This story takes place 6 months after Total Drama Revenge of the Island I made some small changes that people might not like.

Theme Song: Shows Fang Swimming underwater then shows Scott on a raft above that fang tosses into the air. The raft goes flying into the woods and Jo catches it but throws it at a bear who is standing next to Lightning. The bear scratches lightning and he runs of. then it shows Sam and Dakota arguing on a raft that goes down a waterfall and lands on Cameron who's standing on the bridge. After that it shows Staci run out of the confessional. Then it shows Chef as he forcefully feeds Brick food. Then it shows Dawn at the Table talking to Cockroaches. It then shows B at the dock of shame as he uses a device to make a fire then he throws it in the air. Then it shows the campfire and Mike and Zoey in the center as they are about to kiss but Anne Maria pushes Zoey and rips Mike's shirt off and kisses him.

Episode 1: One Island, Twelve Keys, and Thirteen Campers

Chris Mclean: Hello Everybody last season on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Lightning won the Million Dollars this time the same 13 competitors are back for the million who will win it.

(Theme Song Plays)

Chris Mclean: Our competitors are arriving now.

(A boat comes and Mike, Zoey, Brick, Cameron, and Scott are on it.)

Chris: Mike and Zoey nice to see you again. Cameron our Runner-up from last season. Brick

(Salutes Brick) and beat up Scott. Scott: I'm only like this because of Fa---(Fang's head pops out of the water and he shakes it.)

Scott: No one.

(Fang smiles and goes back underwater.)

(Dolphins are coming towards the dock and Dawn is standing on one with one foot.)

Dawn: Hi guys.

Chris: Dawn welcome back.

(A helicopter comes and has Sam, Staci, Dakota and Anne Maria on it.)

Chris: Here is Dakota.

Mike: What happened I thought she was Dakotazoid.

Dakota: Daddy's paying a science lab to make me back to normal.(Dakota is really tall, Orange, and has short green hair.

Staci: Hi guys. (Staci has a long black wig on.)

Scott: What's with the wig? (He's smirking.)

Staci: I invented it.

Chris: Sure ya did anyway here's Sam.

Sam: Hi guys

Dakota: Can we move on already.

Sam: Ughh.

Chris: Guys save the drama for later.

Anne Maria: Hi guys.

Chris: Good to see you Anne Maria.

(A canoe with a motor appears.)

Chris: B is here.

(B just waves.)

(Another boat comes and has Jo and Lightning on it.)

Jo: I can't believe I got stuck on a boat with you.

Lightning: I can't either.

Chris: Lightning and Jo.

Chris: Okay so everybody there are 12 treasure chests right here there are 12 keys on the island so what you have to do is find a key and open it and inside the chest there's a rag that is either red or green depending on the color the rag is that's the team your on.

Anne Marie: But there's 13 of us and only 12 chests.

Chris: Correct! If you don't get a key you get eliminated.

Dakota: Where are the confessionals this season?

Chris: In the outhouse like last season.

(Confessional) Dakota: Sam an I broke up last year and it was pretty messy.(Confessional Ends)

Mike: Hey Zoey if I find my key I promise you I'll find yours.

Zoey: It's okay I got this.

Scott: A key!

(Fang Pops out of the water.)

Scott: Ahh!

Dawn: Hi big guy.

(Fang looks at Dawn and smiles.)

Dawn: Can you get that key for me?

(Fang gets the key and spits it into Dawns hands.)

Dawn: Thanks.

(Brick is trying to get up a tree that has a key on it.)

Dawn:(To a squirrel)Can you get that for me?

(The squirrel nods.)

Dawn: Thanks. (The squirrel climbs up the tree and gets the key.)

Dawn: Good. Now can you give it to him. (She points to Brick.) (The squirrel nods and gives Brick the key.)

Brick: Thanks Dawn.

Dawn: No problem.

Scott: Wait! Help me!

Dawn: I am helping you.

Scott: With what?

Dawn: (Smirking.) Getting eliminated. (Dawn and Brick walk away laughing.)

(Confessional) Scott: Dawn's really gotten meaner. Good for her.

(Confessional) Dawn: While it was very mean of me to not help Scott it was what the universe wanted.

(Brick and Dawn arrive at the camp and open chest.)

Dawn: I got a red one.

Brick: Me too.

Chris: You two just became the first two Mutant Maggots of the season.

(Mike and Zoey are walking and Anne Maria is following behind closely.)

(Confessional) Anne Maria: It angers me so much that a pasty low life like Zoey gets Mike just watch I'll get rid of her then I'll rip mike's shirt off and he'll be Vito for the whole season.

Mike: Man I'm so happy we can be together with no personalities in the way.

Zoey: Me too.

Anne Maria: Hey Mike I think see a key in that tree, maybe you could look with Svet-whatever.

