Total Drama Ridonculous Island
Genre: Animated Reality TV
Teams: Confused Rabbits
Fertilized Squirrels
Walking Frogs
Host: Chris McLean
Creator: AbsoulutionDomination
Director: AbsoulutionDomination
Predecessor: n/a
Successor: Total Drama Ridonculous Spotlight
Total Drama Ridonculous Island is the first season in the "ridonculous" sub-genre of Total Drama.


Created as a parody of shows such as Survivor and Fear Factor, Total Drama Ridonculous Island focuses on twenty-two teenagers arriving to Pahkitew Island to compete on a reality television show. The contestants are divided into three teams and must compete in challenges every three days. While the winning teams earns invincibility, the losing team has to vote off one of their own players. Whoever is voted off must walk the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers and leave the island. The teams eventually dissolve and the elimination process continues until the last contestant standing wins a grand prize of $100,000.




Contestant Primary Team Rank Episode
Lorenzo Walking Frogs 22nd/21st "Over Thy Bridge and Down Tha Waterfall!"
Chet Walking Frogs 22nd/21st "Over Thy Bridge and Down Tha Waterfall!"
Rodney Confused Rabbits 20th "n/a"
Max Fertilized Squirrels Returns "n/a"
Laurie Confused Rabbits 19th "n/a"
Kitty Walking Frogs 18th "n/a"
Shawn Confused Rabbits 17th "n/a"
Jasmine Confused Rabbits 16th "n/a"
Taylor Fertilized Squirrels 15th "n/a"
Amy Confused Rabbits Returns "n/a"
Sky Walking Frogs 14th "n/a"
Sugar Walking Frogs 13th "n/a"
Carrie Fertilized Squirrels 12th "n/a"
Dave Walking Frogs 11th "n/a"
Devin Fertilized Squirrels 10th "n/a"
Max Walking Frogs 9th "n/a"
Ennui Walking Frogs 8th "n/a"
Sammy "Samey" Confused Rabbits 7th  "n/a"
Topher Fertilized Squirrels 6th "n/a"
Brody Confused Rabbits 5th "n/a"
Amy Fertilized Squirrels 4th "n/a"
Tom Fertilized Squirrels 3rd "n/a"
Crimson Walking Frogs 2nd "n/a"
Jen Confused Rabbits 1st "n/a"

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