This story is rated R.
It is not suggested you read it if you are sensitive to violence, swearing, or explicit content.



Total Drama Presents: The Evil Dead


  • Gwen - The Heroin
  • Duncan - The Heroin's Boyfriend
  • Courtney - The Heroin's Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend
  • Trent - The Heroin's Ex-Boyfriend but close friend
  • Heather - The Heroin's Enemy

PLOT: After the series ended, Gwen wanted to bring people she felt that there was an issue with her out to her family's cabin. But, when the five people arrived, they realized that the cabin is haunted by the book of evil and one by one, they will be taken and their bodies will be used for evil.

And it beings... now!

It's a regular July 3rd, the sun is shining, kids are playing in the streets with their friends, people are out walking and everyone is happy.

However, Gwen is sitting in her dark room, look at pictures of her past. She opens up her book labeled "Total Drama" and sees pictures of herself with her friends. A tear comes out of her eye and she stares into the pictures.

"I need to make things right!" she shouted out. She runs downstairs and runs into the kitchen where her mother and little brother are sitting in.

"Mom!" Gwen shouted to her.

"Yes dear?" she replied.

"I need to make things right with my friends," she said, "Is there a place where I can go camping?"

"Well," Gwen's mom said, "There is a place but no one hasn't been there since Uncle Eddy went crazy."

"Where is it?" Gwen shouted.

"Well, it's in Michigan, off the coast," Gwen's mom said, "But please don't go there."

"Why not?"

"Well," Gwen's mom said. She sat down and Gwen walked towards her, "20 years ago, your Uncle Eddy, my brother, went there on vacation with his girlfriend, her sister and two other friends for their Spring Break. But, the next day, Eddy killed them all. He said that they became all grey of their face and tried to kill him. He eventually killed himself that day but since them, no one has been there."

"Mom," Gwen said, "It was probably a prank and Eddy probably overreacted."

"Well, he was always the crazy one... alright, you can go!"

"Thanks mom!" Gwen ran to the door but Gwen's mom stood up and shouted over to her.

"Hey!" she stuck her hand into her pocket and tossed Gwen the cabin's keys, "Here you go! Call me when you get there!"

"Sure thing mom!" Gwen then left the house. Gwen's mom looked worried and sat down next to her son.

"I have a bad feeling about this," she told him.

"Why do you say so?"

"I just have a bad feeling."

Outside, Gwen hopped into her Jeep Wranger and went onto her phone.

"So, I'm definitely bring Duncan, but who else?" Gwen looked through her phone and started to smile, "Maybe Trent, I need to patch things up with him. And I know I'm going to kill myself for this one, but maybe Courtney and Heather. The five of us get along just well if we all looked at the good side of things!"

She then texts the four of them with the message saying, "Hey! It's Gwen, I'm planning on going to my family's cabin for the weekend and I want to know if you guys want to come? I'll offer to bring you all there and I'll provide food!"

She waits for their responses and they all responded.

Duncan texts back, "Sure babe! I'll bring nachos!"

Trent replies back, "Anything for you!"

Courtney replies, "I may not like this, but free ride and free food sounds good."

And finally, Heather replied, "I'm good with the plan, but I want my own room and own bathroom!"

Gwen has a happy look on her face. She then started up her Jeep and road off into the distance to pick up her friends.

It's 5:30 PM. Gwen and Duncan are sitting in front while Courtney and Heather are sitting in back, glaring at each other while Trent sits in between them.

"No tention back there," Duncan told them.

"I wouldn't mind this trip at all if she didn't come along!" Courtney told Heather.

"I only came for the free stuff, thank you very much!" Heather said.

"Uh, you guys," Trent said, "Shouldn't we get along?"

"Yeah," Gwen said, "Besides, I want you guys here so I can patch things up. I feel like you four are the people I should focus on more and I don't want bad relationships in the end."

"Lame," Duncan said.

"I thought that was nice," Trent said, Gwen then looked at her rearview mirror and smiled at Trent.

"So," Heather said, "Where are we going?"

"It's my family's cabin," Gwen said, "It's a nice little cabin, with a giant living room, a huge basement, a nice campfire pit on the outside, a nice little shed, three bedroom and a kitchen."

"One bedroom is mine!" Heather told everyone.

"I'll just take the living room," Courtney said.

