After 6 big TD seasons Chris McLean made an ultimate season including all stars.

Note: If you know how this season would be better say it at the talk. Atenttion! I won't accept everything!

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Everyone Determined!

Theme Song

Dear mom and dad I'm doing fine - Noah, Dawn and Gwen are talking and Ezekiel runs across them in his wild form.

You guys are on my mind - Shawn, Lightning and Geoff are on a tree and Lightning is going to attack Shawn. When he tries Geoff pushes him off and Lightning falls.

You asked me what I wanted to be - Lightning falls on Max while he is evily laughing. Scott comes and slightly kicks them with Sam and Bridgette looking at him.

And now I think it is plain to see - Scarlett and Courtney are glaring to each other and Samey is writing her diary. A bird gets the diary and drops it on Courtney's head.

I wanna be famous - Jasmine, Lindsay, Tyler, Zoey, Duncan, Ella, Alejandro, Heather, DJ, LeShawna and Sky are swimming and a shark goes to them. They all swim away and then Izzy gets off her mask.

I wanna live close to the sun - Amy and Anne Maria are running while glaring at eachother when a rocket with B on it crashes on Amy.

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won - Eva and Jo are lifting logs while next to them Brick is hugging a bunny.

Everything to prove, nothing in my way - cameras are on Dakota who is chatting on her phone and Trent who is playing his quitar when Beardo comes and everyone looks ashamed of him.

I'll get there one day - Owen and Blaineley are hugging, Dave is next to them looking at a picture of Sky, Justin is looking at his mirror.

Cause, I wanna be famous - Cody, Rodney, Cameron and Mike are eating some pizza at the restaurant while Sierra is giving the tidied up Harold and Leonard with a ridiculous looking soup with eyes.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na! - Katie and Sadie are hugging eachother

I wanna be, I wanna be famous - Staci blabs when a bear comes and pushes her off the docks

I wanna be, I wanna be famous - Beth jugles her torches when Sugar is kissing a pig.

(Whistling tune) - Chris is holding a peanut bag, a chris award and a marshmellow when Topher scares him off and Chris drops them.

Aftermath Theme Song

Theme song for aftermath plays but instead of a big sign there are pictures of Zoey and Mike.

Wondering Rabbits

Name Place Reason
Ezekiel 50th

He cost his team the win by slipping at the big ship.

Sam 48th He was chosen to be the weakest and when his team lost the dodgeball challenge was automaticlly eliminated.
Samey 47th She shooted Amy with her paintball gun wich made Izzy shoot both Amy and Samey. 
Zoey 40th Most of her teammates voted for her because she was a threat.
Courtney TBA TBA
Lindsay TBA TBA
Duncan TBA TBA
Anne Maria TBA TBA
Blaineley TBA TBA
Beardo TBA TBA
Topher TBA TBA
Jasmine TBA


Smart Foxes

Name Place Reason
Bridgette 49th

She refused to fight with Geoff. Which ended up with her team's loss and her elimination.

Sky 46th She didn't answer her question and was automaticlly eliminated.
Justin 45th He hit Eva and the bus made two big circles which was because they lost.
Eva 44th She ruined the girl's trailer and even voted for herself.
Dakota 43rd She annoyed her team by saying to them that she had to sing in the challenge.
DJ 42/41st He quit because he didn't want to enter the spooky dark mansion along with Brick.
Brick 42/41st He quit because he didn't want to enter the spooky dark mansion along with DJ.
Owen 39th He didn't manage to collect all of his flags and was automatically disqualified.
Leshawna TBA TBA
Heather TBA TBA
Alejandro TBA TBA
Harold TBA TBA
Sierra TBA TBA
Cameron TBA TBA
Lightning TBA TBA
Leonard TBA TBA
Rodney TBA TBA

Grand Canyon

Name Place Reason

Fearsome Astronauts

Name Place Reason


Name Place Reason

Episode 1: Like Old Days

Like Old Days
Season 7, Episode 1
Challenge Race from the ship to the docks
Reward No
Winner(s) Smart Foxes
Eliminated Ezekiel
Episode Guide
"Lies, Cries and One Big Prize"
"Dream Match"
At a lake near the sunken island of Wawanakwa Chris Mclean and Chef Hatchet are on a boat.

Chris: Are you sure It'll work?

Chef: So -so

They hear an explosion and Wawanakwa shows itsself infront of the camera.

Chris: Perfect!

"Theme song plays"

Chris is standing at the dock: Hey, everyone! Welcome to my all new island! With a new Villa de los Losers! With new animals! With new cabins! And with old contestants! Lets meet them!

Chris shows a giant ship. In it Staci talks to Katie, Sadie, Lindsay and Amy:

Staci: My grand - grand - grand - grandfather Jack invented names. Before that people said "hello, you". Funny, right?

Lindsay, Katie and Sadie all laugh.

Amy CONF: These four girls are even stupider than I thought!Hmm... Maybe thats good for me

Blaineley and Anne Maria are sitting on their chairs:

Blaineley: I can't believe that I didn't win the beauty contest!

Anne Maria: Well, I don't need stupid beauty contests to prove that I'm beautiful. Not like you!

Blaineley: What?! You think I am not beautiful?!

Anne Maria: Of course you are not. I am.

Blaineley: Ugh. You are so dead!

The two start fighting while Justin crosses them by and looks at Zoey:

Justin: Your eyes are pretty.

Zoey: Thanks. Your eyes are pretty, too.

Mike is in the corner and watches them.

Mike CONF: Justin is planning something. I can feel it...

Noah, Cody and Owen all walk:

Noah: Hey Cody what happened to Sierra?

