Total Drama Revenge of the Action is Ivanornels's fan fiction of a sequel to TDROTI. It will have the same challenges as Total Drama Action but with a different cast. Meant for the same audience as the actual Total Drama series. Takes place between seasons 4 and 5 in the real series.


All 13 TDROTI contestants are returning this season and to make things even interesting, the 4 past antagonists are also joining the game: Alejandro, Courtney, Heather,Justin and Blaineley.

Episode 1: Lights, Camera, Revenge!

Chris: Ok so I had to fire A LOT of people so I couldn't come up with a totally original idea for the next season, so we're back to our good ol' abandoned film lot. 17 contestants will compete for $1,000,000 TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE ACTION! And our contestants should be arriving any minute now. (bus 1 arrives containing Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Scott, and Zoey).

Cameron: Hey Chris. Good to be back, I guess.

Jo: Yeah right, this show blows. But I've still got my eye on the prize.

Scott: Don't get ahead of yourself, she-warlock. The money's mine.

Zoey: No one's going to be dumb enough to let you get even near the finish this time.

Scott: Oh we'll see about that. Lightning, what's 3+3?

Lightning: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mike: Wow, that's something.

Cameron: So Mike, looks like you're normal now. No Vito, Svetlana, Chester, Manitoba?

Mike: Nope, just Mike!

Zoey: Yeah and now nothing will stop us from being together (hugs Mike).

Scott: Whatever. (bus 2 arrives containing Anne Maria, B, Brick, Dakota, Dawn, Sam, and Staci)

Jo and Zoey: (Jo at Brick, Zoey at Anne Maria) Oh no! Not you again!

Brick: What's the matter? Afraid of a little competition?

Jo: No because you're NOT competition.

Anne Maria: Well if it isn't goody two shoes. You stole my man, Vito.

Zoey: Vito wasn't even a real person. He was one of Mike's alternate personalities back when he had Multiple Personality Disorder.

Anne Maria: Wait, what?

Sam: Aww sweet, another season! This will be fun, right Dakota?

Dakota: Yeah especially since my daddy took care of my monster problem.

Sam: Either way you're the coolest girl I know.

Dakota: Thanks Sam. Oh and thanks B for taping Staci's mouth shut. I wouldn't have lasted the whole ride here.

B: No problem, neither would eye.

All: (GASP)

Cameron: So you do talk?

B: Yes, I do. I was just shy my first season, that's all.

Sam: Ok well glad you're talking now, B.

Zoey: Speaking of talking, I think you should have your robot take that tape off of Staci now.

B: Well, all right. (robot removes the tape)

Staci: Ow, that hurt.

Scott: Wow you spoke a not run-on sentence. I like you better already.

Staci: Did you know my great great grandfather's baseball coach-


Dawn: (to Staci privately) Staci, please don't keep talking about family stories that aren't true. Otherwise you won't last long.

Staci: Wait, how do you know not all of them are true?

Dawn: Well my instincts shockingly indicated that a few things you said before were true but I can tell you're lying.

Staci: Alright. Thanks Dawn.

Mike: So is this everyone?

Chris: Nope. The last bus should be here any minute

(on bus #3 with Chef, Alejandro, Courtney, Heather, and Justin)

Chef: I don't like any of you guys but I will enjoy seeing you guys suffer for another season.

Courtney: My lawyers will be after you Chef! This is kidnapping! They'll get me out of here.

Heather: What about us?

Justin: Yeah, I'm gonna be late for my Drama Brothers concert.

Courtney: I'll see what I can do but no promises.

Alejandro: So who are we up against?

Chef: The new guys from season 4.

Alejandro: Ok, I can work with that.

Heather: Whatever, I'm not staying.

Chef: I know you want that $1,000,000 after you missed out on getting the money on two seperate occassions.

Heather: You make a good point.

(bus #3 arrives and Alejandro, Courtney, Heather, and Justin step off; the other contestants direct their attention towards them)

Dawn: Alejandro!

Jo: Courtney!

Cameron: Heather!

Anne Maria: Hey, Justin baby.

Chris: Yep the villains from the first 3 seasons will be joining you in this season. It will definitely be fun.

Heather: Oh great, the film lot again. Talk about deja vu.

Courtney: Yeah, what's the matter Chris you don't have a decent budget so you have to recycle this season?

Chris: Shut up Courtney, no one cares what you have to say.

Alejandro: (privately to Courtney) He's wrong, I do.

Courtney: Thanks for having my back, Alejandro.

Chris: Alright so I'll give you guys a tour of the film lot I guess. (during the tour) I won't talk too long because you either were in this season before.

Justin: Yep, that's me.

Chris: Or you saw this season already.

Anne Maria: Nah, honestly you didn't get me watching until the 3rd season.

Alejandro: That was my first season.

Anne Maria: Yep, I definitely remember you.

Chris: So yeah there are your trailers, craft services tent, and the confessional. You guys know what to do.

(Confessional) Dakota: Being a monster made me realise that it's what the inside that counts, which is why I really like Sam and I'm glad we're together.

(Confessional) B: Yeah I guess I was a bit too laid back and not on my toes last time, which is why Scott got be eliminated. I assure you, that won't happen again.

(Confessional) Zoey: So glad to be back for another season. I made lots of friends my first time around and I hope to stick around a long time. I'm a bit nervous though about the older players in this game. They definitely are strong players that I have to watch out for.

(Confessional) Jo: I'm not scared of Alejandro or Heather or Courtney, most definitely not Justin. I can play the game just like they can and they'll go down!

(Confessional) Scott: I'm actually glad Alejandro's around cuz he's my type of player. Plus, he'll cause so much chaos and draw so much attention, people might forget about me and I'll just cruise my way to victory and take down Alejandro when I have to.