"That means I don't have to see you!" Heather told Courtney.

"Listen," Gwen said, "We're all going to have fun this weekend, and who knows, you two may be best of friends."

"I can see it," Duncan said.

"Me too," Trent said.

Gwen continues to drive and they eventually drive though a heavily forested area. It starts to fog up as they drive deeper into the woods. Finally, Gwen drives up to a wooded bridge.

"My mom told me that the cabin is just over this bridge," Gwen told everyone.

She drives over the bridge very slowly. As they drive, the bridge creeks and shakes. This made everyone feel scared. Gwen finally drives over the bridge and continues driving on a dirt road.

Finally, they have hit the cabin they have been looking for. Gwen parks her car in front of the cabin and turns it off. She and everyone else got out of the Jeep and they all stood next to each other and stared at the cabin.

"It doesn't look too bad," Gwen said.

"I just needs some love," Duncan said, "I'll walk towards it."

Duncan starts to walk near the cabin. He walks up the steps, but looks back at Gwen, Courtney, Heather and Trent, who are all staring back at him. Duncan peaks inside the window to see furniture, a rug and a kitchen. He opens the door slowly and walks in.

"EW!" Duncan shouted, "Very dusty but we can clean it in no time." The others outside started to laugh with Duncan.

6:00 PM, Duncan and Trent are dusting the inside of the cabin while Heather and Courtney are bringing the suitcases in.

Gwen, however, walks around the cabin. She notices how the cabin is still nice after being left alone for 20 years.

SUDDENLY, she hears whispers in the forest saying "Join us." Gwen turns around and looks into the distance. She's confused and scared at the same time. She then rushed to get inside. While she did so, a figure looks at her doing so.

7:00 PM, it's dark out and everyone is sitting in front of the fireplace. Gwen and Duncan are huddled under the same blanket, while Heather is sitting next to them, Trent is next to Heather and Courtney is next to Trent.

"So remember when we were on Total Drama and Heather kissed me to get back at you?" Trent shouted out with laughter, followed by laughter from everyone.

"Well," Heather said, "I did have my moments. I can say you two boys had a crush on me."

"True," Duncan and Trent said at the same time, earning a look from both Courtney and Gwen.

"I want to let you all know that I'm having a fun time tonight and I'm going to surprise you all in a hour! I'll be back!" Gwen said, she then walks outside and shuts the door.

"I need to use the ladies room," Heather said.

"I'll join you," Courtney said. They walked off to the bathroom, leaving Trent and Duncan alone.

"So," Duncan said, "How have you been?"

"Eh," Trent said, "Good. Trying to live and all."

"Eh, that's good." They look around and they suddenly see the cellar door.

"You wanna check out the basement?" Trent asked.

"Sure!" Duncan said.

They both got up and walked towards the door that's part of the floor. They opened the door and walked downstairs. Trent turned the light on and the two of the saw stacks of guns, rifles, axes, magazines, beer and books.

"This is awesome," they said at the same time. They walked around only to see them all dust covered with everything.

"Dude," Duncan said, "We can totally hunt tomorrow!"

"That's awesome man!" Trent responded. They walked around and Trent found this book that's faced down. He picks it up and turns it over to see the front cover.

"What are you holding?" Duncan asks. He walks over towards Trent and takes the book away from him.

"I don't know," Trent said.

Duncan opens the book and notices the first page says "DON'T CONTINUE READING!" Duncan laughs though and flips the next page over. He doesn't recognize the writing so he tosses it on the ground.

"Garbage," Duncan says, "Hey, lets bring up some of this stuff and show the girls!"

"Alright bro!" Trent said. They pick around the things, but the book is still open on the page that says "YOU HAVE RELEASED EVIL!"

Outside, Gwen is in the shed, setting up a cake.

"This will be nice to show my friends!" As Gwen continues to ice the cake, the voices in the woods speak again, saying "Join us."

Gwen turns around and looks into the woods. She stops what she is doing and walks outside of the shed. The whispers go again, "Join us."

Gwen grabs a flashlight, turns it on and walks into the dense woods.

She walks and looks at the trees and bushes. The trees are very hallow and grey as the bushes are dead and green. There's leaves on the ground and the branches are in her way. Dense, but walk able.

SUDDENLY, the whispers go off again, "Join us now!" Gwen stops.

