Total Drama Isle of Terror is back with a new season. Instead of a island with no food, no drinks and no electricity we're back with a full new cast on a action set. Living the world war in a new jacket, driving a pirateship in a pirate movie or be the romantic part of a romantic comedy? Don't miss anything of Total Drama Set of Drama! Written by ~ Loenev


  1. Aitor - The Dark Strategist
  2. Samuel - The Rich Snob
  3. Wayne - The Guy Nowhone Remembers
  4. Dean - The New Cool Guy
  5. Zane - The Troubled Soul
  6. Rhett - The Paranoid Dude
  7. Jeremy - The Sit Back and Watch Type of Guy
  8. Khukio - The Loopy Anime Addict
  9. Elijah - The Female To Male Transgender
  10. Erick - The Fabulous Designer
  11. Michael - The Everyone's Friend


  1. Lola - The Wannabe Actress
  2. Quinn - The Bumbling Scientist
  3. Luna - The Evil Lesbian
  4. Kamella - The Hilarious Pop Singer
  5. Kristel - The Serious Pop Singer
  6. Kathlenea - The Cute Pop Singer
  7. Fairy - The Addicted Fairy Figure
  8. Sophie - The Girl Next Door
  9. Alice - The Book Worm
  10. Nancy - The Gangster Girl
  11. Trixie - The Hyperactive Prankster


Episode 1: All Actors Gets Chosen

The camera turns on and Chris looks to it. He gets his latte and drinks it. "Goooooodmorning, people. Pretty famous face, 'r not? It's me, Chris McLean and it's time for a brand new season. You've seen Total Drama Isle of Terror and it was a huge success. I got a lot of awards for it. Now we're back with 22 new contestants who are going to compete in this new season. But as first we have to choose who is going to compete. We have 24 audition tapes who made it through the auditions. But we have to eliminate two, which is totally not hard for me." Chris introduced and looks at the computer. "We'll show you the audition tapes and after that we'll eliminate two of them. Because not everyone is born to be a actor. Yes, Total Drama fans, we're going back to a new action set! Welcome to the new season, Total Drama: Set of Drama!" Chris said.

~ Intro Sequence ~

Chris drinks some of his latte. "So we're going to watch the audition tapes now. It's the first look on every single contestant who is going to compete. I'm very excited because I never believed and expected last season would be so interesting. And the person who competed by 'accident' won! So everything can happen in Total Drama. Anyways, let's start!" Chris said and turns the computer on.

A girl sits in the library and is reading a book. Someone sighs and the girl looks up. "Oh, my bad, sorry. I was just reading something. I'm Alice Kingsworth, I'm sixteen years old and I love to read. My favorite books are 'medicates to get smarter', 'brain test: the ultimate test' and my favorite... 'the language book: extended version.' Yes, I'm probably the m- Dirck? Dirck? You are sleeping. Oh no, don't fall on the-" Alice said as the camera drops out.

Chris notes something on his notepad. "Boring, boring and boring. But I think she can bring something to Total Drama. Let's continue." Chris stated.

The camera turns on and shows a boy. He wears a lot of pink and purple. "Heyyyy Chrissyy!" He said high. "My name is Elijah! But if that's hard to pronounce you can say El! I live in Toronto, a very very busy city. Anyways, before you're deleting my audition because you think I'm gay, well, I'm not. I'm not even hundred per cent male. Because I was born as a girl. My girl name is Renate. But I don't wanna be a girl. I wanna be a boy. That's not hard to understand, right? I wanna act as myself and live as myself. And that's a boy." Elijah said and looks at the camera. He leaves a tear on his cheek and turns the camera off.

"Interesting audition, even when I think he's annoying as hell he could be interesting for this season. Let's continue." Chris said and looks at the computer.

