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The 22 teens return for another season with a huge cash prize. For this is Total Drama Pop Star!!!


Chris McLean

Final 2



Elimination Order

Out in Auditions - Ezekiel

Out in Auditions - Noah

Out in Auditions - Beth

Out in Auditions - Owen

Out in Auditions - Cody

Out in Auditions - Harold

Out in Auditions - Bridgette

Out in Teamwork is the Key to Sucsess - Team Pop - DJ

Out in Don't Move - Team Country - Eva

Out in What Are You? - Team Country - Courtney

Out in Total Drama Pop Star's Next Top Model - Team Rock - Trent

Out in Time to Paint - Team Pop - Sadie

Out in Lights, Camera, Pop Star - Heather

Out in Pop Stars Got Talent - Justin

Out in This Has Nothing to do With Being a Pop Star - Team Pop - Katie

Out in Playa Des Pop Stars - Surviving Singers - Gwen

Out in Are You Ready to Rock? - Surviving Singers - Geoff

Out in Ready to Work With Rock and Snake - Surviving Singers - Izzy

Out in Time to Advertise - Surviving Singers - Tyler

Out in Part 1 and Part 2 - Surviving Singers - Duncan

Chapter One - The Auditions

"Welcome to Total Drama Pop Star!" Said Chris “Yay” Gwen said Sarcastically “Whatever” Duncan replied “Anyways this round we are looking at your singing skills and only fifteen of you will be on the show” “I hope I don’t get picked” Said Noah “Ignoring. Anyway lets start” Replied Chris First up was Izzy who sang. “Not bad.” Chris Said Next up was Katie and Sadie together and did a horrible dance after that was Trent and Gwen who sang while Trent played guitar. “That was good.” Chris said. Next was Eva who shouted at the top of her lungs and Duncan and Courtney followed with a dance. “Good dance” Said Chris Next was Beth, Lindsay, and Heather. That did a pretty bad dance routine followed by Geoff and Bridgette’s singing duet. Justin did a dance. “Not horrible” Chris said next was Noah who just walked out. Then Owen farted Beethoven’s 5th “That was horrible” Yelled Chris Next was Tyler that sung horribly followed by Harold and Cody playing their pianos. Then was Ezekiel who sang badly. Last up were Geoff and Leshawna singing. “That’s all of them.” Said Chris “Now all of you wait out here and all call you when I need you.” Said Chris “Duncan and Courtney” Yelled Chris. Duncan and Courtney walked in. “You are both in!” Said Chris They hugged and walked out. “Lindsay, Beth, Heather, and Owen.” Yelled Chris They all walked in. “Only two of you are in” Said Chris “And those two are Heather and Lindsay. Lindsay and Heather walked out while Owen and Beth cried. “Noah, Izzy, Eva, Gwen, Trent, and Tyler.” Yelled Chris They all walk in. “All of you are in except Noah.” Chris said. They all cheered, even Noah. “Katie, Sadie, Cody, and Harold.” Yelled Chris they walk in. “Katie and Sadie are in!” “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” They shouted and ran out. “DJ, Leshawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Ezekiel, and Justin.” They all walk in. “The four of you going through are Justin, Leshawna, Geoff, and DJ.” They all walk out. “There are your fifteen contestants” Said Chris.

Chapter Two - Team Work is the Key to Success

“This is Total Drama Pop Star” Yelled Chris as the theme song started. After that Chris walked over to the campers and said “Time to put you into teams.” “DJ, Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, and Geoff are Team Pop. Leshawna, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, and Trent are Team Rock. Finally, Tyler, Courtney, Justin, Eva, and Izzy are Team Country.” Said Chris “Your first challenge as a team is to put on a one song performance. Now go into your groups, you have two hours to complete it.” Chris said in the groups the started talking. “I say we do a Pop song.” Said DJ “No a rock song.” Argued Geoff “Me and Katie want to be dancers!” Yelled Sadie “Fine.” Replied DJ “EEEEEEEEEEEEE.” They yelled At Team Rock the group is practicing the move to their song. “No you’re doing it all wrong!” Yelled Heather “I thought we decided on theses moves.” Replied Trent “No! Take it from the top!” Yelled Heather While Team Country was just finishing up. “One more time through and were done.” Courtney said “Finally.” Said Izzy “We’ve been working for hours.” “Time to perform!” Shouted Chris First up was Team Pop with DJ as the lead singer, Geoff and Lindsay are back up singers and Katie and Sadie are dancers. During the performance everything was going fine until DJ slipped and dropped the microphone, which Lindsay slipped on, and it shot in the air and knocked out Geoff. Katie and Sadie didn’t even notice what happened and they kept dancing. “Next is Team Rock.” Said Chris Team Rock Trent playing guitar, Heather singing and everyone else dancing. They did a perfect job on their performance. “Finally Team Country.” Said Chris Team Country did where they switched off dancing and did a good job until Courtney knocked in to Tyler and he fell on everyone else. “Well it is obvious that Team Rock wins.” Said Chris “This camp the winning team gets to vote someone off the losing team while second place just relaxes. The losing team is Team Pop.” At the Team Rock bunk they are deciding who they should vote out. “In say we vote out DJ he is to good at this.” Said Heather “No, Geoff is better than DJ we should vote for him.” Said Duncan At the campfire. “There are marshmallows for Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie.” Said Chris “The final marshmallow goes to Geoff. So it is goodbye to DJ.” Chris said as the group hugged DJ and he walked on the Stage of Shame and on the Limo of Losers. Team Pop walked back to their cabin sad that their best player is gone.

Chapter Three - Don't Move

“This is Total Drama Island!” Yelled Chris “Oh no!” Thought all the campers though because they new it was the start of the show. In the morning Heather decided to make a move. “Duncan, Trent I need you in a alliance to take down everyone else.” Duncan thought and said “Sure, why not.” While Trent said “No way!” and walked over to Gwen and said “Hey Gwen I think we need to form an alliance to take down Heather.” “Sure.” Said Gwen. Over at Team Pop’s table “We need to step up are game.” Said Geoff. “Defiantly.” Said Lindsay. “Time for a challenge campers. Every one knows the game freeze dance.” Said Chris. “Yeah.” Said Everyone “Good.” Said Chris “Lets begin.” The music started and everyone was dancing. The music stops and Tyler trips and bumps into Geoff who falls. The music starts again. “This is so easy.” Gwen said, “I know. I thought the challenge would be much harder.” Replied Trent. The music stops and this time Izzy sneezes and bumps into Heather and Duncan. “Izzy, I hate you!” Screamed Heather “Chill.” Said Duncan “I will not chill until she is out!” Screamed Heather. “The rest of you come here you will be dancing on this boat.” Said Chris “I knew something was coming up.” Said Gwen. “Uh-oh. I get sea sick.” Said Leshawna. The music plays and stops. “I feel something coming up.” Said Leshawna who runs over to the edge and throws up and seeing this Katie and Sadie throw up two. The music starts again. “This is so much fun.” Said Lindsay “Okay.” Replied Gwen. The music stops again and Gwen falls when the boat hits a bump. Trent rushes over to help “Are you okay?” Asked Trent “Fine.” Replied Gwen. “For the final place you are going into a airplane.” “What?!?” Yelled Courtney “You heard me.” Replied Chris. The music starts and the music stops but the plane makes a sharp turn and Eva and Courtney fall over. “Final two!” Said Chris. The music starts and Justin takes off her shirt and Lindsay just stares. “So beautiful.” Said Lindsay. The music stops and Team Pop has an idea. Geoff goes over and crawls behind Justin and Katie and Sadie push him over. “We win!” Shouted Geoff “That’s cheating!” Yelled Courtney. “Anything goes.” Replied Chris. At Team Pop’s cabin they are deciding who to vote off. “Who should we vote off?” Asked Geoff “I say Justin.” Said Lindsay. “No!” Yelled Katie and Sadie “ We should vote off Eva.” Said Sadie “Yeah, she is scary.” Katie said. At the campfire ceremony everyone is nervous to see who gets out. “I have marshmallows for Courtney and Tyler.” Said Chris. “I also have one for Izzy.” Chris said “The last marshmallow goes to…Justin. “What!?!” Yelled Eva as she gets dragged to the Stage of Shame and on the Limo of Losers. In the votes it revealed the Lindsay decided to keep Justin on because he is so handsome.

Chapter Four - What Are You?