"Who is out here?!" Gwen shouts off into the distance. She looks around, but only to see fog and branches, "This isn't funny anymore."

"JOIN US NOW!" it said.

"No!" Gwen shouts out again.

A branch then moves in front of her face.

Gwen screams but the twigs on the ground are wrapping around her feet and legs.

The branches continue to move and this time, it wraps itself around her arms and neck.

Gwen struggles to move, as she is in fear. One branch, shows up out of the ground, black with a red glow. It stumbles towards Gwen and she screams.

"AHH!" Gwen then breaks away from the branches.

She started to run, faster than she ever did before, but she falls over a bush that tries to trap her as well.

She was able to roll out of the bush and continue to run.

A black fogged figure then started to crash her. Gwen sees it and runs for her life.

She runs and runs, running through a dense forest. Trying to find the cabin.

She runs into the shed and grabs the chainsaw. She turns the chainsaw on and turns back to the forest. She stares at the forest with nothing happening.

SUDDENLY, the black figure chases her faster. Gwen then drops the chainsaw and ran to the cabin. She knocks the door open and slams it shut, shocking her guests.

Duncan and Trent run up from downstairs and Courtney and Heather run in from the other room.

"Is everything okay?" Duncan said, running to Gwen.

Gwen breathed heavily several times, before she finally passed out. Duncan quickly catches her and brings her into the other room.

Trent, Heather and Courtney look scared. As Trent and Heather followed, Courtney walks towards the cabin's front door. She slowly walks outside and walks down the steps. She looks around with a confused face.

SUDDENLY, the whispers go off again, "JOIN US NOW!"

"What?!" Courtney shouted, before the black fog shot out and hit Courtney. She screamed so loud, everyone inside heard her.

Trent and Heather ran outside to find Courtney shaking on the ground, foaming from the mouth. Trent grabs Courtney and brings her inside.

Heather follows Trent and locks the open door, leaving the black fog locked out of the cabin. But the whispers laughs and goes back underground.

8:30 PM, Courtney is out-cold on the couch, her skin is pale white and Trent just place another blanket on her. Trent and Heather are looking at her with concern. In the other room, Gwen finally wakes up with a giant gasp.

"Are you alright?" Duncan asks Gwen.

"The forest is alive!" Gwen shouts out to Duncan.

"What are you talking about?"

"It's after me! ME!" Gwen then panics and hid under the covers. "Duncan" she whispered.


"There's something in this cabin," she whispered again.


"And it's evil," she whispered.


"And it's going to get all of us," she whispered.


"And it's already got Courtney."


"I tell you, she's gone!"

"What are you talking about?"

"She's gone!"

Gwen then proceed to get out of her bed and runs into the living room. She points at Courtney. "DEAD!" she screams, "She's dead!"

"No she isn't, she's breathing," Trent said.

Duncan walks into the room and looks at Courtney. When doing so, a giant gust of wind opens the door wide open, pushing Trent and Gwen onto one side of the room and Duncan and Heather on the other side, the wind hits Courtney. She opens her eyes and she rises from the couch. She looks at the others and said "You are all going to die tonight, one by one" in a dark voice. She then faints onto the ground.

The four of them walk towards Courtney and huddle around her. They look at her face very closely... and they don't hear breathing...

BAM! Courtney rises again, but with big white eyes, her skin turned green and she smiles so wide, her lips are starting to bleed.

"THIS IS WHAT YOU DONE TO ME!" Courtney said with a demonic voice, "I'M GOING TO BRING YOU ALL... TO HELL!"

Gwen is shocked and backs away from Courtney. Duncan and Trent run towards her, but she flips them over her shoulders.

Heather runs towards Courtney with a knife, but Courtney dodges Heather and scratches her right arm. She then grabs Heather and tosses her into the kitchen.

Duncan grabs a bat and hits Courtney in the head with it.

"THAT WAS LOVELY!" Demon Courtney told Duncan, she grabbed the bat and started to lick it, causing her tongue to bleed.

Duncan, disgusted by Demon Courtney's action, kicked her. Trent got behind her and opened the trap door into the basement. Duncan them pushes Courtney into the basement and closes the door. Trent and Duncan sat on the door as Duncan bolted down with chains. Courtney bangs on the door as Duncan finished the final piece... and the door is bolted down.

