Total Drama Presents: The Chaotic Race
Season Number:
Two (Fan made)
Number of Teams
Number of Contestants

This story is rated PG-13.
There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.

It has been three years since The Ridonculous Race and, after many demanding letters for a second season, it's finally here.

24 Teams.

1 winner.


This is...

The Chaotic Race!


There are 48 contestants and 24 teams this season, 6 RR Veterans, 6 TD Veterans, 6 Newcomers, and 6 teams combined of all of these:


Alex and Casey (Siblings)

Matthew and Kaiden (Neighbors)

Patrick and Zach (Gamers)

Suzuki and Thi (Anime Experts)

Xavier and Mason (Thrill Seekers) ELIMINATED

Sophia and Victoria (Island Girls)

Ridonculous Race Veterans

Geoff and Brody (Surfer Dudes)

Laurie and Miles (Vegans)

Crimson and Ennui (Goths)

Sanders and MacArthur (Police Cadets)

Tom and Jen (Fashion Bloggers)

Dwayne Sr. and Dwayne Jr. (Father and Son)

Total Drama Veterans

Max and Scarlett (Evil Geniuses) ELIMINATED

Katie and Sadie (BFFs)

Lightning and Jo (Sports Rivals)

Dj and Dawn (Animal Lovers)

Beth and Harold (Nerds)

Amy and Samey (Twin Sisters)


Scott and Billy (Farm Boys)

Sky and Connor (Olympic Athletes)

Eva and Lucas (Fitness Partners)

Ella and Henry (Actors)

Devin and Shelly (EXs) ELIMINATED

Dakota and Jaden (Celebrities) ELIMINATED

Episode One: Let the Race Begin!

Let the Race Begin!
Episode Number:
District of Colombia
No one
No one
Written Date
October 25, 2015
None, introducing the contestants.
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Next Episode
Five Million Years DC

Don: District of Colombia: capital of the U.S. where many historical landmarks rest.

In front of the Lincoln Memorial

Don: After explaining the rules. Here, 24 teams will arrive to participate in a race around the globe to win, not One million dollars, but FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! Some of these teams are prepared for what's about to come while others have no idea what they've signed up for. I, Don, am back to host this second season of Total Drama Presents. Known as, The Chaotic Race!

Intro plays

Don: In a short amount of time, our first bus should be arriving with the first six teams of the season, The Ridonculous Race Veterans. Following by 3 other buses holding the Total Drama Veterans, Newcomers, and the teams that consist of both.

Bus containing the RR Veterans arrives

Don: First up, we have the winners of The Ridonculous Race, Geoff and Brody!

Geoff: Dude, we're back in another season of Total Drama!

Brody: Yeah dude! That's so exciting! Who knows? Maybe we could win again!

Geoff: That would be great, dude!

Don: Well, they haven't changed. Anyways here are our runner ups from last season, Sanders and MacArthur!

Sanders: Feels great to be back in another season, doesn't it MacArthur?

MacArthur: Yeah partner, it sure does. Now, that the Ice Dancers aren't here, that's one burden out of our way to victory!

Don: Crimson and Ennui, our next returning duo.

Crimson: Sigh. Let's hope no one tries to sabotage us again like last season.

Ennui: Yeah, that would be disappointing.

Don: Sheesh, even when they're acting normal they tend to startle me! Anyways, Dwayne Sr. and Dwayne Junior, our next returning duo!

Dwayne Sr.: So Junior, how does it feel to be back on this show again?

Junior: I just hope I get to go to New Zealand again.

Dwayne: That would be nice, but they might mistaken me for a girl again because I never got this tattoo removed.

Junior: Exactly. giggles.

Don: Tom and Jen, welcome back to the race!

Jen: Hey hey hey, all our fans. We're back for another season! squeals in joy.

Tom: We'll, like, definitely try to do a better job than last season for all of you.

Don: Our final returning team, Laurie and Miles!

Laurie: Angrily stairs at Don.

Don: ...What?

Miles: She's still pissed at you after last season when you made us eat meat for a non-elimination round.

Laurie: Exactly.

Don: ...Well then. Now we're moving on to the Total Drama veterans! First up, we have Pahkitew Island returnees, Max and Scarlett! (Evil Geniuses.)

Scarlett: I can't believe I have to go through this hell with that idiot! Pointing at Max.

Max: Well hey, you were the one who signed us up!

Scarlett: I did, but you were the one who submitted it when I didn't want it to!

Scarlett about to pounce on Max before being held back by MacArthur

MacArthur: Calm down, woman. The race hasn't even started yet and you're already getting feisty.

Don: Our next TD Veterans, Katie and Sadie! (BFFs)

Katie: Omg Sadie, we have another chance at winning, EIHHH!

Sadie: Ikr? This is, like, so exciting!

Don: Moving along, we have Lightning and Jo! (Sports Rivals.)

Lightning: We are back in the game and we are going to win it! We will tear the other teams apart and take our money!

Jo: Why would you bring me into this? You never told me anything ahead of time!

Lightning: I did ask you, but you never replied so I signed us up anyways!

Jo: That's why you never ask someone something while they're asleep!