Cody: I don't know. When she saw Dave she just jumped on him and forgot about me.

Owen: I can't believe this! Sierra left you by yourself for five minutes!

They see Sierra crossing them by while giving Dave a piggyback.

Sierra: You will never get him while I'm alive!

Dave: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp...

Then they see Sky chasing Sierra:

Sky: Stop right there! You can't steal my boyfriend just like that!

Sky crosses by:

Noah, Cody and Owen: Wow!

Then Izzy hops on Noah:

Izzy: I want a piggyback too.

Chris (on the loudspeakers): Warning, campers! The ship will explode! Hop on the two life - boats!

While they are escaping Beardo makes an emergency sound:

Heather: Would you stop this nonsense! It's obvious that Chris tricks us!

DJ: From where do you know?

Heather: Because Chef and the interns aren't running to save their lives!

Nobody listens to her and they all keep running. At the first life boat Ezekiel slips and falls.

Jo: Let's go!

Zoey: No! We have to wait for Ezekiel to hop with us too.

Ezekiel stands up and hops on the boat along with Noah, Katie, Izzy, Beth, Courtney, Trent, Lindsay, Geoff, Duncan, Gwen, Sierra, Staci, B, Sam, Anne Maria, Jo, Zoey, Blaineley, Beardo, Amy, Samey, Topher, Shawn and Jasmine all hop on a boat with a rabbit illustriation on it. Eva, Justin, Tyler, Cody, Sadie, Harold, Bridgette, DJ, LeShawna, Heather, Owen, Alejandro, Dakota, Dawn, Brick, Mike, Scott, Lightning, Cameron, Leonard, Rodney, Ella, Sky, Dave and Sugar hop on the other boat with a fox on it.

After the foxes arrive first at the dock and hop on it:

Chris: And the Smart Foxes win the challenge. The smart foxes are those who escaped from the ship with the boat with a fox on it.

Sam: Wait! That was a challenge?

Chris: Yes, and you are on the losing team A.K.A. the Wondering Rabbits! You will face eliminaton tonight!

All Wondering Rabbits gasp.

The camera shows the elimination area a few hours later:

Chris: OK. This is your first elimination ceremony. Who does not recieve a marshmellow will have to leave immideatly the island and catch the boat of losers and head to Villa Del Los Losers. And won't return. EVER. But this won't be Geoff!

Geoff Gets his marshmallow

Geoff: Yay! The party is still on!

Chris: Or Shawn and Amy.

Shawn and Amy hug eachother.

Shawn and Amy: Nothing personall.

Chris: Safe are also Noah, Katie, Courtney, Blaineley, Staci, Trent and Beth. Marshmellows also belong to Lindsay, Izzy, B, Sam and Jo. Or Anne Maria. And Samey.

They all jump: Yay!

Chris: Also safe are Duncan, Jasmine, Gwen, Sierra and Topher. Now we step to the contestants with votes. One of you will have to leave this island.

Finders Creepers (36)

Zoey is ashamed of herself

And won't return. EVER. But this won't be Zoey.

Zoey: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Chris: Beardo, you are here because of your annoying sounds. And Ezekiel, your here because you cost your team the win. And the final marshmellow goes to...

Beardo. Sorry, Ezekiel. Time to go.
Character Rankings Ezekiel

Ezekiel leaves

Zoey: Bye.

Ezekiel: See ya all at Villa de los Losers!

Chris: Who will follow Ezekiel? Will Anne Maria and Blaineley finally become friends? And will Sierra totally forget Cody? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Episode 2: Dream Match

Dream Match
Season 7, Episode 2
Challenge Fight your dreams
Reward No
Winner(s) Wondering Rabbits
Eliminated Bridgette
Episode Guide
"Like Old Days"
"Gaming, dodging and more"
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Season of Stars: We brought 50 old contestants back to the island! They had to escape from the ship with wich they arrived! At the end the Wondering Rabbits lost to the Smart Foxes and had to vote off Ezekiel. AGAIN. Who will follow him? Find out this time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Theme song plays*

The camera shows the Foxe's girl cabin:

Leshawna: Oh, baby! Harold is so cool!

Dakota: What do you find in him? He isn't smart, he isn't strong, he isn't even beautyful! I don't understand.

Bridgette: Well, I don't know about you, guys. But I think I like Geoff!

Sugar: What?! He isn't even on your team!

Bridgette: Yeah, but I find him kinda cute!

Camera shows the Rabbit's boy cabin. Noah is lying on his bed and Sam is playing a videogame:

Noah: What are you playing?

Sam: I'm playing Subway Surfers.

Noah: B - o - r - i - n - g. This game is for kids. Even when I was 10 I placed 1st place in the highscore in that game.

Sam: Really?

Noah: Yeah.

Camera shows Rabbit's girl cabin where Lindsay, Staci, Katie and Amy are sitting on bunk beds:

Lindsay: Why isn't Tyler on my team? I'm like, SO upset.

Katie: Yeah, me too. I miss Sadie. It is so unfair.

Staci: My grand - grand - grand - grandmother Maria invented teams. Before that everybody was by thereselfs.

Katie and Lindsay smile.

Amy: Stop this nonsense! How about we make an alliance?

Lindsay: I'm in. CONF: I want to win this season! That's why I'm in the alliance.

Katie: I'm in.

Staci: My grand - grandfather invented alliances.

Amy: Are you in or not?

Staci: Then I'm in.

Chris (loudspeaker): Atention contestants go out and I will tell you what the challenge is!