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Yelled Chris as the show started. During breakfast Justin decided to get Team Pop on his side. “Girls I need a favor.” “Sure.” Replied Lindsay “I need you to vote with me so I won’t get out soon” “EEEEEEE” Were in an alliance!” Yelled Katie and Sadie together. At Team Rock’s Table they were discussing alliances. “Hey Leshawna, we need you in are alliance.” Said Gwen. “Sure.” Replied Leshawna as she grabbed some breakfast. At Team Country’s Table Courtney had an idea. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” Thought Courtney “Hey Tyler and Izzy I need you in an alliance.” Said Courtney “Sure.” They Replied. “Get ready for a challenge.” Said Chris as the brought them to a theatre. “Today’s challenge is a game of charades.” Said Chris “Each team picks out a thing and acts it out but if your team doesn’t get it right you’re out.” At the beginning Leshawna started by acting out the movie Star Wars and stayed in, followed by Izzy and Lindsay who both got out. Duncan went next acting out the sport soccer but got out. Next Katie and Sadie both got out. A while went on and then. “We have our last 5 contestants.” Said Chris “We have Courtney, Justin, Gwen, Heather, and Geoff." Said Chris so now I have to guess what you are. First were Justin and Courtney. Justin was acting the book How to Kill a Mockingbird while Courtney was acting out a tiger. “I think Justin is the book Captain Underpants and Courtney is a tiger.” Said Chris. “Yes!” Shouted Courtney while Justin walked off with his head down in shame. Next were Gwen and Heather. Heather was out the movie Night at the Museum while Gwen was acting out Heather. “I think Heather is the book Twilight.” “Twilight! Where did you get that from!?!” Yelled Heather “I think Gwen is Heather.” Next was Geoff who was SpongeBob. “Are you SpongeBob?” Asked Chris “Yes!” Replied Geoff. During the time Gwen and finally Courtney got out and Team Pop won! “Since Courtney got out first, Team Country loses.” Said Chris. At Team Pop’s Cabin. “I say we vote for Izzy, Courtney, or Justin.” Said Geoff “Tyler’s not a threat.” “How about Courtney?” Said Lindsay “EEEEE Yes!” Screeched Katie and Sadie. At the campfire. “I have marshmallows for Tyler and Justin.” Said Chris “Me and Izzy left. I am so staying” Thought Courtney “Izzy” Said Chris. “What!?!” Yelled Courtney as team Country was saying good bye to there strongest player. “I can’t believe I’m out!” Shouted Courtney as she was dragged across the Stage of Shame and onto the Limo of Losers. “Go to your cabin.” Said Chris as the show ended.

Chapter Five - Total Drama Pop Star's Next Top Model

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Yelled Chris as the campers went to the mess hall. “We need to up are game.” Tyler “We lost are strongest player.” “Well we can still win this... with my beauty of course.” Justin Replied as he grabbed his breakfast “Maybe we can stiff them into a bag and throw them off a cliff.” Izzy Suggested “Yeah, maybe.” Replied Tyler as he ate his food. At Team Rock’s table they were talking strategy. “Duncan we need to get rid of Goth girl.” “Why not Trent he’s better than Gwen.” Duncan Replied “Also, without Trent Gwen will be useless.” “Good strategy Duncan.” Heather Remarked. “Heather has to go.” Gwen Said “Defiantly.” Replied Trent while Heather was giving evil stare. At Team Pop’s Table they were talking about nothing really. “EEEEEE!” Katie Screeched with Sadie “Were both still in!” “EEEEEE. I know Katie!” Yelled Sadie while the other members were going crazy. “Will you two ever shut up!” Geoff Yelled at them “WAAAAH!” Katie and Sadie Cried as they ran away. “Thanks goodness there gone.” Geoff Said Relieved. “Challenge!” Yelled Chris as everyone walked to him “Does everyone know how to be a model?” Asked Chris “Oh yeah!” Justin Replied as he started posing. “Your team has to dress up someone and put him on the runway.” Chris told them as they walked back to their cabins. “Okay make me look beautiful.” Justin Said “Okay.” Izzy Replied as she looked through the closet “Here put on this.” Tyler Said as he handed him some clothes. At Team Rock’s Cabin they were deciding who to choose to be the model. “It should be me.” Heather Protested “I think we should use Gwen!” Trent Yelled “Fine.” Heather replied because she just got an idea. “Let me dress her though.” Heather Demanded “Fair enough.” Trent Replied as him and Duncan walked away. At Team Pop’s Cabin they were already dressing Lindsay. “Lindsay, you look beautiful in this pink dress!” Katie Screeched “EEEEEEEE!” Yelled Sadie “EEEEEEE!” They both went “Will it never stop?” Geoff Yelled as he ran out of the cabin. “Can we look yet?” Asked Duncan as they walked back into the cabin “No, not yet.” Replied Heather as she chose some make up. “EEEEEEEE! Your finished Lindsay!” Both Katie and Sadie screeched. At Team Country’s Cabin they are just finishing. “Wow, you look amazing Justin.” Izzy Said as she stared at him “I know.” Justin Replied happily. ‘Time to see the outfits.” Chris said excitedly as the teams came. “First is Team Pop.” Chris Said as Lindsay walked out. “That looks great. 8 out of 10.” Chris Said as the Team Country came on. “Okay Justin you look okay. 5 out of 10.” “Okay!” Justin Yelled as he got dragged off the stage. “Finally is Team Rock.” Chris Said as Gwen came out looking horribly. “That outfit is a train wreck. 2 out of 10.” Chris Remarked “So Team Pop gets to vote someone off of Team Rock.” “Good job Heather.” Said as they walked back to the cabin. At Team Pop’s Cabin they were deciding who to vote off. “We should vote off Heather or Trent.” Said Geoff “Yeah we should vote off Hather.” Lindsay Replied. At the campfire Chris was about to give out the marshmallows. “There are marshmallows for Gwen, Duncan, and Leshawna.” “The final marshmallow goes to… Heather. “What!” Trent Yelled surprised as he was dragged across the Stage of Shame and into the Limo of Losers. Wow, they chose to keep Heather over Trent.” Leshawna Remarked as they walked back to their cabin. “That includes this episode of Total Drama Pop Star.” Chris Said as the camera turned off.

Chapter Six - Time To Paint

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Yelled Chris as the show began. All the campers walked into the mess hall tired and annoyed with Chris. “I can’t wait for the challenge.” Heather said to Duncan sarcastically “Me too.” Duncan replied as he sat down “EEEEEEEE!” Said Sadie for no reason “EEEEEE!” Replied Katie “Can’t you two ever shut up!” Geoff yelled as he ran away for some peace and quiet “What a party pooper.” Katie Sadie said to Katie. “So team we need a better strategy.” Said Tyler to Justin and Izzy “Maybe we could…” Izzy started to say “Were not pushing them off a cliff.” Tyler replied annoyed “The never mind.” Izzy replied “Wait I got another idea. What about…” Izzy started “Were not putting them on a plane to Mexico either.” Tyler replied impatiently “Fine meany!” Izzy replied as she got up from the table. “I miss Trent.” Gwen said while staring at a picture of him “Cry one off.” Heather said to Gwen as she ripped the picture in half “Fine!” Gwen Yelled as she ran to her bunk “That’s better.” Heather said to Duncan as Chris came in “Today’s challenge is to test your art skills.” Chris said as he brought out some equipment “Each of you paint a picture and I pick the best one per team and they have to paint another one. Then the worst painting in the finals team losses.” Chris explained, “Got it.” The campers said, “You have one hour to paint your picture.” Chris said as he left. “Come on Duncan!” Heather yelled as she grabbed some paint “We need to win.” “Okay.” Duncan replied as he started painting. “I’m a great artist.” Said Izzy as she started to paint “I can only draw me.” Justin said as he looked in a mirror. “EEEEEE! Painting!” Katie Screeched as she started to paint “EEEEEEE! I know!” Sadie Screeched back “Lets go outside to paint Lindsay.” Geoff said as he walked outside “Okay.” Replied Lindsay “See you later Katie and Sadie.” “EEEEEEEEEEEE!” They replied. “I’m so going to win.” Gwen said as she put some paint o her brush “What makes you so sure.” Heather replied as she painted “Because I got into art school.” Gwen replied proudly “Fine. Whatever.” Heather replied. “I think my painting is coming along.” Tyler said to Izzy “I’m already done.” Izzy said back to Tyler “Did you steal one?” Tyler asked suspiciously “No of course not.” Izzy replied “But that is a good idea. I’ll put it on my to do list.” “Okay.” Tyler said back to Izzy. After an hour Chris looked at the paintings. First was Team Pop. Katie’s was a bad picture of Sadie and Sadie drew a bad picture of Katie. Lindsay drew a pink palace that looked like a dog and Geoff drew him surfing. “The best is obviously Geoff.” Chris said as he walked to the next group, Team Rock. Heather was her ruling the world and Duncan’s was some sort of evil spirit. “Creepy yet good.” Chris remarked. Gwen was a picture of her with Trent and Leshawna’s was a plate of brownies. “I was hungry.” Leshawna told Chris “I can see that and you are moving on to the next round.” Chris said back to Leshawna “Wow.” Leshawna said stunned. Finally was Team Country. Justin was a really bad picture of himself. “Is that a alien?” Chris asked “No, its me.” Justin replied proudly “Whatever you say.” Chris replied trying not to laugh. Tyler’s was an okay picture of a football player and Izzy’s was an exact copy of The Scream. Did you steal this?” Chris asked Izzy suspiciously “No!” Izzy said as she tried to stop her self from exploding “Okay then you go to the next round.” “Awesome.” Izzy said after she stopped from exploding. “You have ten minutes to finish your final painting.” Chris said as everyone started. Ten minutes later Chris came in. Izzy’s was a copy of The Mona Lisa, Leshawna’s was a sandwich, and Geoff’s was he playing basketball. “The best painting goes to Izzy and the worst painting is Geoff’s.” Chris said, “So Team Country gets to vote someone Team Pop.” Chris said as the campers walked back to the cabin. “I think we can all agree to vote for either Katie or Sadie.” Tyler said “Yeah, there so annoying.” Justin agreed. “I have marshmallows for Geoff and Lindsay. The final marshmallow goes to… Katie.” Chris said as Katie and Sadie started to cry. “WAAAAH! I’ll miss you!” Katie screeched, “No I’ll miss you more!” Sadie replied as she was dragged across the Stage of Shame and into the Limo of Losers. “We will see you next time on Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the camera shut off.