Mike: Svetlana? You got it.

Zoey: It's good to be working with you and not fighting over Mike with you Anne Maria.

Anne Maria: Oh Pasty you better watch your back because Vito will be all mine. (She grins evilly.)

Zoey: I hate to break it to you but MIKE is mine.

Anne Maria: Just you wait. (Mike comes down from the tree.)

Mike: There were three up there.

Anne Maria: Good let's go! (She grabs Mike's arm and runs back to camp.)

(Lightning is looking all over to find the key.)

Lightning: I know chef's fridge.

(Lightning sees B looking through the cabinets.)

Lightning: Did you check the fridge yet?

(B shakes his head no.)

Lightning: Good! (He opens the fridge and sees two keys.)

Lightning: B you wanna key.

(B nods.)

Lightning: Here (He hands B the key and they both run out and open a chest.)

(B pulls up a green flag while Lightning pulls up a red.)

Chris: B you are the first Toxic Rat of the season. (Mike, Anne Maria, and Zoey all walk up.)

(Mike gets a red but Zoey and Anne Maria get green.)

Chris: Seven Keys have been found only five remain.

Mike: I'm going to go help Cam.

Zoey: Okay be safe. (Cameron is in a cave trying to get a key from a sleeping bear.)

Mike: Cam glad I found you.

Cameron: Mike have you found a key yet.

Mike: Yeah.

Cameron: Than can you help me.

Mike: That's what I came to do.

Cameron: Thanks.

(The scene cuts to Dakota reaching into a hole in a tree.)

Dakota: Come on just come out.

Staci: Do you need help.

Dakota: Why and how would you help me.

Staci: I'd help you because I need a friend in this game and the way I could help you is by giving you one of these. (She pulls out 2 keys.)

Dakota: Thanks so much.

Staci: Sure thing friend.

(It shows Jo wrestling a bear for a key.)

Jo: Just give up! (She pushes the bear into a wall and grabs the key.)

Jo: Thanks.

(It shows Scott looking for a key at the campfire.)

Scott: Where is it!?!

Sam: Where's what?

Scott: The key!

Sam: Right here. (Sam holds up a key but despite his injuries Scott jumps and tackles Sam while grabbing the key.)

Scott: Thanks, Loser!

Sam: Hey give it back! (He runs at Scott but Scott trips him and he bumps his head on a seat.)

Scott: Later. (It shows Dakota and Staci at camp both holding red rags and Cameron and Jo holding green rags.)

(Scott walks up with a key.)

Scott: Hello everyone. (Scott opens a chest and gets a green rag.)

Scott: Perfect.

Chris: Congratulations Scott you just made which means tonight's loser is Sam!

(It shows everyone at the Dock of Shame.)

Chris: Well guys Sam is lucky because this season due to safety reasons we have brought back The Boat of Losers.

Anne Maria: Since when do you care about our safety.

Chris: I don't just a legal department is forcing this upon us.

Sam: Guys before I go I just wanted to say. (The boat starts to drive away.)

Sam: Wait I haven't finished. (The boat drives off.)

Chris: Well that was nice, now that the teams are set what drama will happen find next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded.

Episode 2: Bucket Mountain

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded we welcomed back are 13 contestants from Total Drama Revenge of the Island. There were not any teams because there challenge decided them, what they had to do was find 1 of 12 keys and who ever didn't was eliminated. In the end the loser was Sam and the teams were made. What will happen this time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded!

(Theme Song Plays.)

(On the girls side of the Toxic Rats cabin.)

Jo: What are you so worried about?

Zoey: It's Anne Maria, she told me to watch my back and that she's going after me.

Jo: Well you should watch your back I mean you did rank highest out of all the girls last season.

Zoey: (Sighs) Great.

(On the boys side of the Mutant Maggots cabin.)

Mike: I wonder how Zoey's doing.

Brick: Well I'd be worried if I were her she has Jo on her team and she's dangerous.

(Outside the cabins Dawn is sitting on the steps.)

Dawn (Talking to a bird.): So do you think my team is good?

(The bird chirps happily.)

Dawn: Good.

(In the mess hall)

Staci: Chef did you know my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandma invented Sloppy Joes.

Dakota: Staci friends are honest with each other right.

Staci: Yeah.

Dakota: Well and please don't take this the wrong way, I don't think you should tell any more stories because that's sort of why you got eliminated last time.

Staci: Okay.

(Confessional) Staci: Dakota's such a nice friend she just helped me avoid another early elimination.

Chris: Please report at Mount Looming Tragedy.

(Everyone get's to Mount Looming Tragedy.)

Anne Maria: What's today's challenge?

Chris: Today you will be given giant buckets then you have to have one person carry them with one and only one team member inside.

Scott: And if we carry more than one. (He smirks.)

Chris: Your team will be disqualified. Now Go!

