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Premiere June 28, 2013
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Total Drama Revenge of the Earth is the seventh season of Total Drama. From this season on Chris McLean has been given permission for 1 more season. Before they pull the plug on the show. But Chris has other intentions. He's hoping for more seasons. Will he get a season 8?  Find out here on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth! (This season and my future seasons are how I think the Total Drama series should play out.)


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KILLER PILOTS Cameron: Labeled the Wide-Eyed Bubble Boy, Cameron is a super sweet guy, who's very polite and nerdy. He debuted on Total Drama Revenge of the Island and won it all. Though his All-Stars apperance wasn't as rewarding thanks to Mal and not trusting Alejandro. He's getting a third chance to prove he can win it all, again!

Jo: Labeled the Take-No-Prisoners-Jock-ette, Jo is not that sweet and basiclly wants to be a man. She wil do anything to win, anything. On Revenge of the Island she came three episodes short and her apperance on All-Stars wasn't very long. This is her chance to redeem herself and prove she has the ability to win it all.

Cody: Labeled the Geek, Cody debuted as one of the orignal campers on Total Drama Island. He was voted off in Episode 9 and ever since wanted to redeem himself. He did on World Tour making it all the way to the finale, but losing a tiebreaker to Alejandro, so he's always wanted to get his revenge ever since. And another season is a good excuse to get away from Sierra, and hook up with Gwen. Though that'll never happen.

Courtney: Labeled the Type-A, Courtney debuted on Total Drama Island as one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But after Harold backstabbed her, she's been acting nasty ever since. Sueing her way onto Total Drama Action, and losing on World Tour, and destroying her own chances on All-Stars, she has a lot to prove going in to another season.

Justin: Labeled the Eye-Candy, Justin debuted as one of the original 22 campers on Total Drama Island and got eliminated thanks to Heather. So when he returned to Action, he proved he could make it far. Now he's here to prove he can get past the first merge challenge and win it all. But he'll have to rely more on his looks to get far.

Gwen: Labeled the Loner, Gwen dominated Total Drama Island and lost to Owen in the final challenge. On Action her true side was revealed and she voted herself off of Action.  On World Tour she put herself on the Villainous Vultures for All-Stars when she kissed Duncan in front of Tyler, which resulted in her losing again. All-Stars saw her make the final four again, but once again eliminating herself after doing something stuipid. Being one of the 3 contestants returning for a 5th time she has alot to prove this time and will hopefully do anything to win it all.

Alejandro: Labeled the Arch-Villain, Alejandro was one of three people to debut on World Tour and he dominated it until Heather manipulated him into losing. On All-Stars he debuted in a robot suit due to being burned by lava in the World Tour finale. He was the first to see Mike's evil personality, which is exactly why he got flushed. This is his chance to make or break his Total Drama career.

Noah: Labeled the Schemer, Noah was the thrid voted out of Total Drama Island and the first voted off his team on World Tour, so he has a lot to prove. The Question is can he find a way to get to the end without being seen as a threat.





















Episode 1- The Dragon Race

"Welcome to Pahkitew Island" says a beloved host. "I'm Chris McLean. I've come to be the best looking and best talented host I know. I've had many hosting jobs but my favorite is Total Drama for two reasons. One, torturing kids is great! And, two it gives you a chance to see the world, for free! The second reason is why I decided to make 18 of your favorite contestants come back for another World Tour! And I decided to add eight new people to stir up the doo doo. Maybe they'll be better than Owen. Make sure you tune in to the season premiere of Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

The Theme Song can be heard.

Chris McLean is making his way to Pahkitew Island's Dock of Shame. "Welcome back to Total Drama Revenge of the  Earth. Here comes our first of three boats."

The boat is using its brakes.

"Owen! My man, long time no see!" Chris says excitedly.

Owen's reply is "I'm excited to be back. I'm going all the way. Again!"

"Noah, DJ, Zoey,Alejandro,Cody, and The Queen of Mean herself. Heather" says Chris.

"I thought you said we were going to Hawaii" Heather angrily exclaims.

"That's what I thought too. But this plane is more my style so..."

"You promised..."

"Tut. Tut. Tut. Here comes our second boat!" says Chrs.

The second boat stopped way to far from the shore.

"The guy is making them swim! Awesome!" says Chris.

He then whispers to the camera. "Those waters still have pirhana's, sharks, and leeches from last season! Chris trying to hold in his laughter.

"This sucks! Chris you're going to wish you wern't you right now!" came a male voice from a distance.

"Here comes Courtney, Dawn, Duncan..."

Duncan walks up to Chris. He looks like he's ready to strangle Chris.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't strangle you to a pole! You said Hawaiii. This is a crappy explosive island. And I think this leech is in love with me, CHRIS!" says a very mad Duncan.

"Gwen's here!" says Chris.

"Courtney's here!" says Gwen and Duncan,

"You both are going to lose! Mark my words." says Courtney.

"Guys I'm the best thing on Earth. I'm trying to make an intro here." says Chris.

"Go ahead Chris McMouse." says Dawn.

Everyone else laughs at this including Justin who just arrived on the island.

"Make fun of the best looking dude here. Whatever."

"Chris. I think you mean 1000th hottest guy. Not #1." says Justin

"Cameron, Lightning, Jo, Scott, and Sierra." Chris finishing the introduction of characters.

"Let us split you guys up. For the Killer Pilots we have Cameron. Jo, Gwen, Justin, Noah, Sierra, Courtney, Alejandro, and Cody. As for the rest of you I deem your boring team the Screaming Attendee's! says Chris.

"Wait a second why is a thrid boat coming?" asks Cody.

"They're dancing to I Like to Shake It! Why didn't we get good music Chris!?" says an angry DJ.

But Chris wasn't listening. He was going to get his loudspeaker. Then he shouted to the person steering the boat. "Make them swim dude!"

"Whatever Chris." says Chef Hatchet.

"I am pleased to announce that for the first time in Total Drama history we are going to have... 26 CONTESTANTS!"

All the returning guys look a bit worried.

"If I told you you were a Killer Pilot you get to go to the confessional so everyone can know who you are!" shouted Chris through his loudspeaker.

A man wearing a tanktop with redish blondish hair walked up, smiled to the contestants, and then walked into the confessional. In the confessional he said, "I'm Dale, I love sports and I'm actually good at them. Unlike Tyler. I've won MVP for any thing I played. I am most like Lightning which is why I am Lightning 2.0!"

Back at the dock a girl with a boring t-shirt and boring jeans walked over to the Killer Pilots. Then she said "I'm Kailey and Im a very boring person.

"Fine. Skip the juicy confessional." said Chris. "Who remembers on Total Drama Action when Beth went on and on about having a boyfriend?" asked Chris.

Everyone raised there hands.

"Well he is here. It's Brady!"

"Hey Chris what's up my brother?" asked Brady.

Brady walked in the confessional. "I'm going all the way because I'm handsome. Justin is like my twin.

Back at the dock Chris announced Emily's arrival. Emily went to the confessional.

"I'm Emily and I'm a flight attendee. I was briefly seen in season 2 when Chris said he would give me his autograph. I think I'm most like.... I don't know." 

At the dock  Chris was introducing the other new people.

"Andre"says Chris. 

Andre walked into the confessional. "I'm Andre and I'm a Cuban Devil. Don't think so.  Just wait. I'm the new Alejandro.

Back at the dock a girl in a black shirt and sweats with braces walked to the confessional. "Ooo Oo I'm Orthadel. I know everything about everything! I even know Courtney is dating a wall! Don't tell anyone. I'm most like Harold and Sierra.

Back at the dock Chris was looking very happy. "My cousin Jerd. I missed you."The two hug and everyone laughed at them. "I'm going to let Jerd skip the confessional sicen he doesn't speak English. Last up we have Annabeth. Andre was stearing like he was in love. Annaneth walked to the confessional.

"I'm Annabeth and I'm a chinese ballerina. I would comapre myself to Bridgette.

Back at the dock Chris said "Now that we are all here we need a picture for the promo. Everyone say I love. Chris!"

Everyone said "I hate Chris!" 

The picture is shown below: (To be added once created)

"Everyone follow your awesome host on to the Jumbo Jet 2.0!" said Chris.

"I was going to say didn't Sierra blow that up on the last boring tour?" said Gwen.

"My tours are not boring Gwen if that's even your real name." said Chris.

"Wait a second. Did you say awesome host?" asked DJ?

Chris nods and everyone but the new guys laugh. Chris took everyone on to the plane. They walked to the first class wing which now takes up 1/2 of the top floor of the plane.

"As most of you know this is first class. It has everything from last time plus more gourmet food and a 30x30 foot hot tub! Keep walking guys we don't have all day!" 

The cast walked by the cafeteria which is pretty self explanatory. This is where they will eat. The cast then walked by the 2nd class seating. "This is where the losers hang out!" said Chris. "Settle in we're getting ready for takeoff." says Chef from a distance."

"One more thing." said Chris. "There are two confessionals. The one in the cockpit and the other in the bathroom. If you want you can talk otherwise there is slop  right there you can munch on."

"Hey Al, Al, Al,..." said Cody.

In the bathroom confessional a number of people made confessionals. Here is the order and what they said.

Heather: "Normally I'd be ticked off but I cut my hair back which my boyfriend Alejandro likes. Plus I did good on the last tour so I figure this year I can win this! And that hot tub has my name written all over it. The only problem is Owen. He'll probably ruin it."

Justin: "I plan to do exactly what Al did. Only in a little less evil matter."

Alejandro: "If Cody wanted to irritate me, he did a good job. That candy eating freak is going down!"

Andre: "Alejandro's got to go. I'll find a way to get rid of him. You just wait."

Kailey: "Chris made me come in here and introduce myself so I'm Kailey and I'm a boring person because I'll I do is read. I'm smart but boring. I don't have any friends so leave me alone." She then shoved her hand into the camera.

Lightning: "Maybe I can form another dudes alliance with Jo!"

Jo: "Lightning still thinks I'm a man! I want to throw him off the plane so bad but for some reason I can't."

That ends the confessionl series. In the cafeteria everyone is stearing at their slop in disgust except for Duncan and Gwen who are making out. Then all of a sudden a musical bell rings.

Duncan said "Please tell me we're not singing!"

Chris replies "We're singing! And do you want better news?"

Everyone shook their head in disgust.

"Good because we're singing every song from TOtal Drama World Tour starting with Chef Cue the music."

With the lyrics being sung the song is "Come Fly With Us!"

Duncan says "I'll quit again if I have to."

Courtney says "Quit. Duncan. Quit. Duncan. Can I sing my song?"

"NO" everyone shouts at Courtney

"Before we start old guys sing their old parts and new guys replace someon like Leshawna for example. We should have brought her back. Remember you don't sing, you go home!"

"What if there isn't enough lines?" asked Orthadel.

"Chef begin the music. Before she asks a question I don't have an answer to!"

Courtney: Up!
Courtney and Izzy: Up!
Courtney, Izzy, and Sierra: Up!
Courtney, Izzy, Sierra, and Kailey: Up!
Cameron: Sing!
Cameron and Cody: Sing!
Cameron, Cody, and DJ: Sing!
Cameron, Cody, DJ, and Dale: Sing!
Heather, Emily, Annabeth, Courtney, Izzy, Sierra, and Kailey: We're flying.
Alejandro, Noah, Cameron, Cody, DJ, and Dale: And singing.
Everyone (except Gwen, Duncan, Jerd, and Owen): We're flying and we're singing!
Sierra: Come fly with us!
Sierra and Cody: Come fly with us!
Izzy: We've got a lot 'o crazy tunes to bust! Haha!
Annabeth: Come fly with us!
Annabeth and Kailey: Come fly with us!
Alejandro: It's a pleasure, and an honor, and a must.
Duncan: Dudes, this is messed. You're singing in a plane.
Cameron: What did you expect? Chris is freaking insane. Ah!
Gwen: Yeah, but, guys, you're singing on TV!
Courtney: Haven't you always wanted to? It can't just be me!
DJ: Come fly with us!
DJ and Emily: Come fly with us!
Heather: Do you know how to steer this thing!?
Chef Hatchet: I try.
Jerd: They thought they could leave me and depart, but this stowaway's got winning in his heart!
Noah: Come fly with us! Come die with us!
Owen: We're flying?! I hate flying! Stop the plane! (gets hit on the head with a frying pan, courtesy of Chris)
Sierra, DJ, Cody, and Heather: Come fly with us! Come sing with us!
Gwen and Duncan: No!
Chris McLean: Anyone care for a copy of this seasons rules? Because in order to escape instant elimination-
Annabeth: All contestants must sing in each show!
Courtney: Duncan, do it! Let's go!
Cody: Gwen, sing it! Don't go!
Gwen: Well, I don't wanna go home. Come fly with us! Come fly with us! Come and fly with us!
Courtney: Duncan, come on! Please?
Duncan: This sucks!
Everyone (except Duncan, Owen, and Jerd): Yeah!


"I loved it. Let me just write down who sang what part" said Chris.

Kailey sung Lindsay
Cameron sung Harold
Dale sung Tyler
Emily sung Leshawna
Annabeth sung Bridgette
Jerd sung Ezekiel

"Kailey, Cameron, Dale,, Emily, Annabeth, and Jerd won't have to sing next time. If you were on World Tour last time you get to sing until you take the dreaded Drop of Shame!" said Chris.

"Yes!" said Courtney

"NO!" said everyone from World Tour but Courtney.

"Where are we going first? What will the deadly challenge be? And will Heather try to kill me with that frying pan I whacked Owen with? Find out after the break on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

Heather picked up the frying pan and chased Chris screaming "You better run Chris!"

This is the part of the episode where advertisments would show.

Back on the plane the contestants are still stearing at their food in disgust. Heather walked back into the cafeteria. She carried Chris to the cockpit. Heather knocked out Chris succesfully out during the advertisement break.

"Did she really knock out Chris?" asked Zoey.

Heather walked back in. "Are we in China?" asked Heather.

"We can't be in China. I should know I'm an expiernced flight attendee. Plus we've only been flying for like 2 hours!" said Emily.

"Attention Good For Nothing Cast" said Chef over the loudspeaker. "In order to get to your first stop you'll have to jump out. Chris will meet you down there. Attendees, you're up first."

In the bathroom confessional DJ said "I hate this show."

Andre, Heather, Orthadel, Scott, Jerd,Lightning, Zoey, Annabeth, Duncan, Dawn,and Izzy had no problem jumping out. Owen and DJ had to be pushed out by Courtney. Brady, Courtney, Cody, Dale, Alejandro, Emily, Kailey, Gwen, Sierra, Noah, and Alejandro had no problem jumping out. Justin and Cameron had to be dragged out by Alejandro. Chris was thrown out of the plane by Chef. When Chris woke up he brushed himself off.

"Welcome to Chinatown!" exclaimed Chris.

"For today's challenge..."

"Which Chinatown?" asked Brady

"Vancouver." said Chris. "As I was saying today's challenge is all about Dragon's. For the first part you need to make a dragon costume big enough so your whole team can fit inside it. Then you must race through the obstale course. Blindfolded. There's dodging the landmines, dodging the bears, manuevering through the oil slick, the red fire ant pit, and dodging the animatronic dragon, controlled by Chef."

I Wanna Be, I Wanna... (Chris's phone ringing)

"Hello. Yeah. Fine this challenge is going to be boring thanks to you!" answered Chris.

"Ok according to the producer only the leader of the dragon can be blindfolded. Please raise your hand if you jumped out of the plane."

Everyone but DJ, Owen, and Cameron raised their hands. Justin kept  his hand down.

"The Pilots get an advantage with a sewing machine" said Chris.

"Justin had to be dragged out." said Orthadel angerily.

"Tut. Tut. Tut. Ready, Set , Go!" said Chris.

The Pilots advantage quickly was destroyed when Sierra's obsession over Cody.

"SIERRA!" everyone on the Pilots except Sierra and Cody shouted at Sierra.

"I'm sorry let me fix it." said Sierra.

"Now you just made it worse!" said Justin

"Guys get your heads in the challenge the Attendees are done!" said Gwen.

"And the Attendees take the lead choose a leader." said Chris.

"Guys let me do it!" said Andre. In the confessional he said "I had to prove my loyalty to the team. And I had a plan to take down Alejandro."

"I vote Andre since were both from Central America!" said DJ.

"Thanks for your support DJ" said Andre. "Alright guys I have a great idea. It'll get us the win and Alejandro booted."

"No way is that plan being executed." said Heather. In the confessional she said "That guy is sick if he thinks he can get rid of my boyfriend like that. Though I have to admit it was a pretty good idea."

"Andre blindfold on!" said Chris.

Andre put the blindfold on.

"Don't go until they finish ok Andre." said Scott.

The Pilots had a ton of problems. The biggest being that the couldn't agree on anything. But eventually they finished. It had been 5 hours.

"I nominte myself as captin." said Alejandro.

"Go!" said Chris

It was a mad dash.THe Pilots blew up. The Attendees almost pushed the Pilots into a bear. The ants had dissapperaed. The Oil Slick is where The Attendees knocked down the Pilots and ran for the win but Chef was in the way of victory.

"Get up Al." said Cody

"Don't call Alejandro AL" said Courtney.

"Al we're going to lose because of you!" said Justin.

"Watch out for the dragon Andre!" said Duncan.

"Yeah Andre you're really good at this!" said Jerd.

"What did Chris's cousin say?" asked Orthadel. In the confessional she said "One of the few things I don't know is what Jerd says."

Over at the Pilot dragon they couldn't get up do to the oil.

"This ----------- oil is preventing us from stnading up!" says Alejandro.

"Wait guys we can still win this. Take of your shoes and throw it at the other team. Maybe it'll knock them down and we might have a chance!" said Dale" In the confessional he said "It was worth a shot."

"Incoming shoes!" screamed Lightning!

"Ow, Ow Ow." What the heck?" said Scott.

"And the Attendees win invincibility and first class tickets to our next thrilling destanation. Af for the Pilots. Go to the Elimination Room. Can't miss it."

Back on the  plane Alejandro walked to the cargo hold where he found Heather.

"Alejandro." whispered Heather.

"What babe." said Alejandro.

"They're going to vote you out you know that right?"

"Yeah I know but as long as we stay together we're good."

"Hang on to the plane. Whatever you do don't leave me with that rat Andre. He's the reason you're going home. If you get voted out tonight, I'll kick his butt for you.

In the confessional Alejandro siad "Andre going to be hard to beat. He's a very large ------ ------ and I hate him very much! I vote for Noah! I would vote for Cody but Noah is the one who revealed my dark side last time so by by!

Courtney's vote was also for Noah because she claims "I trust Alejandro."

Noah voted for Alejandro.

Justin voted for Alejandro because he claimed "he woos the ladies and that's my job!"

In the elimination room Chris played the Gilded Chris Music.

"Welcome to the Gilded Chris Ceremony. I see you guys already voted on the voting device. Tonight the Gilded Chris goes to.."

"Chris the RCMP is shooting missils at us." said Chef.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Cameron. Cameron jumped into Gwen's arms and then Gwen dropped him with Cameron saying "ow."

"You're an expierence pilot get us out of this mess then. As I was saying..."

"Can we do this when we know we're not going to die?" said Cameron who's on the verge of crying.

"No. They go to Emily, Cry baby Cameron, Kailey, Jo, Gwen, Brady,Sierra,Justin, Dale...

"Please be me, please me." pleaded Courtney.

"Courtney" said Chris.

"Yes!' said Courtney,

"Wait a second Chris there's only one Gilded Chris left." said Cody

"And it's for you. Just don't tell Sierra." said Chris. Sierra ran up to Cody and hugged him almost suffocating Cody.

"What does this mean?" Noah asked in fury.

"It means you and Al are out!" said Chris.

"Why not just Noah why me too!?" asked a furious Alejandro.

"Geoff and Bridgette demanded 4 Aftermath specials and we could not afford any more lawsuits so to save on episodes I figure the two with the highest amount of votes could take the plunge." said Chris.

"But the missles!" said Alejandro

"Your problem now!" said Chris. He then shoved them out.

"Ahhh. The missiles going to hit me!" screamed a falling Noah.

"Ah. Doesn't that sound fun. Good night everyone." said Chris.

In the confessional Heather, Courtney, and Owen started crying. Not together. The scene then went to Chris in the cockpit.