Chapter Seven - Lights, Camera, Pop Star

“Welcome to Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled excitedly as the campers went to the mess hall. “Today we are going on a trip.” Chris told the campers “Woo-hoo.” Duncan said sarcastically “Where are we going?” Leshawna asked impatiently “Glad you asked.” Chris said, “We are going to a movie set for your mission is to make a film.” “I’m playing lead.” Heather boasted, “Of course you are.” Gwen said. When the campers came to the movie set they spread out into teams. “We should do a film about pirates.” Tyler said “No aliens!” Izzy argued, “We will do a play about aliens that fight pirates.” Justin compromised “Cool.” They both replied as they started talking about the script.” Team Rock is having problems. “It should be about animals!” Lesawna yelled “No, a love story!” Gwen yelled back “NO! Were doing a musical!” Heather yelled “Okay.” They agreed because they didn’t want to mess with Heather. Team Pop was working on their script to their action movie. “Okay then the karate king destroys the town with his mad karate skills.” Geoff said, “Then he marries a beautiful blonde girl.” Lindsay added “Whatever.” Katie said still thinking about Sadie “Finally, the shrieking has stopped!” Geoff said so relieved “Anyways then they goes an live peacefully until he has a last mission but he can’t do it.” Geoff said, “Then the wife destroys the enemy and they live happily ever after.” Lindsay added as she finished the script. Now Team Country was filming. “Take this you alien!” Tyler yelled as he attacked the alien “Beeeeeep. Boop.” Izzy said as he shot Tyler with a ray gun “Take this!” Justin yelled as he through the alien overboard. Now Team Country was starting to film. “Tra la la la. I’m so evil.” Heather sang, “She’s so evil.” Everyone else sang. Now Team Pop was in the middle of filming. “Hi-ya!” Geoff screeched as he punched Katie “Ow!” She yelled as she ran away “I guess I win.” Geoff said confused “Marry me.” Lindsay said “Naah.” Geoff replied as he walked away “WAAAAAAH!” Lindsay cried as she ran away too. Team Country was now almost done. “We must rebuild the space ship.” Justin said as they started building the space ship “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!” Izzy yelled “Almost done.” Tyler said as he put on the last piece “This is a pool!” Izzy yelled angrily “I mean beeeep!” Izzy said embarrassed. Team Rock’s movie was coming along pretty well. “HA HA HA!” Heather sang loudly as she pushed Duncan over “You mean women.” Duncan mumbled as he walked away “Come back here!” Heather sang as Leshawna and Gwen came on “When you’re feeling grumpy.” Leshawna sang, “Go home and rest.” Gwen sang, “Just lie down and go to sleep and your feel better!” They both sang. “Time to see the movies!” Chris yelled as he put in Team Country’s movie. The movie went on and everyone laughed. “I have defeated you!” Tyler said, “Get out of here!” Justin added as Izzy went into the bus and drove away. “That was one of the stupidest movies I have ever seen.” Chris critiqued “7 out of 10.” Next was Team Rock. “I have turned good.” Heather sang, “She has turned good.” They all sang. As everyone clapped Chris said, “That was so boring. 2 out of 10.” “What!” Heather yelled as Duncan held her down. Finally it was Team Pop’s turn. “I’m dieing!” Geoff yelled as his wife destroyed everyone “That’s to bad.” Lindsay said as a bomb exploded. “That was pretty good movie. Not the best but not the worst. 6 out of 10.” Chris said, “That means Team Country gets to vote someone off Team Rock.” “WOO-HOO!” Team Country cheered. At Team Country’s cabin they were deciding whom to vote off. “I really have no idea who to vote off.” Tyler said “Yeah, just vote for whoever.” Izzy replied. At the campfire Chris was about to give out marshmallows. “I have marshmallows for Leshawna and Gwen.” Chris said, “The final marshmallow goes to… Duncan.” “YAY!” Everyone cheered as Heather got shot with a tranquiller dart because she went nuts. “So long Heather.” Gwen said happily as Heather was put on the Limo of Losers. “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the camera went blank.

Chapter 8 - Pop Stars Got Talent

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the show started. In the mess hall the campers were just getting some food. “A toast for Heather not being here!” Gwen shouted as everyone cheered”No mean boss to tell us what to do!” Leshawna cheered “Well it looks like I’m out of an alliance.” Duncan mumbled “Well you can join me.” Leshawna said “I guess.” Duncan replied “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sadie yelled “Even without Katie she’s annoying!” Geoff yelled as he ran out of the mess hall “Okay. That’s enough cheering” Chris announced “Today’s challenge is to show off any of your talents in Pop Stars Got Talent!” On the stage first up was Duncan who carved his face into a tree and then Gwen came and drew a picture of Trent. “Gwen you’re in but Duncan your out.” Chris said as Leshawna cam up. Leshawna danced and did a really bad job. “That was one of the worst dances I’ve ever seen.” Chris announced “You are defiantly not in.” “Fine!” Leshawna yelled as she ran back to her cabin “So after the first round Gwen is the only one through.” Chris said “Now its time for Team Country’s performances.” First up was Izzy and she decided to dance and then Tyler juggled baseballs. “Izzy, your dance was okay but Tyler were juggling was actually good. So you are both through.” Chris announced. Then Justin did some modeling. “That was really boring. You are not through.” Chris decided “You made a bad decision!” Justin screamed as he walked back to his cabin “Now we have Izzy, Tyler, and Gwen in the next round.” Chris said as Katie and Geoff went up on the stage. First Katie sang awfully and Geoff decided to surf. “Katie not even a chance of getting through and Geoff not great surfing so both of you are out.” Chris announced “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Katie cried as she ran back to the cabin. Now Lindsay came up and modeled her pink outfit. “That was actually good you are in the next round.” “Yay, Woo-hoo!” Lindsay cheered “Now it is time for the next round to pick are three finalists.” Chris said as the first two contestants walked on to the stage. Gwen drew a picture of her house and Tyler juggled a football, a baseball, a soccer ball, and a bowling pin. “You two a very talented but Gwen is better.” “Yes!” Gwen cheered as Tyler walked back to his cabin. “Next up is Izzy and Lindsay.” Chris announced Lindsay modeled her new dress and Izzy danced better than before. “Okay I have decided to let you both through!” Chris announced “Now for the finales we have Gwen, Izzy, and Lindsay. First up is Lindsay. Lindsay modeled a dress that she wore to a wedding. “Good dress and good poses. I’ll give you 7 out of 10.” Chris decided as the next contestant walked onto the stage. Gwen drew a picture of outer space. “That is a really cool drawing. 9 out of 10. That means Izzy needs a perfect score to win.” Chris announced Izzy did a pretty good dance in this really weird outfit. “Good dance but what’s with the outfit?” Chris asked “I got it when I won the the Strangest Person Contest.” Izzy replied “Figures.” Chris mumbled “Anyways, I’ll give you 6 out of 10. Which means Team Rock gets to vote someone off of Team Country.” Chris said. “I say we vote for Justin.” Gwen said “No, we need to vote off Izzy she is a bigger threat than Justin.” Leshawna argued “Let’s vote for one of those two. Tyler is not a big threat at all.” Duncan replied. At the campfire Chris was handing out marshmallows. “I have a marshmallow for Tyler.” Chris announced “The last marshmallow goes to Izzy.” “I can’t believe they voted me out!” Justin yelled as he was dragged across the Stage of Shame and onto the Limo of Losers. “Great, now it’s me and Psycho girl.” Tyler said to himself as he walked back to his cabin “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris shouted as the camera turned off.