(Both teams are huddled up and are discussing who will carry the buckets.)

Lightning: The Lightning should do it.

Dawn: I think Dakota should because she's tall and can easily climb.

Mike: But Lightning's stronger.

Brick: I say Dakota.

Staci: I second that.

Dawn: Dakota wins by majority vote.

Lightning: Fine.

(It shows the Toxic Rats.)

Jo: I'm doing it got it.

Scott: Yes sir. (He grins sarcastically)

(Jo throws Scott into a tree.)

Scott: Ow!

Jo: Next time It'll be right into the sharks mouth.)

Scott: NO!

(Confessional) Jo: I'll own this team by the end of this challenge.

(Confessional) Anne Maria: Jo's a threat but if she can help me get Pasty out I'll keep her.

(Dakota is carrying up the bucket and Lightning is inside it.)

(Jo is carrying B in the bucket.)

Jo: How much do you weigh.

(B shrugs.)

(Dakota get's Lightning to the top.

Chris: Point one for the Maggots.

Jo: Stupid Godzilla Prom Queen!

Dakota: Excuse me!

Jo: Oh you wanna go! (She throws the bucket containing B at Dakota.)

Dakota: It's ON! (She jumps at Jo and throws her to the ground.)

Lightning: Forget this! (He grabs the bucket and throws Brick in it.)

(He carries the bucket up to the top of the mountain.)

Zoey: JO! get your head in the game.

Dawn: Dakota calm yourself.

(In the background it shows Lightning throw mike in the Bucket.)

Zoey: JO! STOP!

Anne Maria: Hey let her fight if she wants to fight!

Zoey: We need to work Together!

(It shows Staci get thrown in the bucket.)


(Shows Dawn jump in the bucket.)

(B just watches from the side of the mountain and shakes his head.)

Lightning: Dakota get in the bucket.

(Dakota throws Jo in a tree and puts Lightning in the bucket.)

Dakota: We're winning this.

Scott: And we've lost.

Chris: The Mutant Maggots win the first challenge.

Mutant Maggots: Woohoo!

Chris: Rats you should go discuss who you'll vote off.

(In the boy side of the Rats cabin.)

Scott: Okay what did you want to talk about.

Anne Maria: I need you to vote for Zoey tonight.

Scott: Gladly! (He shakes Anne Maria's hand.)

(Behind the cabins.)

Zoey: Cameron we need to vote Anne Maria off she said she's out for me.

Cameron: Sorry Zoey but tonight I'm voting Jo and if you do too we might be able to get rid of her.

Zoey: Cam I have to vote Anne Maria.

(Confessional) Cameron: I don't see why Zoey just doesn't agree with me.

(Shows campfire.)

Chris: Welcome to the first traditional elimination of the season so if you receive marshmallow you're safe but if you don't you'll be taking a boat ride home. The marshmallow's go to B, Cameron and Scott. Ladies only 2 marshmallow's remain but 3 of you the next one goes to Anne Maria. Jo, Zoey one of you will get a marshmallow and that is...................................................................................................................................................................................................JO!

(Zoey gasps.)

Anne Maria: Better luck next time Pasty.

Cameron: Wait! I quit!

Chris: Not so fast Cameron we got new contracts from last season and this one says you cannot quit even in place of another camper. So that means you have to stay and Zoey has to leave.

Zoey: It's okay Cam I should have just voted for Jo it at least would've been a tie.

Chris: Well Zoey you have a one way ticket to Loser Town via The Boat of Losers.

(Shows Zoey on the boat of losers.)

Zoey: Tell Mike I said good bye and that I'll miss him.

(Confessional) Anne Maria: Getting rid of Pasty was easy all I had to do was get Jo and Scott's vote, now I have Vito all to myself!

Chris: Well that was a shocker, who will leave next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded!

Episode 3: Fighting Fun

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded our contestants had to get to the top of a mountain in buckets. Then Jo said some thing and her an Dakota fought in a huge battle in the end the Maggots became victorious and the Rats had to send someone home that some one was no other than Zoey due to Anne Maria's scheming. What will happen this time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded.

(Theme Song Plays.)

(In the boy side of the Maggot's cabin)

(Mike is laying in bed crying.)

Lightning: Dude stop crying over that girl.

Brick: Yeah dude you need to move on.

(Mike just keeps crying.)

(In the girl side of the Maggot's cabin.)

(They can here Mike's crying from their side of the cabin.)

Dakota: Staci did anyone in your family make earplugs.

Staci: No sorry.

Dakota: That's it I'm going over.

Dawn: Please don't it would just upset Mike more.

Dakota (Mocking Dawn.): It would upset Mike. I'm Dawn I can talk to animals. Just Shut it!

Dawn: I'm going for a walk.

(Dawn walks outside and sees Brick.)

