Screaming Attendees
Number of Members 13
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Scott, 21st
Team Selected By


Challenges Won 6

The Screaming Attendees are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Revenge of the Earth. The team is made up of Dawn, DJ, Duncan, Heather, Izzy, Lightning, Owen, Scott, and Zoey as well as four newcomers (Andre, Annabeth, Jere, Orthadel). The team was formed in The Dragon Race. In The Brazlympics Lightning was switched to the Killer Pilots meaning he is no longer on the team. The team got their first win in The Dragon Race. They got their first loss in Condor Day.Jerd was medically removed in Frozen Sailor Drop With Dogs.


Contestant Gender Team Rank Rank Episode Eliminated Reason for Elimination
Scott Male 12th 21st Condor Day Heather played an immunity statue, and Andre rigged one vote against him.
Jerd Male 11th 19th Frozen Sailor Drop With Dogs Was Medically Evacuated after Andre shot him
Izzy Female
Orthadel Female
Annabeth Female
Owen Male
DJ Male
Andre Male
Duncan Male
Heather Female
Dawn Female
Zoey Female

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