"Did Noah and Alejandro survive? Will Heather, Courtney and Owen get over the dramatic elimination? Will Andre come up with another scheme? And the most important question is... Does my hair look good still? I can answer that yes! Find out the answers to the other questions next time on..."

Chris sings the next part. "Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

                                                                   Closing Credits

Episode 2: Slap Slap Sausage Reunioun

The scene shifts to a TV showing the recap. Chris said "Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth. We introduced 8 new people as well as brought back 18 old. We sent them on a plane for another World Tour. The singing wasn't as good though. Sierra's obsession over Cody ruined the Pilots chances when she broke the sewing machine they shouldn't have even had. But what made their chances even wose is when Andre a cuban "devil" decided to ram Alejnadro into the ground. At the elimination ceremony missles were shot. And Alejandro and Noah had the thrill of their life."

The scene shifts to Chris in the pilot's area. "Will Andre's next scheme be worse than the last? How many times will Owen, Courtney, and Hwather cry this episode? And will the sausages..."

Chris winked his eyes.

"be better this time. Find out tonight on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

The theme song can be heard.

Back on the plane the Killer Pilots are seen sleeping while in first class Heather was seen sleeping with a barf bag. She threw up again. Owen is seen sleeping in the hot tub. Hours later DJ woke up and saw Owen drowning. 

"CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed DJ. DJ screaming woke everyone up. 

"What the heck DJ?" asked Heather? "Owen farting in the hot tub last night made me barf enough."

Everyone was glaring at DJ.

"Owen's dead! He drowned!"

The scene shifts to the map that shows where they're heading next. The animated plane flew from Vancouver all the way back to the Alps. The music playing is the music that was used for the map that showed Jamaica to London. 

"Buckle up kiddies we're crash landing next to the Alps!"Chris said over the loudspeaker.

"What about Owen?" asked Zoey.

"Owen's going to be fine. Trust me." said Chris.

"Now I see why you guys hate this show." said Orthadel.

In the confessional Orthadel said "Obviously Owen's alive. They're just trying to scare us."

"Everyone meet me in the elimination room. Now maggots!" Chef screamed over the loudspeaker.

In the confessioanl Cameron said "I'm not a maggot anymore!"

In the elimination room everyone but Owen and Chris are thrown out of the plane.

On the ground Chris finally appears.

"I see you guys had a nice landing. The jackets that were ordered in the Yukon finally arrived!" said Chris.

All the contestants cheered.

"But someone decided to make them a consolation prize!" said Chris.

"You're kidding right?" said Justin.

"For today's challenges we will have a recap from last.time starting with the German song! Heather,Gwen, Courtney you guys are singing your original parts. Andre replaces Alejandro. Dawn replaces Noah.And the newcomers sing the parts of their replacement." says Chris

"But you said we didn't have to sing!" said an angry Dale!

"I did. But I lie a lot in case you haven't noticed." said Chris. "I also need someone to temporarily sing Owen. And I nominate DJ!"

"WHY on EARTH WOULD YOU NOMINATE ME!" DJ yelled in anger.

"Chef start the music before DJ kills me!" said Chirs.

The music to Eine Kliene begins.

Dawn: Keep it down, so I can win the loot! DJ: Try, I will. But I still got to fart! No toot! Dawn and Heather: Shhhh! Heather: Toot on, but you're still out of luck. You suck the lemon chuck. Gwen: Wait till you're voted out for being such a lout! Courtney: I'll dance a jig when Chris shoves you out the plane! Andre: When you don't hold back and lead the pack, truly there is nothing stopping you, you, you. Emily: Swimming in your eyes, it's butterflies, and suddenly there's nothing I can't do. Sorry, Harold.  Kailey: Wait, something's itching in my brain! Someone's back in the game! My former flame! And Tyler's your name! You're Tyler just the same! Oh, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler back you came. Dale: You remember me? Ha! She remembers me! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!

"I need 5 people to dance in the first challenge. Anyone going to volunteer?" asked Chris.

No one raised their hands.

"Great I get to choose. Heather, Scott, Andre, Orthadel and Zoey! For the Pilots Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Brady, and Justin." Get ready for the dance off. You're competing for a prize that will help you win the next challenge."

"If it's the coats I'll dance. If not see ya." said Zoey.

"It's not the coats and need I remind you what you're playing for in the big picture?" asked Chrs.

Chirs pulled out the million dollars and showed it to Zoey.

"I hate this freakin show!" said Zoey. 

"For Round 1 it's Heather vs Duncan, Scott vs Courtney, Andre vs Gwen, Brady vs Orthadel, and Justin vs Zoey." said Chris.

"Chef begin the music." said Chris.

"I refeuse to dance Zoey, It will mess up my knees. I give up any chance at immunity." said Justin.

Zoey slapped him in the face and pushed him off.

"My cheekbone!" cried Justin.

Meanwhile Heather and Duncan were punching and kicking each other. They both fell of the platform.

"You're going to pay for that Heaher." screamed Duncan.

"Bring it nerdface!" screamed Heather.

They continued the fight.

"Man this is awesome.Electric shock!" said Chris.

Chris shocked Zoey.

"What the heck Chirs. I already beat Justin." said Zoey

"No one said you could stop dancing Zoey." said Chirs

"Take that Andre." said Gwen. She just punched him in the face. His tooth came out and then Gwen pushed him off.

"Go Heather!" screamed Courtney. Scott used the opportunity to push her off.

"Did you know that slap-dancing evolved from the Landler? Brady are you listening?" asked Orthadel.

Brady shoved her off the platform in anger.

"And now it's time for Round 2! How about Zoey and Brady and Scott and Gwen!" said Chris.

They got on their respective platforms. While Duncan and Heather were still figthting. Both lost at least 1 tooth.

"Chef get the two lovebirds away from each other!" screamed Chris.

Chef threw Duncan and Heather in a frozen river for 5 seconds. And then grabbbed them back out.

"Calm it you two freaks!" screamed Chef.

"Sorry Chef." said Duncan and Heather.

"I still hate you though." Duncan and Heather said to each other.

Back at the dance floor Zoey dressed back up in her warrior outfit and shoved Brady off.

"There's more where that came from Brady!"

In the confssional Brady said: Zoey really scares me. Beth I miss you!

While Scott and Gwen were dancing Andre pulled Orthadel aside.

"You're a big geek who knows's how to do everything right?" asked Andre

"Yeah." said Orthadel.

"Well I'm goin to seem like an idiot for asking you this but could you build a small little chip that looks like this?"

Andre showed Orthadel a very small blueprint of the chip.

"I'm probably your only friend so far. And I can keep it that way." said Andre.

"Deal Andre." They hugged for a second.

In the confessional Orthadel said: I made a new friend! But why would he want to build something like that?

While in the confessional Andre said: Orthadel doesn't have many friends so she doesn't realize that the chip she made is for evil purposes. I can't tell you what though. I'd rather surprise you.

"So Gwen you and Duncan still dating?" asked Scott

"Why do you want to know jerkface.?" asked Gwen

"Because if he dumps you I'm availble." said Scott.

"Me and Duncan are still dating Scott. You're dead!"

Gwen kicks Scott in the groin and he falls backward. He then grunts in pain.

"Chris we're freezing over here." said Kailey

"Zoey and Gwen grudge match and then it's on to Part 3 of today's challenge." said Chris.

Zoey and Gwen rose up and got into a fist fight.

Andre called a team huddle.

"Shake Gwen's pole and then Zoey wins! Are you in Heather?" asked Andre

In the confessional Heather said: They sketchy, manipulative little beast. I don't trust him. And what was up with him pulling Orthadel aside. Something's going on and I'm going to find out what.

"I don't care. Plus her face does need some remodeling. I'm in!" said Heather.

Heather, and Scott walked over and started shaking Gwen's pole. 

"Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" screamed Gwen. "Why is my platform moving?"

"Just to make this more intresting..." said Chris.

Chris shocked Zoey and Gwen.

Gwen fell off.

"The winner of the slap dancing challenge. Zoey and the Screaming Attendees. You're prize is.." 

"The coats?" asked Zoey

Chris shook his head.

"Handwarmers?" asked DJ?

Chris shook his head agian.

"You guys have won a shiny eletric meat grinder. While the Loser Pilots get the jackets." said Chris.

Everyone on the Pilots cheered while the Attendees complained.

Duncan walked to Chris and held him by the neck.

"Do you like being choked?"

Chris shook his head.

"Then give us the jackets." screamed Duncan.

"That's it. You're going to stay in that river until the end of the episode!" screamed Chef.

Chef picked up Duncan and threw him in the river.

Gwen ran to his side and tried to pull him out but Chef dragged her away before she could pull him out.

"Everyone in the plane. Except for Duncan who's going to continue to freeze."said Chris.

"Jerk.!" Duncan yelled back at Chris.

"On the plane Chef served Pumpernickel bread to everyone. Everyone got one slice.

"To make this more intresting you guys will be eating food from the country we're visiting." said Chris.

"So you give us bread!" said Cameron. "Why not Pickert, or Rumpsteak. Why bread?" asked Cameron.

"That food is way to luxurious for you guys. That's what I'm eating tonight. Finish your bread and head to the cargo hold. Gwen if you're really worried about Duncan. Chef will walk you down there. Ok?" asked Chris

"Deal!" said Gwen. 

Everyone finished eating and made their way into the cargo hold. Everyone began to falll. Everyone landed in snow. 

"Who's going to freeze to death? Who get's the crappy meat grinder and WHERE'S OWEN!? Find out after the break on Total Drama..."

Chris sings the next part.


This is the part of the episode where advertisments would show.

"Welcome back to Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris.

"We've been having fun in Germany. Well at last I have been. So Passengers for today's third challenge you guys are going to have to make a sausage and race it down the hill." said Chris

"Oh that's really easy. No ticked off seals or Polar bears. He's losing his edge." said Emily

"Totally." said Zoey.

"Wrong ladies." You will be riding down the hill to rescue Owen from the Billy Goats." said Chris


"Pilots your jackets are all the way over there. Go" said Chris

The teams quickly began making sausages.

"The Electric Meat Grinder. What a beauty!" said Heather.

"Just shove the sausage through to win Orthadel. Do it!" said Scott.

Orthadel started to put sausage through the grinder. Everyone on the Attendees was freezing.

"Maybe we should huddle for warmth while Orthadel finishes up?" said Annabeth.

Annabeth hugged Andre.

"Annabeth" said Andre.

"You have the best hair I've ever seen!" said Andre.

Annabeth blushed.

In the confessional Heather vommited and said: Andre has to go!

Andre said: I'm playing many strategies. Some will work. Some will not. Some are new. Some are old.

Annabeth said: Andre is the cutest person here! I want to rub my hand through his dark black hair!

While over at the Pilots they had to use an actual meat grinder that wasn't electric.

"Spin that lever!" screamed Courtney.

"Sierra stuff that casing!" screamed Justin

"I'm team leader Justin so back off." said Courtney

"Who elected you team leader?!" said Justin

"Ahhh Cody who should be the leader of our team?" said Sierra

Sierra kissed Cody.

In the confessional Cody was brushing his teeth.

"Done!" said Orthadel.

"Now let's go rescue our favorite big buddy Owen!" said Izzy

"Now boarding the Cuckoo Express!" said Izzy.

THe Attendees hopped on.

"We're out of meat!" said Jo.


The scene shifted down to Chef carrying Gwen to the river. He threw her in.

"Hey!" Duncan and Gwen said to each other.

"I'm freezing to death!" Duncan screamed in a German accent.

Gwen and Duncan started making out while freezing.

The scene shifted to the Attendees racing down the hill.

"Orthadel steer!" screamed Lightning!

THe Attendees crashed into a rock. The sausage split in half.

"Orthadel!" screamed Scott!

Back at the top of the hill the Pilots discovered Sierra made a second Meat Cody.

"What are we supposd to do now Sierra!" screamed Courtney.

"Courtney calm down." said Brady.

"I got it!" said Cameron!

"Sierra get Meat Cody! Courtney squish the sausage together." said Cameron.

"It may not be the best looking sausage but it's a sausage." said Cameron.

"Mush, Mush, Mush!" said Courtney

The Pilots began racing down the hill but their sausage was destored by a rock. Justin was slammed into a rock.

"My faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" screamed Justin.

At the bottom of the hill the Billy Goats were surrounding Owen.

"Guys help me!!!!!!!!" screamed Owen.

"We're here to save you Owen!" said DJ

"Owen is very scared guys let's go!" said Dawn.

Heather tried to get through but she was kicked in the chest and fell backward.

Everyone but Andre, Scott, and Lightning tried but failed.

"Make room for the Lightning!" screamed Lightning.

A wrestling bell is heard when the Billy Goat hit Lightning in the face.

"Maybe if you guys attack together you guys will be unstoppable." said Orthadel

"Hurry!" screamed Heather and Owen.

Courtney was running down the hill looking very angry and hurt.

"1, 2, 3 Jump and Kick!" said Andre.

The power was good enough to go them through to Owen.

"Chirs we rescued Owen!" said SCott

"No you didn't!" screamed Courtney.

She kicked Scott in the side.

Andre and Courtney started fighting.

Meanwhile Orthadel walked up to Owen and freed him.

"The Attendees win first class again Courtney!" Chris screamed from a helicopter.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" screamed Courtney

Courtney kneed Owen in the groin and he fell backward.

Back on the plane Gwen and Duncan were recieving special treatment.

"Do you have hypothermia?" asked Cameron

Gwen and Duncan nodded.

"At least your together." said Cameron

In the Elimination Room Chris played the Gilded Chris Music.

"Time to vote loser Pilots."

In the confessional Gwen said: Courtney is little miss b----.

Courtney said: Gwen stole my boyfriend and I still haven't forgiven her.

Justin said: Thanks to Sierra my face has been ruined!

"Tonight's Gilded Chris's go to Cameron...

"Chris our plane won't move." said Chef

"Why arn't we moving!" said Chris.

"An avalance has covered the plane.

"Alright, Sierra."


"The gang has spoken."

"What please tell me Cody didn't vote for me."

"That's confidential. Now here's a shovel and go clean off the plane so the show can go on!"

Sierra kissed Cody one last time and was chucked out the plane by Chef.

"Get shoveling!" screamed Chef.

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" said Cody.

Cody screaming was so loud that all the snow fell off the plane and buried Sierra. The plane was back in the air.

In the cockpit Chris said "Now that Little Miss Stalker is gone will Cody finally have some privacy, Will Courtney ever be respected by her team, and what steamy drama is in store for you next time on Total Drama...

Chris sings the next part Revenge of the EARTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Closing Credits

Episode 3- The Brazlympics

The cockpit shows Chris beginning the recap.

"Last time on your favorite show, Total Drama"

"Our first classic location brought the best out of some contestants  (shows a clip of Zoey beating Gwen at slap dancing) while some brought out their worst (shows a clip of Gwen going in the river with Duncan). Our favorite big buddy was captured by billy goats. It was his own team that came to his rescue. THe creepy stalker got the boot after she made meat cody. Again! We left Germany with Sierra buried in snow! But it's not like we care! I mean come on! It's Sierra!"

"Chris she creeps me out." said Chef

"Word" said Chris

"I'm switching Lightning to the Pilots because I can do whatever I want guys" said Chris over the intercom.

"Which contestant will be the next loser find out on the show with the perfect host Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

The theme song can be heard.

In first class the Attendees are shown having a good time.

"Owen you can't go in the hot tub. Do you know how many barf bags I've made?" said Heather

"Give him a break Queen Bee." said Andre

Owen hugs Andre and Heather under his shoulders.

Andre and Heather glare at Owen.

Owen lets go and enters the hot tub.

"Andre want to play a game of Can you make Heather puke?" said Scott.

"Definitley" said Andre

Zoey was stearing out the window. On a piece of wood she drew a heart with M + C in the middle.

In the confessional she said: I miss you Mike.

Andre said: Heather has to go

Orthadel was show sitting next to Dawn. She was working on Andre's chip.

"Don't help Andre just because you've necer had a friend." said Dawn

"A friend's a friend Dawn. You should know that considering you don't have one." said Orthadel

Dawn gasps.

In the confessional Orthadel said: I want to be social. Not an anti-social freak!

Dawn said: How does she know? Maybe she's an auora whisperer too!

While in loser class Courtney was complaining.

"You guys are so useless."

"Well at least we're sane. Except for Lightning." said Gwen

"I have ears gothball!" said Lightning

"Yeah your going home next" said Kailey.

Gwen and Kailey hi five.

In the confessional Kailey said: Out of all the people I become friends with I'm friends with Gwen. The gothball! I can't believe it. We even have things in common! Like how we both hate Courtney and how we love Horror movies and the color black.

Gwen said: Kailey thinks she's boring when really she just doesn't talk to anyone. She's an  anti-social person.

Courtney said: Kailey thinks she's so cool hanging with Gwen. I'll show what happens to Gwen's friends. (Courtney crushes a bar of soap)

Jo said: Courtney thinks she team leader. When really she's a b----.

"All loser passengers to the common area. Time for lunch!" said Chris.

In the common area Chef served the food.

"If we're both here who's flying the plane?" said Chris

Chef runs off in a panic.

"Your lunch today is something called Misto." said Chris

"We're going to Brazil" said Cameron and Orthadel

"This doesn't look like protien" said Lightning

"It's a ham and chesse sandwich brainaic" said Kailey

"Eat up. It's all your getting. I get to enjoy shrimp and lemonade tonight!" said Chris

The cast groans.

"I need to figure out which song is next."

"There better be no songs Chris!" said Duncan

Everyone agreed.

After lunch the plane landed on a beach.

"Sweet dude we're in paradise!" said Duncan

The screen changes location and in a sarcastic tone Duncan says,

"Sweet dude we're in paradise!"

"Soccer's the best sport ever cousin!" said Jerd

No one understood him.

"What did you say?" asked Dale

"Today's challenge is all about Brazil's most popular sport. Football!"

"But this is a soccer staduim Chris!" said Lightning

"Where's the quarterback and linebacker and wide recievers and cornerbacks..."

Chris began to frown and glare at Lightning

"and runningbacks..."

Jo grabs Lightning's lips and closes them shut.

"Jo want to.."

Jo punches Lightning in his face.

"Thanks Jo." said Chris.

"My pleasure." said Jo

"Today we're creating the Olympics since they're being held here this year. Duncan and Gwen go with Chef. As for the rest of you come with me to the locker rooms." said Chris.

Chef put Duncan and Gwen in a sack and walked away.

In the locker room Chris started talking.

"We need 2 kickers from each team and 3 runners from each team any volunteers?" asked Chris

"Me!" said Jo, Lightning, and Dale.

"Our Pilot runners."

"Any runners for the Attendees?"

"Me!" said DJ

"Why not" said Scott.

"Izzy you're running too." said Chris.

"Sweet. Explosportso is in the house yo!" said Izzy.

"Zoey and Andre will be kicking for the Attendees and Courtney and Justin for the Pilots."

"But my face" said Justin

"NO one cares Justin." said Courtney

"This is a favorite challenge from the Serengeti." said Chris

"Oh it's the Soccer Cricket game." said Emily.

"Everyone outside!" said Chris.

Chef brought Duncan and Gwen to the beach for their challenge.

"Grab the metal off the bear and sing!: said Chef.

Chris said "Listen to Duncan and Gwen sing and then we'll start."

Duncan: I know what you're thinking, I'm thinking it too! Gwen: I'm not sure what you're thinking, So maybe that's true. Duncan: I don't know what happened, but I have no regrets. Gwen: For real?
Or because you-know-who doesn't know yet? Duncan: Oh, it's just between us! Gwen: Not exactly. Someone made a fuss! Duncan: They sure weren't meant to see! But that locked door couldn't secure our privacy-y-y-y! Courtney: He's got such a bad voice.
I can't make out the lyrics, speak up! Chris: Shush! Duncan: Fine! Let's do it! Let's clear the air! Gwen: Save it for later, look out for that bear! Duncan: Ahhh! The pain, the pain! Too much to explain! Gwen: We've gotta stop what we're doing! Cause this is just insane! Duncan: The boar-bear's got me! And that's seriously lame! Gwen: Thanks, mister boar bear, I guess I win this game!

"Point for team Pilot!"

