Killer Pilots
Number of Members 14
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Alejandro, 26th
Team Selected By


Challenges Won 1

The Killer Pilots are one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Revenge of the Earth. The team is made up of Alejandro, Cameron, Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Jo, Justin, Noah, and Sierra as well as four newcomers (Kailey, Emily, Brady, Dale). The team was formed in The Dragon Race. In The Brazlympics Lightning was switched from The Screaming Attndees to this team because Chris can do whatever "he wants." In Condor Day the team won their first challenge. In Frozen Sailor Drop With Dogs they won a reward, a buffet style picnic at the movie lot.


Contestant Gender Team Rank Rank Episode Eliminated Reason for Elimination
Alejandro Male 14th 26th The Dragon Race Andre sabatoged him in the race making his team believe he threw the challenge. Also he was known as a manipulative contestant.
Noah Male 13th 25th The Dragon Race Alejandro convinced Courtney to vote him off for being smart.
Sierra Female 12th 24th Slap Slap Sausage Reunion Used most of the sausage for a meat cody. Also annoyed the team.
Justin Male 11th 23rd The Brazlympics Andre rigged the votes against him to make Annabeth fall in love with him.
Gwen Female 10th 22nd Horses of Mischief Andre rigged the votes against her to make Duncan perform horrible in the upcoming challenges.
Jo Female 9th 20th Ice Ice Mayhem Andre rigged the votes against her to make the team angry Courtney's still in due to it basiclly being Jo vs Courtney where all the Pilots sided with Jo.


Male 8th 18th Idiot Turkey Hunt Andre rigged the votes against him and Dale convinced Cameron, Cody, and Courtney to vote him off
Cody Male
Cameron Male
Brady Male
Dale Male
Emily Female
Kailey Female
Courtney Female

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