This is the very first elimination of the night. The only team that's not here is the winning team as they will not vote since they have won. The other teams pick either Katie or Sadie to go.

"The first one goes, to Katie, the second goes to Sadie," Chris says. They hug each other in fright.

"One more goes to Katie. One more goes to Sadie. One more goes to Sadie," Chris says. "One more for Sadie. One more vote and you're out."

"The first person leaving is... Sadie." Chris says.

Katie says, "No! Why Sadie? What about me?"

Chris replies, "Sorry. That's how it goes around here. And it's time to say, see ya." "I'll miss you, Sadie,"

Katie said as Sadie walks the Sidewalk of Shame and boards up the Van of Losers. "I'll miss you too, Katie," Sadie says as she leaves and the van drives away.

Courtney and Heather were taking a shower from the challenge they did, but Heather flops her wet hair at Courtney.

She says to Heather, "Stop it! I'm trying to shower."

"Well, I'm trying to clean here too," Heather says, "Can't you see I'm trying to get some privacy time?"

Chris then says, "Well, that's all the time, we have here for now. We'll see who gets stoked with a lot more drama and who falls down, right here on Total Drama Sisters."

(end credits)

Chapter 3: The Awesome Touch

"Previously on Total Drama Sisters," Chris said, "All the contestants had to jump off the diving board. Some jumped, some didn't. After that, they pushed a box full of shower supplies to build a shower. In the end, Sadie was the first person to be sent home leaving Katie devastated. Who will make it? Which team will be disbanded? We'll find out on Total Drama Sisters."

(theme song plays)

Katie was crying after Sadie was eliminated in the previous episode. Bridgette was the only one trying to comfort her.

"Wake up, everyone. It's day break," Chris said through a microphone, "Your next challenge will be announced shortly."

"Hey, Courtney. I got a strategy," Heather said, "We'll find a way to eliminate Beth and Eva and then, after that, we'll make the game for the other teams harder and then we'll be in the Final 2 together."

"Good plan, Heather," said Courtney.

"I don't know what the next challenge is," Lindsay said.

"I don't know either. We'll just have to wait and find out," Bridgette said.

"Okay, our next challenge will be a modeling challenge," Chris announces, "For this challenge, you're all going to decide on a color dress for your team, apply make up to each other, and pose on the modeling stage in front of the cameras. The winners will recieve a spa treatment to relax and enjoy."

They all went and pick a dress.

"So, do you think we should wear the green dress? I love green. Green is my favorite color," Izzy asked.

"How about the midnight blue dresses?" Gwen asked.

"Sure, we could put on midnight blue dresses," Izzy replies.

"Nah, we should put on the green dresses since lighter clothes are more attractive," said Gwen. They then wear green dresses.

Courtney asked, "What color dresses should we wear?"

"Whatever gets us far in the game," Heather replied. The Yellow Team then decides on a dress.

"I think we will look so cute in light blue dresses," Lindsay said. "I argee," Bridgette said. They decided to wear light blue dresses.

Sierra said, "let's wear the green dresses."

"Okay, whatever makes you happy," said LeShawna.

"We should wear the purple dresses," Beth said.

"Okay," Eva said.

Katie then decides on the pink dress saying, "I'll wear the pink dress for the challenge," planning without her teammate.

Courtney and Heather decided to wear black dresses.

Gwen applies make up on Izzy since she decided on the dresses. Heather does Courtney's make up. Lindsay then applies Bridgette's make up since Lindsay loves doing other people's make up. LeShawna applies Sierra's make up, even though LeShawna isn't the best at applying make up. Beth does Eva's make up. Katie applies her own make up looking herself in the mirror.

"Okay, let's see who has the best looks," Chris announces, "Let's see who has the best make up. And the winners are the Green Team as they matched their teams colors, so they will be getting extra time on the modeling stage to pose in front of the cameras."

The opposite partner of their teammates apply make up to the person who applied it first.

"Okay, now, it is time to pose on the stage, Gwen," Chris announces. Gwen comes out and poses.

"Heather, you're up next." Heather then comes out and has an awesome pose, duh.

"Next, Lindsay." Lindsay comes out and has a great pose, better than Heather's.

"Come on out, LeShawna." LeShawna comes out and gets a longer time to pose.

"Next out is Beth." Beth then comes out and poses.

"Last, but not least Katie." Katie comes and poses.

