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After Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Chris pitched an idea to the producers: 14 of the best competitors going against each other. The producers agreed, but the expected amount of time to film it would take 6 months. Chris, baffled, realized that he needed to film another shorter season to make the viewers still interested. He pulled some strings and got eight of the cast members from Season 4 back, along with one new face. He also got the island back and made sure everything is ready for the major twist this season will have...

Get ready for Total Drama Revenge!


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Chapter 1. An Archery Contest

“Hello faithful viewers! Welcome to the fifth season of Total Drama! We have a great show, complete with eight of your favorite competitors from last season plus one new face!” Chris announces to the camera. “The eight former contestants are: B, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam and Zoey!”

The eight competitors arrive on the island, one by one.

“Yes! I’m on Level 23!” Sam cheers, still stuck on his game player.

Brick stands stiff and gives a salute to Chris.

Mike, in his Chester persona, walks by and says something, making Zoey giggle.

“I see you’re all the sorry bunch of losers you were last season.” Jo remarks.

“Sha-shut up!” Lightning protests as B walks by, fiddling with a remote.

Cameron walks to Chris and says “Where is Scott?”

“Scott…is…well…still hospitalized.” Chris explains.

“Yes!” everyone except B cheers.

“However, we do have one new face...everyone welcome Lily!” Chris introduces.

A blond girl arrives on the scene, with a daisy in her hair and blue eyes.

“Hello everybody! I am so happy to be on the island and to get to meet all of you!” she smiles.

Cameron extends a hand and she shakes it warmly. “Welcome to the island!” he smiles.

“OK. Time for the teams! On the Screaming Snakes are Jo, Lightning, Zoey, Lily and Cameron. On the Killer Koalas are B, Brick, Mike and Sam.” Chris explains.

“Why does Mike have to be on a different team?” Zoey objects.

“It’s more fun this way!” Chris giggles. “Now, follow me to the place where the first challenge will take place.”

The nine competitors follow Chris to a part of the woods where there are a few trees. A target for arrows is in the middle of the clearing.

“Is this an archery challenge?” Lily asks, shaking unnoticeably.


Chris answers before passing one bow and arrow to each person. “Each person will get a chance to hit the target, except for a volunteer on the Killer Koalas who wants to go twice.”

The members of the Killer Koalas look at each other until Mike raises his hand.

Mike: (Confessional) I’m good at archery…partly because I have a new personality called Robin, who is good at archery.

Mike gets a second arrow.

“OK. The team that gets the most bulls-eyes will win and the team that gets the least will lose.” Chris explains. “First up, the Screaming Snakes!”

Cameron goes first and shoots his arrow. It misses the target considerably.

“Sorry…” Cameron apologizes.

Jo follows him, shooting her arrow and it lands directly on the target. “Bulls-eye! Beat that, Killer Koalas!”

Lily follows her. She hesitates and then says “I can’t do it…I don’t believe in violence.”

Lily: (Confessional) War is horrible and anything that can and was used as a war weapon I can’t use.

“Oh come on!” Jo cries, but smiles a little.

Jo: (Confessional) It’s a good thing Lily is new. I can use her as an alliance member and win this competition! Thanks to her not shooting the arrow, I can convince her join my alliance with (maybe Lightning) and me to save her butt!

Lightning follows and shoots the arrow and it hits the target. “Take that!” Lightning smirks.

Zoey is last and she looks uncomfortable before aiming her arrow and letting it go.

Zoey: (Confessional) I just needed to summon psycho-Zoey and I was going to get it.

The arrow hits the target and her team cheers.

“That’s 3/5 points for the Screaming Snakes. The Killer Koalas have to beat that score to win!” Chris explains as B steps up.

B lets the arrow lose from the bow and it hits the target.

B: (Confessional) (Smiles and shrugs)

Brick follows. “Sirs, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.” he says to his team before letting the arrow loose. It hits the target.

Cameron and Lily exchange glances, both scared of what will happen next.

Mike steps up and frowns, trying to summon his new personality.

“What are you waiting for?” Jo asks impatiently. “It’s not like the arrows will hit the target themselves! Hurry up, Robin Hood!”

Mike: (Confessional) I switch to Robin is someone says Robin Hood.

Mike gasps and looks at the arrows in his hands. “Arrows?” he says in a British accent, before looking at the target.

“Ah! Stand back men, I can easily hit the target!” Mike/Robin instructs. He squints and puts the arrow back into the bow before letting it loose. The arrow hits the target. Before Chris can remove it, Mike/Robin lets the other arrow loose and it cuts through the first.

“Wow!” everyone, but B, says.

Mike/Robin smiles. “That’s how to do it mate!” he tells everyone.

“Sam doesn’t need to go because the Killer Koalas have won!” Chris explains.

Mike breathes in deeply before saying “We won! Yes!”

B, Brick and Sam crowd around Mike, congratulating him while the Screaming Snakes look at a very scared Cameron and Lily.

In the cabins, Jo and Lily await the elimination ceremony.

“Lily, how would you like to stay in the game longer?” Jo asks.

“I would love that a lot!” Lily answers earnestly.

“Join my alliance and I’ll make sure Cameron leaves instead of you.” Jo explains, letting Lily go stiff.

Lily: (Confessional) I want to stay in the game a little longer…but do I really want to be in an alliance with Jo, who is almost as bad as Scott? I don’t know…I guess I have to…

“O-OK…” Lily stammers and Jo smiles. “Good. Vote off Cameron tonight.”

Jo then leaves and sees Lightning running. She jogs to him. “Hey!”

“Sha-what do you want?” Lightning asks angrily.

“I want to give you a chance to get to the final two with me again! I know that you already won…but wouldn’t you like to win again?” Jo asks.

“Sha-why are you asking me? You hate me!” Lightning questions.

“I’m asking you because I feel that we should let bygones by bygones.” Jo lies.

Lightning thinks a bit.

Lightning: (Confessional) Jo is a little bit…tricky…but I sha-so wanna win again. If Jo tries to double-cross the sha-Lightning, then I can just get rid of her.

“OK.” Lightning agrees. “Who are we voting for tonight?”

