New cool season with all famous stars. Chris bought a new plane.

Theme Song

Intro music - From the ocean camera goes up the cliff and then down it to the airport where it goes into the plane bypassing Chris and Chef in the pilot cabin.

Dear Mum and Dad I'm doing fine - In first class Alejandro, Noah and Heather are talking.

You guys are on my mind - Alejandro is mad at Noah and throws him behind him

You asked me what I wanted to be - Noah flies over DJ who tries to raise a tiny dumbell but then lightning raises both of them

And now I think the answeer is plain to see. I wanna be famous - Noah brakes the airline and falls on a bench next to Ezekiel and Eva in loser class. Eva thinks that Noah is spying them and beats him down which makes him fall of the plane while Ezekiel looks at her frightened

I wanna live close to the sun - Outside the plane its seen how Noah falls. Duncan is holding Gwen with a hand not to fall while Gwen looks down and sees Cody smiling. Then Cody looks down too and sees Sierra smiling too.

Well, pack your bags cause I've already won - In the plane, in loser class Owen runs like an animal. Then Geoff kicks him and Owen crashes in the door to the kitchen.

Everything to prove nothing in my way - Owen breaks the door and enters the kitchen.

I'll get there one day - Mike and Zoey are kissing but when Owen enters the kitchen they look at him surprised

Cause I want to be famous - Owen runs over them passing the table.

Nah - na - na - na - na - na - na - na - na - na - Ann Maria doesn't like her meal and throws it into Chef's face

I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous - Everyone runs to the elimination ceremony

Whistle's theme - When they arrive they see Gwen and Duncan about to kiss but Chris throws a barfbag at Gwen and she falls. Everyone then laughs.


  • Cody
  • Mike
  • Sierra
  • Gwen
  • Owen
  • Heather
  • Noah
  • Zoey
  • Anne Maria
  • Duncan
  • Geoff
  • Lightning
  • DJ
  • Eva

Episode 1


Chris: Welcome to the Toronto Airport and to the Total Drama Revenge
of the World! Here are the contestants:

Lightning: Sha - bam. I'm gonna roll this game!

Scott: Yeah, hello!

Eva: *Throws package on Scott's foot - Hi!

Mike: Hi, from me too!

DJ: I'm not gonna hurt any animals! I think!

Alejandro: Uhhhhh.

Chris: OK! You are the Boomers! Next ones!

Cody: Hi, everyone! I hope Gwen is on my team!

Gwen: No way!

Sierra: *Hoping on Cody - Cody! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Cody: Nooooooo!

Noah: Yeah, whatever!

Heather: Hi! If Alejandro is in this season I'll hop out of the plane!

Chris: OK! You are the guardians!

Anne Maria: Here I come Vito!

Mike: *turning into Vito - Hi, dear!

Zoey: No way! Mike is mine!

Duncan: ...

Geoff: Hey, Bridgette! I hope you see me!

Owen: Hi guys!

Chris: Ok, you are the Partners! Lets go in the plane!

Chris shows the contestants the plane: cafeteria, first class, loser class, toilet and elimination room. Everyone goes to first class. After three hours:

Chris: Everyone come to the entrance of the plane!

Everyone comes to the entrance:

Chris: We are near to our first destiation. Everyone hop from here:

Chris points the entrance. Everyone except Owen jumps.

Owen: * crying while Chef throws him off the plane - Nooooooooooooo!

Everyone falls down. Chris comes with a jet pack:

first challenge

Chris: Russia! As you see you fell on a thick ice zone. Here will be your first challenge - every team choses one contestant. Then everyone chosen "skates" and the last standing wins 1 point for his team. The winner team has a bonus in the next challenge.

First were Alejanro, Owen and Noah. Owen ran towards Noah and Alejandro. Noah hoped over Owen and Owen crushed into Alejandro. They both fell:

Chris: One point for the Guardians!

Next were Cody, Zoey and Mike. Cody fell in the begining and Mike turned into Svetlana and after a long battle fell too. Zoey was the winner:

Chris: One point for the Partners!

Next were Gwen, Duncan and Eva. When they saw Eva they ran away:

Chris: One point for the Boomers!

Next were Heather, Lightning and Geoff. Lightning caught Geoff and threw him. Then he caught Heather and did the same thing. Lightning was the winner:

Chris: Second point for the Boomers!

