By Garrmactad2.0

Total Drama Presents - The Ridonculous Race Europe


  1. The Indians - Chad + Carton
  2. The Gamers - Garrett + Bell
  3. The Perfectz - Mary Sue + Mary Jane
  4. The Cartographers - Ben + Jen
  5. The Prussians - Mark + Wilhelm
  6. The Doctors - Mikan + Hajime (Inspired by Danganronpa 2)
  7. The Contradictors - Nate + Sarah
  8. The Chemists - Pluton + Mercium
  9. The Professors - Dr.Gold + Dr.Silver
  10. The Comedians - Nick + Mike
  11. The PINGAS - Peter + Pedro
  12. The Pet Owners - Catrina + Dogoli
  13. The Rappers - Snuppy + Allon
  14. The Taxi Men - Carl + Johnny
  15. The Conquers - Nobunaga + Hideyoshi
  16. The Robbies - Catherine + Ibuchi

Episode 1 - Its Ottowa To Meet You Part 1 The Meetings

Anton: Hello I'm Anton he Host of this show, and you may be wondering, "Europe? Why are you in Canada?", Well the answer is.... DOES IT MATTER? well whatever, Lets Meet our 16 Teams, and 32 People!

*Camera Pans to a bus with all the contestants*

Chad: Hi! we're The Indians We used to live in India, buuuuut due to use being christian we moved to Canada.

Carton: yup... but due to that experience we Do not eat dirt

Chad: yeah they suffocated our dad with dirt

*To the Gamers*

Garrett: Hello! I'd say a few things but.... Bell's vocal cords are messed up....

Bell Nods

Garrett: Her only form of communication is Ya know Games?

*To The Perfectz*

Mary Sue: why hello there!

Mary Jane: We are perfect in every way!

Mary Sue: Except sportsmanship, and friends...

Mary Jane: but whatever WE WILL WIN

*To the Cartographers*

Ben: Hello all you uneducated people

Jen: we will show you the wonders of Geography!

Ben: Atleast no Border gore in Europe!

Jen: except Baarle-Hertog / Baarle-Nassau

*To the Prussians*

Mark: Hello we are the Prussians, Me and Wilhelm here will Win and Create a Great Prussia!

Wilhelm: um I'm a decedent of Wilhelm the 2nd?

*to the Doctors*

Mikan: um hello we're the doctors.... and um..... we came to... win to get the money..... for my chance to go to a....... Medical College.....

Hajime: yeah She was bullied... ALOT

*to the Contradictors*



Anton: yeah they hate eachother...

*to the Chemists*

Pluton: He we will smart these people out!

Mercium: Yeah Plutonium and Meracium Will beat these people!

Pluton >:(

*to the Professers*


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