Series Overview

18 contestants including 1 new one battle it out to win $1,000,000 in 26 episodes (including aftermaths) . This time, each challenge brings them to a different part of a city and Topher (the new host) spins a wheel which decides important factors in each challenge.



Team Super:

  • Bridgette
  • Carrie
  • Cody
  • Jasmine
  • Kitty
  • Lindsay
  • McArthur

Team Sadistic:

  • Chris
  • Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Heather
  • Sky
  • Taylor

Team Strange:

  • Crimson
  • Dave
  • Dawn
  • Gwen
  • Rose (Rose is a new character who is mysteriously quiet and wears tons of layers of makeup)


Episode 1: A New Spin On Things

At the beginning of each episode the super, strange, sadistic spinner is used to decide where the challenge will be done solo, in teams or pairs. The spinner also decides whether the challenge is super, strange or sadistic. Super challenges are fun and nobody gets eliminated. Strange challenges are where each contestant picks a different challenge out of a hat OR when one of the contestants can design their own challenge. Sadistic challenges are tricky and are throwbacks to past challenges.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 15.51.13


Wheel results: Super / Team

Location: Playground

Challenge: The teams compete in a relay race around a playground themed obstacle course. The team that finishes first wins immunity for next week and the losing team has to send someone to the city's jail for the night as a forfeit.


  • Chris complains and claims he could have made a better challenge
  • Cody says in the confessional that he is glad he is on an all-girl team
  • While she is running past the swings, Jasmine gets hit in the head and loses her memory of Pahkitew Island
  • Rose has to keep stopping to apply more makeup

Winners and losers:

Team Super win and Team Strange lose. Team Strange send Rose to jail for holding the team up.

Bonus clip:

After the credits, a bonus clip shows Rose in a jail cell She vows she will get revenge on her team for sending her there.

Episode 2: Black Friday


Wheel results: Strange / Solo

Location: Shopping Centre

Challenge: Each contestant writes down one item they want on a piece of paper, all the pieces of paper get put into a hat and everyone picks one out. They must then buy the gift from the paper they picked out for the person who wrote it. As an extra twist, it is Black Friday, the busiest day of the year. The people who find the gifts win immunity and their own gift (if the other person bought it.)


  • Lindsay has to buy Heather's gift and decides not to because she is already immune
  • Kitty has to buy Crimson's gift but she is too scared to go in the dark, gothic shop
  • Cody picks out his own name and buys his gift early, so he helps Kitty by getting Crimson's gift
  • Gwen doesn't buy Taylor's gift because she hates her and doesn't care if she doesn't get immunity
  • Jasmine has to buy Rose a knife and gets suspicious about her intentions
  • And the end of the day, it turns out Rose was just making a special dinner for her teammates
  • Taylor gets angry with everyone because she didn't get her gift

Winners and losers:

Everyone but Taylor, Gwen, Duncan and McArthur win immunity.


Half the contestants vote for Taylor for going in a strop but half the contestants vote for Gwen as the cause of this. In the event of a tie, the spinner decides who goes home.


Gwen is the first contestant going home on the spin of shame (a spinner which she is strapped onto then launches her into the ocean).

Bonus Clip:

Gwen resurfaces from the water just after being launched and Topher shouts "You forgot this!" and launches her gift (a dartboard with Heather's face on) which hits her in the face.

Episode 3: Cliff Dive To Survive


Wheel results: Sadistic / Pair

Location: Cliffs

Challenge: Since this is a sadistic challenge, it is a throwback to a past challenge. This challenge is a combination of the challenges in 'El Bunny Supremo' and 'Brunch Of Disgustingness'. One member of each pair has to eat a disgusting feast while the other jumps from a cliff into the water. The more food one member of the pair eats, the lower the other member of the pair has to jump from. Whoever doesn't jump will force both members of the team to face elimination. The spinner decides which member of the pair does which challenge.