“Cameron!” Jo tells him and Lightning agrees.

At the elimination ceremony, the five members of Team Screaming Snakes await the verdict.

Chris has five marshmallows, one being the marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. “The first marshmallow goes to…Zoey.”

Zoey catches her marshmallow.

“Jo and Lightning, you are also safe.” Chris continues passing the marshmallows to them.

Jo smiles evilly and Lightning chews his marshmallow happily.

“The marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom goes to…” Chris begins.

Lily and Cameron look nervously at each other.


…Cameron. Bye Cameron!” Chris finishes.

Cameron gets up and waves goodbye to Zoey and Lily.

“Good luck Zoey.” he says.

Zoey waves back.

Cameron gets on the Hurl of Shame.

“Any last words?” Chris asks.

“No, not really, except good lu-” Cameron begins before the Hurl of Shame whisks him away.

“That’s eight competitors left! Tune in next time!” Chris says.

The scene suddenly switches to the night and a scream that sounds like Chris’ echoes among the trees.

Jo and Lightning both get up and run outside.

Jo: (Confessional) It’s a reflex. I hear a scream and I see what happened.

Lightning: (Confessional) Sha-Lightning wanna win the million. In order for that to happen, the host needs to live.

Jo and Lightning meet in the woods and both gasp.

A limp less body lies on the ground. It is Chris.

Jo bends down and tries to feel a pulse.

“It’s a joke right?” Lightning asks.

Jo shrugs, but doesn’t feel a pulse.

“He…he’s dead.” Jo answers. “It could be a joke. Let’s check the cabins that the interns and Chef use.”

Jo and Lightning arrive at the cabins and open the doors.

No one is inside the cabins.

“Hello?” Jo asks but no one answers. “McLean! This is not funny!” she shouts.

Lightning, scared, runs to her and says “What do we do?’

“No one should know about this, because this means one thing: We own the island now. The million is somewhere here and we need to find it.” Jo explains. “We will tell everyone that Chris left us in charge. We’ll make them do their stupid challenges and eliminations, but only so we can find the million bucks without them snooping. Now, let’s get the body somewhere where no one can see it…like in the office.”

Jo: (Confessional) Chris’s death doesn’t matter to me. It’s the million bucks I need. Without Chris, this makes it a little bit easier.

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Chapter 2. A Carrot For Your Thoughts?

The campers wake up, everyone but Jo and Lightning in their cabins.

Lily sits up and rubs her eyes. “I thought Chris would wake us up with a loud noise or something, didn’t you?” she asks Zoey.

Zoey nods. “That’s how it was last season…but where is Chris?”

In the Killer Koala’s cabin, Mike wakes up and looks around. “Where is Chris?”

Brick about to go running, shrugs. “I don’t know solider.”

B and Sam also shrug.

A voice suddenly blares over the loudspeaker. It’s Jo’s voice and she says “All campers report to the mess hall, I have news for you.”

The six campers, Jo and Lighting absent, walk to the mess hall and sit down.

“Where’s Chris?” Lily asks as Jo and Lightning stand in front of the campers.

“Chris has left the island.” Jo explains and everyone gasps.

Lily: (Confessional) Chris has done something like this before…why I am surprised?

Zoey: (Confessional) How are we going to get off the island?

“Chris left Lightning and I in charge of you losers and said that he would be back soon. He gave orders that there are no more teams and the challenges would be more chore-like.” Jo continued.

“No more teams?” Sam asks, the news shocking enough to make him lift his head from his game player.

Lily: (Confessional) Well, that was easy. I made the merge.

“Today’s challenge is to make the best food for Lightning and I. The best dish will win invincibility and the worst will cause the chef to be eliminated automatically. Lightning and I are no longer in the competition, so we will judge the dishes.” Jo finishes. “Everything you need is in the kitchen! Go!”

Lily: (Confessional) Something’s fishy.

B: (Confessional) (Sniffs the air)

“Want to pair up?” Zoey asks Mike.

Mike smiles and kisses her on the forehead. “I though you’d never ask.”

They open the cupboard and Mike grabs lettuce. “Can you make a salad?” he asks Zoey.

Sam looks confusedly at the ingredients he picked and then looks at his Game Player.

Sam: (Confessional) I’ve played Cooking Mama before, so this could be a cinch.

Sam presses something on his device and grabs some dough.

Brick marches around with his load and plops it on the table and then looks around for a bowl.

Lily joins him with a bowl. “Can I help?” she asks.

Brick nods. “Ma’am, you make some pasta and I’ll make a fruit salad.”

Zoey chops her radishes and puts them in the bowl while Mike takes some lettuce and adds it to his sandwich.

B looks at his food and thinks about it and shrugs.

B: (Confessional) (shows a picture of a chef and shakes his head)

B puts some anchovies in a bowl and then some rice.

“Hurry up losers!” Jo cries.

Lily looks at Jo’s head peeking in and tries to smile to her, but it is not returned.

Lily: (Confessional) Jo just abandoned me after the merge…something’s wrong.

Lily walks outside and says to Jo “Is everything all right? I thought we were in an alliance?”

“Sha-what?” Lightning gasps.

Jo shushes him and pets Lily on the back. “We are, but Chris left us in charge. He might eliminate you if I help you with the challenge, right?”

Lily hesitates before shaking her head.

Lily: (Confessional) Jo’s up to something.

Soon enough, everyone has completed their dishes.

“OK, first up, Zoey.” Jo nods.

Zoey puts her salad on the table and Jo and Lightning each take a bite. “Good.” they say.

Sam follows and presents his cake. Jo and Lightning take a bite before spitting them out.

“Sha-horrible!” Lightning cries.

Sam looks at Jo, who nods and says “Yup.”

Sam: (Confessional) I guess you actually have to learn how to make food instead of just copying what you see from games.

Mike puts his lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwich in front of the judges and, after a bite, they give a thumbs-up.

Mike and Zoey smile at each other.

Lily presents her spaghetti with sausage and salt.

Jo eats a bit and so does Lightning before they say “Excellent.” Jo winks at Lily, who smiles.

Jo: (Confessional) Lily will soon go, but I need to make her feel like I really care.

