Epic Platypi
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member Kavren, 2nd place
Lowest Ranking Member PJ, 19th place
Team Selected By

Chris McLean

The Epic Platypi is one of the two teams in Total Drama Revolution. It consisted of Antoine, Cammy, Chelsey, Elle, Kavren, MacKenzie, Northworth, PJ, Toad, and Trick.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
PJ Female 1st 2nd "The League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen" She was creepy and didn't say anything except "...".
Northworth Male 2nd 3th "Take a Skit" Everybody hated him because he was a dick.
MacKenzie Female 3rd 6th/7th "Creamed Ice" She was seen as a threat because she was nice to everybody.
Toad Male 4th 8th "Indiana Mackiewicz" He almost killed Antoine by dropping him into a pit, and he was perverted.
Trick Male 5th 9th "A Piece of Pi" He turned into a jerk once he started to date Cammy.
Antoine Male 6th 13th "Bumping Karts" He quit because his buddy Lou won the lottery, sparing Tasia from elimination.
Cammy Female 7th 15th "Super Smash Sisters" She almost killed Vincent, a popular player, and made him evacuated from the game. She was also rude to her teammates pre-merge.
Chelsey Female 8th 16th "We Rn't Who We Rn't" She was overall stuck-up and rude.
Elle Female 9th 18th "Coming Home" She was considered the weakest player left.
Kavren Male 10th 19th "In It to Win It" He lost the finale to Tasia.


  • This team is named after a group name at my camp that I made up.
  • This team had many popular characters around the wiki on it, the most prime examples being PJ, Chelsey and Cammy.

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