Total Drama Returnies

Total Drama Returnies

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Total Drama Returnies is with some of the first generazation,second, and third. This season is the roughest season yet.



  • Heather
  • Anne Maria
  • Courtney
  • Amy
  • Lindsay
  • Sugar
  • Dakota


  • Alejandro
  • Mike
  • Topher
  • Trent
  • Geoff
  • Scott
  • Rodney

Episode 1- Returnies Return

Mateo: Welcome to Total Drama Returnies. Chris got arrested again for blowing up some of the old contestants last season. Well anyways lets meet the cast. The Girls Team is Heather,Anne Maria,Courtney,Amy,Lindsay,Sugar, and last but not least Dakota who is not mutated anymore. From the guys Team lets meet Alejandro,Mike,Topher,Trent,Geoff,Scott, and Rodney. I'll give you guys time to unpack and meet everyone

Geoff: Hey Guys

Trent: Hey Geoff good to be back.

Rodney: Hi My name is Rodney.

Trent & Geoff: Hi Rodney

Rodney: Do you guys want to be in a alliance.

Trent: I'm in

Geoff: Me too.


Sugar: Hey Gurls

Anne Maria: Hey *Spary's hair*

Sugar: Watch it this ain't room for that!

Anne Maria: What did you just say

Sugar: You heard me

  • They fight for a while*


Amy: Girls I called you guys here to be in a huge alliance

Heather: Ummm sure but I'm leader

Amy: No I am

Lindsay: I'm Pretty

Dakota: I'm Prettier

Lindsay: We're both Pretty

Amy: Enough we have a alliance and no one is leader

Heather: Deal

Heather's Confessional: Yea Right I'm Leader

Amy's Confessional: I watched Total Drama before I can't trust Heather


Alejandro: Hey Geoff

Geoff: What do you want

Alejandro: I just want to say sorry for kissing Bridgette

Geoff: Don't remind me

Alejandro: Am I forgiven than

Geoff: I guess

Alejandro's confessional: I have to get on Geoff's good side than I get a alliance


Mateo: it's challenge time. Each team must create a team logo. Girls have to make a girls sign and guys need a guy sign. Go!!!!

Lindsay: since me and Dakota are the hottest we will create the design

Heather: fine but if you mess up you are going home

Sugar: I want to help I'll put glitter

Courtney: fine work already


Mike: I have good style I'll do it

Alejandro: is that ok with you Geoff

Geoff: I guess

Topher: Just let the Topher do it

Mike/Chester: Just let do this already

Trent: Stupids

Mike: *Gasps* What is he mad about


Mateo: The winners are the girls so that means that the guys are going to elimination tonight see you there.

Rodney: Thanks a lot Topher

Topher: It was all Mikes fault

Alejandro's Confessional: Mike told Topher to do it.


Anne Maria: Hey Sugar

Sugar: What!

Anne Maria: This *Sprays Sugar*

  • they fight again*


Scott: Hey Trent and Alejandro want form a alliance.

Trent: Ok

Alejandro: Sure buts lets at Geoff

Scott: Ok

Scott Confessional: Not!


Mateo: Welcome guys to the first elimination ceremony guys. The following players are safe.

Alejandro,Geoff,Trent,Rodney, and Scott.

Topher and Mike one of you are going home and that is ..........


Topher: Yes!!!!!!!!

Mike: What?!?!

Alejandro: Sorry mike

Mateo: Mike it's time to take you to the fly of shame.

Any last word mike

Mike Gone

Mike Eliminated

Mike: actually I do Topher you stin *flys away*

Mateo: We'll that's one down thirteen more to go who Will fly away next episode on Total Drama Returnies!!!!!

Episode 2- Tshirts To Go Around

Mateo: Last time on Total Drama Returnies. The cast came to the island for their first challenge which the girls won. Sugar and Anne Maria got in a fight. Alejandro got on Geoff's good side. What will happen next find out now on total drama Returnies

  • intro plays*

Topher: Thanks guys for saving me

Geoff: You're welcome dude

Alejandro: yea what ever

Alejandro's confessional: Topher should be gone but if Geoff want him here he will be here


Amy: Hey girls

Heather: Yes

Amy: We'll I have been deciding and there should be a Alliance leader and that should be me

Heather: What!?!?

Amy: You heard me Heather I was thinking you wouldn't be leader because you need a break.

Heather: No!!!!!!

Lindsay: yea whatever

  • Dakota and Lindsay paint each other nails*

Heather: We vote

Amy: Fine!!!!!


