With a cast of twenty-two all new teens, Chris plans to take these unlucky contesteants on his private yacht in an all new world-encircling adventure. MORE DRAMA, MORE ACTION, ONE MORE CHANCE FOR A ONE-MILLION DOLLAR PRISE!


Terrible Tourists:

Gina - The Spoiled Niece

Denise - The Assertive Dreamer

Ross - The Lovable Tough Guy

Nick - The Inevitable Eye-Candy

Jeremy - The Nice Guy

Joan - The Normal Girl

Ember - The Troublemaker

Walker - The Sore Loser

Dylan - The Jock

Sheldon - The Talkative One

Nikki - The Twitter Twit

Cruel Cub-Pilots:

Jordan - The Irresistible Jerk

Troy - The Perfectly Polite

Karen - The Uptight Busybody

Quinn - The Star Child

Luke - The Noticeably Sane

Sabrina - The Preppy User

Ronnie - The Tom-Boy

Viktor - The Quiet One

Lenore - The Girl with '50s Fashion

Widget - The Insane Inventor

Tiffs - The Overly Popular Girl


Chapter 1: Send in the Newcomers!

Chris McLean is seen on the dock of a large boat, in his usual ensemble. He smiles and starts. "Hello there, viewing world! I , the ever so perfect Chris McLean, come to you again, but this time with the most awesome, daring season of Total Drama yet! I personally have gathered twenty two new teens who, by contract, agreed to join me on my yacht in a world encircling contest, where one of them will win one million dollars! I bring to you Total Drama Sets Sail. Oh, here comes our first contestant. You must be Tiffs."

A small boat pulls up, and a beautiful girl steps onto the yacht. "This place is so phat! Could you take this?" She hands Chris her luggage, which he drops on the ground.

Another boat comes, and a clean-cut boy with a plaid button-up shirt steps on the yacht. "It's sure a pleasure to be hear!" He then eagerly shakes the hands of both Chris and Tiffs. "I'm Troy, and you are?"

Tiffs blushes. "I'm Tiffanie, but you can call me Tiffs."

A boat pulls up, and a tallbland male exits, while walking right past Chris. He shudderes. "And you are...Viktor?"

Viktor seldom nods his head.

"Here comes Denise!" Chris announces. 

The boat pulls up, and Denise jumps out and fixes her hair. "I guess I wasn't ready for light speed travel!" She sarcastically yells at her driver. "This place is awesome!'

"I know, that's why I bought it," Chris replies. "Our next contestant is Quinn!" Chris turns around to see Quinn standing with the others.

"You look pale, your skin needs its own nutrients, much like a tree." She states to Viktor.

"Okay." Chris says awkwardly.

"Here comes someone else. She looks scary." Tiffs shakes.

A girl with spiky purple hair boards the yacht. "The names Ember, stay out of my way, and you'l live through the night."

Everyone's eyes widen until an overweight girl holding a cell phone boards. "This is so hashtag-cool," she states without looking up from her cell.

"You must be Nikki, right?" Chris asks.

Nikki nods her head.

"Here comes Karen." Chris states with a sigh of relief.

A tall woman with blondish-white hair boads the boat. She holds a briefcase in one hand, and a pair of bifocals in the other. "Competition has just arrived." She turns around to see a blonde-haired boy with an unxipped jacket pull up. He wears a white undershirt with dogtags hanging from his neck. All the girls, except for Ember, stare at his perfect features.

"I'm Nick, it's great to meet all of you!"

Nikki replies, "Hashtag-hot!"

Anyway, you all need to meet Sheldon.

A lanky boy boards the boat. "This is so cool. I'm so glad to be here. This will be so much fun! Where are we going first? Where will we sleep? How many more people will be here? Who are all of you? I'm sheldon, but I'm sure you know that. Are you Chris, because you look like a host?" Sheldon looks at his staring competitors. "I mean..'sup?"

A random guy walks up behind him and punches his shoulder. "I'm Dylan, just had to shut him up."

Chris nods approvingly. "Her comes Lenore!"