"Casey, Casey! Bring that to my office. Darling, no." A boy said as he walks around with clothes. He looks at the camera and screams. "Oh my gosh, mariah, jesus! I forgot I had to do audition. I'll introduce myself. My name is Erick. Borned in Switzerland and now I'm a professional fashion designer in the middle of New York! And now I wanna do something new. I wanna be in Total Drama. Let me innnnnnn!" Erick pleased and looks at some girls behind him. "Go back to work, chop, chop!"

Chris laughed. "I don't know, he's bossy but too much confident. I think I have to decide later about him." Chris said.

A boy turns the camera on and looks at it. "I'm Jeremy, hello, I'm a great fan of Total Drama Isle of Terror and I think it would be amazing to compete in the second season." Jeremy said and drops the camera off. But he haven't put the camera off because he pushed on the wrong button. He's skyping with a boy. "Brick, I just did audition for that lame show Total Drama. I'm just doing it because if I win I get a lot of money. Easy, right?" He laughed and the camera turns off.

"Lame show? I'll prove you something else, boy." Chris said as she smiles. "Jeremy" He said as he writes his name on his notepad.

Three girls stands in the room and looks at the camera. "Hi Chris!" The three girls said on the same time. "My name is Kristel!" Kristel said. "I'm Kamella." Kamella said. "And I'm Kathlenea!" Kathlenea said. "And together we're K3!" The girls said and turns the music on. "Magic, magic, magic is everywhere. You don't have to going, going anywhere! Say a spell and use it only if you dare! And join our group if you are thereeeee!" The girls sung and and giggles.

"Three singing girls. And they are all singing up. What will this bring to Total Drama? It's quite interesting because I never got three singing girls in a show. Maybe it will reach some female viewers. Let's see what they'll bring." Chris said as he notes their names.

A girl sits on her chair and looks at her nails. "Alliances, strategy, we all know it." The girl said and looks at the camera. She looks gorgeous and Chris can't stop looking at her. "My name is Luna and I know you're looking all the time at me. But I'll tell you one thing, I'm a master in tricking boys. I don't like boys because I'm lesbian. Yes, Chris. And that's why all the boys are going to be manipulated by me. It's time for a girl revolution and not only boys will be my victims. I'm strategy herself and I've played a lot of online ORG's. Let me in and you'll what I can bring to the show." Luna said and shows a piece of her boobs. She winks as she drops the camera off.

"That girl is dangerous..." Chris said as he writes Luna's name on his notepad as fast as he can.

The camera turns on and four girls are smoking. "It's on!" A voice said. One of the four girls stands up and laughs. "Well, my name is Caty and I-" The girl said and gets interrupted by the girl who stands behind the camera. "No, your name is Nancy, remember." The girl said. "Oh yeah, right. I'm going to do audition for Total Drama because I am a bad girl." Nancy said and falls on the bench. She's laughing and continues smoking. The girl behind the camera walks in the front of it. "She's high..." She said and turns the camera off.

Chris laughs and claps. "This girl is pretty funny to watch. I'm curious what she will bring to Total Drama." Chris said. He turns the computer on and sees Gibby from the show iCarly.

"Lovin' youuu... is my favorite thing to do..." Gibby sings but Chris turns the sound of the computer on zero so he can't listen what he is singing.

"Seriously? Is this a joke." Chris said and turns the sound on as the other audition starts.

"My name is Rhett." Rhett begins. Everything is dark. "Oh no, not again!" Rhett removes the flap off the camera. Rhett is seen in his room, blushing and smiling. "Sorry for the flap, I just forgot that. And sorry I'm talking about nothing... this one is wrong again!!!" Rhett shouts and slaps himself in his face. "No I'm not going to be in Total Drama!!!" Rhett grabs a pillow and throws it to the camera, who falls on the ground.

Chris looks surprised and writes Rhett his name on his notepad. "It's funny to see the contestants are all dramatic and different from each other. Well, besides Gibby." Chris said and shakes his head.

