Total Drama Playing It Straight is a fanfic by The-Anonymous-Vigilante. It is a cross between Total Drama and the US Reality Series, Playing it Straight.


Katie is sent to Camp Wawanakwa with 18 men, host, Chris McLean explains that each week, the guys will be given challenges to impress Katie, and at the end of the day, Katie will pick someone to send home, the eliminations will continue until Katie picks a winner. The twist, half of the men are gay, if Katie picks a gay man as a final winner, they take all the prize money, if she picks a straight guy, they split the money.


  • Ezikiel
  • Noah
  • Justin
  • Tyler
  • Cody
  • Harold
  • Trent
  • DJ
  • Geoff
  • Duncan
  • Owen
  • Alejandro
  • B
  • Sam
  • Brick
  • Scott
  • Cameron
  • Topher





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