Brick presents his fruit salad and a protein drink, which goes along well with the judges.

B is last and gives them his bowl.

“What is this?” Jo asks disgustedly.

B shrugs and the judges take a bite.

Jo chokes and Lightning spits out the food.

Lily runs and helps Jo get the food out. Once that is done, Jo frowns at B. “Possibly worse than Sam’s!” she cries.

B looks sad.

“OK, the best dish was…” Jo begins. “…Lily’s!”

Lily smiles and Zoey, Brick and Mike clap her on the back.

Lily: (Confessional) It’s so great to feel needed.

“Brick’s was the sha-next greatest.” Lightning says.

Brick grins and salutes.

“Zoey and Mike’s dishes were also good.” Jo continues.

Zoey and Mike hug.

Sam and B look at each other nervously.

“The worst dish was…” Jo starts.


…B’s. He takes the Hurl of Shame tonight!”

B looks at everyone and some people wave. The scene switches to the Hurl of Shame.

“Can’t you say one thing before you leave?” asks Lily.

B takes a deep breath and says “I-”

Jo lets the Hurl of Shame whisk him away into the sky.

“Come on!” Sam objects, but Jo ignores him.

“Well, that’s five left!” Jo finishes. “Now go to bed!”

Mike: (Confessional) I hope Chris shows up soon. Jo kind of scares me.

In the night, Jo and Lightning meets up in Chris’s office.

“Where’s the money?” Jo asks, digging through old files and opening drawers.

Lightning suddenly opens a drawer and finds a map. “Sha-a map!” he whispers.

Jo looks at it and gasps. “There must be treasure on this island!” she says, taking the map.

The map is a traditional treasure map and Jo stashes it into her pocket. “Well, we’ll make those punks do it for a challenge. Let’s get some shut-eye.” Jo whispers.

Lightning nods and the two leave the cabin.

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Chapter 3. The Great Treasure Hunt

There is some rustling among the leaves and in a few seconds, the source is discovered. Brick, wearing his cadet-green shirt is seen racing through the woods, getting his morning exercise done.

Suddenly, Brick runs into Jo, who is also out for a brisk morning trot. Brick falls flat on his face and Jo snickers. “You’ll never win the show, cadet failure.” she giggles before running off.

Brick brushes the dirt from his face and scowls.

Brick: (Confessional) Making her host was Chris’s worst idea. He should’ve me host.

In the cabins, Lily wakes up and sees Zoey staring out the window. “What’s up?” she asks.

“I miss Mike. Last season he got sixth place and that caused me to lose the game. I don’t know what to do if that happens again…but with Jo as the host, who knows what she could do?” Zoey replies.

Lily outs her arm around her and says reassuringly “Don’t worry. I bet Chris will be back any second.”

In the boy’s cabin, Mike and Sam wake up.

Mike, as his Vito persona, says loudly “This competition stinks. I don’t get to show my chest.”

Sam, not fully listening, continues to play his game.

Suddenly, over the loudspeaker, Jo’s voice blares orders for people to meet her in the mess hall.

The five competitors go the mess hall and see the leftovers from the last challenge laid out for them to eat.

Jo, at the front of the room, addresses them with Lightning by her side. “Today’s challenge will be the classic treasure-hunt! Using this map,” Jo lifts up the map she is holding, “find the treasure. The first person to find it and give it to me will win invincibility. Do not look inside it! I will now give the map to Lily, who will have an advantage. She cannot share the map. If you want to win invincibility, you either have to follow her and beat her to the treasure or steal the map from her. The person that seems to put in the most effort will be eliminated. Now go!” Jo tosses the map to Lily, who reaches for it before Brick grabs it.

Brick rushes out of the cabin and everyone follows him.

Lily: (Confessional) Since Jo is a host, she doesn’t play a large role in the challenges, so the little advantages she gives me don’t greatly affect me.

Zoey and Mike glance at each other before nodding and going their separate ways.

Sam isn’t paying attention, causing him to move away from the direction Brick was going in.

In the woods, Lily catches up to Brick and tries to get it from him, but Brick pushes her away, causing her to go back a bit. Lily tries to get up again, but Mike and Zoey run over her.

Lily, angry, is about to shout at them when she sees that she has gotten some bruises on her.

“Shoot, I need a band-aid.” she mummers, before getting up and walking out of the forest.

Brick continues to run ahead but then looks at the map confused. Mike whizzes by and grabs it from him. Suddenly, he breathes in deeply and says “Mate, this map is easy to read. Better find the treasure.”

Zoey follows closely behind him, wondering exactly what to do.

Zoey: (Confessional) I wish we could work together…but I’d better let Mike do his thing. He needs invincibility, otherwise who knows what could happen.

Lily has found the cabins that were previously used by the interns and opens the door leading to Chris’s cabin. She searches the drawers, holding her hand which is bleeding.

Lily: (Confessional) I needed bandages, so I looked in the closet…

Lily opened the closet and gasped. A body, with blood staining the shirt, was hanging in the closet. It was Chris’s body.

Lily lets go of her hand and steps back. Suddenly, a door whisks open behind her.

In the woods, Mike/Manitoba Smith is carefully dodging Brick and continuing to follow the map. Suddenly, he stops and sniffs and looks behind him at Brick, who is trying to look fierce.

“Mike, we are friends, so give me the map please!” Brick pleads.

“Mate, my name is Manitoba Smith.” Mike/Manitoba Smith says.

Brick scratches his head confusedly. “Huh?”

Mike/Manitoba grins at Brick and suddenly disappears. “Hey!” Brick cries and scampers after Mike.

Lily whisks around and sees Jo, standing in the doorway. Jo realizes what’s going on and runs to the closet and closes the door.

“Chris is-” Lily begins.

“That’s just a prop.” Jo breaks in.

“I don’t think so…did you know about this?” Lily asks.

Jo, uncertain of what to say, shrugs.

“I have to tell everyone.” Lily cries and runs through the door, but Jo is faster and grabs her and stops her.

“Shut up.” Jo cries her hand over her mouth.

Lily wriggles and tries to get away, but Jo takes a sack out of her back and puts it over Lily’s head. She spies Lightning and orders him to hold Lily before running into the woods.