Chapter 9 - This Has Nothing To Do With Being A Pop Star

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as he went to the mess hall “Campers, tomorrow is the merges so do well today and there will be no teams tomorrow.” “Wipee.” Duncan said sarcastically “EEEE! The merge!” Katie cheered, “Izzy, we need to win this.” Tyler said to Izzy “Okay dokey.” Izzy replied, “We are so going to lose this.” Tyler mumbled to himself “Team we need to win.” Geoff commented “EEEEEEE!” Katie screeched “Okay Jessie.” Lindsay replied, “We are so going to lose.” Geoff mumbled to himself “Team we need to win this challenge!” Gwen said to her team while Duncan and Leshawna are fighting “Give me back my breakfast!” Leshawna yelled “No, its mine!” Duncan yelled back “We are so going t lose.” Gwen said to herself “Challenge campers.” Chris said, “Today’s challenge is to run through this obstacle course.” "What does this have to do with being a pop star?” Gwen asked “Nothing. I just want to see you do it.” Chris replied as he walked to the course “First you climb up this mountain and run down it, then you swim across the lake, next you have to go over and under the blockers, run into a cave and out. First one to do that team wins.” As Chris said, “Go!” The campers ran and the first lead went to Duncan and then second went to Geoff “We have to catch up Izzy!” Tyler yelled because they were in last place “I’m on it!” Izzy said as she grabbed a vine and started to swing as Gwen took the lead “So long boys!” Gwen yelled as she ran ahead “Oh no you don’t!” Duncan replied as he tripped Gwen and took the lead “Make way for Leshawna!” Leshawna screamed as she passed Duncan “EEEE!” Katie screeched, “Isn’t this fun!” “No!” Lindsay replied “It’s getting my new shoes dirty!” “Now it looks like Izzy just took the lead!” Chris commented as he watched the race “Time to climb!” Izzy said as she started climbing up the mountain “I gotta catch up!” Duncan yelled as he started to climb “Go Izzy!” Tyler cheered as he tripped and rolled down the mountain “That’s gotta hurt!” Geoff said as he made it to third place “I will win!” Gwen said as she caught up to Geoff “Hey Gwen.” Geoff said as he stuck out his foot “Hey Geoff.” Gwen replied as she tripped and rolled down the mountain “Watch out!” Katie said as Gwen knocked her and Lindsay over “Get me out of here!” Lindsay demanded, “Hey, I’m not in last!” Tyler cheered as he saw Gwen, Katie, and Lindsay roll down the mountain “Next part of the course!” Izzy said as she made it to the bottom of the mountain “I need to catch up.” Duncan said as he got an idea “Oops.” Duncan said as he tripped himself and started rolling down the mountain really fast “That’s a god idea.” Leshawna and Geoff commented as they fell down and started to roll “I made it to the top!” Tyler said as he started to run down the mountain “Their gaining on me!” Izzy said as Duncan, Geoff, and Leshawna passed her “So long! Duncan yelled as he got up and stated to swim “Wow. We are way behind.” Katie said to Lindsay and Gwen as they climbed the mountain “Its all Geoff’s fault for tripping me.” Gwen replied, “If we lose he should go.” Lindsay said, “I’ll vote for him.” Gwen replied as they made it to the top of the mountain “So long Leshawna!” Tyler screamed as he took third place “Not for long.” Leshawna replied as she sped up and passed him “I got to win!” Geoff yelled as he caught u to Duncan in first place “So long.” Duncan said as he dove under water “Come back here!” Geoff commanded as he dove under water the same time as Duncan came back up from the water “Sucker.” Duncan said as he got out of the river and started jumping over the blockers “I gotta catch him!” Leshawna said to herself as she went under a blocker “I’m not in last!” Tyler yelled as he passed Geoff whom was still under water looking for Duncan “Last part!” Duncan cheered as he ran into the cave “I need to win!” Leshawna said as she bumped her head on a blocker and went unconscious “Should I help Leshawna?” Tyler said “No way.” He replied to himself as he went into the cave “Look it’s the next part” Lindsay cheered as she saw the river “EEEEEE!” Katie screeched “Woo-hoo.” Gwen cheered sarcastically “Look its neck and neck between Duncan and Tyler! Duncan wins!” Chris yelled as he saw Duncan cross the finish line “Here comes Geoff and he’s caring Leshawna.” Chris said again as an hour passed until the last three people showed up “Gwen crossed the finish line and then Katie. So Team Rock gets to vote someone off Team Pop.” “Okay, I say we vote for Geoff.” Gwen said “No way! We should vote for Katie!” Argued Duncan “I have no idea who to vote for.” Leshawna commented “Okay campers its time for the ceremony.” Chris announced as Team Pop came over “I have a marshmallow for Lindsay. The other one goes to... Geoff.” Chris said as Katie started to cry and got dragged across the Stage of Shame and into the Limo of Losers “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled

Chapter 10 - Playa Des Pop Stars

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as he got on a boat “The campers are still relaxing from the obstacle course so we are going to the Playa Des Pop Stars!” said Chris as he arrived at the Playa Des Pop Star “Hey look its Chris!” Katie screeched “No need for applause.” Chris said as the place suddenly turned silent “Chirp chirp.” said a grasshopper as he hopped away “Okay lets forget that happened.” Chris demanded, “So what are you doing here? Its not the final five yet.” Asked Bridgette “Well the campers are taking a rest.” Chris replied as he walked over to the people who got out in the auditions “So how does it feel to get out before the camp even started?” Chris asked, “Well, I wanted to be in the camp but it’s been very relaxing here.” Beth replied, “I thought I did very well in the audition.” Harold replied as Owen came over with food “After I got out I ate a lot of food and now I’m three hundred pounds!” Owen said excitedly “Good job! I guess…” Chris said as he started to walk away “Hey Chris. What’s up?” DJ asked as he saw Chris “Nothing much. So how does it feel to be the first one out?” Chris replied, “Well I thought I could win but it feels good to get out because I was a threat.” DJ replied, “Well, I’ll see you around.” Chris replied as he walked away “Time for the last interviews.” Said Chris “What’s up Trent, Justin, Heather, and Courtney.” “Well, nothing new except that I’ve been finding new ways to be evil everyday.” Heather replied, “That’s good Heather.” Chris replied, “See I’ll show you. Harold get over here!” Heather demanded as she grabbed Chris and threw him into the pool “That was my new technique called embarrass the dork.” Heather said proudly “That was pretty funny.” said Chris “My turn.” Courtney said, “I’ve been working on swimming and I’ve been beating up Harold because I’m bored.” “That seems similar to Heather.” Chris commented “Sort of. Here I’ll show you. Harold get over here!” Courtney yelled as Harold walked over and Courtney grabbed and umbrella and whacked Harold with it “Maybe we should get Harold to the hospital.” said Chris as he saw Harold on the ground “Nah!” Everyone replied, “That’s what I thought.” Chris said, “What I’ve been doing is practicing my guitar and relaxing in the sun.” Trent said, “Wow. You are really boring!” Chris commented “No I’m… okay I am boring.” Trent said as he walked away with his head down “So what have you been doing, Justin?” Chris asked Justin “Well I have been modeling my clothes and sun bathing.” Justin replied “Well that sounds fun.” Chris replied. Later all the losers were at the hot tub. “Losers, I have a surprise for you. You get to choose who goes home.” Chris said as he walked over to the losers at the hot tub “Wow, what a surprise. Just like last season.” Noah said sarcastically “Its hard to be original!” Chris yelled back “Okay guys, lets try not to do this like last time.” Trent said, “I’ll go first.” said Courtney “You guys walk into this booth and vote, so the last year accident doesn’t happen again.” Chris said as he pointed to a booth and Courtney walked in. After everyone voted Chris was counting the votes. “Duncan, Izzy, Tyler, Leshawna, Izzy, and Gwen.” Chris said “Okay, there are two for Tyler, four for Izzy, one for Leshawna, none for Lindsay, one for Geoff, two for Duncan, and five for Gwen. So its bye-bye Gwen.” Said Chris “Who voted for Gwen!” Trent yelled as everyone ran away and Chris got back onto his boat and went back to camp “Campers!” Chris yelled as he walked over to the campers “What is it?” Gwen asked, “Yeah, what is it?” Leshawna asked, “Well I talked to the campers and they voted for who they wanted out. So lets give out marshmallows.” Chris replied “I have a marshmallow for Lindsay.” Chris said “Woo-hoo!” Lindsay cheered as she grabbed her marshmallow “I also have one for Geoff and Duncan. There is also marshmallow for Leshawna. The last marshmallow goes to… Izzy.” Chris said as he grabbed Gwen and dragged her down the Stage of Shame and onto the Limo of Losers. “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the camera went blank

Chapter 11 - Are You Ready to Rock?