A guy turns his camera on and swings. "Hey! My name is Wayne, maybe you remember me from The Voice of UK? Well I didn't passed the battle but who cares? I was on TV! I have a lot of friends who supports me." Wayne said and shows his fans. His mother and two little sisters are yelling for him. "See? So please I hope I can make Total Drama!"

"Sure..." Chris said and wants to write his name. "Wait, what is his name again?" He asked and thinks. As he writes his name he waits. "Twelve auditions left. Twelve auditions are done. Except Gibby everyone is going to be accepted. They are all by all very interesting and they could bring a lot to Total Drama. They will be in one team and I name them... The Shining Spotlights." Chris said and turns the computer on.

A boy lights his room with some candles. "Hello, Chris. I know you're looking to me right now. You may not interested but I know you do. I know everything. I know you're looking around now because I don't only know everything, I'm everywhere. No, I'm not behind you, Chris. I'm everywhere and nowhere. My name is Aitor and I know I'm going to be in Total Drama." Aitor said and blows the candle's out.

Chris looks around him. "Scary dude..." Chris said as he frowns.

A boy turns his camera on and winks. "Dean is the name." Dean said and looks at his biceps. "And all the girls love me. They call me the new cool guy. I know, I know, I look pretty hot but I'm very strategic. Total Drama needs a boy like me. So, Chris, accept me. All the girls will fall in love for me, the boys wants to be on my side. It's time for some Total Drama." Dean said and turns the camera off.

"He's confident and I like his style. But if he gets sarcastic to me it's bye bye Dean." Chris stated as he writes.

The camera shows a room full of Disney. Disney dolls, disney wall and a large doll of Cinderella. The camera gets dropped on a pink table. It shows a pink haired girl with a shirt of Mickey Mouse. "My name is Fairy and as you can see I'm a fan of Disney. It makes me stronger and when I'm watching disney movies I'm feeling free and confident. I love Disney! Who doesn't? I hope you will take me to Total Drama. It would be very nice to be in it. I can't wait." Fairy said and grabs her cuddly toy and hugs it.

Chris shakes his head. "I've never seen someone like this before." Chris said sarcastic as he rolls with his eyes. "Well, this one isn't singing. So let's give it a try."

A big fat Chinese boy sits behind his computer and is watching anime. "Moi name is Khukio, and now I'm watchin' anime. It's my life to watch it. And I'm fan of Danganronpa. Total Drama is like Danganronpa without kills." Khukio said and looks at the camera as the anime ends. "I wanna be in Total Drama but before that, I'm going to eat a lot. YUM!" Khukio stated and grabs a hamburger.

"Crazyness level hundred." Chris said.

A girl walks to the camera. Her lips are extremly red. She has tattoo's on her face. "I'm Lola and I'm a secret agent." Lola said and looks around her. "I have to find a way out of here..." She continued and climbs on the wall. She jumps off it and dances. "Now I'm a proffesional dancer. I'm going to play in Step Up 7!" Lola lied and continues dancing. Then she runs to the camera and rolls her eyes in a scary way. "And now I'm the ghost of a horror movie." Lola said and screams. The camera gets off.

"What the heck, this girl has some problems. Different personalities, right?" Chris said as shakes his head.

A black guy turns his camera on and looks very happy at the camera. "Hello! My name is Michael and I'm going to apply for Total Drama. I'm a very excited person, love to be with other people and to be in a competition sounds quite fun. I'm not a strategist, problem maker or lunatic. I'm just myself and want to give Total Drama a peaceful piece. Maybe it sounds boring but I would love to participate in Total Drama." Michael said and smiled.

"Finally a normal boy. And he looks very wise. Michael, you are going to be in Total Drama!" Chris said and looks at the computer. "Oh my gosh..."

"HAAAAIIII!!!!" A little boy said and jumps. "Hahahahahahah! Hahahahhaha! Hahahahha!" The crazy boy laughed but Chris turns the computer off.

"Too much..." Chris said.