Trent then jumps off the door and runs to aid Heather, who is completely knocked out. Duncan then stares point blank at Gwen, who's panicing in the corner of the cabin.

"I told you about the evil! I told you!" Gwen shouted, while screaming. While she screams, Courtney is laughing in the basement as Duncan is starting to panic.

Evil has now gotten Courtney.

8:50 PM, Gwen is huddled on the couch, shaking back and forth. Duncan is sitting next to her, scared and confused.

Trent walked out of Heather's room.

"She's going to be alright," Trent said, "Just patched up her arm. She needs some rest."

"That's good," Duncan said, "But what are we going to do about her!" He points to the cellar door where the demonic Courtney is laughing.

"I don't know!" Trent said.

"We need to get out of here!" Gwen shouted with panic.

"Now you're talking," Duncan said.

"First it started with the forest, and now Courtney," Gwen said, "She's right! One by one!"

"Listen," Trent said, "It's all going to be fine. Let's just grab Heather and get out of here."

"Listen Gwen," Duncan told her, "You need to relax. Just go into your room, grab your stuff and relax. We'll go in five minutes."

"Okay," Gwen said. Gwen walked into her room. She grabs her suitcase she placed all of her clothes in her. She walks into the bathroom and grabs her shampoo.

She stops to look at her mirror. She sees her craziness in her eyes. She blanks once to see her back to normal. She takes a deep breath and blinks again, only to see a demon version of herself in the mirror.

She screams and the mirror breaks apart.

Duncan and Trent heard the screams from the other room, but only Duncan walks into the room.

He walks in the room and doesn't see Gwen in the room. He soon walks over towards the bathroom and sees the shower curtain closed. He sees the broken glass on the floor and hears sawing and tearing behind the curtain. He opens the curtain and sees Gwen sitting in the corner, possessed and cutting glass into the side of her check.

"What are you doing?!" Duncan shouted in fear.

Gwen then turns to Duncan and cuts his leg, causing him to fall. Gwen then starts to crawl towards Duncan, but Duncan was able to run into the other room with Trent.

"Trent!" Duncan shouted, "Gwen is gone!"

"What?!" Trent shouted, "Look out!"

Duncan dodged an attack from Gwen, causing her to roll into the fire place. She screams in pain as Duncan and Trent pulled her out. Her entire face is burnt off as her entire eyes are pure red.

"Thank you for pulling me out of those hot coals, burning off my pretty skin," the demonic Gwen said.

"You have pretty skin," the demonic Courtney said.

"Now, join me!" Gwen said, as she put her hands on Duncan.

She slaps Trent away from her and away from them. She tries to choke Duncan, but he was able to kick her off of him.

Duncan got up and picked up the axe her brought with him from the basement earlier and then hits Gwen in the head. He then continues to hit the demon with the axe repeatedly until the demon stopped moving, but he continued either way.

Duncan then turned to Trent, covered with black blood, shouting "RUN!" Trent then ran into Heather's room, grabs her hand and pulled her out of bed.

"What's going on?" Heather asked.

"We're getting out of here!" Trent said.

The two started to run into the living room to see the demon Gwen hacked to pieces.

"What the?" Heather asked.

"Gwen became a demon but we killed her!" Trent said.

Duncan, Heather and Trent then proceed to run out of the cabin and ran into the Jeep. Duncan hopped into the driver seat and hot wired the car, while Trent and Heather sat in the passenger seat.

He then drives away from the cabin and back to where they came from.

"STOP!" Trent and Heather shouted. Duncan stopped the Jeep but it got stuck on the edge.

The three of them jumped out of the Jeep as the Jeep fell into the river. The all got up to realized they bridge they cross is how done and the river is flowing very fast.

"We're stuck here!" Heather shouted.

"With no help!" Trent shouted.

"With evil upon us!" Duncan shouted.

Duncan, Heather and Trent were left as evil will haunt them.

9:10 PM, Duncan, Heather and Trent walked back to the cabin and all they see is a bloody mess and Gwen's remains.

"I'm not taking her body out," Heather said.

"We'll take care of her," Trent said.

"Yeah, we will," Duncan said with a depressed expression.

Trent and Duncan wrapped Gwen's remains in the carpet she was hacked upon. Then one grabbed each side and walked out of the cabin, leaving Heather inside by herself.

Courtney popped her head though the door and glared at Heather.