Last were Sierra, Anne Maria and DJ. Anne Maria defeated DJ in a few moves, but then Sierra hoped on her. They both fell:

Chris: No winner! And thats why the Boomers win a sled with deers and sausages! Losers win a sled with one of their contestants and sausages! The first who reaches Madrid with the sled wins first class ride to our next destination! And ... START!

second challenge

Everyone hoped into their sleds. The Boomers started imideatly! The Guardians chose Sierra with Cody shouting at her. They started second! The partners chose Owen, but he didn't do anything thouh. And in a time:

Owen: Ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

And the partners begin too (two minutes later), but still overhead the Boomers's sled. Not so good it crashes into the Guardians's sled making both teams unable to finish before the Boomers so they both lost the challenge.

In plane

Chris: OK. This was going to be an elimination challenge, but however the Guardians and Partners both lost  I will make it a reward one.

Lightning: So we get rewards!

Chris: Not exactly. You choose wich of your teammates will you choose and trade it for another.

Alejandro: We choose to trade Eva with Noah!

Noah, Eva, Lightning, DJ and Mike: WHAT!!!

Alejandro (Shushes to Lightning): I have an idea! And it inclueds Noah!

Eva: I will kill you I will ...

Chef grabs Eva - Eva: because of you now I'm not gonna sleep in first class.

Alejandro (looks evily at Noah) : And you Noah ...

Noah: Uhhhhhh ...

Chris: Will we see what Partners and Guardians can do? Will we know why does Al want Noah in his team? Find out in the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE WORLD!

Episode 2

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge Of The World: fifteen of the most famous TD contestants ever. In Russia our contestants were skating and racing with sleds. In the end the Boomers won the challenge and Noah and Eva swapped teams. Who will be eliminated first and will Eva revenge on Al? Find out this episode of TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE OF THE WORLD!

In first class:

Mike (sitting next to DJ and two sergeants massaging them) : That's life!

DJ: You right!

Lightning: There is even a gym!

Noah is drinking a juice and someone drags him into a dark room:

Noah: Alejandro, what are you doing?

Alejandro: Noah, do you know why did I trade Eva for you?

- Actually no. Why?

- Because I want to be a spy.

- WHAT!?

- You will spy and fool the other contestants until you aren't more useful.

- And what if I refuse?

- Than you aren't useful anymore.

Lightning coming to them: Shabam! I knew you two are thinking somethin'!

Alejandro: Oh, now he knows! Ok, Lightning if you don't tell the other contestants what we're planning we'll make an aliance.

- Ok.

Noah: Ok.

Alejandro: Ok, now Noah will go in the airway and spy the contestants in loser class.

Noah: Ok, I quess thats to be a spy.

Alejandro: I'm givin' you a waki - toki.

Noah goes into airlines and goes to loser class. Eva is yelling at everyone:

Chris is gonna pay for this! And you... YOU ARE THE MOST STUPID TEAM IV'E EVER HAD!

Gwen CONF: I thought we were lucky to have Eva on our team... but now...

Noah: Hmmm... thats interesting. (speaks on waki - toki ) Alejandro, Eva is angry to the other contestants...

Alejandro: Hmm see what are doing the Partners.

Noah craws to the Partner's seats:

Geoff: Hey Owen, Duncan do you want to make an aliance and go to the final three?

Duncan: OK, but you promise you'll vote off Courtney when you have a chance!

Owen and Geoff: OK!

Noah: Interesting...

Noah craws back to first class.

Chris: I have good and bad news.

Noah: Oh, tell us the bad news first...

Chris: OK. The bad news is we're crashlanding...

Owen: And the good news is...

- I bought a coffe machine!

Noah: Wow, so good news.

Everyone except Mike who is in the toilet: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah...

Mike (goes out of toilet) : What is going on?

Noah: Nothing so unexcpactuble - we're crashlanding!

Geoff: And Chris bought a coffe machine!

Everyone except Owen: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Owen: Hey Chris, does it make coffe?

Gwen: Crashing doesn't make coffe ,Owen!

Owen: I know - I'm talking about the coffe machine!

Heather: Is the coffe machine really neccesary now?

Sierra: I'll dye with Cody! Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Cody: Oh no! If I will dye I want to say Gwen I love her!

Gwen and Sierra: WHAT?!

Gwen CONF: OK I don't know if its good to be in the CONF when we're crashiong but WHAT?!


The plane crashes in the Amazons:

Chris: Is everyone OK?