(Confessional) Heather: Good news is I'm not dealing with Gwen, Leshawna, Lindsay, Beth, and Sierra this time around. Instead it's a fresh cast that I dont find intimidating at all. Bad news is that Alejandro and Courtney are back too and I hate them both.

Chris: Any questions?

Courtney: Let me guess, a monster's gonna attack us in like 5 seconds. (Monster makes a noise) Wow I was right. You're so predictable, Chris.

Chris: Well at least I don't have to avoid being capture by that thing.

Dawn: Wait, our first challenge is to avoid that giant monster?

Cameron: That things is HUGE!

Brick: I'm not gonna pee myself, I'm not gonna pee myself.

Jo: Pathetic...

Chris: Yeah so get running! (The contestants disperse into groups)

Justin: (to Staci, Dawn, and Anne Maria) Hey ladies, how's it going?

Dawn: Oh nothing just running from a MONSTER!

Justin: Don't worry Danielle, I won't let anything happen to you.

Staci: Her name's Dawn.

Justin: oh sorry Dawn. Thanks Skylar.

Staci: It's Staci. (the monster appears and captures Staci and Justin)

Anne Maria: Wow that's scary.

Staci: Aww man, guess I lost the challenge.

Justin: At least you got me.

Staci: Meh...

(Confessional) Justin: All I get is a meh? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

(cuts to Lightning, Cameron, B, and Brick)

Lightning: This is easy, I'm not losing this.

Brick: Yep, just standard training.

Cameron: A little help?

B: I've got your back, Cameron (carries Cameron) (the monster appears and captures Lightning, Brick, and B but Cameron falls off of B and runs away)

Cameron: Phew, that was close. I probably should hide.

(cuts to Scott, Alejandro, and Courtney)

Scott: Howdy fellas, names Scott.

Courtney: Whatever, I'm trying to focus.

Alejandro: Nice to meet you Scott.

Scott: I just want to say that I admire your gameplay. Too bad you lost the money you won and got brutally hurt. You didn't deserve that.

Alejandro: Flattery will get you no where. (Scott, Alejandro, and Courtney get captured)

Courtney: Except captured. Way to go, Scott!

Scott: How was that MY fault?

(Confessional) Alejandro: Scott seems like an interesting person and I know he's a strong player. He could be useful.

(Confessional) Scott: Right off the bat Courtney drives me crazy! I'm sure I'm not the only one.

(cuts to Heather and Jo)

Heather: What's with your hair cut? And sweats? That's just sad.

Jo: I'm sure you don't want to lose another tooth, do you?

Heather: Woah, easy there tough guy.

Jo: I know you're not as dumb as Lightning so DO NOT CALL ME A GUY! (the monster starts gaining on Heather and Jo)

Heather: Oh crap! Not good.

Jo: Not my problem. (ditches Heather and Heather gets captured)

(Confessional) Heather: Jo's kind of cocky. She things she can talk to me like that and get away with it? Not likely.

(cuts to Mike, Zoey, Sam, and Dakota)

Zoey: And to think, Dakota was once as tall as that monster.

Dakota: Yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this but right now I wouldn't mind being a monster again.

Sam: Aww that would be so sick to see a monster fight on the first episode of the season!

Mike: You guys, look out! (Mike, Sam, Dakota, and Zoey get captured)

Chris: So we're down to Cameron, Anne Maria, Jo, and Dawn. Let's make this interesting (releases some bunnies)

Anne Maria: How much longer is this going to take?

Dawn: Until everyone else is captured. This wasn't meant to be easy. (bunnies appear)

Anne Maria: Aww they're so cute!

Dawn: Hello friends, how are you? (they shoot lasers at Anne Maria and Dawn; they run away)

(Confessional) Dawn: Chris, it's bad enough you made Camp Wawanakwa and all its wildlife toxic, but why do you have to bring them here? That's just cruel!

(cuts to Dawn and Anne Maria getting captured)

Dawn: That was a sick, Chris.

Chris: If by sick, you mean awesome.

Heather: Isn't everyone here except Jo?

Jo: What, I won the challenge! Yes! (the monster captures Jo) Hey, I already won!

Chris: No you didn't. (walks over to a trash can, knocks it down, and out comes Cameron in feedle position)

Jo: Dang it! I forgot about weak stuff, here!

Cameron: Is the monster gone?

Chris: Congratulations Cameron, you won the challenge! Your reward is a dinner that doesn't suck and the guys get first pick of the trailers.

Courtney: But they're both the same!

Chris: Nope. One's got air conditioner and bug repellant.

Cameron: I'll take the left one for the guys.

Chris: Wow, the girls lucked out. Cameron picked the wrong trailer.

Cameron: Hey, no fair! (guys are dissapointed but girls cheer)

Chris: Whatever. Alright, that's it for today. Get settled in (the contestants go into their trailers). 17 contestants in another cycle of Total Drama Action that is out for revenge! Find out what happens next time on Total Drama Revenge of the Action!

Episode 2: Contestants vs. Aliens

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Action, we welcomed back the 13 players from last season along with the ruthless Heather, the model Justin, the type A Courtney, and the nightmare Alejandro. I messed with them the same way I messed with the cast right off the bat last time we where here: having Chef chase them around in a monster costume. Jo thought she won the challenge but it turns out Cameron managed to be the real winner. The fun's just getting started. This time the challenge will be for real and the first player will be voted off. Find out what happens right here on Total.....Drama.....REVENGE OF THE ACTION!

(guys trailer, the next morning)

Cameron: That was some good Chinese food. I've never had it before and I wish I've known about it sooner.

Lightning: Ok that's fine then. If it was steak, I would be jealous.

Sam: Did you happen to save some for us?

Cameron: Yeah, but they were heavy (hands all the boys a fortune cookie). I opened mine already. It says that you have just avoided a big problem but another will soon come. That's about right.