Mike/Manitoba has found the treasure and brushes it off. Brick suddenly appears and grabs it and a tug-of-war starts. Zoey, carefully hidden, watches the scene unfold. Suddenly, Jo appears and grabs the treasure.

“Who won invincibility?” Brick asks, but Jo isn’t listening. She opens the chest and screams. There isn’t any money in it.

“This day just keeps getting better and better!” Jo shouts angrily.

Zoey appears and goes up to Jo timidly. “Who won invincibility?”

Jo rears around and slaps her. Mike changes back to Mike and cries out.

“No one. Now shut up and get your lazy butts over to the elimination ceremony.” Jo cries.

Lily, the sack off her head but duct tape around her mouth, is tied up and on the Hurl if Shame.

“I thought-” Zoey begins, but Jo glares at her and Zoey stops talking.

Zoey: (Confessional) She won’t get away with this. (She starts looking a bit more like Commando Zoey)

“Lily is eliminated because she didn’t even try. Sam would’ve been, but at least he didn’t go into any cabins.” Jo explains, fiercely looking at Lily.

Lily angrily looks at Jo and shakes her head from side to side. The duct tape flies off her mouth and she cries out “Guys, guys, they lied to us! Chris is de-” Lily begins before the Hurl of Shame whisks her into the water.

“You four, go to bed.” she orders them and they all trudge back to their cabins.

Zoey: (Confessional) Something’s fishy here…

Sam: (Confessional) I’m so confused…what happened to today’s challenge?

Jo and Lightning are seen in Chris’s cabin, drinking water.

“We have to make those stupid losers do another challenge or they’ll be onto us.” Jo mutters.

“We need to sha-find the money.” Lightning replies.

“Will you shut up about the money? It’s the fact that Lily found Chris that worries me. If she could find Chris, anyone could. We need to make those twerps distracted so they are not onto us.” Jo thinks aloud.

“How about making them do another servant challenge? I liked that.” Lightning asked.

Jo nods distractedly, looking out the window.

Thunder clouds rumble in the distance.

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Chapter 4. The Truth Behind Cabin Doors


In the boy’s cabin, Sam, Mike and Brick all wake up, more or less at the same time.

“So,” Mike begins, putting on his shoes “when do you think Chris will be back?”

Brick, doing push-ups, looks up at Mike and says “I’m more concerned about what Lily was trying to tell us before her elimination. Something about them lying to us.”

Mike scratches his head and looks at the two teens. “Maybe she was playing it up. I mean, we don’t know her very well. Zoey would, but not us.”

Sam, installing fresh batteries for his game player, asks “Why don’t you talk to her then?”

Mike is about to answer when Jo’s voice orders the four campers to get to the mess hall.

Zoey, Mike, Brick and Sam all trudge to the hall and see cheese lay out for breakfast.

Zoey: (Confessional) It’s better than Chef’s gruel.

“Today’s challenge is camping out. You have to be able to set up a tent and to make good s’mores. There will be two teams: Brick and Zoey and Mike and Sam. The tents and marshmallows are outside. You will also take a tracking device so we know where you are. Once you find your place, start making your tent.” Jo instructs.

Zoey, timid, is about to raise her hand when she remembers what happened yesterday when Jo slapped her.

“Go!” Jo cries and the two teams leave the cabin.

“That’ll get those maggots out of our hair while we look for the million.” Jo tells Lightning.

“Sha-bam! We are so gonna find the sha-million!” Lightning cheers.

In the woods, Brick and Zoey trudge through the woods, looking for a clearing.

“There’s a clearing!” Zoey says, pointing to where they had their archery contest when Chris was still with them.

“Good job Ma’am.” Brick smiles and goes to set up the tent. Zoey follows.

Meanwhile, Mike and Sam are still looking for a clearing. Sam, still playing on his device keeps going off the path and Mike needs to correct him.

Mike is already a bit angry at this point and asks Sam where he thinks is a good spot.

“Oh yeah! Level 30!” Sam crows in response.

Mike breathes in deeply and changes into Chester. “Dagnabbit! In my day, we didn’t have these devices.” Chester picks up the device from Sam’s hands and throws it into the woods.

“No!” Sam cries and runs after it. Chester, furious, follows him and gasps back into Mike when Sam points excitedly to where his device had landed.

“A clearing! That was helping!” Sam smiles before getting his device, a little muddy.

Jo and Lightning are looking in the intern cabins when Jo realizes that 20 minutes have gone by since the challenge had started. “Oh shoot! Keep looking Lightning, I’m going to see if those dweebs have set up their tents.”

Brick and Zoey, their tent neatly set up, is Jo’s first target.

“Good job. Now get some sticks, make a fire and make s’mores.” Jo orders before looking at her GPS and going to where Mike and Sam are camped.

Zoey, who was looking away while Jo was near her, looks back up at Brick, who rolls his eyes and smiles.

Jo is now with Mike and Sam, who have made an OK tent. However, the tent suddenly collapses.

“Sorry.” Sam says bashfully as Mike glares at him.

Mike: (Confessional) I tried to do the tent, but Sam insists he can do it. Maybe we’ll get lucky and stay in the game.

Jo, with a megaphone in her hand, cries out “Zoey and Brick have won Part one. Now make s’mores.”

Zoey had started a fire and Brick has found some sticks.

“Brick, that was a nice thing of you to do last season. Saving us from the mine, I mean.” Zoey smiles.

“We soldiers don’t leave anyone behind.” Brick answers, about to toast his marshmallow.

“Even Jo?” Zoey asks.

Brick blushes.

Zoey: (Confessional) It’s obvious that Brick likes Jo.

“You kind of like her, don’t you?” Zoey presses.

Brick scratches the back of his head. “Yeah, I guess. The way she has been lately though…I don’t know. Lily said that they lied to us…and I wish I knew what she had lied to me about.”

“If she has lied to us, it isn’t just you that is affected, it’s all of us.” Zoey says, patting his back.

Suddenly, Jo appears. “Let me see your s’mores.”

Zoey and Brick show their two s’mores and Jo nods. “Good job. Now go to sleep and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.”

