This story will take place on a plane with 18 contestants aged 16-17, the host, and a psycho chef as they fly all around the world to compete in challenges and have the risk of being voted of by their fellow team members and not win the most beloved, one million pounds.


Terry Smith - Host

Chef. Chopsalot - Chef

Zain - The chubby food lover

Christopher - The jock

Adam - The one who tries hard but fails

Sam - The ninja

Ivan - The strong one

Calypso - The goth

Jacob - The one who believes in the supernatural

Tom - The team player

Hamza - The nerd

Kitty - The shy girl

Gabriella - The diva

Skylar - The cheerful one

Emily - The bossy one

Emma - The stubborn one

Stacey - The helpful one

Abby - The short girl

Amber - The smart girl

Nikki - The tough girl


Episode One - Meet the Losers

Terry Smith is standing in-front of a plane. "Welcome everyone to a new TV series that I like to call.....Total Drama Plane O' Losers!" he sniggered, "You'll see why it's called that later, but first, here's how things will go around here. I have brought 18 teenagers to this plane where they will have to go across the world to complete different challenges and the loser will be voted off and kicked off the plane. The reward? Oh, you know, nothing special. It's only ONE MILLION POUNDS! Yeah, that's the sweet reward at the end. There can only be one winner and they can choose what to do with this money. Who are the 18 unlucky losers? Find out on this episode on Total.....Drama......Plane O' Losers!

Theme Song

"Okay, so the bus is here. Now let's see our first contestant!" Terry says. The bus' doors open and out comes a girl wearing a yellow shirt, cream trousers, brown hair and a pink cap. "Meet Stacey! Probably the most helpful girl that will be on this show!"

"Hey Terry! I am so excited to be on this show and I hope that I will have a good time here!" Stacey says with pure enthusiasm.

"Okay then! You sure are lively aren't you! Just stand by the plane and meet the others and then we'll be going."

"Alright!" Stacey says as she walks to the plane.

"Okay, so the next contestant is....." A boy with a tank top and shorts comes out with Nike air maxes.

"Yo Terry sup dude?"

"This is Christopher, he is an athletic jock who loves sports."

"Just call me Chris bro"

"Okay then,Chris, just head on over to the plane."

"Gotcha bro!"

"Okay then, who's next!" A girl with long black hair, a pink jumper and blue trousers come out. She had one end of her sleeve in her mouth and her hair covering most of her face.

"This is Kitty, she's a bit shy so please that in mind when judging her"

"Errrrm...hi?" Kitty says

"Hello Kitty, welcome to TDPOL, now get yourself over to everyone else"

"O-okay...." said Kitty nervously as she slowly walked to everyone else.

"Alright, next up!" A tall boy came out with a blue shirt and darker trousers.

"Yo Terry, wassap?"

"This is Adam, he'll fail about 100 billion times but that doesn't mean he'll stop trying!"

"Oh shut up! You're just jealous that I am better looking than you!" Adam says as he was grabbed by his collar.

"Don't. Ever. Say. That. AGAIN. Got it?"said Terry menacingly.

"Chill bro, it was just a joke."

"Get your loser butt over to the other contestants. NOW" Adam walked off in silence.

"Okay. Give me a better contestant please!" A girl with glasses and freckles came out. She had a red shirt and green trousers. She had her hair in a ponytail.

"Hey Terry!" She said

"Welcome. This is Amber everyone! She has a big brain but small muscles. Will that be helpful in this season? We'll see. Now go stand with everyone else!"

"Don't I have to have a conversation with you?"

"You are, now go!" Terry says as Amber walked off to the other contestants.

"Next please!" said Terry. A boy with garlic tied around his neck, a red shirt and blue trousers stepped out.

"This is Ja-" he sniffed the air. "Eeeeeew. What is that smell dude?"

"It's my garlic. It helps ward off vampires. I also have some chalk to draw a ritual circle to keep the spirits away"

"Yeah no. This is Jacob. As you can see, he has a very strong belief in the supernatural."

"My dad was once bitten by a werewolf! That is why I believe they exist!"

"Sure thing dude. Now walk on over to your fellow contestants!" Jacob walked towards the plane.

"Errrrrm, excuse me! A little bit of assistance!" said a girl's voice.

"And here we have Gabriella!"

"My bags wont move themselves you know!" A girl with blonde hair came out and kicked the bag out of the bus.

"There! Now they're gone!"

"And Emily..."

"You better treat me with respect you blonde haired freak!"

"Well at least my breath doesn't smell worse than a donkey's butt!" The two glare at each other.

"Move yourselves out of my way!" Another blonde haired girl came out, but this time she was shorter and had big black boots.

"And Emma...."

"You guys better not keep getting in my way until I win this!"

"Oh as if!" said Gabriella.

"YOU GUYS BETTER MOVE YOUR SORRY LITTLE CORPSES BEFORE I HAVE TO MAKE YOU!" said a demanding voice, coming form the bus. A girl in black clothing came out, with big heavy boots, black bands, and flaming red eyes.