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as he walked into the mess hall “Hello, final six campers.” “Where’s breakfast?” Leshawna asked “Its on the plane.” Chris replied “What plane?” Duncan asked “This one.” Chris said pointing to a big plane “Where did the plane come from?” asked Geoff “Enough questions!” Chris demanded, “Just get on the plane!” “Someone’s grumpy.” Leshawna said as she got on the plane “This place is so fancy!” Lindsay said happily as she sat down “I’ve hate planes!” Izzy said as she tried to run off but got stopped by two big men “These are Rock and Snake, my new bodyguards.” Chris said as he sat down “Where are we going?” Tyler asked, “To sing in a concert.” Chris replied “Why?” Geoff asked, “The challenge is everyone is going to sing and the audience votes on their favorite. The most popular gets invincibility.” Chris explained, “Can I order some food.” Asked Leshawna “Go ahead.” Replied Chris as the plane took off “We’re all going to die!” Izzy screamed as she ran around the plane “I’ll take some Lucky Charms.” Tyler said as the waitress came out “Lindsay and I want the muffin basket.” Leshawna said “Anyone else want something?” the waitress asked, “I’ll take a juice box.” Rock said “Me too.” Snake said, “That’s really scary.” Tyler said sarcastically “This isn’t so bad.” Izzy said “Its pretty up here.” Lindsay “Yeah, it’s a real blast.” Duncan commented, “We’re here.” Chris said as the plane landed and they got onto a limo “I’m living like a princess.” Lindsay said “Woo-hoo!” Geoff shouted, “This is awesome!” Tyler said, “Ready to sing?” Chris asked as the limo stopped and they got out “I guess.” Leshawna said nervously “There a ton of people here.” Izzy commented, “So many I bet Lindsay couldn’t count that high.” Duncan said, “She can’t even count to ten.” Tyler “I can so! One, two, three, four, um… what comes next?” Lindsay asked “Five!” Everyone else yelled as they walked backstage “Look at all those people.” Izzy said as she peered out through the curtains “Duncan, you’re on now.” Chris said as Duncan walked onto the stage and started to sing. He didn’t mess up once and then Leshawna went and started to sing “So many people.” Leshawna said and the fainted “Pick her up Rock. You too Snake.” Chris said as they picked up Leshawna and carried her away “Izzy, its show time.” Chris said as Izzy walked on the stage. She sang well but danced horribly and at the end she jumped off the stage and into the audience “Catch me!” Izzy yelled as everyone moved and she landed on the floor “That was hilarious!” Chris said as he started laughing with the other contestants and then the whole audience was laughing “Anyways, its now your turn Geoff.” Chris said as he pushed Geoff onto the stage “I’m also going to play guitar.” Geoff announced to the audience as he started playing. He was doing good until he tripped on a wire and his guitar flew out of his hands and hit Snake and he thought Rock punched so they got into a fight as Geoff rolled of the stage and hit the ground and then Rock and Snake both tripped and fell on him “I’m going to call an ambulance.” Chris said as he ran away. A little later the show continued… “Its Lindsay’s turn.” Chris said as Lindsay stumbled onto the stage and started t sing and did it perfectly “Wow.” Chris said as everyone mouth dropped open as she finished “She can actually sing.” Duncan said amazed “That was impressive.” Tyler said, “Last but not least, Tyler!” Chris announced as Tyler walked onto the stage and started to sing. His singing stunk and people booed him so he decided to juggle baseballs but he messed up and the hit his head and he went unconscious “Okay people in the audience its time to vote.” Chris announced as everyone went to the voting booth. A while later… “There is a surprise. The least popular performer gets out and the most popular gets to pick one or two people to go on a shopping spree with one thousand dollars.” Chris announced as he tallied the votes “Izzy you are safe.” Chris said, “Also, Duncan and Lindsay, you are safe. Tyler you are safe too.” Chris said as he gave the marshmallow to Tyler “The last marshmallow goes to… Leshawna.” Said Chris as Geoff walked across the Stage of Shame and into the Boat of Losers “Anyways, the most popular performer is Lindsay. Who are you going to take?” Chris asked as everyone started begging Lindsay to take them “I’m going to take Rock and Snake!” Lindsay said as she started walking away with the bodyguards “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the camera turned off.

Chapter 12 - Ready to Work With Rock and Snake

“Welcome to Total Drama Pop Star!” yelled Chris as he walked to the mess hall as the campers were eating breakfast “We need an alliance this far in the game.” Leshawna said to Duncan “Sure, I guess.” Duncan mumbled “Good now we have to vote out Lindsay.” Leshawna replied “Why Lindsay?” asked Duncan “She didn’t invite me to shop with her!” Leshawna yelled as Lindsay started to think “Are you actually thinking, Lindsay?” asked Tyler “I have an idea!” Lindsay shouted “Really?” Tyler said as Lindsay walked away “Rock and Snake will you be in my alliance?” Lindsay asked, “I wish but were actually not contestants.” replied Rock “I took you shopping!” Lindsay argued “We bought some juice boxes!” cheered Snake “Well I’ll get everyone to vote you out!” Lindsay yelled as she walked away “Tyler and Izzy get over here!” demanded Lindsay “You got are name right!” cheered Tyler “I know, I’ve been thinking.” Lindsay said proudly “So what’s the point of this meeting?” Izzy asked “An alliance!” Lindsay yelled, “I’m in.” Tyler said, “I guess.” Izzy said as Chris walked back into the mess hall “Campers, there are only five of you left!” yelled Chris as the campers cheered, “Today’s challenge is to survive Pop Star Boot Camp! Rock and Snake will be in charge and they will make do a bunch of singing, dancing, and modeling challenges!” yelled Chris as Rock and Snake carried the contestants to the boot camp or the activity center “Okay the first part of boot camp is dancing!” Snake yelled, “You have to keep dancing if you stop dancing you are gone from boot camp!” yelled Rock “Now start dancing!” Snake yelled as the music started and the campers started dancing “Duncan, we have to get everyone else to stop dancing.” Leshawna said “How?” asked Duncan “With these marbles.” replied Leshawna “What marbles?” Duncan asked “No more questions just jump!” Leshawna yelled as she dropped the marbles “Where did those marbles come from?” asked Tyler “What marbles?” Lindsay asked as she slipped on the marbles “Jump Tyler!” Izzy yelled as they both jumped but Izzy landed on Tyler’s shoulder “Get off of me!” Tyler yelled as he slipped and Izzy landed on her feet “Keep dancing you three!” commanded Snake “Lets take down Izzy.” Said Duncan “I’m on it.” Leshawna said as she took out a fire hydrant “Watch out!” Leshawna yelled as she started the fire hydrant and sprayed Duncan “Wrong person!” Duncan yelled as he banged against the wall and fell down and then Leshawna flew out the window “I win!” Izzy cheered as she did a big finish “Izzy you danced for thirty-two minutes.” Rock said “That’s pathetic!” yelled Snake “The next challenge is modeling!” yelled Rock “You will run and jump do a trick then bounce again and catch a juice box!” shouted Snake “Now go!” demanded Rock as Lindsay went up an ran tripped then got up, ran and tripped again and Snake threw the juice box and it hit Lindsay’s face “Ouch!” Lindsay yelled “Give me the juice box!” yelled Snake as he grabbed the juice box and drank it “Now its Izzy’s turn!” demanded Rock as Izzy ran jumped did a three-sixty turn bounced again and jumped caught the juice box and landed on her face “You almost did it but you failed!” yelled Rock as he grabbed the juice box as Tyler ran and jumped but flew out the window and everyone started laughing “Okay now its Leshawna’s turn.” chuckled Snake as Leshawna jumped did a back flip bounced again and then caught the juice box and landed perfectly “Well done.” said Snake as Duncan ran jumped did a flip but landed on his butt “That was horrible!” yelled Rock “Leshawna wins round two of four!” yelled Snake “Round three is singing!” shouted Snake “You have to keep singing in the lyrics of the music we play!” demanded Rock as the music started playing and everyone sang “Now time for my favorite song.” said Snake as he played the music to the TDI theme song “What song is this?” Duncan asked, “I don’t know.” replied Leshawna “I don’t know either.” Said Tyler and Izzy “Oh, oh, I know!” yelled Lindsay as she started singing the TDI theme song “That was pathetic!” shouted Rock “You lost to Lindsay, the stupid one!” yelled Snake “The last challenge is that the three of you with a point will compete in the finals!” demanded Rock as Duncan and Tyler left “The last challenge is to see who can dance the best!” yelled Snake as everyone dance. After an hour… “The best dancer is… Leshawna!” yelled Rock “Now go vote someone off!” demanded Snake as everyone went to their cabins “Duncan we are voting out Izzy.” Demanded Leshawna “I thought we were voting for Lindsay.” replied Duncan “Well, Izzy is a bigger threat than Lindsay “We’re voting out Rock and Snake.” Said Lindsay “Okay, I guess.” Tyler said a little nervous. At the campfire… “I have marshmallows for Leshawna and Duncan.” Said Chris “I also have a marshmallow for… Lindsay.” Chris announced “Yay!” Lindsay cheered, “Actually Rock and Snake had the most votes but since there not contestants Izzy is out but Rock and Snake still have to leave.” Said Chris “What!” yelled Rock and Snake “I told you would get out.” Lindsay said as they went across the Stage of Shame and onto the Limo of Losers “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the camera turned off