Dawn: Are you getting away from the team too.

Brick: Yeah Mike's just broken and Lightning is getting tired of it I just needed to get away.

Dawn: Yeah Dakota was just being mean and I can't stand it anymore.

(They start to walk and talk.)

(Back in the cabin.)

Dakota: I say we get rid of Dawn.

Staci: Why?

Dakota: Because we're friends and she is a bad person.

Staci: Got it.

(In the girls side of the Rats cabin)

Anne Maria: Good work last night.

Jo: Sure thing now Cameron has only one ally left on this team.

Anne Maria: I say we get rid of Scott next.

Jo: Why.

Anne Maria: Cause he's a threat and he's ugly, pasty, the list goes on and on.

Jo: Okay.

(In the boys side of the Rat's cabin)

Scott: Good job Cameron voting for Jo like an idiot.

Cameron: Be quiet Scott.

(B nods in agreement.)

Scott: Losers. (He walks out of the cabin.)

Chris: Everyone meet me at the beach.

(In the boy's side of the Maggot's cabin.)

(Mike is still crying.)

Lightning: Come on! Fine I guess I'll carry you. (He picks up Mike over his shoulder and carries him to the beach.)

(It shows everyone at the beach that has a boxing ring in the center of it.)

Chris: Today your challenge is a fighting one.

Jo (Sarcastic.): Really after seeing the boxing ring I thought it was a beauty contest,

Chris: Okay so Mutant Maggots you have to sit someone out.

(All the Maggots point at Mike.)

Chris: So it's decided. Are first match is Brick VS B.

(Brick runs toward B but B grabs him and throws him out of the ring.)

Chris: Ding! Ding! Ding! Round one goes to the Rats.

Jo: Good job B.

Chris the next match up is Cameron VS Lightning!

Cameron: Uh oh!

Lightning: Lighting's taking you down! Again.

(Lightning Punches Cameron.)

Cameron: OW!

Scott: Toughen up!

(Cameron falls to the floor.)

Scott: Come on!

Chris: Now it's Dakota VS Jo!

Dakota: I'll beat you again Man Woman!

Jo: What did you just say!

Dakota: Man Woman!

Jo: Ugly little Daddy's girl!

(Dakota Punches her out of the ring.)

Chris: One point Rats. Two Points Maggots! Now it's time for Anne Maria VS Staci!

Staci: Did I mention that my Great Great Great--- (Anne Maria Punches her.)

Dakota: What did I say about family history?

Staci: I had to! (Anne Maria punches her again sending her to the floor.)

Chris: Good Job Anne Maria. The score is tied Dawn, Scott Your team's victory depends on you ready, go!

Anne Maria (To Jo): Watch this. Fang!

(Fang pops out of the water causing Scott to scream and Dawn to punch him to the floor.)

(Confessional) Jo: That was a good strategy to take Scott out. Yeah we lost but now we can get rid of Scott or maybe even Cameron.

Chris: The Mutant Maggot's win again which means The Toxic Rats are losing another member.

(Confessional) Cameron: I saw what Anne Maria did I don't say I approve but it was a very smart move on her part.

(At the Campfire)

Chris: Okay Rat's you know how this works so the first marshmallow goes to B next Anne Maria. Cameron, Jo, and Scott you all sucked but Jo is safe along with.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Cameron!

Scott: What! This dweeb! Screw all of you.

(Shows Scott on the Boat of Losers.)

Scott: Screw you! I HATE YOU ALL! GO F*** off! You Dumb F***s. Oh yeah Cameron Your the biggest B**** of all! I hate you!

Chris: Wow anger problems. What will happen next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded!

Episode 4: Boney Island Quest

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded it was a fighting challenge and most people were beaten brutally but in the end it was Scott VS Dawn and thanks to Anne Maria's scheming Scott was sent home but he said some things. Also Mike was broken I feel bad for him.

(Theme Song Plays.)

(In the girls side of the Rat's cabin.)

Anne Maria: I say we target the other team.

Jo: Like who?

Anne Maria: Dakota.

Jo: I'm in!

(At the campfire.)

Dawn: I just don't know what to do.

Brick: If we lose we get rid of Mike but if he can get his head in the game we vote Dakota.

Dawn: Okay.

Lightning: Guys I need to be with you guys Mike just won't stop crying.

Dawn: You can stay with us.

(In the girls side of the Maggot's cabin.)

Dakota: Staci tonight we're throwing the challenge and blaming it on Dawn. Deal?

Staci: (Sighs) I feel this is wrong but deal.

Dakota: Good.

(In the guys side of the Rat's cabin.)

Cameron: B I'm going to go check on My friend Mike.

(B just nods.)

(Cameron walks out and goes into the boy side of the Maggot's cabin and sees mike crying into a pillow.)

Cameron: Mike?