Lightning: (opens his) What you lack in wisdom, you'll make up for in strength and determination. True that.

B: (opens his) You have a lot to say, share your thoughts with the world.

Sam: That's interesting because you used to not talk much. (opens his) There is more to life than video games. Well, there's my relationship with Dakota and this game, so I'll let you get away with that one, fortune writer!

Justin: (opens his) Beauty is skin deep. Been there, heard that.

Brick: (opens his) Never leave a man behind. No way! That's my code! that's amazing!

Scott: Notice how it didn't say "fashion is your calling"

Brick: Hey, that was uncalled for. Read yours, dream crusher.

Scott: (opens his) Beware of sharks in the water. Yeah, this would've been more useful last season, thank you very much!

Alejandro: Yeah, I feel you, especially when that shark is Heather. (opens his) Do not blink, for you may lose the person most important to you. Now what could that mean?

Mike: Beats me. Are you and Heather a couple?

Alejandro: She's devious and somewhat charming, but no. In all honesty, Courtney's more my type.

B: If your type is bossy and perfectionist.

Mike: I guess I'll read mine then. (opens his) There are more sides to you than you can imagine. Aw come on! That chapter's behind me?

Cameron: You shouldn't take fortune cookies too seriously.

Alejandro: Well in Chinese culture, such fortunes are believed to be 100% accurate.

Mike: Well, this is Canada. I'm sure the same rules don't apply.

(Confessional) Alejandro: I'm pretty sure some of them have a bit of an idea what I'm capable of, but at the same time this group doesn't seem like too much of a challenge. And I think I know where to start this season, with Mike, or should I say Vito or Chester? (laughs)

(Confessional) Mike: Alejandro kind of freaked me out with what he said about fortunes, but at the same time, I'm aware that I can't trust him. Scott was bad, but I think Alejandro's 10 times worse. I have to be careful.

(Confessional) Brick: Anyone else have a problem with my interest in fashion? ANYONE?! (begins to cry)

(cuts to craft services)

Anne Maria: I like this place a lot better than toxic island.

Courtney: Yeah, I'm glad I wasn't there. Well I was but before it was an environmental hazard.

Heather: I couldn't imagine it before last season, but Wawanakwa got crappier than it was to start with.

Dawn: I'll never forgive Chris for what he did to those animals.

Dakota: I know right, that was pretty messed up.

Sam: What was messed up?

Dakota: What happened to Wawanakwa with the being mutated. Just one of the many reasons I hate Chris, aside from making me do a bunch of horrible things as his intern.

Sam: If it was any consolation, you looked good in your intern clothes.

Dakota: Thanks Sam.

(Confessional) Staci: Dakota and Sam are such a cute couple. I wouldn't mind being on their team because they seem nice. Dawn too. Not to sure about Courtney and Heather, though.

Jo: Sup Brick, can't wait for the next challenge. Prepare to go down.

Brick: Oh we'll see about that.

Alejandro: I must say, I admire you both for being strong competitors and I'm glad I'll be able to compete with you guys this season.

Jo: You're not fooling anyone, Al! (Alejandro gets pissed) You won't have such an easy time this season.

Alejandro: Do NOT call me Al.

Lightning: Why not, Al?

Alejandro: JUST DON'T!

Cameron: Ok, fine Al (Alejandro looks at Cameron intimidatingly) EJANDRO! I called you Alejandro!

Chef: Really Chris? You're gonna make me wear that alien costume again? You're crazy. It's not gonna happen.

Chris: Fine, I thought you would enjoy shooting slime balls at contestants one more time.

Chef: That was really fun, especially when I shot Izzy....ok fine!

Chris: Alright you guys, it's Alien Challenge time! Follow me.

(in the Alien set, from TDA's episode 2)

Chris: So you'll start here, and you'll try to get alien eggs. I'll give you 5 GPS, first come first serve (Jo, Courtney, Cameron, Sam, and B get the GPS's). The first 2 players to meet me by the Awards Ceremony stage with their eggs will win immunity. Anyone without immunity could be voted off.

(Confessional) Heather: As long as both Courtney and Alejandro don't win immunity, I'll be happy. If either of them can be voted off first, that would just be fantastic.

(Confessional) Lightning: So basically I just need to take a ball-shaped thing into the endzone. I've done that tons of times before. Sha-easy!

(Confessional) Dawn: This is a really strange challenge, dealing with alien stuff. Something's not right....

(Confessional) Mike: It would be great if I won immunity, but if Zoey, Cameron, Dawn, or someone else that's nice wins immunity as well, that would be cool. I hope Scott doesn't win.

Courtney: Ok then, later losers.

Heather: What you're just going to leave without recruiting anyone?

Courtney: This isn't a team challenge. I'm on my own.

Alejandro: Fine, as you wish.

Courtney: On second thought, I wouldn't mind Alejandro coming along.

Alejandro: Awesome. Shall we?

Anne Maria: Hey wait up!

Scott: I'll go with you guys (Courtney, Alejandro, Anne Maria, and Scott depart)

Sam: Ok so Dakota and I are a team. Any other takers?

Staci: Me! Me! Me!

Sam: Ok Staci. Sure.

Justin: I'll go with you guys. You'll need me.

Sam: Doubtful but ok. (Sam, Justin, Dakota, and Staci depart)

Jo: Alright Seargant-

Brick: DON'T SAY IT!

Jo: Fine. Brick, Jock-Strap, and Heather, you're with me.

Heather: Wait, I don't have to help you if I don't want to.

Jo: You're either with me, or against me (intimidates Heather)

(Confessional) Heather: Well, I'm not Jo's biggest fan, but it would probably be better if I didn't get in her way. I'll just vote her off later.