(J means jumping and E means eating)

  • Heather (J) & Lindsay (E)
  • Bridgette (E) & Courtney (J)
  • Cody (E) & Kitty (J)
  • Carrie (J) & Duncan (E)
  • Dave (E) & Sky (J)
  • Rose (J) & Jasmine (E)
  • Chris (E) & Crimson (J)
  • Taylor (E) & Dawn (J)

There is an odd number of contestants so, the spinner is spun and whoever it lands on wins immunity and doesn't have to compete.

It lands on McArthur so she is immune.


  • Lindsay, Duncan and Chris don't eat anything so Heather, Carrie and Crimson have to jump from the top. They all refuse to jump.
  • Jasmine doesn't trust Rose so she doesn't eat anything
  • Dave & Cody eat everything so Sky & Kitty can jump from the lowest cliff
  • Bridgette eats all of her food too so Courtney can also jump from the lowest cliff but Courtney is scared of water so she doesn't jump
  • Taylor doesn't eat anything but Dawn gets a group of birds to carry herself down

Winners and losers:

Lindsay, Heather, Chris, Carrie, Duncan, Crimson, Bridgette and Courtney all face elimination.


In a twist, the voting is shown to everyone. Almost everyone votes for Taylor but Bridgette votes for Courtney because she didn't jump.


Taylor got the most votes but, before she is eliminated, Courtney quits the show becuase she is angry Bridgette betrayed her. The elimination is cancelled and Courtney goes home instead.

Bonus Clip:

Just after Courtney lands in the water, she regrets quitting the show and tries to swim back to the island. The camera zooms out and shows that she is miles away.

Episode 4: Arcade Invaders

Wheel results: Super / Solo

Location: Arcade

Challenge: Each contestant is given $50 and is told that they must use the arcade machines to win tickets. Whoever has the most tickets by the end of the day gets a reward but anyone with less than 100 tickets will face a forfeit.


  • Duncan breaks some arcade machines to steal tickets
  • Cody quickly earns lots of tickets so he gives some to Kitty (who hardly has any)
  • Taylor & Heather become rivals and waste all of their money competing with each other
  • Lindsay leaves the arcade to go a clothes shop nearby- she spends all her money there
  • Dave doesn't want to touch any of the machines incase they have germs on them
  • Eventually, Sky helps him overcome his fear in exchange for tickets

Winners and losers:

Cody gets the most tickets and wins the reward.

Lindsay, Heather and Taylor don't get enough tickets and Duncan also loses for cheating.


Cody's reward is that he can design a beach-related challenge for next week.


Lindsay, Heather, Taylor and Duncan are sent to jail for the night.

Bonus Clip:

Heather tries to form an alliance with the others in jail but they all refuse and secretly agree to vote her off next week.

Episode 5: Sun Of A Beach

Wheel results: Strange / Pair

Location: Beach

Challenge: The challenge Cody designs is a beach volleyball tournament but Topher thinks it is too easy so he makes some adjustments. Now the challenge is EXTREME beach volleyball so the balls either have spikes on them, are extremely heavy or give the contestants electric shocks. The pairs verse each other in doubles matches and the winning pair in each gets immunity. This keeps going until one pair is left- this pair will have a 1v1 match and the loser automatically goes home.


(The pairs stay mostly the same)

  • Heather & Lindsay
  • Bridgette & Carrie
  • Cody & Kitty
  • McArthur & Duncan
  • Dave & Sky
  • Rose & Jasmine
  • Chris & Crimson
  • Taylor & Dawn


  • Lindsay is very bad at volleyball so Heather purposely tries to lose each match so she will go home
  • Rose's ball goes into the sea so she goes to get it back. When she is in the water, some of her make-up washes off and Jasmine thinks she looks familiar
  • Dawn is terrible at volleyball so she communicates with a seal and asks it for help
Round 1 Results:
  • Bridgette & Carrie, Cody & Kitty, Rose & Jasmine and Taylor & Dawn win their matches and get immunity
Round 2 Results:
  • Dave & Sky and McArthur & Duncan win immunity leaving Heather & Lindsay and Chris & Crimson
Round 3 Results:
  • Heather & Lindsay lose and go into the final duel


Lindsay had just been pretending to be bad at volleyball all day and she reveals she played it when she was younger. She easily beats Heather and sends her home.