Chris announces, "Okay, now, I got all the posing photos and the winners are... the Yellow Team!" Bridgette and Lindsay cheer as their team won. "You will be spending the day at the spa getting all kinds of treatment, but as for the rest of you, since this is a non-elimination challenge this week, none of you will be going home, but you will be staying here."

The Yellow Team jump into the limo to go the spa.

Chris says, "Well, that's it for this episode. Who will stab each other in the back? What kind of drama will we have next? We'll find out on the next episode of Total Drama Sisters."

(end credits)

Chapter 4: Ontario's Kitchen

"Last time on Total Drama Sisters," Chris said, "The girls did a modeling challenge. They gone from make up to dresses to posing to win the spa treatment, but in the end, the Yellow Team was the one who gets it. Who will be eliminated next? Who will make it into next week? Ha, ha interesting. We'll find out on Total Drama Sisters."

(theme song plays)

Bridgette and Lindsay, the Yellow Team returns from their spa trip.

"It feels so good. It's like I'm not in pain anymore," Lindsay said as the Yellow Team return from their spa trip.

"Okay, in the next challenge," Heather tells Courtney. "We will find a way to make our protion easier and one of the five other teams harder."

"Sure thing," Courtney replies.

Chris announces, "Okay, the next challenge will be a cooking challenge. You will be making breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this chllenge. Whoever wins today's challenge will be spared from elimination, but whoever loses this challenge will be sending someone home tonight. Now, I'll be throwing some recipe books you'll all look at."

Chris throws the recipe books to the teams and Katie.

"Hey, want to make open-face pancakes?" Izzy asks Gwen.

"Sure," Gwen replies.

"Let's make a breakfast that will blow their minds off," said Heather.

"Okay," Courtney said.

Bridgette says to Lindsay, "Hey, since I'm a good cook, you could take on the recipe book and I'll cook the food."

"Yes," Lindsay says.

Sierra says, "How about we make a pepper omelet for Chris?"

"Sure," LeShawna replies.

"We should make a sausage and egg breakfast," Beth said.

"Okay," Eva said.

Katie decides to make a cake for breakfast.

After the teams and Katie were done with breakfast, they move on to lunch.

Gwen and Izzy make a pineapple pizza. Courtney and Heather make a steak. Bridgette and Lindsay make fish sticks. LeShawna and Sierra cook meatloaf. Beth and Eva go for noodle soup and Katie cooks up porkloaf.

The teams and Katie finish their lunches and they all move on to dinner.

"We should chicken strips and fries," Gwen tells Izzy.

Izzy agrees.

"How about we make those meatballs," Sierra said.

All the teams finish their dinners and all are passed on to Chris to decide.

"Now, I'll be eating all the food you made as we get to the taste testing part," Chris announces, "And whoever gets the most points wins."

Chris eats the breakfasts first.

Chris announces, "And the first point goes to the Yellow Team."

Then, he tries out the second course, lunch.

After eating each teams food, Chris says, "The second point goes to the Green Team. Now, whoever wins the next point wins. However, the teams who don't have the point and win the next challenge will have a tie-breaker challenge."

Chris eats the dinners and announces, "And the last point goes to the Red Team, meaning that the three teams that are tied will be making desserts and whoever wins the next point will win this challenge. Now, start cooking."

Izzy and Gwen make strawberry shortcake. Bridgette and Lindsay makes fudge brownies and LeShawna and Sierra make swirlcake.

Chris says, "Now, I'll be tasting the desserts. And the winners are... the Yellow Team! You will be spared into next week, for now. As for the Green Team, you will be sending one of your teammates home tonight at the Key Ceremony."

Chris announces, "All the teams have cast their votes for either LeShawna or Sierra to go home tonight. First vote goes to LeShawna. Next, Sierra. Then LeShawna."

Chris continues, "Sierra. Now, LeShawna. Then, Sierra. Each of you one more vote and you will be eliminated. The second person to leave is... LeShawna."

LeShawna was shocked when she heard she was going home. She boards the Van of Losers and it drives away.

"We may not have eliminated what I wanted eliminated, but LeShawna was a hoot," Heather tells Courtney.

"This game just got more interesting," Courtney says.

"Well, that's all the time we have here," Chris announces. "Will the Yellow Team ever lose? Will the Blue Team ever accomplish their goals? Tone in on the next episode of Total Drama Sisters."

(end credits)

Chapter 5: Around Lake Superior in a Day

"Previously on Total Drama Sisters," announces Chris, "All the girls cook meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, when it came down to a tie, the three teams with a point go for dessert. In the end, though, it was LeShawna from the Green Team who got eliminated. Who will be next? When will I get a check? We'll answer all those questions on Total Drama Sisters."