Don: Sarcastically. they get along soooo well. here come Dj and Dawn! (Animal Lovers.)

Dawn: I can sense that you are excited for this race and will to anything to not hurt anymore creatures.

Dj: Yeah! And even if I do, I won't quit. I'll just probably moan for a few weeks.

Don: Our next team is, Beth and Harold! (Nerds.)

Beth: I knew joining this race with you instead of Brady was a good idea. After all, we both made it far in Action!

Harold: I agree, we will make it far just like how I made it far in my school's spelling bee but was disqualified for accidently breaking the Principle's chair and getting a detention for a week.

Don: ...Yeah, sure. Our final Total Drama Veteran team, Amy and Samey! (Twins.)

Samey: Hi everyone! Feels great to be-

Amy cuffs her hand over Samey's mouth

Amy: Samey will probably just hold us back, but I'll make sure that we'll make it all the way to the top!

Samey sighs

Don: Now that we are finished with the veterans, let me introduce the newcomers to the race. Starting with our first team, Alex and Casey! Goth-dressed siblings who aren't that gothic, but are known for being gamblers across the continent.

Casey: I joined this competition so I can use the money to purchase a mansion next to a graveyard with men dressed as goths being my servants. Together, me and my brother will make it to the end!

Alex: Meh, I'm only here because Casey needed a partner. I could honestly care less about the race itself.

Don: Ok then, now we have Matthew and Kaiden. Next-door neighbors who are also best friends. Apparently people claim that Kaiden is actually a "guy", but I personally think not.

Matthew: I've always wanted to travel the world when I was younger. Now, this is finally the time to make my dreams come true!

Kaiden: I'm with you on that, Matt. Now we get to travel the world together! Life is great.

Don: Patrick and Zach. Intense gamers who are so into gaming, they literally take life as one huge game.

Patrick: Teachers in school claim that, "Video games are a waste of time and the time should be spent doing something 'smart'". We'll prove them wrong alright!

Don: Suzuki and Thi, huge anime fan girls who are also semi-popular fan fiction writers.

Suzuki: This race should be a blast! I heard that we are going to Japan in this race, too!

Thi: I would honestly cry if that were to happen!

Don: Next we have-

Don sighs

Don: Xavier and Mason, two huge thrill seekers who are also two of the biggest idiots I've ever met.

Xavier: Excuse you Don, we have ridden just about every ride at almost every theme park you can think of across the globe!

Don: Well I hope you realize this game isn't just for the thrills, you know. There's money involved too!

Mason: Money, shmoney! We want the thrills! We want to have the best time of our lives!

Don: looks at camera. See what I mean? Anyways, our final newcomer team is Sophia and Victoria! Two girls from the coast of Hawaii who are lively sisters.

Sophia: We are in Total Drama! I am so hyped! I have always wanted to be in TD since forever!

Victoria: Correction, since 2007, since that was when Season one was released. Also, this is Total Drama Presents, not the original series.

Sophia: You still get what I mean.

Don: Our final 6 contestants are a mix of both veterans and newcomers from both RR and TD. Starting with Scott and Billy! Two boys who grew up on a farm and will do anything to win.

Scott: Ok, so I may of placed 4th in Revenge and 5th in All-Stars, but that doesn't mean anything! I'm still in this to win it! Nothing will hold us back!

Billy: Yeah! As long as this game doesn't have any of those damn snakes. Those freak the hell out of me!

Don: Sky and Connor, Olympic Athletes from Canada who both have Cree decent in their families.

Sky: If I can make it to the finale in Pahkitew, I'm pretty sure I can make it far here. After all, me and Connor are the only Olympic Athletes here that I've seen, right?

Connor: I believe so, too. Even though I wouldn't mind losing, winning would still be great!

Don: Eva and Lucas. Fitness partners who are also two of the most frightening contestants I have ever seen.

Eva and Lucas angrily stair at Don


Lucas: Good, you better be.

Eva: We'll crush you to a pulp if you don't take us seriously. You got that?

Don: Nods

Eva and Lucas: Good.

Don: Shivering in fear M-moving right along, we have E-ella and Henry. T-two famous actors known for s-staring in f-fairytale movies.

Ella: I was unfairly disqualified from Pahkitew, but now that Sugar isn't here, it's time for me and my beautiful Prince Henry to take the spotlight!

Henry: Princess Ella is right, we will fight the evil and win the millions for our kingdom!

Don: Did I mention they act like this 24/7? Anyways, here we have Devin and Shelly. Since Carrie couldn't make it for unknown reasons, Devin had no other choice but to go with his Ex, Shelly. Did I mention they hate each other's guts now?

Shelly: I can't believe you dragged me into this goddamn show that I do not care about anymore!

Devin: Well I'm sorrrry! I had to do this with you because Carrie couldn't make it!

Shelly: So you chose me because you just couldn't accept the fact that you possibly wouldn't make it? Selfish!

Don: While they argue, let's announce our last team for the season: Dakota and Jaden. Two famous celebrities who joined the race for why any other celebrity would do something important, to get their names placed everywhere!