"And Nikki" said Terry. "You guys just got into a fight, within the first 5 seconds of meeting each other. Good job." They all continued to stare each other down. "Head on over to the others..." They all walked off.

"Terry! My man! So stoked to be here!" shouted a chubby guy from inside the bus.

"This is Zain. He eats more than an average person should. And that's worrying. REALLY worrying."

"Don't worry dude. I'll be fine."

"Ok then. Walk on ahead my chubby friend!" He walked off.

"Next!" said Terry as a puff of smoke appeared before him and a boy in a ninja suit came out of the smoke.

"Sam! How's it going!" Sam nodded.

"This is Sam. He trained in becoming a ninja since he was 2. And he doesn't speak so he can just ninja on over to the others!" Terry says as Sam did 10 front flips mid-air and landed perfectly next to everyone. The next contestant was a big, beefy boy in a ripped grey clothing and black shorts. He continued to walk until he met everyone else.

"Okay. That was Ivan. Strong, but silent. Moving on." A boy with black clothing, black lipstick, and black nail polish came out. "Calypso! My ma-"

"Not interested."

"Rood. Anyways, moving on!" Terry could see nothing. "Errrrm, hello?"

"Down here!" said a mysterious voice. Terry looked down.

"Oh! Abby! Didn't see ya there!"

"Hey! I'm not that short!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just keep it moving." Terry says as Abby walked off.

"Next we have...." A tall boy with glasses and a blue shirt came out. He had red trousers and was carrying books.

"Hi Terry."

"This is Hamza. Probably THE biggest nerd, EVER! Now run along." Terry says as he walks off. "Next!" A girl with cream clothing and a flower on her shirt came out. Followed by a boy with a jumper and red trousers. "Skylar! Tom! Welcome!"

"Hey Terry!" Skylar says.

"Hello Terry" Tom says.

"Skylar is super cheery and will probably grow flowers wherever she goes, and Tom will always take one for the team! Now get over there!" Terry says as they both walked off. "Well, we now have our our losers. Meaning we now have our show. And we have our drama! What will happen? Find out on the next episode of DRAGON BALL Z! TOTAL....DRAMA....PLANE O' LOSERS!"

Chapter Two - The law of the land....plane

Terry Smith can be seen standing in front of the contestants. "Last time, on Total Drama Plane O' Losers! We met our lucky contestants and with some of them having a decent chance of winning, others do not. How will our contestants get along? Will they be enemies, or will they be allies? Find out the answers on this episode of Total.....Drama.....Plane O' Losers!"

Theme Song

"Okay, contestants, now that you're all here I can finally let you on the thing you were dying to go on. The plane!" Terry says as everyone walks inside. "This is where you will be staying for the next however many days to battle it out for the top prize of ONE MILLION POUNDS"

"WOO HOO!" everyone cheered.

"Now, before we get started, here are some things you must know. The first thing is that you will be split into 2 teams of 9. The two teams will compete in challenges and whoever wins will stay in first class. A luxurious seating are for all of your needs. If you lose then you get the lower class seats AND you must vote someone off and they will lose their chance at the million. And you can't come back. EVER. Just pass here are the toilets. There will be a camera in here in which you can turn on and off. Turn off to do your business and turn on to spill your deepest, darkest secrets and thoughts. So it is basically a toilet and a confessional."


"Why must the confessional be in the bathroom? It makes things so awkward." Emma says

"A place to share all my brilliant strategies? Awesome." Adam says

"Now, the case with all of the money in it will be in my private room at all times. If there is any attempt to steal the case then you will be automatically eliminated. NO EXCUSES.

"Dang it!" Ivan says

"Okay! That's pretty much all the things I need to say. You signed a contract so no backing out now or it's an auto elimination and one last thing. If you ever hear a ding sound then you must sing. No singing then it's an auto elimination. So...."


"Let's hear it then."

Emily: Let's

Emma: Sing

Gabriella: This

Abby: Song

Christopher: But

Adam: Sing-

Tom: -ing

Ivan: Sucks

4 Female Singers: We're singing

4 Male Singers: And it sucks

Together: We're singing and it sucks.

Zain: You're making us sing

Hamza: At the sound of the ding

Skylar: And you expect us to comply with your demands!

Jacob: He's making us do this 'coz he's a ghost!

Emma: Is that the thing you say the most?

Calypso: Guys, singing is for dweebs

Kitty: *mumbles*

Terry: What is that Kitty? Those words sound weak!

Kitty: i said that i agree with cal.

Nikki: Hah! Cal? Nice one.

Calypso: Well at least it's not as bad as Nik's red bott-om.

Terry: Dude that was lame but i'll allow that, for now.


Christopher: Yo Nikki chill, there's no need to shout.

Amber: Guys, what about Sam? If he doesn't sing then he'll go and my - I mean his face will go blam!

Terry: Well since he's a ninja and i'm scared he'll cut me, then he has to do an interpretive dance instead.

