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Total Drama Redemption Island (Heatherfan22)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Genre Animation
Reality television
Created by Tom McGillis
Developed by Teletoon
Directed by Chad Hicks
Preceded by Total Drama Pahkitew Island
Succeeded by TBA
Total Drama Redemption Island is the seventh season of Total Drama


Total Drama is back and this time we are bringing back 16 contestants who never really had the best shot or performance on the show.The cast comprises of AnneMariaBBlaineley,BrickDakotaDawnEvaEzekielGeoffJustinKatieNoah,SadieStaci, Trent, and Tyler. These losers....I mean redeemers are headed to Opportunité Island (That's French for Opportunity Island) at Camp Pilgrimage to compete in the most dangerous, life threatning, and barf enducing challenges ever!!!. These sixteen contestants are divided into two teams, The Shivering Sharks and the Rampant Squirrels. One by one each of these redeemers will be voted off and sent home via the Yacht of Shame. The last reedemer standing will win $1,000,000! Oh, and before I forget the show will be adding two secret contestants to the mix later on in the show!


Please Visit This Page for Episode Guide

  1. Red Dread Redemption (Non-Elimination)
  2.  An Apple A Day Keeps the Prospector Away
  3. It's A Good Old Surf War (Non-Elimination) (Secret Contestant I Debuts)
  4. A Fallen Zero
  5. Get Your Kicks on Route 666
  6. Never Fight The Hand That Feeds You
  7. Miss the Chef? (Non-Elimination) (Secret Contestant II Debuts)
  8. Level Playing Ball Field
  9. To Make A Long Quary Short
  10. A Train That Two Can Take
  11. Your Dress Is As Good As Mine (Non-Elimination) (Previously Eliminated Contestants Returns)
  12. Once Upon An Abandoned Mine (Non-Elimination)
  13. Above and Beyond the Wall of Mooty-y
  14. Be Curtains for Something or Nothing
  15. Turn Left At the Merge
  16. Elder Tolls
  17. Paranormal Captivity
  18. A Friend in Need Is Not a Friend Indeed
  19. A Leading Quest-ion
  20. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Loss (Non-Elimination)
  21. The Demi-God Finals
  22. Indiana Tombs and the Season Finale


Like the previous seasons contestants will receieve symbol of immunity, however this season instead of the marshmallow the redeemers will receive a chess piece signifying that they have not been eliminated from the game. Also at each elimination one contestant from the winning team will be sent into exile on Dispora Islandwhere they will be givent the chance to find the McLean Invincibility Statue. The contestant who does not receive a chess piece however will be sent home and eliminated on the Yacht of Shame signifying their glorious end to the game.

Participant Team Status Placing
Katie Shivering Sharks  1st Voted out in An Apple A Day Keeps the Prospector Away 19th Place Non-Merged
Ezekiel Shivering Sharks  2nd Voted out in A Fallen Zero 18th Place 
B Ramapant Squirrels 3rd Eliminated in Get Your Kicks on Route 666 17th Place
Staci Rampant Squirrels 4th Voted out in Never Fight the Hand That Feeds You 16th Place
Tyler Shivering Sharks 5th Voted ou in Level Playing Ball Field  15th Place
Dakota Rampant Squrrels 6th Eliminated in To Make A Long Quarry Short 14th Place
Geoff Rampant Squirrels 7th Quit in A Train Two Can Take 13th Place
Dawn Shivering Sharks  8th Eliminated in Above and Beyond the Wall of Moot-y 12th Place
Brick Shivering Sharks 9th Voted out in Be Curtains or Something for Nothing  11th Place
Justin Shivering Sharks 10th Eliminated in Turn Left at the Merge 10th Place  Merged
Eva Rampant Squirrels  11th Voted out in Turn Left at the Merge 9th Place
Sadie Shivering Sharks 12th Eliminated in the Elder Tolls 8th Place
Noah Rampant Squirrels 13th Voted out in Paranormal Captivity 7th Place
Anne Maria Shivering Sharks 14th Voted out in A Friend in Need is Not A Friend Indeed  6th Place
DJ Rampant Squirrels 15th Voted out in A Leading Quest-ion 5th Place
Blaineley Rampant Squirrels 16th Eliminated in The Demi-God Finals 4th Place
Trent Rampant Squirrels 17th Eliminated in the Demi-God Finals 3rd Place
Bridgette Shivering Sharks

Winner in Indiana Tombs and the Season Finale

Runner-Up in Dakota's Ending

Dakota Rampant Squirrels

Winner in Indiana Tombs and the Season Finale

Runner-Up in Bridgette's Ending


Shivering Sharks

The Rampant Squirrels

Cameo Appearances

Elimination Pictures

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