Dakota: I'm back total drama! This time I got my fellow celebrity friend, Jaden!

Jaden: Yo, me and Dakota or gonna make it to the end and win the prize money for our homies at home.

All the teams wait at the starting line waiting for the race to begin

Don: Are you all ready for this epic race around the world? Remember, last person to make it to each safe zone is out of the game!

Don: On your marks...

Don: Get set...

Don: And... GO!!!

All the teams run off the starting line and trample Don unintentionally

Don: Ow! Rude! Anyways. Who'll be the first eliminated? Who'll win and who'll lose? Find out next time on, The Chaotic Race!

Episode Two: Five Million Years DC

Five Million Years DC
Episode Number:
District of Colombia
Lucas and Eva
Devin and Shelly, Max and Scarlett
Written Date
Contestants must either find one of the many hidden travel tips in the Smithsonian or Climb up the Washington Monument and zip line down it to the next don box and race to the Chill Zone.
Preceding Episode
Let the Race Begin!
Next Episode
Watership Dominica

Last time on The Chaotic Race! Don announces the second season of TDP along with all 24 teams. Six RR Veterans, Six TD Veterans, Six newcomers, and Six teams mixed of both old and new. He starts the race as all the teams trample over him in a hurried fashion and the race for the 5 million begins. Who'll win with the 5 million? Who'll lose and go home in shame? Find out this season on...

The Chaotic Race!

Intro plays

Don: The teams have been released and are on the race for the 5 million. Let's check on the teams-

Don gets hit by a tennis ball

Don: Ow! What was that for?

???: Oh you know...

Don: Who are-

Don: ...oh.

Gerry and Pete walk out of a nearby bush

Pete: You said that we'd be included this season for sure!

Gerry: Yeah! And did you? No!

Don: I forgot, I'm sorry! And there's always next season... right?

Gerry and Pete stair angrily at Don

Don: ...Just go now.

Gerry and Pete: Fine. Don't think you got away with this!

Don: Yeah... Anyways, now let's check on the teams.

Geoff and Brody trip over a curve and Brody crashes into a trash can.

Brody: Not again! My leg cramps are back!

Geoff: Dude! yells does anyone have another banana?

Thi: Eh?

Suzuki: Don't ask, just run.

Thi: Meh.

Suzuki and Thi run off and Geoff carries Brody on his back

Sky and Connor reach the first Don box

Connor: So... should we press the button?

Sky: Not sure...

Crimson and Ennui run over and press the button, releasing a tip.

Sky: Guess so!

Connor presses the button and grabs the tip

Connor: It's an either or, whatever that is.

Don: Walking in front of the Smithsonian An either or is where the team must select one of two challenges to proceed on.

Don: In the Smithsonian Contestants must either come to the Smithsonian and find one of the many hidden travel tips and walk all the way to the next Don box.

Don: In front of the Washington Monument Or climb up to the top of the Washington Monument and zip line down it to the next Don Box.

Sky and Connor: Monument

Crimson and Ennui: Smithsonian

Suzuki and Thi: Smithsonian

Geoff and Brody: Smithsonian

Sanders and MacArthur: Monument

Scott and Billy: Smithsonian

Jo and Lightning: Monument

Devin and Shelly: Monument

Max and Scarlett: Smithsonian

Matthew and Kaiden: Smithsonian

Alex and Casey: Smithsonian

Dj and Dawn: Smithsonian

Dakota and Jaden: Monument

Sophia and Victoria: Monument

Dwayne and Junior: Smithsonian

Eva and Lucas: Monument

Harold and Beth: Smithsonian

Katie and Sadie: Smithsonian

Tom and Jen: Smithsonian

Ella and Henry: Monument

Xavier and Mason: Monument (Mainly because of the Zip Line)

Amy and Samey: Smit- Monument (Samey wanted Smithsonian, but Amy changed it to Monument)

Laurie and Miles: Smithsonian

Patrick and Zach: Monument

Don: The contestants who chose the Smithsonian board the bus for the museum while everyone else boards the bus towards the Washington Monument.

MacArthur: On the Monument bus Thank god those Ice Dancers aren't here! Such a relief!

Sanders: Exactly! Such a relief!

Ella: Oh? You two are talking about famous Olympic Ice Dancers Josee and Jacques?

Sky: I heard Jacques got injured from slipping on ice into a nearby tree.

MacArthur: Deserved it.

Sanders: MacArthur!

MacArthur: What? He deserved it after last season!

On The Smithsonian Bus

Harold: So Geoff, how's Bridgette?

Geoff: Babe is doing fine! She is still trying to figure out what to do with the prize money we won.

Scott: Sounds nice. Hey you, Blue hair girl! Taps Kaiden's shoulder

Kaiden: Oh, me?

Scott: You have blue hair, don't you?

Kaiden: Yeah but-

Scott: Tell me, is dying your hair worth it?

Kaiden: Scott...

Scott: Is it?

Kaiden: I need to tell you something...

Bus arrives at the Smithsonian

Kaiden: Never mind...

The teams that chose Smithsonian rush off the bus and run into the museum

At the monument

MacArthur: Well, what are we waiting for? Start climbing!

