EllWelcome to Total Drama Secret Agent Academy! 14 contestants will be trying to figure out if they will be the best secret agent!
















Chris: This is Chris McMclain. Bringing you another season of Total Drama! This time, 14 contestants are going to stay at this abandoned russian secret base from World War 2. They are going to do challenges to figure out who could be a super spy! Now, Lets meet our contestants.

Amy: Now that Samey is not here to slow me down, I'm gonna win!

Owen: Time to win again! Woohoo!

Dawn: You're aora is doing well, Chris.

Ella: Its good to be back, This time I'm gonna stay on track!

Katie: If only Sadie was here. There are alot of nice people.

Scott: I don't really have anything to say...

Tyler: This is going to be a awesome season! Espeiacally since I have-

Lindsay: Me! Hi Tyler!

Max: Since I'm here, this season is going to be full of EVIL!

Izzy: You're funny, little guy! Hi Owen!

Bridgette: Hey guys, S'up?

Brick: 1,2,3,4 gonna get money galore!

Chris: Welcome everyone, to Total Drama Secret Agent Acadamy. I suggest you go to your rooms, because your challenge is going to start soon.

The Rooms (Everyone has their own room)

Amy: Ugh. This place must have been abandoned since 1601. Its totally messy!

Owen: Wow. This place is high tech.

Dawn: I don't really like this tech style. I'm more of the nature type.

Ella: If only this place had a radio

Katie: I can't wait till we start! I just wonder how Sadie is doing. I wonder what she is up too.

Scott: Is there any dirt to eat? Ugh!

Tyler: Wow! This is awesome

Lindsay: The prettiest competitor does deserve something like this.

Max: Oh! Tech Style! The perfect sleeping quarters for somebody EVIL like me.


Bridgette: Cool place we got here. :)

Brick: New places are good experiences.

Chris: Attention Contestants! Report to the mess hall!

  • Everone trys to open door, but figures out that its locked.


Chris: Surprise! You guys are doing your first challenge! Heres the deal, in every room, there is a key that will help you get out of your room. The order you escape will determine which team you will be on. Contestants ready? OK. And, GO!

Tyler: *turns around* that was easy. *puts key in the lock, and escapes the room*

Amy: *gasp* I have a mole! *grabs make up kit, and finds the key under it* I'll escape right after I put make-up over this mole! *puts makeup over the mole, puts key in the lock, and escapes the room*

Owen: Forget the key! *runs into the door, and breaks it down*

Ella: Come my animal friends! *bear breaks down door, and Ella exits the room* Thanks Mr.Bear!

Brick: *finds key, puts it in the lock, and escapes*

Scott: *finds key, puts it in the lock, and escapes*

Katie: *finds key, puts it in the lock, and escapes*

Izzy: Woohoo! *jumps out of the window*

Max: Time to EVIL! *throws paper towels at the door* OH COME ON! I guess it came to this. *jumps out the window*

Bridgette: Good thing I brought my surfboard with me! *rams door with surfboard* There we go.

Cameron: *finds key, puts it in the lock, and escapes*

Geoff: *finds key, puts it in the lock, and escapes*

Dawn: *opens window, and leaves*

Lindsay: *finds key, and leaves*

Chris: Congrats! You all made it out alive! Now, as I said before, the order you came in determined your teams. Here are the teams:

Screaming Fighters








Killer Dodgers








Episode 2

Chris: Now thatthee teams are selected, I have a annoucementt to make. The rooms you were trapped in are NOT going to be your rooms for this season. It was just for this challenge.

Amy: Whatever. Those rooms sucked anyway.

Owen: Meh. I don't really care.

Chris: Anyways, it is time for your second challenge!


Chris: Now, for this challenge, there is a obstacle course. Basically a team of 2 will do a certain part of the course, and then tag the next team to do their part of the course. This will go on until the last part, where only 1 person will finish the game off. The first team to finish the course wins immunity. Does everybody understand?

Dawn: I understand completely

Ella: Yes! :)

Chris: Alright, so get into your groups, and we will start the challenge.


Part 1: Brick and Scott vs Geoff and Bridgette

Part 2: Tyler and Owen vs Dawn and Cameron

Part 3: Ella and Amy vs Izzy and Lindsay

Part 4: Max vs Katie

Brick: *runs* Hurry, Scott! We're falling behind!

Scott: I'm going as fast as I can! *runs*

Bridgette: *runs*Come on, Geoff We're almost there!

Geoff: *runs*

Bridgette and Geoff tag Dawn and Cameron

Geoff: Yes!

Brick and Scott tag Tyler and Owen

Scott: Go!

Owen: I'm sorry Tyler, but... But... I think I'm going to fart... *farts on Tyler's face*

Tyler: Oh god! *faints*

Owen: Don't worry, Tyler! I'll get us to Part 3. *runs*

Dawn and Cameron tag Izzy and Lindsay

Dawn: Hurry, friends!

Owen tags Ella and Amy

Owen: Come on, we're falling behind!

Tyler: *cough* Help me!

Lindsay: *looks behind her and gasps* Tyler!

Izzy: Don't let him distract you! *carrys Lindsay to Part 4*

Izzy tags Max

Izzy: You can do it, Max!

Max: Evil does not need any cheering to win a challenge! * runs*

Ella and Amy tag Katie

Ella: You can do it!

Katie: *runs and passes Max* see ya later!

Max: What? How can the power of EVIL not work?!

Katie finishes

Chris: And The Screaming Fighters Win! Killer Dodgers, I'll see you at The Elimination Ceremony tonight.


Chris: OK, campers. You know what to do.

Izzy: Lindsay. She wss too worried about Tyler.

Max: Izzy.

Bridgette: Max.

Chris: So you made your votes. Now irss time to hand out the marshmallows.

The marshmallows go too...





and Izzy.

Lindsay... Max... One of you is going home tonight.

The final marshmallow goes to...


Lindsay: Yay!

Max: WHAT?! well, then I shall curse you with the power of EVIL!

Chris: Hey Max, can you hold on to this grapling gun please?

Max: Oh sure Chris. Why?

Max gets pulled into a helicopter by the grapling gun, and the helicopter flys away.

And THAT is the way you guys will leave the academy. Also, congrats. You are safe! For now...

Episode 3

Layout Of The Base

Layout Of The Base
Hall Hall Hall
Boys Bathroom Training Center Girls Bathroom
Chris' Lodge Challenge Center Chef's Lodge
Victor's Lodge Mess Hall Loser's Lodge

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