Sam and Mike have also toasted s’mores, but only Mike has good ones. Sam’s are all burnt.

Mike, angry, snatches Sam’s player away. “Listen, Sam, don’t you ever stop playing games?”

“Yeah…when I’m with Dakota…but she’s not here…so…” Sam stutters.

“Listen, man, if Dakota was here, she would want you to try to win. This constant game-playing got you kicked off early last season. You made it to the final four…don’t blow it.” Mike advises.

Sam looks at Mike and nods before taking and pocketing his game-player.

Jo arrives and frowns at the duo. “I don’t know what to say…except good luck.” Jo then leaves and Mike hangs his head.

After 20 minutes, Jo and Lightning have given up and are sleeping in the cabins.

In the woods, a bear is seen eating some chips. Suddenly, a bee stings him and the bear growl loudly. Sam, Mike, Zoey and Brick all hear the growl and all flee the campsite, sacred.

Brick and Zoey arrive at the edge of the woods with Mike and Sam.

“What was that?” Brick asks, frightened.

“I don’t know, but let’s hide in here!” Zoey says, and everyone crowds into Chris’s cabin.

They close the door while, far away, a storm brews.

Zoey hurriedly turns off the lights and all four teens cram against each other.

“Who’s holding my hand?” Mike asks nervously.

“Not me.” Zoey, Brick and Sam all reply.

“Zoey! Turn on the lights!” Mike cries and Zoey turns them on and everyone gasps.

The closet door is open and Chris’s dead body is leaning out, his hand in Mike’s.

“Ahh!” Mike screams.

Zoey puts her hand over his mouth and gazes up at the body. “Jo and Lightning lied to us…” she whispers.

Mike, Sam and Brick exchange glances.

“Lily was right! They lied to us! Chris didn’t leave the island! He’s dead!” Zoey cries.

Mike, Sam and Brick realize what she means.

“How dare they!” Mike cries. “They deserve to be thrown off the island!”

Zoey smiles, a hint of Commando Zoey in her eyes. “Let’s find those two.”

In the interns cabin, Zoey stealthily sneaks to the two sleeping “hosts”.

She gags Jo and ties her hands before smiling and binding her feet.

Mike, behind her, tries to do the same to Lightning.

Zoey then hoists Jo over her shoulder, the jockette still sleeping.

Mike drags Lightning, not strong enough to lift him.

Zoey stops him and hoists Lightning over her other shoulder.

The scene switches to the four teens watching the two “hosts” on the Hurl of Shame.

Jo, snorting, wakes up and sees what’s happening.

Zoey takes off the gag and Jo, angry, asks “What’s going on?’

“We know you lied to us!” Brick says, his eyes filled with tears.

Jo, acting clueless, denies lying about anything while Lightning wakes up.

“Chris is dead! I don’t believe you killed him, but you really thought we couldn’t find his body in the closet?” Zoey asks.

Jo, her eyes downwards, gulps. “OK. Fine, we found his body and we pretended to be the hosts so we could find the money…but what are you going to do about it? As soon as we are gone, you’re toast.”

“No we’re not. We can radio for help!” Sam says. “They do that in all the movies.”

All of a sudden, Lightning jumps out of the Hurl of Shame, his bindings flying off of him. Lightning runs away from the teens and towards the woods.

Mike: (Confessional) I guess my bindings weren’t strong enough.

Brick chases after him, but Zoey tells him to stop. “We’ll get him later. Any last words, Jo?” Zoey asks.

“You haven’t seen the last of me-” she cries as the Hurl of Shame flings her away.

“Good job, Zoey.” Mike smiles.

“Thanks. Now we need to find Lightning.” Zoey replies, her old personality coming back.

“Later. First, we need sleep.” Brick orders and the four trudge back to their cabins.

Brick: (Confessional) I guess now that I saw Jo for who she really is, I don’t have that little crush anymore. Jo lied to us and I guess it all turned out for the better. She really didn’t like me back either.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Lightning snickers as he hides behind a tree. “Sha-Lightning is going to win this again…or else.” he threatens.

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Chapter 5. The Quest for Lightning


Zoey wakes up in the girl’s side of the screaming Snake’s cabin, all by herself.

Zoey: (Confessional) If we were in the competition and this was the final five, I’d be saying that I probably don’t stand a chance against all the boys.

A knock sounds on the door and Mike enters. “Oh, you’re up!”

Zoey nods. “Let’s go find Lightning. Did you wake up Brick and Sam?”

Sam and Brick are seen behind Mike and Mike nods. “Let’s go find Lightning.”

The four competitors walk into the woods, Mike carrying a bow and arrow, Sam carrying a net and Brick and Zoey carrying other supplies.

Suddenly, Sam stops and reaches downward as the group continues onward. “That’s were my spare batteries went.” Sam mutters.

A noise is heard behind Sam and he whips around. There isn’t a sign of anybody.

“H-hello?” Sam stutters, his voice becoming high.

A low growl is heard and Sam, with the net in one hand, walks closer. “Lightning?”

Another growl and Sam goes a little closer. Suddenly, a hand reaches out and grabs Sam and pushes him into the bushes.

The three teens, Mike, Brick and Zoey, keep walking until Zoey looks behind her. “Where’s Sam?” she asks.

Brick looks frightened and glances around the forest.

Brick: (Confessional) My Dad always said that we can’t leave a soldier behind…but in this forest, one’s man disappearance is another man’s clue to GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WOODS.

Rustling is heard. Zoey grabs Mike, her fingers digging into his shirt. Mike moves, but Zoey’s grip on his shirt is so strong that part of it rips off.

Mike breathes in deeply and becomes Vito. “Ayo! What are we doin’ in this creepy old woods? A guy like me needs to be out at the pool lookin’ for chicks.”

Brick looks worriedly at Mike while Zoey continues to try to make him become Mike again.

“Mike! Control yourself!” she cries, but Vito pushes her away and says “I’m the boss around here! If you need me, I’ll be at the pool.”

Vito storms off and Zoey tries to run after him when, suddenly, a growl is heard and a hand reaches out and grabs Vito, pulling him into the bushes.