All contestants go out:

Chris: Today three contestants from each team are facing their dreams into a match. If you defeat your dream you get a point for your team. Losers have an elimination ceremony. Rabbits, you start first with Sierra. Sierra, your match will be with ...Cody! You will have to beat him to score a point for the Rabbits!

Sierra: No problem.

Cody looks nervous CONF: I have a bad feeling...

On the ring Sierra throws Cody out of it immideatly and he falls on the ground:

Cody: Ouch!

Rabbits: Yay!

Chris: One point for the Rabbits. Next up is... Anne Maria! Your match will be with a hair gel robot! You have to defeat him!

Anne Maria: No problemo!

Anne Maria sprays the monster with a hair gel for bad hair gel robots and it explodes.

Anne Maria: Who is a pretty lady now.

Blainley: I am.

Anne Maria: Ugh!

Chris: OK. Two points. It's Noah's turn you will have to face Izzy!

Noah: What?! I don't even like her!

Chris: We shall see! Izzy!

Izzy hops on the ring:

Izzy: Mua - ha - ha - ha! You are a gonner!

Noah lies on the ground:

Noah: No! I can't hurt you!

Izzy: Sorry. But I have to do it!

She hits Noah and he falls off the ring.

Rabbits: Noah!

Noah: Sorry guys!

Chris: It is the Foxe's turn! But first Rabbits have 2 points! I choose DJ! You will have to face all the angry animals from Season 3!

DJ: Uh - oh!

While DJ and the animals fight Scott goes behind the ring and places animal food on the ground without anyone seeing him.

Scott CONF: What?! I'm tired of loosing!

The animals smell the food and hop from DJ to the food wich makes DJ to win.

Sam, Staci and Dawn watch how DJ fights with the angry animals

Chris: One point for the Foxes! Next Bridgette! You have to face Geoff!

Bridgette: I refuse to face Geoff! He is my boyfriend!

Chris: OK then.That means that The Rabbits win!

Rabbits: Yay!

Foxes: Oooooooooooh! Why?

Chris: Because none of them refused to fight. See ya at the campfire

Bridgette refuses to fight with Geoff

At the elimination ceremony:

Chris: OK. Foxes, this is your first elimination ceremony. Who does not recieve will be eliminated. And won't return. EVER. But this won't be Eva. Or Tyler... safe are also all the others but not Bridgette and Harold. Harold, you are here because... I don't know and Bridgette, you are here because you refused to fight with Geoff. I think its obvious that the final marshemellow goes to...


Bridgette: Oh, maybe I had to beat Geoff.

Sugar: Told you that you will be eliminated if you keep meeting with him.

Geoff comes: Bye, babe.

Bridgette: Bye.

Chris: Two are down 48 left! Who is going to be the third to be eliminated? Find out next time on Total Drama Season Of Stars!

Episode 3: Gaming, dodging and more

Gaming, dodging and more
Season 7, Episode 3
Challenge Dodgeball
Reward No
Winner(s) Smart Foxes
Eliminated Sam
Episode Guide
"Dream Match"
"Paintball Rabbit and Dear Hunt"
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Season of Stars: Amy made an alliance between her, Staci, Katie and Lindsay. Our contestants had to face their dreams! After Bridgette refused to fight Geoff the Smart Foxes lost and eliminated her. Who will follow Bridgette? Will Amy's alliance last? Find out here! On TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Theme song plays*

Camera shows Rabbit's girl cabin where Amy, Staci, Katie, Samey and Lindsay rest.

Staci: My grand - grand - grandfather Mario invented resting. Before that people just died of fatigue.

Samey: Hey, Lindsay what did you do yesterday?

Lindsay: Oh, we just made our allian... - Amy puts her hand on Lindsay's mouth.

Amy: Nothing special.

Samey: I don't trust you!

Samey goes out:

Amy: She is the next one going down!

Everyone goes out:

Chris: Today's challenge is the clasical game of dodgeball. I think everyone knows it. So, follow me to the dodge room!

While everyone follows Chris Geoff and Trent are behind:

Geoff: Bri - dge - tte...

Trent: I know you are upset, but we need to win this challenge!

Geoff: OK. I understand you.

The contestants arrive to the dodgeball room.

Chris: OK. Now I want everyone to arrive to the dodging room. We need 23 from each team on each side because there will be only one match. Teams, choose who isn't playing from your team.

DJ: I say it should be Tyler - he isn't good at sports.

Tyler: What?! I'm OK with sports!

Lightning: Hey, Chris! As captain of our team I choose Tyler not to participate in the game!

Chris: OK. And what about the Rabbits?

Amy: We choose Sam!

Sam: Why me?

Amy: Because you are the most useless on our team!

Sam: OK. I'm gonna play Marabu Warriors 3 while you are dodging!

Chris: We are ready to start! Oh yeah -if your team loses the chosen not to play contestant will be automaticlly eliminated! Without a ceremony! Or marshmellows! Let the games begin!

After they begin Scott throws a ball to Beth and hits her. But then Jo hits him and Beth and Scott are out!

Jo: There you go!

Then Jo hits Brick and he is out too.

Brick: Ouch!

Katie and Sadie don't want to hit eachother. Then Lightning goes to Sadie, takes her ball and hits Katie. Blaineley does the same but with Sadie.

Lightning: Sha - BAHM!

Soon Shawn, Beardo, Harold, Eva and DJ are also hit by Lightning, Anne Maria, Blaineley and Owen. Cody tries to hit Coutney but fails when she dodges it and Cody is out. Soon Courtney is hit by Dakota.

Dakota: Yay!

Owen throws a ball at Noah and hits him:

Noah: Told you I'm bad at sports...