Sam: *Shrugs shoulders then does a dance*

Terry: Well, looks like everyone is safe for now but there is someone I would like you to meet....

"Arrrrrrrrgh!" said a voice shouting from behind a door. It starts being kicked, and kicked until a mysterious figure came walking out.

Chapter Three - The First Challenge

The figure came from a black silhouette to a clear person. He had an apron with red splotches over his greasy shirt. His trousers were ripped and he had no shoes. His hat was mostly red and he had a crazy look on him.

"This, is Chef. Chopsalot! He is a psychopathic chef and I forgot to supply something to make. So! He will now chase you around this plane and if you manage to survive for ten minutes, then you get a reward! Oh, and this is your first challenge and someone WILL go home. Good luck!"

He wouldn't really make us get chopped up into little pieces and eaten, right? Abby says as the door gets flung open and Abby gets captured by Chef.

"Hmmm, a place to hide, a place to hide," said Christopher as he glimpsed something from the corner of his eye. He looked under one of the seats to see a girl cowering away in the corner. "Kitty? Wow, you were so silent that I wouldn't have noticed you!"

"I - I have a tendency to do that"

"Hey, mind if I hide here with you?"


"Don't worry, I wont make a sound," Chris says as Kitty gave a small smile.

"I'm pretty sure that this isn't even legal," said Amber.

"And I'm pretty sure that us two will be a powerful team!" replied Gabriella.

"Us two? In an alliance?"

"Yeah, think about it! Us two in the finale together. Wouldn't that be great?!"


I'm not stupid. I know she'll backstab me the chance she gets.

Yes! Someone to make an alliance with so now I have a better chance of winning, and i'll eliminate her when I can.

The two were walking when suddenly, Chef came out. The two backed away slowly until Sam came and grabbed both of them.

"Oh, thanks Sam" said Amber as Sam nodded his head.

"Yeah, whatever. Let's just get out of here." But it was too late. Chef had managed to jump up to the vents and he grabbed Amber and Sam.

"Gabriella, HELP!" Cried Amber. But Gabriella stood in fear and ran off.

Great way to start off an alliance...

"Dude, HURRY UP!" exclaimed Tom. Zain had managed to get himself stuck in between the doorway.

"Don't worry man, there's like a minute left."

"But we can still get caught!"

Terry walked in. "You know what we forgot to do today?"

"What?" They both said in unison.


"Now? When there's a killer Chef on the loose!?" complained Tom.

"Fine then, get eliminated. I don't care." Terry said. Tom sighed and sang.

Tom: Zain, hurry up. I would not like to get munched!

Zain: Dude, chill down. There is not a need to Frown!

Enter Emma and Emily

Emily: What is with this giant pillow in the door?

Emma: Errrm, I don't think that that is a pillow...

Terry: *Giggles* Yeah. It's. Zain's. BUTT.

Enter Chef


Zain: I am trying, I am trying but it looks like we are losing!






"Okay, that was the most rubbish song I have heard in my life." Terry says. "Well, the ten minutes are up. So I guess who ever isn't captured has won!" They all cheer.

"What's our reward?" Questioned Emily.

"You don't get killed by Chef!" Terry says as they all stare at him. "Don't worry, I'll get the others. You didn't think I'd ACTUALLY kill you?"

They all go to the elimination room. "So! Since more than three of you survived, I now have to do it randomly." He gets out his phone and says, "Stacey, Tom and Chris. Get over here." The three walked over too Terry. "You three will be the team captains!"

Team captain? Maybe i'll make it far into the competition because I'm the leader. said Tom.

"So, the first team will be Stacey, Nikki, Skylar, Hamza, Ivan and Jacob. And you will be called....TEAM FREAKDOS! Because you're all freaky and are wierdos. The next team will be Tom, Gabriella, Emma, Emily, Amber and Sam. And you will be called.....TEAM AFFILIATIONS! Because you all affiliate with someone else in one way or another. And the final team will be Chris, Kitty, Calypso, Abby, Zain and Adam. And you will be called....TEAM FLOPPY! Because you all flop at everything. So, with that out of the way, Team Affiliations had the most captured so they will be up for elimination. Team Freakdos had the least so they get FIRST CLASS! And Team Floppy get the economy class. So, Team Affiliations stay go to the confessionals and say who you will vote for. The other teams go to your accommodations for the night." They all go to their required places.


"So then, I have five Chef hats here. Who ever does not receive one will be going home and they can never come back. EVER. Let's get on with it. The people with no votes were Tom, Amber and Sam. You guys are safe" Terry announced as he threw them chef hats. The bottom three. Gabriella, Emma and Emily. You were the only one with votes. And I can say that the one with one vote is Gabriella. You get a chef hat. The bottom two. Emma and Emily." Intense music played as both of the girls stared at Terry while giving each other an occasional glare. "The final chef hat goes to...........Emily. Emma. You have been eliminated with five votes. Head to the drop."

"Good! I never wanted to be here anyways you little raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttsssssssss" She said as she was pushed off the plane.


To be added

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