The teams that chose Monument start climbing up.

After only climbing a few flights, Devin trips on the ground.

Shelly: Come on, get your butt up!

Devin: Shut up! I can do this myself!

Devin gets up and the Fitness Partners run by and trip Shelly over.

Devin: Now you get your butt up!

Shelly: Shut up!

At the Smithsonian

Victoria: Need help, sis?

Sophia: No, I think I got it.

Sophia falls over and lands on Katie's foot

Katie: Ow!

Sadie: Omg! Watch where you fall!

Sophia: ...Sorry?

Max: Is this the right tip we need?

Scarlett: No.

Max: ...How about this?

Scarlett: No...

Max: This?

Scarlett: Stop picking random scraps on the ground and asking if they are the right ones!

Max: Well sorrrry! I don't know what-

Max sees a different looking scrap

Max: I think I found one!

Max runs over to the tip before being shoved out of the way by Billy

Max: Hey! What was that for?

Billy: The tip is ours!

Scott: Yes!

At the Monument

Patrick: Zach...

Zach: yeah, what?

Patrick: ...This is so much like-

Patrick and Zach: Super Donkey Kong 4!!!

Patrick and Zach dart up the stairs and jump at each flight in a Mario style fashion.

Jo: what the!?

Lightning: Grabs Jo Do you want to lose this? Then don't get so distracted!

Scott and Billy run away from the museum and start their walk to the next Don Box

After about an hour or so, Sanders and MacArthur make it to the top of the Monument

Sanders: Thank god!

MacArthur: These gluts can withstand anything!

More teams make it to the top of the Monument and The Cadets, Fitness Partners, and Olympic Athletes Zip line down to the next box

More teams run out of the museum to get to the next Don Box

MacArthur: Alright! We're in the lead!

Sanders: Grabs the tip

Sanders: Apparently all we have to do now is run over to the safe zone!

While the Cadets run the Partners catch up

Eva: Don't you even dare beat us there!

Lucas: We'll burn you up!

Sanders shivers while MacArthur grins

Don: And first place goes to...

Don: THE FITNESS PARTNERS! Cadets, you're in second.

MacArthur: What? How did that fail?

Sanders: Maybe you shouldn't of stood there and waited!

Don: Scott and Billy. Third place!

Don: Partners, Cadets, and Farm boys. All three of you are on flight one.

More contestants Zip Line down and run out of the museum

Don: Surfer Dudes, Fourth place! Island Girls, Fifth!

Sports Rivals and Father and Son arrive








Don: Father and Son, you're on flight two.

Junior: So close!

Dwayne: But hey! Flight two isn't so bad! Right?

Goths, Vegans, and Anime Experts arrive

Henry: Princess Ella, you dropped your royal spoon!

Ella: Why thank you beautiful prince!

Ella and Henry stop and make out while the Animal Lovers, Nerds, and Neighbors pass them








Don: Neighbors, you're on flight three.

Matthew: Meh, it's not like we're on the last flight or anything!

Athletes arrive

Connor: Wait, how did we get on the third flight? I thought we did great!

Sky: You tripped on one of the steps and passed out for a half hour.

Connor: ...Oh. Sorry.

Sky: it's fine!

Actors still making out while Celebrities and BFFs pass them

Don: Twins, Actors, EXs, Evil Geniuses, Thrill Seekers, Gamers, Siblings, and Fashion Bloggers have yet to reach the safe zone!

Siblings and Fashion Bloggers arrive








Don: Only one flight left! One team will not make a flight and be eliminated from the competition!

Back at the Smithsonian

Max: Damnit! I think all the other teams picked up the last of the tips!

Scarlett: If we're eliminated, it's all your fault Max!

At the monument

Shelly: Ugh! Thanks to you we're going to be eliminated!

Devin: I should not of even joined this race in the first place!

Shelly about to pounce on Devin before bumping into Zach as he and Patrick reach the top

Shelly: WE ARE SO CLOSE! drags Devin on the ground and runs towards the top

Thrill Seekers Zip Line down while screaming with joy

Mason: That was so fun! Let's do that again-

Mason: Oh yeah, the race! I forgot all about it!

Xavier and Mason reach the chill zone along with the twins

Samey: Thank god we're safe!

Amy: Thanks to you Samey, we were almost eliminated!

Only the Actors, Gamers, Evil Geniuses, and EXs remain

Ella and Henry finally finish making out and reach the Chill Zone

Don: Finally! You've been making out for literally three hours straight!

Don: Three teams remain! Who'll be eliminated?

Mac and Scarlett finally get out of the museum and rush towards the Chill Zone

Gamers cross the Chill Zone

Don: Patrick and Zach, third to last place!

Patrick and Zach: Yeah! high fives

Don: Either the EXs or Evil Geniuses will be eliminated!

EXs and Geniuses neck and neck run towards the Chill Zone

Shelly trips Devin on purpose

Devin: HEY!

Shelly: That's what you get for all the times you tripped back in the monument!

Devin and Shelly argue while The Evil Geniuses cross the Chill Zone

Don: Max and Scarlett, you are the second to last team to arrive!

