Eighteen fresh faces are brought out to the beautiful albeit dangerous Hawaiian island of Maui, where they'll be split into two teams and forced to duke it. Challenges take place almost daily and the losing team shall be sent straight to the campfire ceremony - where one contestant will be voted out.  However, they will not be eliminated from the game just yet. Instead, they shall reside on a remote islet and await the next eliminated contestant to join them. They will then duel, the winner of the mini challenge staying on the island and the loser being sent home immediately. Once the teams dissolve, these duels will come to an end and the last person standing shall return to the main island and compete with the remaining contestants. In the end, only one person will walk away with the million dollar grand prize. Romance, betrayal and drama galore is to come on Total. Drama. Redemption!




Chapter One: Trouble In Paradise

Word Count: N/A

Posted On: N/A


  • The concept is (obviously) taken from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Chapter One

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