Mike (Muffled): What?

Cameron: You need to get up.

Mike (Still Muffled): No.

Cameron: Please!

(Mike does nothing.)

Cameron: I didn't want to have to do this but I guess I have to. (He starts to take Mike's shirt off but Mike stops him.)

Chris: Everyone report to the beach.

(The contestants arrive at the beach.)

Chris: Okay so you have to dig up clues that will help you with your quest to Boney Island once you find one clue you may leave but you may stay if you'd like. Questions?

Jo: Can half of us stay while the other half go?

Chris: Nope!

(Mike is just crying while his other teammates are digging.)

Anne Maria: Don't we get shovels.

Chris: I almost forgot. (Tosses everyone a shovel.)

(Dawn finds a clue.)

Dawn: I got one!

Dakota: Let's go!

Mike (lightly sobbing): No we stay.

Cameron: I found 1.

Anne Maria: Me too.

Dakota: Were going. (She grabs Mike and throws him in a canoe.)

Dawn: Brick let's go together.

(Dakota and Staci get into the canoe.)

Lightning: Come on I have to be with Mike.

Brick: I'm afraid so.

(The Maggots start rowing.)

Jo: I found another clue.

Cameron: B how many have you found.

(B has 4 clues.)

Jo: Wait to go B!

(Jo and Anne Maria get in the same canoe so do B and Cameron.)

(The Rats start rowing.)

(At Boney Island.)

Brick: What does the clue say.

Dawn: Follow the trail.

Dakota: Nice clue picking.

Staci: Yeah Nice Clue picking.

Brick: It was random!

Dakota: Shut it Brick!

(It shows the Toxic Rats at Boney Island.)

Cameron: The clue says follow the trail.

(Due to the Maggots Constant fighting and because Mike's stopping every two seconds the Rats catch up.)

Jo: Hi Losers.

Lightning: Crap Run. ( He picks Mike up over his shoulder.)

(The maggots run until they see their team logo.)

(It shows the Rats.)

Cameron: The next clue things might be backwards.

(They see a sign that says "bmilC pU eht eerT")

Jo: It's backwards so that means Climb Up the Tree.

Anne Maria: But which one?

Jo: The clue say the one with the most coconuts.

(Jo climbs up the tree and sees a treasure chest she opens it and finds a note that says. "Just make it through the to the other side of the island.")

Jo: Let's.

(It shows Dawn climbing up a tree when Chris blows his air horn.

Chris: Today The Toxic Rats have won!

Chris: I'll be seeing you at elimination Maggots.

(Shows Dakota talking to Staci.)

Dakota: Today's the best chance we got.

Staci I don't know.

(At the campfire.)

Chris: Okay so if you receive a marshmallow then congratulations your safe if you don't it's bye bye for you. The first Marshmallow goes to Lightning, Staci, Brick, Dakota! Dawn, Mike one of you is going home (Mike just has his head in his knees and is frowning.) (Dawn Is nervous.) Dawn!

(Dawn sighs in relief.)

(Shows Mike on the boat of losers.)

Mike: Bye guys thanks now I can see Zoey.

(Dakota just walks off.)

(Confessional) Dakota: So Close!

Chris: Well that was predictable, who will leave next time? Find out on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded!

Episode 5: Invasion of the Mini-Zoids

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded our remaining 10 contestants went on a Boney Island Treasure hunt for invincibility and for once The Toxic Rats won and it was crybaby Mike who got the boot. Find out on an all new Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded.

(Theme Song Plays.)

(Girl's side of the Rats cabin.)

Anne Maria: When I find out who voted for my Vito I will--- (Gets cut off by Jo.)

Jo: They all did.

Anne Maria: I meant who ever had the idea. (Hears someone knocking on the door.)

Anne Maria: Come in.

(It's Staci.)

Anne Maria: Oh, what do you want?

Staci: I want to tell you who's idea it was to vote out Mike.

Anne Maria: Who!?!

Staci: It was (Sighs.) Dakota's.

Anne Maria: That Little Rat!

(Confessional) Jo: Staci is lying big time but she's being smart.

(Confessional) Staci: I had to throw Dakota under the bus she's gotten way to obsessed with taking out Dawn.

(Under the dock.)

Dawn (Giggling): Brick.

Brick (Chuckling): What?

(Lightning walks under the dock.)

Lightning: What are you guys doing?

Brick and Dawn: Nothing.

Lightning: Okay.

(Above the Dock. Chris hears a jet.)

Chris: What is that.

Chef: I don't know and I don't care.

(The jet lands on the dock and a rich guy comes out.)

Rich Guy: Hello I'm Richard Milton but please just call me Mr. Milton.

Chris: I don't care this is a private TV show.

(Dakota walks out to see what the commotion is.)

Dakota: Daddy!