Scarlett: Thank god we just barley made it! You almost got us eliminated!

Max: See? I knew we'd make it!

Don: However...

A worried expression appears on Max and Scarlett's faces

Don: ...It's a double elimination round!

Scarlett and Max: W-WHAT!?!?

Don: You heard me right, you are eliminated along with the EXs!

Scarlett: Drops to her knees NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don: Walks over to the EXs Devin and Shelly, I'm sorry. But you two never arrived at the chill zone in time and are eliminated from the race.

Devin and Shelly: THANK GOD!






EXs Flashback

Devin: I am actually very happy we are eliminated from the race! I can't stand another minute with this bastard!

Shelly: Thank god I broke up with you for Ashton when I did! At least he isn't selfish like you!

Devin: I miss Carrie now, I can't wait to go home!

Evil Geniuses' Flashback

Scarlett: Damn you Max! I knew someday you'd be my downfall!

Max: I hope you realize that with us eliminated from the race that means you're going back to jail...

Scarlett: ...I know, unfortunately.

Evil Geniuses and EXs get on a bus

Devin: Well I guess that there's one thing we all are happy about being eliminated. We don't have to deal with our partners anymore!

Shelly and Scarlett: Yeah!

Max: To be honest, I actually didn't mind Scarlett.

Don: Two teams down, 22 remain, who'll win? Find out on..

The Chaotic Race!

Episode Three: Watership Dominica

Watership Dominica
Episode Number:
Dominican Republic
Geoff and Brody
Dakota and Jaden
Written Date
Surf towards a buoy and receive a tip to drive an ATV to the chill zone.
Preceding Episode
5 Million Years DC
Next Episode
On Cloud Nein

Last time on The Chaotic Race! The teams start their epic race around the world and Don is interrupted by two familiar faces. The challenge was to either climb the Washington Monument and Zip line down it to the Don Box or to search for one of the many hidden travel tips in the Smithsonian Museum. While some teams did great, others didn't. Infact, thanks to Devin and Shelly's constant arguing and Max's idiocy, It was both the EXs and the Evil Geniuses who were eliminated. Who'll win in this location? Who won't? And most importantly, will "those two" come back? Find out now on...

The Chaotic Race!

Intro Plays

Don: Yesterday's Chill Zone is today's starting line as yesterday's winners get to take the first tip.

Lucas presses the button

Lucas: Take one of the 4 buses matching your flight to go to the nearest airport to fly to the Dominican Republic.

Don: Showing pictures of the Dominican. The Dominican Republic, known for its pristine beaches, all-inclusive resorts and golfing, is our first out-of-continent location of the season.

On Flight One's bus

Jo: I have no idea how we managed to get sixth place last challenge. Lucky us I guess.

Lightning: I was the one doing all the work, excuse you!

Victoria: Actually, from what I saw, Jo was doing all the work.

Lightning: S-shut up girl!

Victoria: Shrieks

Victoria: Starts crying

Geoff: Whoa dude, that was cruel.

Billy: Yeah! You made a girl cry!

On Flight Two's bus

Harold: And that's how I got my leadership badge! Pretty cool huh?

Thi: Uhh, yeah! It sure... was! Totally!

Ennui: Crimson...

Crimson: What?

Ennui: Do you think we'll go to Transylvania again?

Crimson: I hope, that place was paradise and made me feel...

Crimson and Ennui: ...happy.

Dj: Those guys are creepy!

Dawn: Their auroras tell me that their whole lives they never understood what's bright about life.

On Flight Three's bus

Connor: I can't get over how we were some of the first to get out of the monument but yet not even close the being the first to finish!

Alex: It happens sometimes. I was once the first to finish a test once but yet the fifth to last person to turn it in because I feel asleep.

Tom: So, like, how's everyone doing?

Jaden: Got attacked by a fan at a concert once.

Katie: Omg! Like, that fan must of been so mean!

Kaiden: Just about ever concert has at least one excessive fan who'd go over limits.

Sadie: Did it hurt?

Jaden: No, not really.

Sade: Good. I would of been so worried if you did!

Alex: Life is full of pain.

Katie slaps Alex

Alex: Well sorry for opening my mouth!

On flight four's bus

Amy: Thanks to you, Samey, we were almost out of the race!

Samey: But... I didn't do anything!

Amy: Shut up and listen. If we'd of just went with Smithsonian, we'd be on a better bus and have a better chance at winning!

Samey: Amy... You chose the Washington Monument, not me...

Amy: ...Oh

Xavier: Dude, going down that Zip Line was so much fun! 10/10, would do it again!

Mason: I agree! high fives Xavier

Zach: Imagine if we were in Grand Theft Auto right now and we were the driver.

Patrick: Dude, that'd be so fun!

Henry: Princess Ella, I'm sorry for holding us back for so long yesterday.

Ella: It's alright, prince! After all, we're still in the game, right?

Henry: Yeah! That's good!

At the airport

Don: The buses have arrived and while flight one is all ready to go, flight two has to wait an hour, flight three waits two hours, and flight four waits three hours, which is why you should try to stay away from getting on flight four.