(theme song plays)

The girls were at the table eating breakfast.

"Hello," Chris announces through his microphone, "Please arrive at the beach of Lake Superior as I am going to explain the next challenge there."

"Well, I guess we go since Chris said so," said Gwen as she gets up from her seat.

"After you're done eating," said Chris.

They all arrive at the beach after they're all done with breakfast.

"Okay, the next challenge will involve canoes and paddles," Chris announces as he gives each team a canoe and each member a paddle, "Since Katie and Sierra teammates are eliminated, they will be riding with each other as for the rest, you guys will each get one paddle and one canoe for each team."

Katie and Sierra were excited as they get to row a boat together.

"The object of the game is to go to the island of Lake Superior and being back some crystals," announces Chris, "Whoever beings the two crystals back from the island first wins."

The challenge begins as the teams ride the boats all the way to the island.

"Hey, Gwen," Izzy said.

"Yes," Gwen replies.

"I remember at one time, I had this class at a boating school and the teacher made us use canoes and paddles to ride around the river," Izzy said.

"Interesting. Cool," Gwen says.

"I would love to tan under the sun right now," Lindsay said, "This is the best time of day to tan."

"I would love to, but we got a challenge right now," says Bridgette.

As they all arrive to the island, they all try to find the crystals under the sand.

"According to this tracking device," Courtney says to Heather, "There is no crystals under the sand."

"Okay," Heather replies, "let's check the caves."

"There are caves on the island?" Courtney asked.

"Yep," says Heather.

Izzy, part of the Red Team uses her nose to find the two crystals.

"What are you doing?" Gwen asked.

"Finding crystals. I think they're over at the cave," Izzy replies.

"So, where should we go? The cave or the water," Beth asked.

"Certainly, won't find them in the waters," Eva replies, "let's check the caves."

"Oh, oh! I was thinking caves myself," Sierra said.

"I was thinking the same thing," Katie said. She and Sierra both "EEEEE"'d when they figured it out.

Gwen and Izzy, the Red Team, were the first to find the crystals as they dug everyone. They kept quiet and ran out of the cave to get back to their canoes.

"If I were a crystal where would I be?" Bridgette asked herself.

The Red Team rowed off as they found their crystals first.

The Yellow Team found theirs second. Katie and Sierra were the third team to find them. The Purple Team got theirs and the Blue Team had theirs at the same time.

"Here we go," Lindsay said, "we're off to be the winners.

All the teams raced back as they all found their crystals.

"Okay, I am ready to find who gets back first," Chris said.

The Red Team were the first team to make it back.

"And the winners are," Chris announces, "... Red Team. You get a reward as you will be having a feast at the Buffet tonight. As for the rest, this is a non-elimination challenge, so none will be going home, however, you will be feastying on what we have at the place you are at now."

The Red Team were off for their reward.

"Well," Chris announce, "that's all the time we have here. We'll find out what's next for our teams, Katie, and Sierra on Total Drama Sisters. Yes!"

(end credits)

Chapter 6: Team Jewels

"Last time on Total... Drama... Sisters," announces Chris, "The girls did a challenge around Lake Superior. Get it lake. They had go into the canoes and search for buried crystals. Then, they had to go back in their canoes to me. In the end though, the Red Team brought theirs back and won the reward. We are here now. Who will be going home tonight? Who will be staying? Find out on the next episode of Total... Drama... Sisters."

(theme song plays)

The Red Team consisting of Gwen and Izzy arrive back as they finished their reward.

"Okay, we didn't win last week, but hopefully, my team will win this week," Heather said.

"I am ready," said Courtney.

Chris announces the next challenge for the teams, Katie, and Sierra, "Okay, now the next challenge will involve building a go-kart for two people on their respective teams. Once they're done with that, we're going to race them. The first round three teams will move on while the other three crash, they're out. Whichever team crosses the finish line first wins."

The teams go to the shed for building supples.

"I wonder what this hammer do," said Lindsay.

Bridgette says to her, "We will be using that to build our go karts, remember."

"Most certainly," said Lindsay.

They all get their tools and build their own go-karts.

"What should we do?" Courtney asked Heather.

Heather replies, "We should use some metals objects and use the flamethrower on the parts to attach the parts together."

"We should build a bike based off ponys," Katie said.

"Okay," Sierra replied as they are still teamed up.

All the teams are done with their go-karts ready to race.