"Nice one Gwen!" said Duncan

"I just wish we're on the same team." said Gwen

"Vote Courtney off for me would you?"

"My pleasure. Everyone hates her anyway. She'll be gone by sunset."

Chef buried Gwen and Duncan in a sack and walked back to the stadium.

"Ready, Freddy, Serengeti!" said Chris

Jo ran to the other side easily doing good. Zoey kicked her ball. It hit Jo's face. Jo dropped half of her berries.

"THis is just too EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Darn it!" said Jo.

Andre knocked Jo over.

Lightning failed too. But Andre kicked his ball the wrong way when Dale was up.

In the confessional Andre said: Dale doesn't seem like a strong player. So I'll help him win.

"Andre we could've just swept the round but you missed on purpose!" screamed Zoey.

"Attendees your up!" said Emily. "We all know you're going to suck."

Emily and Jo hi-fived each other.

"ACTION" screamed Chris.

DJ ran to the other side. Courtney's ball got him in the crotch. DJ fell over.

"Nice anger team mate!" said Jo to Courtney.

In the confessional Courtney said: Jo being nice. That's ironic.

"Izzy is doing good. Izzy scores for the Attendees." said Chris

Izzy kicked the balls back at Courtney and Justin

"AHhhhh my face!" screamed Justin

"Scott you're up." said Heather.

"Gosh Heather."

In the confessioanl Scott said: Heather seriously has to go!

Scott ran but didn't even make it to the berries before being knocked over.

"Patheic" said Kailey.

"Nice one Courtney." said Gwen

Gwen and Duncan just came back.

"Dale vs Izzy in Cricket." said Heather

"We're gonna win. Sha-Bam!" said Lightning.

"We've lost already." said Duncan

"Izzy could win Duncan." said Owen.

"Really look at Dale he's an athletic genuies." said Duncan

In the confessional Duncan said: Izzy can't win. Unless she's got some mad bat skills.

"Did you win Duncan?" asked Orthadel

"You didn't did you?" said Andre

"No Gwen beat me." said Duncan

In the confessional Heather said: We need this point or we lose. Now we have a reason for Duncan to take the Drop of Shame.

"All you have to do is smash a picture of the team logo you're not on ok?" said Chris.


"Izzy prepare to be beaten." said Dale

"Explosportso never loses!" said Izzy

Izzy knocked Dale on the head with her bat knocking him out.

Izzy hit the logo winning the second round.

"One point for each team. Find out who wins the soccer game after the break on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris

"Soccer yes!" said JO

This is the part of the episode where advertisments show.

"We're tied at one and whoever wins the soccer game wins The Brazlympics!" said Chris.

"Killer Pilots huddle up!" said Jo

"Me, Dale, Lightning, and Courtney on offense. Gwen, Brady, and Kailey on Defense. And I'll be the goalie." said Jo

"But then who's going to replace you on offense?" said Cameron.

"Emily" said Jo

"You and Cody and Justin are out."

"I'm not like Justin Jo I can do this!" said Brady.

"Good Brady now go to your spot!"

"What does that mean Brady?" said Justin.

"You're all girly about your body. I am too but I don't complain if I get bruised. For example.." said Brady.

Brady slapped Justin on the face.

"Aww my face. Not cool dude" said Justin

In the confessional Gwen said: Jo's a good team leader. Even if she hates my guts

JO said: It's either me or Courtney

The screen went to the Attendees.

"DJ should be goalie. Scott, Duncan, and Heather on offense. Andre, Annabeth, and Owen on defense."

"Nice plan Orthadel." said Scott.

"Now let's go kick some Pilot butt." said Duncan

The scene shifts to the center of the field.

"Chef's the ref so go!"

Lightning took the ball dribbled down the sideline and shot the ball at DJ.

DJ blocked it and passed to Owen. Owen kicked it to Heather but Dale stole it and kicked it to Lightning but Owen used his stomach and shot the ball downfield.

"Nice try Dale but this Champion Eater is here to play."

In the confessional Andre said: With Owen on defense I figured he'd be able to handle it. Do you see what he did to that ball. Anyway I had to get Annabeth to fall for me which is so unlike me but like I said I'm playing all the stratiges that could help me.

"So your brown hair is so perfect Annabeth. I just wish I had good hair too." said Andre.

In the confessional Annabeth said: OMG Andre loves me!" EEEEEEEE

"Go Jo kick their butt!" said Cody

"You better not fail" said Courtney

"Oh I can't fail." said Jo

Jo picked up the ball

Chef blew the whistle.

"Penalty for TEAM PILOT." Attendee ball."


"Don't argue with me girly. Heather free kick." said Chef.

Jo went over to Chris to complain.

Heather kicked the ball in the goal.

"And that's a point for the Attendees!" said Chris.

"Have you ever played soccer? I can use my hands CHRIS! THAT POINT CAN'T COUNT! said Jo

"You're on the bench for arguing with the official Jo!" said Chris.

"Cameron you're goalie." said Chris

"You're putting stringbean in at goalie!" screamed Jo

Jo kneed Chris in the crotch.

"That really hurts."

In the confessional Jo said: I hate this f----- show!

Andre said: Ha ha Jo.

Cameron looked very nervous after going to the goal.

"We're dead" said Courtney.

"Continue 2 minutes left guys!" said Chris.

Play continued. Courtney kicked Scott out of the way and shot the goal. DJ got hit so hard he fell backwards into the goal.

"We're tied next point wins!"

In the confessional DJ said: If Andre and Annabeth wern't making out on defense we could've won without the pressure.

Andre and Annabeth walked off the field to make out.

"Does this mean we're in?" asked Dawn

"Let's go!" said Izzy.

"Play BALL!" said Chris.

Play never left the center because both defenses were on their A game and DJ and Cameron were ready.

In the Confessional Lightning said: 10 seconds on the clock Emily has the ball I steal it from her and go to the other side and shoot at the big D man.

That's exactly what Lightning did. However this time DJ stopped it. He punted it all the way down the field to Cameron who was shaking.The ball bounced and knocked Cameron over.

"The Screaming Attendees win again!" said Chris.

Back on the plane Andre dragged Orthadel to the Confessional.

"Is the chip done!"

"Yes here you go." Orthadel.

"Thank you."

Heather sneaked in the confessional. She said "I don't trust Andre or Orthadel. Something's going on. Something sketchy."

Chris played the gilded chris music at the elimination room.

"Cast your votes losers"

In the confessional JO said: I vote for CHef. I wish I could

Courtney said: By Jo

Gwen said: Courtney's toast!

Cameron: Jo's as mean as a snake but Courtney scares me more than Jo

"And the Gilded Chrises go to....."



"Sha-BAm" said Lightning








"Justin and Courtney. One of you is out. One of you is in. This is a shocker. How did..." said Chris

"Don't ruin it Chris!" said Cameron.

"Fine tonight's loser is........


"Huhhhhhhhhhhhh!" said the rest of the Pilots.

"Justin your parachute."

"How am I out?" said Justin

"10 votes against you!" said Chris

"But I voted for Courtney and I doubt Justin voted for himself." said Gwen.

Chris shoved Justin out the plane before something could change this.

In the confessional Gwen said: What happened?

Brady said: I have to be the only one to vote for him.

Jo said: Whatever happened happenned. It's not like he was useful

Andre said: Orthadel doesn't realize that she just helped me get rid of the hottest guy here. This chip all I do is put it in a voting device. Vote for someone to get rid of and bam! They're gone! Getting rid of Justin will help me get Annabeth under my charms easier. It's not like Brady's doing that.

In the cockpit Chris is shocked.

"Whoa. When he says stratiges he really means it Chef."

"He's a villain that will do anything to win." said Chef

"You definitley got that right. 4 down 22 to go. Who will be played by Andre next? Find out next time on Total Drama..."

Chris sings the next part.

"Revenge of the Earthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"You do realize I hate singing shows right?" said Chef

This is where the closing credits would show.

Episode 4- Horses of Mischief

"Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth" said Chris. "We've learned that our cast isn't good at soccer. Cameron for example. We also learned Gwen can easily beat Duncan. At anything. Even singing. DJ won the challenge. Andre won a villainous label, and Justin won a parachute for the Drop of Shame. When reviewing confessionals it was revealed that Andre is a cheater. Will I disqualify him? No way! But you can see someone become his next victim, right here on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

The theme song can be heard

Economy Class. Pilots are sleeping. Black figure enters room. He has an evil laugh. Cody woke up. 


The black figure quickly leaves.

In the confessional:

Cody: Who was that? Sierra? Ezekiel? Anyone but them!

Andre: I tried pulling a Mal. It didn't work. Stupido Cody!

End of confessional series.

First class. Everyone is sleeping. The black figure walks over to Zoey. On her lap is a picture of Mike. The black figure picks it up and rips it. He puts it back on her lap.

In the confessional:

Andre: If I couldn't make a Pilot happy mine as well destroy someone on my team.

Cody: I saw him. He ripped it! I have to tell Zoey.

End of confessional series.

It's now morning.

Economy Class. Courtney glares at Gwen as she wakes up,

Gwen sees Courtney and screams.

In the confessional:

Gwen: I broke up with Duncan two seasons ago and I got back together with him. How stupid am I?

Courtney: I would be friends with Gwen if she didn't get back together with Duncan. And I haven't talked to Scott in forever! All I did was kick him off the podium in Germany. Am I nice? I don't know.

Kailey: There's tension between Gwen and Courtney. No one feels comfortable. It has to end. And even if it means voting Gwen off. I like her but I can't stand it anymore!

End of  confessional series.

First Class. Andre and Annabeth were making out. Dawn scolds them. Zoey's crying. Duncan, Scott, and Owen enjoying the hot tub.

Heather walks up to Zoey. "What happened?"

"Somebody ripped my picture of Mike." Zoey starts crying.

"I'll help you through it. And I think I know who did it."

"It was you wasn't it, Heather!" She starts crying again.

"NO! It's Andre."

"Now you're trying to play innocent. Andre's as innocent as me!"

Heather screams and walks away.

"Zoey." said Dawn

"Heather didn't do it." said Dawn.

"HOW do you know!?"

"I saw someone dressed in black do it. Heather was fast asleep."

In the confessional:

Dawn: It wasn't Heather!

Zoey: It wasn't Heather?

Heather: It wasn't Heather, Zoey!

Andre: Heather's on to me. I must eliminate her. But I haven't had any fun with her yet. HahahaHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!

Duncan: Ever since we got on the plane Gwen's been giving me the cold shoulder. Courtney must be saying stuff about me! Yes!

"All Total Drama Nerds and Goth Chicks fasten your seat belt for landing in Argenitina! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Chris.

THe plane was heading down towards land. 

On the ground. Cody goes to Zoey.

"Zoey, Andre he owww.!" said Cody

Andre threw a rock at him.

"Cody stand up!" said Zoey

Zoey helped him up.

"Today's eating challenge, meat!" said Chris.

Lightning started getting excited.

"But this meat is special. It has cow rib, pork sausage, blood sausage, cow intestine, cow udder, cow kidney and part of a cow's salivary gland." said Chris.

"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.!" said everyone but Chris

"Everyone one gets one. First team to have no more cow meat will get an option in the next challenge."

Everyone was at a table outside.

"Begin eating!" said Chris.

"THis is good!" said Owen.

DJ threw up.

"This sure is traditional." said Orthadel. She then threw up.

Owen finished. Lightning finished.

"Come on sha-guys, Eat that protien. Sha-eat!" said Lightning.

"How do you like this gruel Lighting?" said Emily.

"The kids as smart as a bag of rocks." said Jerd.

"Did that sailor dude say something again?" said Lightning.

"He said your as smart as a bag of rocks!" said Chris.

"Stupid sailor dude!" said Lightning.

Jerd threw his food at Lightning.

"Thanks stupid sailor dude!" said Lightning.

"Jo want me to eat that for you?" said Lightning.

"Sure. Here you go Lightning."

In the confessional

Jo: If wants to cheat for me who am I to stop him!

Lightning: Jo has a nice face. Ahhhhhhhhh!

End of confessional series.

"Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" said Scott.

"If they can cheat we can cheat!" said Duncan.

"Owen here's food now just swallow it!" said Andre

Courtney slammed her food into Gwen's face.

In the confessional:

Gwen: I'm breaking up with Duncan. After the little musical number today. I think it's the right thing to do.

End of confessional series.

The musical bell rings.

"Time for a song!" said Chris.

Courtney: Boyfriend kisser! I thought she was my friend, But now it's time to diss her! Sure we had some fun times, But I'm not gonna miss her now! Heather: Boyfriend kisser! Courtney: You're gonna get What's coming to you If it's the last thing I ever do-oo-oo! Heather: That's right! That's right! Courtney and Heather: That's right! That's right! Courtney: Let's go a little back! We captured Duncan in a sack. Heather: And had a laugh attack When you stretched me on the rack! Courtney: All those times you made me smile, You wanted my man All the while! Orthadel: Duh! It was so obvious. Courtney and Heather: Boyfriend kisser! Courtney: You're not my new sister! You're a pus-y, gothy, nasty blister! Oh! Heather: Boyfriend kisser! Courtney and Heather: You're gonna get what's coming to you! Courtney: If it's the last thing I ever do-oo-oo!

Gwen started crying.

"Which team will finish their barftastic lunch first? Come back after the break on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

This is the part of the episode where advertisements would show.

"Its neck and neck." said Chris.

"Owen you can do it!" said Izzy

"Lightning eat that protein" said Jo

"I can't too sha-full."

"And Owen wins the first 1/2 of today's challenge. Attendees your option is choosing which horse will be rode in the Amazing Horses Race."

THe screen shows a barn with horses in it.

"First choose a horse rider. 2 per team."

The Attendees and Pilots discussed. 

Attendees Huddle.

"Let me do it!" said Heather

In the confessional Heather said: Alejandro may have taught me some radical moves. 

Orthadel: What does Heather know about horses? THat little diva?

End of confessional sereis.

Pilot huddle.

"I'm riding no matter what!" said Jo.

"Fine you and Gwen." said Courtney

"Why me!" said Gwen

"Just so we can eliminate you!"

At the horse track.

"First duo to cross the finish line wins immunity for their team." said Chris.

Duncan and Gwen's horses were next to each other.

"GO!" said CHris.

Jo and Heather took off right away.

"Duncan, it's over. We should've never hooked up again!" said Gwen

She shoves him off his horse. 

Gwen's horse didn't move and Duncan shoved her off her horse.

"That's for everything!" said Duncan

Jo and Heather were neck and neck.

"You are going to pay for Season 5 Heather!" said Jo

"Not if you can't touch me!" said Heather

Heather kicked Jo's horse.

That made the horse angry. Jo's horse sprinted to the finish line.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" said Heather

"TAke that Heather! Yes!" said Jo

"Where the heck is that goth girl?" said Jo

The screen shows Gwen and Duncan trying to push each other off their horses.

Duncan tried to kiss Gwen but instead shoved her off her horse. Duncan crossed the line.

"Attendes win! Courtney!" said CHris

"Shut up Chris." said Courtney

BAck on the plane Courtney and Gwen were having a nice conversation.

"I broke up with him! How's Scott going!"

"I havn't talked to him once. Does he still like me?"

"I don't know."

The scene shows Duncan and Gwen in the Cargo hold

"Can we fake the break up?" said Gwen

"I'm all for causing drama!" said Duncan

The scene shows Kailey and CAmeron talking.

"We need to get rid of Courtney. All she does is boss us around and it's annoying." said Cameron

Cody came in. 

"What are we talking about?"

"We're planning to vote out Courtney." said Kailey

"I'll join you guys in that."

"So now we need to get Gwen but now they're close!" said Cameron.

"I'll try to get her." said Cody

Cody walked to Gwen.

"So now that the D-man's gone we should start our relationship."

"Cody, we're just friends now what do you want?"

"To vote off Courtney."

"Are you nuts I can't vote off Courtney."

Courtney started spying on them.

Cody saw her.

Cody kissed Gwen while Gwen tried to push him away.

"Why did you kiss me?" said Cody

Courtney ran off crying.

"Jerk." said GWen

The Gilded CHris music began.

"So cast your votes loser Pilots. Who's it going to be."




Cody: Courtney

"The Gilded Chris's go too...









and that last Gilded Chris goes to


"What! You guys voted me off!" said Gwen

"Give me a parachute." said Gwen

"By Gwen! We won't miss you!" said Chris

"She deserved it!" said Courtney

In the confessional Andre said: By eliminating Gwen,Duncan will be thrown off his game. I know they faked the break up. I was spying on them. This is just the beginning.

The scene shows Chris and Chef in the cockpit.

"Well we know now that Andre should be stopped. But who am I to stop him. Will Zoey get her revenge? Will Duncan be thrown off his game? Find out next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris

Next time on Total Drama Heather and Cody face old fears cough Condor cough while Zoey and Dawn try to track down the ripper of the Mike photo. It's an all new Total Drama Revenge of the Earth sometime this month on only on Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki.

Episode 5-  Condor Day

Last time on Total Drama, we learned Heather knew how to ride a horse, Jo wanted revenge on Heather for eliminating her in All-Stars, and Owen will eat anything. Even cow meat. Duncan and Gwen broke up or did they. Cody kissed Gwen. Bye Bye Gwen. Who's going to die? Find out here on Total Drama REvenge of the Earth.

The theme song can be heard.

In first class Duncan, Scott, and Andre are enjoying themselves in the hot tub. Zoey and Dawn were talking.

"Zoey, it's a photo not the actual thing. He's alive and well back home." said Dawn

"So, its my only way to see his face. Even if it was once evil.Why would someone try to make me miserable?" said Zoey

"I don't know!" said Dawn

Confessional Sereis

Dawn: Zoey is ticked off over a picture wow

Zoey: Dawn's nice. But without Mike what's the point?

Andre: My next targets are Heather and Jo. They are villainous.

Heather: Andre is hiding something.  I can tell.

End of Confessional Series.

Owen jumped in the hot tub.

"Sick man!" said Duncan

Scott and Andre covered there noses.

In the confessional

Andre: I see why Alejandro hated the big fat oaf. But eliminatng him isn't strategic. Elimnating Heather is

Scott: Andre's cool. Hanging with the villains. Plus sweetie Duncan. He can't play the game so he just want allies he can trust

Andre: I know Scott thinks I can't play. I'll show him. After Heather's gone of course.

End of Confessionals

In Economy class Cody and CAmeron were talking

"Cody she liked you as a friend, not a boyfriend. She even voted for you." said Cameron

"Only because I sided with stupid C.I.T Courtney."

"I can hear you Cody." said Courtney

"Sorry Courtney uhh." said Cody

"Guys we can win. With me on the team we're golden!" said Lightning.

Jo and Dale rolled their eyes

"We can't win when we lost 4 times in a row. Must be an all time lowin Total Drama Hstory." said Kailey

"Yeah losing four times in a row crushes spirites." said Emily

"You girls are downers. Always believe." said Brady.

"Believe what that you suck! Believe you can't eat cows!" said Lightning.

Brady glared at Lightning.

Over the intercom: Attention all losers today meal is being served in the common area. This is a mandatory meeting. You might sing if you get lucky!

In the common area Chris was annoucing the challenge.

"Todays meal is ... I don't know. But I can say this stew is made out of llama!"

"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" said everyone but Owen.

"Yes please!" said Owen.

"And the first team to finish their meal gets and advantage in the next challenge." said Chris

"Owen and Lightning can't cheat for you either. Now get eating."

Andre whispered in Owen's ear

"If you eat my llama stew I'll be your friend."

"Deal" said Owen


Owen: Andre's a good friend

Andre: Owen's annoying but being his friends good right? Nah hahahahahahahahahaha!

End of Confessionals

"I can't eat llama or cow!" said Heather

"I hate to say it but I agree with Heather" said Courtney

"Yeah! Chris if we have to eat it you have to eat it." said Jo

Jo started chasing Chris with llama stew in her hand.

Chris ran into the elimination room. He opened the door and everyone fell out except for Owen who was still eating.

Chef threw Owen out the door

"But  I didn't finsh my stewwwwwwwwwww!" said Owen as he fell.

On the ground Andre and Annabeth started kissing. Heather walked up to Andre and kneed him in the groin.

