Dancing Bugs
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member Tasia, 1st place
Lowest Ranking Member Lizza, 20th place
Team Selected By

Chris McLean

Dancing Bugs is one of the two teams in Total Drama Revolution. It consisted of Abbey, Dolph, Donny, Gustavo, Kim, Lizza, Mattie, Ori, Tasia, and Vincent.


Elimination Order

Name Gender Rank voted off of team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Lizza Female 1st 1st "Someone's in the Kitchen with Tasia" She ruined the team's meal for the cooking challenge, and was overall hyper and annoying.
Dolph Male 2nd 4th "All Hell Breaks Loose" He was grumpy and rude. After he was voted off, he flew away on a magical Nyan Cat, and disappeared.
Kim Female 3rd 5th "The TV-A-Thon" Gustavo only wanted one Italian in the game, him.
Gustavo Male 4th 6th/7th "Creamed Ice" The team was mad at him because he voted out Kim, a strong player.
Mattie Female 5th 10th "Just a Run and a Swim Away" She was apparently bland, according to Ori.
Abbey Female 6th 11th "My World 2.n0" Unknown, possibly because she liked Kavren.
Ori Male 7th 12th "Revolution Jungle" Dolph snuck in and forced the remaining players to vote him out, because he voted out Dolph's crush, Mattie.
Vincent Male 8th 14th "Super Smash Sisters" Cammy brutally injured him in the challenge and he was medically evacuated from the game.
Donny Male 9th 17th "My World 2.n0" Tasia and Elle possibly formed an alliance to vote him out, leaving Kavren the only boy left in the game.
Tasia Female 10th 20th "N/A" She won the season and the billion dollars.


  • This team is named after a character from Adventure Time.
  • This team had the first out and the winner of the season. Both were female.

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