Bonus Clip:

Heather resurfaces from the sea and is angry she got beat by Lindsay. Lindsay is then seen loading one of the electric balls into a cannon and firing it at Heather.

Episode 6: Weird, Wicked & Wild

Wheel results: Sadistic / Solo

Location: Zoo

Challenge: Throwback to 'Wawanakwa Gone Wild!' and 'My Way Or Zimbabwe'. Each contestant gets a camera and picks the name of animal out of a hat. For the first part of the challenge, they must take a photo of their animal. If they don't do this, they are eliminated automatically. They can also bring the animal back to the zoo's entrance for immunity.


  • Bridgette- Dolphin
  • Duncan- Rabbit
  • Sky- ‘Clucky' the lie detecting chicken
  • Carrie- Dog
  • Taylor- Shark
  • Cody- Tiger
  • Kitty- Kitty
  • McArthur- Monkey
  • Jasmine- Koala
  • Crimson- Bat
  • Dave- Budgie
  • Dawn- Owl
  • Rose- Starfish
  • Chris- One Of The Mutants From TDROTI
  • Lindsay- Seal


  • Bridgette gets her photo but doesn't want to bring the dolphin back incase it gets hurt
  • Duncan is too embarrassed to pet the rabbit so doesn't get immunity
  • Taylor drops her camera in the water and doesn't want to dive in and get it
  • Cody tries to impress Kitty by bringing the tiger back but he ends up almost getting eaten
  • Kitty finds the kitty and brings it to the entrance, for the rest of the episode, the kitty follows Kitty around so Kitty keeps it as a pet
  • Jasmine finds some eucalyptus leaves to lure the koala to the entrance but the leaves are just fake props. This makes her have a flashback to Pakhitew Island and she regains some of her memory
  • Rose has to dive underwater to get the starfish. This makes most of her makeup wash off- Chris sees her with no makeup on and he asks if he knows her because she looks familiar
  • Dave says in the confessional that he still likes Sky so he practises asking her to go out with him
  • Sky & Clucky run into Dave & the budgie and the budgie repeats Dave asking Sky out. Sky says that she doesn't like Dave and doesn't want a relationship with him but Clucky squawks signifying this is a lie

Winners and Losers:

Taylor is instantly sent home for not getting a photo. Bridgette, Duncan, Cody, McArthur, Chris and Lindsay all fail to bring their animals back so they face elimination.


Rose tries to persuade people to vote off Chris and pretends it is because he was so mean to everyone in Total Drama.


Even though some people voted for Duncan, Chris gets the most votes and goes home.

Bonus Clip:

Chris remembers why he recognised Rose and swims back to the island to tell everyone. However, it still isn't revealed why he recognised her.

Episode 7: Aftermath I: Bridgette's Betrayal

Geoff still hosts the aftermath along with Blaineley and they recap who has gone so far.

Quarter-way Recap:

Team Super:
  • Carrie
  • Cody
  • Jasmine
  • Kitty
  • Lindsay
  • McArthur
Team Sadistic:
  • Bridgette (Bridgette is moved teams after voting for Courtney)
  • Chris
  • Courtney
  • Duncan
  • Heather
  • Sky
  • Taylor
Team Strange:
  • Crimson
  • Dave
  • Dawn
  • Gwen
  • Rose

There is also a segment giving a sneak peek of the next episode

  • Courtney is still swimming towards the island and she is about halfway
  • Also, Chris is getting a helicopter to the island to tell them all something
  • It is revealed that the next episode will be a super, team challenge which will take place in a theme park

Episode 8: Hold On To Your Heads!