"Hey, Gwen," Izzy says.

In which Gwen replies, "What?"

"Want to come on the ride with me," Izzy asks.

"Okay," Gwen said hesitate as she tries to view Izzy as a friend.

She gets in and Izzy steps on the pedal and Gwen screams as they go across the line of the race track.

"It is time to begin," Chris said, "We get all the go-karts here, I don't know where the Red Team is, but oh, well. Now, you are going to race around the track three times, but you are going to switch go-karts with each other. So, pick the team out of this hat I'm holding."

The Blue Team pick The Yellow Team's go-kart. The Yellow Team pick the Purple Team's go-kart. Katie and Sierra pick The Blue Team's go-kart and the Purple Team picks Katie and Sierra go-kart.

"Okay, now, are we ready to race," Chris said.

"Yeah," they all cry out.

"Go!" Chris shouts.

Courtney drives for Blue Team. Bridgette drives for Yellow Team, Sierra drives for her merged team and Eva drives for the Purple Team.

"I am having trouble starting the go-kart," Courtney said.

They got it going.

The Purple Team with Katie and Sierra's go-kart were the first to crash as it fell apart quick. The Blue Team then crashes into the fallen go-kart.

"And the go-karts that made it are, Purple Team's and Blue Team's," Chris announces.

"Alright," the members of the Purple Team and Blue Team all shouted.

Chris said, "As for the rest, you all will be sitting on the blechers were you'll be watching."

"We all are ready to race in 3... 2... 1... GO!" Chris said.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Izzy were still going with Gwen still screaming at passager's seat.

Blue Team and Purple Team are neck and neck as they try to win.

"And the winners are... The Blue Team," Chris announces, "You will be staying this next week. As for the Purple Team, one of your members are going home tonight."

Izzy and Gwen came back in time as they crashed and burned thorough the lot.

"All the votes are cast in," Chris said. "Now I'll be reading them."

Chris reads, "First is to Beth. Second to Eva. Next, Beth. Next, Eva. Next, Beth. And finally... Beth. Beth, time to say bye-bye."

Beth frowns as she leaves.

"Another loser gone, now there are 9," Chris said, "Who will get through the next challenge? What will happen to the girls of three dissolved teams. We'll find out next time on Total... Drama.. Sisters."

(end credits)

Chapter 7: Take this Challenge and Shove it

"Previously on Total... Drama... Sisters," Chris says, "All the teams build go-karts to race around the track in which it was built. Then, they pick a name out of the hat and race they cars. After that, the last three teams race their own with The Blue Team to win. In the end, though, Beth, part of the Purple Team was eliminated making three teams to dissolve. What will the remaining members do without their partners on their team now? All this and more will be found in this episode of Total... Drama... Sisters."

(theme song plays)

The girls have a normal day as they get ready for the next challenge.

"Finally," Heather said, "we just did some good strategy back. Me and Courtney just got what we planned for."

"Okay, teams," Chris announces, "Our next challenge is a "dare game" challenge in which you spin the bottle of the dare and you choose who gets the dare and whoever chicks out of the dare is out of the game. Whichever person on the team does not crack during the dare challenge wins."

"Here we go," Gwen says, "Another challenge, except involving dares."

"I could perform any dare," Izzy said, "I bet we could win this challenge all the way."

The teams, Eva, Katie, and Sierra all report to the hallway as they are ready to perform dares in the challenge.

Chris announces, "Now, the object of the game is to spin the wheel on the spinning wheel and perform the dare. If you don't perform the dare, you're out. However, you could give the dare to one of the fellow constestants of another team and perform the day and they could get out and if the two people from, the team, Eva, Katie, or Sierra fail at the dares, you're out. The winner will recieve the reward of a nice dinner at a restartant for the individual to eat at. Now, who spins the death wheel first?"

Everyone stares at Bridgette.

"Okay, I'll do it," she replys.

She spins the wheel and her dare was to eat gallons of ice cream until she gets brain freeze.

"I'll take it," Bridgette says.

She takes the dare and completes the dare.

"I go next," Lindsay says cheerfully.

Her dare was to walk in the mine with high heels.

"I think I'll give this dare to Katie," Lindsay said in fright.

"Sure," Chris says, "For the person who the dare was given to must perform or they're out."

"Okay," Katie said, "I'll do it."

She eventually succeeds at it.

"I go next," Courtney said.

Her dare was to wrestle a jaguar.

"I give the dare to Eva," she said.

Eva succeed at this dare.

"Next up, Heather," Chris says.