Izzy gets two balls and hits Leonard and Sky. Soon Rodney, Sugar Sierra, Amy, Samey, Lindsay, Staci, Dawn, Dakota, Ella, Jasmine and Heather are out.Lightning cheers and doesn't see Jo who hits him.

Lightning: SHA - nooooooooooooo!

Mike turns into Svetlana and hits B and Blaineley. Soon the only ones that weren't reached by any balls were Anne Maria, Zoey and Topher are the only ones from the Rabbits and Svetlana, Cameron, Dave,

Geoff is out

LeShawna and Alejandro from the Foxes. Zoey is going to hit Mike:

Zoey: No, I can't!

Svetlana: But I can!

Svetlana hits Zoey and she is out. Later Anne Maria hits Cameron and Dave. Alejandro throws to Topher but he catches and Alejandro is out. Leshawna hits him later and Mike hits Anne.

Chris: And the Smart Foxes win!

Sam stands up: What?! That means... That means...

Chris: That means you are eliminated!

Chef takes Sam a piggyback before throwing him on the Boat of Losers.

Sam: Bye!

Chris: Three are out! Only 47 remaining! who will take the boat next? Will Zoey actually forgive Mike? find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Episode 4: Paintball Rabbit and Foxes Hunt

Paintball Rabbits and Foxes
Season 7, Episode 4
Challenge Paintball
Reward No
Winner(s) Smart Foxes
Eliminated Samey
Episode Guide
"Gaming, dodging and more"
"The Floating Shame o' Trivia"
Chris: Last time on total drama season of stars: Samey almost found out that her sister has an alliance with Katie, Lindsay and Staci! Our contestants had to dodge some ball in our dodgeball challenge. At the end Sam was automaticlly eliminated because he didn't participate in the challenge. Who will follow him? Find out this time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

theme song plays"

The camera shows Rabbit's male cabin where Beardo, Topher, Shawn, Trent and Noah are seen resting:

Shawn: I don't know about u guyz but I miss Sam.

Noah: Me too.

Beardo: Game Over!

Topher: What?! You miss Sam - the huge gamer?

Trent: Yeah.

Topher: I don't understand you.

Then camera shows Foxe's male cabin:

Leonard: I will make magic so I could fly!

Everyone laughs:

Leonard: You shall see! Abra - gendabra - boom!

Leonard hops from his bunk bed and falls on the ground.

Everyone laughs.

At the area infront the cabins all the contestants are seen. Samey glares to Amy who talks with Lindsay, Staci and Katie about the alliance's rules. Ella is seen looking at DJ:

DJ: Hey, I'm DJ!

Ella: And I'm Ella!

Chris: Hello, dear hunters, rabbits and foxes! Today we are playing the clasical game of Paintball dear hunt. But you won't be dears anymore. Foxes will be foxes and Rabbits will be rabbits. So, hunters from the Foxes are Dakota, Ella, DJ, Owen and Alejandro. And from the Rabbits - Blaineley, Samey, Amy and Noah. You will have cool hunter hats and glasses and also paintball guns. The rabbits will wear glasses, rabbit ears and tails. The foxes will wear glasses, fox ears and tails! Foxes, rabbits... START!

Camera shows part of the foxes - Scott, LeShawna, Sugar, Cody and Tyler:
305509 1256246708070 160

Owen as a hunter

Scott: Wanna make an alliance?

Cody: Why?

Scott: We will get rid of all the finalists on our team so they won't have another shot for the million!

Tyler: Sounds good. I'm in!

LeShawna: I'm in if we first get rid of Sky - she annoyes me!

Scott: OK. Sky it is.

Sugar: I'm in too.

Cody: Will you get rid of me?

Scott: If you are in the alliance - no.

Cody: OK. I'm in.

Camera switches to Amy and Blaineley:

Amy: Blayneley?

Blaineley: Yes?

Amy: If we lose can you vote for Samey to be eliminated - she is a threat?

Blaineley: Really?! I will vote for her!

Blaineley CONF: I know that Amy has an alliance and she could vote me off anytime she wants so I'll do it!

Camera switches to DJ and Ella who chase Trent:

Ella: Go get him big guy!

DJ: OK, sir.

DJ shoots at Trent and Trent is out.

DJ and Ella: Oh, yeah!

Camera switches to Samey:

Samey: I'm a hunter. I'm a hunter.

Then she hears a voice behind the booshes. It is Amy! With Noah and Izzy!

Amy: OK. So you vote for Samey?

Noah and Izzy: Yeah.

Samey hops from the bushes: AMY!

Samey shoots Amy infront of Noah, Shawn, Anne Maria, Topher and Izzy. Then Amy shoots Samey. Izzy takes Noah's gun and starts shooting at Amy and Samey who start shooting at her!

Chris (loudspeaker): Challenge is over! Foxes win! I shall see the rabbits at the elimination ceremony.

At the elimination ceremony:

Chris: Today you all will get marshmellows. Except for one. The one will have to immedeatly walk the Dock of Shame and catch the boat of Losers. And won't return. EVER. But the one won't be Anne Maria. Or Shawn. Also safe are Katie, Noah, Staci and B.

They all jump and hug eachother.

Chris: Blaineley, get your marshmellow! Marshmellows also go to Jo, Zoey and Jasmine. Sierra, Duncan, Gwen, Beardo and Trent also get immunity. Last contestants without votes - Lindsay, Courtney and Topher.

Topher kisses Chri's hand: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Chris: Ooooooooooooooookay. Here are the persons with votes. One of you will go home. But this won't be... Amy!

Amy makes a smile to Samey.