Brick comes to the rescue, trying to run to Mike and pulling him back while Zoey looks on in horror.

The hands’ grip appears to be too strong and Brick soon lets go, causing Mike/Vito to disappear into the bushes.

“Mike!” Zoey cries.

“Sorry ma’am. That grip was stubborn.” Brick begins, but Zoey turns to him furiously, Commando Zoey emerging from her.

“How dare you let Mike get dragged by who-knows-what into the woods!” she screams and Brick takes a step backwards.

Zoey lunges for him and Brick ducks, causing Zoey to go flying and bump her head on a nearby log of wood.

Brick looks concernedly at Zoey, who shakes her head and looks at him. “What happened?”

“Ma’am, you seemed to just suddenly switch personalities.” Brick explained.

Zoey’s eyes widen as she realized what happened. “Oh. I’m sorry!” She tries to move, but some vines have tangled around her legs and arms. “A little help, please?” she asks.

Brick runs to her, but suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs Zoey, pulling her inward, like with Mike and Sam.

“Zoey!” Brick cries, but Zoey is pulled into the woods, the only sound heard is the rustling of the leaves.

Brick looks anxiously around him, scared of what will happen next.

Little animals squeak and roars are heard. Brick takes a step backward and trips over the bag of supplies Zoey was carrying.

Suddenly, a hand wraps itself around Brick’s ankle. Brick shrieks loudly and kicks the hand away with the other foot. The hand lets go quickly.

Brick peers through the leaves and sees glowing eyes looking back at him. The face is concealed by leaves. Suddenly, the face leaps out and Brick, still on the ground, sees a person standing in front of him. He looks upward and gasps.

The teenager has white hair, is African-American, tall and wearing a blue, torn shirt. His eyes are glowing and his hair is messy. His legs have scars.

“Lightning?” Brick asks and the teenager lunges for him.

Brick stands up and grabs the bow and arrows Mike had.

Lightning hits the bow and it is tossed into the woods.

“What happened?” Brick asks, confusedly.

Lightning growls and lunges for him again.

Brick jumps away and Lightning lands on the floor. Brick hurriedly looks for the arrow before seeing something strange.

On Lightning’s back there is a small turtle, biting him and digging into the flesh. The turtle is purple and its legs resemble octopuses.

“It’s radioactive!”  Brick thinks aloud.

Brick: (Confessional) Ezekiel slowly became a zombie-like death figure. Lightning couldn’t have become one overnight, but I observed a small turtle biting him and it all made sense. As long as the turtle was biting him, he would act like a fierce animal. I had to get it off him.

Brick reaches for the turtle, but Lightning turns around and grabs his hands. He pushes Brick away with his foot and growls. He gets up and tackles Brick, punching him and kicking him.

Brick yelps and screams before pushing Lightning away.

The two teens stand up and face each other, Lightning’s eyes wild with anger.

Brick reaches for him and Lightning reaches for him, but Brick reaches Lightning first and grabs his hand and kicks him swiftly. Lightning crashes onto the forest floor and Brick pins him down before turning him over and grabbing the turtle.

The turtle comes off and Brick tosses it into the woods.

Lightning suddenly gasps and returns to normal. He slumps over, tired and beat.

Brick smiles at his work and then hoists him over his shoulder, tracing his steps back to where Sam disappeared and left the net. He puts the net over Lightning and sets his bag down. He grabs some rope and binds Lightning so she can’t get put of the net.

Brick then walks back to where Mike and Zoey disappeared. He shouts “Zoey, Mike, Sam! Where are you?”

Three muffled voices are heard in the bushes and Brick, setting Lightning down, follows them to a big tree where all three are tied and gagged.

Brick explains what happened and unties them, swiftly going back to the patch where he left Lightning, who is still out like a light.

The scene switches to Lightning, still dozing, on the Hurl of Shame.

“Bye-bye, Lightning!” Mike smiles and lets the Hurl of Shame fling him into the ocean.

“Well, that’s done.” Zoey concludes and the four teens hug each other in a group hug.

Storm clouds appear overhead and thunder rumbles distantly.

“We need to find shelter.” Brick says and the four teens go back to their cabins.

Chapter 6. The Storm- Part 1: Shelter


Thunder booms loudly seconds after lightning flashes through the sky. Rain loudly pats on the cabin windows.

Zoey, awakened by the loud thunder, sits up and walks to the window.

Zoey: (Confessional) We may have gotten rid of Jo and Lightning, but now we have to get off the island. With Chris dead and everyone gone, it’s up to us to get off the island.

Lightning once again blazes the sky and Zoey catches a glimpse of the boy’s cabin. She goes back to her bunk and gets a blanket to cover the window with. As she is about to do so, lightning lights the sky and strikes the boy’s cabin, instantly covering it with flames.

“Mike!” she cries and dashes out. She hugs the blanket to her and runs to the cabin, just to see Brick, Mike and Sam stumbling out, all coughing.

Mike, who changed into Chester as the lightning struck, mumbles something.

“Are you all alright?” she asks hurriedly, petting Chester/Mike.

“We are fine ma’am…but the question you should be asking is where we are going to stay.” Brick says.

Zoey points to her cabin before realizing that mist has clouded the area.

“Follow me, I think I can find it.” Zoey says, tugging Mike along.

Brick and Sam follow her, Sam shivering with Zoey’s blanket covering him.

Wind blows fiercely and Zoey stops walking, hugging Mike/Chester, who tries to get away from her.

“Come on, then.” she tries to say, but the wind blocks her words and she isn’t sure of anyone hears her.

Brick tugs Sam along and makes him walk with him, before feeling a small tingle on his arm.

“Ahh!” Brick girlishly screams, dropping Sam.

Sam falls down, expecting to land on grass, but instead lands in mud.

Lightning suddenly strikes and the group sees that they are in the woods.

“Oh dear.” Zoey cries, hugging Mike to her chest.

“Get away lady!” Mike/Chester cries. “In my day we never did this before we got married.”

“Mike, stop!” she cries, tugging his shirt, accidentally ripping it off.