Chapter 13 - Time to Advertise

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as he walked into the mess hall “Congrats on making it to the final four!” Chris congratulated them “I’m going all the way!” Tyler confessed, “I’m in the final four!” Lindsay cheered “Hey, Lindsay come over here.” Leshawna said “What is it Lequisha?” asked Lindsay “I need your vote for today so we can get Duncan out.” Leshawna replied “Why Derrick?” Lindsay asked, “He is the biggest threat beside us two.” Replied Leshawna as Chris announced the challenge “Final four, today’s challenge will be about advertising!” Chris announced happily “So, what’s the challenge” Duncan asked impatiently “Well, excuse me!” Chris yelled back at Duncan “Just wait for the challenge!” Leshawna yelled, “Okay! The challenge is to be build your own sign!” Chris announced as everyone walked outside “How are we going build the signs?” asked Tyler “Just wait! Anyways you will get the supplies from the arts and crafts room.” Chris replied as everyone walked over to the arts and crafts room “You will be judged on how colorful it is, how well it works, and creativity.” Chris announced, “I can totally do this!” Duncan cheered as he ran into the arts and crafts room “Can we begin?” asked Leshawna “Go ahead.” Chris replied as the final four gathered stuff for their sign “I can totally do this!” confessed Tyler “Lindsay, could you do me a favor?” asked Leshawna “What is it Lequisha?” Lindsay asked, “I need you to sabotage Duncan’s board.” Leshawna replied “Sure.” Lindsay said as she went over to Duncan’s board and pushed it over “What did you do that for?” Duncan asked angrily “No reason.” Lindsay replied, “You’re going to pay!” Duncan yelled as he tackled Lindsay and dragged her away “Looks like its just me an you.” Tyler replied as he put some lights on his poster “I knew I didn’t need to sabotage Tyler’s board because he probably sabotage his by himself.” Leshawna confessed, “Need any help?” Tyler asked, “I’m fine.” Leshawna replied as she painted her board “Now time to continue.” Duncan mumbled as he walked back without Lindsay “Where’s Lindsay?” Leshawna asked, “She’s just hanging out.” Duncan replied as he put more lights on his board “Help me!” Lindsay screamed because she’s hanging on a cliff and the water below has sharks in it “Aren’t you going to help Lindsay?” Tyler asked Chris “Someone will at the end of the challenge.” Chris replied as he sipped some ice-cold lemonade “Almost done!” Duncan cheered as he put some finishing touches on his sign “Well, I need to put on some lights.” Leshawna said, “I need more lights!” Tyler yelled as he grabbed more lights “Tyler, I think you have enough lights.” Duncan replied, “Yeah, your whole poster is lights.” Leshawna agreed, “No, it needs more lights!” Tyler yelled as he grabbed more lights “I’ done.” Leshawna said as she put the last couple of lights onto her sign “HELP ME!!!” Lindsay screamed as some leopards and tigers spotted her “I am totally going to win this challenge!” Tyler confessed “Five more minutes!” Chris yelled as he played some video games “I hate that guy!” Duncan confessed, “I’m done,” Tyler said as he used all the rest of the lights “Time to judge!” Chris said as he walked over to Duncan’s poster “Press this button.” Duncan demanded as Chris pressed the button and it said in big flashing lights “Duncan is the Next Pop Star!” and he painted himself singing “Great job! I’ll give it an eight out of ten.” Chris replied as he walked over to Lindsay’s board “Zero for doing nothing.” Chris said as he walked to Tyler’s poster “Please press this button.” Tyler begged as Chris the button and flashing lights came on and it said “Tyler” and the lights made Tyler dancing on a stage but then the sign exploded and a fire started “Call 911!” Tyler screamed as Chris came back with a hose and put the fire out “It was cool so it gets a three.” Chris judged as he went over to Leshawna’s sign “Watch this.” Leshawna said as she pressed a button and a couple lights spelled out “Leshawna is Awesome!” and she painted herself signing posters for a bunch of fans “Very simple, but good. Seven out of ten, which makes Duncan the winner!” Chris announced as Duncan cheered “I got this girl.” Said and intern as he brought back Lindsay “Thank you.” Chris replied “Well, Lindsay no we need to vote for Tyler.” Leshawna said as Lindsay nodded as everyone went to the campfire “I have a marshmallow for Duncan.” Chris said, “Also, I have one for Lindsay.” Chris announced as he tossed a marshmallow to Lindsay “The final marshmallow goes to… Leshawna!” Chris announced as Leshawna grabbed her marshmallow and Tyler walked down the Stage of Shame and into the Limo of Losers “That was Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the screen went blank

Chapter 14 - Part 1 and Part 2

“This is Total Drama Pop Star!” yelled Chris as he walked over to the three campers “I’m so going to be famous when I win!” Lindsay said as she daydreamed “You mean if you will!” Leshawna yelled, “Cool it!” Duncan commanded, “This is a delightful group.” Chris said sarcastically “I know!” Lindsay cheered as everyone Chris slapped his face “I as using sarcasm!” Chris yelled “Of course! What’s sarcasm?” Lindsay asked stupidly “Never mind.” Chris said as he brought the campers to the mess hall “So when’s the challenge?” Duncan asked “Right now!” Chris yelled, “I don’t see anything.” Leshawna commented, “The challenge has two parts. There will be a winner from each part and those two winners are going to be the final two!” Chris announced, “That still doesn’t answer my question. We are the challenges?” Leshawna asked, “Challenge is right here. You have an hour to write a catchy jingle about this show.” Chris announced, “That’s a dumb challenge.” Duncan said, “Well would you like to drop out and lose the chance at the money?” asked Chris “No.” Duncan replied as everyone started thinking “This is had.” Leshawna commented, “I’ve never had to think before.” Lindsay said “Its just a stupid jingle!” Duncan yelled “Keep working!” yelled Chris through his bullhorn “Where did you get that?” Duncan asked, “I bought it two minutes ago.” Chris replied “The hours almost up.” Leshawna commented as little later “I’m finished!” Lindsay cheered proudly “She finished?” Duncan asked, “I can’t believe she finished it.” Leshawna said as Chris came back “Okay final three lets here those jingles.” Chris said “I’ll go first.” said Duncan “Lets hear it.” Chris said “Twenty-two teens came to a camp. Expecting to win all the money and fame. The host is really strange and the challenges are stupid! So that’s why you should watch Total Drama Pop Star!” Duncan yelled, as only Lindsay clapped “I am not strange!” Chris yelled “My turn!” Lindsay said, “Can’t wait to ere it.” Chris replied, “There is a place where teens come to be models. Only one wins and the others lose. The host named Chip and he has these fun challenges. Watch Total Drama Super Model!” Lindsay yelled proudly as the room became silent “So many things wrong with that jingle.” Chris said, “I guess it’s my turn.” Leshawna said, “You guessed right.” Chris replied, “Here is mine. Watch Total Drama Pop Star.” Leshawna said, “That was horrible but you still win.” Chris said “Why?” Leshawna asked “Well, Lindsay’s made no sense and Duncan called me strange. Are first final two member is Leshawna!” Chris yelled “At least know I made it to the next round. Its just me and the queen of stupid.” Duncan said as he watched Lindsay trip over nothing “The second part is to build a puppet.” Chris said, “That’s it?” Duncan asked “Yep.” Chris replied, “I love puppets!” Lindsay announced as she started working “I can do this in five minutes!” Duncan announced as he started working “Want to go to a movie?” Chris asked Leshawna “Why not?” Leshawna replied as they left “Look I made a princess!” Lindsay screeched as she held up a bouncy ball with some yarn on it “Its official, I’ve made it to the next round.” Duncan said as they kept working for another hour and a half “We’re back!” Leshawna yelled, “That was a great movie!” Chris yelled as he three out his popcorn and soda “I’m all done!” Duncan said as he finished it “I thought you said you could make a puppet in five minutes.” Leshawna commented, “I added some features.” Duncan said as he brought up his puppet “Oooooh, it’s a dragon!” Chris said as Duncan handed him a remote control “Press the buttons.” Duncan said as Chris pressed a button and the dragon danced “I want to press one!” Leshawna said as she pressed a button and the dragon breather fire “Me too!” Lindsay said as she pressed a button and the dragon started to fly “What’s it made out of?” Chris asked metal, wires, and batteries.” Duncan replied, “I have a puppet too.” Lindsay said as she brought over here bouncy ball with yarn and a hat “Its bouncy.” Chris commented as he bounced up and down “I know! Its gorgeous!” Lindsay screeched “Not really but you still win.” Chris said “What?” Leshawna and Duncan asked, “Well, Duncan’s was actually a robot and not a puppet.” Chris announced, “That is so cheap!” Duncan yelled, “That’s what they all say!” Chris yelled back as he pushed Duncan across the Stage of Shame and onto the Lim of Losers “We made it to the final two!” Leshawna cheered, “I know! EEEEEEEEEEE!” Lindsay screeched, “Here I come finale!” Leshawna yelled, “Now we are down to the final two! What will happen next time on Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as the camera went blank