Sugar: Hey Anne Maria

Anne Maria: Ehhh what you want

Sugar: I want to say sorry

Anne Maria: Really

Sugar: No

  • Sugar throws water at her*

Anne Maria: Jerk!!!!!


Scott: Hey Rodney

Rodney: Hey

Scott: How about we throw the next challenge.

  • trent walks in*

Trent: and why would we do that

Scott: Ummmmm it was Rodney's idea.

  • scott runs out*


Mateo: The challenge for today is to create a Tshirts for your team. The girls you're teams shirts must be pink and they guys your shirt must be blue. You have two hours to finish now go!!!!!!

Dakota: Me and Lindsay will design

Lindsay: Yay!!!!

Courtney: What ever


Alejandro: Topher is not designing

Topher: We'll I guess it is for the best

Trent: Scott isn't doing it either

Scott: Why?

Trent: Because you

Scott: Nevermind

Rodney: I'll design

Geoff: ok

Trent: I guess

Trent's confessional: I guess he can design because maybe he isn't with Scott to throw the challenge.


Mateo: The time is up and the winner is the Girls yet again. Guys see you at elimination

Trent's confessional: He was with Scott


Mateo: Welcome guys to you second elimination ceremony the following players are safe

Trent,Geoff,Alejandro, and Topher.

Scott and Rodney one of you are going home and that is ...........


Rodney: What?!?!

Scott: Haha

Trent: Sorry Rodney you was with Scott

Scott: No he wasn't

Trent: What?!?

Mateo: Rodney time to go

Any last words Rodney

Rodney: Take down Scot*flys away*

Mateo: we'll he went home that was unexpected we'll he went and twelve letters who will go next. Find out next time on Total Drama Returnies.

Episode 3- Seek The Gender

Mateo: Last Time on Total Drama Returnies. Sugar and Anne Maria got in a fight again. Scott told Rodney to throw the challenge but Trent overheard. The teams had to create Tshirts and with the girls fashion experts Lindsay and Dakota the girls won there second victory. At elimination Rodney went home for throwing the challenge when he actually didn't. What will happen next find out now on total drama Returnies!

  • intro plays*

Trent: Scott I am keeping an eye on you

Scott: What ever

Scott confessional: Trent can keep his eye on me all he wants all I have to do is make it look like someone else threw the challenge.


Amy: I want to congratulate you girls on the second win of our challenge

Heather: Yea you did excellent

Amy: Now time to choose leader

Amy: I vote me

Heather: I vote me

Lindsay: I Choose Dakota

Dakota: Me too!!!

Amy and Heather: What!?!?

Dakota: Yay I win


Courtney: Girls we need to stop fighting and join me into a alliance

Sugar: With her

Anne Maria: Not with her I ain't

Courtney: Please I can ensure you that one of you will go first

Anne Maria: Fine

Sugar: Ok I guess


Alejandro: Hey Anne Maria

Anne Maria: Hey Alejhunkdro I mean Alejandro *blushes*

Alejandro: It's ok. How about we go on a date later

Anne Maria: Yes!!!!!!! I mean sure

Alejandro: See you there


Mateo: Today's challenge is to find a person that's the same gender as you. The girls you have to find Samey

Amy: No!!!! Why her

Mateo: Because, anyways the guys will have to find Duncan. We'll what are you standing there for go!!!


Amy: I know my sister and she loves the beach

Dakota: we'll than lets go

Heather confessional: I have to get a group of girls to vote Dakota.


Geoff: Duncan always hid in the cave.

Alejandro: We'll than lets go

Topher: Hold on let me TAKE A SELFIE

Scott: Let's go already *slaps Topher*

Topher: No one slaps me during a selfie

  • they wrestle until they fall in a hole*

Topher: Wait there is Samey and Duncan

Samey: Hi Topher *blushes*

Topher: Do you still like me

Samey: Of coarse

  • Topher kisses Samey*

Trent: Let's go Topher

Topher: Bye Samey


Alejandro: Hey Anne Maria

Anne Maria: I see Samey

Alejandro: I can't let you get her

  • ties her up*

Alejandro: Bye

Anne Maria: Hey!!!!!!!

Dakota: Girls look it Anne Maria and Samey.

Mateo: The guys win

Amy: Why didn't you tell us Samey was here

Samey: Topher kissed me

Amy: What?!?


Mateo: Welcome girls to the first elimination the following players are safe

Amy,Lindsay,Heather,Sugar, and Courtney.