“Ayo!” Mike/Vito cries. “What’s a guy like me doing in some stupid woods during a storm? I should be working out to impress all the ladies.” Vito/Mike then tries to leave, but Zoey throws herself on him.

“Mike! Stop!” she cries.

Sam, realizing that he needs to give up his blanket, tosses it to her, and Zoey covers Vito with it, temporarily stopping Vito.

“Come on, we need to find a cave or something.” Zoey orders.

Sam gets up and adjusts his glasses, before spying a shadow in the leaves. “Uh...guys?” he starts.

“What?” Zoey asks, trying to keep the struggling Vito under control.

“There’s a…a…” Sam struggles, partly because he doesn’t know what it is.

Suddenly, it leaps out and tackles Sam.

Brick and Zoey gasp, realizing it’s a green, huge spider with big, purple eyes.

Zoey, frightened, takes the towel from Vito and throws it onto the spider, causing it stop and squirm, allowing Sam to get away.

“Thank goodness.” Zoey pants and she grabs Brick and Sam and tries to run.

Suddenly, Brick shouts and points to Mike/Vito, who, free from Zoey, is running into the bushes.

“Mike!” she cries before trying to run to him. However, the spider has gotten the towel off it and is heading for the trio.

“Leave him, Zoey! We have to get away.” Brick cries and the three teens run through the woods, Zoey half-crying.

“There!” Brick cries and runs towards a cave.

Zoey pushes Sam in and then hides herself in the cave, the giant spider only seconds behind her.

“Get a rock to put in front of the cave!” Zoey orders hurriedly and Brick finds a big rock and pushes the rock in front of the cave.

However, the spider dashes in front of the cave and Brick, Sam and Zoey slink back, frightened.

The spider looks around, but can’t find the carefully concealed trio. It eventually slinks off and the three teens breathe a sigh of relief.

Zoey suddenly cries sharply. “Mike.” she weeps.

“I’m sure he’s OK, Zoey.” Brick says, patting her back. “He is strong and the spider went in the opposite direction than him.”

“I hope he is…” Zoey cries, grabbing Brick’s hands. “Thanks Brick.”

“We’d better wait here until the storm clears up, though you never do things like this in Fairy Assassins 3.” Sam says aloud.

Zoey manages a small giggle before looking down.

Brick gets up and pushes the rock in place.

Thunder continues to rumble.

“Let’s hope the storm clears up soon. It’s kind of creepy being in the cave.” Zoey observes.

Sam and Brick nod before looking out lying down and trying to get some sleep.

Zoey also lies down, but not before hopefully thinking Mike is safe.

Thunder sounds out loudly and the rain continues to pour.

Chapter 7. The Storm- Part 2: Escape


Rain continues to rumble and growling is heard.

Zoey clutches at Brick. “What was that?”

“Sorry, I think that was my stomach.” Brick apologizes.

It’s been one day since the storm started and everyone’s hungry.

Sam sits, his fingers twitching at some nonexistent video game console.

“Was he like this last season?” Zoey asks Brick.

“Yeah. He always needed to play video games. Let’s just hope he doesn’t disappear like Mike.” Brick responds, causing Zoey to whimper. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s all right. I just hope Mike’s safe…” Zoey sobs.

Sam mumbles something that no one else can hear and Zoey breaks herself away from Brick and goes to sleep. Brick follows suit, leaving Sam the only one who is still awake.

In Sam’s point of view, he is at home, upgrading his castle in his all-time favorite video game: Castle Defense 3. He is on level 16 before the TV blacks out.

“Where are the spare batteries?” he asks. His eyes lay on the batteries next to him. He grabs them, but the roll away. He starts to crawl to them, but they continue to roll away…

Zoey wakes up and yawns. She listens to the noises outside, expecting to hear rain and such. Instead, she hears birds.

She turns to Brick and wakes him up. “I think it’s stopped raining.” she tells him.

Brick stands up and pushes the rock away, revealing a sun-lit forest.

“Yes! Get Sam! We can finally find a way to get out of the forest and head to camp.” Zoey cheers.

“Yes ma’am!” Brick smiles before looking for Sam.

Brick frowns, remembering that Sam was only a foot from where Brick was sleeping.

Brick looks around him before seeing Sam’s glasses only a few feet away.

“Zoey…I think Sam went deep into the cave.” Brick tells her.

Zoey’s eyes widen. “What? You mean it’s just us?”

Brick nods, his eyes a little frightened. “Let’s go Zoey…”

Zoey pushes Brick to the side, calling out for Sam. “Sam! Where are you?”

“Let it go, we need to get out of the woods while it’s still morning.” Brick instructs, tugging Zoey along.

Zoey struggles before allowing Brick to take her away from the cave.

Zoey: (Confessional) I think it’s all too scary. First Chris dies…then Jo and Lightning get rid of B and Lily…we get rid of Jo and Lighting…Mike flees into the woods and now Sam disappears. I don’t know what I would do if Brick also disappears. I would be all alone…not even Commando Zoey could be comfortable with that.

Brick keeps tugging Zoey, searching through the trees and bushes for a way out.

Eventually, Brick finds a path and the two walk across it. Zoey and Brick breathe a sigh of relief when they reach the end of the woods.

“We made it!”  Zoey cries, kissing the ground.

“Yes…we have.” Brick says proudly, admiring the way he led them out of the woods.

“Now we have to find a way out of here.” Brick instructs.

“That won’t be necessary!” a voice oddly familiar cries out.

Zoey and Brick’s eyes widen and the both look to where the voice was.

“You!” Zoey cries out, her eyes suddenly narrowing.

“How could you?” Brick demands, his fists balled up.

Who is it? Find out in the next chapter: The Finale"

Chapter 8. The Finale

Zoey and Brick look confusedly at the figure in front of them.

“We thought you were dead.” Zoey says.

“Yeah, it’s amazing how gullible you are.” Chris McLean responds. “But, man! The ratings are going to soar! I mean, Jo and Lightning ruling the island? Lily finding my body? Eliminating Jo and Lightning? Mike ducking out? This turned out to be even better I thought it would! I am so going to do this again!”

“Wait,” Brick cries. “You mean, this was all a fake? You pretended to die so that your show would boost ratings?”