The computer gets back on and a girl sits in her room. Everything around her are experiments, eccentic drinks and a lot of smoke. "I'm Quinn and this is my labratory. I'm a scientist and all my inventions are named Quinnventions." Quinn said as he tries a new experiment but then everything explodes. Quinn is black and looks at the camera. "This never, never happens." Quinn stated as she coughs.

"Hahahaha! That girl made my day, let's accept her." Chris said.

A boy sits in his golden chair with three girls around him. One of them is giving him grapes, the other is massaging his feet and the other is massaging is shoulders. "Millecent, could you massage my toes too?" The boy snapped at the girl who massages his feet. He looks at the camera. "I'm Samuel but you already know me. My father is one of the four owners of apple. I'm rich, hot and popular. Or not, girls?" Samuel asked as he looks at the girls. They nod and continues what they were doing. "I would love to be in Total Drama. Something new, right? And it's very popular so yeah... accept me."

Chris looks surprised. "Interesting, I take him. And damned, look at the massaging girl. I wanna have her for my feet." Chris said and looks at Chef who's walking to him. "Yes?"

"Chris, there's a problem." Chef said.

"A problem? What?!?" Chris asked annoyed.

Chef sighs. "The problem is you haven't paid me. The action set is done and I haven't gone any cent yet." Chef said.

"You get paid later, now go crying at your mother's house, please." Chris said. He looks at Chef who is walking away. He looks back at the computer and sees only a room.

"No, you have to go now, Peter." A girl says. "But I don't want to-" The boy said but gets interrupted by the girl her father. "Get out!" He shouts. The door of the room opens and a girl walks in. She looks at the camera. "Sorry, sorry. My name is Sophie and I would like to... to..." Sophie said and begins to cry. She runs out of the room and closes the door. The camera falls off the table on the ground.

Chris writes Sophie's name on his notepad. "A dramatic girl. She looks really nice." Chris said and looks at the computer.

A girl stands outside on a farm and swings. "Yoink! I'm Trixie and I'm a girl. I sign up for Total Drama because it seems to fun. Chris, do you wanna hear a joke? Well, here it is. Two boys walks to the farm, says the one to the other; hey dude, you smell. The other says; no you smell. Do you get it? They walk on the farm. It smells always there. HAHAHAHAHAH!" Trixie laughed. "Yoink!"

Chris frowns. "One, that funny is not even funny and two... what the heck means yoink?" Chris said. "Anyway, she looks like someone who could be interesting? And now the last one, finally."

A boy looks around him. He hears a plane and jumps behind his bed. "World War III?" He said afraid. He hears a scream. "A ghost in my house?" He stated. "Ehh.. ehh.." He said. "Zane! Come we're going to starbucks!" A girl said. The boy, who is Zane, stands up. "Maybe someone will run over us. Or maybe someone is putting poison things on our drink at starbucks..." Zane said as he walks out of the room.

"O my freakin' god. This guy is funny as hell." Chris said and writes his name. "We have the cast! Alice, Elijah, Erick, Jeremy, Kamella, Kathlenea, Kristel, Luna, Nancy, Rhett and Wayne. They are going to be the Shining Spotlights." Chris said and looks at the other eleven.

"Aitor, Dean, Fairy, Khukio, Lola, Michael, Quinn, Samuel, Sophie, Trixie and Zane will be in the other team. The laughing boy has failed. Poor guy. Anyways, this eleven are going to be the Production Producers. I'm a genius." Chris said and press on a button. "All the contestants who are going to compete are going to receive a message from me." Chris said and smiled.

He walks out of the computer room and looks around him. "It looks like a amusement park. Chef did a great job." Chris said and turns to the camera. "The contestants are chosen, the set is done and we're going to wait here for the contestants. It's official, guys. Total Drama is back and it's time to cut off. See you soon for Total Drama: Set of Drama!" Chris ends and walks around.

