Killer Apples
Number of Members 6
Highest Ranking Member Sharissa, 2nd place
Lowest Ranking Member Ricky, 14th place
Team Selected By

Chris McLean

The Killer Apples is one of the two teams in Total Drama School. It consisted of Alex, Gary, Helga, Meg, Ricky, and Sharissa.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Ricky Male 1st 1st "Science is... weird, boring, the list could go on..." He refused to do any work, was on the table for the whole time, and messed up the potion.
Sharissa Female 2nd 3rd "Español no es muy divertido!" She almost killed everyone with a mechanical bull.
Helga Female 3rd 5th "Language Farts" She refused to do the play unless it was "The Thirsty Games."
Gary Male 4th 8th "Recess Mess" Meg was going to be eliminated, but he quit so she could win.
Meg Female 5th 9th "The 1st Annual TDS Quiz Bowl, and the Longest Chapter Title Ever!" Amanda voted her out with the help of Alex.
Alex Male 6th 10th "Trapped in the Forest" He was the last to come back from the forest.
Sharissa Female 7th 11th "None's Fair In Money and School" She lost to Carson in the finale.


  • The runner-up and the first voted out were on this team.
  • This team was based on the Killer Bass from TDI. Both had the main nerd of the game, the first contestant voted out, the blonde female athlete, the overweight girl, the insane psycho (Izzy was on the Bass at one point) and they were mostly the underdog team of the season.
  • They are named after apples, which are clichés in schools where you put one on a teacher's desk.

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