Heather: Ok, I'm in.

Lightning: Alright Lightning Squad, let's do this.

Jo, Heather, and Brick: WE'RE NOT THE LIGHTNING SQUAD!

Lightning: Sha-come on! (Heather, Jo, Brick, and Lightning depart)

Cameron: Well Zoey, Mike, Dawn, B, it would be fun if we worked together on this challenge.

B: I agree.

Zoey: Me too.

Mike: Me three.

Dawn: Alright. We better get moving.

(Confessional) Cameron: It appears as if the 5 of us, along with Sam and Brick, are the good guys of this season. I mean Dakota, Staci, and Anne Maria aren't necessarily bad but they aren't the nicest people either. Still, I'm really happy with being friends with B, Dawn, Zoey, and Mike. If any of us win the challenge, that would be cool.

(Cameron, Dawn, Zoey, and Mike cross a bridge but part of it collapses before B gets across and Zoey is hanging on the edge. Below is a pit of slime)

Zoey: Mike! Help!

Mike: Don't worry Zoey, I'll help you!

Chef: (jumps out of the pit) Too bad you can't help yourself, Romeo! (shoots Mike and Zoey with his slime blaster and they both fall into the pit)

Chris: (over the intercom) Attention players! Just a reminder, you are out of the challenge when you get slimed. That means Zoey and Mike are out of the challenge.

Cameron: Oh no!

Dawn: It will be alright Cameron, right B? (Cameron and Dawn notice B left) B?

(Confessional) Dawn: It's not in B's aura to just leave us behind, but technically we left him behind when the bridge collapsed...oh well.

(Confessional) B: There was no point of me staying. I couldn't be of any help to them, and it's an INDIVIDUAL immunity challenge. So not all of us can win immunity. My priority is that I win immunity. Then, I'll make sure Cameron and Dawn and my friends stay safe.

B: (rewiring his GPS to more accurately depict the location of the eggs) Red wire connects to the yellow wire, and here we go! So I should go this way.....

(cuts to Jo, Brick, Lightning, and Heather)

Heather: Wait up! You guys!

Jo: Sorry high heels, you can't keep up that's your problem!

Lightning: Yeah, sha-sorry!

Brick: Hey, what about my code? Never leave a man, or in this case woman, behind!

Jo: Clearly Heather isn't from this planet. That, my friend, is called a loophole.

(Chef jumps out of nowhere)

Chef: Surprise! (shoots Lightning and it knocks him out)

Jo: See you later! (Jo runs away, leaving Brick and Heather behind and dodging Chef's shots)

Chef: You're next, Heather! I'm gonna enjoy this. (laughs as he shoots some slime, but Brick takes the shot)

Heather: Brick!

Brick: Just go! GO!

(Confessional) Brick: I'm all about teamwork. Heather's not the most desireable partner, but considering my other options were Jo and Lightning....

(Confessional) Heather: Brick may be ridiculous, but that was cool of him.

(cuts to Sam's group walking)

Justin: I remember last time, I was showered by a nice soothing slime that felt so good.

Dakota: Really? What brand was it?

Staci: I'm pretty sure my cousin's dogsitter is a slime expert.

Sam: You guys, as much as I think slime is a cool subject, we have to focus so we can win this challenge (Sam forgets to notice where he's going and he hits a red button that showers Sam, Staci, Justin, and Dakota with slime)

Justin: Yep! De ja vu!

Dakota: This is kinda nice!

Staci: Yeah, I guess...

Sam: What just happened?

(cuts to Alejandro, Courtney, Scott and Anne Maria)

Scott: We've been walking forever. Why does Courtney get to navigate?

Courtney: Because I got the GPS when Chris was handing them out. You snooze, you lose.

Anne Maria: Speaking of snooze, I'm getting kind of tired.

Alejandro: I'll carry you if you'd like.

Anne Maria: Sure thing.

Courtney: Don't get TOO comfortable (hears footsteps) Someone's coming!

Alejandro: Chef perhaps?

Scott: Oh great....

Chef: Alright, who wants some slime?

Alejandro: Ladies, please escape. Us men will hold him off?

Scott: Speak for yourself, I'm out of here (Chef shoots slime from his gun, Scott ducks, and it hits Anne Maria)

Alejandro: Fine, just go! (Courtney and Scott flee). Shall we?

Chef: Let's dance! (Alejandro and Chef do the waltz together) I didn't mean literally.

Alejandro: Sorry, my-

Chef: Distant relative that I don't know about nor I care to know about teaches dance at a high school. Yawn (shoots Alejandro).

(Confessional) Alejandro: How dare he cut Alejandro Burromuerto off!

(cuts to Courtney and Scott)

Courtney: Why are you still following me?

Scott: Because YOU have the GPS.

Courtney: Well get lost! (Courtney and Scott encounter Jo, Dawn, and Cameron)

Jo: Well, interesting to see you two make it far.

Cameron: So that means us 5 and B are the only ones left. We each have a 33.3% chance of winning immunity.

Dawn: We're not far off from the egg room (Courtney leads the way as they find the egg room and see B grab an egg)

B: Oh, hey guys!

Dawn: It's B!

Courtney: And he's in the lead! Out of my way! (pushes Cameron and Dawn out of the way and tries to get past Jo)

Jo: Hey, watch it sister! (Jo and Courtney get into a fight)

Scott: I love a good cat fight but you guys are more like wildebeasts and I like immunity even more! (Scott grabs his egg and Chef appears in the room and shoots Jo, Cameron, and Dawn with slime)

Courtney: You're not getting me (Courtney gets her egg and leaves without getting shot.

Chris: (on a hot air ballon) It's down to B, Scott, and Courtney! The first 2 to make it win immunity! And B's got a great lead but Scott is catching up.