"What the heck Heather!" said Annabeth

"Uhh guys who's up at the top of the hill?" asked Kailey

"That looks like Chilean policeeeeeeee!" said Cameron

"Uhh Heather is it me or is this the Condor island!?" asked Cody

"It's the CONDOR!!" screamed Heather

Heather and Cody sprinted to the shore before realizing there's no escape.

"It's an island Heather. We're trapped." said Cody

In the confessioanl Duncan said: Heather and Cody are such wimps! We're all trapped with giant killing condor.

Chris and Chef arrived on the ground after parking the plane.

"Todays challenge honors the first final 4 challenge here at Rapa Nui. Heather won, Sierra fake elimination. Good times right Cody. Cody? Where is Cody?" said Chris

"Cody and Heather ran off like wimps trying to escape." said Andre

IN the confessional Cody and Heather were shown laying on there sides and shaking.

"Anyway each member of each team must collect 1 egg and bring it to the hill. First team to have all their eggs gets a special reward for the fun challenge!"

"Yawn is it me or do these challenges get more boring and boring every time?" asked DJ

"It's just you DJ!" said Izzy

Everyone glared at Izzy.

"And watch out for the Condor and Police. Go!" said Chris.

"Uh sir these teenagers can't climb these rocks." said the police officer

"Why not?" asked Chris

"Wow you really don't know?"


"Take him up to the helicopter."

"Wait guys I can settle this"

At a rock Izzy climbed to the top grabbed a green egg and sprinted for the hill

Cody and Cameron were shown working togegther.

"Hey I found some." said Cameron

Scott shook their rock and they fell.

Cody caught the eggs."Nice catch....... Cody." said Cameron

"Scott don't you dare!" said Cameron

But Scott crushed the eggs.

"Scott bye bye!" said Cody

The Condor was coming for him.

They ducked and the Condor missed.

On another rock Andre and Annabeth were spying.


Andre in the confessional: Eliminating Scott isn't a bad idea. But he's a true friend and I need all the allies I can get.

Andre found 2 green eggs and Annabeth found 1 red egg.

"Hey Annabeth bribe contestants to get the red egg ok?" said Andre

"Ok. Will you go out with me?" asked Annabeth

"Yes." said Andre

At the base of the tunnel Jo, Lightnng, and Dale started talking.

"As the three strongest memebers of our team we should form an alliance. Ok?" said Jo

"Ok." Lightning and Dale repeated.

"Now let's go!" said JO

"Watch the boulder Jo!" said Lightning

Chef was rolling boulders down the tunnel.

Andre and Annabeth approached Jerd.

"So Jerd we'll give you this egg and make you stop hunting if you teach me your language for future knowledge." said Andre

"Deal" said Jerd

"Yes or NO"


"Huh?" asked Andre

"Andre he said yes." said Annabeth

"I thnk." said Annabeth

On top of another rock Zoey and Dawn were talking

"So whos a culprit for the Mike photo?" asked Zoey

"Duncan and Scott make  the most since." said Dawn,

"But Andre's auora is ow!" said Dawn.

Andre threw a rock at Dawn.

"As I was saying evil. said Dawn

"Are you ok Dawn?" said Zoey

"I'm fine."

Andre walked up to Courtney.

"I have a Pilot egg only if you do something for me down the road." said Andre.

"Give me the egg." said Courtney

"Courtney, say it!" said Andre


Confessional Series

Courtney: Like I'll pay the rat down the road. Thought it is cute how he tries to sound evil


End of Confessional Series

Andre and Annabeth ran up the tunnel

Heather was one of the few remaning at the bottom. She found a pilot egg and crushed it. Inside it was an immunity statue.

In the confessioanl she sad: Yes! Alejandro this is for you! I'm actually going to hang on to it so I don't get eliminated.  Now to convince the team to vote off Andre at the first elimination.

The teams were at the top of the clff. Emily was the last to arrive

In the cage Chris shouted "You have to let me out. Pleasssssssse!"

"Oh I'm on camera. Attendees congraulations on arriving first.Your advantage is to go first in the fun challenge." said Chris

"And by fun you mean dangerous and deadly." said Orthadel

"At least there's no penatlty!" said Jo"

"Whos going to die in the deadly challenge? My money's on Cameron," said Chris

"Hey." said Cameron

"Come back after the break to find out if Cameron is going to stay alive.

This is the part of the episode where advertisements would show.

"Welcome back. Here's the challenge. Two victims, I mean members of each team will climb to the nest and drop your eggs off. The most sucessful duo wins. And if anyone wants to help me out please do!" said Chris

"You look better in there" said Kailey

"Attendees Andre and Heather. Pilots Cody and Lightning." said Chris.

"I'm a hero." said Lightning hungry to get the challenge started

"Chris ths is illegal and unsafe" said a Chilean Police Officer

"Fine I'll add the music Andre go!"

Scott and Courtney were flirting. Then they kissed.

Andre: I'm tall, I'm tanned, I'm young, I'm handsome. I've come here to bring back your wee ones... So, hush my sweet, condor. Let me win this one, please. So try, attack me! But, I won protection. I don't feel that pecking. So, save your objections. Hush, now, condor, Let me in the final three. Whoah! Oof! Aw, no! Ah! Chris: Next! Cody: I, oh, I-I-I... I've got problems with condors... Problems with condors. Why, oh, why-y-y? Am I not at home? I ponder... Trust me, oh, trust me-e! I'm your best friend, And I'll never eat eggs agai-i-in! My licorice! Oof! Chris: Good news! You can have another chance later! But first... 'Lightning: I'm a mom now, so don't be giving me flak!
Cause my first chick just hatched, out of his yolk sa-ack!       Do I really have to say that? Let me into the final three! Not Aunte Heather Heather: I... Lightning: Waaaaah! Heather: How I-I-I... Lightning: Oof! Heather: How I really hate these birdies, And I wanna live to see my thirties. These, these feathered jerks. They're bringing me strife, And "Cody II," I'm not your wife, For the last time! Get a life!
Yes! Thanks, my sweet condor, Now I'm in the final three!

When Andre, and Cody were going Heather talked to some of her teamates about voting off Andre

Orthadel laughed. Duncan laughed. Scott laughed. DJ laughed. Jerd laughed.

In the confessioanl she said: I guess I'm too funny to take seriously.

Chris got out of his cage.

"Thank you Chef. Heather got 2 eggs in. Andre 3. Cody 1. Lightning 7. Lightning wins it for the Killer Pilots. Now lets get out of here before that Condor or the police kill us." said Chris.

The Condor attacked the plane but hit a rock and the rock fell on the planes wing.

In the plane the Pilots looked at the hot tub in disgust.

"What did they do to this hot tub. It's stale water." said Jo

"I bet Owen farted a lot." said Cameron

"I'm just happy we're winners Kailey!" said Brady

"Admit it. I was right. You must believe." said Brady

"That you suck!" said Lightning.

Lightning laughed.

In economy the Attendees were in a bad mood.

"Wow what happened Andre are you okay?" asked Heather

Andre and Heather saw Izzy and Owen playing around

"I was just thinking about how the second most manipulative contestant in Total Drama history is going to jump out of the plane tonight. That's all!" said Andre.

"Not if I get you first." said Heather

"With who?" said Andre

"As far as I'm concerned you're dead meat tonight but do what you want." said Andre.

Andre kicked Heather in the groin.

In the confessioanl:

Heather: I vote Andre

Andre: Revenge is a b----. All votes but one Heather. One for Scott just in case.

Th Gilded Chris Music played.

"Welcome here for the first time Attendees cast your vote!" said Chris

"Hey uhhh Chris a rocks on the wing of the plane." shouted Chef.

"Duncan you're not eliminated but since your the strongest here. Wait Lightning!" screamed Chris.

"Yes Chris." said Lightning.

"Thre's a rock on the wing of the plane. Go remove it." said Chris

"Duncan go with him in case he doesn't know what a wing on a plane is." whispered Chris.

Outside Lightning couldn't figure out what a wing on a plane was.

"Idiot this rock." said Duncan

"Oh." said Lightning.

Lightning lifted the rock.

"Lightning get in the plane the Condor is going to attack me!"


Chef threw a net on Duncan and Lightning and lifted them on the plane.The plane was high in the sky.

"Thank you Lightning and Sweetheart.!" sad Chris.

"Anyway today's Gilded Chris's go to everyone but Scott and Heather to start."

"One of you two is about to get thrown out the plane and possbily to the end of your life."

"And tonight's dropee is [suspenseful music]


"Oh I don't think I'm going anywhere." said Heather

"And whys that Heather?" asked Andre sarcastically

"Because I found the invincibility statue. By Andre." said Heather

"Actually Heather it's Scott's funeral." said Chris

"The only vote that wasn't for you was for Scott." said Chris

"But I voted for Andre!" said Heather

"Scott Drop of Shame! Now!"

"Well guess I'll see you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Scott

In the cockpit Chris was closing the episode. Who's going to be dead next? Will Andre get his revenge? Find out next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

Closing Credits

Next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth a journey to Iceland has a fancy effect on the contestants. Jo goes crazy. Heather insane. It's just mayhem. Except for Kailey who does nothing. It's an all new Total Drama Revenge of the Earth sometime this month on Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki.

Episode 6- Return of the Aftermath

(Aftermath Theme Song)

SIerra- "Meat Cody we do think alike."  (Germany)

Justin- "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" (Brazil when Brady slaps him on the cheek)

Gwen- "Jerk." (Gwen calling Cody a jerk in Horses of Mischief)

Scott- "Chillin with the villains." "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (Condor Day)

The theme song can be heard

Geoff and Bridgette walk on stage"Welcome to the Total DRama Aftermath. Here in Torotno, Ontario! I'm Geoff."

"And I'm Bridgette."

"And we're the hosts of the Total DRama AFtermath!" they said in unision

The crowd cheers

"Man it's great to be back!" said Bridgette.

"But we're not here alone." said Geoff

"From Total Drama Revenge of the Island say hello to Mike." said Bridgette

"Zoey you can do it!" said Mike

"Sam!" said Geoff

"Level 56. I'm halfway there!" said Sam as he was playing his new game guy.

"Anne Maria!" said Bridgette

"Do I have to be here? My hair needs some fixing."

"Dakota!" said Geoff

"I'm back to normal and glad to not have to play this crappy game!"

"And Brick!" said Bridgette

"It's an honor Bridgette and Geoff!"

"Thanks dude and from our original cast sassy player who remains my favorite because she beat up Heather, Leshawna!" said Geoff

"What's up yal!"

"Lindsay!" said Bridgette


"Beth!" said Geoff

Beth waved

"Harold!" said Bridgette

"I can't believe I can't play!" said Harold

"Trent." said Geoff

"What do I say?" whispered Trent

"Tyler" said Bridgette

"I'm here to show my extreme moves!" said Tyler

"And Katie and Sadie!" said Geoff

"Hi" they both said

"This season they're the peanut gallery." said Bridgette

"Wow. Has it really been 4 seasons since we did this?" said Bridgtte

"Yes. Yes it has." said Harold.

"Wow. Total Drama World Tour feels like yesterday." said Beth

"Ok lets start things off with a new segment called Total Drama Recap." said Geoff

"Bascially we're going to recap the challenges and well everything." said Bridgette

"So babe want to go first?" asked Geoff

"Sure so this season started out at Pahkitew Island. The contestants were split up into 2 teams. Screaming Attendees and Killer Pilots. The plane landed in Vancouver. You had to make a dragon costume and race to the finish. The evil came out in Andre and ALejandro and Noah fell." said Bridgette

"I can't believe Alejandro was gone so quickly." said Leshawna

"It's pretty shocking." said Mike

"Yes it was very shocking to see the most manipulative contestant in Total Drama History eliminated first!" said Bridgette.

Geoff said "The next episode brought us to Germany. A classic location from Season 3. Same challenges however they were reversed. Zoey proved to be good at dancing"

"That's my girl!" said Mike

Anne Maria glared at him.

"ANd Sierra proved to be good at making Cody's out of sausage. I'm guessing that's why she was booted? But Andre and Orthadel struck a deal that might eliminate every contestant left." said Geoff

"Brazil saw Izzy become a bat godess after the 1st serengeti challenge from Season 3. Duncan and Gwen death match where Gwen won." said Bridgette

"And a soccer where Jo "cheated." said Geoff

"That was pretty unfair for her. Andre's scheme eliminated Justin." said Bridgette "In Argentina Owen's stomach proved useful as cow eating challenge saw the worst of contestants. The horse race proved Jo is athletic and does indeed hate Heather. Gwen lost it for her team. She wasn't exactly voted out but Andre eliminated her anyway." said Geoff

"In the second classic location Cody and Heather were scared to the death by the Giant KILLING CONDOR!" said Geoff in a scary tone.

"Very funny geoff." said Bridgette

"WhaTT?  said Geoff

"Nothing. Anyway same challenges bascially. Pilots won for the first time. Heather found and played an invincibilty statue and thanks to Andre Scott was gone!" said Bridgette.

"Wow 2 major villains gone in the first 5 episodes." said Geoff

"THat guy's a rat." said Leshawna

"Yeah Yeah Yeah. Now before we get to the good stuff on the Aftermath we will be keeping track of the 8 newbies." said Geoff

"And right now they're all in." said Bridgette

"We're going to return to an Aftermath favorite. Truth or SHeep Attack!" said Geoff

The crowd cheered

"And we're going to play with the #1 stalker of Total Drama, uh I mean blogger. Here she is now Sierra!" said Geoff

Sierra walked on stage.

"Hi Geoff, Hi Bridgette." she said

"Sierra welcome today we're playing Truth  or Sheep Attack." said Geoff

"Sounds fun. Let's start." said Sierra

"If you want too I guess we can." said Geoff

"So remember no lying." said Geoff

"Got it."

"Question 1- Did you like your team?" said Geoff

"No. Jo's a pyscho and Gwen was a boyfriend stealer." said sierra.

"Come on sheep attack." said Geoff

"Come on! Question 2- Who do you have the most blogs for?" said Geoff

"Cody and Cameron of course!" said Sierra

"Question 3- WHo do you like more? Cameron or Cody?" asked Geoff

"You can't ask that!" said Bridgette

"If I have to answer that honestly I'd have to say uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Geoff whispered into a walkie talkie.

"Let the sheep attack." he siad.

The sheep were let loose and started shooting lasers

"I've never heard of laser shooting sheep before. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" said Sierra

The Peanut Gallery was running around like crazy

"THat's because these are Toxic sheep from the Fun Zone of Boney Island." said GEoff

"Ow!" screamed Harold.

"Time for some never before seen footage while we sort this out! Ow" said Bridgette.

The scene shows ARgentina. ANdre walks up to a horse and feeds it food that will slow it down. He laughs evilly. He quickly dives behind a crate. The cast walks in. Andre hops behind the group. Another scene shows Chile. Andre stole a lot of red eggs and threw them into the ocean. Lightning was shown getting his from there. So was Dale.

"Well that was weird." said Bridgette.

"So that guy is for real with all the evil and manipulative sketchy stuff?" said Trent

"Apperantly. Let's bring out his first victim Justin!" said Geoff

The crowd cheered. Justin walked on stage.

"So Justin how was Total Drama Season 7?" asked Bridgette

"Boring, hurtful." said Justin

"How did it feel to be Andre's first victim?" asked Geoff

"I was Andre's first victim?" said Justin

"Yup here's some juicy footage from Episode 3." said Geoff

"Orthadel doesn't realize that she just helped me get rid of the hottest guy here. This chip all I do is put it in a voting device. Vote for someone to get rid of and bam! They're gone! Getting rid of Justin will help me get Annabeth under my charms easier. It's not like Brady's doing that."

The crowd gasps

"Wow, so that's what happened." said Justin

"Pretty shocking" said Brick

"Well Justin take a seat next to Sierra. We have nothing to talk about with you because you're boring" said Geoff

"Hey." said Justin

"Before we introuduce our next guest lets talk about Alejandro and Noah. Who couldn't be here tonight for unexplained reasons." said Bridgette

"A.K.A Noah got hit by missiles and Alejandro helped him get to the hospital. But once ALejandro reached land he got shot too. So now they're both in the hospital recovering." said Geoff

"No one deserves to go through that. Not even Alejandro." said Bridgette

"Really because I think he did." said Leshawna

"Right. After the break Gwen will sing a song and Scott will complain. And some more Alejadnro and Noah drama right here on Total Drama Aftermath!" said Bridgette

This is the part of the episode where advertisements would show

"Welcome back!" said Bridgette

She whispered to Geoff "Are the sheep gone?"

"Yeah they're gone, attacking the local animal shelter." whisped Geoff

"Ok it's time for That's Gonna Leave A Mark!" said Geoff

The crowd cheers

[Scott walking up tunnel in Chile, looks behind him, gets hit by boulder next second, DJ and Orthadel walk on his face on their way up the tunnel]

[Chinatown, Sierra breaks sewing machine sews her hand, blood on hand, wipes it on Courtney]

[Owen's thrown out of plane in Germany, rolls down head, head hits a rock, Owen is fazed]

[Duncan walks around Brazillian beach, hides behind sand castle, turns around, bear kicks him in the groin] [Owen tied up by Billy Goats, Goats breathe fire, slap him in the groin]

"I love the Scott scene. That's hilarious. Hahahaha!" said Geoff

"That was pretty hilarious." said Mike

Mike became Manitoba Smith.

"Where's the treasure?"

"Moving on, she failed horribly this season, and found the courage to betray her new friendship with Courtney, Gwen!" said Bridgette

The crowd booed. Leshawna, Trent,and Bridgette were the only ones who cheered.

"Welcome Gwen. Haven't had the chance to interogate, I mean interview you in a while so Gwen why do you think the crowd hates you!" said Geoff

"Isn't that a little harsh!" said Trent

"Oh I'm not answering that!" said Gwen

"Then you'll have to sing a song in apology to Courtney for all you're little schemes." said Geoff

"WHat schemes!" said Gwen

"Going behind her back and getting back together with Duncan!" said Geoff

"She did that to me with Scott!"

"She hasn't talked to Scott once this season, exept for kicking him in Germany At least she's in the game!" said Geoff

"She should've been gone ages ago. Justin should be on the plane!" said Gwen

"Have you seen Andre's sabotage?" asked Geoff

"No why and what is that?" asked Gwen

"Basically he has the power to eliminate anyone of his choice thanks to Orthadel." said Geoff

"It's not all her fault Geoff!" said Bridgette

"Why isn't it her fault?" asked Geoff

"Because she wanted a friend!" said Bridgette

"She's going to get stabbed in the back any day now." said Geoff

"Good point" said Bridgette

"So let me get this straight. Orthadel made Andre a little electo chip that when placed in a voting device he becomes and admistrator and can control all the votes?

"Yes. So Gwen how are you doing knowing you shouldn't have been voted off." said Geoff

"Wait what!" said Gwen

"There were 2 votes against you, Courtney and Jo!" said Geoff

"If I ever see Andre again I'm going to kill him!" said Gwen

"Yeah me too!" said Justin

"Gwen song time go!" Geoff

"What the heck am I supposed to sing!"

"Just sing Bridgette's song!" said Geoff

"But I hate singing!" said Gwen

"JUST DO IT! Or I'll have to unleash Wave 2 of the Toxic Sheep" said Geoff

Gwen: I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a flower after the first frost. And I'm sorry, like a mitten that's been dropped and feels so lost. Oops, I really messed up. At least I 'fessed up! Geoff: You didn't 'fess up, you got caught on national TV! How do you think she feels! Harold: It's international, Geoff, Total Drama is seen all over the world! Geoff: Ugh! Gwen: But I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a true friend, who put boys ahead of friends                                                                                             'And I'm sorry like the band when they played a wrong chord... Oops, I really screwed up. I felt some dude up! Geoff: International TV, huh? In front of all her frenimies! Gwen: But, I'm sorry, so sorry! Courtney, I really think you rule. You're so I can't say she's cute! That'sjust    wrong!                                                                                                      Geoff:  Just sing it!

Gwen: And if you give me one more chance... I'll do my happy, happy dance! Geoff: KEEP SINGING! YOU'RE NOT DONE YET

Trent: Harsh a little bit?

Gwen: Geoff, you're the one for me. And I'm so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily... Oh, so completely, infinitely, beyond... Sorry. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Geoff no way!

"Gwen do you want to sing again?" asked Geoff


"Then respect the party face that happens to be handsome."