Episode 2: TBA

Because of the spin-off Total Drama: The World Tour this story will continue after that one. Don't worry, I'm writing both now and a few episodes of this story are already written so this will continue!


Elimination table

Rank Contestant 1
TBA ♀ Alice IN
TBA ♂ Elijah IN
TBA ♂ Erick IN
TBA Jeremy IN
TBA ♀ Kamella IN
TBA Kathlenea IN
TBA ♀ Kristel IN
TBA Nancy IN
TBA Rhett IN
TBA Wayne IN
TBA ♂ Aitor IN
TBA Fairy IN
TBA Khukio IN
TBA Michael IN
TBA Quinn IN
TBA Samuel IN
TBA Sophie IN
TBA Trixie IN


  •      WINNER This person is the winner of the show.
  •      RUNNER-UP This person is the runner-up of the show.
  •      NAME: This contestant was a member of 'Team A'.
  •      NAME: This contestant was a member of 'Team B'.
  •      NAME: This contestant was a member of 'Team C'.
  •      WIN This contestant was on the winning team/This contestant won immunity.
  •      WIN This person was on the second team.
  •      LOW This contestant was received the last marshmallow at the elimination ceremony.
  •      IN This contestant was safe and received a marshmallow at the elimination ceremony.
  •      LEFT This contestant quit the game or left for (un)known reasons.
  •      ROCK This contestant was eliminated by the evil rock.
  •      OUT This contestant was voted out of the competition.

Elimination Order

Castaway Original Tribe Mixed Tribe Merged Finish Votes Against
01Alice01 Alice
The Book Worm
The Shining Spotlights
01Elijah01 Elijah
The Female To Male Transgender
The Shining Spotlights
01erick01 Erick
The Fabulous Designer
The Shining Spotlights
01jeremy01 Jeremy
The Sit Back and 'Watch' Type of Guy
The Shining Spotlights
01Kamella01 Kamella
The Hilarious Pop-Singer
The Shining Spotlights
01Kathlenea01 Kathlenea
The Cute Pop-Singer
The Shining Spotlights
01Kristel01 Kristel
The Serious Pop-Singer
The Shining Spotlights
01luna01 Luna
The Evil Lesbian
The Shining Spotlights
01Nancy01 Nancy
The Gangster Girl
The Shining Spotlights
01Rhett01 Rhett
The Paranoid Dude
The Shining Spotlights
01wayne01 Wayne
The Guy Nowhone Remembers
The Shining Spotlights
01aitor01 Aitor
The Dark Strategist
The Production Producers
01dean01 Dean
The New Cool Guy
The Production Producers
01fairy01 Fairy
The Addicted Fairy Figure
The Production Producers
01Khukio01 Khukio
The Loopy Anime Addict
The Production Producers
01lola01 Lola
The Wannabe Actrice
The Production Producers
01michael01 Michael
The Everyone's Friend
The Production Producers
01quinn01 Quinn
The Bumbling Scientist
The Production Producers
01samuel01 Samuel
The Rich Snob
The Production Producers
01sophie01 Sophie
The Girl Next Door
The Production Producers
01Trixie01 Trixie
The Hyperactive Prankster
The Production Producers
01Zane01 Zane
The Troubled Soul
The Production Producers

Voting Table

This section is for now unlocked, when the first voting is done this section will be posted.


  • This story was supossed to be written by Loenev and Blaze. Since Blaze was inactive, Loenev decided to write it by herself. Conker was interested as well but he is going to focus on his own story. He will return for the third season which is probably a fans vs. favorite season.
  • Credits to Blaze for creating Aitor, Dean, Samuel, Sophie, Trixie, Zane, Alice, Jeremy, Nancy, Rhett and Wayne.
  • Fairy, Khukio, Michael, Quinn, Lola, Luna, Erick, Elijah, Kristel, Kamella and Kathlenea are created by Loenev.
  • Same as Total Drama Isle of Terror the first episode is the introducing episode with all the audition tapes.

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