Screaming Campfires
Number of Members 12
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Jeanne, 21
Team Selected By


Challenges Won 5
The Screaming Campfires is on of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Paradise Cove. The Raging Waters. is the other team. The team consists of Brandon, Brendan, Brianna, Chrissy, Cody, Conner, Gabe, Jeanne, Katie, Maddie, Matt, and Shelby.

Campers Eliminated

Name Gender Rank voted of team Rank Voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Jeanne Female 12th 23rd Drama's Got Talent She was the weakest member.
Gabe Male 11th 22nd Project Camp-Away He was blamed for burning the Chris Statue.
Shelby Female 10th 19th The Wheel of Miss-Unfortune She lost the challenge for the team.
Brianna Female 9th 17th So you think you can hit a Target She lost the challenge for the team.
Conner Male 8th 14th Al or Nothing Chris removed him from the show to avoid a lawsuit.
Brendan Male 7th 13th The Drama Games Brandon was suppose to be voted out, but he took Jason's advice and tampered with the votes to get Brendan out.
Brandon Male 6th 12th Lucky Thirteen He was voted out by all of the campers for what he did to Chrissy and Brendan.
Chirssy Female TBA TBA TBA TBA
Katie Female TBA TBA TBA TBA
Maddie Female TBA TBA TBA TBA

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