Alejandro: As if you care.

Chris: You're right - I don't. But I need to know is someone injured?

Gwen: Everyone is OK.

Chris: OK so since we're in the Amazons we'll start a challenge - First team who comes to Rio de Janeiro wins invensability and last - elimination ceremony. One, two, three... START!

They start and Noah comes closely to Geoff:

Noah: Hey Geoff did you know that Owen wants to eliminate you!

Geoff: It isn't true! I know it because we made an alliance!

- Maybe he is trying to vote you off withoat a risk he to be eliminated!

Geoff: You're right! I have to do somethin'! Thanks Noah! Noah!

Noah is gone and Geoff finds out he is lost:

Geoff: Hello! Noah! Someone!

Noah talks to Alejandro:

- And I tricked him so he lost himself! Now we will surely win!

- Yes!

Team Guardians is running:

Eva: Faster you ugly jerks!

Gwen: What?!

Everyone: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Gwen: OK.This isn't the right path! We have to go this way!

Eva: NO! That way!

Gwen: Who believes me?

Heather and Cody show their hands and follow her:

Cody CONF: I love Gwen so I'll do anything she wants even when Eva"s path is the right one!

Eva: Ok. Then Sierra will go with me!

Gwen: Right!

Eva: Right!

Partners are searching for Geoff:

Owen: Geoff! Where are you?

They finaly find Geoff and go straight to Rio De Janeiro. Meanwhile in the jungle:

Heather: I'm tired! Are you trying to kill us!

Gwen sees the finish line:

Chris: Hey, Gwen your teammates and the winners - the Boomers are here! If you, Cody and Heather cross the line before the Partners your team won't have an elimination today!

Gwen and the others try everyhing they can but the Partners cross the line! As they finish:

Eva: You are creepy, ugly and freaky frogs! Right, Sierra?

Sierra: Not exactly! Cody is a...

Eva: You're a creepy frog too Sierra!

Elimination Ceremony

Everyone looks mad at Eva as she enters the room:

Chris: OK. We have all the votes and the first three barfbags go to:




And the final marshmellow goes to...

Gwen! Eva you're the first to be eliminated for the season!

Chris gives Eva a parachoote:

Eva: Ughhhhhhhhhhhh... You are the creepiest, wor...

Everyone throws their barfbags to her wich makes her fall off the plane.

Chris: That was brutal! Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Total Drama Revenge of the World!

Episode 3

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Revenge of the World: Alejandro, Noah and Lightning made a secret alliance. Noah spied the other contestants in loser class. In the amazons team Guardians had a hard time and lost the challenge! Because of her words Eva was the first to be eliminated! Who will follow her? Find out on Total Drama Revenge of the world!

In plane

In first class while DJ and Mike are playing bowling and Lightning eats proteins Alejandro and Noah are talking at the mini bar:

Alejandro: So, Geoff, Owen and Duncan are making an alliance and Cody is still afraid from bombs?

Noah: Yes!

Alejandro: Perfect, now you won't have to spy them today!

In loser class Anne Maria is making her hair, Zoey is talking with Sierra how handsome is Mike. Heather is saying to Gwen and Cody a new strategy for the team.

Chris: We're landing at Greece! Go out and look how beatiful are Greece's airports before we start the challenge!


Everyone does. Everyone except Mike and Zoey, who were watching how the planes are landing goes to the snack bar:

Lightning: I want proteins!

Owen: Give me everything you got!

Noah: For me a juice.

Alejandro: For me too.

Anne Maria: Do you have hair gell?

The snack bar closes fast!

Meanwhile Mike and Zoey:

Mike: Look at that bunny. It's like you.

Zoey: Thank you, Mike! I love you!

Mike: me too.


Chris: Every contestant to come we're starting the challenge! Ok. I choose Lightning, Owen and Sierra to mount up that hill. When you reach the top choose another player from your team that will get a sled and go down to the other teammate that will ride a bike to the next one, who will walk on a rope. First team to complete the challenge wins a ride in first class and the last one an elimination ceremony! One, two, three... START!!

Owen tries to climb up but falls on Sierra while Lightning is climbing up. Lightning makes it to the top and chooses DJ. Soon Sierra makes it to the top and of course chooses Gwen. Then Owen makes it and chooses Zoey. DJ and Gwen already sled down but DJ hits a tree and Gwen and Zoey cross by. Gwen makes it and chooses Cody.

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