"Hello ugly one," Courtney said to Heather.

"What do you want evil one?" Heather said back.

"Just popping in from hell to see what you mess hackers are up to."

"You took Gwen from us, and now you think it's time to have fun?"

"It's always fun time in hell."

"You're going to pay for what you've done to us."

"Bring it sista, you were always the weak one!"

"I'm not weak!"

"Yes you are! Everyone thought that! Couldn't live without an alliance!"

"I won a season!"

"But also lost it all!"

Heather then ran to the kitchen and grabbed the knife she was holding before. She walks over to the door and unlocks it.

She opens the door to see Courtney missing. She walks down the steps and turns the lights on. She glares around the basement, looking for Courtney. She walks over towards the face-down book.

SUDDENLY, the light is turned off and Heather turned around, only to be face-to-face with demon Courtney. Heather, scared now, stabs her repeatedly and pushes her out of the way, and Heather runs up the stair.

But, at the top step, Courtney grabs her leg, causing Heather to fall on the floor. And then... Courtney drags her down the stairs, back down to the basement. Courtney was sitting in front of Heather.

Heather tries to stab her again, but Courtney grabbed her right wrist and breaks her wrist. She screams but Courtney then grabbed the knife, cuts her tongue in half, then proceeds to make out with Heather.

SUDDENLY, Trent and Duncan run into the cabin and were able to pull Heather out of the basement, away from Courtney. Duncan then hit Courtney in the chest with an axe, causing her to fall down the stairs. While she was down, he bolted the door again and left her down there for good.

"What are you doing?" Trent shouted.

"I was trying to take her down!" Heather shouted.

"Looks to me like you were kissing the zombie," Duncan said.

"She's crazy!" Heather said. She then proceeds to walk into the kitchen, and sits down in front of a bunch of knives.

Trent and Duncan stare at her, but left the cabin again.

9:20 PM, Heather is alone.

Heather is sitting in the kitchen by herself, scared and in pain. She, however, notices her arm becoming black.

"What is happening to me?" She screams.

"That's your true pretty side, Heather," Courtney said, "You're joining us now!"

"No!" Heather shouted, she grabs a knife and saws her arm off.

The arm she sawed off then becomes black and starts to move.

Heather then started to crawl away from her demonic arm.

"Stay away from me!" Heather shouted.

"Too late, you're already with us!" Courtney said.

SUDDENLY, her arm attacked her.

Outside, Trent and Duncan are finish burying Gwen. Duncan looked at Gwen's burial and started to cry.

Trent places his arm on Duncan's shoulder and says, "Listen dude, I know how you feel. I love her too but we need to focus on getting out of here."

"You're right," Duncan said, "Lets grab Heather and figure a way out of this mess hole!"

"Now you're talking!" Trent said.

The two of them walk back to the cabin to see Heather missing.

"Where is she?" Trent asked.

"Probably making out with Courtney," Duncan said.

"No she isn't," Heather said, she popped out behind them, possessed with red eyes, "I'm in hell!" She then proceeds to push them away from her.

Duncan runs up to her, but she flips him over her and outside the cabin. Heather then slowly walks toward Trent, foaming from her mouth with blood. Trent, scared, grabs the rifle from earlier and shots Heather in the chest. This causes her to fall.

Trent crawls over towards her and sees that Heather is back to normal.

"The pain hurts," Heather said.

"It's going to be alright," Trent said, "We'll get you out of here!"

"No," Heather said, "I'm going to die. My heart is gone. But thanks for saving me from hell."

Duncan runs into the room and sees Heather back to normal.

"He runs up to her and grabs her hand, "It's all going to be alright."

"No, it isn't," Heather said, "Thanks for protecting me from hell." She coughed up blood and eventually died. Trent and Duncan cried and hugged each other, but the demonic Courtney continues to laugh at them.

"Sissies!" she said.

But, the two ignored her and carried her into her room. They laid her down on her bed and covered her body with her blankets.

Heather is gone, and so it Gwen. Trent and Duncan are alone with Courtney.

10:00 PM, Trent and Duncan are sitting at the kitchen table, drinking booze like crazy.

Trent is crying over their lost of Heather and Gwen while Duncan is becoming more angry at Courtney.

"Duncan," Trent said, "Maybe we should leave this place."

"I agree with you but there's no way out," Duncan said.