"Stop Geoff!" said Bridgette

"Fine since we had so much fun with Gwen I'll bring out Scott!"

The crowd cheered. Scott walked on stage.

"Howdy dirt boy what's up?" asked Geoff

"Haha loser!" said Manitoba

"That's hilarious!" said Brick

Manitoba and Brick laughed.

"So who's your best friend still in the game?"

"Courtney and Andre." said Scott

"Ok we're playing Truth or Lava Rain and two Andre sabotaged you and eliminated you!"

"HOW!?" asked Scott

"I doubt it." said Scott

The bucket of lava released


Scott dived and tackled Bridgette and accidentally kissed her.

"SCOTT!" said Bridgette

"Geoff it was accident take a chill pill." said Katie

"Yeah you totally need to calm down." said Saide

"Calm down! Oh I'm not calming down! My girlfriend cheated on me with Scott."

Geoff ran off stage in tears

"Wimp." said Anne Maria

"Ok Scott he takes things seriously." said Bridgette

"YOU THINK!" said Scott

"Ok so about Andre?" asked Bridgette

"Tell me." said Scott

"Let's have a fan tell us in our viewer mail!" said Bridgette

The crowd cheered. The scene showed the monitor.

"CHRIS!" screamed the Peanut Galley

"Yeah it's me Bridgette! Thanks to you I have less time to torture these losers!" said Chris

"What! The number said LOTAT AMARD  EGNEVER FO EHT HTRAE. Oh now I get it." said Brdgette

"Hey I'm going to show you a confessioanl Andre made last episode. "

"Revenge is a b----. All votes but one Heather. One for Scott just in case"

"Wait so how does he have the power to do that?" said Scott

"Here's some more clips. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" said Chris

"Orthadel doesn't realize that she just helped me get rid of the hottest guy here. This chip all I do is put it in a voting device. Vote for someone to get rid of and bam! They're gone! Getting rid of Justin will help me get Annabeth under my charms easier. It's not like Brady's doing that."

"Chris we already showed that clip." said Bridgette

"So Bridgette where's Alejandro? I want to laugh at him and so does Heather. RIGHT HEATHER!"

"What?" she screams from a distance

"Chris Alejandro's in the hospital because you shoved him out of the plane in an area full of missiles!" said Brdigette

"Wow. That's really ..... unexpected. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" said Chris

The peanut galley glared at him.

"Oh. Doesn't Geoff host with you?"

"He ran off like a baby because.." said Bridgette


"By Chris" said Bridgette

Bridgette turned the monitor off.

"STUPID ANDRE!" yelled Scott.

"So Alejandro and Noah will come back it's just not known when. Next time will interview the next 5 losing contestants. Will recap the last 5 episodes, and make losers sing on Total Drama Aftermath!"

Closing Credits

Episode 7- Ice, Ice, Mayhem

"Previously on Total Drama, the cotestants had a run in with the killing kind. A.K.A a giant killing Condor. Heather and Cody became wimps. Well Cody already was a wimp. And Andre oh so villaionus! Convinsing Courtney to pay him down the road, and Jerd to teach him a language. Lighnting proved he was a hero and won for the Killer Pilots. And thanks to Andre, Heather would've gotten the boot. But since she found an idol and actually KEPT it, it was see you never Scott." said Chris

"Andre's a terrible friend." said Chef

"You got that right. Who will he backstab next? Will Courtney pay him down the road? Will Lightning continue to be a hero? Find out right here and right now on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

The theme song can be heard

In economy class the Attendees were sleeping. Except for Heather and Andre who were yelling at each other


"AT least I'm not the one who had every single vote but one against me." said Andre

"AT least I DON'T CHEAT!" said Heather

"How am I cheating? I'm just playing this dumb old game. No sabatoge. No betrayl. Just getting through the day every second at a time." said Andre

"Don't try and trick me. I will eliminate you and I'll do whatever I have to to do it!" said Heather

"I'd like to see you try. Good Luck!"

Heather complained and walked away.

Zoey was laying down trying not to pay atteniton to Andre and Heather


Zoey: Heather is such a brat. Did she rip my Mike photo. Was it Andre?

Heather: He is completly incompetent!

Andre: She's pretty cute when she tries to sound serious. But my problem is Heather. She's on to me. She must walk out that door!

ENd of confessional sereis

In first class Lightning, Jo, and Dale were hogging the hot tub.

"Get your own hot tub Courtney!" said Lightning

"Yeah listen to idiot face over here!" said JO

"Hey." said LIghtning

"We're a team and we're all going to be miserable if we can't try this huge hot tub!" said Courtney

"Well find your OWN!" said Jo

"NEVER!" said Courtney

"Guys isn't there a way we can sort this out?" asked Cameron

"NOOO!" said Jo, Lightning, Dale, and Courtney.

Jo attacked Courtney

IN the confessional

Courtney: Jo has to be the next to leave

Jo: Courtney's not a C.I.T. She's a BIT--

Lightning: I need my private space in that hot tub. Jo and Dale are lucky we're in an alliance

Dale: Maybe it would be smart to eliminate JO next. Nah, Courtney's scarier

End of Confessionals

Cody was sleeping. Cameron sat down next to him. Cody woke up

"Hey Cam why are Courntey and JO fighting?" Cody said as he realized they were fighting.

"Hot tub battle." said Cameron.

"CAmeron I saw something a couple days ago."

"What?" said Cameron

"Andre that Cuban guy on the other team ripped Zoey's photo of Mike and tried stealing the teams's stuff."



Cameron: But he's so friendly.  I must trust a friend. Andre is evil.

Cody: That's off my chest.

ENd of confessionals.

The hot tub battle continued. Eventually Jo and Courtney were so beat up that they were knocked out. 

"Jo wake up!" said Lightning.

Jo wasn't waking up.

"Lightning let her sleep. I got some protien for you!" said Kailey

"Sha Protieeeeeen" said Lightning

Lightning sprinted to the protien knocking Brady down.

"Thanks, Lightning" said Brady sarcastically.

"No problem sucky Brady. I hope you wern't named after Tom Brady or you should feel guilty. Sha-Bam." said Lightning

In the confessional

Lightning: They're all jealous of my amazing body. Sha-Bam!

Brady: He's as dumb as he looks. And I was not named after that guy, whatever his name was, got it!?

Kailey: Our team is pretty disfunctional.

End of Confessioanls

Over the loudspeaker Chef said "Meet in the cargo hold pronto!"

The cast went to the cargo hold. 

"Now what!?" said Heather

The cast fell threw the hole to the water.

Chef threw Courtney and Jo out.

Courtney and Jo woke up.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh" they both screamed.

The cast was freezing. 

"Helppppp!" screamed DJ

"What are Chris and Chef doing on land." asked Owen

"I'm going to go find out!" said Jo

Jo glared at Owen

Lightning and Dale started swimming with her.

On land Chris and Chef were laughing.

"Ah those suckers are going to freeze." said Chris

"Uh, Chris why are the evil athletes swimming towards us?" asked Chef

"Well they must not want to hear my warning." said Chris

Chris and Chef started laughing

Jo kept swimming.

"Awwwwwwwwww!" said Jo

A pirhana bit her foot.

"What the heck McLean," said Jo

"Should've stayed with the rest of the sharkbait cast Jo, Lightning and Dale." said Chris

"Your first challenge is to get to shore alive. " said Chris.

"Why couldn't you have warned us before we got on land!" yelled Dale

"Your fault to listening to bossy know-it-all Jo." said Chris

"Shut it Chris." said Jo

"For the rest of the cast beware of the pirhanas." Chris screamed.

"Ow" said Heather after a pirhana bit her thigh.

The cast started swimming.

"Why's it so cold. The Lightning needs heat to keep his strength up." said Lightning

"Iceland. Hello!" said Chris

"Do you like tortuting us?" asked Jo

In the confessional Jo said: In retrospect I probably shoudn't have asked that question.

"Yes. How did you not know that?" asked Chris

"Yeah Jo how did you not know?" said Lightning

Confessioanl Series

Lightning: Jo is really stupid. Next time we lose she's going home

Jo: He's as dumb as he looks

Dale: I'm alligned with Dumb and Dumber. Wow.

End of confessional Series

The cast reached land. Many of them were bitten. Except for Izzy.

"How did you not get bitten by one of the pirhanas?" asked Duncan

"It was easy befriend all sea animals and they eventually befriend you.

In the confessional Zoey said: She is creepy. I understand Cameron's phobia now.

"Welcome to Iceland! Pilots I hope you have your jackets near by." said Chris

"They're on the plane!" screamed Courtney

"Can we go get them?" asked Cody

"What show do you think you're on? Boy Scouts 101. Nuh uh. I guess you're going to have to freeze." said Chrisreq

In the confessional

Cody: Sometimes I really hate that guy. Ok 99.9% of the time.

Jo: Unbelievable. My team sucks so much they forgot to grab the coats.

Courtney: Man I feel awful because they forgot the jackets. And it's not my fault. Got it.

Duncan: Suckers. This is the first good thing that's happened since Gwen's elimination. Watching them freeze might not bring Gwen back but it sure feels good.

End of Confessioanl Series.

"Iceland has a history with Vikings." said Chris

"Since when do you do your research?" asked Orthadel

"Since always Orthadel. Your next challenge? Make your way to the Viking Longhouse on the other side of town. First team to have every member there gets an advantage in the next challenge." said Chris

"When do we get a reward challenge?" asked Emily

"Never." said Chris

The cast gasped.

"We deserve a reward challenge!" said Cameron

"Just start hitchhiking already." said Chris.

The teams started running.


Jo: Finally a challenge I can get behind.

Lightning: Finally a challenge I can win. 

Dale: It's about time I can get behind a challenge

End of confessionals.

"Come on Cameron you're too slow." screamed Courtney

"Hey, you need to respect everyone on this team. Just because they're slow doean't mean they arn't valueable." said Jo. In the confessional she said: I didn't mean anything. But by sayong that I gain Cameron's trust to vote off Courtney.

"Since when did you have feelings?" asked Cody

"Since now." said Jo

"Cameron I wouldn't believe a word this man says." said Courtney

"You're just jealous I have a heart." said Jo

The Killer Pilots continued to run.

The Screaming Attendees were running

Andre tripped Heather

"Woops." said Andre

"Come on can we stop for food?" asked Owen

"Let's go Owen. There's food at the longhouse." said DJ

"Nice one DJ." said Orthadel

"Once I spent a day with Vikings and we took done some nasty pirates. We were crusing all over the ocean blue!" said Izzy

In the confessional Andre said: She really is crazy isn't she?

Heather: I was hoping she would drop the crazy act this season.

End of confessionals

"Are we almost there?" asked Jerd


"Hey were's Owen?" asked Andre

Owen was sprinting throught town.

The scene shows the longhouse.

Chris and Chef are drinking hot cocoa.

"Owen my man you're the first to arrive but you're missing your whole team!" said Chris

"They said there's food here!" said Owen

"There is. But we can't eat until every passenger is here." said Chris

"But whyyyyyyyyyy!" said Owen

Jo, Lightning, Dale, and Courtney arrived.

"First 4!" said Jo

"How did chubby beat me?" asked Lightning

"Owen beat me!? But how?" asked Jo

"The power of wanting. Wanting food." said Chris

The Killer Pilots were seen panting at the base of a hill. At the top of the same hill was the viking longhouse.

"We're almost there!" said Cameron

"We might actually win. Again!" said Kailey

"Think again hot stuff!" said Duncan. 

The rest of the Attendees sprinted up the hill. Heather was lagging behind. The Pilots and Attendees were neck and neck. 

The Attendees reached the top of the hill.

"We won!" said DJ

The Killer Pilots arrived.

"Come on are you guys really that useless?" asked Courtney

"What did I say about callingmembers of our team. My team useless?" said Jo

"Since when did you have feelings Jo?" asked Andre

"I've always had a heart. Though I am kind of mad we lost a simple challenge!" said Jo

Jo glared at Courtney

"Not so fast Jo, the Attendees are missing a player." said Chris

"I made it!" said Heather

Her whole team glared at her.

Duncan picked up a near by hammer and started chasing Heather with it.

"The Killer Pilots win Part 1. I really love this show." said Chris

Duncan was still chasing Heather with a hammer

"You're going to pay for making us lose!" said Duncan

"Andre's the one who tripped me!" said Heather

"Stop trying to get rid of him. He can't do anything!"said Duncan

"That's what he wants you to believe"

Back at the top of the hill Kailey looked a little worried.

"Wow there's a reason this show is called Total DRAMA! Who's going to win? The Bad Boy or should I say swertheart? Or Evil Chick Heather? Find right after these messages on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

This is the part of the episode where advertisements would show.

"Get back here Heather!" said Duncan

"Pilots your reward is a blueprint. Attendees your reward is these beards, hats and costumes. What is your next challenge you might ask?" said Chris

"It can't be good" said Zoey

"Wrong. It's hilariously good. For me." said Chris.

"Why can't we have a normal challenge for once like Dodgeball or the Awake a thon?" asked Duncan

"Yeah!" said Lightning

"Because that's just boring!" said Chris

"Now you guys are all probably wondering what todays song is?" said Chris

"Can we just build our thingy ma bobber already?" asked Heather

"Respect the host!" said Jerd

"What the h--- are you saying man!" said Andre

"Chef! Take Andre to the pirhana waters where he can freeze and even possibly die" said Chris

"Chris I was kidding. I respect your annoying cousin!" said Andre

"Haha sucker!" said Heather


Heather: Karmas starting to catch up. Hahahahahahahahaha...!

Andre: #1 target has gone from Heather and Jo to Jerd and Jo.

Duncan: Did you see that? Dude got pirhanaed!

Kailey: Unexpected. I'm going to go study the blueprint

End of Confessionals

"Go back down to the docks with your rewards. If you don't where it, you will be directly sent to the Drop of Huge Shame!" said Chris

The cast gasped.

"The wear your rewards thing is only for Team Attendee though." said Chris

In the longhouse The Attendees were getting changed.

"Nice beard Heather!" said Duncan

Duncan laughed at Heather

"It's not like you look good with a helmet, bigger than your brain!" said Heather

Heather kneed Duncan in the groin. Then she slapped him in the face.

On the other side Orthadel was raving about how good DJ looked as a viking.

"You look amazing!" said Orthadel

"You really do!" said Annabeth

"I try!" said DJ

In the confessional he said : Since when am I a chick magnet?

Orthadel: Who knew big guys could look good in Viking Costumes? I have to admit evenOwen looked somewhat good.

End of Confessionals

"Big O you should come with me this summer because I'm going Viking!" screamed Izzy

"How good of a viking am I?" said Owen

Owen farted. His pants fell down. 

"Hey, Owen mind doing us a favor?" asked Zoey


Orthadel: He looked good with clothes on. Got it?

Heather: No one wants to see that! Except for pyscho-hose beast.

End of confessionals

"You always look good! Just like Captin Leo! Of the S.S CrazySquir!" said Izzy

In the confessional Zoey said: Cameron should be scared of her.

Back outside the teams were ready for the race to the docks.

"Someone grab Andre's costume so he doesn't take the drop of shame." said Annabeth

"Leave it here so he does take the Drop of Shame!" screamed Heather

The two girls attacked.

"The daily food item is down there. As well as your supplies. And challenge direcrions." said Chris

"The one good thing about these stupid costumes is they're nice and warm. Did you hear that Courtney!" said Duncan

Courtney kicked Duncan in the groin

"Not the kiwi's!" said Duncan in a little girls voice.

In the confessional Courtney said: That's for everything, Duncan

Duncan: And I used to like that woman.

End of confessionals

"Learn some respect Courtney. First Cameron, now Duncan, what's your problem!" Asked Kailey

Courtney attacked Kailey


Courtney: What's your problem Kailey?

Kailey: Get a grip. Like I said before our team is disfunctional. And taking it out on Duncan probably doesn't help. His cute eyes and his green mohawk! Uh what, scratch that! Got it!?

End of confessionals

"Lovebirds. There will be more time for fightning. Down at the docks. Go!" said Chris

"DJ you lied to me there was no food up there!" said Owen

"Did you not see it?" asked DJ

Owen started crying. Izzy started to co for him.

The Killer Pilots were the first team to get to the docks

"So here's our supplies. What the heck is that?" asked Cameron

"How should I know Cameron?" asked Courtney

"What's our blueprint say we're building?" asked Kailey

"It just says build a boat you can sail to the Viking Plane." said Jo

"I got it!" said Cody. In the confessional he said: When in doubt trust the Code-ster!

"I don't have a good feeling about this." says Courtney

"Well I do." says Jo

"Drop the crazy act. I know you don't care for Cody or Cameron you're just acting to get me voted out!" said Courtney

"That's not true!" said Jo

"I'm done!" said Cody

Andre got out of the water after being thrown in. He started laughing. 

"What's so funny?" said Dale

"The fact that your boat looms like that ugly goth girls head." said Andre

In the confessional Andre continued to laugh


The attendees arrived. Jerd grabbed the wood and started building.

"Who put this annoying sailor in charge?" asked Andre

Andre strted laughing again.

In the confessional he said: Heather looked so funny. Though I'm probably not one to talk.

"Hey Andre I brought your costume." said Annabeth

"WHY!" said Andre

"So you don't take the Drop of Shame." said Annabeth

"Fine I'll wear it." said Andre

Andre went behind a building to change.

"Hey competiors time for your first of two songs today!" said Chris

"But you said 1 song per episode." said Duncan

"Just do it." said Chris

Kailey: They're way ahead, so we've got to go!
Courtney: We've got to build something to sail, something we can row-ow!
Jo:' It doesn't have to be a boat!
Jo and Courtney: As long as it stays afloat!
'Kailey, Courtney, and Jo: Oh, why did we build Gwen's face?!
'Andre and Duncan: It's almost ready, to set sail!
Duncan: Just hammering in the final nail!
Kailey, Courtney, Jo: Ohh, ohh, ohh!
Owen: We really did this fast!
Andre and Duncan:' Soon we'll be back in first class!
Andre, Duncan, and Owen: Because they built Gwen's face!
'Kailey, Courtney, and Jo: We built Gwen's face!
Andre, Duncan, and Owen: We're gonna take first place!
Kailey, Courtney, and Jo:' Because we built Gwen's face!
Courtney: Aaaa-eee-yeah-eee-yeah!
Kailey and Courtney: We built Gwen's face! 

"Jerd are you done?" said Heather

"All aboard!" said Jerd


"Just get on the boat!" said Izzy

"And the Screaming Attendees are screaming ahead!" said Chris

"Where are we going?" asked Duncan

"How about we ask the captin of the ship!" said Andre 

"We go to the plane." said Jerd 

"You better tell me something I understand!" said Andre 

"Just cut the top of her head off!" said Jo

Lightning cut the head off. "Not the whole head!" said Jo 

"Sha-Bam!" said Lightning 

"Thanks Sha- Idiot" said Lightning

In the confessional Courtney: He's as dumb as he looks

Jo: I always knew he was stupid. 

End of confessionals

"Just put it in the water and start rowing!" screamed Kailey 

The teams were on the water.

"Song #2! I wasn't going to make you sing this song but since you guys failed to finish the last one I guess there's nothing wrong with a little Sea Shanty!" said Chris

The cast complained except for Courtney who was clapping.     

Andre: We're heading down to Iceland water, that rocky eastern shore!
Owen: I'll have the shrimp, mussels, cod, and the lobster thermidor!
Kailey: I can't get a thing to bite, so we better get there first!
Courtney: Row harder, faster, both of you. For the win, work up a thirst! Stroke, stroke, stroke!
Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy! Yes! Go on, DJ, your turn! (DJ silently shakes his head)
Jerd: Izzy, you're a nut-bar, but you sure can catch a fish!
Izzy: Thanks, there, B'y, you're right kind to my partner, he's Irish. And if you want the next drill, he's all yours!
Cameron and Cody: Trying our best, Courtney, our arms are getting fried!
Kailey: Courtney, do you see?
Courtney: Could it be? Steer hard starboard side!
Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy!
DJ: No, you can't catch me, with a sea shanty!

"Well I suppose you guys did enough singing so get rowing and eating!" said Chris

"All we have to eat is Chef's slop?" said Duncan

The teams ate.