Flight one takes off and lands in Dominica

Don: With the power of time transitions, flight one has landed.

Brody and Geoff reach the Don Box first and Brody presses the button.

Brody: It's a botch or watch.

Don: A botch or watch is a challenge where one teammate has to sit out while the other does the challenge.

Brody: Whoever is not holding this tip must grab a surfboard and surf around a waterbuyo, grab a tip, and surf back to shore.

Geoff: Surfing! This should be a blast dude! Fist bump!

Geoff and Brody: fist bumps uh!

Don: While the contestants from flight one do their first challenge, flight two has taken off.

Geoff reaches shore with the tip

Brody: Great job dude!

Geoff: Thanks bro! I knew we-

Hears another team behind them. Turns around and sees a terrifying Eva behind them.

Geoff and Brody: EEEEEEK!!!

Eva: Shut it. You've seen scarier in the past, Geoff. I know you have.

Geoff: nods

Lucas reads the tip

Lucas: Teams must get an ATV and head over to the Chill Zone with the tip you got off the buoy. If you lose the tip you must go back to receive another one from a different buoy.

Brody: Alright, let's go!

Don: The Partners and the Surfers rush over to get an ATV while the other teams from flight one continue to receive a tip. The second flight has also just landed and the third flight has taken off.

At the airport

Amy: Great, now we're the only ones left along with those idiots. Points to the thrill seekers, gamers, and actors.

Patrick: Pulls out a DS and plays Mario Kart with Zach

Back at the beach

Lightning and Victoria grab the same tip

Lightning: ...You again.

Victoria: angry look of her face

At shore

Sophia and Jo:

Victoria shoves Lightning into the water but trips and falls into it herself and Harold grabs the tip.

Harold: Booyah!

Harold reaches shore and the Nerds run off the get an ATV

Don: Three teams are in the lead and flight three has landed! Flight four has finally taken off after three hours of waiting! They're so screwed.

Sky: Grabs surf board I got it this time, Connor.

Sky heads out but accidently bumps into Kaiden

Sky: Sorry!

Kaiden: grabs surf board and catches air. Is my dye still on?

Sky: About half.

Kaiden: Ok.

Lightning and Victoria keep fighting while more teams grab their tips

Nerds, Surfer Dudes, and Partners race for first place.

Don: And first place goes to...

Don:...THE SURFER DUDES!!! Partners get second and Nerds get third!

Geoff and Brody: Yeah! bro hugs Don

Don: Not this again! Help!

Eva: AGGGGGHHHHH!!! Grabs a stick and throws it at Don

Don dodges it

Don: Damn! You only got second and your still mad! Reminds of one team last season...

Beth: Well hey, third is better than twelfth, right?

Lightning and Victoria still fighting and flight four arrives

Don: Scott and Billy, fourth. Tom and Jen, Fifth, Crimson and Ennui, sixth








Sky reaches shore same time as Kaiden

Sky: Hey, Kaiden. Want to form an alliance?

Kaiden: Matthew told me several times not to trust anyone so...

Sky: We don't even have to share it with the rest of our team, it can just be us girls!

Kaiden: Fine, alliance it is. However, Sky, you said that-

Kaiden bumps into an ATV

Sky: I said what?

Kaiden: Never mind.

Matthew gets on with Kaiden and Connor gets on with Sky

Don: Neighbors, seventh. Athletes, eighth!

Cadets arrive

MacArthur: How did we get ninth!?

Sanders: Maybe you shouldn't of thrown the tips into the air and letting other teams get them...

MacArthur: ...oh.

Patrick: Zach, pretend your in wave racer 3 but on a surfboard instead!

Zach falls off board and stairs irritated at Patrick

Patrick: ...Never mind. Don't do that.

Lightning and Victoria still fighting

Jo: That's it, I'm coming in!

Jo comes in, pulls Lightning out and grabs a tip herself

Jo: There, we got the tip. Now let's go!

Jo and Lightning get on an ATV and ride over to the chill zone

Don: Rivals, I would say that you two got tenth, but Jo broke one of the rules by swimming into the water and grabbing one herself. 20 minute penalty for you two.

A timer for 20 minutes goes off

Lightning: JO!!!

Jo: I had to break you two up somehow!

Sophia and Victoria cross the line along with the actors

Don: 10th and 11th place!

Vegans cross the line








Don: Anime Nerds and Siblings, 13th and 14th place!

Casey: Good job, bro. Keep this up and we may actually stand a chance.

Alex: Whatever...

15 minutes left on penalty timer

Jo: Come on, hurry up timer!

Don: Father and Son, 15th! BFFs, 16th!

Don: Rivals, Animal Lovers, Celebrities, Thrill Seekers, Twins, and Gamers remain!

Xavier: Woo Hoo!

Don: Thrill Seekers, 17th! Unfortunately.

Xavier: Yeah!

Mason: Wait, what do you mean unfortunately?

Don: Whoops, that wasn't meant to be said out loud...

Laurie: I told you guys, Don is a jerk!

Don: Laurie, stay out of this.

Dawn: Come on Dj! You got this!