Chris: Only Samey and Izzy remaign. Samey, you are here because you shooted at Amy wich made Izzy and Amy to shoot you too. Izzy, you are here because of Samey. The last marshmellow goe to


Samey points Amy: Yoooooooooooooooou! I will revenge!

Chef throws Samey on the boat.

Chris: Will Samey return? Will someone else join Amy's alliance? Will Mike find out why his personallities go out without his say so? Probably not. Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Episode 5: The Floating Shame 'o Trivia

The Floating Shame O' Trivia
Season 7, Episode 5
Truth or Laser Shark (9)
Challenge A Floating Trivia
Reward No
Winner(s) Wondering Rabbits
Eliminated Sky
Episode Guide
"Paintball Foxes and Rabbits Hunt"
"The Show Goes On... and On... And ON"
Chris: Last time on total drama: The paintball rabbit and fox hunt! DJ showed Ella his hunting abillities by shooting Trent. Amy and Samey started shooting at eachother wich Izzy made a game when she got Noah's paintball gun and started shooting at the twins. At the end Samey was booted off. Find out more, here, on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Theme song plays*

Camera shows Rabbit's female cabin where Amy, Blaineley, Staci and Lindsay are talking:

Amy: Hey, Blaineley? Wanna be on our alliance?

Amy CONF: Just making some new allies...

"just making some new allies"

Blaineley: Sure.

Amy and Lindsay: Yay!

Staci: My grand - grand - grand - granduncle Nacho invented the word "Yay!". Before that people just smiled.

Camera shows Cody who watches how Sierra runs holding Dave, says "You will never get him alive!" and how Sky chases her and says "Give him back to me!". Cody smiles and drinks some juice. Beardo and Katie cross them by and start talking:

Beardo: Why do people that I like hate me so?

Katie: Maybe because you are too busy beatboxing to have time for them.

Beardo: You are right. But with who could I start?

Katie: With me. Because... Because.............. Because I love you!

Beardo: Really?!

Katie kisses him: Yeah.

Chris: Today we are doing the classical Game of Shame from Season 4.

Everyone: Oh, no!

Chris: Follow me to the ramp!

At the ramp:

Chris: OK. If you want to win, your team has to outlast the other team by not having not answered questions before the other team. B and Brick won't be answering because in season 4 they were already himiliated. So first two questions: Rabbits - who was sick from canser only because she didn't wash her hands? Foxes - who actually ate the key from the bathroom when he locked himself in.

Sugar: What - so... *presses her button*

Chris: One point for the foxes! Rabbits?

Shawn: I thought I heard a zombie... *presses his button*

Chris: OK. Who killed a baby panda at the zoo? This was for the Foxes. Rabbits, who ate a pizza that was thrown on the ground before one minute?

DJ: Oh. *presses his button*

Beardo: Oh. *presses his button too*

Katie and Ella: Wow!

Chris: Foxes - who did nothing else but sleep for a week? Rabbits - whose boyfriend is a hairspray here?

Anne Maria: Mine! *presses her button*I'm sorry!

After five minutes none answers the Foxe's question.

Chris: Soooooooooooo. The Foxes loose and Sky is automaticlly eliminated because she didn't answer her question!

Sky and Dave: Oooooooooooooooooooh!

Sierra: Now, Dave is only mine! MINE!

Scott, LeShawna, Tyler, Cody and Sugar: Yay!

Dave is about to cry because of Sky's elimination

Scott: Now, when a finalist is out only 11 remaign!

Dave: Bye!

Sky: Bye!

Chris: The first finalist out! Hurrrrrrrrrrrrray! Who will follow Sky? Is Dave going to survive being with Sierra five more days? Will Beardo and Katie become a beardfriend and a katfriend? Probably not. Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Episode 6: The Show Goes On... and On... And ON

The Show Goes On... and On... And On
Season 7, Episode 6
Challenge Reach the film lot
Reward No
Winner(s) Wondering Rabbits
Eliminated Justin
Episode Guide
"Floating Shame o' Trivia"
"Building Time!"
Chris: Last time on total drama: Blaineley joined Amy's alliance. Beardo and Katie started loving eachother. The challenge ruined Beardo, DJ, Sky, Sugar, Blaineley and Shawn's repotation. At the end Sky didn't answer her question. Find out more here on TOTAL DRAM... *sees Dave crying at his gala dinner tent* Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

Dave cries in Chris's gala dinner tent

Chris: On TOTAL DRA...

Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

Chris: Ooookay. On TOT...

Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

Chris: would you stop that!

Theme song plays*

Camera shows everyone (except Dave) sleeping on their bunk beds out of the cabins:

Chris (loudspeakers): Goodmorning, campers!

Everyone except Dave, who still cries: Ugh. What?

Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

Chris: In every 5 episodes the 6th will be a racing challenge. Today we're swaping destinations. There will be three destinations for swaping: Island, Film lot and Jumbo Jet. Now we will swap Island with Film lot so get ready to go. After 10 minutes I want you tied up exactly here!

All the contestants run to the cabins but Dave:

Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

After all the contestants are ready Chris continues:

Chris: We will swap them like that - boats - Toronto dock - buses - Film lot. The first team to arrive to the film lot wins the challenge!

Everyone runs to the docks. Rabbits hop on the boat with a rabbit on it and the Foxes hop on a boat with a fox on it and Eva starts the engine. Duncan starts the engine a few seconds later and the rabbits start following the foxes. After they arrive all Foxes hop in their bus and start it's engine. The Rabbits do the same but B. He gets a mirror from the ground and then hops in it.

B CONF smiles.
195px-B doing his first confessional

B CONF smiles

After the Rabbits are next to the Foxes B opens his window and throws the mirror through the main foxes window.

Justin: Look, a mirror!