Heather's dare was to shove a tray of ice down your undies.

"I'll perform this one," Heather says, "No bige."

As she does the dare, Chris puts on pressure, "As the ice melts, it really gets to the pressure..."

Heather interrupts, "Okay, let's just move on. I'm done."

Sierra goes next and her dare was to brush her teeth with mud on it.

"I don't want to do it," Sierra says, "It just seems too much dirt."

"You sure?" Chris asks

"Yes," I just don't want anyone to have that germmy taste," Sierra replies.

"Then you are the first one out," Chris says.

The game continues on. Lindsay gets eliminated with the slime dare, Bridgette gets eliminated with the animal dart dare, Izzy gets eliminated because she really wants dares for herself only and so on. It was down to Heather and Gwen.

Gwen's dare was to dress up as a baby.

"What would you like to do?" Chris says.

"I'll take the dare," Gwen says, "Just as long as it's not humiliating."

While Gwen performs the dare, Heather swaps Gwen's clothes.

"If Heather makes this dare," Chris says, "She wins, but if not, Gwen wins. Last dare."

Heather spins and her dare was to perform a circus freakshow.

"No way, I ain't doing that," Heather says.

"Well, then, you're out," Chris says. "Gwen, part of the Red Team is winner of the challenge. Who on your team go to dinner tonight?"

"I'll go," Izzy said, "I'll take the lobster fish now."

Gwen was still trying to find her clothes while they were missing.

"Uh, Heather?" Gwen asks, "Where's my clothes at?"

"I don't know," Heather says.

"You mean," Gwen responds, "Ugh, Heather! I hate you."

"You're such a cute baby," Heather says.

Gwen growls at Heather.

"Ending here," Chris says, "will there arise hatred among our competitors? Will Gwen be able to get her clothes back? We'll find out next time on Total... Drama... Sisters. I really wished for a dramatic pause on that."

(end credits)

Chapter 8: To Stay Or Not to Stay

"Last time on Total Drama Sisters," Chris says, "The girls compete in a dare challenge. Whoever excepts the dare will be in the next round. Whoever chickened out is out. In the end, Gwen ends up dressed as a baby and Izzy goes on a trip to a restuarant. Hilarious! Who will stay? Who will go? We'll find out on this episode of Total... Drama... Sisters... Again, where's the dramatic pause."

(theme song plays)

It starts in the hotel lounge.

"Okay, this is not funny anymore," Gwen argues to Heather.

"That was so much fun," Heather says, "hopefully we could do it again."

Gwen was angered.

"Hey, Gwen," Chris said, "I do have a spare of clothes."

"Can I have them?" asked Gwen.

"No," Chris says.

"Why not?" Gwen replies grumpily.

"Because it's hilarious!" Chris says as he laughs.

Chris starts to announce the next challenge. "The challenge will be a lingerie wrestling where you'll all be in your bras and panties for the challenge. You have to throw the person of the other opposite teams out of the ring. Which ever team, Katie, Sierra, or Eva is left standing wins. So, get ready for the challenge in thirty."

They all get ready for the next challenge as they all strip themselves down as such.

"This is so embarrassing," Courtney says.

"Don't worry," said Heather, "Hopefully this is just for one challenge only."

"Wow," Izzy said, "How did you get those?"

Gwen replies, "Clothes gone missing, so the black bra and purple underwear is all I have."

Chris announces though the speakerphone, "It's time for the challenge and to rumble. You all will be in this ring fighting an opponent of the opposite team with all of you in the ring at the same time. Whichever team gets all their opponents out first wins. Whichever team is the first out wins."

"Yeah," Eva said, "this should be easy."

"Let's get ready to rumble!" Chris shouts.

They all fought each other.

"Wait, what do I do again?" Lindsay asks.

Gwen takes Lindsay by the side, but she stays in the ring.

Bridgette tries for Heather, but was an unsuccessful defeat.

"Shoot," says Bridgette.

She managed to stay in the ring.

Izzy was the first out as Heather throws her out.

"That's one out," Chris says.

Gwen was on her own at this point.

Katie was out, however, due to the reason she was the only member left, Sierra and Eva had to be out to count as a loss for her team.

"I am ready to roar," said Eva as she goes for it.

"I like hearing that," Chris says, "But unfortunely, since you could really hurt you're disqualifed."

"What?" Eva said angrily.

"So you're out anyways," Chris says.

Eva was taken out by security.

Bridgette eliminates Heather. Gwen then eliminates Sierra. Courtney then eliminates Bridgette.