Chapter 15 - The Finale - Part 1

“It’s been a long road but we finally have a final two contestants, Lindsay and Leshawna. They have survived many challenges and now only one more challenge is left until we have the winner. So find what happens on Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as he walked over to the final two contestants “Hey Chris.” Leshawna said “Hi Chip!” Lindsay yelled “It’s Chris and how do you feel about being in the final two?” Chris asked, “Since I made it this far I am going to win.” Leshawna replied confidently “I in the final two?” Lindsay asked, “Anyways lets head over to the challenge.” Chris said as the contestants walked over to a field with two bleachers “What are these doing here?” Leshawna asked, “The other thirteen contestants are coming.” Chris said as he pointed to the other thirteen contestants “Losers, you have to pick either Leshawna or Lindsay.” Chris said as Tyler, Geoff, Katie, Sadie, Justin, DJ, and Heather sat at Lindsay’s bleacher while Gwen, Trent, Eva, Courtney, Duncan and Izzy sat at Leshawna’s bleacher “Welcome back.” Leshawna said “Yeah, welcome back.” Lindsay said, “Win, Leshawna!” Gwen cheered “No! Go Lindsay!” Tyler cheered “Leshawna!” Trent yelled “Lindsay!” Katie and Sadie yelled, “Stop!” Chris yelled as everything turned quiet “That’s better.” Gwen said “The challenge is the an obstacle course that involves every pop star skill you have learned.” Chris said, “That sounds hard.” Lindsay commented, “It is hard.” Chris said, “What do we have to do?” Leshawna asked “Glad you asked. First, you have to sing in front of the three American Idol judges and if they let you pass you then play Dance Dance Revolution. Next, you have to design an outfit and make one of your supporters put it on and walk down the runway. Then, you have to play an instrument in a concert. Finally, its just a straight run to the finish line.” Chris said, “That’s confusing.” Lindsay commented, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with her.” Leshawna said “One more thing, what would you use the money for if you won?” Chris asked, “I would buy a ton of clothes, jewelry, and makeup.” Lindsay replied “I would buy a huge mansion for my family.” Leshawna replied, “That’s great. Now go!!!” Chris demanded “Go Leshawna!” Gwen said as Leshawna stepped in front of the judges “I’m singing Glamorous by Fergie” Leshawna said, “Go ahead.” Simon commented as Leshawna started singing “G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. G-L…” Leshawna sang, “That’s enough.” Simon interrupted “That was good not great but good.” Simon commented, “I thought it was great!” Paula yelled, “Yo dawg, that was pretty good but I say you can go on with the obstacle course.” Randy said, “I agree.” Paula said, “Its three yeses, you’re going on with the obstacle course.” Simon said as Leshawna ran out with a golden ticket “Keep going, Leshawna!” Gwen, Trent, Katie, and Sadie said as they followed her while the other Leshawna fans decided to stay behind “Lindsay, its your turn to sing.” Chris said as Lindsay walked in front of the judges “I’m singing a song.” Lindsay said “Okay.” Simon replied, “Don’t cha wish your girl friend was…” Lindsay sang, “That was okay.” Simon said, “I say yes.” Paula commented, “I sat no.” Randy decided, “I say yes so keep going on with the obstacle course.” Simon said as Lindsay ran out “Lets go Lindsay!” Tyler said as he ran with her “I stink a DDR!” Leshawna yelled as they reached the next part of the course “I’ll do it for you.” Trent said, “Okay.” Leshawna agreed as she sat down while Trent danced “Look it’s the next part!” Lindsay cheered as she got on the DDR mat and started dancing “Go Lindsay!” Tyler said as he sat down with everyone else “Come on, Trent!” Leshawna cheered, “I’m trying but this is a hard game!” Trent yelled, “This is pathetic!” Chris yelled after an hour “It’s been an hour an no one has made it past DDR!” Chris yelled, “I think I finished!” Trent cheered as he beat DDR while Lindsay fell over and over and over “Finally!” Chris yelled as Leshawna kept running with Gwen and Trent as Katie and Sadie started walking back to the finish line “ They’re winning!” Tyler said as he pushed Lindsay off the mat and started dancing “Go Tyler!” Lindsay yelled, “Will Tyler and Lindsay actually beat DDR? How will Leshawna, Trent, and Gwen handle the next obstacle? Where are the people who got cut in the auditions?” Chris asked himself as the camera went to the people caught in the auditions in a cage above a lake filled with sharks “HELP!” they all yelled, “Find out on the second part of the finale!” Chris yelled as the camera went blank

Chapter 16 - The Finale - Part 2

“Last time on Total Drama Pop Star the final two had to do an obstacle course. Leshawna and Lindsay made it past the judges but got stuck on DDR. Finally, Trent beat DDR for Leshawna and Tyler took over for Lindsay after she kept falling. What will happen and who will win, Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled as he showed Leshawna on the camera “What’s the next obstacle?” Leshawna asked, “Ummm…I think it’s designing an outfit.” Trent replied, “You can do it, Leshawna!” Gwen cheered as she started making an outfit “Gwen, you’re going to have to wear the dress down the runway.” Leshawna demanded, “Fine.” Gwen mumbled as the camera went back to Lindsay “This is the hardest came of DDR ever.” Tyler said “Its on easy difficulty.” Boomed a deep mysterious voice “You just stink!” yelled another mysterious voice “Who said that?” Tyler asked, “Maybe it was Tyler.” Lindsay suggested “I’m Tyler!” Tyler yelled as Rock and Snake walked up to Lindsay “Hi Rock and Snake! How are you?” Lindsay asked cheerfully “Well since we were voted off we’ve been drinking a lot of juices boxes.” Snake replied, “Cool!” Lindsay yelled, “Now let me do DDR. I’m a master!” Rock demanded as he threw Tyler of the mat and stepped on it and beat it in thirty seconds “Lets go, Lindsay!” Tyler yelled as they started running to the next obstacle with Rock and Snake “Ooooh, I have to make an outfit!” Lindsay said cheerfully “I’m done!” Leshawna yelled as she gave the dress to Gwen “This is a very interesting dress.” Gwen commented as she went into a dressing room “I know.” Leshawna replied proudly “Who wants to wear my dress?” Lindsay asked as she worked “Ummmm… Snake does!” Tyler yelled as Snake started chasing Tyler “You will look so great in my outfit!” Lindsay cheered, “That’s got to hurt.” Rock commented as Snake threw Tyler to the ground “I think my back is broken.” Tyler said, “This is not about you, it’s about me!” Lindsay yelled back “Fine.” Tyler mumbled as an ambulance came and took Tyler away “Ready!” Gwen announced as she stepped onto the runway in a really awful rainbow dress with rainbow shoes “Hear comes Gwen in a…” Chris started “Let me see.” Trent demanded, as he looked at the dress “My eyes!” Trent yelled as he covered his eyes and ran away “Its horrible!” Chris yelled as he covered his eyes and ran away “I think that means we can continue.” Leshawna said as she ran with Gwen to the next obstacle “All done!” Lindsay cheered as she handed the dress to Snake and he stepped into the changing room “You’ll look beautiful!” Lindsay cheered as Snake stepped out in a purple dress with a pink ribbon around it “I feel like a girly girl.” Snake commented, “Well, you are one!” Rock said as he started laughing, “Lets finish this part.” Rock said as he stepped on the runway “Here comes Snake with a pretty purple dress.” Chris judged “I told you that you would look pretty!” Lindsay screeched, “Wait! Snake is wearing the dress!” Chris yelled astonished and then he burst out laughing, “Lets get out of here!” Snake yelled as he grabbed Lindsay and started running with Rock behind them “Now we have to play an instrument.” Leshawna said as she grabbed a guitar and microphone “I’ll play drums.” Gwen said as she pushed some drums on stage “I’m going to sing Circus!” Leshawna yelled, “I’m playing drums!” Gwen yelled because she wanted credit too “All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus.” Leshawna sang as she played the guitar as Gwen played the drums “I see the next obstacle!” Lindsay cheered, “I love this song! All eyes on me on the center of the ring just like a circus.” Snake sang, “See you are a girly girl!” Rock teased as Snake punched him “Thank you Total Drama Pop Star!” Leshawna yelled as she finished the song and started running “I’ll sing!” Lindsay demanded as she grabbed the microphone “I’ll play electric guitar.” Snake demanded, “I’ll play drums.” Rock said as they all went onstage “I’m singing Halo!” Lindsay announced, “I love that song!” Snake cheered “Girly girl!” Rock teased, “Baby, I can fell your Halo, Halo, Halo.” Lindsay sang, “Isn’t this an amazing performance.” Chris said “Yeah.” The other contestants agreed, “That’s why it’s boring.” Chris said as Lindsay, Rock, and Snake finished and started running “Does anyone see the contestants?” Izzy asked at the finish line “I see Sadie!” Katie cheered, “I see Katie!” Sadie cheered “EEEEEEEEE!” The both screeched “So annoying!” Geoff yelled, “I agree with you.” DJ said, “I think she meant the final two.” Justin said, “I should be in the final two!” Courtney yelled, “No, I should be in the final two!” Heather yelled, “I see one of them.” Tyler announced “No Tyler, that’s a tree.” Trent replied “How much longer?” Leshawna asked, “I think were almost there.” Gwen replied as Leshawna sat down “I’m taking a break.” Leshawna said “Why?” Gwen asked confused “Lindsay so far back she can’t catch up.” Leshawna replied “This is taking to long!” Snake yelled “Tell Lindsay stop falling down!” Rock yelled as Lindsay fell over again “Ouch!” Lindsay yelled as she got up again “I got it.” Snake said as he kicked Lindsay as she started rolling “Nice work.” Rock said, “I see Lindsay!” Gwen yelled “Aaaaaahhhh!” Lindsay yelled as she rolled past them “Lets go!” Leshawna yelled as she got up and started running “I see Lindsay!” Izzy yelled “No! Leshawna needs to win!” Trent yelled, “I have a plan!” Courtney yelled as she grabbed Trent and ran away “EEEEEEEEE!” Katie and Sadie screeched, “Why is she rolling?” DJ asked, “Well Lindsay is stupid.” Heather replied, “That’s true.” All the contestants said as Trent and Courtney came back with a giant net “Aaaaaaahhh!” Lindsay screamed as she went up a ramp and hit the net and bounced back and landed on top of Rock and Snake “Why are you here?” Rock asked madly “A flew back here somehow.” Lindsay replied, “You lost.” Snake said “Yeah. Want to get some juice boxes?” Rock asked “Sure.” Snake replied as they walked away as Lindsay started running back to the finish “I win!” Leshawna cheered as se crossed the finish line and all her fans hugged her while the Lindsay fans just stood still “Good job, Lequisha!” Lindsay cheered as she made it back to the finish line “Thank you!” Leshawna replied ignoring that Lindsay pronounced her name wrong “Congratulation, Leshawna! Now all of you got to the Limo of Losers and go to the Playa Des Pop Stars for a party!” Chris announced, “Can we come?” Rock asked as he and Snake came back with juice boxes “Sure.” Chris replied, “Cool.” Snake replied as they got on the Limo of Losers too “Leshawna was the winner of Total Drama Pop Star and Lindsay was the runner up. Rock and Snake got juice boxes and Tyler broke his back. The contestants will be back for a surprise challenge and the chance to win a million dollars. See what happens next on Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris yelled, as he got in his car t go to the party and then the camera went blank

