Years after The Ridonculous Race, producers returned to Chris McLean, eager to bring back the show that started the reality television craze. Renting out a new summer camp, Chris brings fourteen new teenagers to battle it out for a million dollars. 


  • August - The Loner
  • Carolyn - The Careless Heir
  • Chase - The Conspiracy Theorist
  • Damion - The Kind Guy
  • Everett - The Elitist Heir
  • Jackson - The Naive Strategist
  • Jillian - The Aspiring Actress
  • Kenny - The Model 
  • Lamar - The Friendly Jock
  • Lana - The Kickboxer
  • Stanley - The Flirt
  • Teresa - The Socially Inept
  • Yuki - The Observant
  • Zalia - The Progressive Blogger


Episode 01: Lights, Drama, Action!

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