Wheel results: Super / Team

Location: Theme Park

Team changes:

Before the challenge starts, the teams are evened out. Because Bridgette stabbed Courtney in the back, she is moved to team sadistic. One more contestant must be moved so the wheel is spun and McArthur is moved to team sadistic.


Each team rides 3 rollercoasters. One rollercoaster is super (fun and not too scary), one is strange (a creepy ghost train) and one is sadistic (fast, dangerous and scary). Each contestant has a button in their rollercoaster cart which will eject them from the rollercoaster, they can use this if they get too scared. Each team gets a point for each member left at the end of each rollercoaster.


  • Duncan survives all the rollercoasters and says it is a reward not a challenge
  • Cody is scared of the sadistic rollercoaster but tries to survive it for Kitty
  • McArthur hates her new team
  • Jasmine ejects herself from the ghost train and hits the ceiling. She gets knocked out and wakes up in hospital, with her memory back and rushes back to the theme park.

Winners and Losers:

Team sadistic win and team strange lose.


Team strange must choose someone to go to jail again, Rose nominates herself.

Bonus Clip:

Jasmine finally gets to the theme park, but no one is there. Chris also arrives in his helicopter so they both take to the skies to see where the next challenge is. Meanwhile, Rose escapes from jail and follows the helicopter.

Episode 9: Lying, Scheming & Reading

After the last episode, Rose, Chris & Jasmine are still following the other contestants to where the next challenge is- a library. Before the helicopter gets there, Rose lassos the bottom and climbs up. She eventually gets to the top of the helicopter...

JASMINE: You're Scarlett aren't you?

ROSE: Yes. But I'm not letting any of them know yet. And I'm not letting you tell them either.

CHRIS: Fine then. Stop us.

[Scarlett pushes Chris out of the helicopter and he hangs onto the bottom of the rope]

SCARLETT: You put us through all of those harsh challenges. Now it's time to get revenge.

[Scarlett pulls out a clip from her hair that is sharpened into a knife at one end and starts sawing the rope]

[Jasmine flies the helicopter towards the sea so Chris survives]

SCARLETT: You're going down! Both of you! And don't you dare come back!

[Scarlett gives up on sawing the rope and cuts the helicopter's engine. She has a hang glider so she jumps out and glides back to land.]

The helicopter lands in the sea, miles away from the island. Jasmine & Chris rise from the water and bump into Courtney, who is still swimming. Jasmine says she won't let Scarlett stop her from winning the million so she swims back to the island even though she is still worried about what Scarlett could do. Chris doesn't care about the other contestants and says he tried his best so he just calls Chef with another helicopter.

Wheel results: Strange / Solo

Location: Library


The contestants have to do a quiz about total drama. Since team sadistic won last week, they get half an hour to study by reading books about the past series.


  • Scarlett still pretends to be Rose and tells the others that Jasmine has decided to leave the competition.
  • Rose says she has never watched total drama before but then there is a question about Pakhitew Island, which she gets right. Dave and Sky start to get a little suspicious.

Winners and Losers:

Team Sadistic win and Team Super lose.


Since Jasmine 'decided to leave' the elimination gets called off. However, this means the whole of Team Super have to spend the night in jail.

Bonus Clip:

Courtney and Jasmine show up at the beach and try to find the others.

Episode 10: Lost & Found

Wheel results: Sadistic / Team

Location: Airport


A combination of the Ridonculous Race and 'The Obsta-Kill Course'. The teams must complete a relay race through a security check obstacle course. The first team to finish wins a gold suitcase with a good reward in, the second team wins a silver suitcase with an average reward and the team in last wins an empty bronze suitcase. After the challenge, the contestants must board a plane which will take them to a smaller, nearby island for the next few episodes.