Dj comes back with a tip and a hurt fish

Dawn: Poor fish... puts hand over a cut in the fish

Gamers pass them up while Dawn tries to heal the fish

Don: Gamers, 18th place!

Patrick: Finally!

Zach: What a relief!








Don: Only Rivals, Twins, Animal Lovers, and Celebrities remain!

Lightning: COME ON!

Animal Lovers and sisters reach the chill zone

Don: Animal Lovers, 19th! Sisters, 20th!

Amy: Again! We were so close but thanks to your poor surfing skills, we were almost eliminated again! If this keeps up, we'll be eliminated in no time!

Samey: Sorry!

Amy: Sorry isn't good enough, tell me you'll do better or else!

Samey: but...


Samey: but-


Samey: sighs, I'll do better next time...

Amy: Good.

Jo: here comes the Celebrities!!!

30 seconds left of penalty

Celebrities slowly approaching while the Rivals start to panic.






Don: Penalty over!

Rivals jump over the safe zone just seconds before the Celebrities cross it.

Don: Jo and Lightning! Second to last place!

Lightning: SHABAM!!!





Dakota: W-what!? NOOO!!

Don: Dakota and Jaden. I'm sorry, but you two are the last to cross and are eliminated from the race.

Jaden: Damnit, we were so close too!

Celebrities Flashback

Jaden: I entered this race to impress my homies at home, but left the race eliminated early on.

Dakota: It's a major disappointment, but hey, at least we didn't get last place!

Jaden: Yeah Dakota, you have a point there!

Celebrities walk by the shore a distance away from the camera

Dakota: So... now what should we do?

Jaden: I was going to begin my new album, want to do some collab songs with me?

Dakota: Sure!

Don: 21 remain, who'll win and who'll lose? Find out next time on...

The Chaotic Race!

Episode Four: On Cloud Nein

On Cloud Nein
Episode Number:
Tom and Jen
Xavier and Mason
Written Date
Put together a puzzle of the German flag and search for a painting with Don's face painted onto it.
Preceding Episode
Watership Dominica
Next Episode
Japan of all Traits

Last time on the Chaotic Race! The teams flew to the Dominican Republic where they had to surf their way out to a water buoy, grab a tip, and surf back to shore. Afterwards it was an ATV race to the chill zone. While alliances formed, enemies were made too. In the end, it were the Celebrities who left. Looks like fame and popularity can't always get you far. Who'll win this leg? Who won't? And will those two ever show up again? Find out now on...

The Chaotic Race!

Intro plays

Don: Yesterday's Chill Zone is today's starting line as the Surfer Dudes get the first tip.

Geoff presses the button

Geoff: Take a taxi to the airport to fly to Germany.

Don: Germany. a Western European country with a terrain of vast forests, rivers and mountain ranges, and 2 millennia of history, Is our next location for the race.

Beth and Harold get the first taxi

Beth: You did great in the Dominican, Harold!

Harold: Just a matter of luck, Beth. If lightning and Victoria weren't fighting, I'd probably still be there searching for the tip. Just like how I got lost in the mall as a kid once because I left my glasses case on a bench and nearly got left behind.

At the airport

Don: Flight one has taken off.

Lightning: if it weren't for you, Jo, we would be on that flight right now!

Victoria: You'd actually be on flight two since you arrived just before us.

Lightning: yelling Shut up girl!

Victoria: jumps back and is on the verge of tears

Jo: LIGHTNING! slaps him

Sophia: What's up with you and scaring my sister? I think you should know by now that she gets scared easily after what happened on the bus yesterday!

Flight two is ready to take off

Sophia: That's us, come on Victoria.

While Sophia and Victoria and the rest of flight two get on the plane, Victoria looks at Lightning with a very pissed expression

In Germany

Don: Flight one has landed and the teams rush off to the Don box.

Jen presses the button

Jen: it's an all in.

Don: An all in is a challenge where both members of the team have to take part.

Jen: Together, both you and your teammate need to put together a puzzle of the German flag. Show it to a German local and he'll give you your next tip.

The teams start the puzzle and the Goths finish in about 30 minutes

Ennui: shows to the local

The local is surprised and gives the tip to Ennui

Crimson: What can I say, I've always been great at puzzles.

Flight two lands and flight three departs

Ennui: Head to Berlin and find a painting with Don's face on it. Hint: It's normally in the top-right or top-left corner. Afterwards, it's a race to the chill zone.

More teams finish the puzzle and flight three lands and flight four departs

Sanders: Done!

MacArthur: Alright. Let's go!

The Goths and Cadets search for the correct painting while more teams finish the puzzle

Dwayne: Alright Junior, the trick to puzzles are easy. You just gotta put that there and that there and boom! We're done!

Dwayne and Junior are about to show the local but Scott and Billy run over their puzzle, making them have to start over again.

Dwayne: Well that's just great! So fu-

Covers mouth

Junior: What dad?

Dwayne: Sorry Junior, almost said a word you shouldn't hear. My bad.

Junior: facepalms

Flight four lands

Victoria stares at Lightning as he approaches the puzzle site

Sophia: Vic, don't you even dare.