Anne Maria and Dakota one of you is going home and that is ...........

Anne Maria!

Anne Maria: What?!?

Mateo: Time to go Any last words

Anne Maria: Alejandro is e*flys away*

Mateo: We'll that's another down so we have eleven more to go. Who will fly next find out next time on Total Drama Returnies.

Episode 4- Ride of My Life

Mateo: Last time on Total Drama Returnies, Sugar and Anne Maria put their differences aside and they formed a alliance with Courtney. Dakota became leader of the alliance. Topher found Samey and Duncan in the challenge. Topher kissed Samey and thanks to him the guys won. The girls went to elimination and they said goodbye to Anne Maria for Alejandro sneaky move. What will happen next find out now on Total Drama Returnies.

  • intro plays*

Courtney: Sugar, Anne Maria is out so we need a new alliance member

Sugar: I know

Heather: I'll join

Courtney: Ummmmm I am not sure

Sugar: Courtney we need her

Courtney: Fine you're in


Topher: I still can't believe I kissed Samey

Alejandro: You get used to it

Topher: I know it felt good.

Geoff: I remember my first kiss with Bridgette too bad she isn't in this season.

Trent: I remember mine with Gwen. I miss her

Scott: I remember mine with Courtney.

  • all sigh*


Amy: Dakota it's alliance meeting time

Dakota: Not now Lindsay is giving me a pedicure.

Lindsay: She is going to be hotter

Amy confessional: Dakota has to go >:|


Mateo: Today's challenge is for each team to create a bike and ride it down to the lake first team Down there with the big intact wins. Go built

Geoff: We did this challenge season 1

Trent: I remember that episode

Alejandro: We'll lets just get building

Topher: I'll put a picture of Samey

Scott: Here take this Topher

Topher: Ok

Alejandro: Topher why do you have a stick with fire

Topher: Scott gave me it

Scott: No I didn't


Amy: Dakota and Lindsay you do the design and Heather will build it

Heather: Actually Lindsay built my bike so she builds it

Amy: I knew you cheated

Heather: Yea we are all surprised now go

Sugar: What do we do

Heather: Stand their and Cheer

Courtney: Ugh!!!!

Dakota and Geoff: It's Built let's go

  • they ride down the hill*

Courtney: My C.i.t badge

  • courtney leans back and breaks the tire*

Heather: Courtney what are you doing

Mateo: They guys win again

The guys: Woo Hoo

Mateo: See you at the elimination ladies


Mateo: The following players are safe at elimination

Amy,Lindsay,Heather, and Sugar

The last person safe tonight is ..........


Courtney: Heather we had a alliance

Heather: Yea Last Season

Courtney: You little .

Mateo: Courtney get out

Courtney: I will get reven*flys away*

Mateo: That's her gone ten remain who will fly next. What drama will happen. Sugar is the only one who isn't in a alliance. Find out what happens next time on. Total Drama Returnies.

Episode 5- Dodge This

Mateo: Last Time on Total Drama Returnies, Heather joined sugar and Courtney's alliance. But ended up backstabbing her which led to Courtney's elimination. What will happen next find out now on total drama Returnies

  • intro plays*

Heather: I am so sorry Sugar

Sugar: For what backstabbing our alliance now I bet you're targeting me next

Heather: Actually no I am targeting Dakota next

Sugar: Wow backstabbing another alliance member

Heather: Amy is too

Sugar: You guys are the evil ones that's why

Heather: What ever are you in or no

Sugar: No thanks

Heather: You'll regret that


Geoff: Alejandro I know you are trying to make thing better with us but I don't want you too

Alejandro: Really, thank you I'll do anything you ask

Geoff: You're doing it again

Alejandro: Sorry

Geoff: We are still in a alliance and I say we vote off Scott if we lose

Alejandro: Sounds good to me


Dakota: Ok alliance as we know sugar is the only one that's not in our alliance so therefore she must go

Lindsay: Ok :)

Heather and Amy: Whatever


Mateo: Today's challenge is Dodgeball. There will be three rounds

Topher: Does this mean I will get hit in the face

Mateo: Maybe

Topher: Nooooo!!!!!!


Mateo: First round starts now

Sugar: Dakota I have to tell you something, Heather is *gets hit by ball*

Dakota: ummmm that looks painful*gets hit*


  • its round three now*

Mateo: It's down to Sugar and Alejandro

Sugar: Take this hottie

Alejandro: I don't think so

  • Alejandro flips in the air and grabs sugars thrown ball and throws it back*

Sugar: uh oh*gets hit*

Mateo: The guys win yet again

The girls: Not again


Mateo: Welcome back again girls the following players are safe

Lindsay,Amy, and Dakota.