  • Lindsay has a cold so she wastes time getting medicine
  • Scarlett (who is still disguised as Rose) makes the metal detector beep so McArthur keeps a close eye on her
  • Crimson is slow in the relay race

Winners and Losers:

Team Super win and Team Strange lose.


Revealed in the next episode...

Bonus Clip:

Courtney and Jasmine see the plane leave the island so they decide to set up a campsite in the woods.

Episode 11: In Too Deep

Location: Airplane

Rewards from the last episode:

Team Super open the gold suitcase and win immunity from the next episode's elimination and parachutes.

Team Sadistic open the silver suitcase and win just parachutes.

Team Strange's bronze suitcase is supposed to be empty but Izzy is inside so she joins the competition

Before the challenge starts, the teams have time to strategize on the plane.


  • McArthur finds a knife in Rose's handbag and handcuffs her just to be safe
  • Dawn says Crimson has a happy aura and Crimson gets angry with her
  • Dawn tries to get Dave to join an alliance and vote off Crimson but Crimson tries to get Dave to vote off Dawn
  • The plane has bad turbulence while Lindsay is in the middle of taking drowsy cough medicine so she accidentally drinks the whole bottle.
  • Dave complains about Izzy's craziness.


The plane's engines fail so the contestants must jump out of the plane and swim to the shore. The first two people to reach the island who aren't already immune will win immunity.


  • McArthur doesn't have time to un-handcuff Rose so she gets left on the plane
  • The plane lands in the sea and Rose almost drowns. Eventually, she escapes and says that soon she will reveal her true self and get revenge on the other for leaving her.

Winners and Losers:

Bridgette and Dawn use dolphins to help them swim so they both win immunity.


Duncan, Dave, Crimson, McArthur, Izzy, Sky and Rose face elimination. Dave ignores Crimson and Dawn and him and Sky both vote for Crimson. McArthur and Rose vote for each other. Crimson votes for Dave and Duncan votes for Rose. Izzy also votes for Dave.


Crimson: 2

McArthur: 1

Rose: 2

Dave: 2


To make up for her traumatic experience, Topher lets Rose spin the wheel to break the tie. She uses a scientific theory of momentum to guarantee it doesn't land on her. It lands on Crimson so she goes home.

Bonus Clip:

While the contestants are walking from the beach to their hotel, Bridgette finds a hat that looks like Geoff's hat and keeps it as a good luck charm. When she leaves, Scarlett is told by a local that it is bad luck to take something from that beach. Scarlett then says in the confessional that, as soon as Bridgette is eliminated, she will persuade someone else to take the hat until they get cursed and eliminated too. She will use the hat to take them out one by one.

Episode 12: The Crate Escape

Wheel results: Strange / Pair

Location: Factory


  • McArthur, Duncan, Dave, Sky, Kitty and Cody must make something for their partner
  • Dawn & Carrie must guide a lost animal out of the factory
  • Izzy & Scarlett must find a box one of them will fit in
  • Bridgette & Lindsay must travel along a giant conveyor belt with obstacles


  • Lindsay is half-asleep because she overdosed on cough medicine
  • Izzy fits inside a box and Scarlett nails her in. Izzy finds this funny though
  • Dawn quickly saves the animal because of her aura powers

Winners and Losers:

Bridgette, Lindsay, Dave & Sky are in the elimination


Bridgette votes for Lindsay for failing the challenge. Dave & Sky make an alliance and both vote for Bridgette because she is a bigger threat. Lindsay says she is voting for Bridgette because she was bossy during the challenge. Scarlett eavesdrops on the confessional and says her plan is working.


Lindsay is still drowsy and accidentally votes for herself. The wheel is spun to break the tie and Lindsay goes home.

Bonus Clip:

Lindsay lands on the main island and feels sorry for Bridgette and wants to apologise. Meanwhile, Izzy is still in her box and is laughing but asks Rose if she can be let out yet. Rose says no. be continued...

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