Justin sqwats to get the mirror and hits Eva who controls the bus. The Foxes bus makes two big circles and then starts to follow the rabbits. When they arrive to the Film lot the Rabbits are already there with Chris:

Chris: And... The Wondering Rabbits win! Foxes, see ya at your first gilded chris ceremony!

Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

At the elimination ceremony everyone already has a gilded chris award except for Sadie, Justin, Dave and Eva:

Chris: And safe are also Dave and Eva! The last award goes to...

Dave: Oh, Sky! SKY!

Chris: Stop that! The last award goes to...

Sadie: I quit! I can't stand being without Katie anymore!

Justin smiles:

Chris: Thats why you swap teams with Sierra and Justin's eliminated!

Justin, Dave and Cody: Nooooooooo!

Justin enters the lamo o' zine:

Chris: 6 out! Only 44 remaign! See more next time on Total Drama Sea...

Dave: Oh, no! Not Sierra!

Episode 7: Building Time!

Building Time!
Season 7, Episode 7
Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (27)
Challenge Make Trailers
Reward No
Winner(s) Wondering Rabbits
Eliminated Eva
Episode Guide
"The Show Goes On... and On... And ON"
"Songs, songs, songs..."
Chris: Last time on total drama: We swapped destinations - boat - dock - bus - film lot! After B made a special trick to Justin and the Wondering Rabbits won! After some serious mentioning about Sky I got Sierra on Dave's team so he would stop that! See more on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Theme song plays*

Camera shows girls trailer:

Ella sings: La - la - la -la! What a good trailer we have! What a good trailer we have!

20 from the girls: Stop that!

Sadie and Katie: I can't believe we're on a team! Eeeeeeeeeeh!

Gwen: You are more annoying even than Staci!

Sadie, Katie and Ella stop.

Staci: This wasn't funny!

Jo: It was! Because now we can sleep!

Chris (loudspeakers): Goooooodmorning campers! Go out and I will say the new challenge!

Everyone goes out:

Chris: Today our theme will be building films! You will have to rebuild your trailers. *a giant leg smashes the two trailers*Rabbits take the boys one and Foxes the girls one. The first to finish their trailer is the winner! Start!

Harold gets a metal piece and places it where it should be. Tyler tries to get a piece too but hits Harold with it and Harold falls unconsious. While Brick, Tyler, LeShawna and Lightning build the other foxes just talk. Everyone except Heather and Eva. Eva tries to help to LeShawna:

LeShawna: Sorry, girl! But you are too strong and could bring down the building!
185px-Heather Conf

"But now..."

Eva: Ooooooooh!

Heather CONF: I need to eliminate Eva. Before she got herself eliminated without my help but now...

Sierra: I'm now with my BFFs!

Dave and Cody who run from her: Who said we're your BFFs!

Sierra: I did!

The Rabbits all sleep and don't do anything! But Staci doesn't sleep:

Staci: Guyz! Stop sleeping and build the trailer!

Duncan: Nah - ah!

Staci: Huh!

The foxes are almost done but Heather goes to Eva:

Heather: Look at that hole! You have to fix it!

Eva goes to fix it but when hits the trailer it ruins...

Girls: Eva!

Eva: But... but... but...

Duncan: Do it B!

B builds up the trailer for a few seconds:

Rabbits: Yay!

Chris: And the Rabbits win! Foxes, seeya at the elimination area.

At the elimination:

Chris: There are 22 votes for Eva and its obvious that she is out!

Eva: Oooooh!

LeShawna: Sorry.

Eva: I'm sorry too because I ruined the trailer.

Foxes without Heather: Bye.

Chris: 7 down, 43 to go! Who will follow her? What happened to Amy's alliance? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Episode 8 Songs, songs, songs...

Season 7, Episode 8
Challenge Sing the best song
Reward No
Winner(s) Wondering Rabbits
Eliminated Dakota
Episode Guide
"Building Time!"
"Big Vampire Game"
Chris: Last time on total drama: Our first challenge at the film lot was to rebuild their trailers. Heather manipulated Eva to ruin the Foxe's trailer which ended up with Eva's elimination. Find out more here, on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS.

theme song plays*

Camera shows male's trailer:

Trent: I miss the love with Gwen...

Cody: Then just say how much you love her!

Trent: But after...

B: OK. I know I never talk but this is serious!

Cody and Trent: What?

B: Amy and Heather are the main antagonists this season!

Trent: I thought Scott made an alliance to get rid of all the finalists!

Cody: Yeah, he did. I'm in it.

Trent: Why?

Cody: Because I'm a finalist!

B: Not have time for this. I and Trent will vote for Amy from our team and Cody will vote for Heather. Am I right.

Trent and Cody: Yes.

Cody: My anti - finalist alliance could eliminate Heather.

Everyone is out at the trailers area. Almost everyone is still in pajamas except for Brick, Jasmine, Jo and Lightning:

Amy: Why are we here?

Chris: Because of your next challenge - the singing one! Every team chooses a group of four who are going to sing! First are the rabbits!

Amy: We choose Trent and... *falls asleep*


Jasmine: We choose Trent, Anne Maria, Staci and Lindsay!

Lindsay: I'm going to sing! Eeeeeeeeeh!

Chris: OK. Start!

Anne Maria: Tun - tun - tun - tun!

Staci: Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo! Yeah! We are the rabbits! Twice! Down!

Lindsay: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

Chris: I heard enough! I think you are going to be the losers! Foxes!

Heather: We choose Harold, Ella, Cody and Sugar!

Dakota: Pick me! I sing the best!

Heather: No!

Chris: Go!