Mr. Milton: Dakota! My Big little girl how are you.

Chris: Wait your Dakota's Dad?

Mr. Milton: Yep and I wanted to tell my little girl the research to make her normal has furthered we have made tiny micro versions using her DNA and I have my scientists working on and antidote as we speak.

(A pretty woman steps out of the jet she's wearing nice clothes.)

Dakota (Gasps in delight.): Mitilda!

Mitilda: Hi Dakota, my love.

(Chris is staring at Matilda drooling.)

Chef: Chris your drooling.

Chris: Oh! (Wipes drool off his face.) What do you guys want.

Mr. Milton: I want to use some of my minis for a challenge.

Chris: What!

Mr. Milton: Which ever team catches the most Mini-Zoids wins.

Chris: What's a Mini-Zoid.

Mr. Milton: This is. (Holds up a jar that contains a creature that looks like Dakotazoid but is only a little bit bigger than a leaf.) It's a mutated flower.

Chris: But how? Know what, NO DEAL! I'm not using that.

Mr. Milton: You'll wish you didn't say that. (He grabs a bat out of the jet and knocks Chris and Chef out.) Mitilda lock them in the observation room closet.

Mitilda: Of course.

(Mr. Milton grabs a mega phone.)

Mr. Milton: Everyone one report at the Dock of shame.

(Everyone walks to the dock.)

Jo: Where's Chris.

Cameron: Yeah.

Mr. Milton: I'm the new host Chris is locked away some where.

Brick: So what do we do.

Mr. Milton: I'll explain in a second first I need to do roll call. B! (B raises his hand.) Jo! (Jo raises her hand.) Staci.

Staci: I'm Here!

Mr. Milton: Dawn! (Dawn raises her hand.) Lightning! (Lightning raises his hand.) Brick!

Brick: Brick McArthur reporting for duty!

Mr. Milton: Cameron! (Cameron raises his hand.) Anne Maria! (Anne Maria raises her hand.) and lastly but certainly not least, Dakota!

Dakota: Here, Daddy.

Everyone: Daddy?!?

Mr. Milton: I have a question why does this sheet of paper say 5 girls and 4 boys when I see 4 girls and 5 boys?

Jo: There are 5 girls.

Mr. Milton: Your incorrect boy.

Jo: I'm a girl!

Mr. Milton: Oh. Any ways as of now there aren't any teams.

Jo: So it's the merge?

Mr. Milton: Yes, anyways today your challenge is to catch these Mini-Zoids. (He let's the Mini-Zoids out of their jars and on to the island.) They get a 10 second head start. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..GO!

(Everyone starts to run but Mr. Milton stops them.)

Mr. Milton: I almost forgot here. (He hands them each a bag.) GO!

(Everyone runs to find the Mini-Zoids.)

(Shows Cameron and Jo in the woods.)

Cameron: Jo we should look for Chris.

Jo: Why?

Cameron: Because this guy doesn't run the competition and think of it he'll probably let Dakota win.

Jo: Fine. Let's go.

(Shows Brick and Dawn walking in the woods.)

Dawn: So what's your favorite color?

Brick: Army green, yours?

Dawn: Purple.

(They start to stare at each other and smile.)

Dakota: Hey Dawn.

Dawn: Hi Dakota.

Dakota: I just wanted to say I'm sorry for being so mean lately it's just when I didn't hear from Daddy or his scientists for so long I was getting scared that I would be like this for ever.

Dawn: It's okay.

Dakota: Can we be friends.

Dawn: Sure.

Dakota: Thanks! (She runs off.)

Brick: Now where were we.

(In the observation room.)

Mr. Milton: I'm very happy with this Mitilda.

Mitilda: I'm sure you are sir.

(Shows B in the woods eating pretzels.)

(A Mini-Zoid comes up to him and reaches for a pretzel. B hands it to him and puts the guy in his bag where he has more pretzels. Then he starts walking to Mount Looming Tragedy.)

(Shows Jo and Cameron running around still looking for Chris.)

Cameron: Where could he be.

Jo: I don't know.

(Shows Dakota walking and Anne Maria sneaks up behind her with Scissors and cuts hole in her bag.)

(Confessional) Anne Maria: That's what she gets for eliminating my Vito. (Maniacally Laughs.)

(Shows B Put a giant fan at the top of Mount Looming Tragedy and locks a bag of pretzels in a stand in front of the fan and smiles. Then a bunch of the Mini-Zoids climb up the mountain for the pretzels.)

(Shows Cameron and Jo walking.)

Jo: Look! (Points at observation room.)

Cameron: Maybe Chris is in their.

(Inside the observation room.)

Mr. Milton: Look Mitilda B might win.

(The door is kicked down.)

Jo: Give us Chris Now!

Mr. Milton: Why?

Cameron: Cause you don't own the show!