Jerd sterred his way to victory for the Attendees

"The winners The Screaming Attendees! Thanks to my cousin Jerd!" said Chris

"You might've won today but we'll see who wins the million." says Andre to Jerd.

"Well I guess the Killer pilots are going to have to cut someone else loose. Again!" said Chris

Chris started laughing.

On the plane Chris played the Gilded Chris music.

"Can't say I'm not surprised Pilots. Cast your vote." said Chris

In the confessional

Courtney: Jo is awful

Jo: Courtney is the worst

Andre: No one likes Courtney. By leaving her in the team will be pressured and one by one they'll all go down. Adios Jo!

End of Condessionals

"Everyone is safe except for Jo and Courtney. Jo for pretending to have a heart and Courtney for being very annoying and the last Gilded chris goes too....

"Courtney" said Chris

"Aw come on!" said Kailey

"Take that Jo! I'll see you at the finale when I win the $1,000,000!" said Courtney

"Put a sock in it! Someone obviously rigged the votes! There's no way..." said Jo as she was pushed off the plane by Chris

"Well that's one way to end another drama filled episode of Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris.

Closing Credits

Next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth, the contestants race dogs in Canada. "Would it kill you to take us somewhere warm?" asked Courtney. Andre and Jerd learn to hate each other. And the Killer Pilots have to live without Jo. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" said Lightning in the confessional. It's an all new Total Drama Revenge of the Earth sometime this month only on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki.

Episode 8- The Frozen Sailors Drop with Dogs

Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth, the remaining contestants enjoyed a day as vikings. (Shows contestants on ships). Hahahahahahahahahahaha! (Shows Attendees in costumes) Those costumes were a great idea! DJ became a liar upsetting Owen. The Killer Pilots offically hate Courtney. Jo grew a heart. Andre grew to hate Jerd. And Courtney grew a temper. JO's fake heart is probably why she gotbooted. Nope! Andre's the reason why she was booted? Who will be booted next? Who will be whipped and who will freeze to death? Find out here on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!"

The theme song can be heard.

The Screaming Attendees were seen sleeping in firsy class. Owen was sleeping. Andre put a piece of brocolli in his mouth.

The next moment he was seen barfing.

Meanwhile Heather and Andre were seen arguing.

"I can't believe you stabbed Scott in the back like that." said Heather

"What makes you think I'm the person who voted for Scott?" said Andre

"Who else!" said Heather

"There's no way of knowing that." said Andre

"I'm going to the bathroom." said Heather

"Uh huh. Where are you really going?" asked Andre

Meanwhile Zoey was seen worried to death. She woke Dawn and walked to the confessional.

In the confessional

Zoey: Heather ripped the photo. It's a matter of proving her guilty. I'm starting to forget about Mike. What he ate for lunch the day I left for Pahkitew Island.

Heather: I'm barely surviving this season. We lose again I'm the next to go.

End of confessionals

Heather got out of the confessional and saw Zoey and Dawn glaring at her.

"Come with us." said Zoey

The three girls walked to Chris's camera room and went in.

Andre was waiting outside the doors.

"Lets's make this quick before Chris comes in. Did you or did you not rip my photo of Mike?

"You are worried about this!" said Heather

"Just give us an answer Heather." said Dawn

"Only if you swear to protect me to the merge." said Heather

"Fine, just prove you didn't do it." said Zoey

"Let's watch a little sabotage courtesy of Andre."

The door opened.

"CHRIS!" screamed the girls

"What the heck are you girls doing in here!" said Chris

"We were uh practicing how to uh..." said Zoey

"kiss boys!" said Dawn

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww." said Chris

"Andre you're lucky. You don't have to play for your heroic deed in ratting these girls out.!" said Chris

"Thank you." said Andre

He bowed.

In the confessional

Andre: Worst lie ever. I can't see Heather kissing Zoey. They were obviously forming an alliance and trying to strategize against me. Hahahahahahahaha!

Zoey: Heather ripped it.

Dawn: I'm reading Andre's aura and he seems friendly on the outside but evil on the inside.

End of confessionals

The four returned into first class.

"Whoa were the two of you smooching face?" asked Duncan

"No ewwwwww!" said Heather

"I'm with her on this one. Ewwwwwww." said Andre

"Uh huh."

In economy class Courtney was giving a speech but Lightning tried to overule her.

"We will do our best to win." said Courtney

The Killer Pilots cheered.

"And we all listen to me!" said Lightning

"We'll be co-captins." said Courtney

"Sha please you're the worst captin ever."

"All competiors please go to the cargo hold. Except for my favorite hero!" said Chris

"Chris has a favorite hero?" said Cameron

In the cargo hold the contestants were released into snow. Feet of snow. Courtney grabbed the jackets for her team.

"Would it kill you to take us somewhere warm?" said Courtney

"But I am warm COURTNEY!" said Chris

"They remembered the jackets." said Duncan

"Take that Duncan." said Courtney

Courtney passed the jackets out but there was only one left and two people.

"Sorry Lightning but it's mine." said Courtney

"Give it girly" said Lightning

"It's mine!" said Courtney

"Hey lovebirds over here!" said Chris

Courtney and Lightning ripped the jacket.

In the confessional:


Courtney: (Freezeing) Lightning is a.. a.. idiot (Sneezes)

End of confessional series

"Anyway today is a classic challenge in a new location.Nunavut!" said Chris

"None of what." said Owen

"Not none of what, Nunavut" said Emily

"Hey Emily I didn't know you could talk!" said Duncan

Kailey whispered to Duncan "Just ignore him."

Chris grabbed a megaphone and screamed in Kailey and Emily's ears.


"Excuse me for doing my job!" said Chris

"Anyway all you have to do is build a sled using supplies at the top of a hill. No. Not the clean hill. The other hill. That's the spot.

"Once everyone grabbed at least one piece build a sled for the team. And race up and down the hills with billy goats in every corner. First team to cross the finish line wins. And for the dogs. They're at the finish line. ONe person has to come get them before you start. And I'm not positive that they're actually dogs. Ok. I'm 100% that they are not actually dogs. Haha." said Chris

"Ok Lightning gets the dogs. I command the building of the sled." said Courtney

"I think I should since I'm intelligente." said Cameron

"Dude speak English!" said Cody

"It means intelligent in spanish." said Courtney

"I'll get the dogs you guys build." said DJ

"Alrighty teams get ready set camera on standby. GO!" said Chris

DJ and Lightning ran off to get the dogs. Lightning fell face first into the snow, while DJ took his time up the hill. A billy goat knocked him over while Lightning ran over him

Lightning got the billy goats but they beat him up. The same to DJ.

"Come on Lightning he's ahead of you." screamed Emily

Lightning sprinted to the finish line while DJ was struggling.

"You have got to be kidding me" said Heather

"I could've done a better job." said Dawn

Lightning had the goats.

"Pilots up the hill!"

The goats were beating on Lightning. He punched them and they ran off.

"Uh oh." said Lightning

In the confessional

Lightning: Courtney's going to kill me

End of confessional

On the plane Andre was watching everything. Cameron was directing the building of the sled. DJ finally got to the bottom. Andre pushed a button. A giant missle was aimed between the building sites and the hills.

"Uh oh." said Izzy

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" said Heather

"Who will cross the finish line first? And who will sacrifice themselves for their team? Find out after the break on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris

This is the part of the episode where advertisments are shown.

The missle  destroyed the sleds and hit Jerd. 

"Jerd!" screamed Annabeth

"Stop the challenge!" said Chris

Chris and the cast looked at a wiped out Jerd.

"Bring in the medics." said Chris

An entire team of doctors came in an looked at Jerd

"We will now check his pulse."


Heather:There's a team of doctors. How unfair

Courtney: Jerd he got what he deserved

Andre: Don't look at me I didn't do nothing. Hahahahahahahahahaha I'm so evil!

End of confessionals

"Mr Doctor please tell me my cousin is ok?" said Chris

"Chris I'm sorry but Jerd's in a severe need of medical attention. He must be pulled at once."

The cast gasped.

Chris strted crying

Chef rolled his eyes. Chef's confessional: I tried to tell Chris letting your relative compete is the worst idea he could have come up with. I mean come on look at the trauma it's causing. 

End of Confessional

Lightning recovered the goats. 

"Lightning hook the boats up to the sled." said Courtney

"Lightning Chris said we can't continue." said Heather

"What a wimp." said Lightning talking about Chris

"Pilots and Attendees on the plane now for a special food. The reward challenge is cancelled. Pilots since you guys didn't lose anyone you guys win today's reward." said Chris

The Killer Pilots cheered. 

Back on the plane the players ate more of Chef's slop.

"Hey where's Jerd?" said Andre

"Someone shot a missle at him." said Cameron

"What!?" said Andre

"Who would do such a thing Andre!?" said Heather

"You were the only one on the plane." said Emily

"Do you honestly think I know how to work a missle?" said Andre

In the confessional

Andre: The first srategic thing Emily has done all season is rat me out. I have to play the Heather, Dawn, Zoey card to try to not be sued by Chris. After all, I am Chris's favorite competitor! Heather I hope your $5 prize is enough to survive a lawsuit!

Emily: It doesn't make since.

End of confessionals

Over the intercom: For today's reward the Killer Pilots have won the chance to exile one contestant in the cargo hold until the next challenge. No one will be allowed in the cargo hold until the next invincibility challenge. And two new idols have been hidden somewhere on the plane. Once you find it you'll know the new powers. Everyone meet in the cargo hold.

"New powers. This is extrodinary!" said Cameron

"This game just keeps getting better." said Annabeth

In the cargo hold the teams met Chris.

"Ok Pilots who are you exiling?" said Chris

"We choose to exile...." said Courtney [Suspenseful Music]

"Heather." said Courtney

"Yes." said Heather

"Heather you have been exiled in the cargo hold." said Chris

"And Pilots if you jump off the plane you will see the movie lot where you will enjoy time with loved ones." said Chris

The Pilots cheered.

The Pilots jumped off the plane. Duncan gave them the middle finger.

On the ground the Pilots had a picnic with one loved one.

Back on the plane Heather was looking for the idol.

"If I found one by luck, I'm sure I can get my hands on one with time? You never know in this game."

Back in economy class Andre gave a speech.

"We should all oust Heather at the next given opportunity."

The Attendees cheered except for Dawn and Zoey

In the confessional

Zoey: I think Heather is telling the truth. (Starts crying)

Andre: I am truly an evil genius with a story to tell. Heather has nothing compared to me. She's doomed. Especially when I have all control over the teams.

End of confessionals

"Will Andre succeed in eliminating Heather? Will Heather find the idol with special powers? Maybe you'll find out next time. Maybe you won't but the only way to know is watch the next episode of Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris

There are three things you could use to your advantage on this show.

Beauty: "Look at that hair." says Andre

Brawn: "I just destroyed that turkey" said Lightning

And Brains!

"If the host doesn't know what he's talking about then we're all doomed." said Orthadel

An all new Total Drama Revenge of the earth by the end of April 2014.

Episode 9- An Idiot Turkey Hunt

"Previously on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth, Nunavut, Canada's Beauty. Here dogs were raced and missiles were shot at a certain's host's cousin." Chris started crying. "Anyway for my sanity and Jerd's life we removed him from the game at once." Show the cockpit. "Now we have a game. WE have a villain. We have a story. And as much as I want to remove Andre I can't because he's the center of drama. Besides boring old Zoey. Here on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!

The theme song can be heard

In the cargo hold Heather was quickly and carefully searching for the invincibility statue.

"Where would Chris hide a statue of himself?" said Heather

In the confessional she said: I found one on All-Stars and one this season so I know where to look, and I'm the best at this game. I will win with the idols in my pockets.

In economy class the Attendees were complaining. Especially Andre. 

"I will do anything to get out of this dump." said Duncan


Duncan: You don't realize how good you have it until it's gone. 

Andre: I can't strategize in a dump!

Orthadel: I am bored with this show

Zoey: I need to talk to Heather but I can't.

End of confessional series.

On the movie lot an annoucment was made"All Total Drama competitors come outside the lot to meet Chris McLean and some adoring fans!"

A whole line of fans were outside the lot. One fan screamed "Spoiler Alert. Alejandro was voted out first!"

They Pilots kept walking and then they saw the eliminated contestants and Blainely watching them.

Courtney screamed.

In the confessional she was shaking uncontrolablly. 

"Hey Courtney you guys have no chance in winning!" said Jo

"WHat she said!" said Lightning.

The Killer Pilots met in the Aftermath Studio.

"Now we wait for Chris to come get you losers." said Blainely

"We are not losers. WE have a physically challenged team."said Dale

Courtney started beating him up. Lightning got in on the battle.

Cody and Cameron seemed scared.

Blainely had her phone ringing.

"Hello Blainely. I will send them out right away. Thank You"

"Chris is outside with the plane."

The Killer Pilots got on the plane.

BAck in the Cargo Hold Heather was struggling.

"How have I not found this darn idol yet!" said Heather

The plane started shaking.

"Turbulence!" said Chris.

In the common area Chef opened the door and everyone fell through .

They were all screaming. They landed in a river. It was very dark outside.

Back on land Chris began his intro. "Welcome to beautiul Turkey. We're in the city of Istanbul. The only city in the world to be in Asia and Europe. And today's challenge is based on the name of this country.

"Oh god.Here we go agian!" said Duncan.

"Shut it! As I was saying. Today you're hunting turkeys in Turkey. Since the national animal of Turkey is the Turkey! And we need something to eat because we don't have food to feed you." Chris started laughing.

"We're all going to die if the host doesn't know what he's talking about." said Orthadel

"What do you mean Orthadel?" asked Chrs

"The national animal of Turkey is the Grey Wolf." said Cameron

"No it's not." said CHris

"Yes it is!" screamed the cast

"Your stupidity is our amusement." said Kailey

"Besiedes Grey wolves are way more dangerous than turkeys." Emily said.

In the confessional

Chris: I really hate my interns. Giving me crappy info! Aghhhh!

End of Confessional

Chris was looking over his papers.

"All right the challenge is capture 5 turkeys." said Chris

"So it's like the egg hunt from All-Stars?" said Heather

"Yes it is HEATHER! How was exile?" asked Chris


In the confessional

Heather: How did I not find it! Aghhhhh

Andre: There's no way she found it.

End of confessionals.

"Ummm where are the turkeys?" asked Cody

"Chef bring in the prey!" screamed Chris

Chef rolled in crates full of turkeys. Chef was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. 

"Release the prey!" said Chris

The turkeys started attacking the contestants.

"ahhhhhhhhhhh." screamed Dale

"Remember. Violence is never the answer. Except on this show!"

Chris blew a horn


THe teams ran off.

Lightning and Dale were looking.

"Lightning I don't trust Courtney." said Dale

"You think I like her. She shouldn't even be here!" said Lightning

Kailey and Emily ran by.

Over behind a bush Cody and Cameron were trying to catch a turkey using very strategic tactics.

"You hold the net. I'll go be a distraction!" said Cameron

"Cameron wait..." but he already left.

"Hey turkey come catch me." said Cameron.

Then Izzy swept in and started running with it.

Izzy couldn't be stop. Lightning and Dale were waiting to find a turkey.

"Dale, Lightning. Stop Izzy!" screamed Cameron

"SHa what?" said Lighting. Then he saw Izzy.

"You're mine crazy-girl!" said Lightning

Lightning tackled Izzy. The turkey went flying. Into Owen's hands.

"Owen scores the first point for the Attendees!" announced Chris

"Lightning, Dale you had that!" said Cody

"You didn't even help me dude!" said Lighting

"How can I help someone who didn't even ask for my help! You didn't even ask for my opinion!" said Dale

Lightning and Dale started fighting.

"Like I said, violence is always the answer." said Chris over loudspeakers.

"Chris you're next!" screamed Dale

"Will Dale really hurt me? Will we have enough food? And who's signing up for a free drop out of an airplane? Find out right after the break on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" 

"I'm coming for you Chris" said Dale to the camera. Lightning then punched him.

"Sha-bam!" said Lightning.

This is the part of the episode where advertisements would show.

At a church Andre and Annabeth found 2 turkeys fightning. Duncan was trying to lure them into Annabeth's net that she found on a boat.

"Here's the plan. Duncan lures them to us. And then you capture them." said Andre

Annabeth was blushing. Then the turkeys started making noise.

"Uh guys stop making out and capture these turkeys!" screamed Duncan.

Kailey and Emily sneaked up and captured Duncan.

"Let me out of here!" screamed Duncan

"Why?" said Kailey

The turkeys started chasing them. Kailey and Emily ran all the way to the scoring area.

"That's two more points for the Killer Pilots. Pilots lead 2-1." said Chris

"You girls are crazy!" said Duncan

"Chris how much do injured contestants count for points?" asked Emily

"Two points!" said Chris

"Lightning!!!!" screamed Emily

"No Emily I'm fine. I'll jump in the basket for you." said Duncan

Lightning showed up.

"If you hurt Duncan that's two more points for us!" said Emily.

"Yes! Victory is in the bag!" said Lightning.

Lightning hurt Duncan.

"New score 4-1 Pilots lead."

Lightning ran back to Dale's area.

Lightning found another turkey and twisted it's neck.

"I just killed that turkey!" said Lightning

Dale was in shock!


Dale: Uhhhh is that normal?

End of confessional

Lightning put it in the basket.

"Dead turkeys don't count!" said Chris



Lightning: How is that sha-fair. He said capture turkeys. And that's exactly what happened! When I see that ugly face I'm going to give him a black eye. [Lightning kissed his biceps]

End of Confessional

Heather, Zoey, Dawn, Orthadel, and DJ were hunting together.

"How is that possible!" screamed Zoey

"I don't know. Maybe Andre is sabotaging us." said Heather

"You really believe Andre is evil, don't you?" said Orthadel

"Yes. Don't you find it weird how Courtney hasn't been eliminated yet?" said Heather

"How do we know you're not the evil one?" asked DJ

"DJ remember Jamaica where you were voted out?" said Heather

"Yes. You were telling the truth and I didn't allign with you and Alejandro eliminated me. Stupid Spaniard." said DJ

"You can trust me ok." said Heather

"Turkey. Ahead." said Dawn.

A musical bell rang.

The five-some groaned.

"Guess what time it is. Song time." said Chris

Zoey: I love Turkey in the springtime! Je t'aime Paris in the fall! Dawn: That's great, Zoey! Keep going! Zoey: It's the city of love in the summer! But now, it's just a bummer! 'Cause... Chris broke my heart and chewed it up and spit it out and then, stepped on it and threw it down a sewer and called it names and then laughed! Oui, my friends! You must never trust a host! Oui, my friends! They will treat you like prey! Oui, my friends! They will-! Aww... Break your heart and chew it up and spit it out and step on it and throw it down a sewer and call it names, and then laugh! Dawn: Wait up, Zoey! Owen: Oui, my friend! You are going to make it through! Izzy: Um, non, my friend. That thing just burned off my shoe. Zoey: Oui, my friends! All I did was love him true! Heather: Andre! What are you doing? Andre: I'm trying! Zoey: Oui, my friends! Now, I'm stuck telling you... If you fall in love with a boy on TV, and then audition to get on his show, and then audition again, and finally get on his show, and be nice to him and do nothing but kiss-up, you will still- Oui, end up in Paris! Oui, feeling disparaisse! And the boy won't even take you outside! Zoey: Why did I get to be the lead singer?

Courtney was running by the five-some with a turkey!

"DJ catch her!" screamed Heather

DJ was running as fast as he could. He caught up and tackled her.

Zoey grabbed the turkey and went to the scoring center.

"The score is now 4-2 Pilots" said Chris.

"Man DJ's turning evil. First lying to Owen about food in Iceland..." said Chris

Owen started crying

"Then tackling Courtney for a point. Very villainous!" said Chris


DJ: I'm not that evil!

End of confessionals

"Hey DJ help me out of here!" said Duncan

DJ started untangling Duncan

"Thanks DJ!" said Duncan

Duncan gave DJ a high five.

Owen and Izzy showed up too.

"Wait a minute." said Owen

"What?" said DJ

THe rest of the Attendees except Andre and Annabeth showed up.

"If Duncan's not in the..."

Lightning tackled him before he could finish.

Brady ran in and started putting Attendee turkeys in the Pilot basket.

"There we win." said Brady

The rest of the cast was there now.