B: (sees a golf cart) Ok let's try this (starts fixing it).

Scott: Dude, it's busted. (B continues the repairs) Ok then, suit yourself! (Scott runs ahead)

(Courtney catches up to B) B: Done. Fully operational.

Courtney: Hey, if you give me a ride, I'll help you vote off Scott.

B: Oh that sounds like a plan! Hop on! (B and Courtney ride the golf cart as Scott approaches the finish line. The remaining contestants are waiting there)

Scott: Almost there! (B and Courtney pass him) Hey, what the heck!

Courtney: Take that, Scott! (B and Courtney make it to the Awards Stage)

Chris: B and Courtney win immunity!

B: Yes!

Courtney: Booyah! (Hi fives B)

Chris: Alright everyone. You have a half hour to get washed off. You all smell NASTY!

Justin: No, we smell manly!

Lightning: Yeah, Lightning likes my slimy smell!

Chris: Whatever, after that you're all going to vote someone off other than B or Courtney.

B: (to Mike, Zoey, and Cameron) Vote Scott.

Cameron, Mike, and Zoey: Right. (Alejandro notices this)

(Confessional) Alejandro: I was a bit pressed for time but I found some interesting videos that will make for an even more interesting surprise elimination. All I have to do is hit SEND and everyone will see them. (evily laughs)

(Confessional) Scott: Hey, how come Alejandro can do an evil laugh without getting hurt? Not cool..... (does an evil laugh, and a light falls on Scott) Aww come on!

Chris: Chef, come on out!

Chef: I refuse!

Chris: Come on, for old time's sake?

Chef: Fine (Chef comes out with 16 awards and his famous dress from TDA and the contestants laugh) I hate you.

Chris: I love you too, buddy. Alright you guys, you know the drill. It's time to vote. You'll be using these voting devices. Just touch the icon of the player you want to vote off. Also, if you are safe, you get a Gilded Chris Award! Alright so the first players safe are B and Courtney.

Next is Brick and Jo.

Zoey and Cameron.

Dawn and Sam.

Dakota and Staci.

Lightning and Justin.

Anne Maria and Alejandro.

Surprisingly Heather, and the last player safe is.............................(camera zooms in on Mike and Scott)


Scott: Awesome! (Dawn, B, Cameron, Brick, and Zoey are shocked; Heather and Courtney glare at Scott)

Mike: You guys seriously voted me off over Scott?

Staci: Well, don't blame yourself. Blame your new evil personality, the Comedian.

Mike: The what?

(Confessional) Alejandro: I saw a fan made video of Mike where he has this new evil personality called the Comedian and it was really well done. Hard to tell it's fake, especially if you're a moron. I sent it and I managed to scrape enough votes to get rid of Mike. My job is to make sure the nice guys finish last. And Scott's too valuable to let go this early.

(Confessional) Scott: I must admit I'm kinda shocked I made it past the elimination, especially since it came down to me and Mike. But Alejandro worked his magic. (cries) This will be the start of something beautiful.

Cameron and B: Bye Mike!

Brick: (salutes) Farewell, soldier.

Zoey: I'll miss you.

Mike: I'll miss you too (Zoey and Mike almost kiss but Chef throws Mike into the lamosine right before they do).

Zoey: You suck! (kicks Chef in the knee)

Chef: Ow! Ow! That girl's got a leg.

Chris: Well that was a shocker. Find out what happens next time on Total.......Drama.......Revenge of the Action!

Episode 3: Take Two Soon

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the Action, the challenge was a crazy one, but the unlikeliest of allies B and Courtney amanged to secure immunity. Even more shocking was that Mike was the first person voted off, thanks to a big play on Alejandro's part. 16 players are left and things are sure to get even more interesting, so stay tuned for Total......Drama......REVENGE OF THE ACTION! 

(girl's trailer) 

Courtney: I know how it feels to miss someone when playing this game. 

Heather: I thought Duncan got farther than you every time you two played together. 

Courtney: Not him! My pets and my trophies. I bet they're lost without me. 

Zoey: Thanks guys. I feel a little better. 

Dawn: I know you'll make Mike proud. Just do your best, Zoey. 

(outside the boy's trailer) 

Alejandro: Come over here, everyone

(Jo, Lightning, Scott, and Justin approach Alejandro)

Lightning: Why are we meeting at 3 pm? 

Jo: It's 3:00 am, genius! 

Lightning: Then why is the sun not up? 

Scott: Moving on! Alejandro: So how would you like to form an alliance with me? We'll be unstoppable. 

Justin: I can see that, but why don't you want Heather in it? 

Alejandro: Yeah like I'm gonna trust her. 

Jo: Like you're any more trustwothy. 

Alejandro: Fine, consider my offer. But without my help, I can't see you guys getting too far... 

(Confessional) Alejandro: I don't need Heather interfering with my plans. With her out of the picture, I should have total control of the alliance. 

(Confessional) Jo: I appreciate the offer, but no one is in charge of me. If Alejandro expects me to be his 2nd in command, my command as NOT 2nd in command will be to vote pretty boy out! 

(Confessional) Lightning: Alliance, tralliance. Lightning's #1, he don't need anyone's help.

(Confessional) Justin: I wouldn't mind Jo, Scott, or Lightning in my alliance, but everyone's been forgetting about me since Alejandro joined Total Drama. I need him out of the picture.