Chapter 17 - The Last Episode of Total Drama Pop Star

“What a great party!” Tyler cheered as he danced “EEEEEEE!” Katie screeched “EEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sadie screeched, “I can’t wait to spend this check!” Leshawna cheered, “You deserved it.” Gwen commented, “Are you Tyler?” Lindsay asked “No.” Gwen replied, “I deserved the money!” Eva yelled, “No, I deserved the money!” Courtney argued, “Well, I won fair and square.” Leshawna said proudly “Woo-hoo!” Geoff yelled as he danced “I wonder what happened to the people cut in the auditions?” DJ asked as the camera switched to the people cut in the auditions dangling in a cage and under them a bunch of lions and tigers “They’re probably chilling at him.” Trent replied “Are dangling from a cage and lions and tigers are under them.” Duncan suggested “No way.” everyone agreed “Yes, now way.” Chris said suspiciously “I should’ve won.” Heather said angrily “I made it farther than you.” Duncan commented, “You got lucky.” Heather replied, “Campers, we are having a limbo contestant.” Chris announced as DJ tried to go under the pole but failed “I can do this.” Leshawna said confidently as she went under the pole and also failed “Pathetic.” Chris commented a while later after only Gwen, Duncan, and Geoff remained “How low can you go?” Everyone asked as Duncan went pole and succeeded “Easy.” Duncan commented, “I can do this.” Geoff said confidently as he hit the pole “You sure did it.” Gwen said sarcastically as she walked under the pile and failed “Duncan wins a gift card to Wal-Mart!” Chris announced as Duncan took his gift card “Sweet. Duncan said as he put the gift card in his pocket “Time for the main contest.” Chris said, “What contest?” Gwen asked, “I’ve hidden five musical notes around the area and the five people who find them get one thousand dollars each.” Chris announced, “Do I get to keep my check?” Leshawna asked, “Sure, now go!” Chris yelled as everyone stood still “Why do you expect us to go again?” Gwen asked, “Just go.” Chris replied as everyone ran in different areas “Lets go to Wal-Mart, Courtney.” Duncan said as they walked over to Wal-Mart “Lets get a DVD.” Courtney said as she walked over to the DVD section “Fine.” Duncan replied as he noticed something sticking out of a book “Find any good DVD’s?” Courtney asked “None yet.” Duncan replied as he pulled a musical note out of the book and put it in his pocket “Have you found anything. Sadie?” Katie asked “Nope.” Sadie replied “EEEEEE! We both haven’t found anything!” Katie screeched “EEEEEE!” Sadie screeched “If I were a musical note where would I be?” Geoff asked himself “That’s you strategy.” Gwen commented in disbelief “Got it!” Geoff yelled ignoring Gwen as he ran to a tree and in one of the branches there was a musical note “If I was a musical note were would I be?” Gwen asked herself “I knew it worked!” Geoff yelled as he ran back to Chris “I got nothing.” Gwen said as she walked away “Come with me, Gwen.” Trent said “Sure.” Gwen decided as she walked with Trent “are you Tyler?” Lindsay asked, “Yes.” Tyler replied as they walked down a road to look for a restaurant “Okay.” Lindsay replied, “I only see McDonalds.” Tyler commented as they walked into McDonalds “This place is for fat people.” Lindsay commented “Two happy meals.” Tyler ordered as they took a seat “Here you go.” said the cashier “I got a car in my happy meal!” Tyler announced proudly “I got a musical note!” Lindsay announced “Go give it to Chris.” Tyler said “Why?” Lindsay asked “How about you give it to me.” Tyler suggested “Sure.” Lindsay replied as they ate their happy meals “Its mine now.” Heather said as she snatched the musical note out of Tyler’s pocket and ran away “Two notes have been brought to me!” Chris announced over a mega phone “There’s only three more!’ Trent yelled as he started running but hit a pole and got knocked out “I’ll help him after I get my money.” Gwen said to herself “I got a DVD.” Courtney said as they paid for it and walked back to Chris “What DVD did you get?” Duncan asked “It’s called How to Beat Up a Nerd Who Switched the Votes to Get You Out in a Reality Show.” Courtney replied, “That’s a pretty specific movie,” Duncan replied “I need to go to the bathroom.” Courtney announced as she walked away “here you go, Chris.” Duncan said as he handed him the third musical note “I see something!” Katie cheered as she grabbed a musical note “Me too!” Sadie cheered as she grabbed another musical note “Lets got to Chris!” Katie screeched as they started running to Chris “Lets go to Chris.” Tyler said as he reached into his pocket “Something wrong?” Lindsay asked, “The musical note is gone!” Tyler replied in shock “Leshawna is going to get the money!” Leshawna announced as she kept searching for a musical note “Have you seen a musical note.” Justin asked Leshawna “I see one right there.” Leshawna replied, as she was in a trance because of Justin’s beauty “Its mine!” Eva yelled as she charged at the note but Justin took his shirt off “Give it to me.” Justin demanded, “Here you go.” Eva said as she gave Justin the musical note “Take this!” Izzy yelled as she swooped down with her eyes closed and threw dung at Justin while taking the musical note “My hair, face, chest, and the rest of my body!” Justin yelled as he ran into a bathroom “I think that’s the last note.” DJ said as he grabbed the note but then he saw a bunny “Give me the note!’ Gwen yelled a she snatched the musical note out of DJ’s hand and ran to Chris “Everyone repot back to me. We have are five winners!” Chris announced as everyone gathered around him “I have one.” Duncan announced as he took his one thousand dollars “Why didn’t you tell me you had a note?” Courtney asked “I wanted the money for myself but you can have the DVD.” Duncan replied as Courtney charged at him but got tranquilized and dragged away by to guards “I want juice boxes!” Snake yelled “Me too!” Rock yelled “The by the couch and TV.” Chris replied as Rock and Snake went into a different room “I don’t see them.” Snake commented as Chris locked the door “Let us out of here!” Rock demanded “Maybe later.” Chris replied I have one.” Heather announced as Chris gave Heather the money “Me too.” Gwen announced as she got her money too “I have one.” Geoff announced as Chris gave him the money “I have one.” Izzy announced, “So do I.” Sadie said “Me too.” Katie said as everyone looked at Chris “The ones that Katie and Sadie have are fake.” Chris announced as Izzy got some money “E-Scope has some money!” Izzy yelled, “That was the last episode of Total Drama Pop Star!” Chris announced “Wit a minute.” Gwen said, “What is it?” Chris asked, “Who’s returning for season two?” Gwen asked “No one but these twenty two campers.” Chris replied as twenty-two all new teens walked in front of Chris “Instead of competing here their competing on a cruise ship on the new season called Total Drama Cruise!” Chris announced as the camera turned off

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
1 Leshawna Safe Win Safe Safe Lose Safe Lose Win Win Safe Low Win Low Win Win No Money
2 Lindsay Safe Lose Win Win Win Lose Safe Safe Low Safe Win Low Safe Win Elim No Money
3 Duncan Safe Win Safe Safe Lose Safe Lose Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Elim Money
4 Tyler Safe Safe Lose Lose Safe Win Win Lose Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim No Money
5 Izzy Safe Safe Lose Low Safe Win Win Low Safe Low Safe Elim Money
6 Geoff Safe Low Win Win Win Lose Safe Safe Lose Safe Elim Money
7 Gwen Safe Win Safe Safe Lose Safe Lose Win Win Elim Money
8 Katie Safe Lose Win Win Win Low Safe Safe Elim Fake Note
9 Justin Safe Safe Low Lose Safe Win Win Elim No Money
10 Heather Safe Win Safe Safe Low Safe Elim Money
11 Sadie Safe Lose Win Win Win Elim Fake Note
12 Trent Safe Win Safe Safe Elim No Money
13 Courtney Safe Safe Lose Elim No Money
14 Eva Safe Safe Elim No Money
15 DJ Safe Elim No Money
16 Harold Elim
17 Cody Elim
18 Owen Elim
19 Beth Elim
20 Bridgette Elim
21 Ezekiel Elim
22 Noah Elim


Yellow Names - Out in Auditions

Red Names - Team Pop

Blue Names - Team Rock

Green Names - Team Country

Orange Names - Surviving Singers (No team)

With Teams (Chapters 2 - 9)

Red - Eliminated

Safe - Light Blue

Low - Orange

Team Loses - Gray

Team Wins - Light Green

Without Teams (Chapters 10 - 15)

Eliminated - Red

Safe - Light Blue

Low - Orange

Invincible - Light Green

Last Episode

Won 1,000 dollars - Light Green

Didn't win anything - Orange

Got the two fake musical notes - Gray

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