"But there has to be a way!"

"Like what?"

"The forest!"

"Through the forest?"


"Are you crazy? They'll attack us like it did with Gwen. And we can't go out there for long or it'll get us like it did with Courtney."

"But there needs to be a way."

"There's no way out, bro." Duncan then finished his drink and slams it on the table. "We can kill Courtney, burn the house down and escape."

"We can't kill Courtney! She's our friend!"

"We already killed Gwen and Heather!"

"But I don't want to lose another friend."

"How's this, you leave this house, and I'll take care of everything, like I've did before."

"Fine!" Trent then walks out of the cabin. Duncan is alone with the demon Courtney.

He then turns around and glares at the basement door. He walks over towards it with his axe and hacks through the door. He walks down the stairs and looks for Courtney.

"Oh Courtney!" Duncan said, "Your very own sweetheart is here!"

"Oh!," the demon said, "My 'sweetheart' is here?"

"Yes he is!" He turns around to come face to face with her, one last time.

"Then lets dance!" The demon then kicks Duncan into the shelf behind him, but he throws the axe at Courtney's head. She falls and Duncan soon grabs a gun.

BUT, Courtney takes the axe out of her head and uses it to chop Duncan's legs. She then grabs the gun and throws it away from him.

"Remember when you like to be scratched?" Courtney asked.

"No?" Duncan said.

"Then prepared to die!" She then started to scratch him, drifting blood to the walls.

Outside, Trent is in the shed, grabbing the last chainsaw left in the shed. He then overhears Duncan screaming.

"I'm coming friend!" Trent said, he grabs the chainsaw and runs back to the cabin.

He runs into the cabin and locks the front door behind him. He then runs downstairs, only to find a lifeless Duncan, with his entire back crawled out. Trent then breaks out in tears.

"I'm the only one left," Trent says.

"Only one left to die!" Courtney said. She jumps onto Trent's back and flips the demon over his body.

Trent then starts up the chainsaw and stares down Courtney with it.

"I will use it against you!" Trent shouted out.

"Hit me with it!" Courtney said. Trent runs towards her, but she dodges and Trent hits the ground with the chainsaw, sparking a fire with Duncan's blood.

Trent, seeing the fire, then drops the chainsaw and runs upstairs. Courtney follows him into the living room where she tackles him to the ground.

The two got up and Trent ran into the kitchen. Courtney followed him into a trap. He then started to throw the glass bottles at her, and she started to catch on fire.

Trent then runs past her, but she trips him to the ground.

She then punches his lower spine, paralyzing his legs.

She stands in front of him, with her nails ready to attack him. Trent, scared that he's going to die, finally looks up to notice the boards in the ceiling are ready to fall and Courtney is standing directly underneath them.

"Any last words before you die?!" Courtney asked.

"Yes!" Trent said, "Look up!"

"What's up there!" Courtney shouted.

Trent fire his pistal at the ceiling, causing several boards to fall down and crush the demon's body.

"You... got me?" Courtney said to Trent. Trent nodded his head, then Courtney finally died.

Trent, the only one left alive, stares at the night sky one last time, with a tear in his eye and a smile on his face.

He then watch the boards from the ceiling fall down and hit his face.



  • This story is based off of the 1981 and 2013 movie, "Evil Dead."
  • Here is the order of possessed:
  1. Courtney - Possessed by the forest
  2. Gwen - Possessed by the forest, eventually got up to her
  3. Heather - Possessed by Courtney
  • Here is the order of deaths:
  1. Gwen - Killed by Duncan while possessed
  2. Heather - Killed by Trent
  3. Duncan - Killed by demon Courtney
  4. Courtney - Crushed; dies in the burning cabin
  5. Trent - Crushed; dies in the burning cabin
  • Here are the list of battles:
  1. Gwen vs The Forest (Gwen injured; no result)
  2. Demon Courtney vs Duncan, Gwen, Heather and Trent (Heather injured; no result)
  3. Demon Gwen vs Duncan and Trent (Duncan killed Gwen)
  4. Demon Courtney vs Heather (Heather injured again; no result)
  5. Demon Heather vs Duncan and Trent (Trent killed Heather)
  6. Demon Courtney vs Duncan (Courtney killed Duncan)
  7. Demon Courtney vs Trent (Trent killed Courtney; Trent dies after)

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