Lightning: Come  on chef im agry

All say: where agry

Chef: silent sucker

Chris: players is time to have fun in a

Jo: yes what you try to say 

scott: realy where gonna play dogball

chris: yep

(Confessional)heather: yeah right chris and we play dogball jerk

chris: today say hello are new player name blaineley

all say: what

heather: what do you doing to her 

chris: a yep that worst problem when blaineley stuck to hawaille chef fine her now to be a classic camios ok

alejandro: what all night by morning 

chris: that right you all gonna hit each team with dogball and who win hit the team by 6h win and who gonna get accident loosing the challenge and they will go take the lame of shame

(confessional)jo: what im gonna hit heather and know buddy won't stop 

chris: ok team tiger and team wolf the start now 

dawn: what wrong zoey you just miss mike for he gone

zoey: i really miss him

justin: don't be sad one day will sea you

zoey: i sure

justin: yep no time to ask we have dogball to play ok

chris: so who will win the dogball contest right here and who will get lame car home right here on total....drama....revenge of the action 

courtney: atch my eye 

jo: hahaa got you block head 

(confessional)jo: you sea my muscle have strong things huh nothing

lightning: haha sha lightning i got you baby head 

cameron: no you don't got it

lightning: sha ahhh 

scott: will zoey you and me

zoey: atch my eye

chris: just like team tiger win 

all say: yes we win

chris: and team wolf just like you meating me the serimoning

all say: ah man

zoey: i hope anne lose

chris: all right then who going home and the golden chris status ech going to be to cameron,sam,dakota,courtney,blaineley. zoey you think mike miss you and anne maria you think vito is real not happen ok the last golden chris statue ech will be to zoey

anne maria: what you all nuts

chris: its time to send you home so by

anne maria: you heard me zoey mike is your vito real ok ok!!!

zoey: by

chris: will who going home and will win this and mike hosted aftermath like geoff and bridgette

zoey: i will sea mike please

chris: sure why note

zoey : yes

chris: and who win the team and who will fail there fight here on total....drama....revenge of the action 

episode 4 aftermath revenge of the show gone

(the aftermath song coming)

anne maria: i love this place better on that toxic island 

lightning: but why the sun not up

(girl trailer)

(aftermath song coming again)

(the people screaming)

mike: thank you thank you ok welcome to total dama revenge of the action im your host mike and this is my ex host zoey

zoey: that today we have cast on other last season please welcome. owen,duncan,harold,cody,sierra,noah,dj,beth,kadie,sadie,leshawna,lindsay,tyler,eva,trent,gwen,izzy and the host in aftermath name is bridgette and geoff.

mike: today we have are cast she have mucle butt meet present anne maria

(the people screaming heard)

zoey: tell ous the show what do you love justin he hot ou he not hot

anne maria: uhh

mike: lets tell owen

owen: i think justin hot good

zoey: good anser

anne maria: that the word i looking for thanks owen

mike: will is time for anne maria question award 

anne maria: what no i don't know that

zoey: ok anne maria we give you 3 anser ok

anne maria: ok im ready

zoey: if you win you c'a go home the million prize if you loose you are going to the game with chris

anne maria: ok

mike: the first question how cat c'a play with ?

anne maria: ball 

mike: a another quest what do you call for help to stop the fire

anne maria: fire truck

mike: the last quest who is the only host on total drama 

anne marie: chris mclean

zoey: cerect that now your going home you win 1000,0000 $

anne maria: yes my million

mike: will you see next time for another elimination right here on total drama revenge of the action

episode 5 eating gross food ever

chris: last time total drama to say ah word to are new player call blaineley and then ane maria and zoey take the lame o car only three going home but not all. who will puke right here on total....drama.....revenge of the action

(girl trailer)

courtney: ahh great im angry 

all say: we too

chef: silents sucker when i say chris come we mean we c'a eat ok

chris: hey players our you ready to eat*

all say: yes 

chris: yes today where gonna eat nasty food in last season

all say: what

(confessional)scott: where gonna eat food oh no yep when last season when that shark almost attack me when this time no more fang 

(confessional)blaineley: me no way food gross i have to try 

(confessional)heather: is no way im going to eat some nasty things like season 3 episode 20 in world tour oh no way im am going to win that 

chris: ok players will have 3 food challenge ok

all say: ok

chris: you team will eat chicken with garbage

all say: what

(confessional)heather: ahh no way i let alejandro win that jerk

(chef give the food in the plate to the team)

jo: hmmm that i love it

cameron: i don't feel good

all say: we too

(confessional)dakota: that worse not cool food

(dakota start puke in the camera)

chris: just like team tiger win 1 point

all say: yeah go team

chris: another this time you team will eat pizza with sushi

all say: yeah

alejandro: what can't be worst

chris: with hot sauce

all say: whatt

(confessional)heather: what oh no

cameron: hmmm that worse good

all say: yeah

heather: ahh this is so hot

chris: team wolf won

all say: and team tiger lost

(confessional)jo: that i will not going home

chris: only one last food ok who team win will have fun 

jo: ok

chris: and who team don't eat loose and 2 players going home tonight

heather: what i think you say 1 going home 

chris: ah no only 2 anyway you team will eat turtles soup with cake

all say: what

(confessional)justin: where going to eating turtles soup and  cake that is so nasty

cameron: hmmm that worse good

all say: yeah is tasting good

heather: come on brick you c'a do it

brick: i don't feel so will

chris: ohh just like team wolf win and team tiger you all going to the seremoning

all say: yeah

all say: uhhhhh

chris: alright is time to vote scott and lightning jo and heather you ladies think alejandro and brick are stupid 

heather: there so annoying

chris: and brick and alejandro you boys think jo and heather they evil

brick: ahh whatever just who going home

chris: ahh fine ok the last two golden chris statue etch is gonna be alejandro and brick

jo,heather: what noo

heather: for get away for what

chris: for do revenge i don't know you ladies really annoying me

jo: brick you are nothing when i going to your house i will smaking the face your neck

chris: chef c'a you bring theme in a lamo

chef: ok

heather: you heard me my plan will my revenge ok

jo,heather: ahhh

(jo and heather in the lamo get hit by chef)

chris: i will not miss theme ou will theme will who go smach the rupis explosive ever right here on total...drama....revenge of the action

 episode 6 worst beach day ever

chris: last time on total drama revenge of the action the teams have a great food challenge to are new cook by chef anyway dakota wont not to be sick because he famous and the team just puke with they nasty food ever anyway for that the the team wolf won and heather and jo take the lame o car who next try to get drowning now right here on total....drama....revenge of the action

