In celebration of Total Drama's Renewal, I am taking all 52 Total Drama contestants (sorry Ridonculous Race) splitting them up into 3 groups based on their highest performances in the Total Drama series and doing my version of what would happen if they competed against each other in Survivor-esque rules. That way, there's no cringey or rule-breaking eliminations that we had so many of. Keep in mind this is kind of a sparknotes-esque project and will mainly focus on the strategic part of the game, so if you are looking for excessive character interactions, I'm sorry.

For Part 1, the 16 arguably worst placing Total Drama contestants (none of which have ever made the merge, though that's because all but 4 of these contestants have only played in 1 season) will face off in hopes of Redemption. It's a battle of the sexes season, so it'll start with these teams.

Rabid Beavers: B, Beardo, Ezekiel, Leonard, Noah, Rodney, Sam, Tyler

Sneaky Coyotes: Amy, Dawn, Ella, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Samey, Staci

Episode 1

Challenge: Quest for Fire (Survivor S31 E1)

Immunity: Coyotes

Rodney, Beardo, Ezekiel, and Leonard have to decide between two plans: Noah and Tyler who are targeting B and B and Sam who are targeting Noah. The two brainiacs are going for a big move right away.

B: Noah, Rodney, Tyler

Noah: B, Beardo, Ezekiel, Leonard, Sam

16th place voted out 5-3 Noah (this would be Noah’s second worst finish in a Total Drama season, though his 21st place finish in TDI was out of 22 players)

Episode 2

Challenge: Bocce in a Box (Survivor S19 E4)

Immunity: Coyotes

Knowing his back is against the wall, Tyler continues to campaign against B since he has nothing to lose. Sam, Beardo, and Ezekiel contemplate flipping because it would be a big move to send out a strong and smart player, but it would disrupt their alliance. Rodney and the majority alliance stuck to the script and voted out Tyler.

B: Tyler

Tyler: B, Beardo, Ezekiel, Leonard, Rodney, Sam

15th place voted out 6-1 Tyler (not as low of a ranking as TDI, but still earlier than TDI)

Episode 3

Challenge: Draggin’ the Dragon (Survivor S28 E1)

Immunity: Beavers

The girls face elimination for the first time and the alliance of Katie, Sadie, Sammy, and Amy doesn’t seem to be working out thanks to Amy and Sammy. The question becomes do the other players value team chemistry more (voting out Amy) or keeping a weaker and more unliked player around (voting out Sammy)

Amy: Dawn, Ella, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Sammy, Staci

Sammy: Amy

14th place voted out 7-1 Amy (about as far as she made it in TDPI, though this time she was rightfully voted out)

Episode 4

Challenge: Swing Break (Survivor S25 E4)

Immunity: Beavers

Katie and Sadie are seen as the easy targets because no matter what happens, they will vote together. However, Eva feels that she is 4th in the pecking order of her alliance with Dawn, Staci, and Ella. Eva can’t stand Ella, Katie, or Sadie, but Eva, Katie, and Sadie at least have the original TDI connection. Both Eva and Dawn recruit Sammy to their alliances for that crucial swing vote.

Ella: Eva, Katie, Sammy, Sadie

Sadie: Dawn, Ella, Staci

13th place voted out 4-3 Ella (a slightly worse finish than in TDPI)

Episode 5 coming soon. B, Beardo, Dawn, Ezekiel, Eva, Leonard, Rodney, Katie, Sadie, Sam, Sammy, and Staci remain. Who do you think will win?

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