It was down to three.

"Now, it's time for a call," Courtney says.

"Here we go," Gwen said.

They all go for each other until Lindsay and Courtney were the only ones left.

"I am going at it," Lindsay said trying to eliminate Courtney.

"Ready for it," Courtney said.

Courtney wins and eliminates Lindsay as she was a strong fighter.

"The Blue Team wins again," Chris says, "You are spared elimination."

They all arrive at the Key Ceremony as they arrive.

"Since Eva is the last person on her team the Purple Team," Chris announces, "She will be leaving tonight making the Purple Team dissolved."

Eva frowns as she goes in the Van of Losers.

"That's one team dissolved," announces Chris, "who will be here for the next few days? And will I ever get a dramatic pause. Find out next time on Total...

(dramatic pause)


(dramatic pause again)

Sisters... Thanks for the dramatic pause, people.

Chapter 9: Grace is the Word


Chapter 10: TBA

Elimination Table

# Constestants Teams 11 2 31 4 51 6 71 8 91
TBA Bridgette      IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN IN
9th Eva      IN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
10th Beth      IN IN IN IN IN OUT
11th LeShawna      IN IN IN OUT
12th Sadie      IN OUT

Color Code

  •      WIN Win the entire fanfiction competition
  •      WIN Was on the winning team
  •      WIN Won the individual challenge or won for their individual teams
  •      IN Still in the competition
  •      IN Part of the losing team, but still in the game
  •      OUT Voted off in this episode by the teams that didn't win, but were still in the game

1 - Non-elimination episode


  • This fanfiction is written by Stephen"Zap".
  • The fanfic's title was taken from Duncan's quote from Hide and Be Sneaky, "They're all sisters".

Chapter 1 Trivia:

  • Some quotes and actions were taken from Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 such as Bridgette's quote "I thought we were going to be on a beach" and Izzy banging her head and someone helping her up, although it was Gwen rather than Courtney.
  • The title of the chapter is a reference to saying, "All bets are off." The author loves making references when possible.
  • This is the first episode where someone swears with Courtney saying, "Oh, s***."
  • The girls arrived in this order:
  1. Beth
  2. Lindsay
  3. Bridgette
  4. LeShawna
  5. Eva
  6. Gwen
  7. Katie/Sadie
  8. Heather
  9. Sierra
  10. Courtney
  11. Izzy

Chapter 2 Trivia:

  • The first challenge in this episode was similar to the first challenge from Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, except with a diving board at the pool.
  • This is the first episode with no title pun.
  • When Courtney and Heather were using their reward, Heather said, "Can't you see I'm trying to get some privacy time?" However, this was impossible, as they were using the reward at the same time.

Chapter 3 Trivia:

  • The episode's title is a reference to Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch".
  • This is the first episode where a person on the individual team competes for themselves.
  • The challenges in this episode is parody of America's Next Top Model and Project Runway.
  • Lindsay's pose in this episode was similar to the pose she made in Rock n' Rule, except this episode was a non-elimination challenge, which also got her the win for a challenge, even though she was eliminated in this episode.

Chapter 4 Trivia:

  • The title of this episode is a reference to the popular cooking competition reality TV series, "Hell's Kitchen".
  • The challenge of this challenge of this episode was also similar to Hell's Kitchen.
  • Bridgette did most of the work for the Yellow Team, who got the team the win in the first place.

Chapter 5 Trivia:

  • The title of the episode is a reference to "Around the World in 80 Days".
  • This is the first episode where the team members from different teams team up with each other for the challenge.
  • The challenge in this episode is similar to the one in "Up the Creek", except it involves finding items on an island rather than escaping it and not touching anything.

Chapter 6 Trivia:

  • The episode's title is a reference to "Gene Simmons: Family Jewels".
  • The episode's challenge is similar to the Mario Go-Kart gaming series.
  • This is the second elimination challenge the Blue Team won in this episode.

Chapter 7 Trivia:

  • The title of the episode is a reference to "Take this Job and Shove it", which was used in many title puns before.
  • One dare from this episode is similar to a dare from "I Triple Dog Dare You!"
  • This is the first episode where only one individual from a winning team gets to go on the reward.

Chapter 8 Trivia:

  • The episode's title is a reference to William Shakespare's Hamlet quote, "To Be or Not to Be".
  • This is the first episode where a team is completely dissolved.
  • The challenge is similar to the Lingerie Football League, except it's not football, it's wrestling.

Chapter 9 Trivia:


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