Mitilda: Sir He's right! (She knocks Mr. Milton out with a baseball bat.) The host and the chef are in the closet. (She points at the closet.)

Cameron: Wow! Thanks!

Chris: Thanks guys because you saved me the Toxic Rats get immunity.

Jo: So teams are back.

Chris: Yep. Now let's tell the others.

(Shows everyone at the cabins.)

Chris: So Mutant Maggots think about who's going home.

(Confessional) Brick: I'm voting for Dakota she's just caused a lot of problems.

(At the campfire.)

Chris: Tonight the Marshmallows go to.... Staci, Brick, and Lightning. The last Marshmallow of the night goes to...................................................................................................................................................................................................Dawn!

Dawn: Phew.

(Shows Dakota on the boat of losers.)

Dakota: Bye guys.

Matilda: I almost forgot, here. (Hands Dakota an antidote.) The scientists gave just sent this to me.

Dakota: Thanks! (She drinks the antidote and her skin goes back to normal along with her height, her eyebrows grow back, her hair becomes blonde again and even grows a bit.) How to I look.
TDROTIR Dakota and Mitilda

Dakota is back to normal.

Matilda: See for yourself (She hands her a mirror.)

Dakota: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It's perfect! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!.) (Matilda smiles.)

Chris: Matilda you and Mr. Milton sadly have to leave.

Matilda: Okay. (She kisses Chris on the cheek and he faints.)

Chef: Looks like I have to do the outro. Will Anne Maria find out that Staci lie and will Dawn and Brick Kiss? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND RELOADED!

Episode 6: Total Chef Island

Chef: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded Dakota's dad came and kidnaped Chris and I so he could take over the show he made the contestants find Mini-Zoids but Jo and Cameron got immunity for the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots eliminated Dakota also Chris was kissed by someone and still hasn't gotten up so I'm hosing the show today on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded!

(Theme Song Plays.)

(In the girls side of the Maggots cabin.)

Staci: Dawn I need to get this off my chest I told Anne Maria Dakota was the reason Mike left.

Dawn: Why?

Staci: Because she was getting annoying.

Dawn: Do you know Anne Maria will do if she finds out.

Staci: Yeah.

Dawn: Then why did you tell her.

(It shows Anne Maria standing out side of the cabin.)

(Confessional) Anne Maria: So here I am walking to tell Staci thanks for telling me about Dakota then I here tell pasty as a ghost Dawn she lied she better watch her back.

(Anne Maria walks away then it show Brick and Lightning talking in the boy side.)

Lightning: I say Staci leaves next.

Brick: Okay.

(Chef is standing in the Mess hall and tells everyone to go there and they all do.)

Chef: Hello everybody!

Cameron: Hi Chef.

Chef: Shut It! Today your challenge is to make a meal.

Brick: Cool!

Chef: Next person who talks is gonna get hit.

(Everyone stands in silence.)

Chef: Good. Now Brick and B your on salad, Lightning and Jo appetizer, Staci and Anne Maria main course, and Dawn and Cameron dessert. Get going!

Brick: Dawn to you see oranges.

Dawn: Yeah I got some door my dish here. (The orange falls out of dawns hand and they hold hands then stare into each other's eyes.)

Lightning: Guys!

Dawn: Oh! Back to work.

Brick: Yeah. (Grabs orange from the floor and washes it off.)

(Confessional) Lightning: Brick and Dawn confuse me sometimes.

Staci: I'll make ribs!

Jo (To Cameron): Someone in her family will finally make something.

(Cameron laughs.)

Cameron: Jo that's is the first time you've made me laugh.

Jo: Thanks?

(Anne Maria gives Staci a death stare but she doesn't see it.)

Anne Maria (Muttering): That little..... ugh. (She grabs a bottle of sauce and walks to the cabins.)

(In the girls side of the rats cabin.)

Anne Maria: Where is it. Found it! (Gets laxatives out of her bag, smashes them up, and puts them in the sauce.)

(Confessional) Anne Maria: Staci will get what she deserves.

(Back in the kitchen.)

Anne Maria: Staci here this sauce is really good on ribs my family does it all the time.

Staci: Thanks.

Anne Maria: No thank you for telling me about Dakota.

Staci: Your welcome. (Laughs nervously.)

Jo: Why are you helping them.

Anne Maria (Whispering to Jo): I put laxatives in the sauce.

(Confessional) Jo: Anne Maria is smarter than she looks. I'm impressed.

Chef: TIME'S UP! We are the judges. Shows Chef, DJ, and Lindsay sitting there.

Jo: Who is Lindsay a food critic.

Chef: She's a fan favorite and sometimes critiques clothes.

Jo: Clothing has nothing to do with food.

Chef: Just shut it. Salad makers front and center!

(B walks up with normal salad and Brick has a fruit salad.)