A woman in a dark brown dress boards the boat.

"What is this? 1955?" Dylan suggests. Everyone laughs.

"Laugh all you want," she replies, "my mom taught me to always look my best."

"When milking those cows?" Dylan asks.

Lenore smirks at him and joins the others.

"Knock it off." A boy boards the boat, disapprovingly shaking his head at Dylan. 'I'm Jeremy." He turns to Lenore. "You look great!"

Dylan chuckles, and Lenore blushes.

"This is Luke." Chris motions to the boy beside him, as everyone was destracted by Jeremy and Lenore's moment.

Another boat arrives, and a girl bearing a strong resemblance to Chris boards. 'Hey Uncle Chris!' She greets him.

"Gina, didn't expect you to be here." He states nervously.

'Daddy thought i should enter. Anyway, I haven't seen you since last Thanksgiving when you..."

"Okay, someone else is coming!" Chris changes the subject.

In the confessional, Gina states, "This will be fun!"

A girl boards the boat, giving a death glance to her driver. She passes Chris and stands by the others, not looking at anyone.

"You must be Sabrina!"

Sabrina gives a sarcastic nod and looks at her compeditors. "Piece of cake," she says to herself.

In the confessional Sabrina states, "They better watch their backs, because they don't even know what I'm capable of!"

A boat pulls up, and a girl wearing a football jersey jumps aboard. "I'm Ronnie, it's nice to meet you all."

Right after Ronnie comes Jordan, who gives a friendly yet mischievous smile. "I'm Jordan, great to be here."

One more boat pulls up, and a normal looking girld comes aboard.

"You must be Joan?" Chris asks.

Joan happily nods and joins the others.

"Here comes Ross and Walker." Chris states.

Ross and Walker's boats arrive simultaneously. 

"I'm Walker" he states boringly.

"I'm Ross!" he states enegetically.

"And they're not even related!' Chris states jokingly. "Well, that should be it. Wait, where's Widget?"

"Who?" Denise askes.

They hear a scream, and a short boy falls from the sky onto the yacht. "Technical difficulties."

"Understandable." Chris replies as his yacht begins to go. "Who's ready to hear teams?" With twenty two of you, I'll split you into teams of eleven. When you hear you name, come over hear.












You will for now be known as....The Terrible Tourists! As for the rest of you.












You will be known as...The Cruel Cub-Pilots!"

Chris shows them around his yacht, making his way to the kitchen. "Everyone, this is Chef Hatchet."

Chef explains, "I make you two meals a day. If you don't like what I make, then tough doo-doos!"

"Hashtag-whatever." Nikki replies.

Chris shows them their team suites, which aren't as "sweet" as the contestants expected.

Chris takes them up to the top floor. "Here is where elimination serimonies will take place, and you do not want to be here. At these services, I will pass out coconuts to whoever is safe. If you do not recieve a coconut, you must go to the door over there, and take the Dive of Shame! Any questions?" 

No one says a word.

"Okay, i'll give you an hour to set up, then it's off to Miami Beach, Florida! I know, exiting!" Chris then leaves the campers to explore the yacht.

Back at the Tourists' suite, "I've always wanted to go to Miami!" Sheldon exclaims.

"Whatever...It doesn't matter what you like, we're winning this no matter what!" Dylan replies.

"It might be fun," Joan replies.

"Are you kidding! Miami! This is gonna rock!" Nick shouts.

"Yeah! Woo-hoo!' shouts everyone else on the team, except for Dylan.

Meanwhile, at the Cub-Pilots' suite, We have to win. We're not going to be the first losing team!" Sabrina states.

"She's right," replies Jordan.

"We'll be fine, I can sense it." Quinn replies.

"Let's hope you're sensing it right." Viktor says.

No one replies.

Chris is seen on the dock of his yacht. "What will come of these new teams? Will friendships be made? Will rivalries bubble up? What will Sheldon do in Miami? For the answers to all these questions and more, tune in next time on Total. Drama. Sets Sail!"

Chapter 2: Miami Beach Party

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