(girl trailer)

scott: all great i really miss are leader jo,heather they gone and im happy

alejandro: yeah me too

brick: hmmm

(confessional)brick: really scott and alejandro miss they leaders forget that im the leader this action

sam: man this food good

chris: a teams is time get out to kitchin and grave your swimming to meet me in alie right

all say: what uhhh

chris: but you have 10h to get here before i releace the dauphin

dakota: the dauphin 

all say: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

(the intern put a box and open the couver)

all say: ahhhhhhhhh 2x

cortney: what wrong with you that thing almost attack us

chris: ahahaha no you all have eat milkshake hmmm team wolf just like you missing a player

lightning: sha ahhhh

chris: will this time you time have too blow the bales by 1000 minute ok and who team explode the bales win and who is not reach the finnish and blow the bales losing and they going to the lame o car tonight let the challenge begin

blaineley: alright this the rules one we do not the team wolf won

all say: yeah

b: ok blaineley what do we do

blaineley: ok cameron,sam,dakota go with cameron and courtney,dawn,justin,stacy and me we gonna hit the team tiger

brick: ok lightning,alejandro go with alejandro

alejandro: yes 

brick: me and scott

scott: what we gonna do 

(confessional)scott: oh no maybe they have shark like last seaon

fang: wack wack

scott: ahh maybe i have to say that

(confessional)scott: i have to shut my mouth ahh

alejandro: ahhh chris what is that mutant shark

chris: that shark name fang

blaineley: sea you now tigork

brick: come on team wolf lets do it

(confessional)lightning: sha wow that brick is the best leader and better on that nasty heather and jo

blaineley: sam leanch the cannon lets sea the tiger are back

lightning: sha drive that baby goal can't brocked

sam: i sea a the wolf faling on us

blaineley: fire sam

sam: ahhhhh

brick: fire scott 

scott: ahhhhhh

all say: ahhhhhhhhh

(confessional)brick: no the are not faille me

blaineley: sam i think you blow many the bales 

sam: ahh crap

(the bales blow the etch team boat)

cameron: ahhh my butt 

chris: i think the boat are exploding how cool

dakota: blaineley i think this worse herrible  when i sea

brick: go lightning

lightning: sha got it

chris: just team tiger

all say: yeahh

dakota: now we are loosing

all say: uhhhh

scott: yes we won

(confessional)blaineley: oh no next time the plan will get better

courtney: ahh my tooth this time i will go to the finale

chris: alright team wolf is time to voted blaineley,cameron,justin and b and sam you both know boat explode are dangereux and dakota and coutney you think blaineley is the worst leader

courtney: i don't gonna say that 

chris: ok the last two golden statue etch gonna be sam and b

courtney,dakota: what

courtney: what do you give the statue golden to stupid sam and b

dakota: why you

(dakota beating courtney to insulting her boyfriend)

dakota: im gonna take you smach you in a lame o boys go to the city

sam: by dakota

chris: will that worse fun will sea you next time to another challenge right here on total....drama.....revenge of the action episode 5 aftermath ll big challenge in studio (aftermath song)

chris: take them in the lamo car 

dakota: why you

courtney: why you give the statue to stupid sam and b

(girl trailer)

(aftermath song again)

(people screaming)

mike: thank you thank you. yo im mike the host and this is my x host zoey

zoey: this morning we have 4 ladies our elimination they names is dakota,heather,jo and evil girl is diva courtney

mike: this time they have to eat gross food in there nightmare

zoey: meet present heather(peoples screaming)


(peoples screaming)

zoey: jo

(peoples screaming)

mike: and finally courtney

(peoples screaming)

jo: wow this place is so cool

zoey: this time is to eat some food

dakota: what food

courtney: really

mike: this time what do you all eat win meet present our cooking is meg griffin

meg: that right you all will eat my nasty food in your mind

dakota: ah no way im am not eat some nasty food

mike: you will eat ou your fired

dakota: uhh

meg: you will eat my 3 food meaking

mike: alright ladies this is the rules one of you will eat meg making food if you eat 3 food you win

dakota: what is we lost

mike: ahh yeah if you ladies puke,fart and burp they going with other last next season

zoey: let the food begin

meg: you ladies will eat chicken with poop 

heather: hmm

jo: so good 

dakota: hmm so good


meg: courtney you out alright you ladies will eat another food is ice cream with pizza cheese

dakota: so good 

jo: yes so good im alright 

heather: wait a second why dakota bool so better 

dakota: the better is good

heather: and why courtney hiding chris statue 

jo: i have a better idea why dakota call his guys is cheading

dakota: how do you know that

heather: mike and zoey what you gonna do does crazy cheading

mike: yes what our you doing here courtney hiding chris statue and someone give dakota giving food with country

zoey: alright let changing the bool 

mike: dakota change bool with jo and stand to coneur if you please 

courtney: this is not cool

mike: alright 10 second 

zoey: ready set go

dakota: ahh my mouths 

jo: hmmm

heather: so good

mike: just like jo and heather

jo,heather: yeahhhh

zoey: ohh sorry dakota and just like you both lost the challenge

courtney,dakota: uhhhhh

mike: will sea you next time for another revenge right here on total.....drama.....revenge of the action

episode 6 party ever

chris: last time on total drama revenge of the action we all play boll explosion blaineley is the leader the team wolf only courtney say her leader is a loser just be evil only that daikota and courtney take the lamo car who is going to get celebrate with revenge right here on TOTAL....DRAMA.....revenge of the action