Lindsay: The one with fruits looks good.

(Chefs takes a bite of B's.)

Chef: Good.

DJ: Yep

Lindsay: Tasty.

Chef: Brick.

Brick: I made a fruit salad with oranges, apples, and grapes.

Lindsay: This tastes amazing. (She puts her face in it and starts eating it.

DJ: Did you use Mama's spice.

Chef: I think we know who won this round.

Lindsay: Yep The Maggots.

(B walks back frowning while Dawn runs up to Brick and hugs him.)

Dawn: Good job.

Lindsay: Aww.

(Confessional) Lindsay: They're adorable together.

Chef: Lightning and Jo you're up.

(Lightning and Jo walk up with their dishes.)

(Confessional) DJ: I remember that Lightning guy from last season and his dish was gross, I mean it was still alive!

Jo: I have Bacon with cheese.

Lindsay: Tasty.

Chef: Good.

DJ: I've had worst.

Lightning: I made banana's with soy sauce.

Lindsay: Ewwww!

DJ: This is bad.

Chef: No comment!

DJ: Victory goes to the Rats.

Chef: Staci and Anne Maria.

Anne Maria: I have made nice angel hair pasta.

Lindsay: I love pasta! (Takes a bite.) Especially yours.

DJ: It's good.

Chef: I like it.

Staci: Here are ribs with special sauce.

Chef: It tastes good.

Lindsay: Yeah.

DJ: I Agr-----my stomach hurts!

Chef: I need a bathroom.

Lindsay: Me too!

(Anne Maria drops the box of laxatives next to Staci's feet.)

Anne Maria (Picking up the box.) : Staci what are these.

Brick: It says laxatives.

Chef: The Rats win the challenge.

Dawn: What about my cake.

Chef: The Rats can have it as an reward.


Chef: Okay after todays disaster one of you will have to leave it's not Dawn, or Brick.

(Dawn and brick hold their marshmallows and turn to each other smiling.)

Chef: The last one goes to..................................................................... .......................................................................................................................................Lightning!

(Staci sighs)

Chef:Your "Chariot" awaits Little Ms. Laxative.

(Shows Staci on the Boat of Losers.)

Staci: Bye guys. At least I did better than last season.

Chef: That was satisfying, anyways will Chris be okay find out next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded!

Episode 7: Time to Save Chris

Chef: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Island Reloaded the two teams had to cook a meal for DJ, Lindsay, and I Anne Maria gave Staci a sauce that contained laxatives so the Mutant Maggots lost. What will happen this time find out on TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ISLAND RELOADED!

(In the girls side of the Rats cabin.)

Anne Maria: Mmm mmm mmm, I got to tell you Dawn can make a cake.

Jo: Right you are that and Cameron's quiche made fell like I was off this island.

Anne Maria: I wanted to talk a little strategy, I think we should throw this challenge to get B out.

Jo: Your right he caught those Mini-Zoids so fast.

Anne Maria: Guy's smart.

Jo: Now all we need is a way to get Cameron's vote.

Anne Maria: Or we could us another thing.

(In the girls side of the Maggots cabin.)

Dawn: Finally some alone time. Nobody is in this side but you and me.

Brick: Yep.

(They're about to kiss but Lightning walks in.) Lightning: Hey guys.

Dawn: I locked the door.

Lightning: No you didn't it's wide open.

Dawn: (Confessional)Lightning is always invading Brick and I's alone time. Maybe the universe is trying to say something.

(The scene cuts to Chef in front of the medical tent.)

Chef: (To Intern) So is he gonna be okay!?!

(The intern just shrugs his shoulders.)

Chef: Then I have to find a cure. Wait! I just got a challenge idea.

(The scene cuts to in front of the cabins.)

Dawn:(To Brick.) Brick we need t----(Chef comes in on a helicopter.)

Chef: Hello Campers!

Anne Maria: Where's Chris! He's been gone for two days.

Chef: We have found out that Chris has been put in a coma due to that Matilda-chick having poison-laced lipstick.

Dawn: But I remember reading her aura and she had no evil in her.

Lightning: What's an aura?

Chef:(To Dawn.) Then you read wrong.

Lightning:(In the background.) Is it a book?

Dawn: My Aura readings are never wrong!

Lightning:(Still in the background.) Do I have an Aura?

Chef: Don't raise your voice to me Missy. Unless you want to, go home.

Jo: Just tell us the challenge.

Chef: Look around the Island to find something to cure Chris with. Ready. Set. Go!

(The teams run off searching for a cure.)

Anne Maria: Hey bubble brain.

Cameron: Yeah?

Anne Maria: Jo and I are gonna look over there.

Cameron: Okay, c'mon B.

(Cameron and B walk off.)

Anne Maria: Let's do this.

Jo:(Confessional) Anne Maria

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