"Pilots 4, Attendees 0." said Chris

"What!?" said Duncan

Duncan ran off pushing Cameron and Cody on the ground.


Courtney ran over and tried to help them.


Cameron: Duncan didn't have to do that. But what surprised me even more was when Courtney tried to help us!

Cody: Courtney. Helpful. I know. It doesn't make since.

Courtney: I need to get on the good side with my teamates.

End of confessionals

Duncan was running back with the turkeys.

The Attendees were fightning the Pilots while Orthadel worked on putting turkeys back in the Attendee basket.

Lightning pushed Duncan releasing the last turkey. 

Dale tried to tip it toward the Pilot basket but he hit it towards the Attendees instead.

"Attendees win." said Chris

Lightning tackled Dale. They were fighting

"Man this episode brought me a lot of good moments. Hahahahahahahahaha!" laughed Chris

On the plane they were eating the first turkey.

Annabeth got up and walked towards first class.

"Look at that hair." said Andre

In the confessional

Andre: Her hair is magnificent. I need to get her out of here before I start devloping more feelings for her. But we won. [Andre started turning red]

End of Confessional.

In economy class Lighting and Dale were arguing

"You lost us the challenge you are sha-gone!" said Lighting

"You tackled Duncan at the wrong angle releasing the turkey too far away for it to even reach the basket." said Dale

They started fighting again.

Chris began the gilded chris music.

"Ah the Killer Pilots. Not that Killer. All right cast your votes." said Chris


Lightning: He lost us the challenge!

Dale: Lightning. That bicep kissing freak.

Andre: What to do, What to do.

End of confessionals

"All right Gilded Chris' go to 







Lightning was kissing his biceps. Dale was shaking nervously.

"There's only two left. What's a host to do. Drop the bicep kissing athlete or the sane athlete."

"Tonight the Drop of Shame will be taking by...[Suspensful Music]

Lightning!" said Chris

"Sha-what. You guys voted off your strongest competitor! You guys are all ----------------------- and you are all going to be gone before the merge at this rate! Espically you Dale. You're a snake!" said Lightning. Chris pushed Lighting off the plane.

"Well this episode brought us some very funny moments. And a hate filled speech from one of our former villains. Now I need someone to go to Exile." said Chris

"I'll do it." said Kailey

Kailey walked to the cargo hold


Kailey: Why not?

Andre: Lightning was their strongest member. Just easier this way.

End of confessionals

Back in the elimination room Chris was signing off.

"As another funny episode comes to a close it's time to start wondering who's next? Will the Pilots ever win a challenge? I have my doubts. But find out for sure next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris

Closing Credits

Next time on Total Drama the sun and beaches of Jamaica are beautiful except for Andre who is in some deep trouble.

No me gusta ese chico de la burbuja! [Andre said in a confessioanl]

It's an all new episode coming soon on the Total Drama Fanfiction wiki!

Episode 10- Death Falls

"Previously on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth, 18 contestants were stranded in Turkey with my intelligence. {Shows Chris's stupidity} Hey! Who put that there? Anyway Lightning  dominated. Heather began her way back into popularity. And we've seen more out of Dale this season last week. His new rivalry with Lightning was all it took to get Lightning out of the plane! (Show the cockpit) Only 17 remain. Who will rise to the occasion?" sai chris

"What's the occasion?" asked Chef

"Um were going to paradise. Duh. Here on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!

The theme song can be heard.

In first clss the Attendees were in groups. Everyone but Andre and Annabeth was listening to Heather's I'm not a threat speech.

"Andre is evil. Guys. He ripped Zoey's photo. He shot Jerd with missles. And now he's getting Annabeth as his slave. " said Heather

"And how can we believe you Heather?" said Duncan

"Why do you trust Andre so much?" asked Heather


Duncan: You can't trust anyone.

Heather: How else can I convince them that I'm not evil! Aghhhhh!

End of Confessioansls

Andre and Annabeth started kissing

Heather threw up on Owen.Owen ran in to the hot tub.

"Need to wash off vommit!" screamed Owen

The plane started shaking.

"Buckle up. The fat kid messes up our flight pattern!"said Chef over the intercom.

Everyone buckled up. 

In the cargo hold Kailey was trying to get her balance. Then she fell over. 

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" scremed Kailey in pain.

IN the confessonal

Kailey: I think I broke my leg. Owwwwww

End of confessional

Kailey felll out of the plane. 

"Uh Chris something is falling out of the cargo hold." said Chef

"What do you mean?" said Chris

Chris looked outside. He saw the invincibilty statues fall out.


"Attention all passengers. We are going to land the plane the quick way I know how. Skydiving and plane crashing. Everyone needs to jump out now!" said Chef over the intercom

"And you also have to sing!" said Chris over the intercom

The cast complained.

Courtney: We're singing as we're falling! Heather: While some are cannon-balling! Izzy: Yeah!  Andre: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes! Duncan and Owen: We might just go ka-blooey!Cameron and Cody: Get smushed and become chewy! Everyone: Cept there's tons we wanna do before we die! Zoey: Billionairess! Cody: Billiards Champion! DJ: Make it home to see my momma! Annabeth: Marry Andre! Emily: Catch a barrel! Dawn: Be an actress in a drama! Courtney: Corporate lawyer! Izzy: Prom destroyer! Cameron: Be a ninja with throwing stars! Andre: Lion tamer! Owen: New food namer! Cody: Repairman for the parallel bars! Cameron: But first we must cease dropping, our goal here would be stopping! Izzy: Before we smash into the ground from the sky! DJ: Flat into little pieces! Cody: Heads merged with our feet-ses! Emily: That would really suck and here's why: Annabeth: We'd like to keep on living!Andre: So Chris, We hope you're giving: Orthadel: Some wings! Courtney: A jetpack! Emily: A rift in time! Heather: Parachute?! Cameron: Waterbed! Cody: A trampoline! Izzy: Springy shoes! Andre: Rocket boots! Dawn: Flying squirrel! Orthadel: Bubble bath! Dawn: I change to bubbles, too! DJ: Momma! Owen: Pizza! No! Chips and some dip will do! Everyone: Cause there's still so much to do before we die! Yeah, we said it! There's still so much to do, there's still so much to do, there's still so much to do before we die! Yeah! Owen: Yeah!

They landed in the water. The plane safly landed on land. 

Chris was in the elimination room. He found a voting device with a little chip in it. He put it in a differetn one.


Chris: How else Andre supposed to lose? Hahaha

End of confessionals

"Welcome back to Jamaica! Rembember the Jamaica challenges!" said Chris as he jumped out of the plane

"Today I need you to jump into the falls and find two boxes. A red one and a blue one. If you open the boxes you'll be eliminated from the game at once. Because it's super super secret." said Chris


Andre: Now I'm tempted

End of confessional

Kailey was no where to be found.

"Killer Pilots you're missing a player." said Chris.

"We can win without Kailey." said Courtney

"What happened to nice Cournty?" said Brady

"I'm always nice Courtney!" said Courntey

"Guys we need to win, which means no fighting in a challenge!" said Dale

"Fine." said Courtney and Brady in unison

"STOP!" said Courtney and Brady in unison


Courtney: Since Scott was voted out I've been worse than usual. Uggh

Brady: Why is courtney still here?!

End of confessionals

"Go!" said Chris

Heather and Courtney jumped into the lagoon.

They were swimming but they couldn't see.

The both ran out with nothing.

Orthadel and Emily dived in.

"We're going to be here for a while." said Heather

"It shouldn't take forever!" said Chris

Orthadel and Emily came back emptyhanded. 

Dale and Duncan dived in.

Dale and Duncan saw a red box and tried to punch each other away. Then electric eels started stinging them.

"Electrifying. Wouldn't you say Chef?" said Chris Chef rolled his eyes.

Dale and Duncan came back empty-handed.

"Dude that was wicked." said Duncan'

"Agreed" said Dale.

DJ and Brady dived in.

DJ grabbed the red box. Brady tried to stop him but his size couldn't stop him.

"Yeah DJ!" screamed Orthadel

DJ ncame up with the red box. Annabeth and Cody dived in.

Annabeth threw Cody towards the shark.

"Didn't know she was evil like you Andre!" said Heather

"How am I evil. I did nothing!"said Andre

"You hurt Jerd. For no reason!" said Andre

"There's no evidinece that I did that. And besides you are  worse than me in every aspect in Total Drama!" screamed Andre

"THere's no way I'm worse than you!" said Heather

"You are dating the most evil contestant in Total Drama history! And you're telling me that isn't evil!" said Andre

"At least I don't cheat!" said Heather

"How do I cheat!" said Andre

"Trust me you cheat!" said Heather

"I'm sorry to have to interfere but it's time for the ads. Stay tuned. Maybe will get some fists involved!" said Chris

                                        This is the part of the episode where advertisments are shown

"You suck." said Heather

"You suck more." said Andre

"You know what?!" said an angry Heather


Heather pushed Andre into the water.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Andre. He was then stung by the eels


Andre: Why does Heather hate me so much? I mean it's not like I cheat. Hahahahahahahahaha

Heather: He's such an ogre. He sucks at this game, he sucks at life, and I want to vote him off so bad! His hideous black hair. His annoying green shirt. Aggggh.

End of confessionals

"Here comes Cody. With nothing in his hands. You guys stink at this!" said Chris

"Annabeth is so going to pay, when I wake up from coma." said Cody. He then passed out on the ground.

"Medics!" said Chris

The paramedics came in and took Cody away.

"Courtney. Dive in." said CHris

"But I already went!"

"Get in the water or stay in Jamaica." said Dale

Courtney dived in. Annabeth came back with nothing.

Andre and Annabeth started making out.

Zoey dived in. Heather threw up on the ground.

"Oh I'm sorry Heather. Are we making you sick?" said Andre in a sarcastic tone

"I'm going to kick your butt!" said Heather

"Dream on." said Andre

Andre went back to kissing Annabeth

Meanwhile on the other side of the island Kailey was unable to walk

"I can't walk and I'm in the middle of no where!" said Kailey

Kailey started crying

"I'm going to die here!" said Kailey

Then a black figure started to  stealthly move through the bushes.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" said Kailey

Back at the challenge they could here Kailey scream.

The energy in the scream carried the sharks and electric eels away from the challenge.

"Ahhhhh!" screamed Courtney. Courtney was stung by an eel.

"Hahahahaha!" laughed Chris and Andre

Andre then collapsed

Zoey had the last box and was about to score for the Attendees.

"Screaming Attendees win Part 1 of 2." said Chris

The Attendees cheered.

"Onto Part 2. Medics. Take away Andre and Courtney" said Chris

Andre and Courtney joined Cody in the infirmary.

They were all asleep.

"Kids. Whatever you do. Do not come to Jamaica. It's a very scary place. McLean out." said Chris

"Just don't sign up for Total Drama." said one of the doctors

Chris gave the doctor a scary look.

BAck at the bobsled course Heather was excited.


Heather: Yay! Andre just got brought to the infirmary! Yes!

Annabeth: Andre. Are you ok? {Starts crying}

End of confessionals

"We're missing 4 people. How is that possible?" said Chris

"Well like you always said, you love injured contestants, so...." said Emily

"Of course! For Part 2 you'll be racing this bobsled course." said Chris

DJ screamed

"DJ, calm down! Alejandro's not here to sabotage you. Though I wish he was here" said Heather


Heather: Unlike some girls, I can play this game without a boyfriend.

End of confessional

"Best time wins. The teams are DJ and Duncan, Heather and Zoey, and Owen and Izzy for the Attendees. For the Killer Pilots Brady and Dale, Cameron and Emily, and Dale and Cameron." said Chris

"Why do I have to go twice!?" said Cameron

"Because Courtney and Cody are injured and Kailey is just lost." said chris

"Speaking of Kailey where is she!?" said Zoey

"Yeah you wouldn't aboandon one of your victims would you!?" said Emily

"Uh, I totally wouldn't! You guys mean the world to me!" said Chris


Chris: I have no idea where she is, and that's my fault. Just use your legs and come back ok Kailey

End of confessionals

Back at Kailey's area she was screaming.

"Who ever you are mister person please don't hurt me." said Kailey

The black figure jumped on her and put her in a burlap sack.

Kailey was screaming but no one could hear her.

Back at the challenge Chef was putting grease on the bobsled.

"Making things more intresting. Haha." said Chef

"All Attendees get helmets. OK DJ and Duncan you're up!" said Chris

The horn blew and they were off.

They were very fast and had a great finish.

"40.351 seconds. Maybe a Jamaica best. Let's see if Dale and Brady can beat it. You're up!"

They were a little slower and they hit their heads on the wall.

"Ooooh 49.456 seconds. Attendees lead. Heather and Zoey" said chris

"We're going to rock this!" said Zoey

The horn blew. They were also fast.

"45.767 seconds. Better than the Pilots first run but not by much." said Chirs

"Heather, Zoey that was amazing!" said Dawn

"I know. Andre would've lost big time!" said Heather

"Why do you hate him so much. Every little things seems to tick you off." said Zoey

"He's sketchy, manipulative, and hideous." said Heather

"Whatever you say Heather." said Zoey


Zoey: Heather is obsessed with hating Andre. It's not natural.

End of confessional

"Cameron and Emily you're up!" said Chris

They were the slowest slowing down at the end of the pipe. It fell straight down

"That's going to leave a mark." said Chris

"owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" cried Cameron

"1 minute exactly. That's just terrible. Attendees lead 1:25 to the Pilots 1:49. It'll take a miracle to get out of last place now!" said Chris

"We are so winning this challenge." said Duncan

"Owen and Izzy you're up!" said Chris

They were to busy making out to understand.

"Uh guys! The clock's ticking." said Chris

Duncan and DJ went back to the top and pushed them onto the course

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Owen the whole ride.

They did exactly what Cameron and Emily did.

"Ouch." said Chris

"My kiwis!" screamed Owen

"Worst performance yet. 1:08. Final score for the Attendees 2:34. Ok Cameron and Dale last run of the day!" said Chris

"Cameron we can do this we only need confidence." said Dale

"Yeah confidince" said Cameron

The horn blew. They were off.

"Wow, they are really good." said Heather

Dale and Cameron finished with a very great time.

"They actually came in with a good time." said Chris

"46.015 seconds for the Dale and Cameron dream team. Final score 2:35 for the Pilots. Attendees win it all!" said Chris

The Attendees cheered.

"Not that all surprising anymore the Killer Pilots will be voting someone off tonight"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Andre as he ran into the challenge area

"Andre." screamed Annabeth

She ran over to Andre and gave him a big hug.

"Enough with the hugs. If you two make out one more time I will gurantee you will be voted off the plane!" said Chris

"I'm sorry but the worst thing that could happen happened in the infirmary." said Andre

Heather cheered

"You know what Heather, I've had enough of you're attitude. You're a little a--------------. Don't you dare disrespect Andre Vacastontas" said Andre

"You're a  silly cow you -----------------." said Heather

"How do you know Spanish!" said Andre

"My boyfriend is Spanish you silly cow hippie!" said Heather

"That's it!" said Andre

They got in a fight.

Annabeth and Zoey got in the battle.


Duncan: Man those two can't stand each other. I wonder why

Izzy: They're crazier than me!

End of confessionals

"Man we got some fists involved mon!" said Chris

Then a woman walked up to the area

"Umm what are you doing here!" said the woman

"We're shooting Total Drama Revenge of the Earth!" said Chris

"I'm expecting a location fee by the end of the season!" said the woman

"AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" said Chris


Chris: A location fee! {Chris starts crying.} 

End of confessionals

"A location fee. How scary. Even scarier than Ezekiel!" said Chris

"That's saying something" said Duncan

"All right Killer Pilots go cast your votes!" said Chris

Back on the plane the Gilded Chris music started playing.

"All right losers cast your votes. Well I guess you can't vote for Courtney, Cody, or Kailey since they're not here." said Chris

They casted their votes.


Andre: Dale has to go. He's giving them confidence

Cameron: I'm voting Emily. It's me or her. 

End of confessionals

"The votes have been cast." said Chris

"Brady, Cameron, you're safe."

"WHAT!" said Dale

"Cameron is safe, that's not right, sorry man!" said Brady


Cameron: I got really lucky

End of confessional

"And the last Gilded Chris goes too {Suspensful Music}

Dale" said Chris

Dale happily took the Gilded Chris

"But what!" said Emily

"Yeah 4 votes against you. Here's your parachute. Enjoy the Drop of Shameful Shame." said Chris

"Guys it's been fun.' said Emily

She jumped out of the plane.


"Bye bye Emily!" said Chris


Cameron: Something about that vote didn't make since. I shouldn't have been safe. What's wrong with this device?  {A chip pops out} What the... The initals on this thing say AV. This is weird. Huh. I got it. Heather was telling the truth. Andre is evil. Evil. Andre's last name is Vacastontas. Oh my god. Heather was telling the truth.

Andre: Emily got voted out. Something happened. Dale should've been voted off but he wasn't. No me gusta ese chico de la burbuja! Cameron is going down! That I promise you! {A black figure opens the door, pulls Andre out the door} Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


                                                                  Closing Credits

On the scariest episode of Total Drama Revenge of the Earth yet, Cameron tries to be the hero, but the villain Andre could ruin everything. Add where's everyone! Find out on Total drama Revenge of the Earth

"Next time sucker!" said Andre in a confessional.

Episode 11- The Mystery Continues

"Last time on Total Drama, Jamaica delivered. Everything except the location fee. {Chris starts crying} I can't finish the recap. It's way too much money." said Chris

"Chicken. Who will be voted off next? Where are Cody, Kailey, and Courtney? And what is Andre doing in a burlap sack? Find out right here on Total Drama! 

The theme song can be heard

A black figure was dragging Andre to the cockpit. He was screaming the whole way.

"So Chef..." said Chris as the black figure put Chris in the burlap sack with Andre.

"You can't kill the host!" said Chris

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Chris

Chef ran away as fast as he could. The plane started to fall down.

"Attenion all contestants on Total Drama. Run for your lives. I'm coming for you." said the black figure over the intercom

The remaining contestants jumped out of the plane in fear.

The black figure flew away with the plane.

On the ground Chef was panicking. Chef was breathing heavily

"We didn't plan this! This is scary!" said Chef. Duncan slapped him

"Thanks Duncan" said Chef

"So now what?!" said Heather

"Well we need to have a challenge. The planes gone missing. And Chris is gone. So I guess your challenge is to find the plane. Whoever can defeat the person taking over the plane wins invincibiltiy for their team and hurry! This show depends on it!"  screamed Chef

"Before we go where are we?" asked Dawn

"London." said Chef

"Now move out! And I'll tell you when it's song time!" said Chef

The teams ran off in opposite directions.

"How are we supposed to win with just the 3 of us. And as much as I like you Cameron, you shouldn't be here." said Brady

"I know why I'm still here!" said Cameron

"Why? Because you rigged the votes!" said Dale

"Yes. I mean no..."

"Save it stringbean" said Dale

In the confessional

Cameron: Stringbean. How much did Dale learn from Jo! Awwww

Dale: Cameron is up to something. Need to eliminate him as quickly as possible

End of confessionals

"So where do we look first?" said Dale

"Why are you asking me?" said Cameron

"Well arn't you the one with the brain?" asked Brady

"Well we need to get in the Tower of LOndon. They went there last time."said Cameron

"To the Tower!" said Brady


Brady: You've got to respect a man with a brain bigger than yours.

End of confessional

The Screaming Attendees were walking at a slow pace.

"Does anybody know where we're going?" said Zoey

"I don't know!" said Izzy

"That's good to know!" said DJ

"Stop with the sarcasm DJ, you're getting eviler by the second." said Heather

In the confessional DJ said: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What is wrong with me!

"I think we should go left." said Heather

"But I think we should go right!" said Duncan

"But I've actually been to London!" said Heather

"I have more expierence in London than you do!" said Duncan

"Fine we'll split up." said Heather

Heather, Zoey, Dawn,and Orthadel went left while Duncan, DJ, Owen, Izzy, and Annabeth went right.

At the Tower of London the Killer Pilots showed up.

"So what now Cameron!" said Brady

"We have to look for clues outside." said Cameron

"Like what?" said Dale

"I don't know just look around!" said Cameron

"All there is are two people standing there." said Brady

"Is there anything on their clothing?" asked Cameron

"Nothing in words." said Dale

Then an evil laugh was coming out of the tower.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed Cameron in terror.