(girl trailer)

blaineley: ok team wolf this time we are not go home we are victorious 

b: so cfourtney and dakota are i mean only us we c'a 

scott: wow wow wow we are going to get action

(confessional)lightning: me oh no this lightning will not going home 

chris: players is time to celebrate 

b: what do we get in the party

chris: today we have many of president our in USA meet present barack obama, michelle obama,mitt romney and anne romney

all say: wow

(confessional)lightning: sha president

barack: today we are celebrate to you all sing

lightning: me and scott and alejandro. we are great singer my heart present

(lightning and scott and brick singing president song rap)

chris: not bad wow do you think the presidents

all the presidents say: nooo

scott: why you all say no

mitt romney: your song not rime

lightning: sha what

(confessional)scott: what are song make no sens way the go light head

(confessional)alejandro: yes nice going lightning

(confessional)lightning: sha what my song make rime

chris: who next

cameron: me and sam and b and dawn sing better

(cameron,sam,b,dawn the sing mitt romney style)

chris: not bad wow do you think mitt

mitt romney i beleave that was great in ded

all say: yes

(confessional) blaineley you sea my plan was so good and me

chris: ok 1 by 0 who next

brick: chris wait me and lightning will sing i wanna rock

(lightning and brick sing twisted sister song)

chris: so great president you think what

anne: so great

all say: yeahh

(confessional)lightning: wow you like me now

chris: ok 1,1 right only last song ok

lightning: me and alejandro will sing busting out of me

(lightning and alejandro sing nightmare)

chris: wow do you think 

obama: not cool

chris: just like team wolf win 

all say: yeahh

chris: and team tiger going to the seremoning ok teams come 

scott: me and lightning will singing i wish you think

chris: ok the statue are going to be cameron,sam,dawn,blaineley,tracy ok is time to voted for alejandro and lightning or brick ou scott is time lightning and alejandro you guys think your song is nightmare ever

lightning: a i don't think about that

chris: and brick and scott you guys think president song is suck

scott: ahh cool get over it

chris: ok and the final 2 status going to be lightning and alejandro

lightning,alejandro: what 

alejandro: oh no way you get over me and are new show

chris: have know chance wait this time you all going with cameron and b and dawn

cameron,dawn,b: what

(cameron speak in the lamo car): hey you can't do that im just a

(a lamo car driving): kidddd

chris: will that is so awesome right ok anyway who then will going home and who going to win prize right here on TOTAL......DRAMA........REVENGE OF THE ACTION

episode 7 godzilla rock

chris: last time on total drama revenge of the action new song and the president chose who going to win the trailer and then lightning and alejandro pick a song is terrible and this time alejandro and lightning and b and dawn and cameronj take the lame o shame only 5 players and who going to the lame o right here on TOTAL......DRAMA......REVENGE OF THE ACTION

(girl trailer)

blaineley: sam and tracy and justin we have 2 cast to take Down we are not going hoem

(confessional)blaineley: will i am a true leader hey that my job

scott: hmmmmm sandrich is good chef make more

brick: listen scott we are not going where going to take

(confessional)brick: me hah i don't take not a chance because scott is going home and me is not my plan say no

chris: player welcome to the challenge today we have 2 one off you will be like a team captune who win will going to the party with theme who loose they going to the lame o shame

blaineley: can you start the challenge number 1

chris: ok this time you players have to run and walk and reach the flag who a ticket to the party and this you will pick any weapon to take down the godzilla and fang

(confessional)scott: wow to take down fang i had to to need a weapon

(confessional)brick: oh really i am totally take it the show to me hahahahahahahah

chris: the challenge begin now

brick: will running is cool but scott i am take the to me and chris is going down

scott: hahaha what dude you can do that is mean where friend right

brick: sea you to the finish fear head hahahahahahah

(confessional)scott: what brick is going to take out the show to be host oh no brick had to stop i had to tell everybody

justin: ugh blaineley i think this is a right idea huh

blaneley: ugh yeah you can do it guys

sam: yes we can

scott: a guys

sam,tracy,justin,blaineley: yeah scott

scott: i think brick is going to be host when chris is going home

blaineley: that mean brick going to get a big trouble

brick: a preduseur yes i can be host when chris is going to night yeah is ahhhhhh

(brick get hit by a tree)

blaineley: really we got to stop him befor is to late

( the team blaineley in the finish line except brick)

( team blaineley won): yeeahhh

chris: the team blaineley win one final challenge and you won

(team blaineley they ready): where ready

chris: you team blaineley have 100 second to win

brick: im did it

chris: you for your own team your self

brick: scott you betray me ugh

chris: ready set go

blaineley: pick a gun

(sam and justin and tracy and scoot): we got it

(confessional)brick: wait a second scott betray me for now i am going for the night hahhaha

(godzilla roring)

blaineley: godzilla i think take you down*

(fang get kill by scott)

scott: ahhh that is never chase me again

chris: ok team blaineley won and the players go with the

all say: ugh

chris: team is time to go who get the golden chris statue etch is gonna be scott,sam,blaineley and tracy. justin you think the team beat up godzilla

brick: you are elimination chris

chris:me whatever do you need

brick: flashback chris is going home and take in the show

chris: but no defense is was a prank

brick: you prank why

chris: this time who hosting

brick: you

chris: that right and you are fired

brick: nooooooooooooooooo this is in over when i get hired again i am not happy about and i am going to be in this lame o

(brick get hit by a sine when the lame o drive)brick: ahhh my head

chris: will that is enouph for this situation off brick and who get lame o shame to go home right here on TOTAL....DRAMA......REVENGE OF THE ACTION

episode 8 Meet the ezekuel army

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