Heather and Sugar one of you are going home and that is ........ Sugar!!!

Sugar: What ever btw Amy and Heather were trying to get rid of you Dakota

Dakota: What?!?!

Mateo: Sugar go in the machine

Any last words

Sugar: Nope*flys away*

Mateo: We'll that's yet another girl down that's nine players left in the game who will go home next find out next episode of Total Drama Returnies.

Episode 6- Lying A lot

Dakota: Girls we need to talk

Lindsay: Yea

Dakota: Why are you two trying to backstabb me

Heather: We weren't

Dakota: Really

Amy: Really, she isn't in the alliance so she wouldn't know

Dakota: oh ok

Heather: I know I'm not leader but we need to keep winning challenge so we make merge

Dakota: I agree


Alejandro: Merge must be soon guys

Scott: Yea probably next episode

Geoff: or even today

Scott Confessional: Geoff and Alejandro are cool they might be a good alliance buddies


Mateo: Today's challenge is to create a advertisement. It can be about anything so you have three hours

Dakota: Girls we will do the Dakota Peoject

Lindsay: Ok

Heather: Nooooo! We will do it on Juice

Amy: That sounds good

Dakota: Ok fine


Geoff: We will do our on

Scott: My own CD

Trent: Ok

Trent's confessional: I want Scott to do it so if we lose he will go home.


Mateo: The girls had a lam project but it better than Scott CD which had bad lyrics. Therefore the girls win the challenge.

Tent: bye bye Scott

Scott: *gulp*


Mateo: Welcome back guys the following players are safe from elimination

Topher,Alejandro, and Geoff

Topher: Woo Hoo

Trent and Scott one of you are going home and that is .........


Scott: Just so you know it was all Trent idea for the CD

Mateo: Scott let's go!

Any last words

Scott: Trent is Evi*flys away*

Mateo: We'll that's another person out of the game. Eight more players left who will fly next time on Total Drama Returnies

Episode 7- Who Spilled the Beans

Mateo: Last time on Total Drama Returnies, Dakota was taking leadership to her team but Heather and Amy got a little jealous and stepped in. Trent acted evil when he blamed the challenge lost on scott. Therefore Scott was sent flying. Who will go home next find out now on Total Drama Returnies.

  • intro plays*

Geoff: Hey Trent can i talk to you

Trent: Sure

Geoff: Back at elimination he said it was you idea and i'm pretty sure topher and Alejandro are getting ready to target you.

Trent: Whi Cares

Geoff: I care

Trent: I have got to go

Trent's Confessional: I have the idol thats why i dont care

Geoff Confessional: So Long Trent


Heather: What are we going to do about Dakota

Amy: Nothing we just have reelection

Heather: She will still win

Amy: Oh yea

Heather: Vote her off with me

Amy: Sure


Mateo: Since the teams are even we will have a race to my mansion. First team down there wins the challenge and a spot in the merge.

Heather: Merge is next episode yes!!

Mateo: Go!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy: Hey Dakota Heather is planning to vote you off we vote her tonight if we lose

Dakota: Ummm Sure

Alejandro: Its just mud girls walk through it.


Mateo: The Guys win the challenge

Amy: Are we still a go for voting Dakota

Heather: Duh


Mateo: The following girls are safe from elimination

Lindsay, and Amy

Dakota and Heather one of you are going home tonight and that is .........


Heather: What!?! Amy you lier

Amy: What can I say

Mateo: Go

Mateo: Any Last words Heather

Heather: Amy has a id*flys away*

Mateo: Thats another down seven more to go find out who leave next on Total Drama Returnies

Episode 8- A Very Scared Topher

Mateo: Last time on Total Drama Returnies Amy backstabbed Heather which was heather funniest elimination ever. What will happen next find out now on Total Drama Returnies

  • Intro Plays*

Topher: Oooo Yea

Geoff: We are trying to write something here

Topher: What is it

Geoff: A note


Mateo: Its merge the challenge is to get as many people to like your post on Instagram!!!!!

Topher: I'm hot im sure to win

Mateo: and I almost forgot please welcome back Sugar!!!!

Topher: What No!!!!!!

Sugar: Arghhhhh

  • Sugar throws Topher against the wall*

Topher: Owww



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