Total Drama Secret

This season will feature the original TDWT members except for Alejandro, Caged Up Zeke, Katie, and Sadie. The other twenty one are competing again for the million dollars.


1. Beth

2. Blaineley

3. Bridgette

4. Cody

5. Courtney


7. Duncan

8. Eva

9. Geoff

10. Gwen

11. Harold

12. Heather


14. Justin

15. Leshawna

16. Lindsay

17. Noah

18. Owen

19. Sierra


21. Tyler

"Like A Secret Man, Part 1"

"Chris McLean here bringing you an all new season of Total Drama. In this season twenty one of our old contestants from all three seasons are competing again, but this time at a secret laboratory with guards, traps, and even special spy stuff. When the merge approaches the eight people will move on as Official Spies, but the winner will be crowned Ultimate Spy and given the million dollars. This season their will be four teams, and challenges deadlier than the first. Stay tuned because this is Total Drama Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Okay," began Chris, "This season is simple if your team will lose they have to go to the Secret Board Room. Their they will receive an access pass for the next challenge, that the other team that won already got. When one member does not receive a pass they must take the Ladder of Shame into the Helicopter of Losers, where they'll be taken home. So we have returning Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Harold, DJ, Trent, Cody, Sierra, Bridgette, Tyler, Trent, Noah, Owen, Geoff, LeShawna, Blainley, Lindsay, Beth, Justin, Izzy, and Eva!!!!" The old contestants came walking out.

"Welcome back," said Chris. The group gave a glum hooray. "Good to see you too," said Chris. Now this season you will have to go through our secure secret database. As you come out we will be placing you on teams. Any questions?"

Harold raised his hand. "What Harold?"

"Like where are we?" he asked.

"It's a secret!" said Chris.

"But I wanna know-"

"Shut up Harold!" said Chris. "Okay we're done with questions."

"Now be careful in their. We have traps and many surveillance systems, so be careful where you go. You'll know when your out because a finish line will be at the end. Also, the confessional is in a opened cell near your cell bedrooms I'll show you after this race. So, ready set, secret!"

The teens ran inside the huge black building. In the begining their was already five passages. "Cody should come with me!" suggested Sierra, still bald.

"Help!!!!!" said Cody in the vault confessional.

Gwen followed Geoff down one way, and Trent followed Gwen, Bridgette, DJ, LeShawna went down the way with Gwen Geoff and Trent. Courtney and Duncan together went down one path together. For some odd reason Harold ended up walking down the same passage with Courtney and Duncan. Owen, Blainley, Noah, and Izzy went down another path together. Tyler and Lindsay followed them. Eva randomly picked and went down one passage. Sierra and Cody went down the path that Eva, Gwen, Geoff, Bridgette, Trent, DJ, and LeShawna went down. Justin and Beth also went down the path that Eva and Sierra and Cody went down.

Actually surprisingly Blainley made it out first with Heather behind. "Okay Blainley and Heather stand right here.

"If I have to be on the same team as that-" said Heather in the confessional.

"Linday, Tyler, Noah you can stand next to Blainley and Heather. You guys are the first offcial team of Total Drama Secret!"

"What!" Screamed Heather, Blainley, and Noah at the same time.

Owen came rolling behind with Izzy laughing up a storm.

"Izzy, Owen, stand right here. Courtney and Duncan came running out, with Harold behind. "Harold, Courtney, and Duncan stand next to Izzy and Owen. You guys are the second official team of Total Drama Secret!!"

Coutney glared at Owen, Izzy, and Harold.

Out came Trent Gwen, Geoff, Eva, and DJ altogether. "You five are now the third offical team. Where are the others?"

Suddenly the dark building blew up. Out flew Justin, Beth, Bridgette, Sierra, Cody, and LeShawna with soot marks .

"There they are!" said Chris. "Okay. Now we will do like in TDWT. Your with your team will choose a team name. Heather, Blainley, Noah, Lindsay, Tyler what's your team name?" Together they said Champions with a yellow logo with a star.

"Stop it Owen!" yelled Courtney as Owen poked her in the rib.

"Your team-" started Chris, but then Courtney ended it with, "OWEN!!!!!!!"

"Okay Team Owen," said Chris.

"What!" yelled Courtney.

A blue logo shot up with the maple leaf on Owen's shirt.

"Okay Trent team name is,"

"Team MP3!" Eva put her MP3 up and a green logo shot up with a MP3 on it.

Chris looked over to Sierra, but before Chris could say anything Sierra said, "TEAM CODYLICOUSS!!!" Everyone looked at her and a red logo shot up with a heart.

"Okay," said Chris, "Now that we have our teams we can have an elimination. The last team to form was Team Codylicouss, so I'll see you guys tonight in the Exploded Secret Base you guys blew up!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Okay it wasn't my fault that the secret base exploded!" said LeShawna in the confessional.

At the Elimination Ceremony everyone had to sit outside of the base in the cold weather. "Okay," said Chris. It's simple. You'll vote for sombody in the Vault place your vote into the tub and if you do not receive a Secret Passport you must leave and take the Ladder of Shame and ride the Helicopter of Losers Home, okay so Cody you can start to vote. The order went Cody, Sierra, LeShawna, Bridgette, Justin, Beth.

"Okay, the first passport goes to, LeShawna, Cody, Beth, Bridgette. The last passport goes to..... Justin, Sierra you are out!!

Sierra looked at her team. "Oh well. You can't win them all!!!!!"

She gave Cody a big smooch on the lips and rode on the Helicopter away.

"So what will become of these teens living in this dangerous secret," said Chris. "Only you can find out next time on Total Drama SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Like A Secret Man, Part 2"

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