Total Drama Ridonculous Island/Chet
Walking Frogs
Chet (RR)
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "n/a"
Place 22nd/21st
Family Lorenzo (step-brother)
Enemies Lorenzo
Crimson (one-sided on Chet's side)
 Chet is a contestant on Total Drama Ridonculous Island.


Total Drama Ridonculous Island

Chapter 1: "Over Thy Bridge and Down Tha Waterfall!"


Chapter 22: "n/a"

Chet is one of the many contestants to root for Jen on the sidelines. He agrees with Lorenzo on how Crimson eliminated them as an explanation for why they won't root for there former teammate.


Chet is a very lazy individual who would care less about the game. The only time he actually participates and follows the instructions of the game is to only "one up" his step brother, Lorenzo.


Chet and Lorenzo


Chet doesn't favor his step brother, Lorenzo very well. Not having many things in common with him, it seems that there's a reason for there sibling rivalry.

In-Game Competition

In Total Drama Ridonculous Island, Chet and Lorenzo cost there own elimination and team to lose when caught up in an heated argument about working together with each other. The objective of the challenge, simple. Get your team across the monstrous other side of the Ridonculous bridge. Two would have to direct the rest of the team. Chet and Lorenzo were obviously the ones directing and cost themselves the challenge when the whole team fell off the bridge.


Total Drama Ridonculous Island

  • (1x01) - "Over Thy Bridge and Down Tha Waterfall!"
  • (1x22) - "n/a"

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