After Total Drama is canceled, one former contestant presents an idea for a new titan in the reality TV business. With a familiar face and 16 new contestants, it'll be a wild ride, and you'll have to hold on tight if you want to survive Gwen's Games of Fear and General Nastiness.

Coming soon...


Gwen: The Host

Lance: The Loser

Chet: The Greedy One

Alfred: The Manipulator

Chuck: The Bully

Clyde: The Fat One

Benny: The Unsuccessful Brother

Goku (nickname): The Manchild

Lenny: The Successful Brother

Hailey: The Cute Girl

Lena: The Model

Gertrude: The Proud One

Maroon (nickname): The Lazy One

Kat: The Soccer Mom

Ink (nickname): The Emo

Nicki: The Wild Girl

Maxine: The Farmgirl

Episode 1: It Begins

Coming soon...

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