“Yup.” Chris answers, smiling.

“Where’s Mike? Where’s everyone?” Zoey asks hurriedly.

“I’ll leave it up to them to explain it to you.” Chris responds, stepping aside and revealing the seven eliminated contestants.

Cameron starts: “Well, as you know, I was eliminated fair and square and was taken by Chef to Playa Des Losers.”

B nods and Lily continues the story: “B and I were eliminated by Jo and Lightning and, separately, we found the boat and Chef took us to Playa Des Losers.”

Jo, an angered look on her face, picks up the story: “After you losers threw me off, I also was found by Chef.”

Lightning nods, a dazed expression still on his face.

Mike resumes the story: “I was found by an intern who secretly took me to Playa Des Losers.”

Sam concludes the story: “I went into the cave and Chef found me and took me here.”

Brick and Zoey, stunned, look at each other. “So…is that it? Is the competition over now?” Zoey asks.

“Of course not,” Chris chuckles. “We need to decide a winner. Your final challenge is a mixture of all that happened while I was gone. First you have to prepare a meal that is delicious. Then, take that meal with you into the woods and, following a map, find one of the tents that you set up earlier. Put your meal down there and then you need to get out of the woods before the other person does. To make this more interesting, I got spider back and it will chase you!”

“Oh god, this is stupid.” Zoey mutters.

“GO!” Chris cries out and the final two rush into the kitchen.

Brick gets out some lettuce and puts it in a bowl while Zoey finds some spaghetti and starts to heat it up.

“Go Zoey!” Mike, Lily and Cameron cry out.

Brick’s fans: Sam, Jo and B, quietly cheer.

Lighting is not cheering for anyone.

Zoey adds some salt and herbs while Brick puts some olives in his salad.

Soon enough, Brick has finished and runs out the door, holding his salad. “What’s the point of the food?” asks Brick as he runs by Chris, taking the map from him.

“To attract the spider.” Chris giggles and Brick lets out a high-pitched scream as the spider follows him.

Zoey has finished heating the pasta and runs with the pasta. She gets a map from Chris and follows Brick into the woods.

“Go Zoey!” Mike cheers as Zoey disappears.

Brick has already found one tent and sets his meal down, only to be tackled by Zoey, who has also reached the tent. Brick tries to get away from her, but Zoey pushes Brick and runs ahead, shouting “sorry” over her shoulder at him.

Brick gets up but suddenly sees the spider and yelps. He tries to get away.

Zoey is still running when she realizes that she left her map behind. “I can do this.” she mutters and tries to find her way out.

Brick inches away from the spider when he sees Zoey’s map.  He tosses it at the spider and runs away. The spider growls fiercely and blindly heads into the opposite direction.

“What’s going on?” Lily asks, scared for Zoey’s sake.

“I’m sure they are fine.” Sam says, but a worried looks crosses his face.

Zoey lets out a shriek as the spider corners her.

Brick, nearing the edge of the forest, hears her screams and stops.

A flashback occurs and Brick remembers helping his teammates in the past season. “I’m coming Zoey!” he cries.

“What?” Jo yells from outside the forest. “You were about to win, bozo.”

Zoey is being held by the spider in his mouth and screams for help.

Brick runs to the spider and kicks it. The spider yelps and kicks Brick back, sending him sprawling.

“Help!” Zoey shrieks.

Brick gets up and searches around him for a sharp stick. He finds one and then takes a running jump at the spider. He lands on its face, near Zoey and stabs the spider’s eye with it.

The spider cries out and crashes down, blood spurting.

Suddenly, electricity crackles and the spider slumps down.

“What?” Zoey cries, jumping down from the spider. “It was a robot?”

Chris: (Confessional) To avoid lawsuits, I had to robotize the spider and the mutant turtle. I had no idea Lightning would get bit by it, but anyway…

“Run pants-wetter!” Jo cries out.

“C’mon Zoey! You can do this!” Lily and Cameron cheer.

Zoey and Brick exchange glances and run away from the spider.

Zoey takes the lead and she hears the cheers of her friends when, all of a sudden, Brick appears out of nowhere and exits the woods a second before Zoey.

Jo lets out a whoop and Brick’s fans cheer.

“Good job.” Zoey smiles, fist-bumping Brick.

“The winner of Total Drama Revenge is…Brick!” Chris announces and the contestants cry out happily.

Chris pulls out a briefcase and gives it to Brick, who lifts it up.

Zoey: (Confessional) At least I got to the final two this time.

“Now, I have news.” Chris says loudly. “Even though Brick won, there was a prize for the second placing contestant too. Zoey gets a spot in the next season: Total Drama All-Stars!”

Mike, Cameron and Lily cheer.

Brick hugs Zoey before opening his case and flinging his money into the air.

Brick: (Confessional) I did it! I won!

“Well, that’s all.” Chris says to the camera. “See you next time on the island where fourteen of the best competitors will be competing for the one million dollar prize. Until then, Brick, the winner, and I thank you for watching TOTAL DRAMA REVENGE!”

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#: Title: Date Published:
1 An Archery Contest December 28th, 2013
2 A Carrot For Your Thoughts? January 4th, 2014
3 The Great Treasure Hunt January 11th, 2014
4 The Truth Behind Cabin Doors January 18th, 2014
5 The Quest for Lightning January 25th, 2014
6 The Storm- Part 1: Shelter February 1st, 2014
7 The Storm- Part 2: Escape February 15th, 2014
8 The Finale February 23rd, 2014

Elimination Table (Spoiler Alert!):

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
3 Sam WIN LOW LOW IN IN LOW OUT Diasappeared
4 Mike WIN IN IN IN IN OUT Disappeared
5 Lightning IN CO-HOST LOW OUT Eliminated
6 Jo IN HOST OUT Eliminated
7 Lily LOW WIN OUT Eliminated
8 B WIN OUT Eliminated
9 Cameron OUT Eliminated



In Episode 3, Sam was revealed to have supposed to have been eliminated, but Jo eliminated Lily instead.

In Episode 4, Lightning and Jo were going to be eliminated together, but Lightning fled into the woods right before the Hurl of Shame took Jo away.