Cody (Sad music): You weeeere myyyyyyy girl! But now - nah - ah - ah! You ar...

Ella (Happy Music): La - la - la - la!

Sugar (Rap): Yo - yo! I'm here!

Chris: Stop it! I've heard everything I needed and the Foxes loose! See ya at the elimination ceremony!

While the foxes walk to the gilded chris ceremony Dakota looks angry:

Dakota: You had to choose me! ME!

LeShawna: You are getting annoying!

Dakota: ME! ME! We could win the challenge! ME!

At the elimination ceremony:

Chris: Today safe are Sierra, Cody, Harold, DJ, LeShawna, Heather, Owen, Alejandro, Dawn, Brick, Mike, Scott, Cameron, Lightning, Leonard, Rodney, Sugar, Dave, Tyler, Ella. And with a 20 - 1 vote Dakota is eliminated. Bye!

Dakota: You eliminated me! ME!

Chris: OK. Time to go!

Dakota: ME! ME! ME!

Chef throws her in the limo.

Chris: Find out more next time on TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Episode 9: Big Vampire Game

Chris: Last time on Total Drama: We found out that the contestants sing horribly! Dakota annoyed everyone and took the limo! Who will follow her? Find out here: On TOTAL DRAMA SEASON OF STARS!

Theme song plays*

They show everyone staying infront of the trailers: Anne Maria and Blaineley were looking at eachother, Amy talked about her alliance to Jasmine, Brick and DJ were talking:

DJ: What are you afraid of?

Brick: I'm afraid of the dark!

DJ: Yeah, me too.

Chris: Hello, contestants! Today's challenge will be a dark vampire game *spooky acsent*! You don't have to be catched by the Chefpire! You will have to find my original chocolate gilded chris award in the dark spooky mansion! And GO!

DJ and Brick: If its dark out there - I quit!

Chris: Chef!

Chef gets the both and throws them on a catapult.

Brick and DJ: Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Rodney, Dawn, LeShawna and Ella run.

LeShawna to Rodney: Faster!

While she says that Rodney starts loving her and the other girls.

Rodney: Here you go! *gives her flowers*

LeShawna: Ugh... thanks.

Ella: LeShawna and Dawn will go that way. Rodney goes that one and I go find Sugar!

In another room of the mansion Sierra walks holding Dave and Cody:

Sierra: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Cody and Dave sarcasticly: Eeeeeeeh!

While Sierra runs she bumps into Chefmire.

Chef: Muahahahaha!

Sierra, Cody and Dave: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Trent and Gwen are walking silently:

Trent: Hey, Gwen...

Gwen: Yeah?

Trent: Do you want to... to... to... be my girlfriend again?

Gwen: Of course yes!

Trent: Wooohooooooooooooo... *sees Chef* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Ella finds Sugar:

Ella: Sugar!

Sugar: What?

Ella: Since DJ quit I don't have a BFF! To you want to be my BFF?

Sugar: OK. But only if you stop singing!

Ella: Ooh! OK then.

Sugar: And thinking you are more beautyful than me!

Ella: I neve...

Sugar: And only I can love animals!

Ella: Oooooooooooooooh!

They see Chef. Then Sugar kicks him and she and Ella run away.

Sugar: Bye - bye!

Ella: Thanks Sugar!

Sugar: Everything for my new BFF!

Sugar and Ella: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh! We are BFFs forever!

They cross by Katie and Sadie:

Katie: So thats how we sound like???!

Sadie: Yeah.

They see Chef:

Sadie and Katie: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Camera switches to Leonard and Harold:

Leonard: Look - the chris award! I'll take it with magic! Magicus - chris award goeus to usus!

Nothing happens:

Harold: Look how its done - Lifticus go to us!

Still Nothing happens, Leonard gets it off the ground and they both carry it to Chris.

Chris: And the foxes won! See Rabbits at the elimination!

Izzy CONF: Zoey doesn't like me so I'll vote for 'er! END CONF

Amy CONF I and my alliance vote for Zoey because she is a threat. END CONF

Chris: So marshmellows go to Izzy, Beth, Courtney, Amy and her alliance.

Others except Zoey get awards too. Sorry Zoey.

Zoey: Bye. Say to Mike that I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him!

Chris: Who will follow you? See next time on Total Drama Season Of Stars!

Episode 10: Aftermath I

theme song plays*

Zoey: Hello, and welcome to the TDSOS Aftermath! I'm your new host, Zoey and we'll have lots of fun together. But at first, let's welcome our Peanut Galory! These are Max and Scarlett!

Max: Well, hello there SLAVES! Are you ready for some real eviling today?

Scarlett: Hey...

Zoey: They were the only ones that Chris didn't want to bring back? But why?

Scarlett: It is actually obvious since I tried to take over his island.

Everyone from the audience laughs*

Max: Because he didn't want evil genius like ME and his slave *points Scarlett*

Zoey: Ooooooooooooooook... Let's go on...

Zoey: Let's welcome our favourite homeschooler Ezekiel!

Ezekiel: Yo, how ya doin' fans!

Zoey: Sit down and let me ask you some questions.

Ezekiel: K'

Zoey: Wooooow, you have mastered the words Z! From where did you learn these?

Zeke: Well, after my elimination I have been reading a text for rapers on Samchester's gameboy.

Zoey: That's good but how did you feel when you got eliminated?

Zeke: Like always! Total loser a'm!

Zoey: That must be a bad feeling.

Zeke: No, it's actually great! I have always got many medals "Worst loser of the year".

Zoey: So it's worth it?

Zeke: Yup.

Max: Hey, Zeke! Can I ask you how do you become a mutant creature because I could make my slave a mutant! She will be the strongest!

