I'm choosing 16 users to enter their competitor. Please enter!

Episode 0

Alex:Hello,and welcome to Total Drama Ship Scurry! My name is Alex,I'll be the host.I'm looking for 16 contestants to go all around the world in S.S Alex,My Ship that I totally didn't trade my house for.

I need to know the following about your character if you want to join:

Gender,Personality,And Name.

The start of the show will begin in Canada.

Also,if you're eliminated you'll be taking the Ride of Shame,a dinghy that hasn't been cleaned or supplied in a month.

Dont worry,you do have a life jacket-that has been totally deflated and has no source of a pump.

You can sign up as a veteran of a newbie.

Newbies, are your OC. AKA,a fan made character.

Veterans are people like Scott,DJ,And Sky. They've all been in the real Total Drama.

Thats all you need to know. This is Alex, signing off!

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