Cameron ran inside the tower. Dale followed. Brady continued looking for clues


Brady: I wanted to prove I wasn't a coward like Cameron and Dale.

ENd of Confessional.

A black figure snuck up behind Brady and put him in a burlap sack.

Duncan, DJ, Owen, Izzy, and Annabeth showed up.

"Ok Owen and Izzy search the tower. Me, DJ and Annabeth will search the outside." said Duncan

"All right." said Owen

Owen and Izzy ran inside.

Heather, Zoey, Dawn, and Orthadel were lost.

"Where are we!" said Orthadel

"Mike would know. He can find anything using Manitoba's powers." said Zoey. She started crying.

"Oh my god. Zoey you need to stop crying. Look at me. Alejandro's gone and I'm perfectly fine!" said Heather

"On the outside you are but the inside is filled with rage just waiting to explode." said Dawn

"Um.... that's a little creepy." said Heather

In the confessional

Heather: So you mean Dawn can really read aura's? No wonder she got voted off early last time she played. 

End of confessional

"Well we're lost." said Zoey

"Ummmm I don't think so..." said Dawn

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed the girls.

He put Dawn and Orthadel in the burlap sack. He left Heather and Zoey out of the bag.

"Uh are you going to move out of the way?" said the black figure.

"Um why arn't you capturing us?" said Heather

"I'm waiting" said Zoey

"You can continue to wait." said the black figure

In the confessional

Heather: Something's fishy about this "mission"

Zoey: His voice sounds so familiar. Like someone I really hate. I can't put my finger on it.

End of confessionals

"Zoey just keep watching." said Heather

"You guys will regret this!" said the black figure

The girls walked off laughing

"I will get those two." said the black figure

Outside the tower Duncan, DJ, and Annabeth were looking for clues.

"I don't know what to look for." said Annabeth

"Well I've been in band here. Not in the actually challenges" said Duncan

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed DJ

The black figure put them in a burlap sack. He put the sack on the plane.

"Now to get the remaining six!" said the Black figure

"Stop right there!" screamed Chef as he ran in.

"I will free the contestants." said Chef

"You and what army!" said the black figure.

"You and what army!" said Chef

"Oh, he's walking the streets looking for any stupid competiors. He also tortued some of them in Jamaica." said the black figure. I was just here to come to a concert but his deal was just so tempting." said the black figure.

"Really?" said CHef

"Yes and you're next." said the black figure

Chef was captured and put on the plane

"I will destroy you!" screamed Chef

Inside the tower Dale and Cameron were lost

"So Cameron do you know what we're doing?" said Dale

"How should I know?" said Cameron

"Man I hate you and you're empty brain." said Dale

"Awwwww" said Cameron

Heather and Zoey found a double decker bus.

"Zoey are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Heather

"Let's rob some buses!" said Zoey

Zoey started driving the bus as Heather looked out the window.

"Man we're good!" said Heather

Outside the plane the black figure was listening to Chef's threats

"Who will I capture next? Find out after the forced advertisement break. Hahahahahahaha!"

                             This is the part of the episode where advertisements would show

"You're dead!" screamed Chef

"Ok!" said the black figure

"He's got nothing compared to me!" said the black figure

Heather and Zoey were still on the road.

"Look at the palace!" said Zoey

"Maybe will get some clues there!" said Heather

They pulled up to Buckingham Palace and went inside.

"Man this place is royal!" said Zoey

"Welcome to Buckingham Palace" said The Queen of England

"Wow are you the Queen?" asked Heather

"Yes." said the Queen

"I will do anything you say." said Heather

In the confessional

Zoey: I've never seen Heather suck up to someone like that before. It was creepy

End of confessional

"All you have to do to get your next clue is eat this meal. I made it myself." said the Queen

Heather and Zoey ate it.

"It was so delicous, your majesty." said Heather

Heather elbowed Zoey

"Yes you're majesty." said Zoey

"Now you need to go to the LOndon Eye." said the Queen

"Thank you you're majesty!" said Heather

"But before you go. Daughter! Come here!" said the Queen

"My daughter loves the show and would kill to get to participate in a challenge."  said the Queen

"The more the merier!" said Heather

"Yes we would love to have her join us."

"What mom?" said the daughter

"Oh my god!" said the daughter

"I'm Heather and this is Zoey." said Heather

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" excitedly screamed the girl.

"WHat's you're name?" asked Zoey

"Isa-isa-bella." said Isabella

"Isabella, intresting." said Heather

"Remember you're only cometing in this challenge. Then you come right back!" said the Queen.

"OK!" said Isabella. She hugged her mom.

"Ok let's go win this thing!" said Zoey

"But I need you to got to the Tower of London just for the song or I will tell Chris you refused to sing." said the Queen

Back at the Tower of London Owen, Izzy, Cameron, and Dale were completly lost

"I give up." said Dale

"Agreed." said Owen

"Guys don't give up now!" said Izzy

"All we need to do is strip the guards. Like last time." she said

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww." said Dale, Cameron, and Owen

"Attention four contestants still at the Tower. It's song time or Death time. Make your choice." said the black figure over the intercom.

"Well I guess we're singing and stripping at the same time." said Dale

"I hate this show!" said Cameron

"Not as much as me bubble boy!" said Heather

"Heather, Zoey so great to see you!" said Owen

"Let's sing so we can get out of here!" said Heather

"You know where to go?" asked Dale

"No, we have no idea!" said Heather

"And who's that?" said Cameron

"Uh, hello the princess of England. Duh" said Heather

"We're so sorry for Cameron, nasty attitue." said Heather

"It's ok." said Isabella


Isabella: I can't believe that Heather is being friendly just to make me and mom happy! Never thought I would stand here. Though she was being really mean to Cameron. My favorite contestant wasn't there though.

Dale: I don't trust anything that Heather says!

End of confessionals

Owen: It's creepy how they stand there, and don't even blink! I don't wanna see his bum, all naked and pink! Dale: Hey buddy, Can we bribe you, to strip yourself down? Owen: Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Fish? Noah: Don't kill him, you clown! Izzy: No way, I can't strip him,  Owen will freak! Heather: And I'm allergic to uniforms. Zoey: Okay, that's just weak. Isabella: I made a vow that Noah's the only man for me! Zoey: Okay, so then I have to do it? Uh, hello!? Injury!? Ow! Izzy: If we're gonna find that clue... Heather: There's only one thing to do! Isabella: Force someone to strip him down! Isabella, Heather, and Izzy: And, sorry, Zoey, that's you! Zoey: Ow! Oh, wait! Dale: If we're gonna find that clue... Owen: There's only one thing to do! Dale: Force someone to strip him down! Dale and Owen: And Cameron, dude, that's you! Zoey: Heather! Look! It's Al! And I think he wants to strip! Heather: Poor honey! Quick, get out of those things. And that will help, I bet. Zoey: Yeah, we're gonna find that clue. Heather: We're doing what the Queen proposed! Zoey: Force someone to strip him down! 'Izzy, Isabella, and Zoey: Cause if we don't, we're hosed! Izzy: Totally ho-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-osed!

"Got it!" said Dale

"Got it!" said Heather

"Owen, Izzy lets go!" said Heather

"So Isabella, you really like Noah?" said Zoey

"Yeah, he's sarcastic, funny and cute."

"Good for you."

The four Attendees and Isabella drove off.

"How did they get a bus?" said Dale

Cameron shrugged

On the bus Isabella was giving the Attendees directions

"Turn left here. Now Right, Left Again, now straight ahead!" said Isabella

They were at the London Eye.

"So you're telling me the London Eye is just a ferris wheel?!" said Heather

"What did you think it was?" said Isabella

"Uh, an eyeball? Duh" said Heather

"That's patheic Heather. Hahaha!" said Isabella

"Wow, you don't act like a princess." said Heather

"Only the queen is perfect. I'm just waiting for her to move on into heaven so I can have a crack at England! Hahahahaha!" said Isabella


Heather: She would make a good Total Drama antagonist.

Isabella: I'm just trying to freak out Heather, I would love to see her take the Drop of Shame after messing up epically!

End of confessionals

"The London Eye is only open from 9AM to 5PM" said Heather as she read the sign.

"That's only three hours and if the boys can't find their way here then you guys are destined to win!" said Isabella

"I hate this show!" said Heather

Dale and Cameron walked in the direction of the bus.

"Man we need to get a bus of our own!" said Dale

"Or we could just walk!" said Cameron

"You really are lazy, arn't you bubble boy." said Dale

"You know what you're just like Jo! Evil, nasty, hates losing, and insults the heck out of me!" said Cameron

"You're digging you're grave son, because when Lightning started a rivalry with me, he ended up staying in Turkey so I'd stop right there!" said Dale

"Fine, jerk." said Cameron.

"Well I'm getting a bus!" said Dale

"And I'm going to walk the streets. Their's bus oil right there so they turned right here!" said Cameron

"I'm just going to get a bus! And find them first!" said Dale

A bus pulled up and Dale got on.

"Hey driver can you go to the location of Heather, Zoey, Owen, Izzy and the Princess of England" said Dale

"Sure after I capture and eliminate you!" said the black figure

"No, No, NOooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" said Dale

Dale started wrestling him. It was an all out fight. The bus crashed into a building. 

"Uh oh." said Dale and the black figure.

Police sirens could be heard.

"Put me in your sack and run away as fast as your legs can take you." said Dale

Dale was eliminated from the challenge when he was put in the burlap sack.

Cameron kept examining the streets for bus oil.

"They're at the........ London Eye!" said Cameron

In the confessional

Cameron: My brains are going to win this

End of confessional

Cameron started to walk towards the London Eye

The Attendees and Isabella were sleeping.

The black figure walked up on them. Zoey was put in the burlap sack along with Owen

"Fresh contestants" said the black figure

Izzy woke up and started fighting the black figure by sneaking up on him and punching him in the head.

"Who do you think you are?" said the black figure

"Izzy. The Crazy Girl!" screamed Izzy

Izzy kicked him in the crotch

"owwww!" said the black figure

"Wait a minute!" said Heather

"What?" said Isabella and Zoey

"His voice it sounds like..." Heather pulled off the suit

"ALEJANDRO!" said Zoey, Isabella, Owen, and Izzy!"

"Yes fine, you caught me are you happy?" said Alejandro

"But you were voted off first." said Heather

"And got hit by missles and was supposedly in the hospital!" screamed Zoey

"Zoey why are you getting so mad?" asked Alejandro

"Anyway, I never got hit and neither did Noah." said Alejandro

"Thank god." said Isabella

"Huh!" said the girls and Owen

"It was all just acting." said Alejandro

"Anyway, I threatned to sue the show, so Chris said me and another person could come terroize the contestants for the London challenge. And if we didn't get caught we could get back in the game. But I got caught. So i guess I'm not getting back in the game, IZZY!" said Alejandro.

"What's the matter with you Izzy?" said Heather

Heather and Alejandro started making out.

"Ewwwwwwwwwwww!" said the girls and Owen

Izzy and Owen started making out.

"EWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" said Zoey and Isabella

Cameron showed up. 

"Haha!" said Cameron

"I'm going to win the challenge." said Cameron

"You really think so?" said Zoey

Zoey kissed Cameron

Isabella got in a wheel.

"Yes! The Attendees win!" she screamed.

They all ended up back on the plane

"So Isabella has declared her winner." said Chris

"The Screaming Attendees!" said Chris

"Thank you isabella, you're mom is waiting for you!" said Chris

"Bye guys!" she said. 

"Do I have to leave?" said Isabella

"YES!" screamed Courtney

"Gosh Courtney calm down!" said Andre

Courtney pushed her out of the plane


"It's not like Cameron cares or anything, seeing how he lost the challenge for the Killer Pilots. Such a shame seeing how Cameron could've easily won." said Andre

"You and your cheating butt!" said Cameron

"Don't pick a fight you know you can't win." said Andre

"Heather was right!" said Cameron

"See even nerdling thinks you cheat" says Heather

"How is that possible? Heather is right don't go in the same sentence." said Duncan

"They really don't." said Kailey

"You're pretty with a broken leg!" said Duncan

"Uh, thanks Duncan." said Kailey

"KAILEY!" screamed Cameron

Cameron ran up and hugged her. 

She fell down.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" screamed kailey

"My leg." Kailey compalined.

"Wow, you really suck" said Andre

"Crap." said Cameron

"See you back in Toronto." said Andre

"Ok, other black figure dude, please reveal yourself so Zoey can be happy again." said Chris

"Could it really be.." said Zoey

"it be." said Chris

"Mike!" said Chris

"Ahhhhhhh!" screamed Zoey

Zoey and Mike started making out!


"Sorry." said Zoey

"But how did you sound so evil?" said Zoey

"I used a video thingy to sound like Mal." said Mike

"Ok Killer Pilots time to vote someone off!" said Chris

"Cameron, I'm not voting for you, and I'll try to get Kailey to vote with us too, ok?" said Cody

"THanks Cody, you're a real friend" said Cameron

"Hey that's what friends are for." said Cody

Chris played the Gilded Chris music.

"Ok cast your votes." said Chris

Cody whispered, "Kailey please, vote for Courtney." 

"Hey Kailey, vote for Cameron, so we can have a winning team!" said Courtney

"The votes have been cast. Not against




and Kailey." said Chris

Kailey moaned

"Why are you upset?!" said Chris

"Um, broken leg and someone else is being eliminated." said Kailey

"Real shame." said Alejandro and MIke

"Ok Alejandro and Mike, thank you for putting on a 5 star performance over the last two episodes but it's time for you to go!" said Chris

Heather and Zoey ran in and gave them one last kiss

"THAT IS IT!" said Chris

Chris angrily pushed Alejandro and Mike off the plane

"The last gilded Chris goes too..{Suspensful Music}

Courtney." said Chris



CHris pushed Cameron out of the plane

"Heather was righttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!" screamed Cameron as he fell

"Well if you like drama stay tuned before Heather kills me on Total Drama!" said Chris at a fast pace

"You're going to pay for this Chris!" screamed Heather

                                                                              Closing Credits

Next time on Total Drama, Will Kailey's leg affect her team?

Will Heather finally make her point?

And will Zoey keep it together?

"And how will the contestants fare in Japan?" 

Find out next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Earth

Future Episodes

12.18.24 - Aftermath Specials hosted by Geoff and Bridgette

11- The Mystery Continues. (One contestants discovery could change the game as we know it)

13- Super Sad Crazy Boring Time Japan!  (The contestants left have a flashback in Japan)

14- A Sandy Journey (The teams struggle in the most grueling challenge yet)

15- Welcome to the Jungle

16- Fire Fighter Merger. (The teams merge and a fight between two will change the game)

17-A Roman Holiday  (One contestant reconsiders being in the game)

19- An Indian Legend. (The remaining ten fight for survival in India)

20- Fiesta of Doom. (One contestant could win the biggest reward in Total Drama history and if they don't hustle it'll be too late.)

21- Chinese Make-Out. (Chinese flashback)

22- Thaireasure Hunt (Final six take a treasure hunt. One sabatoges the passengers as another tries to eliminate the biggest threat)

23- Opera Jumpers. (Final five face their fears of being on TV. Much to Chris's pleasure)

25- The Trivia Travel. (A race to Camp Pahkitew and a flashback of the Aftermath challenge.)

26- The Ninja Gumball Showdown (The finale is the most disgusting, and infuriating ever as the conflict of the finalists reaches a boiling point. Lovers are reunited in the quest to the $1,000,00)


Elimination is the process of how contestants are narrowed down. Every episode has them competing in a challenge and then the losing team votes someone off using the voting devices. The person with the most votes is eliminated and must take the Drop of Shame.

Elimination Table

# Contestant   1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 Team Merged?
TBA Orthadel WIN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN Screaming Attendees
TBA Andre WIN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN Screaming Attendees
TBA Annabeth WIN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN Screaming Attendees
TBA Duncan WIN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN WIN Screaming Attendees
16th Cameron IN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN IN OUT Killer Pilots
17th Emily IN LOW IN IN WIN IN IN IN OUT Killer Pilots NO
18th Lightning WIN WIN IN IN WIN IN IN OUT Screaming Attendees/Killer Pilots
19th Jerd WIN WIN WIN WIN IN WIN OUT Screaming Attendees
20th Jo IN LOW IN IN WIN OUT Killer Pilots
21st Scott WIN WIN WIN WIN OUT Screaming Attendees
22nd Gwen IN LOW IN OUT Killer Pilots
23rd Justin IN LOW OUT
24th Sierra IN OUT
25th Noah OUT
26th Alejandro OUT

Blue background means the contestant was on the winning team. SKy Blue background means the contestant won the challenge for his/her team. Maroon background means the contestant quit the game. Orange background means the contestant was one of the last people to recieve a gilded chris. Green background means the contestant didn't participate in the challenge. Red background means the contestant was voted out. Out and no color means left withoit being voted out or quit.

1- Episodes 6,12,18,and 24 are Aftermath Specials.

2- The reason Alejandro and Noah arn't tied for last is because Alejandro got 11 votes and Noah got 2.

3- Heather played her invincibilty statue. The only other vote was for Scott so he took the Drop of Shame.

Voting Log

The voting long only makes since if you read the story so read the story!

Screaming Attendee's

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8-No Vote 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Heather ANDRE
Orthadel HEATHER
Annabeth HEATHER

Killer Pilots

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Alejandro NOAH

Episode Boxes

The Dragon Race
Season 07 Episode 01
Air Date             June 28, 2013
Song Come Fly With Us
Food None
Location                                            Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jump out of Plane

Sew a Dragon your whole team can fit in

Race through the obstacle course to the finish line


Sewing Machine

A Night in First Class

Winner(s) Screaming Attendees
Eliminated Alejandro and Noah
Previous Episode None
Next Episode Slap Slap Sausage Reunion

Slap Slap Sausage Reunion

Season 07 Episode 02
Air Date             August 4, 2013
Song Eine Kleine
Food Pumpernickel Bread
Location                                            German Alps- Germany

Slap Dance Contest

Make a Sausage

Race down the hill

Rescue Owen


Meat Grinder 

A Night in First Class

Winner(s) Screaming Attendees
Eliminated Sierra
Previous Episode The Dragon Race
Next Episode The Brazlympics
The Brazlympics
Season 07 Episode 03
Air Date             August 26, 2013
Song Greek Mix
Food Misto
Location                                            Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Bear Hunt for Medal

Sock-et To Me

A Soccer Game


A Night in First Class

Winner(s) Screaming Attendees
Eliminated Justin
Previous Episode Slap Slap Sausage Reunion
Next Episode Horses of Mischief
Horses of Mischief
Season 07 Episode 04
Air Date             November 10, 2013
Song Boyfriend Kisser
Food Cow Meat
Location                                            Buenos Aires, Argentina

Eat Cow Meat

Horse Race


Choose Which Horse to use in Horse Race

A Night in First Class

Winner(s) Screaming Attendees
Eliminated Gwen
Previous Episode The Brazlympics
Next Episode Condor Day
Condor Day
Season 07 Episode 05
Air Date             November 15, 2013
Song Condor
Food Llama Stew
Location                                            Easter Island, Rapa Nui

Easter Island Egg Hunt

Return Eggs to Condor


Face Masks(Cancelled)

First to Return Eggs

A Night in First Class

Winner(s) Killer Pilots
Eliminated Scott
Previous Episode Horses of Mischief
Next Episode Return of the Aftermath


Episode 1

The song this episode is from Walk Like An Eygptian Part 1

Episode 2

This episode features the first classic location

The title of the episode is a refrence to the Total Drama World Tour epiosde Slap, Slap, Revolution

The song this episode is from Slap, Slap, Revolution

Episode 3

The title of the episode is a play on words of Brazil and Olympics

The song this episode is from Greece's Pieces

Episode 4

The song this episode is from The EX-Files

This is currently the shortest episode

Episode 5

This is the second episode to feature a classic location. The first being Slap, Slap, Sausage Reunion

The song this episode is from Rapa Phooey!

Episode 6

The song this episode is from Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters

This is the first time everyone in the Peanut Galley has appered since Total Drama Revenge of the Island (Except for Mike, Sam, and Lindsay)

Episode 7

The episode is based off the song Ice, Ice, Baby and the season 4 episode Ice, Ice, Baby.