Zeke: Ya'now... Just be in a plane without any civilation for half a year. Should be easy - beasy for her.

Scarlett pushes off Max: That is it! *throws him into the bin.

Zeke: She is an agressive girl ain't she?

Zoey: Yeah...

Zoey: Anyways! Let's welcome our favourite surfer chick! It's................................ Bridgette!

Bridgette: Hey!

Zoey: Ooooooooooooooh, are you ok?

Bridgette: Noooooooo, I'm fine, it's just Geoff...

Zoey: Maybe we shouldn't ask you many questions. What do you think?

Bridgette: I quess that I'm not good.

Zoey: You may be feeling bad but we've brought you a friend!

*Bruno comes inside the aftermath*

Bridgette: Bruno! Let's go out for a little bit.

Zoey: Bye! Have fun! And now we will be interviewing Sam and Dakotaaaaaaa! Hello!

Sam and Dakota: Hi!

Zoey: How are you doing today?

Sam: It was awesome! I beat Zelda Warriors 34!

Dakota: He - he! Sam was so majestic doing that...

*Sam and Dakota kiss*

Zoey: We also have cowboy Sky, good twin Samey, Justin beauty, scaredy cats Dj and Brick! Welcome! Though we have ran out of time and we don't have time to ask you questions! So BYE!

Episode 11: 1,2,3, Monster!

Chris: Last time, on TDSOS! Our contestants had to enter a horror mansion and find my original chocolate chris gilded award while avoiding being caught by the chefmire! At the end Zoey was eliminated due to her being a threat! What will happen now? Stay tuned to Total Drama Season of Stars!

In the Rabbit's male cabin:

Beardo: Hjieighbtygaiiswhagghuhsutshsu!

Topher: Stop it!

Beardo: Who says? The one that has no good feeling of music?

Topher: Unpgf! *exits cabin*

Duncan: Hah, you sure told em' ,beard!

Noah: Guys, I think that Topher will revenge on you.

Duncan: Who cares! It won't be me on who he'll revenge.

B and Noah: *roll eyes*

In Foxe's female cabin (Heather, Dawn, Ella):

Heather (to Ella): Hey ella. Wanna form an alliance?

Ella: Of course! I'll sing a song about it - When you...

Chris (on loudspeakers): ELLA! You can't sing! Plus, your challenge starts right now!

Ella: Oh... Ooops, sorry Chris!

Dawn CONF: Why is that girl so dumb? Hasn't she watched TDI. END CONF

Heather CONF: Yes! That girl is so dumb! I'm really lucky! END CONF

Chris: Campers! It's your lucky day! Today we're splitting teams! No more of them!

Courtney: What?! Why are we so early in the merge?

Chris: Because you aren't in the merge! You aren't in teams only for today. Then I'll be putting you in new teams! Your challenge for today is to find 4 flags without being caughtby the monster. The first three flags have the following number on them and are 39 in a batch. There are only 38 flags with the number 4 on them! The first 2 people to give me 4 flags are the new team captains! The one that has only 3 flags is automatically eliminated. Three, two, one! GO!

*The monster comes out*

Contestants: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

Jo: I'll be beating you all in four minutes!

Lightning: Not so fast! Sha - lightning is finding them first!

Sadie: Lightning! Look ou...

*monster grabs Lightning and throws him in a pool*Lightning falls in it and sees Chris*

Chris: Your now officially out of the run but you will surely not be eliminated.

*Owen is hiding behind a car and Izzy is sneaking up on him*

Izzy: Booh!

Owen: Agh. Izzy? Why aren't you going for the flags?

Izzy: Kleozzy wants to be a couple with you.

Owen: Who is Cleozzy?

Izzy: It's me! ha ha ha ha! *hops away and gets a flag*

Harold: What was that for?

Owen: I don't know.

Harold: Wait, Owen! I can see the flags!*runs towards the flags with 1*

Owen: Wait for me!*the contestants smack Owen in their excitement to get the flags*

*Monster grabs Heather, Amy and Beardo and throws them in a pool*

Owen: Darn it!

*Robot gets 3 flags from the flag piles.*

*All contestants get from the 1s and the monster grabs Ella, Sugar and Trent. Later on there are only 9 3 flags and 8 4 flags The only contestants left are Lindsay, Izzy, Owen, Jo, Harold, Dave, Beth, Sierra and B*

*All except Owen get the three flags. Owen goes there later and also gets one.*

Jo: I'm gonna get those flags!

*Monster grabs Beth, Dave and Sierra*

Chris: Only 5 flags with number 4 left!

*Jo, Harold and Izzy outrun Owen, B and Lindsay and get their flags**B and Lindsay get their flags*

Chris: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Owen is officially eliminated!

*Jo, Harold and Lindsay finish and Izzy jumps on B which slows him down but they still finish*

Chris: Onto the ceremony! Fast! Bye Owen! See you all next time on Total Drama Island! *really fast*

Blaineley: Why were you speaking so fast? *waving to Owen*

Chris: Because we were running out of time!

Episode 12: Bye Studio!

Chris: Last time on TDSOS our contestants had to collest flags all over the studios and Jo, Harold and Lindsay got all first but Owen didn't and was eliminated!

*theme song plays*

*all contestants are at the airport and wait for Chris*

Chris: Hello contestants and welcome to the Chris airport of Brave today we will be choosing new 3 teams... so let's get started! Jo's first then is Harold and after him is Lindsay. Start!

Jo: Well, as much as I hate him... Lightning!

Lightning: Sha - yeah!

Harold: Geeks should help themselves - Leonard.

Leonard: Shakabra - chadabra!

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