Victoria was about to launch herself and Lightning but is held back by Sophia

Sophia: Sis, don't. I know Lightning is an asshole, but control yourself and concentrate on the challenge.

After hours of searching for a good painting, Tom holds one up

Tom: Jen! I got one!

Tom and Jen squeal

Don: Tom and Jen, first place!

Tom and Jen squeal some more

Don: And second place goes to the Surfers. Third place, Cadets.

MacArthur: Come on! Why can't we ever get first anymore!

Sanders: Maybe it's because you-

Sanders is pushed out of the way by Billy

Don: Farm Boys, you arrived. But since you ran over Father and Son's puzzle, you get a twenty minute penalty

twenty minute timer goes off

Scott: Wait, we did what?

Dwayne: You ran over our puzzle! Thank god it was only a small part of it, but still!

Don: Father and Son, fourth!

Laurie: Stupid Don! Making us do impossible puzzles!

Miles: Ok, Laurie. You need to chill down. I know Don made us eat meat last season, but that was in the past. You need to forget about it.

Laurie: I'm sorry Miles, I just can't get over it. That was just plain evil of Don!

Miles: Well, try your best then, Laurie.

Laurie: Fine. I'll try.

Lightning and Jo finish the puzzles and bump into the girls

Victoria and Lightning stare each other down

Jo and Sophia: Not again...

Neighbors and Athletes cross the line

Don: Neighbors 5th. Athletes, 6th.








Lightning and Victoria about to start a fight before both being pulled back by Jo and Sophia

Don: Penalty over! Farm boys, 7th!

Don: Siblings 8th! BFFs 9th!

Ennui: I guess our darkness scared away the bright Don paintings.

Crimson: Yeah

Don: Patrick and Zach, 10th!

Patrick and Zach high five

Jo and Sophia find their paintings while holding Lightning and Victoria back

Sophia: Jo, I think we're probably going to do this for a majority of the season.

Jo: yup.

Don: Island Girls, 11th, Sports Rivals, 12th!








Amy: Samey! Get your butt up and help me find this painting!

Samey: I'm searching too you know!

Mason and Xavier are just screwing around and haven't even completed the puzzle yet

Don: 13th and 14th goes to the Anime Experts and Goths!


Lucas: Eva! I think I found it finally!

Don: Eva and Lucas, 15th place!


Eva throws another stick at don but misses and hits a hidden Pete in the background

Pete: What the hell was that for!?

Don turns around

Gerry: Pete! You blew our spot!

Gerry and Pete run off

Don: ...Well, that happened.

Actors and Animal lovers cross

Don: Ella and Henry, 16th! Dj and Dawn, 17th!

Don: Only the Vegans, Thrill Seekers, Twins, and Nerds remain!

Nerds cross the safe zone








Don: Only three teams left!



Vegans pass them up as they argue

Amy: NO!

Don: Vegans, 19th place!

Amy: NO NO NO NO NO!!!

Samey finally finds one

Samey: I found one-

Amy rips it out of her hands and pulls her to the Chill Zone

Amy: sigh, just say we're eliminated already.

Don: Amy and Samey, I'm sorry but...

Don: You two are the second to last team to arrive and are just barely safe!

Amy and Samey: YES!

Don: Now, where are those idiots anyways?

The Thrill Seekers never started on the puzzle and are just running around

Don: Really guys? This race is about skill, NOT mocking around! You two never arrived at the chill zone and are eliminated from the race! Thank god!

Thrill Seekers Flashback

Xavier: We... were in a race?

Mason: I totally forgot about that! But now we lost our chance with the money now.

Xavier: sigh that's brilliant.

Xavier and Mason walking away from the camera

Mason: Well, we still had fun, right?

Xavier: Yeah, a little I guess. If only we had good memories...

Don: Four teams down, who'll join them and who won't? Find out next time on...

The Chaotic Race!

Elimination Order

Ok, I have decided to unfortunately cancel this because I am not liking the writing of the episodes I have written but haven't posted yet at all. Because of that, I've decided to just post the elimination order of how this series was suppose to be like:

26) Devin and Shelly

25) Max an Scarlett

24) Dakota and Jaden

23) Xavier and Mason

22) Katie and Sadie

21) Ella and Henry

20) Amy and Samey

19) Dwayne Sr. and Dwayne Jr.

18) Dj and Dawn

17) Laurie and Miles

16) Beth and Harold

15) Patrick and Zach

Josee and Jacques Debut

14) Sanders and MacArthur (Penalty)

13) Geoff and Brody

12) Tom and Jen

11) Sky and Connor (Injury, took to long to decide who'll rejoin so no one rejoined)

10) Lightning and Jo (Disqualified)

9) Suzuki and Thi

8) Josee and Jacques (Penalty)

7) Sophia and Victoria (Injury, chose Katie and Sadie to rejoin)

Katie and Sadie Rejoin

6) Scott and Billy

5) Crimson and Ennui

4) Alex and Casey

3) Katie and Sadie

1/2) Eva and Lucas (Winner in Alternate End)

1/2) Matthew and Kaiden (Winner in Official End)

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